Interview 1532 - James Corbett on Free Man Beyond the Wall

04/04/202099 Comments

via "Pete invited documentarian, researcher and commentator, James Corbett, to come on the show. James has been consistently reporting on government's reaction to the CV-19 pandemic and paints a picture of where he thinks individual liberty will end up when all is said and done."

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  1. fer67 says:

    All the chaos, confusion, worry, fear, anger, etc is just a banquet of delight for the satan worshipping pedophiles that run the world. They obviously enjoy this madness. They are literally mad. If we don’t accept that, we can never address their power grab. Only mad people crave infinite money and infinite power via cold technology and systems of death. Every industrial system they profit from is a death system. We need to understand that they are a death cult, come to grips with that, and find a way to put a well directed arrow into the weak link in their ideology. We need to address the mass hypnosis they have over most of the population — in fact most of their past destructive efforts are accomplished via mass hypnosis. People can make themselves very sick or heal themselves with their own minds. We need to fight off the mind control and mass hypnosis, put ourselves in a space where we can rebuff the fear and mental images they keep giving us, and focus on where the world could be going. I hope that you James are going to do a Propaganda Report on mind control and mass hypnosis and these events. This is the world’s most ambitious psyop. The media is flooding us with the message of hysteria continually. How do we who are not hypnotized break the hypnosis of those who are?

      • alexandre says:

        I just saw some material about what’s apparently happening in Guayaquil, Ecuador – bodies being burned on the streets etc – and I just thought about Sandy Hook, something like “if they could pull that off there, how easy would it be to do a Guayaquil version?”, but I really don’t know. Seems too much, but then again … 911, SH etc. Very disturbing. You guys heard of this Guayaquil stuff? – including footage of corpses that apparently is the same footage that appeared in Queens, NY, according to Candlelight.

        • Brother, I haven’t followed international news. But I wouldn’t be surprised that like the color revolutions, much of what you see is staged or steered by a hidden hand. I have no idea where we go from here. Someone I respect says that we are beyond the stage of “write to your Governor” when everyone in power has sworn an oath to Satan, or at least has been deputized by DHS to carry out some tyrannical function when the time comes. We need to do much more than we are doing, and we really do need the police and miltary on our side. Both Trump’s presidency and Qanon have been a psyop for the most part. Add political correctness to divide the nation, “right” vs “left”, and how due to lack of employment everyone will be literally in survival mode dependent on the government, and the situation is bleak indeed. Keyboard warrioring has huge limitations. And who wants to stand outside a grocery store and be pilloried for sharing unwanted information RE all of the above? A weakness in the human psyche has been exploited to the hilt via the TV etc.I have a friend who went to Harvard and got a 47 on his LSAT and he will listen to nothing but NYT and WaPo. I look to people like James for direction. His culture jamming challenge is very good. But there may be a narrow window for this. I think Putin is going to imprison anyone spreading “misinformation” RE Covid 19. Soon we won’t be able to express the truth at all.

          • alexandre says:

            Well, it looks more and more like Kaliyuga and all those ancient stories, that describe so well all this. “Their torment can only end with the arrival of Kalki, the destroyer” etc. Or “The preparations for the coming of Ahriman” say some antroposophics. Well, it sure looks like it. One thing is certain; whatever starts in the US, the rest will mostly follow, as always. If we in Brazil and elsewhere are always copying the US, then any resistance or culture jamming, anything would be something good to copy. So…we’re counting on you, guys! Ha ha… (er…assuming you’re in the US).

    • capt zilch says:

      capt zilch says:
      04/07/2020 at 2:20 pm
      bio warfare & five gee oligarichic/dominator culture end gaming got ya down,,? why-not rather chant “E.M.P”.

      To move past the obstacle we must stop feeding it: It eats our time & effort as stressed attention on toast; it has us constantly chasing worthless paper (in myriad forms),, Perhaps an accurate naming of ways and means that we feed it would be a good list to stick on the fridge?

      If quarantining is a kind of forced retreat from the day by day manic worker bee servitude, a chance to consider who one really thinks they are anyway. Then perhaps pulling Hal’s plug, blasting the technonsense out of the park, is perhaps a way to bring on an automatic grass roots formation/response. I imagine an immediate difference will be in people willingness to be more responsible.

      without all the electric toys, especially remote access (phones and cameras, radio and tv), the bad guys mightn’t look so big anymore.

  2. anoush.n says:

    I, too, was not expecting such a dramatic power grab. I thought it would be a slow process over ~10 years. Honestly, it seems rushed to me… and when things are rushed, that leaves room for error. I’m sure there is more than one Achilles heel in their plan, we just need to find it…

    The tech element will be the trickiest part to overcome (esp since they have access to technologies we aren’t even aware of yet) and should be the first part we tackle.

    • Steve Smith says:

      I agree that this whole thing smells of desperation. Could it be that they are afraid that people who see through the lies were awakening too quickly. A looming tipping point of consciousness.
      Nah, probably not.

      • anoush.n says:

        Or the globalists are getting old and want to achieve world domination before they die… who knows?

        In Huxley’s speech he talked about how 20% of the population is easily manipulated and could potentially be manipulated to overthrow the government; which he thought was problematic. Alternatively, which he did not mention, 20% of the population that can’t be manipulated could form a vigilante group and do the same. So it’s possible they’re worried about that… which would explain the crackdown on free speech.

      • Mungjam says:

        I agree it all is moving unexpectedly fast. 10 years was my guess as well. After all they just sent troops to Europe to prepare infrastructure for military deployment. So that would take a bit of time. But desperation? No. I see an opportunistic windfall aiding and speed-tracking their plans. Like this big wave building up out of nowhere and they hopped on their surfboard. I don’t think they had predicted how easily and completely the world population would embrace and self-embellish their hellish agenda. What I see around me are people giddily celebrating welcome holidays and an apparent people movement on a dizzying worldwide scale, all working in unison to defeat this threat called virus. They had fought this uphill battle called climate change that was going to kill us all by 2050, against the economic stranglehold of the 1% – and dreams come true: finally, we have a world movement against the evil. I can’t tell you guys how often I heard people say in the last week that we, the people will save our health and elderly over the blind greed of the economic vampires. Entirely oblivious that they are looking into their own gun barrel. What is robbing me of all hopes are the crazy, crazy conversions I see in previously grounded (i.e. very suspicious of health mafia) people around me. I also agree that rush breeds errors, but the ‘seeing’ are so far behind in mobilizing. As James says, we lack every decentralization progress in the book and now are additionally hampered by self-isolating, so we have no chance to act on them. Being able to reclaim free speech in an uncensored and unmonitored environment, so mobilization can take place, is the foundation of any movement. They are well aware of it, and we should see rapid disintegration in the channels they provide for us (so they can …) going forward. I have followed Corbett links to the Mesh Network information, but found the page links there disabled. I lack needed skills and will pursue info with limited local talent (unless now also brainwashed), because I truly feel that taking back this power is a crucial first step to kicking at our handler’s knees. This is not a fast forward.

