Interview 1326 - James Corbett Breaks Down the Middle East

11/23/201732 Comments

So what was the Saudi purge about, exactly? And what does Yemen have to do with this? And how about the South Pars oilfield? And what does all of that have to do with the price of tea in China? Confused? Well, you're not the only one. Join James and Ernest Hancock on this special commercial-free edition of Declare Your Independence for a breakdown of the latest turmoil in the middle east and what this means for the future of the world.

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Neom press conference

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Qatar-Iran ties: Sharing the world's largest gas field

Another ‘Conspiracy’ Confirmed: Khomeini Had A “Secret Channel” With The US

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I wish Ernest Hancock would let James Corbett finish a line of thought.
    The thought lines got all dispersed with interruptive questions.
    I swear Ernest had a higher word count than his guest.

    I liked how James tried to close the show about the AI and importance of “technology for liberty”.

    At near the 38 minute point,
    it was mentioned how Saudi Arabia participated in the lower oil prices.
    During that oil crash of late 2014/early 2015, it became evident that oil stockpiles/production far outweighed the demand for oil. Saudi Arabia continued to pump oil and there were no OPEC cutbacks on production for awhile.

    One affect the “oil prices lower for longer” did have was to bankrupt and flounder many of the U.S. Oil Companies. The U.S. had ranked within the top 3 countries in oil production. Surprisingly within a year or two, the U.S. fracking industry adjusted and could continue to produce profitable oil production at low oil prices.

    I think that perhaps one objective of the OPEC countries in the very beginning with their over-production/over-supply was to hinder the U.S. production of oil so OPEC could gain greater market share. But that didn’t go as planned. In fact, it backfired. The U.S. is now exporting oil.

    • herrqlys says:

      “I swear Ernest had a higher word count than his guest.”

      I had the same impression, but maybe this is American-style radio? Although I’m not exposed to enough of that for proper comment. I will say that Earnest’s discourse was a little more snappy and breathless than I’m accustomed to. I had to think fast about some of his cryptic terminology to stay with his thoughts. His regular audience probably doesn’t have this problem.

      Still, I followed everything well enough to appreciate that Earnest did indeed have a good grasp of what is going on, generally. It was very interesting to see the dawn of his epiphany about the significance of Iran, and the reason for it’s vilification in the mainstream.

      Venezuela gets the same treatment, even though Hugo Chávez is dead, or maybe more aptly because he IS dead and he can’t call the bluster as he so effectively did.

      It was probably good that Israel wasn’t dragged into any of the discussion, when it could have so easily been when the conversation got around to mentioning a Saudi-US-Israeli axis and that this axis created the resistance bloc that has coalesced over Syria.

      Digression into explaining Israel in the mix might have polarized his audience and detracted from the signifcant point: WHY Iran?

      • herrqlys says:

        Oh boy. How to win friends and influence people. Sorry, Ernest, I went into language snippet mode (short, pre-coded neural strings) in spelling your name. Details, details, the Devil’s in the details.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I liked how James tried to close the show about the AI and importance of “technology for liberty”.
      AI and Technology – SlaughterBots –

      If you have not seen the video posted by Corbetteer “Normic”, I strongly encourage you to watch it…
      It puts a whole new twist on having good underwear.

      “Joe” sent this video as a follow-up.

  2. Truth seeker says:

    Great analysis. Yemen has many factors to be involved.
    1. It is chokepoint for oil. Can easily stop suplly of oil there.
    2. Yemen wont join Gulf Cooperation Council. Globabalists are setting different parts of the world to join different regions to advance globalism. Example, EU, NAFTA, etc.
    3. Saudi needs excuse to buy more american weapons.
    4. Houtis arent wahabbists like Saudi Arabia is. They are Shites like Iran is.

  3. manbearpig says:

    trying to understand in the space of a nightcap:

    Awesome and very funny interview. Un grand cru.

    which path to persia

    zionist controlled british empire created saudi arabia for personal gain

    saudi arabia will seem to be playing subservient role henceforth in new renewable énergies global paradigm despite the neomogism of NEOM and honeypot Sophia AI

    world war III started over hezbollah/petro-dollar ultimatum?

    Aoun in more danger than Hariri?

    iran now plays role of communist russia

    Israel founders play both sides and win whatever happens.

    creative chaos being ultimate goal

    gonna sleep on it…

  4. bladtheimpailer says:

    Yemen has been found to have a considerable amount of undeveloped oil reserves and the Houthi might stand in the way of being bought off and allowing the oiligarch to rip the Yemeni people off of their natural resource, sales of which could improve life there greatly.

    MBS’ moves first supposedly removed the western chosen heir to K-S so maybe he’s gone all in (doubtful) or he has western backers and needed to make these moves to secure his position? Whatever the subterfuge we can be certain the Empire will not be thrown off by their to date semi defeat in Syria.

    Neom is of course an Agenda 2030 ‘smart city’ (known as ‘Vision 2030’ in SA and the GCC) with big inputs from Israeli technologies.

    Some complaints are arising in Israel as to becoming a ‘Russian colony’ with the arrival of ‘Jewish’ Russian oligarchical mafia personnel and their rapid infiltration and influence within the Israeli state. While on opposing sides in Syria the Israeli state has been rumoured to be providing Russia with stolen western technologies under the TALPIOT program. Apparently some jet engine advancements for new Russian jet fighters were transferred?

    Whatever the end business deals these ruling Arab monarchs are on shaky ground as the apex ruling elites vie to first among equals in the Mid East..

  5. weilunion says:

    What is going on in the Middle East is very, very important for it is changing the entire geopolitics of the world and the financial form of capitalism.

    What is going on in Yemen is outright genocide.

    The Saudis are broke. Who would invest in them?

    The Saudi society is dysfunctional, behind history, beyond comprehension.

