How is Japan Reacting to the Crisis? - Questions For Corbett #057

03/23/202053 Comments

People are asking how Japan is reacting to this crisis, so today James braves the streets of a Japanese city to show you what's really happening on the ground. Be warned: The results may surprise you.

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To Hoard or Not to Hoard

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  1. Noman says:

    In India governement is using 123 year old British era law to impose lockdown.

    Man! such draconian laws exist since olden times.

    One more spicy thing about this law is it’s fourth point

    “Protection to persons acting under Act:-No suit or other legal proceeding shall
    lie against any person for anything done or in good faith intended to be done under this

  2. cindy.n says:

    Apologies for an unrelated question.

    Does anybody know when the 2019 VIDEO will become available for purchase?

  3. parzival says:

    The latest numbers, a video of a Spanish Dr. in Spain, pictures of Brits, Americans w/o masks (PPE), the economic reality trending.. Politicians talking about trillions in hand outs resulting in sky rocketing inflation. 8-9 month time table.

    Coronavirus: World Leaders Now In Panic Mode

    • Libertydan says:

      It was interesting to note that the above linked video got 300k views in 15 hours with 6300 comments.
      Agree with it or not, this is what people are seeing. I noted that the video showed a .1% death rate from the latest virus, which is not alarming when you consider that upwards of 10 times that percentage of any population will die of something in a given year. Yes, this is happening over far less than a year, and the cases are being compounded, so it is best to be safe than sorry, eh!
      I found the estimates of the money aspects in the video to be more revealing of what we need to look out for though. It predicts, perhaps $10 trillion in new FRN’s to save us. Note that last night (March 22) “60 Minutes” USA had the Governor of the Minnesota Branch of the Federal Reserve on, and that he said that they have unlimited amounts of money to get the American people through this Pandemic. What could go wrong with flooding society with unlimited FRN’s?? Does the Weimer Republic come to mind? (see link below)

      Note that it was under those conditions of unlimited money printing that gave raise to the Nazi Party.
      On that note, I will mention a discussion I overheard when I was a kid between my mother (an Irish lady) and a German tradesman (who was living in Germany during the War). After he finished up his job and got his check, she asked him how could the German people have allowed the Nazi’s to take control of their country? He said that everyone considered the Nazi’s to be fringe punks that were of no threat. It’s amazing what outside money was able to do for these punks in a time of run away inflation!
      Yes, this game has been played before, and I see the stage being set for it to play out yet again. Indeed, it does fit into the Corbet Report “WWI Series” which most of us have likely seen by now. But if you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend doing so.

      • JonQ says:

        “Hitlerland” is a good read for a perspective of those times from the US.

        PS: Chris Martinsen isn’t following me on all my youtube paths, but he sure shows up a lot: corbett not a wisp. More for HRS.

      • Mungjam says:

        “”He said that everyone considered the Nazis to be fringe punks that were of no threat.” Yes, I remember asking the same question in my younger years and was told by my elders that no-one paid much attention until it became a mainstream conundrum to challenge your neighbour on their progressively alarming claims. A critical stop was missed while people swayed and quietly deliberated between social contempt and moral duty. Then, before they realized, it had become a choice between life and death and their own trap had snapped. I left the country as a young adult and over the years have been asked that same question by my new peers: what had led the German population into the devilish moral corruption at the time? Surely, this would never happen again. Like some possible switch in DNA? Fear and procrastination. It’s prevalent.

  4. paul823 says:

    Here in the Clever Country ™ we’ve done the opposite. Kept the schools open and closed everything else!

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    This Corbett guy has such a great sense of humor!

    Oh yea!

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      I said it before and I’ll say it again, I love it James when you go full out ‘acting mode’.
      You are such a ham! Cracks me up every time. 🙂

  6. Matt.c says:

    Squealer: Oh just a word of warning umm Napoleon has come to the oh so intelligent and benevolent conclusion that Snowball is indeed at fault for bringing the King Flu Virus here and its subsequent killing of several animals on this and so many other farms! Such a shame really as we all love snowball dearly I am afraid we must murd I mean euthanize our beloved friend. In the meantime we are all to remain indoors until time as the great and all powerful Napoleon finds the threat gone ok?