        • anoush.n says:

          I hate to be a downer, but even if we decentralize and find ways to thrive outside the system, do you really think they’ll allow it? We’ll be constantly surveilled, so any freedom we have would be artificial (think Truman show).

          Yes, we need to decentralize, but FIRST something else needs to happen…. and quickly because we’re running out of time.

          • Mungjam says:

            Agreed, anoush.n, no time to lose and plenty down already. Please enlighten me on your FIRST initiative so we can get started right away.

            • anoush.n says:

              Well… How do I begin? I’m happy we still have the internet and we should drive it till the wheels fall off, but it’s not the best place for every conversation 😉

              Like I said earlier, the tech part will be the hardest to overcome… this is where I’m stuck. Any ideas how to get past that?

              I like Derrick Broze’s idea to form Freedom Cells; which we’d have to do quickly and encourage friends from surrounding cities to do as well. Unfortunately for me, my in-person network dwindled as “woke” friends of mine jumped on the Q train.

              Anyway, the tech has to go or we need to figure out ways to get around it. That’s the first step.

    • Octium says:

      Better for us to have the rushed approach than the boiling amphibian approach.

      If anyone accuses you of being a conspiracy theorist these days – hand them a white cane!

      • anoush.n says:

        You might be right. I’m currently reading Little Prince to my son and this reminds me of the chapter about boababs. Here’s the text that struck me:

        “Perhaps you will ask me, “Why are there no other drawing in this book as magnificent and impressive as this drawing of the baobabs?”
        The reply is simple. I have tried. But with the others I have not been successful. When I made the drawing of the baobabs I was carried beyond myself by the inspiring force of urgent necessity.”

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Octium ; that is an inspiring image. To shame publicly like the white feather of WW1.

        Set up a tripod, camera and a bundle of canes. Anyone with gloves, masks and all the new garb, anyone passing by for that matter. Narcissistic People will flock to the front end of a video camera.
        Entertain them with questioning inquiries of facts pertaining to CV19 that go against the MSM, WHO, Fouci ect. ect. Present the clueless with a white cane with a red tip and record the reactions. Parting shoot ” May this help with your blindness, Sir/ Name”
        This could be fun.

    • anoush.n says:

      It’s slightly arrogant that he compares his own work to George Orwell’s masterpiece, and sadly, like so many others, he missed the point.

      George Orwell, I believe, was more of a transcendentalist and his final work goes beyond the surface; addressing the big picture.

      1984 was a religious metaphor. The smile at the end… what does it mean? That’s for us to interpret on your own 🙂

    • Mungjam says:

      Thanks for this pearl. Interesting first read for me. ….”are producing a great many new wonder drugs where the cure is almost worse than the disease”. Trump just read this as well?

      I have always been suspicious that TV has been used as the primary subliminal hypnosis tool. I haven’t had one since I was 18. My guess is that the majority of visitors to alternative news channels are not spending much time on TV and question if that holds true. So, Huxley, if=then, quite possibly alternative media serves 20% of the population. We need to work this from the other end and get to the swinging 60 in the middle?!.

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Peter R. Quinones (“Mance Rayder”) of Free Man Beyond the Wall .com is an excellent host in this 4/4/2020 Interview 1532 – James Corbett on Free Man Beyond the Wall
    aka (also known as)
    There Are Dark Days Ahead – James Corbett on Free Man Beyond The Wall.

    James gives a great synopsis and overview of where things stand.
    He brings up many aspects and emphasizes points of focus.

    At the 11:15 mark, Corbett mentions how “The Powers That Should Not Be” have been “wargaming” a pandemic and collapse scenario for years.

    This point highlights a recent revisit which Corbett made to a 2008 episode which is very relevant today…
    Corbett Report’s A Bioterror False Flag reissued on 4/3/2020 with Broc West images/video

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Snake Plissken & Free Man Beyond the Wall & Escape From New York (1981)

    At the 12:23 mark, Peter R. Quinones (“Mance Rayder”) mentions such things as Texas barring people from Louisiana “…and Rhode Island is going around, searching, for people who have escaped from New York”.

    A CLASSIC film from 1981, set in the future year of 1997
    Escape From New York
    Trailer – 2 1/2 minutes)

    Escape From New York (via Wikipedia)
    Snake was arrested in 1997 after breaking into the U.S. Federal Reserve in Denver, Colorado. He was sentenced to life in New York maximum security prison —that is, the entire island of Manhattan, surrounded by an impenetrable wall, and then abandoned to fall into anarchy.

    At this time, Air Force One was hijacked and crashed into Manhattan, and the President, played by Donald Pleasence, was captured by the “Duke of New York” (Isaac Hayes), the de facto leader of the prisoners. Bob Hauk (Lee Van Cleef), the New York Police Commissioner, offered Snake a full pardon for every criminal action he had committed in the United States if he would go in and rescue the President.

    The President carried technical information that would allow the United States to be the dominant world power, but in 24 hours it would become useless. Hauk enforced the time limit by implanting microscopic explosive capsules in Plissken’s carotid arteries, which would detonate at the deadline. Plissken rescued the President with the help of Harold Hellman (Harry Dean Stanton) (now known as Brain, and working for the Duke of New York), Brain’s “squeeze” Maggie (Adrienne Barbeau), and a taxicab driver nicknamed Cabby (Ernest Borgnine). Only Plissken and the President survived their escape. As the President began his broadcast speech, Plissken, who is disgusted by the President’s lack of regret for the people who died to get him out, walked away, deliberately shredding the time-critical information tape.

  5. catie says:

    Great interview.

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. While some of the “globalists” may truly have purposeful evil intentions, my guess is many of them really believe they are involved in something very Good.

    I’ve heard people call Bill Gates the “anti-Christ”. I have no idea on that. But Gates and his wife do tend to give off this impression that they really believe they are doing something good for humanity.

    So, it all starts with good intention, but over time it becomes more and more Machiavellian where the End justifies the means (in other words it becomes a form of extremism itself).

