Interview 1605 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

12/03/202082 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Britain OKs Pfizer Vaccine and Will Begin Shots Within Days

UK PM Boris Johnson: COVID-19 Vaccine Won't Be Mandatory

US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media

A Vaccine Stimulus Is the Shot In the Arm Our Country Needs

State to Underwrite Virus Vaccine Firms to Reassure Patients As UK Approves Pfizer Jab


Small Businesses That Took Federal Aid May Now Face Punishing Tax Bill

Story #2: UN Climate Agency Slapped With Corruption Allegations

UN Agency Hit With Corruption Allegations at Climate Projects

The (Second) Most Important Bank You’ve Never Heard Of

New Mexico Governor Announces $330M Aid Package

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy Confronted While Having Dinner With Maskless Family

Story #3: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Wins Emmy Award for COVID-19 TV Briefings

Video: 2020 International Emmy® Founders Award Presentation

International Emmy Founders Award

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  1. randallsnyderjr says:

    Lots of love for you guys and your tireless efforts to awaken human conciseness.

  2. matt.mewis says:

    Messaging from the UK here.

    Those whom I work with are not questioning the safety or of, or the speed of approval of the vaccine. They just see it as a way out of the current situation and back to ‘normal’.

    Regarding the vaccine not being mandatory, I can see shops, venues and offices refusing to let people in if they have not been vaccinated. No proof that this will happen. It’s already been floated on TV news.

    The only hope I have had recently was graffiti on a lamp post I saw while walking the dog. “Say no to lockdown, do not consent, do not obey”

    Reminded me of Demolition man.

    • gauntlet33 says:

      It’s nice to see that some people get it and are trying to spread the word.

      I was thinking that if several of us spent 1-2 hours each morning or night at a local grocery store (or other central or downtown place where many gather) passing out leaflets concerning the ridiculousness of the mask orders and other COVID plandemic restrictions we could change the narrative quite quickly. Best to have a table and dress at least business casual, of course.

      I highly believe that many people have doubts in the back of their minds, that they’re afraid to publicly voice, and that if they heard others echoing the same, that the MNPCGs (Megalomaniac, Narcissistic, Psychopathic, Criminal Globalists) would be forced to either back off real quick or attack the population with their planned plagues and diseases. Either way, we would finally have resolution and could then move forward, but most likely, the globalists would decide they needed to table their plans several decades out again.

      @James, I was thinking that it’s great that you have this site and it’s amazing that you can reach so many people around the world. However, the problem that no website can solve is that we each need to take localized action and stop the menace at the city, county and state levels. So, I promise that if you put together a concise, 1-page leaflet, I’ll print tens of thousands of them with my own money, and distribute them at local stores, on windshields in parking lots, in person, and I highly encourage others to do the same.

      Getting the word out and stopping the MNPCGs’ march toward total global domination is the single most important thing any of us can do. PEOPLE, WE HAVE TO STOP THIS! IT’S OUR ONLY CHANCE FOR SURVIVAL OF OUR HUMANITY, AND OUR ONLY HOPE FOR OUR CHILDREN TO HAVE A FUTURE WORTH LIVING FOR.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        gauntlet33 says:
        However, the problem that no website can solve is that we each need to take localized action and stop the menace at the city, county and state levels.
        So, I promise that if you put together a concise, 1-page leaflet, I’ll print tens of thousands of them with my own money, and distribute them at local stores, on windshields in parking lots, in person, and I highly encourage others to do the same.

        Amen brother! -HRS

      • mgue says:

        gauntlet33 says:
        ” So, I promise that if you put together a concise, 1-page leaflet, I’ll print tens of thousands of them with my own money, and distribute them at local stores, on windshields in parking lots, in person, and I highly encourage others to do the same. ”

        Such leaflets are already available from Dr. Vernon Coleman at

        Quoting the webpage:
        Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: 19 Truths about covid-19
        Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: AstraZeneca – facts you should know
        Text for LEAFLET to print and distibute: GSK facts
        Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: Vaccines the truth
        Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: Why cash is important to your freedom
        Text for LEAFLET to print and distribute: Why the coronavirus hoax is a hoax

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        “@James, I was thinking that it’s great that you have this site and it’s amazing that you can reach so many people around the world. However, the problem that no website can solve is that we each need to take localized action and stop the menace at the city, county and state levels. So, I promise that if you put together a concise, 1-page leaflet, I’ll print tens of thousands of them with my own money, and distribute them at local stores, on windshields in parking lots, in person, and I highly encourage others to do the same.

        Getting the word out and stopping the MNPCGs’ march toward total global domination is the single most important thing any of us can do. PEOPLE, WE HAVE TO STOP THIS! IT’S OUR ONLY CHANCE FOR SURVIVAL OF OUR HUMANITY, AND OUR ONLY HOPE FOR OUR CHILDREN TO HAVE A FUTURE WORTH LIVING FOR.”

        gauntlet33 I know exactly what you mean!

