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10/01/201922 Comments

The mainstream are framing the rise of China as a competitor to the US in the same terms as they did the Cold War with the Soviet Union. And, just as the Cold War was a charade facilitated by lend lease and technology transfers, so, too, is the New Cold War facilitated by technology transfers to China that are framed as "IP theft." James Corbett joins Jim Goddard on This Week in Money to set the record straight on how the Clash of Civilizations 2.0 is being used to justify domestic clampdowns, social credit surveillance, and military build up.

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Clash of Civilizations 2.0

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  1. cherub says:

    Always carry a gun, always be safe… AKA rottweilers attack.

    My channels

    I like the site better than bitchute. It actually allows you to download my videos! I highly recommend that site if you want to share videos. Plus they actually show my videos. Notice this video does not show on bitchute even though I have loaded it twice.

  2. cherub says:

    Always carry a gun, always be safe… AKA rottweilers attack.

    • cherub says:

      I like the site better than bitchute. It actually allows you to download my videos! I highly recommend that site if you want to share videos. Plus they actually show my videos. Notice this video does not show on bitchute even though I have loaded it twice.

  3. alexandre says:

    First question: Since Pinocchio is the president of Mars, what do you think he should do about Venus?
    Answer: Pinocchio is not real, it’s a fictional character, and there are no presidents in Mars.

    Second question: What do you think Pinocchio should do regarding his economic sanctions in Asgardia, since Asgardia is at war with Mars?

    I mean, if the first answer already destroys the premise, shouldn’t you change your following questions accordingly? The guy just ran the list of questions like a tractor as if he was forced to interview James or something. I’m no expert, but this was one of the most irritating interviews. James should have gone George Harrison on the guy.
    I don’t think so.
    Followed by long silences. But James is too polite for that. Or not millionaire enough….

    • manbearpig says:

      On the contrary Alexandre, I found this interview to be profoundly satisfying.

      Mr. Corbett brilliantly used every loaded question as an opportunity to offer, repeat and reinforce information rather than fruitlessly wrangle with people’s presuppositions and biases

      which is what you have to do to finally get through to anyone out there who might be genuinely curious enough to finally hear what you’re actually saying.

      People see and hear what they expect to see and hear, so you need to keep repeating, repeating, repeating to drill through that paradigm wall.

  4. manbearpig says:

    For my own personal gratification and in response to Alexandre’s remarks, my hasty half-baked chronological musings taken as the interview progressed:

    “Mr. Corbett brilliantly used every loaded question as an opportunity to offer, repeat and reinforce information rather than fruitlessly wrangle with people’s presuppositions and biases.”

    – Mr. Corbett’s efficient form of communication can be seen at the very outset with the loaded 9/11 question:

    “Now, is this about people having good intelligence that something bad was about to happen?”,

    side-stepping the whole LIHOP trap and delving directly into the “inside-job” whistleblowing.

    – Concerning the question of; “How much has china’s economy been relying on trade with the U.S.?”

    Mr C deftly used this opportunity to explain the deeper reality of how China was deliberately built up in the first place.

    – About the new Chinese military arsenal suspiciously resembling the American one: the dry: “another word for it might be…Identical…” ROTFLMAO

    – Like transfer of tech and expertise to China, Climate Change used as part of the project to offshore and redistribute the western economy and wealth to the East…with the active aid of congress…

    – Trump’s accusations of Chinese Intellectual property theft question:

    Mr C skillfully seizes the opportunity to demonstrate how questions are loaded with biases and promptly reframes the question to effectively reinforce what he’s already explained about China being built up.

    – inversing toeholds into hotspots of “specially administrated regions” (hong kong and in a sense kashmir?…)

    – China a short? Repetition of “The stock market is NO reflection of reality!”…but if it were:

    Replacing the interviewer’s and audience’s monetary analogies intot he new light of Agenda 21, 2020, 2030 and onwards analogies…

    – Who will come to collect on that debt and in what way?” (the ultimate paradigm question)

    Well there’s only one thing that’s certain and that is: Who’s going to foot the bill …the same ones who’ve always, always, always coughed up the capital and the interest in the form of blood, sweat, tears and their children’s short mortal lives in economic and military wars…and it ain’t the bankers.

    – Carefully cultivating fictional antagonisms to slam together as civilisational clashes (cold war 1.0, 2.0) to usher humanity into “Sustainable” paradigms…

    – The stock market and china’s economic figures being the blue and red decks of the Amazing Colour Changing Card trick video…the real sleight of hand being entirely elsewhere…

    – Re-reinforcing the notion of Surface cartoon realities vs deeper underlying relationships…building up China

    – China’s squelching dissent through gamey social credit scores…Reminds me of an article I saw on WUWT this morning:

    Micheal Mann reportedly advises that “Universities should be ranked and staff should be promoted based on how strongly they support climate action.” …social credit scores insinuating into Western systems indeed…

    – What new paradigm will be ushered in when China loses control over shadow banking and fleeing capital…global crypto spigots?

    and now I must hastily go generate wealth…

    • alexandre says:

      Well, MBP, thank you for that. I always forget that the point is not the interviewer, but who’s watching the interview. I once asked Norman Finkelstein about some interview he gave where the interviewer was trying to destroy him, how could he cope with that, and he replied that what matters is to get the message to the people watching. I forgot. So I stand corrected!

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I think that Corbett hit the nail on the head when he mentions that China is playing the “long game”.

    In fact, I speculate that China will experience some heavy economic stress as a result of the magnitude of their printed money, along with other factors. However, China will probably get through it. Since China is such a “control/monitor the populace state”, this very aspect will likely help them cope.