    These people are arrogant! They believe they can control NATURE itself, when they don’t even understand nature (they admit this). The Technocrats who have been building the world-wide high technological prison (a prison that will include them…even though they don’t know it yet)are in actuality, Fools. It doesn’t matter how high of IQs they have, they are still fools.

    This is who the masses have handed over their freedoms/security to. We don’t know what will happen in the coming months and years, but it doesn’t look good as the masses appear to be uniting under this new paradigm shift to a technological totalitarian system.

    • Libertydan says:

      The Ancient story of Babylon comes to mind, eh! Yes, man playing God, does not end well

    • Mungjam says:

      I have witnessed this through many years in school, that the brightest in the bunch are really bad at ‘life’. Disconnected, really.

      • manbearpig says:

        I have the strange sensation of being at the beginning of that TV series called Childhood’s End which was first an awesome sci fi novel by Arthur C Clarke:


        “Childhood’s End is a 1953 science fiction novel by the British author Arthur C. Clarke. The story follows the peaceful alien invasion of Earth by the mysterious Overlords, whose arrival begins decades of apparent utopia under indirect alien rule, at the cost of human identity and culture.”

        At the end the kids all get uploaded into a space ship as the old planet Earth disintegrates.

        ” Rodricks experiences a profound sense of emptiness when the children have gone. Then material objects and the Earth itself begin to dissolve into transparency. Rodricks reports no fear, but a powerful sense of fulfillment. The Earth evaporates in a flash of light. Karellen looks back at the receding Solar System and gives a final salute to the human species.”

        Now, You go an’ have yerself a nice day, y’hear!

        • alexandre says:

          hahahahahahahah….sorry. Yo’re so funny.
          Now, would’ya stop with the TV series already?

          • manbearpig says:

            TV series are Switzerland in my house.

            Would you make an exception for this one?:


            • alexandre says:

              No exceptions whatsoever, ever.
              “Could I just inject myself in the eye with this little tiny bit of arsenic and sulfuric acid?”

              On the other hand, did you see the last TSM gates video? Compared to watching that vomit speaking, I’d chose the video you asked an exception for.


          • mkey says:

            I have become almost incapable of entertaining even a brief escapist interlude. Some days I really get spent and practically force myslef to watch a movie or something of the sort but I’ll usually get sidetracked before the plot even starts to thicken and in a few minutes it will become patently obvious I have no idea what the film is about.

            5 to 6 hours daily of this basically unproductive activity will surely take its toll. 8 hour work day seems relaxing in comparison, albeit equally unproductive in the long run.

            • catie says:

              I’ve had to learn to offset this stuff with something else. Too much mind activity is not good. Sometimes just going to a track and walking or running helps.

      • manbearpig says:

        “…really bad at ‘life’. Disconnected, really..”.

        y’mean like trapped in a bell jar?

        • Mungjam says:

          Perfect, love that laser.

          • manbearpig says:

            not my image actually: sylvia plath; The Bell Jar.

            but hers marked me a long time ago when I was but a tender youth. I also happened to be living in Northampton, Massachusetts when I read it just next to Smith college (where I would later take some classes) which is where much of the action takes place.

            Madeleine l’Engle, my favourite prophetess, writer of A Wrinkle in Time, also went to Smith College.

            I realize that has nothing to do with the price of tea in China.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    March 30, 2020
    Dan Dicks of “Press for Truth” Interviews ‘Urban Farmer Curtis Stone’

    (Various gardening methods can be approached)
    (32 minutes)

    Curtis Stone Urban Farmer has REPEATEDLY been mentioned in the comment section of The Corbett Report.
    Urban Farmer Curtis Stone & Canadian signed documents “Royal Assent”
    “How to do Judo-moves on government AUTHORITIES.”

    “directing attention”…Urban Farmer Curtis Stone talks about HOW TO CRUSH IT AT THE FARMERS MARKET!!
    Curtis Stone video comes up in “Recommended Viewing” of Corbett’s article “Strange Bedfellows: The India/Pakistan/China Triangle”.

  7. David Haag says:

    Uhh, don’t we already have digital dollars? The $ in my bank account are just ones and zeros…I mean oo and o1 or whatever the machine language is. My retirement SS and Military gets deposited monthly and it is just numbers and zeros. I rarely use cash but rely on plastic cards debit or credit and transfer the debits to whomever. Or is that credits transferred to whomever? Credits and debits are confusing.

    • mkey says:

      I think the last figure is estimated at about 3% of actual bank notes (debt notes) in the total pool of “money”, everything else being credit which extinguishes itself when the debt is settled. Of course, more debt is needed to take care of the interest since not enough was issued from the get go.

      • David Haag says:

        My unstated point is that our bank balances are just digital…could be erased by whoever wills it. Hard assets are hard to eat. Any wonder why one might hoard.

    • Libertydan says:

      You will need a Digital Wallet for the New Digital Dollar. But, ya, they are more than have way there already.

  8. mkey says:

    ‘The Other Option Is Death’: New York Starts Sharing of Ventilators

    Somewhere in the middle of the article.

    The hospital has not yet run out of ventilators, but Dr. Beitler said it was better to try the technique now than “when you have absolutely no choice.” Notably, he believes the technique will not increase staffing needs.

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    BLOWBACK from the People
    At the 26 minute mark of There Are Dark Days Ahead – James Corbett on Free Man Beyond The Wall … James and Peter discuss blowback.

    From how I see it, there is a tremendous amount of precedent established in China.
    (Personally, I am suspicious as to “why” China originally handled the Coronavirus contagion in the way it did. Was it to set a model for the world?…and perhaps to justify a method of popping the economic bubble?)

    Regardless, China did set a precedent.

    In the beginning of the quarantine, the Chinese people were singing together praises from their apartments, such “We are strong”.
    This behavior was much like the current 8pm “Clap for Health Workers” in the West.
    (See the top half of Corbett’s OPEN THREAD 02/12/2020 for Twitter video and Video links of this behavior.)

    As time passed, the Quarantine became too much for the apartment dwellers, with some folks jumping off the balconies or cursing at the politicos.
    Listen to people shouting and moaning.

  10. mkey says:

    Michael Gove calls 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories ‘dangerous nonsense’


    ‘The reality is that the mobile phone networks are absolutely critical to all of us, particularly at a time when we are asking people to stay at home and not see relatives and friends.