    Chickens: Oh dear and what of the apples its harvest?

    Squealer:Never mind them we will make sure they are harvested and that everyone receives their share!

    • manbearpig says:


      perception management indeed… oy vay…

  7. manbearpig says:

    HOW MUCH FOR YOUR MASK??!! I’ll give ya Anything! ANYTHING!!

    Hot off the press:

    “Hundreds of thousands of people will be contaminated, others will die because of this unpreparedness of the government and the bad decisions that have been taken.”


    Shortage of masks: the reasons for a “state scandal”
    By Benoît Collombat

    Survey : It’s a crisis in the health crisis : in ten years, France has considerably reduced its stock of protective masks. For what reasons?…

    “Like the tainted blood scandal”

    The medical staff then discovered, appalled, that France did not have the necessary stock of masks to cope with the epidemic.

    “For us, it’s a real state scandal,” says Thierry Amouroux, spokesman for the National Union of Nursing Professionals (SNPI). It’s of the same order as the tainted blood scandal.

    Hundreds of thousands of people will be contaminated, others will die because of this unpreparedness of the government and the bad decisions that have been taken.

    The basic principle is to have FFP2 masks in stock. These masks, as well as surgical masks, should have been ordered as soon as possible. To govern is to plan ahead. When the crisis is over, we hope that some officials who were unable to organize the country’s health defense will be held accountable…

    “It’s a frantic race to find surgical masks,” confirms François Blanchecotte, “while faced with the health crisis, laboratories are forced to concentrate on certain technical platforms in the territory to carry out their analyses. We call on town halls, industrialists and companies who have masks in stock.”…”

    On par with the tainted blood scandal!?

  8. Ian Davis says:

    One of the most worrying aspects of this lockdown induced panic nonsense in the UK is the impact upon the judicial system.

    We are moving to a system where defendants will be tried in absentia. They will give “video” evidence. Needless to say the scope for manipulating this system is extensive. These are very dangerous times and not because of some alleged pandemic.

    Read it and weep (I am)

    “The current pandemic necessitates the use of remote hearings wherever possible. This Protocol applies to hearings of all kinds, including trials, applications and those in which litigants in person are involved in the County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal (Civil Division), including the Business and Property Courts.”

    • manbearpig says:

      This is indeed a disturbing development. I need to look into this.

    • wylie1 says:

      Very disturbing.
      People are going to have to gather, online or ?, to form their own very large group. The larger, the more clout.
      If large enough (a majority) just have a recall and replace the bums in govt with your own group contract obligated candidates.
      It is no harder than forming your own political party, except don’t call it that. Better to call it People for Truth and Safety.
      Who would be against Truth and Safety …except govt?

  9. Betzla’ says:

    Here in our home and native land of Canada, things are turning Draconian in an awful hurry…

  10. uru says:

    Hi James,

    UK government is trying to bring a lockdown immediately because the people are not listening to the rule of 2 metres distancing. Mps are threatening mutiny to Boris if a lockdown is not imposed.

    The 2 metres rule which is stressed time and time again, got me to think. Are they testing the 5g grid and to check individuals apart to see if they can monitor? This is the perfect excuse.

    Here in UK, in the last year, the main motorways were closed time and time again during nighys. No repairs to road was carried out. Strangely a pole type thing was erected in between even spaces.

    What are your thoughts of this 2 metres social distancing?

    • Yeah, I was pondering the same thing.
      The wording and degree of focus is really suspicious.

      Maybe they’re targeting specific problematic individuals with some kind of new (or little known) technology/weapon (eg, a cancer inducer).

      Within the realm of the virus being a legitimate threat (extremely unlikely), maybe they’re checking body temps from a satellite, aerial craft or other remote scanning technology.