    • alexandre says:

      I’m sorry, I don’t want to be a pain in the ass, but you seem to speak of China as an independent nation. It isn’t. After watching Corbett’s work on that – and Sutton’s – I can’t help but think that there is no China. China isn’t doing anything, as Brazil also isn’t, as a matter of fact. People here also speak of Brazil as an independent country. “Brazil is doing so and so” or “Bolsonaro is doing such and such”. In important subjects – like, say, getting out of the UN or expelling all the NGOs – Bolsonaro won’t do shite, unless…he was put there to “do exactly that” and thus justify an American invasion or something. But there is no independence at all. China, the real China, is, as every occupied country, suffering beneath this replacement fantasy called “China”, modeled and sculpted by the same ol’ bastards. That’s kind of the point in that interview also, and my comment. After understanding what happened there, and how things actually work in reality, one should change one’s point of view and stop talking about it as an independent sovereign nation. No? Am I being too radical, or normative – as my old analyst used to say?

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Ukdavec posted a very good read about China. (i.e. September 12th, 2019 article by David P. Goldman entitled “We Need Our Mojo Back Vis-à-Vis China”. )
    I encourage folks to take a look at it.

    Here are a few clipped EXCERPTS
    …Not only will China go dark to U.S. signals intelligence; the rest of the world will, too, and in short order. Huawei’s 5G systems will wipe out America’s longstanding advantage in electronic eavesdropping…
    Huawei’s dominance in 5G systems will allow China to steal everyone’s data. The reality is far more ominous, as I understand it. China will enable the rest of the world to cut off America’s access to everyone else’s data.

    – Domination of E-Commerce and E-Finance –
    …The world will become a Chinese company store: Chinese banks will lend the money, Huawei will build the broadband network and sell the handsets, Alibaba and JD.Com will market the products, Ant Financial will make micro-loans, and Chinese companies will build airports and railroads and ports…

    … China envisions a virtual empire, with military deployments to protect key trade routes, starting with oil…
    …Meanwhile China has invested heavily in high-tech weaponry, including satellite killers. During the first minutes of war, the United States and China would destroy each other’s communications and reconnaissance satellites…

    – Why a Shooting War Is Unlikely –
    …With few exceptions its military priority is control of its own coastline. That in my view is why a shooting war is not likely. America cannot win a war on China’s coast, and China has scant interest in fighting anywhere else.

    As we examine the details, the picture of a Soviet-style communist regime bent on world domination falls apart.
    China’s concept of world domination is so different from what we imagine that it has halfway come to fruition before we noticed it….

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I am not for “Team America” nor “Team China”. I am for “Team Peace, Liberty and Prosperity”.
    ~~~~ ~~~~
    The following video reveals some interesting pieces of information along with revealing perspectives.
    Kyle Bass regarding China and the New War – Clash of Civilizations (The New War is not yet a kinetic war.)

    Note the premise: “The Dollar as the World Reserve Currency” is used as the “Team America” weapon of control and dominance.

    Kyle discusses China’s amount of debt and need for dollars, along with some of the very clever ways that China gains access to dollars, such as through Wall Street and Pension Funds and bribes. The example of ZTE Corporate bribes is interesting.

    Interesting anecdote by Kyle Bass when he ticked off Big Pharma.

    28 Minute
    Kyle Bass: “…How do we defend ourselves from the various attacks of China? Whether it is The Narrative War or The Economic War or The Cyber War…the only one that they are not fighting right now is The Kinetic War…their hundred year plan is to dominant the world without firing one shot….

    Bass says that top U.S. government security agencies consider China as America’s biggest adversary.

    46 minute
    Kyle points out that the Trade War is actually the Clash of Cultures, the Clash of Civilizations.

    ~~~~ ~~~~
    Around November 12th, China is targeting to unveil its National Cryptocurrency. I am thinking that this may possibly open some new doors for how China deals with things.

  8. wylie1 says:

    The man China fears most (an ex-China biz man):

    Very telling how China really operates.
    It is amazing that the indoctrinated believe that Capitalism causes corruption. They ain’t seen nothing yet, i.e. most any other form of govt except Voluntarism

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      wylie, I like your take on Voluntaryism. You said it.

      Some weeks ago I watched that Kyle Bass interview with Guo Wengui, aka “Miles Kwok.” (I mentioned the interview at Corbett’s article “Another Conspiracy Confirmed: How the Plunge Protection Team Rigs the Markets”.
      It was filmed on October 5, 2018, likely at a Dallas-Ft Worth private hanger. That same day and in the same place Bass interviewed Steve Bannon (former CEO of Breitbart News and once a White House Chief Strategist for Trump).

      Personally, I take what Miles Kwok says with a grain of salt. The guy made billions in China, primarily in real estate…and no wonder…the real estate market hype there is hyperbolic. His hands aren’t clean. I am not saying that everything he says is a lie. We all know that the Chinese ruling powers aren’t clean either. Some of the Chinese corruption which Kwok mentions sounded just like America’s CIA and political operations.

      What I have noticed is that Kyle Bass, Steve Bannon and others have an agenda to preserve the Dollar as the world reserve currency, along with America’s welfare and global dominance, i.e. Team America.

      I am neither Team America nor Team China. I am Team Peace, Liberty and Prosperity.

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    More on Steve Bannon and the ‘film’ “Claws of the Red Dragon”
    (2 minute film preview)

    “Claws of the Red Dragon” is an explosive film executive produced by Stephen K. Bannon which exposes ties between the controversial Huawei Technologies company and the Chinese Communist Party, based on the 2018 arrest of Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou.

    New Tang Dynasty Television recently made the announcement of the film, which will be released in September.
    ~~Above two paragraphs taken from www

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