    ‘But in particular, these are also phone networks used by the emergency services and health workers and I am absolutely outraged, absolutely disgusted, that people would be taking action against the very infrastructure that we need to respond to this health emergency.

  11. Libertydan says:

    In the link below to “News with Rick Sanchez” there is a clip of people going about normal life in Sweden where the Government has done nothing about “The Virus”. I have no idea if the hospitals are at capacity, but to the people on the street, it appears no worse than the seasonal Flu.

    • mkey says:

      There is now a (strong?) push to strike some fear into those ignoble northern heatens. Or at least that’s what my local media are telling me.

  12. robert.t says:

    It’s a good point – critical even – that we can only hope in decentralisation. Anything calling itself a “movement” is already infiltrated by whatever is being “moved” against. Revolutions are for plunder, rebellions for elites, collapses for oligarchs.

    When I was a kid in supposedly conservative Catholic education (boarding, rugby, mass, rosary, benediction, angelus, more rugby etc etc) I was taught full-bore Darwinism as the foundation of modern science and it was never doubted that modern history began in 1789 with the fall of cruel priests and kings. The only thing different to now was that “free” enterprise hadn’t thought of ways get godless commies to make all our stuff. (Heinz was yet to sit down with Chou to discuss the possibilities of “world peace”.)

    So much for 1950s conservatism. I was much older before I twigged that the greatest massacres had been achieved in my own century and involved clashes of modern “systems” with barely a priest or king in sight.

    Here we stand (or totter), still with our systems. It’s just that airy-fairy currencies have been replaced with pure air. You don’t even get fairy now. Growing rice or smelting metal has become a controversial action in resource-rich Australia because we are a “service economy”, which means buying and consuming rice and metals are not controversial actions (whew!). To explain how this works I would need to be an economist and – God ‘elp me – I might even have to subscribe to The Economist.

    It’s got to be person talking to person now, and person transacting with person. Sounds dinky, but with enough persons…who knows? And there’s something else best called spiritual nourishment. There is colossal boredom and self-disgust at the core of globalism. Those behind Agenda Whatever are trying to fill big gaping holes which will never be filled. No sense hating them…they already do that for themselves.

    So it’s down to the personal and the spiritual. Duh.

  13. taoss says:

    James, the Bitchute link gets a 404-Page Not Found.

    Best wishes,

  14. Drifter says:

    A good book to read is the last book written by the famous futurist Arthur C. Clark published in the mid to late nineties called 3001 The Final Odyssey. It is written around an astronaut called Frank Poole who was quick frozen in a space accident in about NOW that is finally unfrozen in 3001. He awakes to learn about the implant of nano chips at birth, skullcap information transfer, absence of religions, blending of races to name a few things that became the norm in the next 1000 years. When he is first revived, he is assigned an official guide to help him adjust who had specialised in the history of the early 2000s. Her thesis was “The Collapse of the Nation State 2000-2050.

    All fiction of course but Clark is well known for his prediction in the 1940s of geostationary communication devices later known as sputnik and GPS (global positioning system) as well as his participation in the Hollywood productions of Star Wars fantasies. I think his books fit well on the same shelf with the books of Huxley and Orwell.

    • mkey says:

      Clark surely is a genious, but come on, do you really think a thousand years will be required to have all of that? 3001? How about 2101?

      If you were unfreezing people today, frozen back in 1920 (lets say, an US farmer or a bhuddist monk), what do you think would be the fist thing they would be asking for?

      • Drifter says:

        I mentioned that book because guys like Clark, Orwell and Huxley have written things that if not already happening are getting quite close to what can happen. I sometimes wonder if the ones actually making it happen had those writers put such things together to prep us for the events. Like the art of collapsing nation states has been ongoing for quite some time now. Perhaps many of these predictions will be attempted.

        • manbearpig says:

          Damn! Hadn’t seen this threadling before posting my childhood’s end spiel. must try to be more vigilant. yea, skullcaps indeed… and an elevator to the moon, non?

  15. Fawlty Towers says:

    Spot on James. You nailed it once again!

    To date there have been:

    64,691 Covid-19 deaths this year.
    126,356 Seasonal flu deaths this year.
    436,856 Deaths caused by HIV/AIDS this year.
    3,373,570 Communicable disease deaths this year.

    We here at the Corbett Report know the answers to the following rhetorical questions but I’ll ask them anyway.

    Why are the MSM going absolutely crazy about Covid-19, when in the big picture there are other transmissible disease death numbers that are far greater than the Covid-19 death numbers?

    Why doesn’t the MSM publish the number of seasonal flu deaths each day, side-by-side, with the number of Covid-19 deaths, just for comparison sake?

    Why hasn’t the MSM stated that Italy peaked almost two weeks ago with their Covid-19 deaths and the numbers have declined steadily since then?

    Why is half the world going along with this charade?

    • mkey says:

      1. Because it’s much more inffective and as such not comparable to flu.

      2. See 1, we can’t possibly compare the two. Reasons.

      3. Because panic sells. What really topped of is the number of tested people and we go out of our way to report that, anyway. Also, your stupid.

      4. Because the remainder is currently not important enough to be gridlocked. They are the slaves of the past, you are the slaves of the future.

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    April 4, 2020
    at Health Impact News
    article by Allie Parker
    Children Being Medically Kidnapped from Parents Due to Coronavirus Scare

    (There are so many sad stories mentioned in this article, that I just can’t stomach the Tyranny. You’ll need to read ’em for yourself.)

    • mkey says:

      As if the state didn’t have sufficient reasons, and abused them frequently enough, to perform kidnappings. I feel the urge to start clapping for these heroes.

  17. Terraset says:

    I’ve yet to see any evidence that the “freedumb” movement has any chance of winning this. Considering they somehow haven’t yet figured out that if they actually want mass adoption of decentralization they need to stop advertising it as being about “taking back power” or “freedom and privacy” and all that. Nobody gives two shits about that, they care about it being cheap, fast, easy to use, and effective. But no, apparently the retarded freedumb fighters haven’t yet figured out a kindergarten level concept like that even after all these years. That most people don’t think they’re enslaved or oppressed or even all that unhappy. And that’s why they look at all of you like you’re crazy and stupid, because you are.