      I like your 5G idea. It, or something else related to 5G/grid surveillance or 3D imaging, does fit pretty well. Though it seems they could probably have performed that 2-meter testing using some clueless military enlistees somewhere.

  11. Libertydan says:

    James does a nice lead-in here. The Mask was good, but it was the Siren sounds that made it almost believable (can’t fool me, eh).
    Is it really Normal for people to wear face Masks at the Mall there? I did note at least one lady wearing a mask who was carrying a child in the video.
    I saw a video from Josh del Sol of “Take back your Power” stating that they closed the schools in order to install 5G (see link below)

    Is there any evidence of 5G going into the schools in Japan while they are closed?
    I think this is where the Technocrats plan to implemented “The Internet of Everything”.
    How long before they say “Go AI or die”, eh!
    There are things going on that you don’t know!

  12. pearl says:

    I salute Mr. West for working his magic! Fantastic!

    This was a great video guys. Much appreciated.

  13. manbearpig says:

    “There will be no total containment” !!

    23 March 2020 / 18:46 / 1 hour ago

    PARIS (Reuters) – Emmanuel Macron said he was opposed to the idea of “total containment” in France to deal with the coronavirus outbreak at a meeting Monday with representatives of religious authorities, the chief rabbi of France told reporters.

    “There will be no total containment”, according to the entourage of the Chief Rabbi of France Haim Korsia at the end of this exchange which aimed, according to the Elysée Palace, to discuss “the moral cohesion of the country in the face of the crisis”. “He said in essence: because it would cause more harm than good.”

    During a trip to Paris on Monday afternoon, the head of state said that Prime Minister Edouard Philippe would specify the containment rules in an interview on TF1 at 8pm Monday evening so that they are “better respected” and said he would speak for his part “in due time” to give the “new deadlines”.

    Oh thankya mastah! ya too good to me mastah! O thankya! thankya! thankya mastah!

    • manbearpig says:

      Ok, so the army won’t be knocking on doors delivering rationed food to citizens in “total confinement” (at least reportedly not Yet) BUT

      tightening of the rules:

      “Coronavirus: sport, markets, medical visits… Edouard Philippe tightens the rules of confinement
      Prime Minister Edouard Philippe spoke on Monday evening on 20 heures de TF1 after a week of confinement, which proved difficult to enforce for all.

      By A.R.
      March 23, 2020 at 8:39 p.m., amended March 23, 2020 at 8:41 p.m.

      On this seventh day of confinement, this Monday evening the Prime Minister was the guest of the evening news at TF1. The opportunity for Edouard Philippe to take stock of this first week of confinement while the executive had feared this past week-end would see a lack of respect for the rules and had identified several difficulties in enforcing them.

      “A lot of French people would like to be able to get back to the time preceding the crisis but this is not for tomorrow. The time of confinement is still ours, it may last several more weeks,” the head of government remarked, before announcing a tightening of the rules for leaving ones home broken into three categories:

      Sport: 1 km from home maximum and alone

      First of all, regarding sports activities. The Prime Minister considered that the existing instructions needed to be clarified: “Going out to let your children stretch their legs or play sports shall be within a radius of 1 km from home, for a maximum of one hour, and alone. “It will also be necessary to write down the time on the certificate of honour that must be written for each outing.

      Closing of markets, with some exceptions

      The head of government then announced the closure of open markets. But the decree he will sign this Monday evening – and will come into force on Tuesday – will allow mayors to derogate from these rules when the market is the only way, for example, for the inhabitants of a village to have access to fresh produce or the only way for farmers to sell their produce.
      Only medical emergencies

      Finally, Edouard Philippe called on the French to limit their travel even for medical visits. From now on, it will take an emergency or a “convocation of a doctor” for this justification to be valid in order not to be subject to a fine.”

      Thanks deepl.

  14. Mintaka says:

    Thanks for this James.
    Yes, as I’ve been saying elsewhere, this corona scare is a PsyOp on a global scale. A Mind Control project on a global scale.

