Episode 378 - Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World

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In January of 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates announced a $10 billion pledge to usher in a decade of vaccines. But far from an unalloyed good, the truth is that this attempt to reorient the global health economy was part of a much bigger agenda. An agenda that would ultimately lead to greater profits for Big Pharma companies, greater control for the Gates Foundation over the field of global health, and greater power for Bill Gates to shape the course of the future for billions of people around the planet.

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POPPY HARLOW: Ten billion dollars. I mean, just speak about the magnitude of that. That is by far the biggest commitment of the foundation, isn't it, Bill? I mean, this is by far the largest.

BILL GATES: That's right, we've been spending a lot on vaccines. With this commitment, over eight million additional lives will be saved. So it's one of the most effective ways that health in the poorest countries can be dramatically improved.

SOURCE: Gates Foundation: $10 billion for vaccines

In January of 2010, Bill and Melinda Gates used the World Economic Forum at Davos to announce a staggering $10 billion commitment to research and develop vaccines for the world's poorest countries, kicking off what he called a "Decade of Vaccines."

GATES: Today we're announcing a commitment over this next decade, which we think of as a decade of vaccines having incredible impact. We're announcing that we'll spend over $10 billion on vaccines.

SOURCE: PBS News Hour January 29, 2010

Hailed by the Gates-funded media . . .

HARI SREENIVASAN: For the record, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a NewsHour underwriter.

SOURCE: PBS News Hour January 29, 2010

. . . and applauded by the pharmaceutical companies who stood to reap the benefits of that largesse, the record-setting commitment made waves in the international community, helping to underwrite a Global Vaccine Action Plan coordinated by the Gates-funded World Health Organization.

But contrary to the Gates' own PR spin that this $10 billion pledge was an unalloyed good and would save eight million lives, the truth is that this attempt to reorient the global health economy was part of a much bigger agenda. An agenda that would ultimately lead to greater profits for Big Pharma companies, greater control for the Gates Foundation over the field of global health, and greater power for Bill Gates to shape the course of the future for billions of people around the planet.

This is Bill Gates' Plan to Vaccinate the World.

You're tuned into The Corbett Report.

Given Gates' pledge to make this a "Decade of Vaccines," it should come as no surprise that, since the dawn of this coronavirus crisis, he has been adamant that the world will not go back to normal until a vaccine has been developed.

GATES: We're gonna have this intermediate period of opening up, and it won't be normal until we get an amazing vaccine to the entire world.

SOURCE: Watch CNBC’s full interview with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on the coronavirus pandemic and his work toward a vaccine

GATES: The vaccine is critical, because, until you have that, things aren't really going to be normal. They can open up to some degree, but the risk of a rebound will be there until we have very broad vaccination.

SOURCE: Bill Gates on where the COVID-19 pandemic will hurt the most

GATES: They won't be back to normal until we either have that phenomenal vaccine or a therapeutic that's, like, over 95% effective. And so we have to assume that's going to be almost 18 months from now.

SOURCE: Bill Gates on Finding a Vaccine for COVID-19, the Economy, and Returning to ‘Normal Life’

GATES: And then the final solution—which is a year or two years off—is the vaccine. So we've got to go full-speed ahead on all three fronts.

COLBERT: Just to head off the conspiracy theorists, maybe we shouldn't call the vaccine "the final solution."

GATES: Good point.

COLBERT: Maybe just "the best solution."


SOURCE: Bill Gates: Global Innovation Is The Key To Achieving A Return To Normal

More interestingly, since Gates began delivering this same talking point in every one of his many media appearances of late, it has been picked up and repeated by heads of state, health officials, doctors and media talking heads, right down to the scientifically arbitrary but very specific 18-month time frame.

ZEKE EMANUEL: Realistically, COVID-19 will be here for the next 18 months or more. We will not be able to return to normalcy until we find a vaccine or effective medications.

SOURCE: Dr. Zeke Emanuel On The Return To 'Normal'

DOUG FORD: The hard fact is, until we have a vaccine, going back to normal means putting lives at risk.

SOURCE: Premier Doug Ford and Ontario ministers provide COVID-19 update – April 18, 2020

JUSTIN TRUDEAU: This will be the new normal until a vaccine is developed.

SOURCE: PM Trudeau on modelling data and federal response to COVID-19 – April 9, 2020

NORMAN SWAN: The only thing that will really allow life as we once knew it to resume is a vaccine.

SOURCE: Life will only return to normal when there's a coronavirus vaccine, Dr Norman Swan says

DONALD TRUMP: Obviously, we continue to work on the vaccines, but the vaccines have to be down the road by probably 14, 15, 16 months. We’re doing great on the vaccines.

SOURCE: Remarks by President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing

The fact that so many heads of state, health ministers and media commentators are dutifully echoing Gates' pronouncement about the need for a vaccine will not be surprising to those who saw last week's exploration of How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health. As we have seen, the Gates Foundation's tentacles have penetrated into every corner of the field of public health. Billions of dollars in funding and entire public policy agendas are under the control of this man, an unelected, unaccountable software developer with no medical research experience or training.

And nowhere is Gates' control of public health more apparent than in the realm of vaccines.

Gates launched the Decade of Vaccines with a $10 billion pledge.

Gates helped develop the Global Vaccine Action Plan administered by the Gates-funded World Health Organization.

Gates helped found Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, aiming to develop "healthy markets" for vaccine manufacturers.

Gates helped launch Gavi with a $1 billion donation in 2011, going on to contribute $4.1 billion over the course of the "Decade of Vaccines."

GATES: And so I'm pleased to announce to you that we're pledging an additional billion dollars to—


GATES: Thank you.


GATES: Alright, thank you.


GATES: It's not everyday we give away a billion dollars.


SOURCE: Gates' mammoth vaccine pledge

One of the Gates Foundation's core funding areas is "vaccine development and surveillance," which has resulted in the channeling of billions of dollars into vaccine development, a seat at the table to develop vaccination campaigns in countries around the globe, and the opportunity to shape public thinking around Bill Gates' pet project of the past five years: preparing rapid development and deployment of vaccines in the event of a globally spreading pandemic.

GATES: If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it's most likely to be a highly infectious virus.

SOURCE: The next outbreak? We’re not ready | Bill Gates

GATES: Whether it occurs by a quirk of nature or at the hand of a terrorist, epidemiologists show through their models that a respiratory-spread pathogen would kill more than 30 million people in less than a year. And there is a reasonable probability of that taking place in the years ahead.

SOURCE: Gates: Millions could die from bio-terrorism

BABITA SHARMA: Many high-profile personalities have been gathering at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, which aims to discuss the globe's most pressing issues. Amongst them is the Microsoft founder Bill Gates, whose foundation is investing millions in the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations to help combat infectious diseases. Here's some of what he had to say about his push to develop new vaccines.

SOURCE: BBC Newsday January 19, 2017

GATES: Unfortunately, it takes many years to do a completely new vaccine. The design, the safety review, the manufacturing; all of those things mean that an epidemic can be very widespread before that tool would come along. And so after Ebola the global health community talked a lot about this, including a new type of vaccine platform called DNA/RNA that should speed things along.

And so this Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Initiative [sic], CEPI, is three countries—Japan, Norway, Germany—and two foundations—Wellcome Trust, [who] we work with on a lot of things, and our foundation, the Gates Foundation—coming together to fund . . . actually trying to use that platform and make some vaccines. And so that would help us in the future.

SOURCE: Bill Gates at the World Economic Forum

NARRATORS: We know vaccines can protect us. We just need to be better prepared. So, "Let's come together. Let's research and invest. Let's save lives. Let's outsmart epidemics."

SOURCE: Let's #OutsmartEpidemics

Given Gates' mammoth investment in vaccines over the past decade, his insistence that . . .

GATES: Things won't go back to truly normal until we have a vaccine that we’ve gotten out to basically the entire world.

SOURCE: Bill Gates on his 2015 'virus' warning, efforts to fight coronavirus pandemic

. . . is hardly surprising.

What should be surprising is that this strangely specific and continuously repeated message—that we will not go "back to normal" until we get a vaccine in 18 months—has no scientific basis whatsoever. Medical researchers have already conceded that a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 may not even be possible, pointing to the inability of researchers to develop any kind of immunization against previous coronavirus outbreaks, like SARS or MERS.

But even if such a vaccine were possible, serious concerns remain about the safety of developing, testing and delivering such an "amazing vaccine" to "the entire world" in this remarkably short timeframe. Even proponents of vaccine development openly worry that the rush to vaccinate billions of people with a largely untested, experimental coronavirus vaccine will itself present grave risks to the public.

One of these risks involves "disease enhancement." It has been known for over a decade that vaccination for some viral infections—including coronaviruses—actually enhances susceptibility to viral infection or even causes infections in healthy vaccine recipients.

ANTHONY FAUCI: Now, the issue of safety. Something that I want to make sure the American public understand: It’s not only safety when you inject somebody and they get maybe an idiosyncratic reaction, they get a little allergic reaction, they get pain. There’s safety associated. “Does the vaccine make you worse?” And there are diseases in which you vaccinate someone, they get infected with what you’re trying to protect them with, and you actually enhance the infection.

SOURCE: Remarks by President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing (March 26)

This is no mere theoretical risk. As researchers who were trying to develop a vaccine for the original SARS outbreak discovered, the vaccine actually made the lab animals subjected to it more susceptible to the disease.

PETER HOTEZ: One of the things that we are not hearing a lot about is the unique potential safety problems of coronavirus vaccines. This was first found in the 1960s with the Respiratory Syncytial Virus vaccines, and it was done in Washington with the NIH and Children's National Medical Center. Some of those kids who got the vaccine actually did worse, and I believe there were two deaths in the consequence of that study. Because what happens with certain types of respiratory virus vaccines, you get immunized, and then when you get actually exposed to the virus, you get this kind of paradoxical immune enhancement phenomenon, and what—and we don't entirely understand the basis of it. But we recognize that it's a real problem for certain respiratory virus vaccines. That killed the RSV program for decades. Now the Gates Foundation is taking it up again. But when we started developing coronavirus vaccines—and our colleagues—we noticed in laboratory animals that they started to show some of the same immune pathology that resembled what had happened 50 years earlier.

SOURCE: Hotez Coronavirus Vaccine Safety Testimony

This specific issue regarding coronavirus vaccines is exacerbated by the arbitrary and unscientific 18-month timeframe that Gates is insisting on for the vaccine's development. In order to meet that deadline, vaccine developers are being urged to use new and largely unproven methods for creating their experimental immunizations, including DNA and mRNA vaccines.

KELLY O'DONNELL: For a self-described wartime president, victory over COVID-19 equals a vaccine.

TRUMP: I hope we can have a vaccine, and we're going to fast-track it like you've never seen before.

O'DONNELL: Adding Trump-style branding, the administration launched "Operation Warp Speed," a multi-billion-dollar research and manufacturing effort to shorten the typical year-plus vaccine development timeline.

SOURCE: Trump Administration’s ‘Operation Warp Speed’ Aims To Fast-Track Coronavirus Vaccine | Nightly News

ANTHONY FAUCI: We're gonna start ramping up production with the companies involved, and you do that at risk. In other words, you don't wait until you get an answer before you start manufacturing. You at risk proactively start making it, assuming it's gonna work.

SOURCE: Dr Fauci Discusses Operation Warp Speed’s Goal Of 100s Of Millions Of Vaccine Doses By January

BECKY QUICK: You're thinking 18 months even with all the work that you've already done to this point and the planning that you are taking with lots of different potential vaccinations and building up for that now

GATES: Yeah, so there's an approach called RNA vaccine that people like Moderna, CureVac and others are using that in 2015 we'd identified that as very promising for pandemics and for other applications as well. And so, if everything goes perfectly with the RNA approach, we could actually beat the 18 months. We don't want to create unrealistic expectations.

SOURCE: Watch CNBC’s full interview with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on the coronavirus pandemic and his work toward a vaccine

RHIJU DAS: So the concept of an RNA vaccine is: Let’s inject the RNA molecule that encodes for the spike protein.

ANGELA RASMUSSEN: It’s making your cell do the work of creating this viral protein that is going to be recognized by your immune system and trigger the development of these antibodies.

DAS: Our bodies won’t make a full-fledged infectious virus. They’ll just make a little piece and then learn to recognize it and then get ready to destroy the virus if it then later comes and invades us.

[. . .]

DAS: It’s a relatively new, unproven technology. And there’s still no example of an RNA vaccine that’s been deployed worldwide in the way that we need for the coronavirus.

RASMUSSEN: There is the possibility for unforeseen, adverse effects.

AKIKO IWASAKI: So this is all new territory. Whether it would elicit protective immune response against this virus is just unknown right now.

SOURCE: Can Scientists Use RNA to Create a Coronavirus Vaccine?

Rushing at "Warp Speed" to develop a new vaccine using experimental technology and then mass-producing and delivering billions of doses to be injected into "basically the entire world" before adequate testing is even done amounts to one of the most dangerous experiments in the history of the world, one that could alter the lives of untold numbers of people.

That an experimental vaccine—developed in a brand new way and rushed through with a special, shortened testing regime—should be given to adults, children, pregnant women, newborn babies, and the elderly alike, would be, in any other situation, unthinkable. To suggest that such a vaccine should be given to the entire planet would have been called lunacy mere months ago. But now the public is being asked to accept this premise without question.

Even Gates himself acknowledges the inherent risks of such a project. But his concern is not for the lives that will be irrevocably altered in the event that the vaccines cause damage to the population. Instead, he is more concerned that the pharmaceutical companies and the researchers are given legal immunity for any such damage.

GATES: You know, if we have, you know, one in 10,000 side effects, that's, you know, way more— 700,000—you know, people who will suffer from that. So really understanding the safety at gigantic scale across all age ranges—you know, pregnant, male, female, undernourished, existing comorbidities—it's very, very hard. And that actual decision of, "OK, let's go and give this vaccine to the entire world," ah, governments will have to be involved because there will be some risk and indemnification needed before that can be decided on.

SOURCE: Watch CNBC’s full interview with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on the coronavirus pandemic and his work toward a vaccine

As we have already seen, in the arena of global health, what Bill Gates wants is what the world gets. So it should be no surprise that immunity for the Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers and the vaccination program planners is already being worked on.

In the US, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a declaration that retroactively provides "liability immunity for activities related to medical countermeasures against COVID-19," including manufacturers, distributors and program planners of "any vaccine, used to treat, diagnose, cure, prevent, or mitigate COVID-19." The declaration was issued on March 17th but retroactively covers any activity back to February 4th, 2020, the day before the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced an emergency $100 million to fund treatment efforts and to develop new vaccines for COVID-19.

The plan to inject everyone on the planet with an experimental vaccine is no aberration in Bill Gates' envisioned "Decade of Vaccines." It is its culmination.

The "Decade of Vaccines" kicked off with a Gates-funded $3.6 million observational study of HPV vaccines in India that, according to a government investigation, violated the human rights of the study participants with "gross violations" of consent and failed to properly report adverse events experienced by the vaccine recipients. After the deaths of seven girls involved in the trial were reported, a parliamentary investigation concluded that the Gates-funded Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH), which ran the study, had been engaged in a scheme to help ensure "healthy markets" for GlaxoSmithKline and Merck, the manufacturers of the Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines that had been so generously donated for use in the trial:

"Had PATH been successful in getting the HPV vaccine included in the universal immunization program of the concerned countries, this would have generated windfall profit for the manufacturer(s) by way of automatic sale, year after year, without any promotional or marketing expenses. It is well known that once introduced into the immunization program it becomes politically impossible to stop any vaccination."

Chandra M. Gulhati, editor of the influential Monthly Index of Medical Specialities, remarked that "[i]t is shocking to see how an American organization used surreptitious methods to establish itself in India," and Samiran Nundy, editor emeritus of the National Medical Journal of India lamented that "[t]his is an obvious case where Indians were being used as guinea pigs."

Throughout the decade, India's concerns about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and its corporate partners' influence on the country's national immunization programs grew. In 2016, the steering group of the country's National Health Mission blasted the government for allowing the country's National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation—the primary body advising the government on all vaccination-related matters—to be effectively purchased by the Gates Foundation.

As one steering group member noted: "The NTAGI secretariat has been moved out of the [government's health] ministry to the office of Public Health Foundation of India and the 32 staff members in that secretariat draw their salaries from the BMGF. There is a clear conflict of interest—on one hand, the BMGF funds the secretariat that is the highest decision making body in vaccines and, on the other, it partners the pharma industry in GAVI. This is unacceptable."

In 2017, the government responded by cutting all financial ties between the advisory group and the Gates Foundation.

Similar stories play out across the Gates Foundation's "Decade of Vaccines."

There's the Gates-founded and funded Meningitis Vaccine Project, which led to the creation and testing of MenAfriVac, a $0.50-per-dose immunization against meningococcal meningitis. The tests led to reports of between 40 and 500 children suffering seizures and convulsions and eventually becoming paralyzed.

There's the 2017 confirmation that the Gates-supported oral polio vaccine was actually responsible for the majority of new polio cases and the 2018 follow up showing that 80% of polio cases are now vaccine-derived.

There's the 2018 paper in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health concluding that over 490,000 people in India developed paralysis as a result of the oral polio vaccine between 2000 and 2017.

There's even the WHO's own malaria chief, Dr. Arata Kochi, who complained in an internal memo that Gates' influence meant that the world’s leading malaria scientists are now "locked up in a ‘cartel’ with their own research funding being linked to those of others within the group" and that the foundation "was stifling debate on the best ways to treat and combat malaria, prioritizing only those methods that relied on new technology or developing new drugs."

Kochi's complaint, written in 2008, highlights the most common criticism of the global health web that Gates has spun in the past two decades: that the public health industry has become a racket run by and for Big Pharma and its partners for the benefit of big business.

At the time that Kochi was writing his memo, the executive director of the Gates Foundation's Global Health program was Tachi Yamada. Yamada left his position as Chairman of Research and Development at GlaxoSmithKline to take up the position at the Gates Foundation in 2006 and left the foundation five years later to become Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Yamada's replacement as head of Gates' Global health program, Trevor Mundel, was himself a clinical researcher at Pfizer and Parke-Davis and spent time as Head of Development with Novartis before joining the foundation.

This use of foundation funds to set public policy to drive up corporate profits is not a secret conspiracy. It is a perfectly open one.

When the Center for Global Development formed a working group to "develop a practical approach to the vaccine challenge," they concluded that the best way to incentivize pharmaceutical companies to produce more vaccines for the third world was for governments to promise to buy vaccines before they were even developed. They titled their report "Making Markets for Vaccines."

ALICE ALBRIGHT: The project "Making Markets for Vaccines" was really designed to address a problem that's existed for a long time, which is insufficient research and development budgets as well as investment capacity in vaccine development and production for the third world. How do you create better incentives to get the pharma community—the vaccine community—to produce products that are specifically dedicated for the developing world.

RUTH LEVINE: Michael Kramer, a professor at Harvard, had been thinking about this problem for many years.

OWEN BARDER: He realized that if the rich countries of the world were to make a promise that they would buy a malaria vaccine if somebody produced it, that that would give an incentive to the pharmaceutical industry to go and do the research and development needed to make one. But this idea was unfamiliar. No government had made a commitment to buy a product that didn't already exist.

SOURCE: Making Markets for Vaccines

When the first such "Advanced Market Commitment" was made in 2007—a $1.5 billion promise to buy yet-to-be-produced vaccines from Big Pharma manufacturers—there was the Gates Foundation as the only non-nation sponsor.

The Gates-founded Gavi Vaccine Alliance is an open partnership between the Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization, the World Bank and vaccine manufacturers. Their stated goal includes "introducing new vaccines into the routine schedules of national immunization programmes" and engaging in "market shaping efforts" to ensure "healthy markets for vaccines and other immunization products."

If "introducing new vaccines" and ensuring healthy markets for them was the aim of Gates' "Decade of Vaccines," there can be no doubt that COVID-19 has seen that goal realized in spectacular fashion.

URSULA VON DER LEYEN: Let's start the pledging.

KATIE STEPHENS: The EU kicked off its fundraising drive with 1 billion euros. In the hours that followed, pledges were beamed in from across the globe.

TAWFIG ALRABIAH: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has pledged 500 million dollars.

STEPHENS: Even pop icon Madonna made a last-minute donation of a million euros.

SOURCE: What's behind the global €7.4 billion vaccine pledge? | Coronavirus Update

MELINDA GATES: By combining the world's expertise and brainpower and resources, we can attack this disease in the way it's attacking us: globally. Our foundation is proud to partner with you and I'm pleased to announce today that we will pledge a hundred million dollars towards this effort.

SOURCE: #Coronavirus Global Response International Pledging Conference

KATIE STEPHENS: Germany was one of the leading donors, pledging over five hundred million euros. The money is earmarked for international health organizations and research networks in a bid to speed up the development of a vaccine.