        The Root For Liberty project allows people all around the world to take as much action as they wish at a local level.

        We are providing free logos to be downloaded and printed on t-shirt, buttons, tote bags, coffee mugs, bumper stickers etc. as well as free business card templates to be printed and handed out to as many folks as you can in your area.

        Please read the following thread and in particular the last post where the site address to Root For Liberty is listed.

        This is a worldwide project!

      • Hotfoot says:

        I have to say, this is a great idea. I began on a mission to do this during Lockdown 1.0 but I never went through with it in the end (for which I’m ashamed) as I didn’t have the courage of my convictions and the wording always began to appear ranty.
        If James put together something, I’m sure many of us would actively participate in distributing it in flyer form. It’s easier said than done, getting the balance right. There are so many angles from which to come on this matter, and has to appeal to the common sense of everyone, without sounding too.. well, ranty.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I always enjoy reading your comments and feedback.
          I bet you can come up with what you think is a good punch for a flyer.

          For what it is worth, I design and make my own the “simple” way.
          I tweak them as time goes on, so I don’t print too many in one batch.
          I use a toner black ink printer at home, but for the same net cost I have an independent printer who prints my flyers (500 flyers for $26)(one sided print).

          Before I do my next print run, I will likely tweak the flyer again. I will add “The Highwire” and “vaccine button”.
          Currently on the backside, besides what I show in the link, I have added
          Be Sure To Research: “The Great Reset”.

    • nexangelus says:

      Where I work, in the UK, I have seen the low-down on why numbers are skewed, why my city/county is in Tier 3. Track & Trace don’t ya know has record numbers of nurses, care workers and keyworkers (school, college, etc) staying home for 14 days (even if not sick)….it was on the local news even…not because high numbers of “infection”…because no staff to man the important front line jobs…yep. My employer who is disabled is not having the vaccine, I am not, several nursing staff and agency care workers are not having the vaccine. My father is not, neither are my adult children (18 and 21 years old). Not that we are the majority, but many are not having the bollocks foisted on them. Too many friends with rock bottom mental health and job loss and money worries. It is a horrible reality. From being able to do what we want to this charade (bus driver giving me a hard time cos no mask last week), not being able to walk into some places to buy food and drink cos no track & trace app….ugh!

  3. tommy609 says:

    Can someone please post a link to the George Hunt video or audio of the tape meeting in Colorado on the GEF?

  4. gauntlet33 says:


    Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Issues Copycat Safer-At-Home Order: “It’s Time To Cancel Everything”

    Sounds to me like it’s time to “cancel” Garcetti.

    Also, Garcetti says we’re in for a “long, hard winter”, similar to Biden’s “dark winter” comments:

    The only positive is that there’s a bunch of exceptions to the stay at home order:

    Also, many curfews are from 10pm to 5am…what are they doing/installing at night that we can’t be allowed to see? Joe Imbriano, “The Fullerton Informer”, says that they’ve been installing the 5G “kill grid” that will essentially sicken our bodies. Watch out.

  5. napaj says:

    Thank you for providing a link to the Pfizer Clinical Protocol PDF. I skimmed the whole thing & found it dense reading & it was not immediately noticeable to me that the Phase 3 trial will not be completed until 2 years after vaccination, so thank you for pointing that out. To me, that is the key fact that I will share with vaccine-enthusiast friends.

  6. jayeman says:

    Thanks guys for helping me wake more Sheeple!🙏🏼👍🙏🏼👍

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Regarding Interview 1605 – New World Next Week UK OKs Experimental COVID Vaccine; Could Roll Out in Days
    …and the STORY #1 link
    US – UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War on Independent Media.

    I want to BUMP – BUMP
    Corbett Report Member James.W
    who posted a MERCOLA.COM story link which covered a lot of ground concerning the “Cyber War on Independent Media”, complete with some great sources.


    …This Site Identified as a Cyberwar Target

    Five sites specifically targeted by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate as promoting extremism that poses a national security risk to the U.K. are:
    Children’s Health Defense (run by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.)
    The Informed Consent Action Network
    The Organic Consumers Association
    The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)

    Mercola links to the pdf of “CCDH – Center for Countering Digital Hate” with a ‘noble’ portrait of Mark Zuckerberg at the top header. The pdf is an interesting piece of perversion. It contains a number of folks not mentioned in the EXCERPT above.