    It’s no different here in New Zealand. They just raised the alert level to 3 yesterday, and this Thursday it will go to 4, the highest level.
    Check this link to know what this means here, not sure how this compares to other places around the world,

    You can still go out, but the “social-distancing” goes from 1mtr to 2mtrs.
    So I guess a tape measure is now an essential travel item… 🙂
    You could have some real fun with this, I reckon…

    Yep, the world has gone certifiably insane, at least in my book.
    The power of propaganda. Joseph Goebbles would turn green with envy.
    Heck, I think even Edward Bernays’ jaw would hit the floor.

  15. leapfrog says:

    I am taking James’s call to arms for research made in his Medical Martial Law 2020 video. I highly recommend people listen to this interview between Patrick Henningsen and Olsi Jazexhi, an Albanian journalist (as well as two others I haven’t listened to yet), discussing what Olsi has deemed a “coronavirus military dictatorship” to have taken place in the country. (Olsi interview starts at about 25:30)

    Albania has been locked down since Mar 9. On that day, only two people were claimed to have been infected.

    As Patrick and Olsi notes in the interview, what is happening in Albania seems to be an accelerated version of what is happening globally. Policed by military, beatings in the streets, mass hunger as people do not even have access to bread, the closure of all businesses, not just so-called “non-essentials”, arrests of pedestrians, and massive loans that will usher in the take over of the country by western banks. Edi Rama, the prime minister-turnt-dictator, is deeming all those who dare go out in the streets as “traitors”. He has also shared a video of police beatings from another country onto facebook, and ostensibly declaring “this is how I’m going to beat you too” (paraphrase of Olsi). He later apologized for posting the video, not because he threatened the populace with water cannons and tear gas, but because he stated the video was of Spanish origin when it was actually Algerian.

    Olsi stresses that Coronavirus was and is a non-issue in Albania and that it has been used as the primary excuse for a dictatorship to clamp down on power a dictatorship that is supported by the US. Olsi has declared that the US is sending armaments to Edi Rama that is being used to oppress the Albanian people. Obviously, this isn’t being covered by the MSM. Or at least, being covered in the way you’d expect; completely unsubstanstially:

    As the second article notes at the end, only 2 people have died of corona in Albania as of Sunday, and only 89 positive cases have been reported, which shows the complete disparity between this problem and this dictator’s “solution”.

    here is one that reports, “In Albania, Iranian Dissidents Plot a Revolution”, 3 days after the nation-wide lock down:

    Perhaps what is being (quote unquote) “accomplished” in Albania can be used as an unfolding tool of explanation and comparison of what the Coronavirus really means for the world to friends and family, as an insight of what is really at stake when so-called First World countries are essentially accomplishing the very same agenda as Albania.

  16. asavetmd says:

    Japan is relaxed and working with Russia, the SAFEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD AND USING THE BEST COVID-19 TEST IN THE WORLD. There is no panic, plenty of supplies including HCQ.

  17. scpat says:

    Business as usual being the key words here.” (pans camera to guy with mask frantically running)

    Haha pretty funny.

  18. kempus says:

    Olympics cancelled James. You can now be like the rest of the world. Give the Japanese government a couple of days to catch up though….

  19. _____ says:

    What to do with cash? Rumblings I’m hearing the US dollar will crash this year. COVID-19 is the hoax acting is its cover story.

    • manbearpig says:

      your moniker is such a great example of “flattening the curve”. Thanks so much for doing your part!

      (contrived crisis-covid-19’s a cover story and accelerator for lots of crashing I’d say)

  20. Redneard says:

    As you say James, it’s all in our hip.
    Head, I mean head, sorry

  21. Alex says:

    This is a QFC that is unrelated to this QFC. I can’t remember where im supposed to post it.

    My question is, do you think that whomever the man behind the curtain happens to be for a specific event, that they adjust what they are doing based on the work and reaction of you and other independent media? It seems like the perfect way to undermine what the “truth” community tries to convey. I feel like they are about to dial back on the SARS Cov 2 pandemic and start pointing the fingers at us saying we were the ones causing panic. I understand it happens on some level, I’m just curious as to how important our reactions actually are to their overall strategies in these situations. Hope that makes sense.