SOURCE: What's behind the global €7.4 billion vaccine pledge? | Coronavirus Update

And there, at the center of this web, is the Gates Foundation, connected to every major organization, research institution, international alliance and vaccine manufacturer involved in the current crisis.

Certainly, the Gates—like the Rockefellers—have profited from their years as "the most generous people on the planet." As curious as it might seem to those who don't understand the true nature of this monopoly cartel, despite all of these grants and pledges—commitments of tens of billions of dollars—Bill Gates' personal net worth has actually doubled during this "Decade of Vaccines," from $50 billion to over $100 billion.

But once again we come back to the question: Who is Bill Gates? Is he motivated simply by money? Is this incessant drive to vaccinate the entire population of the planet merely the result of greed? Or is there something else driving this agenda?

As we shall see next time, money is not the end goal of Gates' "philanthropic" activities. Money is just the tool that he is using to purchase what he really wants: control. Control not just of the health industry, but control of the human population itself.

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  1. Hans Verbeek says:

    Melinda Gates (at 25 min.) looks and sounds like an actress in a B-movie about aliens conquering Earth:
    “we come in peace and are only here to help… globally”

  2. Kensky says:

    NOTE: Bitchute, Lbry and Minds links did not work for me for the Gates video….KMAN

  3. Nikola says:

    Hey all

    I got Polio trough vaccination (1981).

    Can even explain how that event changed my life!!!

    It’s fascinating seeing my Kid’s doctor being frustrated when I ask him if Vaccine is safe for my kid. I let him talk for 5 min about how amazing is Vaccine etc. After i revel him him that I got polio from Vaccination, after 10 second of being quiet, he start again with non-scientific explanations that are more political oriented, supporting narrative where Vaccination is absolutely SAFE.
    This scenario I do apply all the time to different personas… it’s amazing how same output i got from different personas.

    This behavior have no borders … i lived on 2 continents, now residing in Canada.

    Anyway, thanks James for outstanding consistency trough last decade.


    • Shafi says:

      Hi Nikola,

      These people who lead and enforce such evil projects will not die a good death. At their own moment of death, they will suffer all the sufferings of those upon whom they have inflicted pain and death. If there is any good left in this world, you will certainly be rewarded for your suffering and they will certainly be punished for their deeds.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Nikola says:
      I got Polio trough vaccination (1981).
      …I can’t even explain how that event changed my life!!!

    • Jed says:

      The ten seconds of silence is very telling, their brains must have shut down to re-set. I’d hope they would have asked you questions and looked into what happened before administering more vaccines to others. The golden rule of medicine is do no harm.

    • Steve Smith says:

      Hi Nikola, I hope that James or someone else trustworthy will take advantage of the opportunity to interview you about your experiences assuming you are willing. It is important that stories like yours be available to counter the propaganda.
      Thank you for standing up to the doctor and thanks for sharing here.

  4. Jed says:

    Great work, can’t wait for the next one.

  5. Hotfoot says:

    I watch these wonderfully put together Gates pieces with a mixture of delight and horror. It’s so important that the curtain is pulled back from this man, and at the same time it gives me a knot in my stomach, when I view them. It’s so frustrating to live in a time where everyone seems to be sleepwalking towards a cliff edge.

    All I can say is that I shall share them with everyone I can.

    Sterling work, James and Broc.

  6. evenstephen says:

    You’re a fantastically Brave Hero !! Thank You James !!! We all truly appreciate your focus ! peace

  7. luderon says:

    Thanks for your painstaking labour and dedication, this Gates’ episodes are impeccable!

  8. manbearpig says:

    I was struck, when watching those clips where Gates is talking about the necessity for a vaccine before things can go back to normal that

    he seems to be belching. As if an infintesimal part of him that’s still human is having a tiny bit of trouble eructing such a horrific project of poisoning and control over the entire population.

    Amazing research, presentation, framing typical of Mr. Corbett and Broc West who just get better and better at what they do.

    Wish I had so much energy, focus and commitment. Phenomenal.

    • pearl says:

      Interesting you should pick up on that, mbp! I was also noting, watching last week’s episode and now this one, that his entire demeanor when presenting emancipation through his vaccine reeks of insincerity. Same with Trudeau’s attempt to convey grave honesty, but which looks to me like he’s over compensating, having to suppress a grin. Are there any good body language experts out there?

    • alexandre says:

      Yes, I was thinking about some TruthStreamMedia style of edit just with the gulps and gasps every time he says some words. If that’s what you’re talking about. Bill Gates will reach the “sublime” soon, one of these monsters that go so much beyond categories of thought that you’re just kept in “aesthetic arrest” wondering how that’s even possible.

    • victoria says:

      cannibill is hannibal’s half brother, their diet causes indigestion.

      • CQ says:

        The dark humor that emerges during these Dark (Winter) Days keeps us from getting too glum, doesn’t it, victoria?

        Upon first reading your clever comment, I envisioned hannibal’s carnivorous diet (Human Burgers) versus cannibill’s lab-grown synthetic “food” (Impossible Burgers) and wondered which is worse for the digestion.

        Then I remembered that you, of all people on this thread, have a real-life reason for calling WHGIII “cannibill.” You know. But you can’t be specific, except to explain, through words and images on your website, what your own young life was like: Hell. Until you began finding yourself. Your true self. Bless you.

        • victoria says:

          yes CQ, dark humour to brighten dark days, & since you mention Dark Winter i’ll post numerology:
          6/22-6/23/2001 ~ 66(month twice) & 21(yr)+22(day1)+23(day2)=66 ~ 6666

          i love how you captured so well what i had in mind on both counts, & where im coming from, thanks so much for your heartfelt words :)) that said, i also had in mind… in the not too distant future, lab grown synthetic meat from cult~ured human cells ~ ultimate burgers?

          oh my, your website is wonderful, Creatures Quotes is a treasure trove… wow!!!

          • CQ says:

            Yikes, victoria, that leap from Impossible Burgers to Ultimate Burgers didn’t occur to me. I can see how it crossed your mind, though, for you are our resident interpreter of all evil aspects of the occult.

            Wasn’t it you who mentioned in the last two or three days that “777” has a hidden meaning? It struck me, because James had just last weekend referred to that number, not realizing its significance (nor did I at the time), in his “Collapse of the Food Supply Chain” editorial (https://www.corbettreport.com/up-next-the-collapse-of-the-food-supply-chain). He wrote:

            “But don’t worry about Gates; his investments are already paying off. The ‘fake meat’ industry is raking in the cash in the corona world order, with Impossible Foods Inc. in particular using the generated crisis as an opportunity to expand into 777 more grocery stores across the US. (Hey, at least it wasn’t 666 more stores!)”

            Maybe James will consult you from now on before making any numerology jokes. 🙂

            Thank you for the kind compliment you paid to Creature Quotes. I toiled night and day on it for months, barely remembering to eat, so I can identify, to a degree, with the long hours James is putting into his coverage of the NWO’s ramped-up control of the world.

            As for websites, how about yours! Of all your evocative (and therapeutic) paintings, the one that captivates me is in the left-hand column of this page (second from the bottom): https://whitesky.weebly.com/photo-collage. The face and torso of the child is how I picture you and how I hope you picture yourself: clad in a soft white garment; lovely, pure, innocent in heart and mind, spirit and soul. When was this? Before, during, and after what the child endured. Where is she? High up, safe on the snow-capped mountaintop, gazing up with the sweetest, most benign expression at the beam of light coming from above. Behind and beneath the child are man-made city skyscrapers — and the supposedly civilized behavior that goes on hidden inside their glass walls. The spires atop the towers are unable to reach, much less touch, much less harm, the child. It is a beautiful vision. And unforgettable.

            • CQ says:

              Correction: victoria, after taking another peek at your child-and-cityscape collage, I now see that she’s wearing, not white, but a pastel pink and light lavender gown. The soft shades nonetheless convey the look of an angel in white — with cherubic pink cheeks. 🙂

            • victoria says:

              https://youtu.be/MNbA_OLEJOk synchronicity… James posted editorial on 5/3, & on the same day mbp at Can You Find This Video enquired as to psychological trauma triggering my 2009 ms exacerbation, next day i replied sharing intense memory on 777 numerology date (7/25/1978). what i didnt mention, july 25 is also st james day/festival of the horned god, albeit what i remembered was about king solomon.
              on 5/4, The Raven quoted James (same quote you shared here) at Collapse of the Food Supply Chain & in comment provided link to aleister crowley’s 777 work, & on 5/7 i replied “spot on”, & shared 777 numerology employed in dates incl link to my conversation with mbp.

              your insightful, beautifully spoken, rich depiction of my photo collage took my breath away, brought tears to my eyes, so touching, magical, thank you CQ, i will alaways cherish? incl your lovely correction, i also see 🙂

              im very taken with, moved by your website, the pictures & quotes simply marvellous, so much honour… my soul is smiling… animals have always held a special place in my heart. as much as my perpetrators tried to use & corrupt the love i felt for & from animals, they couldnt ruin, that was waaaay beyond their power!!

              • CQ says:

                Synchronicity indeed, victoria.

                Thanks for filling me in on everything I missed from The Raven and for adding the St. James connection.

                Candid question: Is it true that, though once upon a time you had to learn all these important-to-“them” dates and places and events and people and, sigh, animals, I gather that you don’t let “their” beliefs and practices mar your ability to see and enjoy the universe from a right-side-up perspective? That is, no longer through “their” Luciferian lens? Is that so, victoria?

                In other words, you’ve been able to put all “their” insanity, including the significance of numerology, behind you, instead of letting it consume you or weigh you down . . . but you’re willing to dredge up your knowledge of it and explain “their” system to us so we can better understand how “they” plan and why “they” choose certain dates.

                Four years ago I read an article whose message has stayed with me. Its title: “What defeats organized evil.” Its author, Michael Pabst, writes, in part: “But before we have a closer look at the cohesive structure of divine goodness, let’s first see how evil claims to be organized. Among other things, it claims to have 1) intelligent communication within itself, 2) a common idealistic purpose, and 3) a command structure that enables creative collaboration.

                “But the truth is that, despite appearances, evil is by nature devoid of intelligence or unity. Since it is based on the false premise that there are many finite minds [instead of one infinite, divine Mind that creates and sustains and preserves the universe], it is at war with itself. It is self-destructive. Its natural state is that of the tower of Babel — people trying to collaborate, but ultimately finding their efforts deteriorating into unintelligent gibberish (see Genesis 11:1–9). Humanity can awake to the grand fact that all intelligence and life are in and of divine Spirit. Therefore, we don’t need to concede intelligence and life [and power] to evil.”

                Does that metaphysical viewpoint make any sense to you, victoria?

              • victoria says:

                oh for sure, there was soooo much i had to learn, memorize, record… organized & stored: extensive multifaceted internal information-operating system. so when i began remembering in 1988, i was accessing w/out “permission”, then when i found the right therapist in 1990, again “breaking the rules” which brought quite a bit of memory flooding whilst that can be programming in & of itself (& at times clearly was) theres also the fact i had an inordinate amount of material, i was highly motivated to work through & took a very thorough & aggressive approach… up until my 2009 ms exacerbation. then i became too sick for further memory to come up, a natural shutting down occurred, but when memories started emerging again i realized i had best try to go slow & i was able to, also learnt how to decrease intensity.
                when i do see/experience life thru the luciferian lens, there is simultaneity ~ background/foreground interchange… a “new” (or not so new) alter/part of me surfaces holding old trauma & programming, or i will simply recover new memory with accompanying mind control needing to be released & healed… im far more proficient at doing so now ~ the journey, an upward spiraling continuum…
                when i intentionally dredge up stuff & share, i accept further resolution may or may not be necessary afterwards, let the chips fall where they may. with numerology (aka arithmancy), ive absolutely no doubt more healing is needed, so posting is just as much for myself as for others.

                albeit i agree with pabst, that evil is self-destructive, metaphysics doesnt much interest me anymore. my beliefs are quite basic: evil has an unquenchable thirst for power, enslaves all who practice… & evil feeds on hate, i believe defeating evil is best accomplished through love, that love conquers all, & god is love.

                thanks for the questions & for listening, CQ. for many years when i was asked a question, it would trigger the crap outta me… horrific dont talk mind control, interrogation torture when i was a kid. then one day, about five yrs ago, it was suddenly absolutely ok, i even liked questions, amazing… sweet victory 😀

  9. weilunion says:

    The private-public partnership. A fraud. Corporations exist to make money, not to partner with the public commons for human needs.

    What the private-public partnership actually is, and we see it with the privatization of education, to name one area, is socialism for corporations whereby we as taxpayers guarantee the profits of these monopolies while they socialize the cost.

    But socialism for corporations is too simplistic and mixes apples with oranges.

    This is fascism: corporate fascism of the type expounded on and favored by Benito Mussolini in early 19th century politics, and taken up by the so-called free marketeers or neo-liberal class.

    Privatize profits and socialize costs. Make sure that the military supports and protects all profit seeking.

    This is the private public partnership.

    • mik says:

      What about decision making process in this partnership?

      At this time even the ruthless normie should be able, in worst case with some help, to conclude that ‘private’ is the senior partner here.

      Therefore, private public partnership = monopolizing

  10. Shafi says:

    This is one of the most important cases to present to our communities to prepare for the resistance when the plan is actually rolled out by our governments.

    But Gates is not all-powerful. He is a weak human being who has evil designs because he could not achieve them by any ethical means. That is one of his flaws.

    I am looking for his flaws; his weaknesses. What flaws does he have that will enable us to kick his projects out of our communities when they come charging at us?

    James has given us the case; credit goes to him and his team. Now we have the case in hand for action.

    Please James, if you are reading this, may I suggest that the Corbett report community support you to present to your audience and readership the flaws of this devil presented to us by the media as an invincible god.

    • ben.r says:

      The flaws are in the bogus science.
      For details, read “Dissolving Illusions” by Dr. Suzanne Humphries MD, whose website is drsuzanne.net Dr. Humphries describes the controversy about vaccines, which goes back more than two hundred years to smallpox. She points out for the lay reader just how deceived the public has been for a long time, time after time, smallpox, polio, measles, and so on. She is a medical doctor who had a crisis of conscience after being trained to promote vaccines, but then could not close her eyes to the damage that she saw that they caused to some people in the hospital where she worked. Hers is a touching story.
      Another resource is “The Poisoned Needle” by Eleanor McBean, published in 1957, and available for free in a pdf, if you look for it.
      Let us ask questions of friends and family, such as:
      1. Has there ever been a formal comparison of a vaccinated population with an unvaccinated population?
      2. If vaccines are so safe, why do their manufacturers require indemnity? Why has the US government paid out more than four billion dollars to people or their families who lives were ruined by vaccines?
      3. If vaccines are effective in your immune system, then why are you concerned or afraid about anybody else being vaccinated or not?
      Frankly, as long as they do not force a vaccine on me, for example by requiring it for public transport or to buy groceries, then if you believe in vaccines, I don’t mind. Have one for breakfast every day. Just don’t force it on me. This they already do on children and their parents, in many places, by the school registration requirements. The prospect of a forced vaccine is the most frightening of all of this nonsense.
      I still think it is possible that Gates truly believes what he is saying and that he is just being manipulated by characters whom even he does not see. If it were not Gates, it would be someone else doing the front work and the promotion. If so, then let us focus on the bogus science and how to deflate the hot air balloon of the bogus science as often as possible, beginning with friends and family in private, and then with others in public.
      With this in mind, I suggest that you interview Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD for your broadcast.

      • mik says:

        We should be prepared for another aspect vaxxers are emphasizing as an excuse for everyone have to be vaccinated : immune-compromised.

        Can’t be denied, immune-compromised (IC) can’t be vaccinated, at the same time they might suffer badly if they get sick.

        Btw., this kind of reasoning is very prevalent elsewhere too. We have to be in lockdown because current virus is deadly for minority, we have to bent over backwards for many “selected minorities”, fuck majority unless democracy is in question and, of course,… do what you are told, worm.

        Some ideas how IC dilemma can be confronted:

        1. Why are some individuals IC? Are maybe poisons around us the cause? Are previous vaccinations the cause?

        2. Every vaccination brings some risk and we have some evaluations available from clinical studies. It is CERTAIN some vaccinated will get “side effects” (transl. bad effects), sometimes also extremely bad effects, most of the time death is not excluded.

        How to make a choice between IC and Bad Effected+Dead?
        Who can make a choice?

        • hidetora says:

          That is a corollary of political correctness, it is not the IC that have to quarantine, we all have to be forced to quarantine for them (or “for *all of us*”). Speaking of democracy, I don’t know about you all but where I live the approval rate of the COVID-19 measures is higher than 90%.

          • ben.r says:

            Where do you live? How was the approval rating measured? TV?

          • mik says:

            Most probably approval rate was measured after people’s brains have been thoroughly massaged, therefore what they measured was actually efficacy of social engineering.
            Huge majority of people are incapable of critical thinking, their opinion is regurgitation of what they’ve heard.

            As @ben.r pointed out there is also a question who made survey, what was the question exactly….
            I’ve seen brand name pollsters asking loaded questions, no to mention skewed interpretation of polls.

        • ben.r says:

          Thanks for your reply.
          There are other ways of strengthening the immune system, naturally, without vaccines. For example, stopping to smoke tobacco, stopping to drink alcohol, or stopping to eat sugar and wheat work for a lot of people. Instead of washing your hands a thousand times a day, drying them out of the oils that nourish the skin, simply changing one’s eating habits can stimulate natural immunity durably, reliably. There are also other ways, depending on the individual.
          Just listened to an excellent webinar called “The Truth About Vaccines”. As one speaker put it, “I am pro-vaccine. The theory is wonderful. If they ever make one that is safe and effective for everybody, then I would take it if requied in the face of a genuine epidemic.” Let us not be shamed, silenced, or intimidated by being called an “anti-vaxxer”. Let us keep looking for the truth.
          Most of all, I am for *** health freedom ***, sovereignty over my body to decide to accept an invasive medical intervention or not. I am not the chattel of the state. Hey, if you believe in vaccines, have one for breakfast every morning. I don’t mind. Just don’t force them on me and my fellow travelers.
          They may or may not mandate vaccines. Who knows? They may just say, “if you want to take the bus or the plane, or ride the train, or work here, or buy food here, then show us your ID to prove that you have been tested and vaccinated.” This is frightening to me. It is not real for the moment, but Gates himself is promoting this, and it is possible that he is just the bag man for a gigantic psyop that even he does not understand.
          The only hope to me is to send letters with notices of liability to the health authorities and to doctors, to be ready to look for underground documents, or possibly to migrate to another country, where the authorities were less authoritarian, if there were any, and if I could get in. Another hope is to repeal the exemption from liability that vaccine manufacturers enjoy (the 1986 Act), which Robert Kennedy and Del Bigtree are organizing in the US. Most of all, I can hope to stay healthy via clean, healthy food for me, exercise, and a healthy spirit.

      • Blameitontheboogie says:

        Point No 3 is very valid. As long as those who choose to be vaccinated are then there would be no need to force it onto others as (in theory) they would be fully protected and those unvaccinated have shown that they are prepared to take the risk (although the risk of course is in having the vaccine).

        What bothers me is that they will try to force the vaccine to allow people to travel as I have family and friends in countries other than the one in which I live.

    • HEDGE110 says:

      Even Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated this week that National Rugby League (NRL) players should not be allowed to play this season if they don’t agree to tale the flu shot. Players who put a line through the waiver (because they don’t want or need the vaccine) are being labelled anti-vaxxers. Queensland Government will be enforcing flu shots on NRL professional players from their State. New South Wales will leave it up to the NRL as too whether the flu vaccine should be mandated. https://www.themercury.com.au/news/national/nrl-dealing-with-antivaxxers-drama/video/9fed58dd061db26512063aad048bd7fd

  11. debra.b says:

    Another cliffhanger! I am both anxious and terrified to see next week. Thank you James and Broc for your continued excellent work. Hard fought and well done. I honestly don’t know how you do it! The images both still and moving coupled with James narration felt chilling. The black & white one of Gates 3/4 staring out was particularly haunting. Brilliant Mr West, truly. You rock! Debra

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Well spoken Debra. I agree.

      James Corbett, the writer, really stands out with how he tells the story surrounding Bill Gates. It reminds me of reading a suspense mystery novel. …with a backdrop of a novel-virus.

      Broc West also does some amazing things with audio. And he knows when not to have music or sound effects. The ‘shutter-click’ to new scenes works well here. About the one minute mark, there is this crescendo of music as Corbett gives the intro to “This is Bill Gates’ plan to vaccinate the world”.

      For the life of me, I am always impressed with the clips and images which jive with the script outline. These two guys work well together. They dance.

      • debra.b says:

        HRS, Yes! The audio is perfect. There’s so much that goes into this. I was thinking similarly to what you’ve described. Well spoken right back at ya! Thanks! Debra 🙂

      • Blameitontheboogie says:

        In a fair and sane world they would be working in the mainstream media as they are way better than almost all of those working in the msm these days.