    EXCERPTS from pdf
    …The anti-vaxx entrepreneur Joseph Mercola helps fund both the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), which between them reach 1.7 million people…

    …The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) was founded as the Pure Food Campaign in 1998 in order to campaign against genetically modified crops, and has come to adopt anti-vaccination views through its alliances with leading figures in the alternative medicine movement.
    The OCA’s annual accounts reveal it gave a total of $161,000 to the anti-vaccine organisations the National Health Freedom Coalition and US Right to Know in 2018.

    Both the NVIC and the OCA have received millions of dollars in funding from Joseph Mercola, an anti-vaccine entrepreneur, and are members of his Health Liberty coalition. Websites for both organisations advertised products sold by Mercola….

    • Libertydan says:

      Indeed, Dr. Mercola has been providing valuable Alternative health information on the Internet for decades. He has reached a lot of People, and many Doctors have switched to Natural Cures because of him. The four other agencies targeted by CCHD are also creditable sources that I use.
      Yep, this is War Folks, and we can not afford to let Zuckerberg funded Internet hit squads kill the Messengers of Truth.

  8. AuntJennie says:

    as far as the leaf letting, rallies and such that oppose the lockdown, it all becomes so political that it’s hard to find a place in it. here in Ontario where independent MPP randy hillier has led rallies and puts out signage to put on your lawn and who has led groups of people going into local stores not wearing masks, etc., their latest slogan is “No masks. no vaccines. no communism”
    Oh, my!
    I don’t want to sound condescending but there are many “naive protesters” being led these days. Critical thinking is still very much in short supply. There is no justice without mercy.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      AuntJennie says:
      “As far as the leaf letting, rallies and such that oppose the lockdown, it all becomes so political that it’s hard to find a place in it.

      I hear ya on that. I have taken a brief rest from my street campaigns, because of the Blue vs. Red volatile climate.

      DISSEMINATION Statistics
      I log my stats on linking SUB-THREADS.
      To date, I have put out over 2,150 flyers, more than 40 signs, and for a week or two have run some online banner/box ads in a local newspaper which serves about 250,000 people (or more). The ads linked to Corbett’s Bill Gates Series.
      SUB-THREAD which links back to previous SUB-THREAD

      I find that putting flyers on the car windshield is the least “confrontational”, plus it is the most rapid dissemination on a street level.
      Quantity of flyers out is keynote, along with having a quick to digest simple message…and I say that with some “expertness” after having decades of experience and being responsible for the dissemination of somewhere over a million flyers.

      Recently, I have focused somewhat more online with dissemination efforts…and it has proven to be successful, especially with a passionate contagion of the same ideas promoted by others…kind of neat to see the shift.
      I will probably do some flyer mailouts to Fire Stations and different City Council members of various municipalities and whomever I think of on a whim.

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Most Corbett Report Members are well aware that a much more extended, long term “vaccine scenario” is being planned. We know with these recent vaccine makers that it will encompass repeated shots, extending years and years, along with massive surveillance. But even these current vaccine makers “will not be an official solution”. More “solutions” by authorities will be coming until our entire lives are dictated in every way (as if they aren’t already.)

    And Corbett Report Members understand the blatant fact that Bill Gates has been the influencer and “game caller” on all the vaccine hype since and prior to Covid.

    Bill Gates says:
    “It won’t be normal until we get an AMAZING vaccine to the entire world.”

    “…won’t be back to normal until we either have that PHENOMENAL vaccine or a therapeutic that is over 95% effective….”

    QUEUED VIDEO – 20 SECONDS – From Corbett’s Bill Gates Series

    It is noteworthy how hard “The Powers That Should NOT Be” strain to halt and censor any therapeutic which approaches “95% effective”, nor mention anything about T-Cell (or B-Cell) immunity.

    • AuntJennie says:

      Gates also said that anti vaxxers should be treated as “domestic terrorists”. I’ll never forget that though i don’t recall where exactly.

      • flammable says:

        The paranoia of anti-vaxxers is ridiculous. The past decade of vaccines had the highest levels of vaccinations ever. Heck even the anti-vaxxers admitting to either suffering or knowing someone who was injured, still counts as a vaccination performed. So why are they pretending like there is a threat of low participation when there never was? Seems like the real goal is to vaccinate near 100% which no other form of medical action has ever achieved.

        • cu.h.j says:

          And who they label “anti-vaxxers” is absurd too. Anyone who questions the safety and efficacy or doesn’t think injecting themselves with chemicals for diseases that pose little risk to them being labeled an anti-vaxxer should be a red flag that these things are dangerous and/or unnecessary.

          Medications that actually have benefits tend to sell themselves, there is no need to coerce people into taking them. But flu vaccines and others tend to be pushed on the public and are offered free. Usually, products that are actually valuable aren’t free.

          Also, the fact that in the US there is a vaccine court and injuries occurring on a regular basis should be concerning. I had no idea that there were so many vaccine injuries that happen every year.