    I mean for fucks sake, look at the front page of LBRY, “it’s time to take back power from Youtube and Amazon”. Oh yeah, I’m sure they’re gonna get lots of cat videos and makeup tutorial people on there, y’know, the lowest common denominator content that drives mass adoption? Yeah I’m sure those people are going to be just chomping at the bit to sign up for a platform who’s front page makes you feel like you’re about to sign up for a resistance cell or cult. Fucking retarded morons…

    I mean, I’m sorry, but at this point if you guys haven’t clued in to why no one gives a shit about your information and such, then you never will. You’re so good at studying the tactics, psychological and otherwise, of your supposed enemy but are apparently too stupid to just use them yourselves in reverse to get the freedom you supposedly want. I will watch your angry freedumb tantrums and thrashing with a bowl of popcorn, laughing as you get stamped out. Or maybe you’ll surprise me and actually do something intelligent and rogueish.

    • flammable says:

      People may be turned off by how you say it but you have a good point. We need to promote and build decentralization with practicality rather than abstract values like freedom. Because decentralization really will be more advantageous to most people than the current system.

      But I find it funny what you criticize the “freedumb” movement for is exactly what the elites use to continue their agenda. Promoting abstract things protecting national security or defending our freedoms. Leading the largest resistance movements despite already being the dominant power. Angry tantrums from leading politicians and media personalities. Why does it work for them but not “us”? Because the elites sell their scams and theft as cheap, easy, practical, and efficient despite evidence to the contrary.

      Yet this current hysteria has jumbled up my belief that most people will choose convenience over anything. Now the independent movements are the one discussing practical things like keeping businesses open. And the majority prefer to throw away what little financial security they have and give up their conveniences for what they believe is a greater purpose.

      I just stumped on how to get through to people. Obviously selling freedom is difficult but selling what people used to care about no longer works either. Whatever the MSM and officials tell people to support they support. They have outdone every “crazy conspiracy theorists” and beaten them at their own game.

  18. manbearpig says:

    For some reason, the fact that Reuters would include this as one of its top stories makes me suspicious. Why do I have the feeling this is the beginning of a new psyop angle? Longer confinement?, immigrents, fear, shops boarded up, Islamic extremism… pushing buttons…

    “Two dead in a stabbing in the Drôme.
    by Catherine Lagrange
    4 April 2020 / 12:57 / 13 hours ago

    LYON (Reuters) – A knife attack left two people dead and five injured Saturday morning in Romans-sur-Isère (Drôme), interior minister Christophe Castaner said…

    …The police asked all shopkeepers to close their stores after the attack…

    …The assailant reportedly shouted “Allah Akbar”, according to a witness. According to other witnesses interviewed by telephone, he allegedly struck at random and in several places as he moved around the Jean-Jaurès square.”

    Seems weird. Or maybe I’m just in dire need of an exotic vacation.

  19. manbearpig says:

    Well, well, well… The mask-erade continues.

    First I thought, hmmmm, wouldn’t that thwart all those facial recognition cameras? Then I thought, great way to uniformize people and THEN! It dawned on me:

    What better way to spot dissenters?

    “To mask or not to mask: WHO makes U-turn while US, Singapore abandon pandemic advice and tell citizens to start wearing masks

    Victor Ting

    Published: 9:00pm, 4 Apr, 2020

    Updated: 8:54am, 5 Apr, 2020

    …On Friday, both the US and Singapore switched to advising citizens to wear masks when they leave their homes. The WHO also made a U-turn itself, with Ryan saying: “We can certainly see circumstances on which the use of masks, both home-made and cloth masks, at the community level may help with an overall comprehensive response to this disease.”…

    …Trump said wearing a mask would be voluntary, and he was unlikely to wear one himself. “I don’t think I’m going to be doing it,” he said. “Wearing a face mask as I greet presidents, prime ministers, dictators, kings, queens – I just don’t see it.”

    Oh, then, if Trump’s not doing it you know with certainty, according to the black and white boogeyman code, this is your cue YOU MUST DO IT if you want to be politically correct, since whatever Trump does is uncouth and reprehensible.

    The medical burqa; ostentatious sign of social piety and devotion…

    virtue signalling par excellence…

  20. manbearpig says:

    “The UK and Germany are purportedly working on similar solutions, too!”

    “Russia developing coronavirus tracking app to ensure patients stay home

    by Mix

    It seems Russia is taking a leaf out of China’s book. The country is scheming to roll out an app to track citizens diagnosed with coronavirus in an effort to monitor whether they’re abiding orders to stay home.

    According to government officials, the software is expected to launch by Thursday, BBC reports. The move coincides with a larger initiative between European health institutions to create a network of virus-tracking apps that communicate with each other. The UK and Germany are purportedly working on similar solutions, too.”

    “Indian government officially launches its coronavirus tracking app

    by Ivan Mehta — 3 days ago in Coronavirus

    Last week, we reported about India building a coronavirus tracker based on your mobile location. Now, the government has officially launched the app with the name of Aarogya Setu (which translates from Sanskrit to ‘A bridge of health’).

    The core function of the app remains the same as the beta version: using your phone’s location data and Bluetooth to assess if you’ve been near a person who was infected by COVID-19, by looking through a database of known cases…

    …The app shares your data with the government in case you’ve been tested positive for coronavirus or have been in close contact with a person who was tested positive. For what it’s worth, the app’s privacy policy suggests your data won’t be shared with third-parties.

    Aarogya Setu also has some nifty features such as a chatbot to help you determine if you may have coronavirus symptoms, rolling updates from the health ministry, and a list of helpline numbers for each state in India…”

    Features nifty screenshots of the App edited in 11 languages! Coming soon to a Playstore near you!

  21. rebel.soul says:

    I would like to suggest that we all manage the language that we employ. Words like “Satan-worshipping peodophiles” (as I read in the TOP comment) do NOTHING to make anybody who might be curious and considering to listen to something as IMPORTANT as the Corbett Report do such a thing

    IN FACT it would IMMEDIATELY put the majority of ‘somewhat interested’ people off and they would close the tab without hearing the important information

    You can easily relate the SAME MESSAGE without such language. If we want people to wake up, WE SHOULD NOT SCARE THEM AWAY by being foolish

    I was at a ANTI 5G RALLY in London recently and there were people there who were representing the Extinction Rebellion. Because the organisers were hell-bent on making ExReb look ridiculous, half of the only handful of people that were there….

    Walked away….

    And NOTHING was gained.

    Hold your mouths please…it’s NOT helping

    • mkey says:

      I think there is sufficient spoon feeding going on elsewhere. Whoever feels offended they should JUST FUCKING GET OVER IT.

    • mik says:

      I think managing one’s language is important, but not the way you presenting.

      I’ve checked where your example was used and agree, pointless use of language, even more, it’s deceiving.