  12. Palmer Harsanyi says:

    Excellent, as always, and thank you for all your (and Broc West’s) hard work.

    For your next episode, I just want to be sure that you see this re. vaccine and depopulation, estimated right now killing 1,1 million children pr. year. The Danish professor (where I live, Denmark, where I also saw you in 2017 in Copenhagen at Open Mind Conference) so, prof. Christine Stabell Benn and prof. Aaby has even tweeted at Gates about this, to no avail. The sources I use for inactive vaccines, right now in use, killing children, are currently this:

    • The Introduction of Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis and Oral Polio Vaccine Among Young Infants in an Urban African Community: A Natural Experiment
    “Conclusions: DTP was associated with 5-fold higher mortality than being unvaccinated. No prospective study has shown beneficial survival effects of DTP. Unfortunately, DTP is the most widely used vaccine, and the proportion who receives DTP3 is used globally as an indicator of the performance of national vaccination programs.
    It should be of concern that the effect of routine vaccinations on all-cause mortality was not tested in randomized trials. All currently available evidence suggests that DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis.” https://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5360569

    Prof. Aaby:
    – “That vaccine is actually killing children! Its not just sort of a differential effect, its killing children. Its not because it saves boys, the vaccine is killing children…” https://youtu.be/NPNHYAevTwg?t=843

    Prof. Christine Stabell Benn:
    – “Intriguengly, the negative effects of DTP-vaccine is strongest for girls, and thats a pattern we’ve seen with all non-live vaccines. So for all six non-live vaccines, we have seen that they have very strong negative non-specific effects in females, and we haven’t got a clue why, yet.” https://youtu.be/_d8PNlXHJ48?t=618
    – “…but just emphasizing live vaccines over non-live vaccines, then we could save 1.1 million children every year. 1.1 million children, that is equivalent to more than 3,000 children every day, with minor modifications of the vaccination program.” https://ted.com/talks/christine_stabell_benn_how_vaccines_train_the_immune_system_in_ways_no_one_expected/transcript

    Prof. Gøtzsche:
    • Expert Report – Effect of DTP Vaccines on Mortality in Children in Low-Income Countries https://vaccinescience.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Expert-Report-Effect-of-DTP-Vaccines-on-Mortality-in-Children-in-Low-Income-Countries.pdf

    Prof. Jon S. Abramson, SAGE,
    Prof. Fred Binka, MPAC,
    Prof. Peter Smith, JTEG,
    Prof. Pedro Alonso, GMP,
    Prof. Terry Nolan, SAGE,
    Dr. Jean-Marie Okwo-Bele, IVB,
    Prof. Robert Pless, GACVS:
    – “It should be remembered that all non-live vaccines which have been tested for possible sexdifferential effects so far have found excess female mortality (Table 2). DTP, Hepatitis B vaccine (HBV), inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) and pentavalent vaccine are all associated with excess female mortality. This is unlikely to be due to “chance”.” https://bandim.org/-/media/arkiv/projekt-sites/bandim/pdf/sage/sage-letter-iv.pdf

    Also the new malaria vaccine are also killing children, also supported by Gates, which you can read about, here (tweets answers by prof. Stabell Benn, South Danish University):

    Leif Erik Sander: @Sander_Lab “Name a childhood vaccine that you suspect to cause more harm to „overall health“ than it saves lives by preventing the resurgence of deadly diseases.
    Wouldn’t it be more effective to focus on non-specific benefits of vaccines?”

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • Palmer Harsanyi says:

      Sorry about that, will keep in mind for the future.

      The missing part:

      Leif Erik Sander: @Sander_Lab “Name a childhood vaccine that you suspect to cause more harm to „overall health“ than it saves lives by preventing the resurgence of deadly diseases.
      Wouldn’t it be more effective to focus on non-specific benefits of vaccines?”
      – “I can unfortunately give you several examples: 1) High-titre measles vaccine was introduced in 1989, it prevented measles but turned out to be associated with 2-fold increased female mortality. It was withdrawn by WHO in 1992 http://bit.ly/2FAsei1https://twitter.com/StabellBenn/status/1165669484918689793
      – “2) Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine is one of the world’s most widely used vaccines. It protects against three deadly diseases, but nonetheless, all prospective studies show that it is associated with 2-fold higher increased female mortality.” https://twitter.com/StabellBenn/status/1165669749168267264
      – “3) A new malaria vaccine protects moderately against malaria but is associated with 2-fold higher female mortality http://bit.ly/2HqId1q. Note, live vaccines are associated with decreased female mortality so the increased female mortality is not explained by bias.” https://twitter.com/StabellBenn/status/1165670389017665538

      • First malaria vaccine rolled out in Africa—despite limited efficacy and nagging safety concerns
      “Among girls, overall mortality was almost doubled, Aaby told his colleagues at the meeting. “This vaccine is killing girls,” he recalls saying. Whereas WHO expects the vaccine to save one life per 200 children vaccinated, Aaby believes one in 200 will die as a result of it; he predicts “a nightmare.”” http://doi.org/10.1126/science.aba3207

      – “We have written an analysis of the RTS,S malaria vaccine for @bmj_latest. In this thread, I summarise the history and describe the problems. I hope for a change of plans @WHO” https://twitter.com/StabellBenn/status/1223329623536295937

      • WHO’s rollout of malaria vaccine in Africa: can safety questions be answered after only 24 months? https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.l6920

      • WHO’s malaria vaccine study represents a “seriousbreach of international ethical standards https://doi.org/10.1136/bmj.m734

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Palmer Harsanyi, This is a damn good post about vaccines! Thanks for giving excellent excerpts and sources.

        Palmer Harsanyi says:
        …The Danish professor (where I live, Denmark, where I also saw you in 2017 in Copenhagen at Open Mind Conference)….

        Published September 2017
        Join James Corbett as he presents “Echoes of World War I” to the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.
        Episode 320 – Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          If you haven’t seen this 20 minute interview with James Corbett, it is well worth watching. It captures highlights.

          During the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2017, the organizers recorded an interview with James Corbett about his presentation, Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War. This is that interview.
          Echoes of WWI – Interview at Open Mind Conference
          (20 minutes)

          • Palmer Harsanyi says:

            Many thanks HomeRemedySupply 🙂

            And yes, the videos you have mentioned, I have also started recommending about a month ago for people to see, because of what happens between the US and China right now. Quite prophetic.

  13. IAR says:

    Thanks, James. Great work.

  14. robert.t says:

    This may be a silly question, but as one who has made a hobby of ignoring things like flu shots, cholesterol levels etc I’d like to inquire…

    I note that there are flu shots ready every season. Mates of mine who are pharmacists have confessed the muck often doesn’t work, nonetheless there the vaccines are, every year, on the market in time for the season. Wouldn’t miss. Have you ever been told to wait up to two years for this year’s shot? So the vaccine won’t be for this year’s flu or even next year’s flu? Of course not. People who are into flu shots just go and get jabbed.

    So how does that work? Do the developers claim to know what the flu will be like a couple of years out? Or do they develop it within weeks? In either case, why is there this long lag for Bill’s “wonderful” COVID vaccine. And how is it known to be “amazing” and “wonderful” eighteen months before its predicted existence?

    It’s like those contradictory announcements from the top about countries re-opening and countries having to stay shut. Which is it? Isn’t there a rather large difference between opening and shutting?

    Or are they just playing with us the way you twiddle the dials of a computer game? Kim is a monster…Kim is a wacky guy…Kim is a monster…he’s not so bad, kind of funny and wacky…he’s a monster…he’s funny and wacky…

    And then we just stop hearing about Kim and we get saturated with GretaGretaGreta…then firefirefire…then virusvirusvirus…

    But let’s bring back Kim for a bit! Kim is alive…no, he’s dead…no, he’s alive…he’s dead…alive…

    Getting back to my first question: what’s the official story on vaccine prep? Did they identify 2018’s flu in 2016? Or did they cook the vaccine up within weeks? And in either case, why the long wait for this shot?

    Or maybe this time frame is not supposed to make sense. Because making sense is just so old world order. It’s totally pre-post-structural.

    • manbearpig says:

      “…Or are they just playing with us the way you twiddle the dials of a computer game? Kim is a monster…Kim is a wacky guy…Kim is a monster…he’s not so bad, kind of funny and wacky…he’s a monster…he’s funny and wacky…

      And then we just stop hearing about Kim and we get saturated with GretaGretaGreta…then firefirefire…then virusvirusvirus…

      But let’s bring back Kim for a bit! Kim is alive…no, he’s dead…no, he’s alive…he’s dead…alive…”

      tittytainment! feels sorta good… sorta… we all agree, We’re a community! those assholes who question dogma…

      The most unsettling part of all this… is that everyone just follows along… memorizing the script… never looking at the incoherence of this winston smith blow by blow rescripting of reality…

      the official story doesn’t matter. no normie will question their ever mutating yet dicatated take on reality…

      yea, like you said, “totally pre-post-structural…”

      bad mood today… toothache…

      • robert.t says:

        Hey, me too (no hashtag). I have a tooth in need of attention, but will need to wait weeks for a dentist due to lockdown.

        Hell, I’ll be okay…but imagine being a family man or woman with sick kids and bills to pay. (But maybe the globsters don’t want too many family men, or family women, or kids?)

        Anyway, kudos to James for taking on the repellent plutocrat, Gates. And those apricot, lavender and sunset-azure sweaters His Pastiness has been wearing to de-pastify his image? Not working.

      • cu.h.j says:


        I agree with a lot of this “The most unsettling part of all this… is that everyone just follows along… memorizing the script… never looking at the incoherence of this winston smith blow by blow rescripting of reality…

        the official story doesn’t matter. no normie will question their ever mutating yet dicatated take on reality…”

        Except that a few “normies” will look into things. I was a normie in some ways still am, I like some things regular people like, like sci-fi movies, concerts, going to bars sometimes, working a regular job because it pays well, etc. I wouldn’t even say I have a vast knowledge of politics and history. I’ve always enjoyed biology and science though. I wouldn’t say I’m an academic or someone who has the capacity for rigorous analysis the way JC does, but I’m not an idiot and can figure out when I’m being lied to.

        You’d be surprised at how many people know something isn’t right, but they are afraid of being shunned and stay quiet. People have to see an example of people not afraid to speak out.

        All it takes is for someone to get curious about the facts especially if the government starts impinging on their ability to make money and feed and house their family. If the information is out there many “normies” wake up.

        I agree though that there are a lot of people who are completely asleep at the wheel, the degree of conditioning and propaganda is very difficult to overcome. It’s important to continue to talk to people and tell them what is going on and where to find information, little bits to get them curious.

        Not everyone follows along because people here don’t, so just because so many people appear to be following along doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying to wake people up. It will take a combined effort to change things.

        • manbearpig says:

          Hey man!

          “…I like some things regular people like, like sci-fi movies, concerts, going to bars sometimes, working a regular job because it pays well, etc. I wouldn’t even say I have a vast knowledge of politics and history. I’ve always enjoyed biology and science though. I wouldn’t say I’m an academic or someone who has the capacity for rigorous analysis the way JC does, but I’m not an idiot and can figure out when I’m being lied to…”

          THAT’S ME!

          “…You’d be surprised at how many people know something isn’t right, but they are afraid of being shunned and stay quiet. People have to see an example of people not afraid to speak out.

          All it takes is for someone to get curious about the facts especially if the government starts impinging on their ability to make money and feed and house their family. If the information is out there many “normies” wake up…”

          not sure about that though… haven’t really seen that myself.

          Thanks for the spark of optimism though cu.h.! please don’t think that I imagine I’m smarter or more perceptive than anyone else or anything, far from it.

          “…so just because so many people appear to be following along doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep trying to wake people up. It will take a combined effort to change things…”

          Yes! excellent reminder! we’ll keep tryin’…

          just a little discouraged these days. that’s why your message is so important! thanks!

          • cu.h.j says:


            Thank you for keep tryin! I went to an anti-lockdown protest and there was another nurse there and that surprised me and I saw some footage of an anti lockdown protest in LA and there were other nurses there too.

            That was encouraging to me because it indicates that they see the lies with their own eyes, empty hospitals, and a country that is shut down for no rational reason. This made me think that perhaps more people know something isn’t right about these tyrannical lockdowns and the resistance will grow.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      robert you ask the same questions that I think of and that everyone should be thinking.

      Let me bore into your questions a little more.

      We are told to get flu shots every year (I never have gotten any) and as you note it takes time to develop them.
      It certainly does not take a few months, because just the trials period itself (forget about the development of the vaccine) would be a months long procedure.

      So how is it possible that when the flu season starts in October (in the west) with a nova flu (new), a new vaccine is ready to go just a month or two later?
      How could they have possibly researched, developed, tested and packaged a vaccine in that short period of time?

      If they can do it so fast for the flu virus, why can’t they do it for the Covid-19 virus? A virus is a virus isn’t it? They’re not big things.

      Now we are told that viruses are constantly mutating.
      That being the case, how can vaccines be effective 12-18 months down the road? The underlying virus (Covid-19 in this case) will have mutated
      to such an extent as to render the vaccines useless.

      And my last questions are perhaps the most important.

      a) How can the world survive with the lock downs beginning to end, for 12-18 months, WITHOUT a vaccine?

      b) Shouldn’t people be dropping dead like flies, in the streets?

      c) If they can survive WITHOUT a vaccine for 12-18 months, what makes the vaccine so essential, or necessary at all?

    • nexangelus says:

      robert.t. I suspect it is the same flu vaccine they use year in, year out (although the NHS website in the UK says otherwise).

      The new virus vaccine is already ready, this carrot dangling is a psychological thing. Make them wait, get them angry, irritable, delay the end of lockdown, poo poo the dissent. So the majority of folks will either be so worn down, so eager to just get on with “normal” life, that they will line up arms out for this wonder cure. While the rest of us who trust our immune systems (and are still angry) and are thinking rationally and logically, reasoning and analysing all that is said and done will be shaking our heads on the sidelines. I do hope more join the sideliners, but it is not looking hopeful as everyone’s mental health (including mine) seems to be deteriorating and teetering by the day.

      • eat my cake says:

        how many have decided its evil vs how many are fence sitters plus those that are hopelessly brain washed, may be the ratio that hangs in the balance of our species continued chances. Therefore, if you have decided to choose life for the greater good, powered by respect for the beauty that is creations song, “its longing for itself”, then one has the right, obligation, and privilege to reach towards a fence sitter, and win some and lose some, and get better and better at it, because the ability to transfer info with ones integrity intact, is one of the tests of the times. The modality is to shred our capacity to build trust. good re pill technique helps people get past the pain of having been emotionally manipulated; to foist lies onto another is abuse.

        Point here is, get subtle, get patient, get funny, get clever, but dont give up. There was one first patient and will be one last protester, that tips the scales in the right direction.

        Thanks for those in this thread that authenticate or bust claims. and thanks for ever more distilled ways to language the gist of whats dropping.

        I cant get why this site is allowed to run other than to give the deep-con something to fight?

    • mik says:

      Answer to your question is in this video.

      Flu vaccines and corona vaccines are something completely different. Until now not a one vaccine for corona virus family was successful, not even to their standards, not that they didn’t try hard.

      Flu vaccines are effective to their standards. They make a guesstimate and mix a variety they expect to be prevalent. Afterwards they occasionally admit that they were wrong with guesstimate.

      Majority of mutation don’t render vaccine ineffective.

      I would like to stress that we have to be careful not to mix things.
      With vaccines there are various questions, intertwined to extent: efficacy, safety, side effects or translated from orwellian bad effect, alternatives to vaccines that strengthens immune system.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        mik says:
        Flu vaccines and corona vaccines are something completely different. Until now not a one vaccine for corona virus family was successful, not even to their standards, not that they didn’t try hard.

        You are so right.
        The SARS vaccine was a train wreck.
        This video gives a layman account about the SARS Coronavirus Vaccine. It is easy to grasp. Short video clip.

        Note: Aluminum is used as an adjuvant, because most vaccines in themselves can not ‘trigger’ the immune system. They use toxic Aluminum to trigger the immune system.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Here is what REALLY SCARES ME (just like what Corbett mentions in this Bill Gates series).

        From the madman psychopath himself, Bill Gates…
        …”That’s why I’m particularly excited by two new approaches that some of the candidates are taking: RNA and DNA vaccines .”…

        Inserting synthetically derived genetic coding material into the body is insane.
        It is nuts.
        It makes Dr. Frankenstein look like the Easter Bunny.
        Bill Gates is playing God.

        When we eat real food, we eat naturally made genetic material which our bodies understand and can process.
        And, our gut is the first line to throw out the trash.

        Injecting an artificial genetic material directly into the body is quackery.

        • suzt says:

          Ditto…I am afraid they are succeeding in their plan to control nature and the human population that’s left after depopulation.

          I suspect the 18 month delay is their ultimate nanotech vaccine is not ready yet plus Gates has been clear that his foundation must have immunity from every country in the world before he will start vaccination outside the USA (where he received full immunity for all Covid19 related activities…wow that is so creepy).

          As the Harvard Sociologist Sorokin predicted… we are in the nightmare of a sensate civilization that has gone on for 400 years, where we believe we can control nature and create a better world through technology.

          Related: Israel is considering mandatory chips before they “open up” this is an interesting read btw

          • Noahsark723 says:

            Well put HomeRemedySupply and Suzt

            This is the work of the luciferic mentality, that says that The Creator or the Natural Order is wrong and that they will “improve” upon by projecting their grand illusion on it. They fiddle with everything in nature to the ends of control – are trapped by an reductionist mindset where they can’t see the forest from the trees.

            Within the luciferic mentality is contained the seeds for its own destruction. Because Creation is greater than they can conceive of in their foolish heads and so they suffer from tunnel vision.

            The time is coming when they are going to get caught in the trap they set for humanity – those that lead into captivity must go into captivity.

            They are going to pay for all of what they done and are about to do…

            In truth all we have to do is what Victor Schuaberger stated – “To comprehend and copy nature” It is all perfect as it is and all we have to do is rest into the reality of the natural balance and we can live in peace and abundance – where all are healthy and sovereign!

            The key in all of this is for each individual to know thyself and in the knowing of oneself will one free ones own mind.

            The problem is not out there per say – it is more a problem of an unbalanced, manipulated mind. This whole situation is a collective problem that resides at the individual mental level.

            So with that said – I again want to thank you James for all of the work you do and to thank everyone here for seeking the truth in these times of universal deceit – I deeply appreciate all of you!

        • Noahsark723 says:

          Well put HomeRemedySupply

          This is the work of the luciferic mentality, that says that The Creator or the Natural Order is wrong and that they will “improve” upon by projecting their grand illusion on it. They fiddle with everything in nature to the ends of control – are trapped by an reductionist mindset where they can’t see the forest from the trees.

          Within the luciferic mentality is contained the seeds for its own destruction. Because Creation is greater than they can conceive of in their foolish heads and so they suffer from tunnel vision.

          The time is coming when they are going to get caught in the trap they set for humanity – those that lead into captivity must go into captivity.

          They are going to pay for all of what they done and are about to do…

          In truth all we have to do is what Victor Schuaberger stated – “To comprehend and copy nature” It is all perfect as it is and all we have to do is rest into the reality of the natural balance and we can live in peace and abundance – where all are healthy and sovereign!

          The key in all of this is for each individual to know thyself and in the knowing of oneself will one free ones own mind.

          The problem is not out there per say – it is more a problem of an unbalanced, manipulated mind. This whole situation is a collective problem that resides at the individual mental level.

          So with that said – I again want to thank you James for all of the work you do and to thank everyone here for seeking the truth in these times of universal deceit – I deeply appreciate all of you!

          • suzt says:

            I have a different view of their plan. My fear is they haven’t been very good at this so far.

            Their lab controlled GMO has seriously threatened the world’s food security and now they want to replace the damage with lab created meat. I’m assuming they have plans to lab create fruits and veg.

            The damage from vaccines is well documented. Scientists have never been able to create a vaccine for a virus that doesn’t do more harm.

            The USA has been their play ground and it’s clear that “Americans” are not thriving.

            I lost confidence in these folks decades ago and refused to go to a Western Medicine doctor. So I will do everything possible to not get vaccinated.

            I will protect my freedom about what I put in my body for as long as possible.
            “They will never take me alive”

            • Noahsark723 says:


              What is your view of their plan?

              You say that you fear that they haven’t been good at what they are doing?

              I don’t understand – seems to me that they have achieved alot of their goals. All that you listed in was/ is on their agenda.

              Their plan is to destroy america – you can’t have a global government with out america’s destruction.

              —>”I will protect my freedom about what I put in my body for as long as possible. “They will never take me alive”

              Yeah – that really is the only stance to take in light of the infringement they have planned.

              • suzt says:

                Hola Noahsark,
                The plan is a world wide control of nature, space and humans via science and technology.