  22. Jody says:

    In the UK, we are being told to stay home to protect our nhs and save lives!

    We are allowed out for essential shopping/medical needs/helping those vulnerable that have been told to “shield” (not leave their homes for at least 12 weeks) and that’s only 1 family member.
    You are allowed out once to exercise, with members of your household but must abide by social distancing.

    Children are to be kept at home if it is safe to do so. Exemptions are Key workers children and children with social services or educational needs and vulnerable.
    I have 2 children with educational needs(Autism) and they are off school for a minimum of 12 weeks.

    Emergency law has passed so you can be fined for not obeying the guidelines, police can enter your home and you can be detained in a place of “safety” if they suspect you have Covid 19 and your not isolating!

    The last time I went to the supermarket, the overhead announcement played 4 times in 20 mins, saying only max 3 items of same product unless its paracetamol based then it’s only 2. The media have been rife with panic buying stories and the shelves have been mainly empty for a few weeks.
    We had 3 loaves of bread… check out challenged us, saying “only 2” I repeated the overhead announcement and she checked her laminate and allowed us the 3 loaves.
    My husband was getting some cash out the atm after, just outside the supermarket, I was stood with the trolley and our bag containing 3 loaves of bread and I felt GUILTY as shoppers were walking past us!
    So even the most resilient of us, get swamped with this nonsense!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Jody – United Kingdom

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Jody says:
      …We had 3 loaves of bread… check out challenged us, saying “only 2”
      I repeated the overhead announcement and she checked her laminate and allowed us the 3 loaves.

      My husband was getting some cash out the atm after, just outside the supermarket, I was stood with the trolley and our bag containing 3 loaves of bread and I felt GUILTY as shoppers were walking past us!

      So even the most resilient of us, get swamped with this nonsense!

  23. Mintaka says:

    James! James!!
    Have you heard/seen? It’s stupendous, miraculous, monumental, tremendous, overwhelming, wondrous, marvelous, spectacular, phenomenal, terrific,………. ERROR_ERROR_thesaurus_buffer-overflow_detected.

    You’re all saved in Japan, you’re good, everything is going to be allright, not a thing to worry about. Sing, dance, rejoice, HALLELUJAH! Praise to the universe!

    Why you ask? BECAUSE………..drum roll please……….

    ???? ????? ???? ?? ??? ????????? ?? ???? ??????? ??????? ??????? ?? ???? ??????? ?????? ??????. We have a choice of different colours and patterns to suit your taste and that of your partner.

    OK, sarcasm off.
    This was actually a news item on Japanese TV.

    I bet James is at the vending machine right now to get his.
    Oops, sarcasm went back on again.

  24. mishochu says:

    Meanwhile, in my neighborhood. The local users of a mobile app called “NextDoor” are passing around petitions to ask the governor to mandate a so called “shelter in place” command or whatever.

    Yes, they are asking for big daddy gov (or is it nanny gov or mamma gov?) to force them to stay home.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks Mishochu,

      “Big Daddy” is a good metaphor.

      Begging the government to place more restrictions upon oneself.

    • wylie1 says:

      Sad to see but not a surprising result of government school and maggot media indoctrination… where govt IS the answer rather than the factual: govt IS the problem.

  25. cbsk says:

    “CDC estimates that influenza has resulted in between 9 million – 45 million illnesses, between 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations and between 12,000 – 61,000 deaths annually since 2010.”

    • wylie1 says:

      Clearly they have no idea. They used a fudge factor of 5, then added some more on subsequent numbers just to make it look slightly less obvious.

  26. Jake Lemay says:

    Kooks like Spain isn’t doing as well as Japan – or is it acting? You be the judge:

  27. I haven’t made enough progress yet to start tracing down the earlier moves in this information battle. In January, I still assumed this hype would pass without long-term consequences. But it seems like the early stock market crashes/dips set many things in motion.