      What kind of language one will use is up to him and sure profanity can result in rejection. People are still to much preoccupied with form and not enough with substance.

      I think we should foster more relaxed forms with strong emphasis on substance. We don’t need masses, we need thinking and empathetic people.

    • lovetodust says:

      Hi Rebel

      I replied to your post on another thread but I accidentally logged out before submitting it.

      I was replying to your observation, which I share, about James Corbett’s use of thoughtful and thought-provoking language. (I am paraphrasing you, if you will permit me)

      I have been a Corbett reader for the past 5 years and a member for some months now. The reason I consistently, now daily, read the Corbett Report is because I know that even if I do not agree with something James writes (although I usually agree and definitely learn) I know that I will be reading a well-written or listening to a well-spoken piece.

      I also know that, for the most part, the comments will be well written and thoughtful also.

      I think James sets the tone on this site, and it seems that he goes out of his way to NOT use vulgarity or what we used to call “swear words”. I read many alternative and independent news sites and that is not always the case.

      Yes, this is an open forum, and everyone is free to express themselves the way they see fit, but I for one, am sad that words that used to be confined to hammering your thumb instead of the nail, are now part of the societal vernacular.

      And I also agree, and am glad you brought it up in your other post, that name calling and muck-racking serve no purpose. I catch myself when I do it now and try to re-think and re-phrase so I am speaking about the situation with less emotion and distraction (which the name calling and muck racking is)

      These are very very troubling times, and like someone wrote on a post today – I am sick to my stomach at the new world order globalist agenda, and the martial law we are all experiencing.

      Time to stay centered and supportive.

      Thanks again for your thoughts and taking the time to share them.

  22. mik says:

    Looks like Paycheck Protection Program is a swindle.

    Certainly it’s not what msm is pimping.
    No surprise, just another example we are living in virtual reality

  23. alexandre says:

    Has anyone seen this?
    People … burning the dead on the streets??

    Please tell me this is part of the psyop or something.

    • candlelight says:

      WOW!!! alexandre, I don’t fucking believe this shit, man!

      Starting at 1:07 of your link, it’s the same exact footage of the body bags lined up on the floor – and, I’m telling you – it is the-exact-same-footage of what my friend sent me, and she said it was sent by a friend of hers, who when I asked her what is his position at the hospital, she said he was an RN, by she wasn’t sure. But, this same footage of the bodies in the body bags lined up on the floor was supposedly taken in a hospital in Queens, NY, by a guy my friend knows who works there. So, I don’t believe this shit! Somebodies getting punked! Either my friend got punked by her friend, for some unknown reason, or my friend is punking me! But, one thing’s for certain, the body bag footage has been making its way around the Internet. UN-fucking-believable.

      I plan on asking my friend what the fuck is going on!

      Let the chaos be what it may, I appreciate you finding this bullshit.

      I’ll let you know what I find out. But, certainly, the veracity of the body bag footage must remain in question. And, that’s for damned sure!

      • alexandre says:

        Yeah, I don’t know what to think and if you say you saw this from another source, I don’t know. A woman sent it to my sister saying her video is among the videos in that compilation, so maybe it’s a compilation and it’s not all in Ecuador. The Queen’s video is there in the mix.

        I want to stay away from stuff like this, cause we’re in the house of the illusionist and sooner than you think you’re freaking out. Remember the scene in the Exorcist when the old priest says something like “don’t believe anything” etc? Then the mother of the young priest appears on the bed … “Dimi, why did you do this to me” etc? Well, we’re there.

        On one footage a guy says in Spanish they’re burning a body on the street and the guy says “what world are we living in? My god” etc, that seems to be somewhere like Ecuador, but who knows. I don’t know. Let’s see if someone else knows something. Could they produce fake videos like that and spread them around to boost the terror?

        And there’s this also, about the dead in the homes in Ecuador etc.

        I tried to find something about 5G in Ecuador, but didn’t find anything. Just in case.

          • candlelight says:

            Definitely a weird story with the body counts going up dramatically: at one point military spokesman is saying they went from picking up 30 bodies a day to 150 per day over the last 3 days, which I’m guessing is April 1 -3, but, meanwhile, according to another statement in the article, the body count was over 300 hundred total between March 23-30.

            So, if true, the death rate is zooming in Guayaquil.

            But, I need to know about the inside footage showing dozens of body bags lining the floors of several rooms that was part of the earlier video you posted. Obviously, that could have been shot anywhere on the planet – Ecuador, NY, Timbuktu.

        • alexandre says:

          On this one it seems it’s the footage you said it was from Queens, but it’s Guayaquil, with the woman speaking Spanish and all. WTF?

          BTW, anyonw ever heard of this site – FOUSESQUAWK?
          I was “warned” before clicking the link. Brrrrr…

          • alexandre says:

            In that “reportage” the anchor says at the end that the funeral services don’t want to take the bodies because they’re afraid of contagion.


            Does this suggest that maybe something (fear or orders) is keeping the services of going there? The ambulance doesn’t go, so the person ends up dying (of this “bruta” flu – not COVID) and left there, and that makes for a good terror campaign etc? Something like that, OR people are really dying by the hundreds there, and then the question is of what.

            Just trying to make sense of this.

            • candlelight says:

              Yes, it is strange. What about the rest of Ecuador? Why the huge body count in Guayaquil? You would think they would at least attempt to make some comparisons with other areas of Ecuador, and do some investigative reporting to give a broader view of what’s going on in the country. Are these death rates true of other areas? If I was an Ecuadorian, I’d like to damn well know! This style of reporting is for the birds. Which does make it questionable.

              I’m still waiting to find out why I was sent the other footage by my friend. Was I being hoaxed?

              • alexandre says:

                That’d be good to know. I was thinking about “only Guayaquil” and remembered Sandy Hook. I also thought about looking for other places with stories like that for comparison. I didn’t yet, but we would know by now, and if it’s only there, either there’s a Guayaquillian version of Sandy Hook, or the 5G antennas are focused there. Or something…death rays from outer space (thunder).

                I’m a terrible reporter. I was going to look for it, but got tired and went to play Letroca. Now THAT’s a fucking journalist, eh?

          • alexandre says:

            OBS: Holly shit, there’s a video of a montage about 911 on that site, I think – can’t remember now – that’s very dirty. Do not click. The montage has porn stuff in it. Oh man…I’m gonna get banned one of these days.