                And you are right, they have been effective at achieving many of their goals. If you watch the video by Polly above then you see the global (not USA) organizations that are already telling governments how to handle the Plandemic.

                RE: “America” the US has been losing global power for quite some time and is an empire that is collapsing. Same with neoliberalism as the economies are collapsing. Asia is the new world power, including advanced technology and 1 of the 8 wealthiest men in the world is from China. So there’s a massive power shift and grab going on.

                The part I don’t think they are very good at is the actual use of science and technology to control nature. I left the USA to live in a 3rd world country because I think the industrial revolution and our sensate culture has backfired on the human race.

                1. People in the highly modern world are not happy, they are just very busy trying to get more.

                2. GMO has not produced the massive food supply it promised to feed the world. Instead, it causes cancer, poisons the workers and produces tasteless food. It has stripped nutrients out of the soil, etc. etc.
                3. Geo engineering the weather
                4. Vaccines
                5. RX medicine instead of cultivating health it treats illness etc.
                6. Arts and culture: they are putting all the great art online…
                7. Education: Bill wants to end classroom education and implement online schooling.
                8. Global monopolies like Amazon have sucked the creativity out of our cultures and they produce boring stuff. The clothes all look the same etc.

                During my lifetime, I haven’t seen them create a technical or scientific alternative that was better than nature. They have created a climate crisis, a food crisis and their vaccines can do more harm than good.

                And I remain unclear what they plan to do about the Pentagon and non-stop wars.

                I remain so grateful to live in poor countries, surrounded by indigenous small farmers who believe we are intertwined with nature and must live in reciprocity with it. They protect our drinking water, have seed banks, grow delicious and healthy food and celebrate life every chance they get. It’s really noisy too… lots of music at night… it’s full of sorrow, hard work, big families and a lot of life.

              • Noahsark723 says:


                Thanks for taking the time to reply.

                America is/was just a tool for the global agenda. America was used as a engine towards the global government and now we are coming to end of america’s usefulness for them.

                Now we are seeing the deconstruction or a controlled collapse of america. With the engineered famine approaching many americans are just going to starve and with that will come the social collapse…

                China is going to be taking up the new role that america filled in the past. As american military might was used for consolidating the worlds resources into the hands of the elite through their corporations and keeping all other countries in check through imposed puppet leaders. China will be, along with the UN, the tool through which all rebellions to the global government will be handled. While the china model of technocracy is implemented.

                As far as science – I think they have two sides to it – the side of the public face, the exoteric, fake story told to the public; and the real agenda behind the scenes, being the esoteric or hidden plan.

                So Gmo was never about producing an abundance of food – it was always about getting complete control of the food supply. Resource control = people control. It also gives them the ability to genetically modify the people in the creation of the new man or the trans-human.

                The industrial revolution again was part of their agenda to funnel people into the corporate assembly line model and to start on coaxing the people away from the agrarian lifestyle that dominated most of america and the rest of the world.

                This agenda goes way back in history and has been in play from ancient times…

                It is good to hear that you are in a community of people farming the land. As far as I am concerned people who live close to land and can sustain themselves without any outside inputs are the most successful people on the planet. Like the Amish – one of the most successful people…! The whole modern world can collapse and those kind of people will just continue going on with out a hitch!

        • mik says:


          Whole genetic engineering is total and utter insanity. Once upon a time at Asilomar conference they at least discuss some of dangers, nowadays….it’s just fucking scientism&technologism. They astray totally, they are playing “gain-of-function” with deadly viruses, morons deserving execution using worst methods than you can imagine. They created this monstrosity. How brain dead one must be to expect to be saved by them?

          I think most meatheads would believe if they would announce dick enlargement vaccine in 18 months, some would pay to be guinea pigs for testing.

          If you eat any damn cheese, you are actually eating gmo. It’s mf everywhere.

          Enough ranting.(grrrr)

          I’m sure most people don’t understand how little scientists actually know about gene stuff. People think I guess, the whole human genome is known, that must be something.
          But actually that means nothing. It’s like text in unknown language that uses grammar that doesn’t fit well to prevailing scientific thinking. Scientists have pieces of knowledge, but you can’t add this pieces together and get entirety. This pieces are not additive.

          Chaos and Reductionism

          Regarding corona viruses in general….As far as I know, throughout millennia we didn’t develop immunity against them. Anyone can get cold, you won’t die of it, we have immune response, but we are not immune. Looks to me corona viruses found a niche in our immune system and it has to be some substantial “flaw”, otherwise solution would be found already by mother nature.
          Is it possible that our current immune response to corona viruses is the best possible without restructuring our immune system in its fundamentals?
          And then, even if we decide to rebuild immune system, who can guarantee that it will be without flaw. No one, perfect system is pipedream.

          Covid vaccine most probably won’t work. But if it will work, that means some substantial tweeking of immune system occurred, therefore serious side=bad effect are guaranteed.
          You cannot just add something to living organism, where everything is balanced, intertwined, most of things have multi-functionality, and so on.

        • Geegock says:

          A Frenchman named richet won the Nobel prize in 1913 because he showed that injected proteins rather than being introduced through the digestive system often caused anaphylactic reactions. But that didn’t matter to the “scientists” who included peanut protein in vaccines circa. 1990 creating the huge increase in peanut allergy in the “civilized” countries. The birth of the epi pen. Huge money

    • Blameitontheboogie says:

      I’m not sure either what they mean when they say things won’t get back to normal until this amazing vaccine arrives. Do they mean people shut up in their homes? Do they mean not going back to work? Do they mean not being able to travel? All very vague. Of course if you live on a 66,000 acre estate like Bill Gates and have endless money shutdowns mean nothing.

      I have a new baby in the family in another country so are they going to stop me from seeing him till there is the virus? And multiply me by many, many others who have scattered family.

    • lizzie says:

      No Robert, you are thinking very logically.
      I’m no statistician and much like the epidemiologist Noel Ferguson I took two minutes and did some math squiggles.

      So Bill the Kill said he wants to vaccinate the world (78 Billion)
      Then stated that 1 in 10,000 would be affected negatively by the vaccine. So…. that is according to my dodgy sums 78 million who will suffer adverse affects. Compared with the alleged 4 million who have contracted the virus so far, so that shows you are 19 times more likely to be affected by the vaccine than the corona virus. I’ll take the corona virus please.
      I’m sure he can blag his way out of those odds with a few gurgles, but that’s what I’ve got.

      P.s a big thankyou to Broc

  15. minnie says:

    Thanks for all the work you do James, and Broc. While I was watching this, I kept thinking of Josef Mengele. I don’t think Nazism ever went away – it just went underground.

  16. alexandre says:

    Just fantástico. I can only applaud and applaud. And try to make a Portuguese version introducing this series. These sereis? MBP! English classes!

    And yes, Broc, clap clap clap a thousand times. Cool distortion lens effect!

  17. Fawlty Towers says:

    I have an idea.

    We have a symbol for Remembrance Day; the poppy flower.
    We have a symbol for breast cancer awareness; the pink ribbon
    We have a symbol for love and romance; the heart
    We have a symbol for peace; the dove or the peace sign
    We have a symbol for protection in conflict; the red cross

    Let’s put our bright collective minds together here and come up with
    a symbol that would encapsulate all our feelings about Covid-19 and send an immediate message to all who see it.

    As we promote it far and wide, we would list all of our objections:

    1. No to mandatory Covid-19 vaccines
    2. No to mandatory Covid-19 testing
    3. No to immunity passports
    4. No to lockdowns
    5. No to facemasks
    6. No to social distancing
    7. No to body temperature checks

    The goal would be for the symbol to eventually be instantly recognizable.
    We could then start making pins, t-shirts, bumper stickers etc. etc.
    with this symbol, worldwide and encourage as many people as possible to
    display them.

    It would serve many purposes.

    a) It would instantly show a person who supports the same view.
    b) It would gauge the amount of support around the world.
    c) It would help rally more support.
    d) It would cause people to ponder its significance.

    • lovetodust says:

      Great idea.

    • pearl says:

      How well you delineated your idea! Here are my suggestions for a symbol: a Fibonacci spiral (an amazing mathematical design, starting small and expands outward and which occurs all throughout creation), a tree (a symbol of strength, protection and life).

      Ummm…that’s all I got so far…

    • minnie says:

      That is a great idea. Something that symbolises the power of the human spirit and freedom from fear.

      • minnie says:

        How about a symbol of a hug or a handshake to represent human contact and interaction?

        • Fawlty Towers says:

          Thanks pearl, minnie and jed.

          I like the Fibonacci spiral and also the handshake/hug very much.

          I’ll toss out a few I thought of last night:

          – uterus (hysteria). Just its outline, with possibly something liberating inside?

          – butterfly. A very colorful one! It is this symbol of change, joy, color, prosperity, good fortune, honor, the soul and resurrection.

          – chessboard (implying careful planning on their part, and hopefully defeat by us).

          • Jed says:

            All good! How ‘bout that chessboard with all its pieces knocked over and chewed apart by a honey badger. Don’t even have to draw one, maybe just a hbadger dump left on the board.

        • lizzie says:

          That’s good ?

        • pearl says:

          As a biased butterfly-population-boosting-thru-gardening enthusiast, the butterfly symbol is my favorite choice. But an illustrator with simple flair could do wonders with the handshake or hug symbol, which are great ideas! The fibonacci symbol could be illustrated a variety of ways, but the way I had in mind is the awesome wonder of life when looking down on a humble garden flower, like the coneflower or the sunflower, and each one of those thingys (for lack of the accurate term, and which could be illustrated as dots) has the potential to become a seed through which humanity has perpetual hope:


          • Fawlty Towers says:

            I like all your ideas too pearl!

            Although it would be nice to come up with the ‘ultimate’ symbol, I don’t think it’s all that important.

            We’ve got our work cut out for us. If we are to act on this we need to get moving prompto.
            It seems that the plandemic planners really planned well to sell their message and got a big head start.

            Check out some pin-buttons ALREADY being made (and the comments being submitted):

            Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands
            Spread Love, not germs, go wash your hands
            Living My Best Quarantine
            Social Distancing Expert
            Don’t Touch Me
            Do Your Part – Stay Apart
            Stay Home & Chill
            Practice Social Distancing – Get away from me
            Social Distancing Me (6 feet) You Step Back
            If You Can Read This You Are Too Close
            Wash Your Hands Ya Filthy Animal
            I Was Social Distancing Before It Was A Thing

            “These social distancing buttons are super fun!! They make me feel very fashionable when I go to the grocery store, etc. I suggest to anyone, that if you buy some and where them, they will help to cheer you up!! ”

            “These are so funny and made my roommate laugh. I love them.”

            “Super fun! Love these! ”


            • pearl says:

              In the spirit of laughing at tyrants, here are my responses to each and every pithy caption above:

              Keep Calm and Don’t Question Anything. Ever
              Spread Love: Boost Your Immune System by Joining the Living
              Quarantine: Dying by Degrees
              “Social Distancing Expert” Translation: Contact Tracing Brownshirt and Proud of It!
              If You’re a MSM Zombie, Stay Away from Me
              Do Your Part/Stay Apart Translation: Hate Humanity by Suffocating Your Freedoms
              Trust Them: Stay in Your Padded Cell and Be Happy
              Practice Autonomy – Don’t Be a Follower
              Use Common Sense! You’re Not a Guilty, Dirty Worm!
              Introverts Rejoice! Force Everyone to Be Like You!

              • pearl says:

                My inspiration came from commenter “sally” at Off-G, who wrote:

                UK’s New guidance: Stay Alert! Save the Virus, Control Lives!


              • CQ says:

                Wow, “sally” sure sparked something brilliant in you, shiny pearl!

                They could be included in the “comic comeback lines” section of our lapel pins/T-shirts, etc. Zazzle page, if you agree to that!

              • pearl says:

                Nah, CQ, just me venting and having fun.

    • Jed says:

      How about a bust of a the honey badger, eats a lot of the animals that the Blockheads use for symbols – snakes, bees – doesn’t know fear, doesn’t care about the opponents size or strength, the honey badger never stops, don’t wear masks, shuns vaccines, ignores quarantines, etc.
      For the Blockheads I like the “Flying Asshole” symbol — a circle with Xs in it, two wings on the outside. What’s in the circle should resemble a Jesuit black sun.

    • Blameitontheboogie says:

      Great idea.

    • Alchemist says:

      Tree of Life ?

      Or more than one tree, with their roots touching underground.

      Did you know when old trees die, they release their nutrients through their roots to the young trees around them? Fun fact of the day 🙂 https://youtu.be/iSGPNm3bFmQ

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Two votes for the tree now.

        And a catchy slogan for the symbol?

        • CQ says:

          Fawlty Towers, thanks for getting this can-do spirit started. It’s been inspiring to read all the creative ideas offered by Alchemist, pearl, Jed, and minnie.

          I love butterflies, but unfortunately the symbol reminds me of the monarch butterfly in MK-ULTRA. I also love the Fibonacci spiral; it could have some wondrous creations inside it. The honey badger has such an adorable name — a mighty tempting draw in itself! And no one doesn’t love handshakes and hugs!

          I’m going to vote for the tree, though. Actually, for networked trees, plural.

          Going along with Alchemist’s thought (and accompanying video), what about three trees, with their underground roots shown merging with one another?

          #1: The Tree of Life
          #2: The Tree of Truth
          #3: The Tree of Love

          Aren’t those the overarching ideals we represent? They’re universal. They’re the polar opposites of death/destruction, lies/deception, hate/fear.

          Without making reference to the Bible (Revelation 22:2), the leaves on the trees could symbolize the healing of nations — which is what we all seek.

          There could be a simple graphic with these three leafy, fruit-filled trees, and their names could be artistically woven into the underground root system.

          There could also be a larger, more detailed graphic that shows a close-up of the fruits on each tree, hanging bountifully from the branches and bearing affirmative names:

          The Life Tree’s fruits could include Choice, Informed Consent, Sovereignty, Autonomy, Liberty, Self-Government, Individuality, Creativity.

          The Truth Tree’s fruits could include Conscience, Integrity, Honesty, Reason, Justice, Wisdom, Trustworthiness, Equity.

          The Love Tree’s fruits could include Harmlessness, Kindness, Compassion, Empathy, Altruism, Benevolence, Generosity, Unselfishness, Forgiveness.

          If we wanted to make our target obvious, there could be, off in a corner of the graphic, a pile of burned wood. Its ugly, charred logs could be named Lockdowns, Genetic Manipulation, Contact Tracing, Mandatory Vaccines, Mandatory Testing, Mandatory Temperature Checks, Mandatory Distancing, Implanted Chips, Digital Wallets, Facemasks, Ventilators. The list of possibilities is endless.

          I’m sure you guys out there have bushels of even better ideas. Plus there must be graphic designers and marketers among you who know how — and would be happy — to execute and promote the best ideas!

          Does anyone want to get serious about this? If enough of you say “yes,” I’ll ask my sister to contribute a couple of illustrations to a design contest. She’ll put them on her website. She does pen-and-inks and watercolors and has illustrated several children’s books, so she knows how to do “simple.” Plus she’s on the vaccine awareness bandwagon now, big-time. She’d be thrilled to contribute to the movement in this way.

          I’ll provide the link to Fawlty’s initial comment on the new Open Thread, so people who are reading it can jump back here and perhaps get invigorated by our enthusiasm and contribute to the implementation of this plan of action.

          Feedback, s’il vous plait.

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            Hey CQ thanks for your wonderful encouragement for this idea!
            It’s great to see you share my enthusiasm for this.

            I can certainly go along with the tree(s) as the symbol to use and am with you all the way on your supporting items to accompany the symbol.

            I believe we have enough of an international audience here at CR to
            effectively start planting seeds around the world with this campaign.

            As I see it unfolding, it would be nice to start simple with
            the various members around the world wearing the symbol pin-button and always having a bunch more on hand with perhaps a leaflet or business card to accompany it.

            The card/leaflet would outline all the things we are trying to promote and things we object to, and the pair (button + card/leaflet) could quickly be handed out to anyone who might seem like a future supporter.
            Or they could be passed on to friends/family who are like-minded.

            As far as the graphics/design for the symbol is concerned, I would be happy to have your sister or anyone else here who is talented in that department step forward and help out.

            I am certainly serious about this and would be willing to put in the time and effort to see it come to fruition. 🙂

            • CQ says:

              I see what you mean, Fawlty Towers. The button could have the bare basics — the symbol with a simple explanation underneath (such as the names of the three trees, if that’s what we go with).

              The business card could have the same symbol plus contact info on where to go to order free or inexpensive buttons and leaflets. The latter would contain all the explanatory stuff: the affirmatives we’re all upholding and the “flu world order” (I still love that line, dreamed up by a Corbetteer!) agenda items we’re all opposing.

              We could ask friendly websites and bloggers around the world to post the symbol at the top of their home page, with a link underneath to the website with the story about the symbol and with access to the buttons and leaflets (and/or PDFs that people could print out on their own).

              I can picture my sister, for one, getting behind this big-time. I think she’s been looking for a mission that feels like she’s giving back to the world in gratitude for all the good in her life.

              I’m envisioning, for starters, all the state vaccine awareness groups, plus the national ones, getting on board. They may have their own logos, but if I were them, I’d want to be part of a worldwide campaign, too. Since the goal would be to educate those who are unaware but want to be enlightened, the button alone would be a conversation-starter!

              Well, we’ll see how others respond. As my sister pointed out, Americans do not lack ingenuity. And, I would add, hope! And incentive when it comes to getting behind ideals they believe in. No one wants to stay forever afraid of the dark.

              • CQ says:

                One more thought, Fawlty: Perhaps it would be appropriate to link this symbol in some way to the Corbett Report? With James’ 100% approval, naturally. When he finishes writing Part 3, he’ll have time to breathe, and we can ask him. Even if that doesn’t work out, we could still explain, in the background story about the symbol, that the idea had its genesis in a Corbett Report comment thread!

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                Great ideas CQ re: teaming up with like-minded websites/bloggers around the world to have our symbol and link, at the top of their homepage.

                Yes the button with symbol would simply act, eventually, as an instantly recognizable icon.

                The details of what it is all about would need to be communicated initially via business cards, leaflets, united websites etc.

                It would be nice to have say, seven CR members from around the world who are willing to get on board and help out with the campaign.

                The actual ‘footwork’ would be quite easy.

                Sure, if James would like to add the symbol somewhere to his website that would definitely help out the campaign.

              • CQ says:

                Oops, Fawlty, I see your response and my new ideas passed one another like ships in the night.

                Perhaps you’re reading the latest from CQ as I type this?

                I was starting to realize that leaflet printing costs and getting people’s home addresses to send buttons to them could be both onerous and invasive.

                And I was also getting cold feet thinking that it would offer only ONE option. Maybe having a single slogan (i.e., No Corona Mandates or No Crown Mandates) is more important and recognizable than a single symbol. I don’t know.

                When I realized Zazzle with its limitless options is available, it solved so many problems in my mind and made me feel more peaceful.

                I forgot about business cards. Maybe they can take the form of Zazzle fridge magnets?

                Or maybe PDFs of business cards can be uploaded on the No Corona/Crown Mandates website (if that’s the name we choose) and printed out by individuals. Here’s a website I just now found; it offers business card templates in .DOC: https://www.freeprintablebusinesscards.net

                Everyone who’s interested will have their own level of involvement and commitment. Their own expertise to offer. Their own niche to fill.

                Collaborative ideas are amazing, aren’t they?

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                Yes CQ as I frequently mention, it is very difficult to carry on a dialogue between members at this site. The comment section is not geared towards this.

                I see a core of 7+ members around the world starting out with this project.
                The work on each member’s part would not be onerous.
                It would be nice if each could invest a small amount of money to cover the costs of making up say 50-100 buttons, business cards, and fliers.

                Those would be the seeds to start.

                When the website was launched, we could have all the tools there to allow people to print/make their own cards, fliers, t-shirts etc.

                In addition, they could order buttons, bumper stickers, t-shirts etc. from the website.

                I hope you read my message about having our symbol on each item we produce?

              • CQ says:

                Yes, I read your comment about the importance of a single symbol showing up on every item, Fawlty.

                And yes I’d be willing to put in seed money.

                For me, the basic ideas have to be all clearly laid out and agreed upon first.

                If you’d like to email me at my website, feel free. It’s not a website I can add anything to; it’s been “frozen in place,” you could say, since its 2010 publication.

                I didn’t realize that people can print out their own EVERYTHING themselves; that’s why I thought we needed Zazzle. Apparently not?!

                Talking to my sister in a day or two will clear the way forward for me. I have to sign off for now and do some other things for a while! 🙂

        • Jed says:

          Make that tree votes for the tree trees. Or as they used to say in the Bronx. Tirdy tree.