  10. manbearpig says:

    My Truth about Bill Cosby (part 1)

    This may seem like a trivial side detail here but I feel compelled to point out that Bill Cosby is certainly innocent of the charges against him that are as nauseating as they are trumped up.

    I was friends with Erinn Cosby when I was in the fifth grade. I had the opportunity of spending time with the entire family at their home and especially with Erinn and their mom, Camille.
    These people are upstanding, highly educated and cultivated humanists. Both Bill and Camille Cosby earned PhDs from the University of Massachusetts (my alma mater) in Amherst where I was living when attending the same elementary school as Erinn and Erika. Bill Cosby’s son Ennis, who was murdered in 1997, was just 6 years old when I met him.
    I can no longer locate the highly detailed videos and articles describing the conspiracy to punish Bill Cosby and shut him up, allegedly for pursuing over the space of over two decades his dream of acquiring NBC. He wanted full control over the content of some key productions as he was deeply concerned about the carboard cut-out portrayal of blacks in the media and had been double-crossed in his attempts at artistic control in this effort. Indeed, as a plethora of information will attest to, both Bill and Camille Cosby were utterly committed to the idea of breaking the stereotypes surrounding black people in the U.S.. Their daughter Erika also seems to be continuing that mission with her artistic activities. Vanity Fair remarks:

    “…Cosby’s ambition is not financially motivated, but is fueled instead by specific creative, ideological, and even spiritual beliefs, a far cry from the M&A raids of the 80s. Cosby’s is a distinctly 90s campaign, a charismatic’s crusade rooted in the values of Martin Luther King and Jesse Jackson…”

    • manbearpig says:

      My Truth about Bill Cosby (part 2)

      And now the media whores have succeeded in not only thwarting that dream, but of perpetuating that stereotype of the oversexed black man by producing this unqualifiably immoral, sadistic, immeasurably cynical Hollywood “men are pigs” production that is costing the old man not only his last days alongside his wife, but also his reputation, vomitting their hateful viscous sludge on the shining legacy he left in the form of truthful portraits of black people and their families on the MSM.
      There is some very troubling evidence that his son was murdered to send Cosby a message against purchasing the Network. 3 years earlier in 1994, when asked if he would pursue, Bill Cosby states in the linked interview that he “couldn’t get it” so he was dropping the affair. But in 2015 Vanity Fair did an extensive piece claiming quite the opposite. Shortly before the campaign to destroy the man and his legacy, he was still pursuing this cause. The 1994 article affirms that

      “…the 56-year-old actor is at least trying to do the right thing — fight the status quo.”

      We all know what can happen if you try to do that.

      “…“There are times when bosses decide that a person has too much power,’” he says, avoiding any personal reference. “So they set in motion a whole bunch of people with one philosophy — ‘Don’t give him everything he wants, because he’s got too much power, he doesn’t know everything and he’ll go crazy. How did he get to be this star? We don’t know, but we’re gonna stop that right now.’…”

      • Jed says:

        Gandhi and now BC, you have great stuff! One of my first memories was a brass band of dwarfs marching and singing, “Everything’s the opposite (bum bum bum), everything’s the opposite.” They weren’t real but they were right.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Interesting to hear another perspective. I think all of the evidence against him was witness testimony rather than physical evidence. Also, these claims were made years after the alleged assaults.

        I think he probably was convicted based on the politics of the “me too” movement in the public consciousness.

        Did anyone investigate the accusers to see if they were paid for testimony or what their reputations were? I think most non-sociopaths would not want to ruin someone’s life and also expose themselves to the public unless they were telling the truth. This is my presumption based on what my own response would be if I were assaulted. I would not have waited years to report it and would have wanted physical evidence collected.

        Thanks for sharing your perspective on the case.

        • Libertydan says:

          I didn’t follow the Bill Cosby Trial very closely, but I think it took place in a Corporate Court Room whereby he was being Sued. A Criminal Court has a much higher burden of proof than a Court of Equity.
          We should recall from the O.J. Simpson Trials that even though he could could not be convicted in a Criminal Court, he was able to be Sued for damages in a Corporate Court of Equity.
          I think the best thing to do when being sued for bogus claims by evil Actors is to file Counter Suits against them.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Cosby is in prison now. He had criminal and civil proceedings against him. I think all of the evidence was witness testimony.

            He will likely die in prison if he loses his appeal. I never examined the evidence in-depth. I know nothing about the people who accused him or their reputations.

            • cu.h.j says:

              When I say witness testimony I mean based on accusation only, “he said she said”. There were not witnesses to the alleged crimes, pardon the confusion.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Thank you so much for the story about Bill Cosby !

        It brings back memories. Of course, we all enjoyed the “Fat Albert” jokes and routines.