  24. bladtheimpaler says:

    The Techies are postulating that by 2030 the last natural humans will have been born and only the ‘enhanced’ or ‘modified’ will be born after or circa that date. Enough said on where we are all being taken. As a ‘boomer’ I almost relish the thought that my time is diminishing while others younger will have a much more troubled world to live in for a much longer time. But being adaptive the next generations may not even notice that which no longer exists.

    • candlelight says:

      ….Such as the concept of privacy. I’m a fellow boomer and I know exactly where you’re coming from. Based on familial history, I’ve started my 20 year countdown, and that’s me being an optimist. Nevertheless, I, too, am starting to feel like this is the younger generations’ problems, even though the shit may hit the fan a lot earlier than 20 years hence.

      But, as far as not noticing what’s been lost, my kids who are in their late twenties have no concept of the dignity of privacy. They have long since been programed to feel perfectly fine incanting the oft repeated phrase – “I have nothing to hide”, therefore they have no need for privacy, and no doubt feel safer without it.

      Any attempt to persuade otherwise is like going up against cityhall, or a brick wall.

      C’est la vie. 🙁

      • lovetodust says:

        Yes, sometimes I comfort myself with the same thoughts.

        It’s not my battle. Well, I guess it is for now, but I am on the way out, not in. I think of my neices and nephews who will be adapting to all of this.

        The lack of privacy is second nature to them.

        I suppose a generation wedded to a life with the phone in their hand really doesn’t have anything to hide. They can’t get up to much “no good” unless they actually have to put it down, or God forbid, turn it off.

        But right now, this is just awful for all of us.

      • flammable says:

        Forgot which video but James said this surveillance and collection of data is not passive action. It is an active attempt to profile us and find ways to control and manipulate our minds. Which is why privacy is so important because it protects the most important thing we have control over.

        With what I experience during this propaganda crisis, they are showing great results from massive data collection. They know who to target and how to break them. Hell even I feel like I am breaking because the mental and emotional support I thought I had is leaving me.

  25. Arby says:

    part 1 of 2:

    James thought Scott’s article was great. I don’t. Blame Jon Rappoport, who has looked at outbreaks like covid 19 for many years. I like his thinking on the subject. He doesn’t believe Swine flu was even real, but his evidence and reasoning for that conclusion, to me, is solid. Scott Ritter is intentionally or uninintentionally perpetuating a myth that makes his narrative here nonsensical. He says that the National Center for Medical Intelligence (an agency within the larger Defense Intelligence Agency) dropped the ball on covid 19, unlike when they were on their game with swine flu. Ignoring his characterizations, he’s telling us much – if swine flu was fake. ‘This’ is what the spooks in the US government do. Never mind the supposedly missing reports about Wuhan. What about what research such as that done by Larry Romanoff, showing that there’s a real possibility that covid 19 was “seeded” by American operatives in mulitiple countries at the same time? James isn’t going to get everything right. And if the swine flu was fake, Why would anyone assume that the CIA et al were ‘not’ in on it, as Ritter in effect shows they were?

    Was the swine flu fakery? I guess I can’t say absolutely that it was, although all sorts of people do claim that it was exploited. No surprise there. Authoritarians will always exploit whatever the hell they can exploit.

  26. Arby says:

    part 2 of 2:

    Scott writes that “The CDC has recently acknowledged, during a hearing of the House Oversight Committee on March 11, that its biosurveillance program has uncovered evidence that Americans who had previously died to what had been originally diagnosed as influenza have, through post-mortem testing, been found to have actually have perished from the coronavirus.” I find that statement to be very off. Who told Scott that? Aren’t we now hearing from all sorts of medical experts that dying with covid 19 is not the same as dying ‘with’ covid 19. In my last post on covid 19, I showed you what Del Bigtree said about the corrupt CDC’s advisory to death certificate issuers to be super generous with their labelling and call all deaths that they are certifying as having been caused by covid 19 ‘if’ covid 19 is present. Go review it. It’s a stunning bit of criminality that Scott Ritter is either oblivious to or ignorant about. And does Scott think that the corrupt WHO is the last word on anything related to epidemics? He gives no indication in his article that he is aware of how corrupt the CDC and WHO is. WHO gets 50% of it’s funding from Big Pharma and vaccine companies!

    Almost everything that the NCMI knew about covid 19 came from WHO, says Scott. Implying that the medical spooks shouldn’t have been relying on the WHO to do their work if they were worth their salt. But if the WHO and CDC are corrupt and have agendas that the intelligence community knows about is okay with – ultimately that intel community serves corporations and the rich and powerful afterall – then how, from their standpoint, did they fail? Scott, at best, is misleading himself.

  27. manbearpig says:

    Not new but just for the record:

    “…if Covid becomes seasonal epidemic!” Who’d a thunk it!

    4 APRIL 2020 / 10:47 / 2 DAYS AGO
    Sanofi: Vaccine crucial if Covid becomes a seasonal epidemic
    Reuters Staff

    “PARIS (Reuters) – Sanofi believes the development of a coronavirus vaccine is crucial if the epidemic that has paralysed the world for several months is to become seasonal.

    “The vaccine is really crucial if Covid19 becomes a seasonal epidemic, which is not impossible, several researchers say it could come back in several successive waves, then we will need a vaccine to protect the population,” said Olivier Bogillot, president of Sanofi France, on Saturday on France Inter.

    “We have already started to do our research on this type of vaccine to speed up its availability as quickly as possible, and we will try to do something within two to three years,” he added.

    Through its vaccine commercial division Sanofi Pasteur, the French pharmaceutical group is collaborating with the American company Translate Bio to develop a new candidate vaccine against coronavirus. Sanofi is also working in this field with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).

    On hydroxychloroquine, a drug against malaria, lupus and polyarthritis whose effects on the coronavirus are raising great hopes but also controversy in the health world, Sanofi’s chief executive officer Paul Hudson told Reuters Thursday that the group would be able to provide millions of doses if the treatment passes clinical tests.

    Asked about French stocks of hydroxychloroquine, Olivier Bogillot replied that the boom in demand for the drug had been anticipated.

    “When we saw the first positive signals, we actually accelerated our production, which is carried out in France,” he said. “We have a fairly large stock, today more than 300,000 boxes of Plaquenil – the trade name of the drug – available for patients, and the recommended prescription is one box for one patient.”

    Gilles Guillaume

    “Asked about French stocks of hydroxychloroquine, Olivier Bogillot replied that the boom in demand for the drug had been anticipated.”

    Yea, must be why they made it no longer possible to get any over the counter barely a month before it became “a very promising drug”.

    nah! surely just another one a those incredible coinkadinks as Pearl would say.