          • CQ says:

            Jed, I can hear your Bronx-accented “Tirdy tree” in my head. As long as it’s not “Thirty-three (33),” huh? 🙂

            Fawlty, Alchemist, pearl, minnie, lovetodust, lizzie, Blameitontheboogie, and all:

            Maybe it’s not so good to have just one design. Based on some research I did last night, here are some new decentralized ideas that might be just the ticket. We liberty-minded folks like to pick our own favorites — whatever speaks to us as individuals.

            We could set up a page on Zazzle.com and at the same time set up our own website.

            Maybe our organization name (which would “own” the Zazzle page and the website) could be something like “No Crown Mandates” or “No Corona Mandates.”

            Why the first name? Because the word “crown” applies not only to corona but also to the behind-the-scenes City of London edicts the Corona World Order is attempting to enforce.

            On that Zazzle page, which the website would obviously be linked to, we could offer any number of lapel-pin designs, either round or square and in different sizes.

            Zazzle would be responsible for making and shipping the pins to anyone who orders them. They’d be between $2 and $3 per, I think (more research needs to be done on pricing).

            We’d get a cut of the profits, which we could designate to be given to any organization we choose. Or it could reimburse our expenses, if there are any.

            Anyone who goes to the Zazzle page could order whatever “No Crown Mandates”/”No Corona Mandates” design they want.

            They could even dream up their own design and order any quantity of lapel pins (or magnets or key chains or drinking mugs) they want.

            Every pin could have (either as a BORDER or across the BOTTOM) the same words: “No Crown Mandates” or “No Corona Mandates.”

            Or maybe the consensus is that “No Corona Mandates” is preferable? It’d be more immediately recognizable to regular folks. Also, as you’ll see in my next (continuing) comment, some of the design ideas I offer include a picture of a CROWN on them. That way, people will equate CORONA with CROWN, which reminds them of king-like rulers who give orders that must be obeyed. In other words, MANDATES.

            [continued in next CQ comment]

            • CQ says:

              [continued from previous CQ comment]

              Besides a three-tree Life-Truth-Love design, other designs could include:

              — a honey badger eating bees and bats, snakes and serpents

              — a Fibonacci spiral with something meaningful inside it (pearl, you were saying?)

              — a hug (or a hug and handshake combined)

              — a handshake (or a hug and handshake combined)

              — a (non-monarch?) butterfly

              Also, there could be an entire “line” of pins with a diagonal slash mark through them, indicating “NO.” As in “No Crown Mandates”/”No Corona Mandates.”

              And underneath the “NO” slash mark could be a design that shows a CROWN on the top half of the pin.

              On the bottom half of the pin, beneath the CROWN, could be any number of options:

              — a needle (with the words “No Mandatory Vaccines”)

              — a face mask (with the words “No Mandatory Masks”)

              — a prison-like symbol (with the words “No Mandatory Lockdowns”)

              — a thermometer (with the words “No Mandatory Temperature Checks”)

              — some testing device (with the words “No Mandatory Testing”)

              — a snoop with a cellphone and a Sherlock-like magnifying glass (with the words “No Spying” or “No Surveilling” or “No Snitching”)

              — a cluster of dates — the fruit (with the words “No Crown (Man)Dates”)

              The sky’s the limit. The “No Crown Mandates” or “No Corona Mandates” Zazzle page could start with a couple of designs and could grow with every new design added.

              If none of us have the resources (time, skills, finances) to publish and market a leaflet (plus that would involve getting home addresses, which inherently has too many complications and privacy concerns), the “No Crown Mandates” or “No Corona Mandates” website could offer a handsome, leaflet-like PDF that people can print out on their own and pass out to friends, strangers, etc.

              Of course, the website would also direct people, with a link, to the Zazzle page.

              And we could write our background story (how this all started) on the website.

              So, guys, I hope at least some of these ideas are doable.

              I’d be happy to run everything by my sister and see how she responds. She knows how to set up a website and I suspect she would love to do some (or all?) of the “No Crown Mandates”/”No Corona Mandates” designs. (Or whatever else we decide to call it.)

              Does anyone else have design skills? Familiarity with Zazzle? Marketing savvy? Comments on refining the above ideas?

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                Having a website would certainly be an important part of the campaign.

                I like your idea about having different buttons with different messages. The same could be applied to t-shirts, bumper-stickers etc.
                And we could certainly come up with an appropriate name for the group.

                However, I envisioned this whole campaign to work via a unifying and easily identifiable symbol.
                So if additional buttons, t-shirts, stickers etc. are to be made it would be important to include that symbol somewhere in the design.

                Yes ultimately it is the message that we want to get across to everybody, but by using an identifiable symbol, we can at the same time gauge how successful the campaign is, and also make people feel part of this important team.

              • CQ says:

                Oh, I forgot about bumper stickers and T-shirts. (As you can tell, I’m not a marketer!)

                Yes, Fawlty, if everyone who wants to give their input agrees that it’s best to have a unifying symbol and a unifying name/slogan, then I’m all for that. I just didn’t want to impose my own possibly limited, one-track thinking on anyone.

                Everything you say about including the single symbol and the single name or slogan in every design has merit. I’m sure the most successful marketers would agree with you.

                I can’t talk to sister ’til middle of week, after her company departs.

              • Alchemist says:

                3 trees—Life, Truth, Love—is perfect!

                “Grounded by truth, growing by love”…. or something along those lines for the slogan?

                Sign me up to help! I’m in California.

                Here is a good model of how campaign material can be shared. The material is downloadable from the site, then everyone prints and distributes posters, flyers, sticky notes, etc. on their own.


              • alexandre says:

                Fantastic site, Alchemist. Hats up.

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                For all who are interested in this project (please read from comment-82419, all the way down to this comment)…

                If you would like to get involved in any way, please
                visit the following site and send me an e-mail.

                I will add you to our list and keep you informed of all developments.


              • pearl says:

                Hey Fawlty, I tried that email but it bounced right back telling me it couldn’t deliver. I double-checked – no typo on my end. How about going with Proton mail?


              • Fawlty Towers says:

                Hey pearl thanks for your interest!

                The e-mail address is definitely working.
                Could you try it again, possibly sending from the cloud or some other place?


              • Fawlty Towers says:

                So far we have four who are ready and willing to help out with this ‘symbol’ project.

                minnie, lovetodust, lizzie, and Blameitontheboogie have also expressed some enthusiasm for it.

                Any of the above and any others who might like to help out in some capacity please send me an e-mail at the link I provided above. It contains my e-mail address.

            • Jed says:

              Grew up in queens, fuck the Yankees

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      It’s been many months in the making but I’m happy to say the project has finally been launched!

      Now we could use your support to help make this a success. 🙂

      I think it would be safe to say that at least 99% of the Corbetteers here
      are opposed to at least one pandemic measure/mandate.
      Whether that is lockdowns, social distancing, face masks, vaccines etc.

      The rest (1% or so) are probably just paid government shills. 🙂

      Our group is all-inclusive, so whether you are opposed to all of the pandemic measures or just one you are a welcome candidate to join our team!
      You may even be currently complying with all of the measures/mandates in your area, but personally object to one or more of them.
      That’s also cool.

      We need to become visible around the world. Those folks wearing masks in the the store could actually be timid allies. We now have a way to figure out who’s on our team!

      We have developed what hopefully will become a universal symbol that will unite and encourage others who are opposed to the government and corporate Covid-19 tyranny to ‘join the team’.

      Please visit our website, have a look around and be sure to check out our Root For Liberty symbol on our Solidarity page, at:


  18. JonQ says:

    I just don’t know. I’ve known the Gates III types in my life. They’re self absorbed nerds. As I wrote earlier, Cringley, who knows them better than me, wrote these successful Silicon Valley types are uber nerds, except Jobs. That being said, I can see Gates III as a “Manchurian Candidate.” His mother and father were/are rather important people in their sphere, but what about the sisters? No one reports word one about them? The wife I can see as a controlling influence too.

    If my thinking is on track, I wouldn’t be surprised Gates III would accept the same vaccination shots as those who got polio or paralyzed as a result of said vaccinations in the 3rd world because that’s who he is programmed to be. However, if Melinda takes the shots along with her children, verified of course that they’re not saline solution, that would cast the whole evil, conspiracy thread in doubt. But who can make her?

    • minnie says:

      I think Gates is a controlled Faustian puppet, similar to Tony Blair. When the MMR storm first blew up in the UK, Tony Blair was asked whether he’d had his children vaccinated with it. He refused to say.

    • Blameitontheboogie says:

      Bill Gates’ former physician has said that Bill Gates and his family refuse to be vaccinated against anything. Of course they know what’s in them. None of the rich and powerful would be having this virus vaccine, it’s just for us cattle.

      • CQ says:

        Blameit, after you mentioned the former physician, I did a search, and here’s what I found: https://iamamalaysian.com/2018/02/14/bill-gates-former-doctor-says-billionaire-refused-to-vaccinate-his-children

        At the end of that post, which is dated February 14, 2018, the hyperlinked word “LINK” goes to the original article, but when you click on it, you find it no longer exists.

        Under the subtitle “The elite do not vaccinate,” the article reads:

        “In California, the children most likely to be un-vaccinated are white and come from the wealthiest families in Los Angeles, according to a recent study.

        “The percentage of kindergartners with state-issued personal belief exemptions doubled from 2007 to 2013, from 1.54% to 3.06%. That’s about 17,000 of the wealthiest children, out of more than half a million, opting out of receiving vaccinations.

        “Vaccine exemption percentages were highest in mostly white, high-income neighborhoods such as Orange County, Santa Barbara and parts of the Bay Area, according to CNN.

        “The study, which was published in the American Journal of Public Heath, looked at more than 6,200 California schools and found vaccine exemptions were twice as common among kindergartners attending private institutions.”

        Of course, this was written before the California legislature removed the religious, philosophical, and medical exemptions.

      • Octium says:

        I wasn’t able to find anything like the name of the Doctor at least to be able to verify the story.

  19. troymc says:

    At least if he was a plumber trying to sell WAT/SAN to third world countries, maybe we could let the obvious financial motivation pass.

    But to say people in africa need vaccines more than anything…..

    If you ask an african what they need, top 5 answers:

    Basic health care

    I saw a guy once walk a total of 30 km to 3 different clinics, while having malaria, hoping to get free chloroquine. Because he didn’t have the 50 cents to buy it from the shop that was 200 m from his house. fucking vaccine bullshit.

  20. generalbottlewasher says:

    The final solution. Where have i heard that before? Huhaa…
    …the inability of Researchers to develop any kind of immunization against any previous coronaviris outbreaks, like SARS and MERS. Or just a cure for the common cold. But hey we can send man to the moon and find a cure for the common cold. Its time has come. Bill sounds like David Kieth, “millions will die but we can save billions” and counter global warming with global dimming. Hope Bill is one of the first of the 700,000 that are going to die with his big agenda.
    How to ditch this rotten moood??? Its Saturn morning east of hear. How about a little music to cheer things up?

  21. manbearpig says:

    hey! it’s Saturday! comes to mind…did I already post this? (very limited repertoire):


    • generalbottlewasher says:

      MBP. YOU are smarter than the average Yogi bear. Yes keep trying. Im trying still to find those little factoids I glanced at about Wilbur Ross you so graciously compiled. Where??? Gone gone gone. Bump Bump Bump. Thanks for staying up so late and discjockin’ some tunes. Haley Comet coming.


      I sure like Fawltys idea.

      • manbearpig says:

        she really REALLY makes me want to learn how to sing. always very moving.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          MBP, she was made for TV. You’re made for (pumpkin’ pie spy) sumptin’ else bigger and better. Wilbur Ross? Tonally lost.

          • manbearpig says:

            Sure! Pumpkin’! Lemon! Chocolate! Hate to limit myself! I’ll spend a whole ten minutes diggin’ up dirt on Wilbur Ross if you ask me to GBW! Wonderin’ where that grains off to? I’ll check up on the Oklahoma barges headin’ down the Arkansas! Lookin’ for stuff to do? I can track down the local sports clubs! Lookin’ for gifts? I’ll check out the local arts and crafts dealers! Incredible invention this panopticon! For heavens sakes!! Why limit oneself to Amazon and email!? I may not be very good at it but it’s the thought that counts, right?

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              MBP. Maybe we are on different pages. It was a dark and stormy night. I read your posts on Wilbur Ross and as the storm intensified, from all the chemical pump and dump, I retired to resume in the morning. Several of them you gathered had to take some time and effort. Next morning I was going to thank you and add some more trash on Wilbur and to my surprise they had disappeared. Whala, gone. Was I dreaming?
              I get the idea Wilbur Ross just isn’t going to allow any lip service on his bad self. Rationalizing here, the thinnest of threads to hang oneself by.huh? Where did it go? Meh.

  22. Oscar says:

    I truly think this series on Bill Gates is the most important series that James Corbett ever made (and that’s saying a lot).

    So please, to all of us:
    Let’s share this series on Bill Gates with everyone we know AND ALSO post this link to every alternative or even mainstream forum/platform we know.

    By doing that together, we CAN make a difference and reach as many people as we can. Don’t forget to mention part 1 from last week and include the link and title. And don’t forget to share part 3 next week with all friends and platforms you know.


    Part 1: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health

    Part 2: Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World

    Part 3 is coming next week.

  23. Libertydan says:

    Gates is not alone in his plans to control the future. There are others, with visions of their own, who are even more scary (perhaps with less money though), that are more than happy to collaborate with him. Somehow they think they are going to save the world by reducing it’s population. This Goal, they think, is so great that it justifies all Means of achieving it.

    I say, that those who engage in Evil Means, for whatever the outcome, will be over taken by the Evil they do, and lose sight of any greater good, before they reach the Ends.

    The Ends does not justify the Means

  24. Libertydan says:

    Virologist, Dr. Judy Mikovits says that the Corona Virus found in Bats was modified in a Lab with strains of the HIV virus to become what they are calling COVID19. (She did much of the Original research on the HIV Virus back in the 1980’s, and thus knows it better than anyone.)

    She also says that this “Novel Virus” only kills people that have been Vaccinated with a Vaccine derived from a Mouse Virus. Because they used Mice to test and create Vaccines, the Mouse Virus became part of these Vaccines and got injected into people. COVID19 reacts with the Mouse Virus to create ARS and this is what people die of. This is why the “Novel Virus” creation seems like no more to a common cold to those without the Mouse Virus already in them.

    The big take away here is that the people that were suckered into getting a previous Vaccine containing the Mouse Virus are the ones most likely to die from this Lab created “Novel Virus”. God forbid, that that bit of truth get out, eh!

    • alexandre says:

      I’m very sorry, Libertydan, but after seeing the info on “HIV/AIDS: Fact or Fraud”, “The Emperor’s New Virus” and some other stuff, anyone who says “isolated the HIV virus”, and that Faucci delayed the study and because of THAT many people died of AIDS, must be very scrutinized. I don’t want to be a spoiler, but if the HIV/AIDS is a fraud – and everything points to the fact that it is a fraud – we must be en garde at all times, not matter how persuasive people look on the screen. And in case Dr Judy is not what she seems, what she’s saying must be even more questioned. Too many lookalikes saying just the right things these days. One must be careful.

      • flammable says:

        There is confusion over language and what is being argued. We just need to piece it together. Obviously Dr. Judy Mikovitz did not ‘isolate’ any virus. She like other virologists took a sample of an infected person’s bodily fluid. What she discusses is manipulating a sample of genetic material in various ways, creating an injectable bioweapon in the process.
        Judy confirms that the virus we are taught about doesn’t exist. But when she keeps uses the word virus, listeners fall back into the old mindset of germ theory. Except this time it is purposely created. That is not what she is saying. What Judy is talking about is something unique not a alternative confirmation of germ theory.
        I do disagree with her that a bioweapon is being used right now. It would be hard to control and manipulated statistics works better. Maybe she gets the benefit of the doubt because she strayed into areas where she lack expertise. We have all made that mistake.

        • alexandre says:

          Could be, but I’m just basing myself (basing myself? – excuse my English) on what she says in the video below. She was 25 and part of the team that isolated HIV (says that Montagnier also isolated the virus) and it was a confirmatory study – that was then delayed by Faucci etc.


          But that’s only my opinion after what I have seen.

          • Chapati says:

            You-boob beat me. It`s already censored..which paradoxically just enhances my curiosity. I did a sloppy quick search with the sentence you provided, but no chance. Is there another source you could share? thanks in advance

            I am currently downloading this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYungR5vYac (hope it is “The Emperor’s New Virus” you mention in your comments)
            I do find Dr. Judy Mikovits as a person very impressive (what she has been through) and the amount of censor regarding her is immense. Nonetheless when it comes down to sience/work i keep caution and am always greatful for sources/info which give a further perspective.

            That doctor stinging himself with a needle with the blood of a HIV pos. person reminded me of incident when i played a daft prank on my GP. Wish i had had this clip at hand.

            • alexandre says:

              Yeah, the Emperor New Virus, that’s it. And yes, download it to your physical HD. These old videos should be homework for everybody, to see how they repeat and repeat the same scams over and over, only people a) forget it, and b) old people die and a new generation comes along, that doesn’t know that, to be fooled again. And again….and again….and again….

              Plandemic is on BitChute, the HIV thing is on 05:01

              First time I saw Dr. Judy Mikovits was in some interview and my instant impression was one I had with some actors in the Sandy Hook weird event. After people started paying attention and this video went viral, I watched it and saw that part where she says that HIV thing, but the problem I think is that this new propaganda style, that puts out people trashing the status quo and revealing incredible things, is really hard to contradict rationally. Dr. Judy Mikovits sounds and looks absolutely fake to me, but if you see what’s she’s saying, apart from the HIV bullshit (which may well be the point she’s selling), is great, sounds solid and her goal seems to be to bring down this whole scam. SO….what would be the purpose of this new propaganda by the tyrants, aimed to bring down the tyrants themselves? I go with my instincts and, unless it’s something NEW, I throw it away, because we already have enough info to understand what this is. The fact that the video went viral, and I even got it in emails from normie friends, tells me it’s another Zeigesit. Looks legit, reveals great truths, but is actually selling Technocracy at the end. This one is probably selling it too, at least that the “the virus” is real. Another series that blew my mind was the “Cabal Fall”, which also reveals great stuff and ends like Monty Python on acid, suggesting Trump as Q, or even Kennedy Jr, who may not have died, as the great genius savior that will bring a new age of paradise. Truths as bate to get you, so they can sell you something else.

              Unfortunately for the majority “intuition” doesn’t mean much, but for me it’s my only guide. When “facts” and “information” are manufactured and produced in torrents that the mind simply can’t handle, and you have a billion sources, all scientific proven, and all contradictory to one another, what do you do? You start having churches, all defending their truth as THE truth, and so on. So Dr. Judy Mikovits form me = fake, and apparently I’m quite alone there.

              • Chapati says:

                Ah well the link i thought to be an interview with an 25 year old Dr. Judy Mikovits turned out to be just another „plandemic“ link. My bad. yep i have seen that one already.

                Not sure at whom these strong words of yours are directed at, but since you have replied to my comment let me respond; please, you may lean back, take a deep breath (tends to help me with my tachycardia) and enjoy the read (which i had to split into 2 to avoid the SNIP)

                First of all i applaude you for your trust in intuition. I agree, many have forgotten about this amazing human capabillity, let alone to trust in it.

                secondly i am not sure if there was something in my previous post that came across offensive? For the record, that isn`t (and never is) my intention. I have a silly sense of humor, little vocabulary and poor grammar, which is at the most an offense against an artist`s or an asthete`s senses of perception

                that said, moving on to your last sentence. well actually you can even see by the replies in this comment thread that there are a few members here who had expressed their critical thoughts towards Dr. Judy Mikovits (i nearly would have typed Judy WOOD… i`m mixing up the judy`s ey?) so you are surely not at all alone. And on my part; i think i made it clear in my previous post. But let me give you my hole story regarding this topic (because it is the most important story ever!!!)

                A few weeks ago a member had posted a interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits and i listend to it (no video, just sound so i couldn`t see how she looked). What she said about the vaccines and the retracted sience article in that interview made alot of sense to me and the enormes push back and censorship she already received after 2011 i find in itself suspicious (she only has a wikipedia article in english and portugese..no german. she won`t even be mentioned in the article about „XMRV“.. It just says „the authors“). I had a look at the science article explaining the retraction of her studyies (please don`t ask me for any details, i simply can`t remember anymore) My intuition back then told me to stick with her and keep an eye and ear out. For me: enormous censor& defamation = strong evidence that elite people feel threatend. I had ordered her new book (which is currently not aviable and my preorder got cancelled.)

