Interview 1561 - James Corbett on The Filter Podcast

07/04/202048 Comments

Bush was right: The constitution really is just a piece of paper. So what does this mean in the age of the corona crisis, as some turn to those pieces of paper to protect the last shreds of their privacy and even their bodily autonomy? And if constitutional fictions aren't the solution, what is? Don't miss this in-depth exploration of the world of 2020 as James Corbett joins Matt Asher on The Filter podcast.

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The Filter

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  1. I Shot Santa says:

    The platform is gab. But he won’t move as he’s the ultimate head of the false paradigm. This guy is an excellent interviewer. Sounds meek, but he ran it well.

    • debra.b says:

      I thought this was a good interview as well. In regards to the social media platforms of the younger generation. I found this encouraging when it was first happening, but then I realized they may be rejecting the Fakebook tool, but in Instagram they have the same master….Fakebook owns Instagram.

      TikTok is compromised as well, a former Disney Exec, Kevin A. Mayer is their CEO… “In May of 2020, Mayer resigned from The Walt Disney Company to become COO of Chinese internet technology company ByteDance Ltd., where he will also serve as CEO of its popular social media app TikTok, reporting directly to ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming.[8]“

      And, ByteDance the company that owns Tik Tok has at least one shared investor with Fakebook which is General Atlantic.

      “Facebook and ByteDance investor General Atlantic pumps $870 million into Reliance Jio“

      I lately have been thinking Zuckerberg is Gates creepy shadow boy. And, makes me think his background deserves a deeper dig than I’ve seen. Corbett’s Gates series made think about this and I have been trying to look at Zuckerberg’s family history. This video from 2013 was telling….

      Mark Zuckerberg: Bill Gates Was My Hero Growing Up.:

      Also, remember that 1975 penthouse article about the NSA I asked about that my Dad had? I finally figured out why he had it and what it teaches me. Too much to explain, but it was driving me crazy not getting it. My Dad taught me how to think by telling me like one simple phrase or sentence and leaving me to sit with it. And, I’d always end up learning for myself what he meant. One of the best when I asked why he didn’t vote, “ The President has no power beyond his military rank.” It took me a while to get it. But, I did.

      .p.s. I gathered you bought PH for the pictures. Lol Just not tryin’ to hear…lalalala(ears covered) that my dad did too. 😯

    • mkey says:

      Meek indeed, but the interview was snappy. I didn’t like where he was going with “legislate twatter out of existence” thing, but all in all decently put together.

  2. mellander says:

    Do I have to go to another platform to full screen your videoes, James?

  3. Arby says:

    I heard James say, in an earlier show (forget exactly which) that there’s a loophole in the Japanese Constitution that, in fact, does allow it to do a lockdown. Was that a mistake?

  4. annie ashes says:

    Bet you’ll never guess who funds the private part of this public-private partnership, the Keith Group 😉

    • debra.b says:

      He has a fondness for wearing pastel colored sweaters over his shirts and sounds like Kermit the frog?! 😄

      • annie ashes says:

        Jeez, I guess that was too easy, wasn’t it…
        Yes he does sound like Kermit! His left hand gesticulations are rather frog-like. And he’s all about green!🤑 Perhaps they’re related — they’re both muppets, after all.

      • Vanschiele says:

        Yes, at last. Someone who can also see the resemblance. It’s the voice mostly.

  5. asavetmd says:

    James, the Mythical Immunity Passport is exactly that, a Myth. Your Innate Immunity is perfectly capable of resolving a COVID infection and it won’t leave Antibodies. There are many other Corona viruses that you probably have been exposed to from the Common cold and that can give you Cross-Over Immunity and your Innate System will resolve an infection. Young people from Gens X, Y, Z all get well due to the Innate Immune System or Cross-Over Immunity. The upper Respiratory Tract has IgA Antibodies that will resolve infections if the Antibody level isn’t too high, but if levels are high you will have a Cytokine Storm with the above consequences. You can produce IgG Antibodies from previous Corona virus infections if the Innate System didn’t resolve an infection and that will resolve a COVID infection. If you allow yourself to be injected and have resolved a prior corona virus the injection will cause the Cytokine Storm.
    The upshot is the Immunity PP from prior infection that produced Antibodies or Antibodies from the injection is a Myth because there is Immunity without circulating Antibodies. The other problem is that the injection will cause the Cytokine Storm if you have resolved a previous Corona virus infection that didn’t produce Antibodies. Louis Farakkan said recently, “Don’t take the injection”, so his followers won’t be taking it and yours won’t be either but the Democrats are lost in Russiagate 5 so all of them will take it and possibly reduce their numbers. Your host did a very good job on the interview so I will keep an eye out for him in the future.

  6. fer67 says:

    James, have you thought about interviewing Cal Washington working on helping people stop smart meters using Notices of Liability? Or the group that has examined Canada’s laws and stated that there is no constitution, and that Canada is not a sovereign nation? I believe this group discusses the issue: I think this is highly relevant to the 5G and mandatory vaccinations, as well as Trudeau enacting laws without parliament. I think many people would like to see a show on this issue. Excellent interview.

  7. fer67 says:

    Trying to find a video James mentioned in the interview, ‘into the fire’? Does anyone have a link? Thanks.

    • CQ says:

      fer67, I searched Dan Dicks Press for Truth Into the Fire and voila:

      Speaking of fire, tonight there are no fireworks at the country club across the street. First time in the 30-plus years I’ve lived here that the air is filled with the sound of silence on July 4th.