  28. manbearpig says:

    from the horse’s mouth

    “How you could get your covid-19 test results faster

    The messy network of labs rushing to increase testing capacity has some big problems, but they’re fixable.

    by Tate Ryan-Mosley
    Apr 5, 2020”

    So now it’s “YOUR covid-19 test results”

    sorta like “my asthma” or “my sciatica” “my diabetes” or “my ADD”…

    an integral part of your self-image, your profound identity, your routine…

    It’s been normalized, adopted, assimilated, it’s part of the family now!

    no longer IF I should get a test but “how I can get the results faster!”

    And what about you? Have you stopped beating your grandmother?

    • manbearpig says:

      no longer IF I should get a test but “how I can get MY results faster!”

    • mkey says:

      Well, you obviously want to know, don’t you? If you are ill, you must lock yourself in the basement. Erm, not ill, positive, if you are positive (virus, THE virus has the, THE on/off switch, you know) you need to hide your shame in a damp, dark place and extricate yourself from your circles.

      The worst kind of people are those who are positive but aren’t ill. And even worse than the worst are those who are positive, aren’t ill and don’t even know it. They don’t know they are positive, they know they are not ill, obviously.

      That’s how insidious this disease, this Virus ™ is: you’re at your absolute worse when you are healthy. Time to declare war on health. What the hell is wrong with you healthy people? How about you land a hand to the failing pharmaceutical industry, you stingy bastards, we have a boatload of people to cure.

  29. alexandre says:

    I just had a terrifying experience. It won’t sound so much telling it here, but it was in person. My cousin lives near by and I often stop by, coming back from “the front”, for a cup’a coffee. She’s 60 now. Today she was changed. She was furious because Bullshitnaro fired the health minister, Luiz H. Mandetta. When I tried to say “come on, you’re angry because of…” she started yelling “Don’t start talking that bullshit!!”. Then I heard lines like “WHY, ohhh, whyyyy (closed fists on face) why didn’t that knife go in?! WHY!??” (referring to an attempt at Bolsonaro’ life long ago with a knife). She went on … “Mandetta was the ONLY thing WE HAD!!! My god!! Didn’t you see the graves being digged in São Paulo now, don’t you know what’s going on?? People will die, my god, the people in the favelas, they will all die…” and so on. Full blown hysteria.

    I just stood there silent for a while and went home in my car, eyebrows in my neck.

    My cousin lost her 11 year old son, the younger of two sons, a long time ago. The boy was found hung in the shower. No one knows if suicide or erotic-asphyxiation or what, but she was never the same again, obviously. She dealt with it as best she could and returned to some normality, but I’m thinking…now whatever issues, traumas etc of the past will be triggered in unpredictable ways by this mass psychosis, and to see that first hand was, how should I say, what’s the technical term, ah yes, …. fucking scary. She’s making masks to give people and her photo wearing one as a demo was already quite troubling. I can only imagine the kind of shit that’s going on around the globe – or pizza, if you are a flat Earth person.

    Maybe we should all just pray. Sister tells me that all the “witches” she knows (tarot, buzios, et al) are all hiding, because this hysteria is quite dangerous, and it must be for us or anyone who are not falling for the banana in the tailpipe. She told me to read about the Salem witches. Well, in that vein, if you want to get really depressed, just for the heck of it, I suggest:

    Die Teufel von Loudun (Penderecki, 1969)

    Leaves The Exorcist looking like a videoclip by Camila Cabello.

    Or, for a more serene experience, Jay’s analysis about the coronca, as he puts it, telling us about B. Russel and Machiavelli, and how this psychological tools were always considered, because every war is indeed fought first in the mind.

    Now, all stand up and let’s chant together: “Holly … Shit”.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      alexandre says:
      “…but I’m thinking…now whatever issues, traumas etc of the past will be triggered in unpredictable ways by this mass psychosis.”

      Hysteria Contagion

    • manbearpig says:

      All I know is that, in the face of this corona craziness in the midst of what everyone more or less instinctively understands is a massive reset, contrary to being MORE open, people seem much MUCH LESS open to “conspiracy theory” which like hydroxychloroquine has apparently just changed lists from “over-the-counter” status to restricted “poisonous substance”.

  30. capt zilch says:

    bio warfare & five gee oligarichic/dominator culture end gaming got ya down,,? why-not rather chant “E.M.P”.

    To move past the obstacle we must stop feeding it: It eats our time & effort as stressed attention on toast; it has us constantly chasing worthless paper (in myriad forms),, Perhaps an accurate naming of ways and means that we feed it would be a good list to stick on the fridge?

    If quarantining is a kind of forced retreat from the day by day manic worker bee servitude, a chance to consider who one really thinks they are anyway. Then perhaps pulling Hal’s plug, blasting the technonsense out of the park, is perhaps a way to bring on an automatic grass roots formation/response. I imagine an immediate difference will be in people willingness to be more responsible.

    without all the electric toys, especially remote access (phones and cameras, radio and tv), the bad guys mightn’t look so big anymore.

  31. says:

    For the last 24 months, the shelves at Walmart would be bare in many areas of the grocery store part. This current corona virus has highlighted an inept and corrupt nation in the supply chain,. The health system is engineered solely for profit, that is why sick patients never get better, it’s profitable to keep them sick, a guaranteed income stream. The vast majority of the U.S. is a slave mentality and that was before the latest emergency in a series of national emergencies for probably over 107 years of U.S. emergencies that have never been lifted, those emergencies are essentially a state of war and activates the law of war itself, as the U.S. Congress has made no distinction between national emergencies and war. Now with the prison lockdown on U.S.A. soil complete, the so called liberties and freedoms will further erode under the guise of government disease. I agree de-centralization is part of the answer. This could go one of two ways and maybe more, 1, the people wake up and unhook themselves from central powers of slave-Master government who doesn’t give a shit about any Americans and take their powers back and let that rotten government collapse. 2. The people might take the tattoo stamp to the for head of “United States Slave” and enjoy their new normal with check point Charlie and your papers please. The corona virus just highlighted an incompetent slave master class of politicians is what has actually been highlighted, the virus didn’t cause the government corruption it highlighted a broke central system of official corruption and official crime. Believe me, the U.S. is prepared for nothing it’s all smoke and mirrors, the government spends their time plundering the population into poverty and child trafficking is a big part of the federal governments criminal conduct, they like that kidnapping for profit scheme. Rick

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