              • Chapati says:

                Although i have done my research on quite some topics, i haven`t (yet) looked to deep into the background of HIV narrative/science, but i surely know that (suprise suprise) the official story is BS. Further more i could relate (because of my own experience) on some level to Dr. JM`s personal experience when she was thrown out „terminated“ by WPI and even arrested. But definitly just because of that no churches should be built nor will i walk arround wearing a baseballcap calling out to the masses
                Follow the ..baseballcap? (you started the Monty Python reference) as i tried to write in my previous post; no matter how much i can relate to any persons experience, the statements/arguments/ claims of such a person (in this case Dr. JM) need to be based on validity and therefore need to be checked/questioned. Therefore i am greatful for any info (pro,anti whatever) to check out the topic/person for my self and come to my own conclusions. And where else to find helpful sources to do so than on the CR from the CR community.
                One last note regarding your post
                „old people die and a new generation comes along, that doesn’t know that, to be fooled again. And again….and again….and again….“
                i disagree on this point. I think it is way more complex. Sadly there are people arround me who have been on this planet for decades longer than me (and have experienced way more) who you would expect based on their experiences to at least be more alert but sadly are blinde (mostly chosen as a lifestyle) and more submissve than ever. And who gladly swollow any measure/agenda/narrativ by an upheld and screened authority.

                I have watched „The Emperors New Virus?„ thank you for sharing! I will have to watch it a second time to catch all the details, but i surely understand now the critic you`ve expressed towards her claim (being in a team which isolated HIV and claims that Montagnier also isolated the virus) in that plandemic video. Thank you for your insight! To me it would be interesting (and IMO )essential to hear how Dr. JM would respond when confronted with Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos`s arguments (regarding that the current evidence does not prove the existance of HIV)

              • alexandre says:

                Chapati, thanks for the reply. Don’t worry, I didn’t feel any offense from your post whatsoever. I myself come out as offensive, harsh, bad mannered, so sorry about that. My English isn’t perfect and I’m from Argentinean parents from Buenos Aires, known to be unable to speak without swearing.
                Small example:

                My words were directed to, I don’t know, the wind, all of us, and you, but as conversation, nothing more.

                Loved the Python reference, by the way. Hurray!

                “enormous censor& defamation = strong evidence that elite people feel threatend.”

                – I must object on a personal impression. We hear this many times, that the elites are “threatened” by this or that, but to me it makes no sense. The only thing that would threaten them, other than a sudden feeling of compassion in their hearts, would be some miracle, like Monday morning all cell phones on Earth are turned off, something like that. Whistleblowers, David Ickes, Corbetts or TSMs, elites are not threatened by that. It’s my personal opinion based on the giant power they have and how well they manage the perenial propaganda today. Maybe long ago some individuals did threaten them, probably because a) they were not so well structured yet and b) people were not so dumbed-down. So they got rid of those (Ghandi, MLK, Malcom X, all the suicided in Corbett’s series) and voilà, done. Today there seems to be only a matter of management, and what I’m calling the new propaganda seems inverted, (with lots of what MBP calls “reverse psychology”) so you have people actually revealing deep stuff, real and convincing stuff, that ends up strangely furthering the official narrative, or selling the same agenda, like Zeitgeist did. I remember all my normie friends coming to me like they found the bomb, and I also was falling for it. Since the normies were watching, I became suspicious. When I saw the last one, where they sell that futuristic technocratic nightmare city & system, then I knew.

                Keep in mind I’m always open to be wrong. It’s hard to be open when your needles move so much, but who knows. Since she stated so strongly the HIV thing, which to me is a fraud, I wonder if what she’s really selling is somewhere around that – viruses are real, contagions are real, believe viruses, obey. I don’t know. Assange is in prison, right? He’s suffering, right? How many still believe he’s controlled opposition? Being arrested is a sine qua non for credibility. So as I said, when needles jump, I follow.

                Thanks for showing me I’m not so alone, and for your whole gentle reply. And the generation thing, yep, I guess you’re right. It’s not a generational thing in general, only to a few old guys who see it.

                The Emperor video I also had to watch it more than one time, and I’m about to watch it again, just to refresh the memory.

                One more specific point in the continuation below.

              • alexandre says:

                “the statements/arguments/ claims of such a person (in this case Dr. JM) need to be based on validity and therefore need to be checked/questioned.”

                Yes, and apparently what she says seems to be quite solid. Let’s say all she says – apart from the HIV part – is legit and solid. What do we do wit the HIV thing? Is she just “mistaken” about it? Impossible, if she was part of the team which isolated HIV. OR…she’s right and all the people on those two documentaries are actors and conspiracy theorists. I ask this because I consider the possibility that I’m too quick in calling bullshit on someone based only on my “needles”. But I can’t reconcile the HIV thing. It’s different than a non-scientist being wrong about HIV causing AIDS. She IS a scientist, so she must know it was a fraud, and she is reaffirming the fraud many times over, so it must be propaganda.

                And this is without considering the fact that right before she even got to the HIV part I was already calling bullshit based on the looks of the video alone. But even I said “come one, man, behave yourself” and watched some more. Snowden to me is another fraud and I knew it from one frame of some interview I saw the first time. The look (light, depth of field – you know when the background is blurred, meaning the lens is something like an 80mm lens, the framing etc) all that is so advertising, so fake that it cannot be anything but advertising. Compare those videos with Corbett talking with the ceiling lamp shining on his head. It must sound stupid, but in some senses the line “the medium is the message” is quite true. Where there’s a director, there’s a production team, which means advertising. But I didn’t even consider that and only decided at the HIV part.

                Some more stuff to consider. And thanks again for your kind reply.

              • Chapati says:

                Lovely reply, thank you alexander! Pardon me for my late response (mixture of work, needing aaaaages translating&outputing thoughts and a heavy sleep shortage to catch up om)

                Althought i didn`t understand much, that video was very
                refreshing! If you are interessted; i have picked one to depicted our best citizens. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZH2fXn34F8
                booing and whistling being our extreme form of swearing here. The other 99% are highly subbmissive zombies (already before the orwellian war against us) you can see a few of those in the video, easily identified by wearing a freespeech-gag.

                This analogy of needles jumping is surely highly aquarate to me when discussing HIV 😉 The braintickling questions i like and i have put some thought into it. I do totally agree i too am highly sensitive to how things are visualised/filmed. And in this plandemic they WAY over did it with filter, slowmotion and those silent long shots of faces with intensive overloaded looks to trigger empathy and that cheesy music! Too much i say, way too much! But then the majority of people do love these Hollywood and Netflix „tricks“.

                I strongly believe that certainly Dr. JM`s thesis of PhD „Negative Regulation of HIV Expression in Monocytes“ could be one crucial point that she is keeping up the official narrative. because, if she`d stated that the whole offical HIV conclusions are a scam i think that would mean suicide (to her „Dr.“ Titel) and her career would end once and for all, maybe not because her title would be realy taken away, but by making people say „This woman claims that HIV is a scam, but her Title depends on this HIV research…so she is admiting her title should be taken away from her“ or something like that.

                It is highly possible that you are very right. And by all means do listen to your intuition. At the end of the day, you know. To me it isn`t important anymore if we get every detail right, beacuse time feels like it is up. for me it has become essential to point the finger constantly at the people „up there“, and if this video makes the normies indexfinger quiver and even change its point away from us and at the powers-that should not be, i will take it. Maybe they are finally receptable for some CR videos before you are right and Dr. JM is proven to be controlled opposition.

              • Chapati says:

                Maybe you also formulated the philosophical root of this problem/question: what is truth? Is it something with clear lines and borders by which it can be clearly differenciated from the untruth? Black and white? Is it something shady only to be found when the untruth is lifted? Are there many truth bubbles? Or even layers of untruth, like a russian doll. And we are trying to move from the inside towards the outerlayers aiming at the outside (the truth)? Maybe everything at once?

                Also To my mind comes that maybe she did this documentary but didn`t have any saying how it was produced. Maybe she has bad taste (Sorry dr. JM, nothing personal) when it comes to visual-documentaries. Maybe it`s realy a business- thing but we might be missinterpreting it; actualy all she is promoting is her book inneed of money after being pretty broke, rather than a technocratic agenda. Maybe she just wants her Vandetta. Maybe even people are taking advantage of her and use her as a puppet of controlled opposition. Because Maybe she realy doesn`t know (or maybe doesn`t want to realy know) about the HIV scam. Even if she, to me, doesn`t come across as an actress (but then i did get caught up in movies, having an emotional impact on me like if they were real.. so how would i know, right?) there is a high possability she might be exploited and used as the controlled opposition. I believe it might be for the „china-boogy man“ scam.

              • Chapati says:

                My friends from back in the days when i did my Bsc degree in chemistry, have all received a PhD degree and are strongly indoctrinated especially when it comes to somethhing like questioning vaccines. They might question some things here and there (even Big Pharma, wow) but when you question vaccines they will fling at you something that sounds like the wikipedia article on anti-vaxx
                Maybe Dr. JM was a pretty normie person untill one day she stumbled over a trickle of red thread…she followed that red thread by doing her research, unaware of its impact…and stumbled over some big revelations…but, those revelations were never meant for any one to be found nor to be published. So she received the wrath of who-ever (maybe not the elite itself, you are right, but maybe people further up who have a strong motivation that this won`t be revealed) and for that they ridiculed her, defamated her, through her out, arrested her and threatend her.

                I also wonder sometimes if i overrate the powers at times, it is like the panoptic effect. A psychological trick which makes us think the opponant is soooo much bigger, always one step ahead of us and sees and controls everything (and yes in somethings that may even be so) . Doesn`t mean there isn`t any reversed psychology, but i do believe that especially when we have fallen for it (like some controlled opposition or gate keeper) we might be too alert and wanting to protect ourselves from falling for yet another scam (which is def. Also a good thing) we might tend to overrate incoherences in peoples statements. Maybe they too just are fellow humans stumbbeling arround in the russian doll trying to find the next outer layer…or maybe all is a loophole.

                One last thing, at the risk of steping into a „no-no“: JA`s arrest brought my attention to him, and not too long ago i came across him being controlled opposition (i hear the nun ringing the *shame bell) nonetheless i think regarding his arrest (when presented with the offical story) can be used to proove that our legal system isn`t what it claims to be. Governments don`t care for Niels Melzers reports. Which could (should) bring statists in western europe to reconcider their values and beliefs in governments.
                Maybe i am stuck way to deep in my mamushka (a dash of ambiguity to finish on)

              • alexandre says:

                Ambiguity, good thing to meditate on at this time. Thanks for the reply. I don’t want to be too long, but what your reply made me think: Lately I’ve been reading Baudrillard’s Simulacra text – thanks to MPB who pointed the finger in that direction – and every second the words of this guy grow in meaning. There’s a difficult concept to really get – I’m sure many intellectuals go “oh, yes, I know, of course”, but it’s not so easy. The thing about the simulation being reality. Not a simulation of something, or a copy of something real. A simulation with a model preceding it. A map that doesn’t refer to a city anymore, as in the Borges “conto” he mentions. Something there gives me creeps when seeing, for example, the military simulations that are so accurate. Make those “go live” and you start entering this weird world where the simulation is now reality, which would put us, ourselves, writing here now, participants in the simulation, thinking we’re in reality. That is, we ARE in reality, which is the simulation. Reality doesn’t matter, or doesn’t exist anymore. I’m still digesting and re-reading the man, trying to really get it, but all of this now could not be better described than Simulacra and Simulation. Is something true or not? Both. You know? Ambiguity to a meta-psychotic level.

                Regarding JM, maybe she could open up some minds, yes, ok, by all means, but I don’t think Zeitgeist did much do waken anyone, except up to some safe level of “conspiracy” accepted and permitted. Thus far and no further. As I say often, if people took Trump seriously as “Mr President”, one can only close the shop and cry forever. I thought nothing would ever top Schwarzenegger as governor of California, in terms of black comedy, but apparently the bottom of the hole keeps going further down every time. So I don’t know.

                The nurse is here. Time for my bath, if you’ll excuse me.

      • robert.t says:

        I’m wary of Judy Mikovits because she is keeping the terror level suitably high thus excluding the possibility of total hoax. People like Fauci are easily blamed and sacrificed, and Mikovits’ views could be used to reinforce a new consensus if the old one wobbles. It’s a bit like Judith Curry’s flirtation with climate skepticism where the IPCC is protected as more extreme climate mullahs fall out of fashion.

        We were warned by the true experts long ago that the best way to deal with the opposition is to lead it. Not sure Mikovits is a plant, but she is keeping those terror levels nice and high.

        I’m just saying beware of the fearless outspoken chick and Joan of Arc syndrome generally. Not saying there are no real Joans, ready to pay any price. I’m wary, that’s all.

      • debra.b says:

        Hi alexandre,
        I just watched “HIV/AIDS: Fact or Fraud“. I wanted to say thank you for referencing it in your post. Wow, did it ever send my thinking in a whole new direction! I’ve got lots more questions that I’ll have to work out for myself now.

        It certainly feels, after watching that documentary, eerily the same as this crisis event they’ve brought upon us now. Much larger in scale, but the same Modus operandi. *Sigh

        Thanks again! 🙂

        • alexandre says:

          Hi debra, I’m glad you watched it and it had that effect. Same here at the time and yes, it’s like the same gang minus Gallo all over again. The similarities are ridiculous.

          “The Emperor’s New Virus” would by another suggestion, although it’s been long since last I watched it. And there’s this video, a press conference where a Dr sticks himself with a needle from an HIV positive guy.

          It’s like they change gangs from time to time to do “the show” and it’s always the same gangs – when you’re old enough to see them repeating themselves. On 9/11, Dick Chenney, Rumsfeld, the Bush I gang again, and so on. The world IS a stage, I guess.

    • nexangelus says:

      Which vaccines contain a mouse virus though? I mean, it is not like they print all the ingredients, is it? I was vaxxed as a child (and I believe my ongoing ear problems, have recurring ear infections, are as a direct result), but I have not vaxxed my children.

    • mik says:

      I’m suspicious about Dr. Judy Mikovits. I’ve watched an interview and my bullshit filters turned on many times, actually it was a mess of everything.
      This mouse thing??…., certainly what she is saying doesn’t add up well with things I’ve learned, maybe she just can’t explain well.

      I would like to watch something where she present her view concisely and thoroughly.

      • Jed says:

        She is a firebrand though, calling the entire system out, I can’t say I disagree with that. I’m interested in what she has to say about the AIDS virus. The timeline there — from Hep-B vax to disease, city by city, it’s so f’n obvious and it speaks directly to the credibility of vaccines, whether they ultimately work or not. I’ll give her another listen or two.

        • mik says:

          Listen to what, you have any links?

          But please something selected, particularly no gibberish, something to the point, concise

          I’ve watched video proposed by alex above.
          At 12:00 she said she worked in fort Detrick teaching ebola to infect human cells. WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Read/watch again if you are not furious, berserk.

          She better has something extremely important to say, she must say something that could bring those human-alike degenerated-clusters-of-tissues behind the bars.

          Otherwise she doesn’t exist for me, she crossed the Line with “teaching ebola”, I would not give her a glass of water.

      • diego says:

        Hi, I’ve just watched this interview and I would recommend you watch the whole thing because it is not normal to find an interview where the interviewer (not a journalist in this case) lets the guest talk for as long as she wants. My curiosity made me bought her book and it is giving me some perspective I didn’t have before (I have read 50% so far).

        Hope this helps


        • mik says:

          I don’t have time for a verbose ex-bio-weapons scientist who actually don’t say much.

          • Jed says:

            I was just trying to be funny mik, no worries. That was a comment on your critical thinking, I was trying to pay you a complement for your critical pov on that scientist, and for critical thinking in general, by way of a smart-ass comment.

  25. Clearmoon says:

    It’s probably been asked above, but I add my voice to the chorus: What do you think of/know about the Doctor(?) in the film “Plandemic”?

  26. robert.t says:

    Flood your zone with this…

    Event 201 is still up for all to see. Massive simulation event in October 2019. Gates funding and involvement are there for all to see. Big as Quo Vadis.

    Yet on April 12 2020 Bill Gates told the BBC: “Now here we are. We didn’t simulate this, we didn’t practice, so both the health policies and economic policies, we find ourselves in uncharted territory.”

    What does this tell us about the BBC, Gates and global “health” authorities? It tells us that they can hold up three fingers, ask how many…and the public can be made to say five.

    By the way, Winston, despite the most-favoured status accorded and the wholesale transfer of tech, information and industry over the last five decades…we have always been at war with Eastasia.

    Got it, Winston? 3 = 5 and we have always been at war with Eastasia. Everybody knows that.

    • manbearpig says:

      “What does this tell us about the BBC, Gates and global “health” authorities? It tells us that they can hold up three fingers, ask how many…and the public can be made to say five.”

      Exactly. Best not dwell on it too much though.

      The “public” cannot handle the idea their government and corporate heroes would just as soon kill them as anything else.

      They can’t handle that. They won’t go there.


      • alexandre says:

        I just got a call from an old friend and had to listen to the same litany yet again. “You don’t want to end up short of breath in some hospital” bla bla, and in case of Brazil, the first subject: Bolsonaro and how idiotic he is bla bla. I tried to explain some things, but all I heard was laughter on the other end. People here are sure this will end soon and things will go back to … that. They surely can’t handle anything.

  27. MagicBullet says:

    THE END GAME: 3-minute vids all CR subscribers should be familiar with:

    Bill says he wants to decrease the population with vaccines:

    Ted Turner says he wants to decrease the population to 2 Billion (now 7.8 Bill):

    Research paper
    Gates/WHO tetanus vaccine in Kenya causes infertility:

    Billionaires trying to shrink world population:

    • mik says:

      “Gates/WHO tetanus vaccine in Kenya causes infertility:”

      NO !!

      There is no proof for such a claim!
      I’ve informed you about flaws of study you are linking.
      Study is using fake references.


      That been said, I’m not saying that there is nothing fishy about WHO Kenya tetanus campaign, just that this study is fishy also.

      • MagicBullet says:

        Sorry mik, I didn’t see your ref check because it wasn’t a reply to my post, apologies. You did impressively look at some of the references, something more of us should do habitually. However, even if they mistook past study details or injection schedules, the only reference that really pertains to the validity of THIS study is reference 62, and relatedly 63 and 64.

        If we assume that the data THIS study obtained was true then THERE WAS HCG bonded in the vaccine (HCG isn’t an impurity that can found in a vaccine it has to be put there). Refs 63 and 64 only really lead to info on political infighting about the data: ergo, if the data was true, some heads in govt needed to roll, BUT you mik are completely correct to be looking at the refs in an important paper like this one, a great example for all of us on the CR.

        [62] AgriQ Quest, Ltd. (2015) Presentation to Joint Committee of Experts on Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine Testing. Nairobi, 1-14.
        The presentation: https://tinyurl.com/y8poxwcr

        [63] AgriQ Quest Ltd. Laboratory Analysis Report for the Health Commission, Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, Nairobi. Nairobi, 1-20.

        This ref led me to this article: https://tinyurl.com/ydflt4ex
        AgriQ’s accreditation was removed under murky circumstances. AgriQ claimed that the government’s decision was as a result of the company’s refusal to doctor results in favour on the Ministry of Health which had jointly asked for the analysis with the Catholic Church. The company claims it results from tests carried out on the vials showed that the samples of the vaccines were contaminated [with HCG] as had been claimed by the Catholic Church and Agriq-Quest claimed the government wanted the results altered to show that they were fit to be administered.

        [64] AgriQ Quest Ltd. (2015) Laboratory Analysis Report for the Joint Committee of Experts on Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine Testing: The Ministry of Health and Kenya Catholic Health Commision. Nairobi, 1-32.

        This ref led me to this article: https://tinyurl.com/yboroh9g where Raila Odinga a Kenyan politician stated: “Tests results in our possession indicate that some of the women who got this vaccination have since sought further tests and obtained results indicating that they can never carry a pregnancy”.

        • mik says:

          “… the only reference that really pertains to the validity of THIS study is reference 62…”

          I don’t doubt about presence of hCG in vaccines they’ve tested. The only plausible reason for its presence is suspicion that this were in fact anti-fertility vaccines.

          I look at this study as whole and I found some substantial claims are supported with fake references and I pointed to one specific case, where the only reasonable conclusion could be that researchers sincerity is very very questionable, to put it mildly.

          I just check another substantial claim: in 26 out of 30 women in Philippines hCG antibodies were found. I don’t think provided references are good enough, this is just a claim of a person with its own website.

          Raila Odinga, attention, opposition politician said….and we came from anti-fertility to sterility. He needs no references, he is politician.
          I cannot take this seriously, wild claims.

          I don’t expect I will get the truth about this laced-vaccines from some top notch medical journal. I expect something with more substance and no cheating.

          • MagicBullet says:

            You are correct that there is some sloppy writing in this paper. On the Philippine tests, the refs 106 and 109 leads to this page: http://educate-yourself.org/vcd/vcdvaccineslacedwithbirthcontrol.shtml, and this page http://www.thinktwice.com/birthcon.htm. that have the exact same content. I requested a reference on the Philippine tests to both sites as well as lead author J. Oller as I could not find the info on PubMed.gov

            Still, this paper is on the Kenya vaccine not the Philippine data, and contrary to your statement above, there is proof of HCG in the Kenya vaccine according to this paper’s data.

