The (Second) Most Important Bank You've Never Heard Of

04/17/201615 Comments

What is the most important bank the public has never heard of?

My fine audience excepted, not one in a hundred people could name the Bank for International Settlements as the culprit, and fewer still could describe the BIS' role as "the apex of the system" of world financial control (as Carroll Quigley so memorably put it).

But what about the second most powerful bank? How many people would even be able to venture a guess as to the identity of that institution? If they were told that its acronym was "GEF," how many people would even know what that stands for?

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  1. rltmlt says:

    The (Second) Most Important Bank!

    Thanks James, the disclosure of this long overlooked financial link that supports an established and very troubling radical agenda will hopefully lead to it’s eradication. The true purpose of powerful entities like the World Bank and the United Nations, that remain under the full control of the eight Western Countries that sponsored their creation decades ago, remains a mystery to most of the planet’s population. I would hope that this private relationship among various wealthy oligarchs could be exploited to finally reverse a troubling trend that has basically blocked the progression of any and all meaningful scientific research and development as it promotes an atmosphere of reverse evolution !

    I recently came across a relevant comment made by the late Dr. Madelyn Murray O’Hair at the close of her speech to the National Atheist Convention held in Florida in 1990;
    “You all cry over human history, I know that I do as we see what religion has done to Western Cultures for over two thousand years.
    Had we followed Paganism, had we adopted the Latin and Greek cultures with their emphasis on knowledge and science, it’s very likely that a Neil Armstrong predecessor would have walked on the Moon in the year 300 AD.”

  2. bakedinbend says:

    Well here is how a small elite will soon own most of the productive land in the world. The rest of us will just have to reside where ever they deem fit for us to live. Nothing like having your nation spend money, made up out of nothing and lent to them by these same banks, only to have the debt traded for the productive land of your nation. Productive land is the most useful kind of wealth next to the hours of your life. Whatever debt is left you and your kids are on the hook to pay back the rest through taxes(the hours of your life). This system is almost perfect if you are a global banker or one of their shills.

    I am starting to think that leaders whom accrue unnecessary debt for their nation should be charged and tried for treason. It seems like the best way to loose sovereignty. When most of that debt just pads the pockets of the leaders and those whom help them into office. It seems like the perfect system for enslaving your nation and it’s people to a bank. In my opinion that is simply treasonous. I live in the Western U. S. and now I know what will happen to all these parks and the BLM lands when the government can no longer borrow.

    • Mohawk Man says:

      Agenda 21 updated to Agenda 2030 now and being implemented before our eyes. (most are unaware and waiting for the next gadget, game etc to arrive, start–most don’t want to know..they turn away when told) Congress, well, all 3 branches of govt are clearly aware and complicit in this treason. The armed Pension Patrols are their enforcement agencies (and revenuers) on the ground as are the myriad of bureaucrats who are also paid off to harass the majority off peaceful people. A mixture of ideologues combined with the greedy is a dangerous combination. The anger is at unprecedented levels.

      “I am starting to think that leaders whom accrue unnecessary debt for their nation should be charged and tried for treason.”—–Very obvious 98% of them are guilty and need to be……..dealt with. These are crimes against humanity. Genocide, in many cases and Supremacism of a select group who dominate many of these actions.

      We are losing our humanity if it is not already gone.

  3. doug.mcgillis says:

    hi James,

    I hope you and yours are safe and sound and not damaged by the earthquakes.

    • SoniaG says:

      I second that, I have been wondering if James & family are OK.

    • vicj says:

      Yes give us a Corbett report update on when you are planning to retreat to safer diggs like say, Canada ;-). Y’all are running out of room over there, and living on volcanoes and major fault lines surrounded by ionizing radiation in your water, wind, soil and foods. Time for you and your family to come home James. Move to NFLD if you need an Island lol.

  4. phreedomphile says:

    In case Corbetters missed this, Ottmar Edenhofer, a former UN IPCC co-chair (2008-2015) has admitted global climate change policy is not about the environment:

    “One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with the environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole”

    [So what is the goal of environmental policy?]

    “We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy,” said Edenhofer.

    • nosoapradio says:

      I must have been on vacation in April of last year as I missed this article!

      Thanks phreedomphile! I’m very happy indeed to have this link!

      Hope to be reading you again soon!

  5. vicj says:

    In addition to Carbon Credits as a new form of cash grab and the looming prospect of a global currency, I believe we can see the emergence of a new version of economic theory and academic study that will switch from the consumption based economics of GDP and GNP in favor of a Natural Capital Accounting based valuation.

    This all seems to be preparing to enter the mainstream public and academic radar, some time soon imho. Those who are designing it no doubt have their eye on how this new global geopolitical board game is best played even if we the plutocratic profane may not yet get it.

    Assets formerly in the global commons and public domain are soon to be subject of investment under the guise of global eco-replenishment and natural custodial services as environmental caregivers, when in fact there is and will be a direct link to the control and ownership of such resources via the vested interests of projects and initiatives veiled under the auspices of GED and new World Bank strategies.

    “Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES) is a World Bank-led global partnership that aims to promote sustainable development by ensuring that natural resources are mainstreamed in development planning and national economic accounts.” (

    It will be interesting to see how this new form of wealth will manifest itself in the Global Capitalist Environment, and how a new version of Economics will need to evolve/adapt, beyond the the existing Austrian school (Micro/macro), Keynesian, Socialist, Communist conventional views of consumption based free-market economics.

  6. bladtheimpailer says:

    We just had a Bob Standford come to our little town, Nelson, in British Columbia, to advise the local citizenry, heavy with environmentalist, on water, rising sea levels and people fleeing here. Standford is a big wig with the U.N. University of Water, Environment and Health out of Alberta. The background check I did shows this august institution is funded by…you guessed it, the Global Environment Facility. So the timing of your excellent article couldn’t have been better as I borrowed from it extensively in writing a letter to the Editor of our local, but 1% owned newspaper, exposing this connection with and of the GEF. Will my letter get published? Probably not due to editorial control and the embarrassment it might cause the reporting staff as they did a big right up on Stanford’s ludicrous claims and my fifteen minutes of research and expose would make them look rather negligent in their duties. Thanks for all your hard work James.

  7. excalibur says:

    Hello James,
    I joined the report to specifically read this article. Excellent. A minor point is that it’s “Edmond” not “Edmund” de Rothschild.

    Since I will be quoting you extensively on this, I would prefer not to write Edmund (sic) 🙂

    ( )

    Kind Regards,

  8. Mielia says:

    “…able to record Edmund de Rothschild describing…”
    dead youtube link sadly
    and couldn’t find it on archive

    Larken Rose
    when loading the archive version of watchmybit it wants me to pay 0,19 $ with bitcoin lololol

    UNCED 1992; George Hunt on archive still online though!

    • Mielia says:

      “we are the living sponsors of the great Cecil Rhodes will”
      “we stand with Lord Milners credo ” we too are British race patriots” ”

      2nd Marshall Plan

      17:12 they are all at Davos
      Maurice Strong co-chairman of WEF (really was he at that time, didn’t remember)

      21:40 who leads the environment movement
      the convener of the summit Maurice Strong identifies Edmond de Rothschild as the creator of the environment movement

      28:50 4th World Wilderness Congress audio (footage of papers)

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