        I well remember lying on the floor watching I Spy.
        I Spy is an American secret-agent adventure television series that ran for three seasons on NBC from September 15, 1965 to April 15, 1968.
        I Spy broke ground in that it was the first American television drama to feature a black actor (Cosby) in a lead role.
        The original concept was changed from a mentor-protégé relationship to same-age partners who were equals. It was also notable that Cosby’s race was never an issue in any of the stories.

        It was also one of the very few American dramatic television series of the 1960s (The Twilight Zone was another) to set an episode in the then-taboo region of Vietnam. The 1966 episode was “The Tiger,” written by Robert Culp, and during filming a romance ensued between Culp and Vietnamese–French guest star France Nuyen. The two were married the following year, and Nuyen went on to appear in several more episodes.
        (clipped from Wikipedia)

      • manbearpig says:

        I appreciate all your replies!
        Feeling profoundly shitty for having lost two teaching contracts in the last week because I’d been “peddling climate denialism”, conspiracy theory and making the “unhelpful” remarks that “Covid was a hoax” (not my words) I can only BEGIN to imagine the moral and thus physical suffering this man has endured.
        But I’m kind of a wimp.

        But I’ve been thrown face to face with the utter and everywhere knee-jerk hysteria we’re living in.

        • lovetodust says:

          Sorry to hear about that (contracts), manbearpig. It’s maddening.

          Every day is an exercise in coming face to face with the utter and everwhere knee-jerk hysteria we’re living in.

          I just keep reading and watching sites like Corbett, Offguardian, Catheriine Austin Fitts, Sherri Tenpenny, David Martin, Pam Popper, Peggy Hall, Jon Rappaport, John Titus, et al so that I know that I am not alone.

          • manbearpig says:

            Thanks for the sympathy Lovetodust. Yea, reading and listening to sane people on the internet is about all I can do for comfort at the moment. But I’m determined to find sane people IRL too. They must be stashed away somewhere around here! Real human beings’d probably be more satisfying and constructive! And good for my nearly non-existent Spanish which has been sorely negelected despite my Spanish address. In the meantime we’ll just keep on truckin’! Take care o’ yourself!

        • wylie1 says:

          In the meantime one idea could be a Substitute Home School teacher for those gals n guys who want a break, even suggesting that very thing: “Take a week off and have the vonderfil highly qualified ManBearPig teach your keen kids on ______ or the subjects of your preference!”

          Who knows, could lead to a private tutor gig where you don’t have to deal with the Powers that shouldn’t be.

      • wylie1 says:

        Sad to say, I know of a few regular people who have been railroaded by corrupt/colluding/conspiring prosecutors, judges, and witnesses. They have that system terribly rigged with a clueless jury who follow what the judge dictates like bobble-heads, because they are overwhelmed by it all, so are easily manipulated.

        Once upon a time the juror’s instructions included lines which meant: If you think the judge’s instructions are wrong or his interpretation of the law is wrong or doesn’t apply or shouldn’t apply, then you should ignore it and decide as you see best.

        — Now jury instructions are made up by the prosecutor; filled with leading statements like: By law, you must convict if the accused did xyz, which we have shown that he did. –and several more lies just like that one.

        There is a huge conflict of interest. Prosecutors and judges want the most notches in their belts as possible for job security and advancement. From what I’ve seen, it is as if they prefer putting the innocent in jail. They really have no conscience. Talk about psychopaths.

        This is exactly why I caution people who are of a mind to disobey the rule makers … to take a group with you. So you will have witnesses and they cannot just make up lies about your actions. Precisely to prevent the lone disobeyer from getting dragged off to jail and into the corrupt courts.

        Doesn’t work every time but typically saves one from getting dragged off in handcuffs at that instant. A later summons (as with the defying gym owner in the news) gives one time to prepare. If I were that guy I would make every effort to not go to their corrupt court citing laws against those attempting to prevent me from conducting business are numerous. That the over arching Constitution does Not permit emergency exemptions for fraud. And should the state continue harassment, steep penalties and remedies will be sought in federal court.

        Once you step into their court, you are the sheep with two wolves and a pack of go along dogs, voting on what is for dinner.

        Most all but the rarest attorneys are Not working for your best interests but their own. Most do not want to irritate the judge because they will have to go before that judge many times in the future. They care more about that and their career than any one client.

  11. cu.h.j says:

    The Covid vaccine may be rolled out in the coming weeks and health care workers will be the first to get them.

    I’m pretty sure they will not be mandatory though, at least at many hospitals in my local area. The reason I think this is because I got an email about the vaccine rollout from another hospital and I looked up what the vaccine policy will be. It said that the vaccine will be “strongly encouraged” but similar to the flu vaccine, can be declined by signing a waiver. But PPE like masks will be required if you decline it.