            The question at hand is the chain of custody of the samples and validity of the data that came out of that lab, not necessarily the sloppy referencing of this paper. I’ll let you know if any of my reference requests lead to something.

            • mik says:

              This paper is not total crap, still it’s way from what it promised at the beginning.

              I think you should be more critical of it. You cannot say its about sloppy writing. It’s about INTENT, they tried to build a case with fake data. Sloppy would mean one or two fake references, but actually I found 8 fake references. It’s even worse, more than half of references I’ve checked are fake!

              With fake references they tried to support two substantial claims for their narrative:

              – vaccine schedule was the same as for hCG anti-fertility vaccines and different from tetanus vaccines. That could be independent(!!) proof that hCG vaccine was used.

              – Philippines data could show hCG vaccines are indeed effective.

              • MagicBullet says:

                Thank you mik for the thorough evaluation. I agree there are some significant problems with this paper. While I work in a bio-research field, unfortunately this isn’t my specialty, and I don’t think yours either, so we are about the end of our line with these conclusions unless you want to add more:

                1. These researchers attempted to do bio-detective work on a complicated vaccine regimen in an uncontrolled fashion.
                2. The research group may have some political objective in what they are looking for in their zeal to prevent any hint of induced abortion.
                3. Many references are not really scientific, some anecdotal (that may be all they had to work with), maybe some faulty (you did more work on the refs than I did).
                4. The crux of the findings on Elisa (the tables in the paper) and Chromatography (Ref 62’s power point) need replication for any further studies of this type. Chromatography seems to show HCG pattern, but Elisa levels are low, potentially false positive, and while they might cause impaired implantation, miscarriage is less likely (the “pundits” in cyber space have differing opinions on this).

                The main point of this study in finding some evidence of HCG bonded to an antigen (like tetanus here) would need to be explored in future vaccine campaigns. This study is valuable in the sense that vaccine makers can know they have a watchdog on them, although I suspect they will have armed guards on all stock and used samples, and of course used needles.

                They would never need the used needles to get DNA samples. No why would they? No never, I’m sure of it. That’s a conspiracy theory, definitely crack-pot.

  28. Chapati says:

    This might have been posted already.

    House Resolution 6666 (on May 1st)

    H.R. 6666 – COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act

    Dr. Rashid A Buttar just spoke about this in his latest live-stream

    URGENT! Full Disclosure from ‘INSIDE’

    • MagicBullet says:

      This could be a premonition of worse, but the bill itself doesn’t say they will separate families or take anyone out of their homes.

      It only says, “as necessary, testing individuals and providing individuals with services related to testing and quarantine at their residences.”

      If you have more specific info pls tell us but Dr. Buttar in the URGENT! video above is saying more than the bill says.

      Do they really want to appropriate $100,000,000,000??

      • Chapati says:

        Thanks MagicBullet for pointing that out. You are right, the Bill doesn`t read what Buttar stated.
        My english (already limited) is overwhelmed with legal-laguage. I reread it a few times. First thought „residence“ could also mean „area you live in“ instead of „home-residence“.

        Yet leaving asside the obvious issue that such a bill to Test, Reach, and TRACE Everyone was introduced in the first place; questions which come to my mind are;
        „how are they going to quarantine you when f.e. You test positive but your spouse or kids may not? Are all put under quarantine? Is there a choice? and how is the quarantine ensured?“
        Might be something Buttar thought through but ofcourse that is nothing more than a guess on my part.

        Furthermore i am not sure what is meant by „.. providing individuals with services related to testing..“ what are services related to testing? Providing test results and comunicating those..stat-wide? by uploading the data to the tracing- app? anything else?

        There are phrases which, when i read them, feel like a back door..they leave room for endless interpretation to enable arbitrariness

        „To authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services to award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, and related activities such as contact tracing, through mobile health units and, as necessary, at individuals’ residences, and for other purposes.“

        „(1) The term “eligible entity” means—..
        ..(H) any other type of entity that is determined by the Secretary to be an eligible entity for purposes of this section.“

        I don`t have further Info atm, if I should, i will share it and i am greatful for any updates too. A dear soul who lives in europe and who`s family of origin lives in california had informed me about this.

        $100,000,000,000 somehow looks and reads more like a reward or a bounty rather than anything else.

    • manbearpig says:


      though predictable, it is always disconcerting…

      • Chapati says:

        I agree

        What is more; Introduced after Walpurgisnacht..
        just one more mere “coincidence”

        • manbearpig says:

          curtesy of wiki:

          “…Saint Walpurgis Night is celebrated on the night of 30 April and the day of 1 May…Saint Walpurga was hailed by the Christians of Germany for battling “pest, rabies and whooping cough, as well as against witchcraft.”[8] Christians prayed to God through the intercession of Saint Walpurga in order to protect themselves from witchcraft…”

          yes, totally unrelated I’m sure…

  29. nexangelus says:

    Your video got me reading ahead, thanks for the heads up James, so Aadhaar in India or something similar, could be what we all are going to be seeing in the near future in our countries and he does not think there is a privacy issue (a huge database with everyone in the world on it?)…holy crud, I did not know the Indian ID system was biometric…back home, I am talking many, many years ago we had our ID cards when we turned 16, photo on a metal card which we carried everywhere (it came in handy for me because I was often mistaken as a tourist and made to pay the higher entry fees for museums and things if I did not have it on me). I lived in Zimbabwe (was born there) for half of my life.

    Zimbabwean biometric ID system: https://globalvoices.org/2020/01/30/how-zimbabwes-biometric-id-scheme-and-chinas-ai-aspirations-threw-a-wrench-into-the-2018-election/

  30. MagicBullet says:

    BMGF funding 2016. Do a search (CTRL F) of this doc for “population” to see the interest in organizations that work on controlling population numbers:


  31. cas says:

    it certainly seems like gates is one of those closest to the centre of the toxic spider web. i was just watching dr andrew kaufmans video (via andrew johnsons ‘check the evidence’ site) on the vacinne having 3 needles to it, unlike other vacinnes. its not known if these will be visable to the eye or not.

    i’d just like to point out also the use of neuro-linguistic programming being used it the point of saturation. the phrase ‘unprecedented’ is double speak for un-president-ed, ie; a getting rid of a president. no prizes in guessing to which one they are referring. especially on the back of a failed impeachment!

    peace all,
    cas, x

    • Jed says:

      Good point, NLP is everywhere — “Unprecedented,” clever bastards, the tv is so saturated with these Darren Brownisms, on top of the tv’s ability to put viewers into hypnotic states after just a few seconds, it’s 99% of the reason the populace is so impervious to reality.

      • cas says:

        hey jed,
        agreed. the tv is the main source of all the disinfo and propaganda. I find it amusing to see the movies they are putting on it lately like ‘sahara’ where Penelope cruz is a damsel in distress type character playing a WHO doc just trying to do the right thing. or ‘containgon’..loads of virus movies. so much programming. a guy called neil sanders (neilsandersmindcontrol.com) does a really interesting job of breaking mind control down. you can find his interviews via richplanet.net.

        I never used to watch much but this has actually made me give up all tv viewing. its just too toxic and bad for the soul. the last thing I watched was a building Alaska cabins type show and the supposed main character looked and sounded suspiciously like someone from another show from about 5yrs ago. they ‘recyle’ actors, staging them as real life people. just more lies to manipulate public behaviour, gaslight and disorientate people. sick.

        peace all,
        cas, x

  32. MagicBullet says:

    Did anyone notice Alice Albright, CFO of GAVI, at 23:11 is the daughter of Madeleine Albright, former Sec of State and US Ambassador to the UN under Clinton. The BMGF isn’t interested in connections to Govt, I’m sure of that, no way.

    • Jed says:

      Her name should be, “Fairlybrightbutmoarlycorrupt” or just Allbad”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      MagicBullet says:
      Did anyone notice Alice Albright, CFO of GAVI, at 23:11 is the daughter of Madeleine Albright, former Sec of State and US Ambassador to the UN under Clinton.

      QUEUED Corbett VIDEO

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        60 Minutes (5/12/96)
        Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq:
        We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?

        Secretary of State Madeleine Albright:
        I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.

        VIDEO (39 seconds)

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Iran and Madeleine Albright

          Madeleine Albright questioned by David Swanson on October 31, 2012, in Charlottesville, Va., Obama campaign office says she is sorry for having said that killing a half million Iraqi children was worth it (whatever it was), but not for having participated in it, only for having answered the sort of question conveniently almost never asked anymore.
          But asked about the current sanctions on Iran, she said that was not the same at all.
          (80 seconds)

  33. suzt says:

    Thank you James and Broc for the ongoing excellent research, analysis and synthesis you present. I truly do not know how you do it but I remain grateful to you.

    Also I want to thank you for the written transcript.

    This is a really scary plan and I can only take in so much of it daily without becoming freaked out. I can read much faster than people speak and I find I can read this whole transcript and take it in but yesterday I could only watch the first 1/3 of the video.
    My point: I think reading is less emotionally charged.

    This must be labor intensive to create a manuscript and yours is brilliant with links to video and sources for each key point.

    Really brilliant work.

    Muchas gracias
    May All Beings Be Safe

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      suzt says:
      “…I can only take in so much of it daily…”

      I know. Me too.
      I had to go work in the yard and garden and chores, just for a breather.

  34. Libertydan says:

    Perhaps the most boring book I ever tried to read (I fell asleep three times and only got about half way though it) was “The Road Ahead” by Bill Gates, 1995, Penguin Books. I just found it on one of my book selves with a Book Marker at page 158 of 322 total. Yep, 25 years ago I saw him as a Nerd with a lot of money and that was about it.

    Well, now that recent events have me thinking more about him, he does seem to have an M.O. that can be useful in predicting his next move. In his Book he admits to having made a Deal with IBM to supply Software he did not even have, then purchasing it from an unsuspecting Seattle Software company for $50,000. He seems to be proud of his cleverness (much like Rockefeller). It is also know that he tricked Steve Jobs into showing him Apples latest (which would become Windows). This lead to a major Court battle. Microsoft was able to compete with an inferior product by Licensing it out to many Computer makers and thus saturate the market with IBM compatible Programs. I liken it to when Sony (like Apple) created a home cassette Recorder/Play System, and VHS (Like Microsoft) came along and stole the show with an inferior product, by Licensing it to others. The net result was that when you wanted to rent a Movie, you had a whole store of VHS Movies to choose from, and a very small selection of Sony Movies. So, I bought a VHS Knowing it was inferior (my bad).

    Anyway, back to the M.O., Bill Gates is a Deal Maker who uses others. If you figure the Drug companies are like IBM in the sense that they make the Hardware (Vaccines), and Distribution of Vaccines are like Software, I think you can follow his M.O. and thus begin to find a way to Check Mate him before he Vaccinates everybody.

    • Libertydan says:

      Guess who turns 66 years old in October of 2021 (18 Months from April 2020)!
      Combine this fact with Microsoft Patent # WO-2020-060606
      and, United States House Bill # HR 6666
      and, the odds of all this being simply Coincidental is slim to none!

      Someone has read the “The Book of Daniel” from the Old Testament, and is using it as a play Book, eh!

      • CQ says:

        Oh, man, Libertydan! 🙁 The patent number is spooky enough, and now you have to inform us of the House Bill and Bill’s birthday, too?

        I guess I’m the last person to learn about HB 6666: When I typed “House Bill” into the Duck Duck Go search engine, up popped “6666” at the very top of the list of suggestions.

        As for October 28 b-day, I can only say: What if he had been born three days later, on Halloween? Would the witch’s brew (B’s ballyhooed vaccine) be even more toxic?

      • victoria says:

        woo… thats a dark coincidence Libertydan, & my curiosity piqued, looked up year he was born… bill’s “binary” birthdate, technocratic occultic lifepath
        10/28/1955 ~ 10/10/1010 ~ 10101010 ~ 1111

        whilst i got a myriad of programming specific to the month of october, with 1 & 0 binary digits ~ computer programming, as well as AI material.

  35. Hotfoot says:

    In case anyone hasn’t kept an eye on him, the wonderful John Titus (YouTube Channel ‘BestEvidence’) who featured on here a month ago has a couple of interesting new videos posted up in the last 2 weeks.



    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks Hotfoot.

      John Titus – YouTube Channel ‘BestEvidence’
      who was featured at Corbett Report about a month ago has a couple of interesting new videos posted up in the last 2 weeks.

  36. Qno says:

    I can’t wait for “The pandemic in under five minutes – a conspiracy theory”.

    JP’s brilliant satirical look at official narratives was a breath of fresh air.

    It’s the sort of thing we need when the Emperor has no clothes.

  37. Alchemist says:

    Well done, James and Broc!

    The music in the end was a good touch. Normally I’m not into added drama, but in certain situations it’s needed. If I may offer a suggestion… I would add even a little more music throughout the next one to emphasize heartstring-pulling moments (such as the paralyzed children) and to break up the monotony of spoken word. As great as the information is on its own, variations of sound and emotion will hold the viewers’ attention for longer stretches and have a stronger impact (like any art/music/literary composition). All in all, it was a very impressive presentation. Thank you!

  38. generalbottlewasher says:

    Bill is no stranger to the system. C-Span on Bills appearances over the years.


  39. Ukdavec says:

    Blair crawls out from under his rock … The views of a Globalist who should be serving time for War crimes


  40. 9tH says:

    although i only recently stumbled upon this channel i feel like this young dude has a certain sturm und drang, which i appreciate, and recently posted a several videos that gave me the feel he is following the events real closely and i appreciate his analyses as well, for what i’ve seen so far. Thought i share, it’s a smaller channel.

    Thanks for the news-outlets, James and co. Also to people sharing good stuff in the forum. Much appreciated.

  41. jackbc says:

    Another superb piece of journalism James. Your doc series forces me
    to look into the bland, boyish, wrinkled face of Mr. Gates, and my blood chills.
    Your series on this relentless madman brings to mind a Don DeLillo passage:

    “A conspiracy is everything that ordinary life is not. It’s the inside game, cold, sure, undistracted, forever closed off to us. We are the flawed ones, the innocents, trying to make some rough sense of the daily jostle. Conspirators have a logic and a daring beyond our reach. All conspiracies are the same taut story of men who find coherence in some criminal act.”

    You explain his logic and motives very well. I admire your energy and tenacity.

  42. Qno says:

    So, Gates wants to test this on the developing world first. Well, that’s business as usual of course, and it can cover a multitude of sins. But to place healthcare workers at the head of the queue is madness even by conventional standards. Even if one is sociopathic enough to place different value on people of different jobs (which Gates is) it makes no sense to risk taking out all the world’s front line doctors and nurses just when they are needed most.

    • cu.h.j says:


      I work as a nurse in the US and many hospitals have been a ghost town. My hospital has had hardly any patients. People are afraid to go to the hospital at all. This thing will probably kill more people because they won’t get medical care, they might die at home from a heart attack or stroke rather potentially getting catching COVID 19. Even some doctors and nurses will be out of a job, or maybe the fall out from this, the unemployment and homelessness lack of medication will force people to go back in to get medical care, but so far not yet.

      I just wasn’t sure you were aware that in the US people are not going to the hospital, hospital employees are being furloughed, but very few people are questioning this yet. I have seen some push back though which is good.

      • Qno says:

        cu.h.j yes totally. It is yet another of the well known paradoxes in all this that the hospitals are quieter than ever. The paradox to which I am pointing is that if this is (as we are told) a deadly disease stretching medical services to breaking point (even if this does not fit the facts), then using our doctors and nurses as the guinea pigs for a fast-tracked vaccine makes no sense. All such paradoxes arise directly out of a narrative that is totally inconsistent with itself and the science that supposedly underpins it.

        • debra.b says:

          Qno I agree with both posts regarding risking the nurses and doctors. There is no sense in any of this. It’s maddening. But, then Gates is a psychopath as are his cohorts.

          c.u.h.j, many thanks for sharing your on the ground information about the hospitals. I shared this with my family, but they insisted I was wrong. This wasn’t true. Ughh! It’s exasperating. Anyway, thanks again.


      • Qno says:

        As a separate response to that, the disappearing heart attacks and strokes needs some discussion in itself. Have they really disappeared or have many of them been transferred to the Pandemic Case column? I strongly suspect a bit of both.

        How do serious emergencies just disappear overnight? Simple: they stop showing up at the most dangerous place on earth, namely hospital. Given the huge rates of iatrogenic damage and repeat business generation that occurs in those places, many people will simply be less sick from avoiding hospital. Some will be avoiding treatment for minor illnesses that would normally lead to more serious complications.

        And many who would have presented for life-threatening emergencies would have avoided emergency treatment that might have killed them. The question is whether this outweighs the risks of the initial problem, and in many cases it surely does.

        It has often been found that death rates fall when doctors go on strike. This has always been explained as due to the avoidance of elective surgery, but there is little proof of this and some evidence it is not the only factor.

        Imagine this. Some cases of heart attack present as little more than tiredness, or nausea, or flu-like aches and fatigue. And many of those may resolve in spite of, not because of, medical intervention, just with the normal things one might do if feeling unwell: rest, hydration, avoidance of stress, fasting etc. Despite the seriousness of the problem they may not actually need the big guns. It’s hard to know, since much emergency care is not evidence-based, since there are no control groups with which to compare the effect of the care.

        But the overall effect may be, people who do not realise they are having a heart attack, are not getting diagnosed, medicated, stressed, fed hospital food and kept in an environment highly unfit for health overall.

        A 2006 study also found that cities with fewer paramedics have higher survival rates. This was always put down to efficiency and better training of the fewer numbers. But again, other hypotheses are available. Mine would be that instead of first responders giving blanket medication pre-diagnosis, patients are simply being got to hospital and diagnosed properly. Either way, many cases of acute illness are in fact still best left alone instead of interfering with them. In short, they are not being killed by treatment with a thin line between harm and benefit.

        • Qno says:

          cu.h.j I’ve split the previous comment as I think I overstepped the word limit. This is reply 3/3 to your good point.

          In my field, which is natural medicine, although we treat very few emergencies except rarely as first-aiders, it is old wisdom that sometimes the best acute medicine is to support the patient and give nature a chance. There are obvious exceptions, of course, but where the line is, nobody can be sure. Actual cardiac arrest would need immediate attention, or major intracranial blockage or bleed. Many minor strokes resolve completely without drugs, although that may not be accepted wisdom at present. Many heart attacks pass barely noticed.

          Most of all though, this principle applies to flu, and flu-like illness, where many of the complications are surely down to the care received. Hospitals are exhausting and frightening places. Many arrive dehydrated, and this is compounded by nil-by-mouth policies (which ought to be questioned IMO).

          Last time I had the flu, I could barely raise my head enough to text work and call in sick. But two days later I was firing on all cylinders again. This pattern is completely normal for me, so I am not afraid of symptoms, and nor should we be.

          But many complications also arise from suppression of symptoms for no valid health reason but out of fear, for example with antipyretics. Antivirals are another level, hence the huge number of worrying side effects, including potentially fatal pneumonia. I have had to stand over relatives with fever before and fight off medical staff, including demanding they check their own guidelines on fever-lowering drugs. Given the immune activity a fever represents, it can be a very bad mistake to lower it without an exceptional reason. People don’t die of fever. They die of underlying illness, sometimes, and of overzealous fever management. And of course of complications – which always come with a story, don’t they!

          Malaria can kill, but the fever that goes with it is not the problem, it is the body’s survival response. And unless there is an external heat source, a fever naturally self-limits, since dying cells do not produce heat. We do not just keep heating up until we burst into flames unless drugs are given to save us!

          As far as the current situation goes, it all furthers my views that a) we don’t need a deadly virus to explain what is happening, b) that much of what is happening can be explained by over-reaction – including the increased deaths in some places, and c) modern medical care is virtually inept in chronic disease, and considerably over-rated in acute emergencies, in all but a fraction of cases.

          In summary, hospitals do kill people, sadly. Admit more people, more will be killed by well-meant medical intervention. Admit fewer people, fewer will be killed. The question is where the lines cross between lives saved and deaths caused.

  43. HomeRemedySupply says:


    debra.b says: “This video is some comic relief…. ? ”

    “What it’s Like To Believe Everything the Media Tells You“
    (8 minutes) by AwakenWithJP

    Profound…About halfway through, the guy scores bonus points.

    Taken from Debra.B at
    www corbettreport.com/interview-1544-new-world-next-week-with-james-evan-pilato/#comment-82334

  44. suzt says:

    James … any chance we could start calling it the Plandemic?

    Thanks again for your incredible work.
    You received a very positive endorsement and a link to your video by Polly.

    This was sent by a friend I respect and is my first introduction to Polly. I can highly recommend this 30 minute, well researched presentation of the key players, the incest and the funding for The Global Plan.

    The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket

    PS: I just discovered I can listen to video faster under settings where I can change the SPEED!!! so this video is 30 minutes normal and about 15 minutes with faster speed.