      • mkey says:

        I wonder if people are even going to remember what 4th of July was about a year from now.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I hear ya.
          Of course, in my neighborhood, folks were illegally and covertly popping off fireworks on 7/4. I loved it.

          7/7 seems like many, many decades ago.
          I’m wrapping up the end of my July 7th now.

          After 2020, I doubt the younger generation will even yawn about the 7/7 event.

          • mkey says:

            I’ve seen the TSM video where they had some actual live audio recording of the relatively silent 4th of July, but people are always gonna be people and will disobey about the little things. Hopefully they’ll start disobeying about the not to so little things only soon enough.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I like the way James Corbett expressed the “Fictions of Government” and placating the public with the myth of constitutionality.

    Something which hit home for me was at the 29 minute mark, where Corbett mentions that “What we believe is important” to the Powers That Should Not Be.
    That hit home.
    It makes propaganda necessary.
    They have to engineer consent.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I want to plug a 3 minute video which Pearl mentioned.

      It is about ENGINEERING CONSENT.

      Social Conformity – Brain Games

    • CQ says:

      Yeah, HRS, that touched a nerve with me, too. I repeated the word “placate” a couple times aloud after he said it.

      Earlier in the day I paused when someone (sorry, don’t remember who) in the NWNW comment section defined the word “acquiesce.”

      No, I won’t placate “them.” No, I won’t acquiesce to “them.” And, no, I will not stand up when “they” press a button that makes a sound that causes everyone else to rise and sit again, per that wonderful video pearl recommended and HRS plugged and now I’m plugging.

      Yes, please DO watch it! Unless, of course, you don’t want to acquiesce to this suggestion made by three Texans! 🙂

      • camille.o says:

        Make that four Texans!

        HRS- The last time I commented was to give you an update here in West Texas. Well sadly I must report that all the stores my husband and I went to over the weekend, there was maybe one or two other people, besides us of course, that were not masked up. I am hoping it is due to this being new and people need to see others not obeying, however after watching that video I am not so sure. My husband and I talked about the very thing the video demonstrates on the way home. Maybe people just need to see others like myself and my husband to gain some courage. It actually feels quite empowering to be the only one without a mask.

        On the plus side, no one says a word and if they did I have the EO printed out should I need it for any store personnel. Daniel McAdams put out a great article outlining why the masks actually aren’t mandatory, and I’m grateful he caught that because I didn’t.

        • CQ says:

          hey camille.o — two Qs from CQ:

          (1) would you happen to have the McAdams link

          (2) are you the same camille as just plain “Camille”?

          I’m thinking maybe “Camille” is your professional video-making name and “camille.o” is your West Texas neighbor name. 😉

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Aren’t you up in the panhandle?
          What part of west Texas?…I forgot.

          • camille.o says:

            I am in Lubbock, remember, we have grit here 😉

            Interesting story to share. We took our son and his girlfriend out to dinner last night, as they were in town headed to Houston to find an apartment. The restaurant requires masks in order for you to walk to a table. Sadly, I am not kidding. There were five of us and we refused. I told the young lady masks were only required when we were unable to remain six feet apart. She shockingly said REALLY?? They took us to our table without the masks.

            While I find it sad that people are so compliant it’s interesting to watch. A lady near our table got up to go to the restroom, made it a few feet and went back to get her mask. On a positive note, we went to another store to get our son some appropriate clothing for the hot Houston weather and it was actually refreshing to see more rebels like us on that visit.

            CQ, did you say you were in Houston? What is the atmosphere like down there?

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Oh!…we’re doomed…

    Campus Reform Digital Reporter Eduardo Neret spoke to students and young Americans about the history behind the 4th of July.

    Young Americans Know Nothing About The 4th of July
    (4 1/2 minutes)

    • CQ says:

      Laughing and weeping and grimacing all at once, HRS.

      I wonder if the guy at Campus Reform would like to learn about TCR?

    • debra.b says:

      Wow! At least the kids were honest about not being taught. And, they seemed as though they sincerely felt cheated out of education. They made far more sense than that teacher. I wouldn’t want her teaching anyone. Yikes!

      • CQ says:

        “Yikes” is right, debra.b. Do you suppose her fellow teacher agreed? Or was she too timid to differ publicly, knowing she’d be vilified?

        • debra.b says:

          I actually looked back at it again, CQ, because I wondered the same. It definitely looks to me as if whatever the other teacher started to say was cut from the footage because obviously they wanted something exactly as infuriating and absurd as what the other one said. I also think they thought the kids would come off looking worse than what they did. And, perhaps some thought they did. If that was their aim with regards to those kids, then it was a big fail, imo and shame on them.

  10. MagicBullet says:

    Good interview by Matt (over the discussion he moved his camera away from the bright windows behind him).

    The deaths per population in Japan: as of today 972/125,930,000=0.0000077. In the US: 129,654/331,002,651=0.00039. The ratio of deaths to population for Japan vs the US: 0.0000077/0.00039=0.0197, about 2%.

    Japan has a large population (38% of the US) with 92% in urban areas, many packed into trains daily. In Tokyo, the largest city in the world, 40 million passengers use the rail system only daily.

    I don’t think I need to explain to this audience what’s going on….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Japan’s statistics and Covid-response should be used as a comparative to other nations

      I would like to see folks like Del Bigtree and other alternative media highlight Japan as a comparative.
      We know that mainstream media will never shine the spotlight on this example.

  11. nexangelus says:

    Good grief another tracing thingydoodle:

    Was wondering how they might get around those who don’t have a mobile device/smart phoone, etc.

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Please don’t take this commotion to Texas.

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