    I think my hospital will probably have a similar policy since the flu vaccine can be declined.

    I have a feeling this vaccine is going to be a flop just like the flu vaccine and that they won’t be able to mandate this. This is my hope anyway. However, I think people refusing it is a must because they do need consent to make it mandatory at this point in time. They don’t have the resources to go house to house and hold people down and vax them. The lies would crumble if they did that and they need the lies and propaganda to stay in control.

    Like the swine flu vaccine that was rushed out and caused a lot of harm, I think the Covid vaccine will be similarly harmful.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I like getting your first hand feedback on what you observe in the climate where you work.

      I agree that this n-RNA vaccine will be a flop like the flu vaccine (or worse).

      I don’t think this Covid vaccine scenario which consumes current headlines was their plan.
      Remember, in March, the original concept in the public’s mind was to flatten the curve for two weeks. And mandates are still coming, but with more harshness here in December.

      I think the “rush to get an m-RNA vaccine” was a ploy to string people along, like a conman who stalls and stalls with a ponzi scheme by continually giving a false hope.
      And I think that they will start pushing the goal posts further as time goes on.
      They are creeping the agenda.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Yeah, I anticipate some adverse reactions from the mRNA vaccine in many people who take it. Maybe they will take years to show up, but they will eventually.

        I liked listening to some of John Titus’s analyses of the Covid situation as it being a way to be a cover for the economic crash. They want to crush the economy to make way for the great reset, the lockdowns will do that and they can blame the virus.

    • J.P. Wheels says:

      While I hope and pray you’re correct, I can’t help but feel like the the government did not purchase millions of these doses of vaccine from Pfizer and Moderna just to throw them all out. On the other hand that could just be what they want us to believe. Again, I pray I’m wrong. To anybody out there reading this, you’re not a victim. Remember all these “elites” have is fear, do not give it to them! Be brave, do good!


      • cu.h.j says:

        I should qualify my statement. I don’t think they will be mandatory for hospital personnel in my local area this year to remain employed.

        I don’t know if policies will change. I think that will depend on public consciousness and resistance.

        Even though the propaganda claims this is a dangerous virus, that we all need a vaccine, blah blah blah, the data shows otherwise. And this vaccine is experimental, not like other vaccines in the past, and has been developed faster than any vaccine in history. If enough people say no considering all of these basic facts, the state has no legitimate reason to mandate these for anything.

        In fact, if they want to experiment on people, they should be paying people a lot of money to take that risk. I think things can change though depending on how compliant people are. People have to say no and start being much more vocal about it and not fold under pressure.

        I will update on the actual policy at my workplace when and if the vaccine comes out in the next few weeks, but I doubt it will be different from other facilities in my local area.

        • manbearpig says:

          I speak with a number of people everyday (under the pretext of giving English classes) and I can tell you that it’s chilling the number of them, young and old, who are going to line up for this vaccine. I try to innocently insist on how dangerous it probably is but as I’ve already mentioned, I work with the minions of SanofiPasteur et al and drug testing laboratories and for obvious reasons they can’t wrap their minds around the fact that via this “vaccine” Big Pharma might actually be testing new technologies on them driven by a whole host of questionable to sinister motivations…

          Yet there are many people (some among my students) who are aware of the dangers of this campaign… The fact that governments are forcefully pushing people to take this (supposedly) untested vaccine is an ambient source of stress around the world that may itself be causing disease. And this BS about not being mandatory, but allowing and probably even rewarding institutions and companies for excluding the “unvaccinated” is so slimy and typical that I have to make a conscious effort to breathe deeply every single day several times a day just to remain relatively poised and philosophical about it all.

          • cu.h.j says:

            The stress of this thing has likely led to disease, definitely increases in depression, drug use, and suicide.

            They do want it to be mandatory but at least here in my local workplace, I don’t think it will be based on the policy at a well-known hospital in my area (I’ll be moving in a year though).

            Having said that they do pressure staff to take vaccines. At least at one workplace, they tried to push me to get the flu vaccine, and I flat out told them to stop pushing me to take a drug that I had a reaction to and to not mention it again.

            There is no way in hell I’m taking an experimental mRNA vaccine
            It looks like it will be a disaster. I tried to find the ingredients and they use a lipid nanoparticle matrix in it. They don’t explain what that is or how it works. Does it go into the nucleus of the cell? If so, can it damage DNA? What’s the proof it won’t?

            But if people take this at this point in time out of societal pressure, then it is in part their fault what the consequences to them might be, in my opinion. Societal pressure seems like what will be used in my local area at this time.