  45. generalbottlewasher says:

    There is no escaping the fact we need people. People who need people. This is simply the last Saturday to be blue. Time to repair the world


  46. Ethan Hunter says:

    Phenomenal work James and Broc!

    I am so glad this lucid summary has been brought forth exposing the agenda gradually in these wonderfully put together segments.

    Coincidentally, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Judy Mikovitz are getting some quality airtime exposing Fauci and Gates corruption as well…

    I recommend LondonReal.tv and their new Digital Freedom Platform and the interviews with both Kennedy, Jr. and Mikovitz for very well documented, scholarly material.

    Keep up the good work guys!

    • Hotfoot says:

      Yeh I signed up to LondonReal.tv so I could watch their live interview with Robert Kennedy Jr and within a day or 2 was being SMS spammed with all sorts of stuff from them at about 2AM (and I live in the UK so am in the same timezone). Adverts for crap like signing up for cryptocurrency courses.

      Bit disappointing, really. They force you to sign up to view the live interview but there’s no ‘opt-out of advertising’ at that stage. Maybe it’s an oversight on their part as they have been setting up a new platform. Also, the interview was awful quality. Whoever was live in the shot took precedence with the audio so the other person was muted, which made it difficult to follow. Not to mention that Kennedy’s connection was glitchy as hell. They have a lot of room for improvement on that site.

      Kennedy Jr. is brilliant though. A voice of reason.

  47. alexandre says:

    What would happen if you suddenly took MONEY out of medicine? THEN maybe we would see a population bomb, ha ha. And Peter “amanidiot” Ehrlich would be finally right.

    Funny that when you look for Paul Ehrlich, this is what comes up.

    “14 March 1854 – 20 August 1915) was a Nobel prize-winning German physician and scientist who worked in the fields of hematology, immunology, and antimicrobial chemotherapy.”

    Some weird coincidences.

  48. Blameitontheboogie says:

    Yes it really helps improve people’s health to be paralysed. Robert Kennedy Jnr has been scathing about Bill Gate’s promotion of dangerous vaccines but is this ever put to Bill Gates by the mainstream media? Of course not. Are leading doctors in the field ever asked on to debate Bill Gates? Of course not.

    Thank you for this very useful information. I think we need to start a massive campaign against anything other than entirely voluntary vaccination. We could have petitions and mass contact of political representatives around the world using this information. We have to find a way to get this info out to the population most of whom won’t know any of this.

    Gardasil has paralysed a number of young girls here in Ireland, I met one of the mothers. This was promoted through schools and the parents were given a list of only 7 possible side effects when they should have been told about 35. Politicians and the mainstream media have refused to touch the issue and the parents have been persecuted for seeking action.

    • Alchemist says:

      This is the ONE subject universally off limits (a hint that’s its pretty important!). For those who haven’t come out yet as skeptical of vaccine products, I’d start with voicing concerns specifically over the Covid vaccine. First of all, there are currently no RNA vaccines approved for human use. Plus they are rushing the process to make the vaccine with plans to skip important safety studies. Even the most pro-vax people are thinking about this, so it’s a good starting point for discussion. I’ve heard so many people say they won’t get an experimental vaccine… they don’t realize they might not have a choice.

    • nexangelus says:

      In the UK when the HPV vaccines were out, my daughter was the only one not in line to get one, the school attempted to coerce her into getting it done, she was really upset when she came home, this was 5 years ago I think. She signed the non-consent form, as did I and they still tried to make her feel bad (are you sure this is what you want? several times) for not having it done, yet there was more than one girl in her class/year who suffered from quite severe side-effects.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Nexangelus, Blameitontheboogie, Alchemist,

        Very interesting anecdotes.

        It helps to relay what it happening in society. The MSM certainly won’t relay it.

  49. Ott says:

    In case people are interested in creating subtitles for this video (as well the previous and following part), I am currently creating proper English ones based on the transcript with good time stamps, which can replace the auto-generated ones. Based on that, it will be easier to create subtitles in any other language. When they are ready, I will send them to James and they will be added to the original video. (This to avoid double work.)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Cool! Thanks Ott.

    • manbearpig says:

      Hey, cool! Maybe even I could do something with that!! Great idea Ott!

    • alexandre says:

      Funny, my comment vanished. I said …. thank you, I’m interested for the Portuguese version. How would I know when and where it’s available?

      (I really submitted it before, how come it vanished?)

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Cause Alexandre , you or I don’t own this media. Imagine some wet behind the ears recrecruit, like my sweet peas son in law. In his mind he is doing the right thing in the world. I knew a recruit in the Air Force academy’s mission to tackle the internet patrol. 3500 young impressionable people, just doing their duty. Its all about duty to, The authority. Like ” Yes Master Sargent Sir. Its that simple.
        We are not in a good position here. This site is part of the opposition. The wackos. You should talk to these people like I do. There’s a bodega/ pizzeria out by the airport here. I like their pizza. The place always seems to have a pilot or two getting lunch. I talk them up and they are not very humanistic or informed about the civilian worlds worries. They kill people for a career.. . That’s their job and I feel they are sick . But what am I gonna do. Screw with a F-16 trainee. Hell he might drive that piece a hardware into my house in a crackup mental moment. These people are under great stress.
        Do you have an Armory in your little burg? Go chat them up. We are in times where anything is possible. They are killing culture and the arts. Which in my humble opinion is the bellwether of a healthy society.
        Paranoia will destroy ya. Don’t worry Alex. The US is in trouble. Not Your lovely homeland. But I appreciate your empathy.

      • Ott says:

        The English subtitles are now added to the original video and can be downloaded as a srt-file for Portuguese translation.

  50. Nick Weech says:

    The big money is in The Fed USA.Immense amounts of money flowing into debts for US. John Titus at Best Evidence has lots of info:

    Recently saw Michael Tellinger: Ubuntu movement
    Trump is now the head of The Fed, Larry Fink already runs most of the world vis Blackrock

    John Heller on our worldwide State of Fear:


    Best to James. This is emergency times.

    • manbearpig says:

      Yea, I like a whole lot of what Tony Heller Highwater says but it’s such a pity he always brings things round to “I agree with President Trump, or Trump is trying to do the right thing but is hindered by those crazy greta worshiping Demo-greens” etc…

      Makes it difficult for me to share his work because he effectively seems to confirm and give great force to the misconception that climate skeptics are just a bunch of MAGA fanatics.

      By regularly endorsing Trump as the solution to Green alarmism, he makes his otherwise valid messages inaccessible. He diminishes his credibility, creates an obstacle to people even entertaining, trying to understand his skeptical point of view.


      Can’t put this one on my blog, unfortunately.

    • alexandre says:

      I have to comment on the Michael Tellinger video.

      “Don Corleone no longer head of the Corleone family. Luca Brasi now has full control”.

      I mean, Trump?? In Brazil there are gangs that have a menu with prices for various kills – priests and bishops being the highest prices, after all killers are religious too. And Trump made the first step, as an example for others, to end the Rothschild Empire?? If Trump even mentioned the word “Rothschild”, a luminous red cross would instantly appear in his forehead. I don’t mean to trash it completely, and please, nothing personal, but this is closer to Monty Python than anything else. I actually started laughing. He should see more Corbett articles and videos – about JFK, the green backs etc.

      Very sorry about that. I’ll watch the other videos.

  51. eat my cake says:

    how many have decided its evil vs how many are fence sitters plus those that are hopelessly brain washed, may be the ratio that hangs in the balance of our species continued chances. Therefore, if you have decided to choose life for the greater good, powered by respect for the beauty that is creations song, “its longing for itself”, then one has the right, obligation, and privilege to reach towards a fence sitter, and win some and lose some, and get better and better at it, because the ability to transfer info with ones integrity intact, is one of the tests of the times. The modality is to shred our capacity to build trust. good red pill technique helps people get past the pain of having been emotionally manipulated; to foist lies onto another is abuse.

    Point here is, get subtle, get patient, get funny, get clever, but dont give up. There was one first patient and will be one last protester, that tips the scales in divine proportion.. (phi: 1/.618)

    Thanks for those in this thread that authenticate or bust claims. and thanks for ever more distilled ways to language the gist of whats dropping.

    I cant get why this site is allowed to run other than to give the deep-con something to fight?

  52. nexangelus says:

    Pushing the green agenda at least here in the UK big style, a whopping 2 billion £ to be put into the cycling and walking to work scheme (not sure if that is in addition to or part of the 5 billion £ bus/public transport proposal), cos we all need to get out more and we weren’t out in droves during the lockdown, so how about push for it after it? Phneurgh!


  53. Qno says:

    Going to help out my local printer during this difficult time, and get some Gates Pie Face t-shirts made up. Maybe some custom face masks as well with the Windows logo

  54. Jeremy says:

    Great video James. You damned Gates by just sticking to the facts. Keep up the fact centered reporting. Well done.

  55. Jeremy says:

    Hi James! I saw that you had Dr. Amesh Adalja on your video. I also follow the Yaron Brook Show where Dr. Adalja gave a long and in depth interview. It may be interesting for you.

    This was the first one he did 3 months ago.

    This is the one he did a week ago.

  56. HomeRemedySupply says:

    SIDEBAR NEWS – May 10, 2020
    Zero Hedge

    “We Sent Them Samples Of A Goat, A Papaya & A Pheasant”:
    Tanzanian President Catches WHO In Epic Lie


    As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases explodes across Africa, the creeping involvement of the WHO has made some leaders suspicious of the NGO. Tanzanian President John Magufuli was growing suspicious of the organization, so he reportedly decided to investigate whether the organization was as trustworthy and reliable as it claimed to be.

    He played what the local press described as “a trick” on the organization: He sent the WHO samples of a goat, a papaya and a quail for testing.

    All three samples reportedly tested positive. When the president heard the news, he reportedly confronted the WHO, then kicked the organization out of the country. Though, to be sure, the WHO has yet to comment on the situation.

    That would suggest one of two conclusions: either the strain of SARS-CoV-2 running amok in Tanzania is much, much more infectious than scientists understand, or the WHO has been reporting incorrect results either on purpose (as an attempt to bolster its credibility in the face of President Trump’s attacks) or via error (yet another indication that the WHO truly is “badly brokem” – as Vox described it back in 2015).

    Most rational people would probably accept the latter scenario as the most accurate one.

    Of course, Magufuli has garnered plenty of controversy himself over the past few weeks. He recently requested stockpiles of an ‘herbal tea’ that has been falsely branded as a COVID-19 cure, and has launched investigations impacting domestic labs and even frontline medical workers as he’s claimed the number of positive tests in his country is too high. The reality is that Tanzania doesn’t have much of a outbreak: It has recorded only 503 cases and 21 deaths. Though its mortality rate of 4% would suggest that the true number of cases likely numbers in the thousands.

    Following the results, Magufuli fired the head of Tanzania’s national lab, sparking a political firestorm. Of course, though Magufuli has been criticized for trying to play down the impact of the virus, the government has so far refused to answer questions about where its test kits were manufactured, as Al Jazeera points out. On Thursday, the head of the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention rejected claims of faulty tests by Tanzania’s president.

    The unreliability of COVID-19 tests manufactured in China has been a major problem for the US, and for Europe, as countries and states have been forced to discard PPE purchased in China – often after purchasing it at inflated prices – because only one-third of the masks actually work, and many of the tests have been found to produce positive and negative results more or less at random….

  57. fabrizio says:

    In case you missed, you must watch this:

    The president of Tanzania sent samples of fruits and animals to WHO laboratories and turned out to be positive to COVID1984.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I caught the video which is embedded in the article above your post.
      I like the trick they pulled.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      Best CV video I’ve seen in weeks!

      Of course the WHO, savvy as they always are, will just rationalize
      this as “It’s obvious that a Covid-19 carrier simply fondled those particular fruits and animals. Next question?”

  58. alexandre says:

    Wow. Democracy Now Amy Goodman doesn’t even pretend anymore. She’s more mainstream than mainstream. And if you like Chomsky with a beard…

    I remember when I watched Democracy Now almost 20 years ago like I watch Corbett today. Quelle déception!

  59. Noahsark723 says:

    For anyone who is interested I just finished recording my latest song about the corona virus plandemic called:

    This Superstitious Eclipse



  60. Jed says:

    I posted something days ago about this and here it is in the NY Slimes regarding medics not working up cardiac arrests


    Add this in with tubing patients who should be sat up and kept awake, cutting nursing home residents loose, emts no longer bvm’ng patients, — they’re KILLING US

    • Jed says:

      This article is a mainstream scumbag attempt to explain away what’s happening but it does verify what I was telling all you good people, that medical direction is implementing ad-hoc protocols that are killing patients. And that’s just one peak from my little shitty corner of the health care system.

  61. zyxzevn says:

    Debunking the Narrative with Prof. Dolores Cahill
    Computing Forever

    Expert Dolores tells a similar story to Judy (of Plandemic).
    A lot of “Covid-19 cases” are actually immune for life.
    And Hydroxychloroquine works in combination with vitC/D+ zinc.

    Would be nice to have some of these experts talk together.

    Also do I think there is a good case to blame many of the
    deaths on the politicians and corporations.

  62. aaroneous says:

    I live in the seattle area & am trying to find folks in the area who want to come picket at the bill & melinda gates foundatiom hq, anyone who’s down to join me, i am planning on going there every week on thursday afternoons around 3pm to 5pm whenever I am able! come join me!

  63. Gypster says:

    The latest scam is the pandemic bonds which—surprise surprise— went default specifically when the coronavirus plandemic broke out.

    The bonds were due to mature July 2020.


    This is how these bankers and elites LOOT the entire world via SOVEREIGN WEALTH FUNDS.

    Don’t believe me? Here’s what they did to Malaysia during the Goldman Sachs 1MDB scandal: https://youtu.be/f6-Q_sgP0uo

  64. fabrizio says:

    Hi James and friends.
    Italian Prime Minister the 10th of May 2020 emanated an executive order (called “Decreto Legge”, which is immediately exceutive and will be almost surely translated into law within 2 months) which will make avaliable to national and internationl entities the genetic code of all the people who will be subject to serological tests for COVID 19.

    This info is 100% accurate (source is “Decreto Legge del 10 maggio 2020, articolo 30”).

  65. tonybaloney says:

    Hello, I have yet to see anyone (in the alt-media) deconstruct bill gate’s theory on lowering the population Via vaccines. (without unpopular opinions/etc)
    It really doesnt take much effort to “debunk” his theory on large-family-sizes in relation to childhood mortality rates.
    If you look into different cultures you can catch a glimpse of why people have larger sized families. If you could generalize those reasons, you’d find that theyre used as a method of aquiring more resources, wealth, and security.
    From tribalism to modern day families.
    these people dont need vaccines, they need a higher standard of living, more wealth, and education.
    maybe they’d benefit more from their own country’s wealth if internationalists dont monopolize it and extract their wealth to keep them poor.
    low standards of living require a lot of physical labor to do successfully.These cultures and areas are one step up from survival mode.
    If you see africa, or any under developed country where the quality/standard of living is low they have large families.
    look at all the traditions of marrage, how transactional they are, how theyre mostly about resources. in some places people will trade you goats for your daughter. some secure their childs spouses without consent, and probably benefit the family more than the bride(this goes to elitists aswell). men are looked at as resources of wealth, and security. they value them more for their physical labor and potential to be a businessmen. large families also mean a system of retirement for elders, where most parts of the world dont have comprehensive retirement businesses,systems and etc. the only way to retire is to have family that takes care of you.
    on a fundemental level, bill gates is totally jaded by his wealth.
    (I havent scanned the comment section to see if anyone pointed this out, and this is my first comment, I am a new member, and my computer sucks ass)

  66. peter.l says:

    There have been some absolute beauties in the recent days. From the BBC article (probably on other MSM as well):

    Coronavirus Sanofi: French drug giant rows back after vaccine storm

    When I read that article I went wow, an exercise in how demand is created. Script goes – leak to the media that PREORDERS of our vaccine will be prioritized to the USA. On cue, the rest of the world responds with outrage “we also want to be the first to inject our populace with your new, fast tracked, and untested solution”

  67. michael.bc says:

    Hi James

    As ever exemplary work on all three videos to date. Thank you for your unending gift to the world of truth and logic in a time of mind-flaying.

    A suggestion in answer to your great question at the end of video 3 – who is Bill Gates…?

    Well as ever, an answer to the question that brings up the question of question at the root of all things ‘hidden’ from plain sight is… can we really handle the implications of the truth even if it were handed us?

    Because the deepest truth is buried so deep from our view we cannot even guess it in our wildest dreams – and being creatures of the surface world, the deep mud at the bottom only occasionally stirs itself up so that we see the tip of its plume every once in a while (e.g. JFK murder/9/11)and thus it remains near impossible to truly fathom its depths and the meaning of its murk.

    So I will simply plant a seed. I have no supporting evidence to offer that any here would hold to. But it’s still there as an offer of an idea so as to gauge everything you know against as a working hypothesis at the back of the mind… if one can but stretch there…

    So how about Bill Gates – Greenbaum programmed stooge…?

    And that when the time comes and his use is done, the next layer of the beast will rise majestically up to fill the void of his going…

    And this time it will truly mean business, building on the back of the ignobly blind labors of its junior forbear Mr Gates…

    The goal being the final destruction of the great body of the human race.

    THE GREENBAUM SPEECH – Hypnosis in MPD Ritual Abuse – 1992 -PDF


  68. anthony.m says:

    My take from this excellent series is that the purpose of the plan to vaccinate the world is predominantly 2-fold ; (1) To create the necessity for global ID system and to control the population and (2) To make a lot of money..? Is there any other agenda in this? I’m pretty sure the anti-vaccination movement doesn’t exist as a result of fear from either of the above points – so what is it they are so afraid of?

  69. illbnice2u2 says:

    Who is Fauci married to? Christine Grady What does she do? Chief, Bioethics Head. Section on Human Subjects Research at NIH (National Institute of Health)Also Appointed by Obama in 2010 left in 2017 As Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues. Christine’s brother-in-law James L. Huskey US Department of State. Reviewing diplomatic correspondence and documents for release via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
    Gates Foundation had Dr. Anthony Fauci, overseeing the creation and development of the Vaccine Research Center May 15,2002. Christine makes a statement that “I have no conflicts of interest to declare”

    • CQ says:

      Today I discovered, to my surprise and delight, that an old friend (whom I’d lost touch with but who recently moved back to my neighborhood) is “woke.” During our hour-long conversation about good websites and YouTube channels, she asked if I’d heard about Fauci’s sister’s connections. I hadn’t. So of course I’m thrilled to see that tidbit mentioned here. Thank you, illbenice2u2.

      Soon, this neighbor may be one of our fellow commenters. I say that because she promised to watch the Gates series and expressed interest in James’ other documentaries, especially the one on the Fed. Also, as a psychotherapist, she’s conscious of the value of encouraging people who seek and find and share truth.

  70. asavetmd says:

    Gates is the Antichrist!

  71. ehk144 says:

    Who has hear of Larry Brilliant? https://www.bitchute.com/video/jFsjPUyr9v8W/ at 10:00 Perhaps James will look into him.

  72. Kim-Searches says:

    I’m looking for comments on this David Icke story:
    Big Pharma whistleblower: ‘97% of corona vaccine recipients will become infertile’


    Some notes: Research: Anti HCG causes sterility in women. Will harm Male sperm GNRH by way of mitochondrial DNA.

  73. Fawlty Towers says:

    I’ve got some great news for Canadian folks!
    We won’t be having mandatory COVID-19 vaccines! 🙂

    So Mr. Gates will have to adjust his vaccination number slightly from
    7.8 billion to:

    7,800,000,000 – (x) (Canadians who say “No!”).

    “Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, has said that the government has no plans to order provinces and territories to make vaccinations mandatory. Alberta, for one, has said that it will not require vaccinations.”

    Alberta is James’ old home province, and has specifically stated it will not mandate them. Yeah!!!

    Could there be a flood of Americans over the border sometime in the near future like the 60’s draft dodgers?

  74. robert.t says:


    Without believing or disbelieving all claims made in this doco, it certainly gets one wondering even more about Gates, or rather about what Gates represents. (I suspect the person Bill Gates is more actor than agent. Like Musk, he is a Betty Crocker, a name on a packet.)

    For francophones, a more complete version of Malaria Business: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ujn-p-Pwzzo

    When I hunted a local and natural cure for a fungal skin condition which was not being helped by any pharmaceutical from over the counter I found not one remedy but many. Effective topical anti-fungals are all over the yard and forest, not to mention the spice jar labelled fenugreek. A very loose paste of freshly pulped rosemary has been so effective that I simply stopped the search. Remedies are not rare.

    Would the WHO and the Gates Foundation actually repress a safe natural cure for a major disease?

    Would they what.

  75. sridhar says:

    These psychopaths and sociopaths must be stopped. First of all, quackccines are based on the scientifically meaningless germ theory. We need to keep educating, every day, every hour.

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