    Has anyone pulled apart the early scientific, government, media, and/or public panic(s) which instigated the initial market panic(s)?

    Thanks!-) <3 (* At times, I wonder if the mainstream narratives are largely stuck in the sunk cost fallacy… As long as the initial panic destroyed the markets, we've gotta make it worth it, or believe the costs are worth it. *)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Look at the VIX graphs which tell a person when markets started to violently react.
      But, for the life of me, there is no “logical sense” in the market.

      Here is a Corbett Report market link, which includes a graph

      • wylie1 says:

        Having watched various parts of the markets for well over 30 years… it has always been manipulated. An interesting read from long before any of us here were born, is [Reminiscences of a Stock Operator] especially the back chapters. Pump and dump is described before those terms were invented.

        Years ago when mini gold contracts were introduced on the CBOT, the trading volume was light and market activity was very orderly, even on shorter time frames, and sensible. A number of months later, when the volume was high enough for the bigger boys to enter, then the mini contract trading price became unintelligible, akin to its larger contract siblings.

        I’m sure more than one has said this:
        A market is only fairly priced on the way from being under valued to being over valued and back again.
        Seems to imply that it is not uncommon for markets to go up and down without much concern for its fair value.

        When 70% and more of trading is automated computer algorithmic trading… and when the Fed and/or the Plunge Protection Team can intervene, whenever, typically when best for their crony traders… a bit difficult to make sense out of.

        In one of Bix Weir, road to roota, videos he shows a photo of the Fed Reserve trading floor where they intervene in the markets by clicking a button whenever they feel like it.

        Armstrong Economics. Martin predicts fairly well using his Pi based AI cycle analysis. Predicted the recent drop in spot Precious Metals long ago. Trying to get physical for a reasonable mark up, that’s another story.

  28. dmt says:

    In my area (west wales), the BS began in earnest this week, and has been slowly ramped up.

    At first, I noticed that the chemists were closed to multiple people entering (can only enter one at a time, at least for the two national chain chemists) the local chemist has a block/barrier just inside the shop doorway where only two at a time can enter and the assistants get what you ask, wear gloves and give you what you want via a basket, which is where you drop your money.

    Then during the middle of the week one of the supermarkets began the same process, of allowing only so many in, and having to keep a distance from others (even in the queue to get in). Can only buy three items at a time.

    I got into a near heated discussion with two blokes, while in the supermarket queue, about standing too near to them. Here is the joke about it though, the bloke in front of myself looked like a rebellious non-conformist type, but it was all appearance. I stood two people behind him at the checkout and for someone who was so concerned about his health he really let the side down by buying a pizza, cans of beans then just to add insult to injury a pouch of tobacco – there is more chance of him infecting myself as i am a real health fanatic, taking a handful of vits in the morning and being on a keto plus intermittent fasting diet.

    I was out walking in the country side, and while walking up a hill three people were walking down. When they spied myself they stood aside in a small clearing, then tried to shout out hello to myself, I completely ignored them and their BS.

    I would say until its happening around you, when people are dropping like flies, dont panic, and dont behave like these people.

    What really gets me is that due to the majority behaving like this it forces almost everyone else to react accordingly. And it sure sorts out the conformists from everyone else.

  29. catie says:

    I’m so glad you are talking about all of this. Some of the alternative media seems to have gone mainstream on this subject. After 9/11 the internet was still largely open source and if you searched for something you would get a very rich return; unlike now, where just mainstream garbage comes up.

    This “false flag” is so much more scary than 9/11. I do believe it’s a false flag because even though the virus is very real, they are lying about it’s origins and the Intent behind it’s spread.

    After 9/11 there were many people who spoke out about their lies. It always felt like there was some hope. But they’ve really created a situation with this bio-terror attack where it will be hard to fight back.

    We have young adults now that have never lived in a pre-9/11 time. They have brought up under a cloak of fear and lies. That may impact the response of the younger folks.

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