          • gauntlet33 says:

            FYI, speaking of “rewarding” the behavior they want, Gov. Gavin Newsom of CA repeatedly said yesterday during a live speech that the state of California will only be giving out funds to those counties which follow their rules, and will be denying funds to those that don’t. Therefore, you can assume that many counties will fall in line to require the vaccine, shutting down of businesses, etc., in order to not lose that funding which obviously pays their salaries.

      • Libertydan says:

        The U.S. Government has purchased millions of Vaccinations in the past for other Lab created illnesses, only to toss them out because the illness was not “properly Promoted”. None the less, the Vaccine Manufactures made obscene profits. That was the good old days when Vaccine Corporations could be assumed to be satisfied with making obscene profits, from questionable cures, to questionable illnesses.

        Since the 1986 Act, Vaccine Manufactures have had no risk of being sued for the damages that they do. Bill Gates said that he has made 20 times his money on Vaccines. This Big Money, No Risk, scenario has attacked the worst of the worst Parasites into the Business, for Profits, (and now Control).

        The question to ask is: Is this another exerciser, or is it the end?

    • Jed says:

      Stupidly, one year I got the mandated flu jab — it worked, gave me flu — anyway I never got another one and they never “made me” or, restricted my certs. for it like they said they were going to. There’s a lot said in healthcare as to what’s going to happen soon, what new thing is coming out, what protocol is gonna change, what Dr s are “really good” and 99% of what said turns out to be total rumored gossified bullshit. They said they’d fire me, they suck — I fired them.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I have gotten bad side effects from recent flu vaccines too, prolonged swelling in my glands, joint pain, fatigue that lasted months. I got a similar reaction in 2017 to the Tdap. I am not taking any more of these and I am pretty confident I will have job opportunities regardless.

        I think this Covid vaccine might cause some problems making some of the health care providers sick which might open up some job opportunities for people who don’t get the vaccine.

        • Jed says:

          If you know how to help people medically and can move you’ll be ok — same with building and fixing things, growing stuff sewing, anything useful — you are rich.

  12. bomer says:

    I admire your deconstruction of the M5M !
    Tonight was a revealing episode of
    anybody enjoying James his work will love this too !
    With love and light from crazy stupid Amsterdam ….

    • Libertydan says:

      The link you posted to “The High Wire” (2 hrs) was very intriguing, and inspiring. I think Del Bigtree does a good job of reaching the Normies.
      The “V is for Vaccine” movement kind of reminds me of the “Hell no, I won’t Go” movement when protesting the Vietnam War in the early 1970’s.
      This is where the Masses say “No Vaccine for Me”, and “I will Boycott any company that requires it”. If an Airline requires it to travel, Boycott that Airline. If an Employer requires it, don’t show up for work, and Sue them for Involuntary Servitude (14th Amendment).

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I agree. It was a good episode.

        I liked hearing Del Bigtree say that they will help file lawsuits against employers who demand employees take the vaccine resulting in an employee becoming vaccine injured.

        Regarding the very last part of the episode:
        Joshua Coleman with “V is for Vaccines” and the banner/sign blitz / infoCards.
        Coleman really knows how to market on a thin dime.
        He grasps marketing tech.
        Examples: You hear him say “Repeat the Message”. KISS (Keep it simple stupid) with the message.

  13. padraig says:


    screenshot looks like Killery getting her rna/dna injection…..nice…

  14. padraig says:

    fuck me. honestly. i’ve watched the ‘bug food’ come and go so many times. but whilst the mask is off….. why not?

    if you don’t like mea…… never mind.

  15. zyxzevn says:

    Best Covid Treatment To Date By Far! (Ivermectin)
    From: Peak Prosperity

    Additionally there is clear scientific evidence for:


    And Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc

    And Vitamin-D

  16. Laura K. says:

    Heve you guys seen Kim Iversen`s new video “The REAL Reason For Big Tech Censorship: Pentagon Contracts”?
    It`s one of her best this year – and of course the clicks are way below average.

    Also that big 10 million Wuhan studi in Nature?:

  17. Libertydan says:

    Governor Cuommo receiving the 2020 International Emmy Founders Award says it all!
    Do you think he will mind if I refer to him as the “Best Bullshitter on the Planet” from now on?
    Perhaps, we can bestow upon him the destination of Doctor of “Lies and Deceit”.
    I’d call it a “Dishonorable Doctorate”, eh!

  18. Kate says:

    In the paper, Seasonal Influenza Vaccination and the Heightened Risk of Coronavirus and Other Pandemic Virus Infections: Fact or Fiction? Published June 9, 2020, the authors state that four Canadian studies in 2009 showed a link between the flu vaccine and increased risk of H1N1 virus infection, which led to five additional studies with substantiated these findings. The proposed mechanism is ‘original antigenic sin’ which describes how “first exposure to influenza virus shapes the outcome of subsequent exposures to antigenically related strains”, but what if the virus is in the flu vaccine?

  19. Kate says:

    There is a petition Canadians can sign against a mandatory vaccine

  20. jpro says:

    About vaccination: if anyone should be interested, I’m researching the situation regarding the possibility of compulsory vaccination in Australia, including any backdoor options.

  21. truthseeker9 says:

    No such thing as a covid-19 vaccine!

  22. truthseeker9 says:

    When people refer to these snake oils as vaccines, they are helping to sell them!

    • Libertydan says:

      If you were to sell a “Snake Oil” that did as much damage to people as these concoctions being sold as “Vaccines” you would have been sued a million times by now. Call whatever it is, a “Vaccine” and you are immune from prosecution.

  23. Camille says:

    I put up a short video today about those ‘vaccines’.

    Gene Therapy?

  24. bezuhov76 says:

    Hi ,
    great stuff , like always. Greetings from France. Juste to announce my litle effort in a war against madness
    This is my musical podcast , most of comments are in french , but some of them is in english. The idea is to inform the people and play some good music (indie, punk, metal , electro..). In france situation is worstening . Masks became everyday thing. Nobody is complaining. I went to protest meeting the other day , i was the only one without mask ! Most of the protests are stolen by the urban bourgeoisie (bobo-french yuppi hipsters) finding that ugent problem of France is structural racism, and immigrant rights! Funny how this problem became so urgent ! Yes , there is a racism , and yes immigrants are second zone citizens , but its like that 40 last years (i am naturalized french , i know what i’m talking about),but its part of class struggle . Poor are always undermined , black , whites the same . Medium and small cities in france are dying , alcohol , drugs , unemployement , kills mostly “French” “white” in 80 % of country but focus is on the 3 towns (Paris ,Marseille ,Lyon), countryside is even more devastated , peasants are decimated by “epidemy”of suicides. But its cool to worry about afgan refugies in paris , less to talk about fired workers in north of france, becose they are targeted by “anti-fa” as fascist conspiracy theorists , anti immigration , …
    So when i saw all this urban scum in Paris , i’ve went back home disapointed .
    France is also preparing to vacinate, strangly enough even the consultant for the state Dr. Alain Fischer is very shy about the new Pfizer & Moderna vaccine… Maybee he wants us to take the Sanofi , our national poison maker… He says that we dont know if vaccine is protecting against the contamination !!! He didnt saw any official document from Pfizer…
    So here we are masked , and well indoctrinated …

    Volodia the Red
    The last french without mask
    So if you want to practice your french , go ahead .

    Volodia The Red

    • manbearpig says:

      Most of the protests are stolen by the urban bourgeoisie (bobo-french yuppi hipsters) finding that urgent problem of France is structural racism, and immigrant rights! Funny how this problem became so urgent !

      Trop bien dit.

      “bobo-french yuppi hipsters” The unconditional foot-soldiers of THE Politically Correct “pensée unique”!

      It seems pretty clear to me that the French PTSB want chaos and mayhem in the streets to confuse critical issues and make many protestors seem like misguided fanatcial crazies by unleashing the “casseurs” on selected protests. Control the message. (et pourtant, quand je parle “d’agents provocateurs” à mes étudiants et stagiaires, soit ils ne connaissent pas le concept, soit ils n’y croient pas! Et paradoxalement c’est le terme français “agents provocateurs” qui a été emprunté par le monde entier pour désigner les “casseurs”!)

      Also, sendiing people into the streets with muffled threats of mandatory killer-vaccines allows the population to blow off steam (fighting for Afghan rights as anti-vaxxers are stimatized) so that on January 20th, when the “anti-Covid” measures are supposed to be lightened up and Biden presumably inaugurated, there will be an (engineered) cooperative and resoundingly collective sigh of relief and feeling of grateful “liesse” as children’s National Identity Numbers will have been imperceptibly ushered in along with ALICEM facial recognition, strategic restructuring of the global monetary system etc. Thankya Master! Thankya for opening the ski resorts!! Thankya Thankya!
      Certain “concessions” will be made to placate the politically correct so that these bobo-yuppie-hipsters will exert peer pressure on so-called “anti-maskers/vaxxers/total surveillancers/conspiracy theorists” to shut up and get with the program! Don’t ya just love the French obsession with “le juste milieu”!? Gotta “make compromises” so TPTSB just resuscitate old grievances so they can seemingly “negotiate compromises” allowing them to get on with The Great Reset aka The Totally Technocratic and Surveiled New World Order.

      ouf. Time for some morning coffee. I definitely feel better now having blown off some steam myself.

      I’ll check out your musical podcast, bezuhov76.

    • manbearpig says:

      So what’s your take on the Hold Up documentary?

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