    It’s leaders are corrupt, misogynist, pampered males who have never worked a day in their life and they ar now beheading themselves. Add that to the count.

    The FDR connection remains important.

    The petro dollar is the issue. All the billions they thought would protect them as they fled on yachts? Sound like America might be?

    But do not be surprised; for capitalism is a very resilient system, though decayed morally and materially. Capital must have markets, and turning Saudi Arabia into a corporate market civilization reaps great rewards. Gotta get that youth to buy, buy, buy.

    When women can drive, they can buy cars. And we saw what the car culture did for America, right? What a great market for US imperialism, Chinese cars (that I see and live with everyday in Ecuador)?

    Yes, turning the whole world into a strip mall seems to be part of the effort here for I am assuming that financial capitalism would benefit greatly, keep the petro dollar alive, though it might be ‘strip-mall’ dollar and churn further on-ward to eventual collapse.

    Gravediggers might be able to take a bit of a nap.

    Russian and China, as co-partners, will fill the void in the Middle East.

    MBS will self-immolate. So will the Tinderbox called Saudi Arabia. It is not even a country, it is one big clan of thugs.

    The region will be the basis of war for quite some time with new and interesting figures and countries trying to compete for oil reserves. Many will die.

    You are right, James. As you know I live in Ecuador and the barreling down of the price of oil was just what the US Imperialists planned and wanted.

    [SNIP: Comment edited as it exceeds 500 word limit. -JC]

    • herrqlys says:

      “…the barreling down of the price of oil was just what the US Imperialists planned and wanted.”

      The desired effect was sought by more than just US imperialsts. The array of sovereign states defying the petrodollar system, BIS, etc. included Russia, Iran and Venezuela, and probably many other lesser intransigents. The effect brought a lot of nations to heel, but also spurred creative solutions in the targets, necessity being Asesop’s mother of invention.

  6. sara.h says:

    I do think the interruptions are because this fellow is trying out for “Alex Jones”. Even sounds like him, which is not a compliment. And I still don’t know what this has to do with the price of tea in China.

  7. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Brilliant interview… a must watch especially at minutes 57. It sums up the whole situation.

    Why Yemen and Why Qatar??? let me help.

    Why Yemen??

    Yemen has just bitten the bug that Iran bite back in ’79. for those who are too young to know what happened in ’79… “Ayatollah Khomeini” AKA “the ayatollah” came with the help of CIA and over thrown the “emperor” of Iran. Then he double crossed the American (CIA) and kicked the Americans out of Iran. “Ayatollah Khomeini” discovered that the “people” can be stronger than any tyrant or superpower that exists today, and he used religion to rally the people to kick the tyrant out (which off course makes him the current tyrant 🙂 ).

    Anyway.. It seems like Yemen (and Bahrain to a lesser extent) has caught this bug of the “people” are the strongest element in society, which will translate to “emperors” losing their thrones.

    So.. Yemen needs to be extinguished before it ignites any other “Gulf Monarchy”

    Why Qatar…..
    As wealth depletes in the Arabian Gulf, a need to consolidate resources and countries become more needed. Arabian Gulf people are really one nation. They are intermarried and all share exactly the same life style and values. so, with Saudi needing to raise more money to pay the american protection money, they will need to get medieval on countries (Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain) to get their resources, and also on people with wealth (Prince Al Waleed bin Talal of Saudi is just one example, but all the purge that is happening in Saudi is for recapturing wealth).

    Sure, Ernest Hancock appears to be a typical American (a stereotype as far as i am concerned), but sometimes, to get to the people, you have to be one of them…

    I enjoyed this interview… more interviews like this please.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Wonderful insight!
      Thanks so much. I was hoping you would comment.

      I remember the era of the Shah of Iran. I lived in a small Texas town which was home of the World’s largest primary helicopter training base during the Vietnam War. My Dad was a civilian instructor pilot who taught Army trainees. After the Vietnam War, many of these civilian chopper pilots needed work and they went to Iran under the Shah to help train chopper pilots.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hello HomeRemedySupply, I hope all is well on your side of the world.

        Yes, the Shah of Iran was not all bad, and in fact, he was very kind to one group of people beyond believe. For example, he had re-purposed an island called KISH island and turned it into an R&R resort for all his pilots 🙂 and visiting Tehran at the time was like going to Paris in France…

        On the other side, the Shah was also mad, and cruel. for example, if you leave the capital Tehran and head to the next village during his time, you will find that you are in the stone age…

        Stay well my friend.

  8. manbearpig says:

    Just listened to most of this intervew again, with as much pleasure and laughter and a few more available neurons than last night.

    My simplistic take on it:

    The U.S. represents the individualistic rags to riches nation state…

    “They” (TPTSB) want one last major war – the war to end all nation state wars – between the U.S./Israel (another individualistic nation state) block and the “resistance axis”, visibly reducing these old-hat individualistic entities to ostensible (not necessarily veritable) subservience to the collectivist-sustainable-smart montitored paradigm with all roads leading to Shanghai, some Eurasian capital city or virtual Shangri-La.

    In the era of colour revolutions I’m not so sure Iran really represents a threat to Israeli ambitions insofar as I sense that the predominant project, beyond Oden Yinon, is a fully connected technocratic smart world controlled by anglo-zionists.

    So just as Oil was merely a means to acquire massive control, so was zionism and the Balfour Declaration has carried out its mission to the fullest.

    Time for the Balfive declaration? (5G?)


    anyhow, end of lunchbreak.

    Hancock was a hoot here and Mr.Corbett, had he been born a statist would’ve made one helluva diplomat!

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The 28 Pages
    Something I often watch for is MainStreamMedia NEWS about the 28 pages.

    Newsweek – Nov 20, 2017
    Why Doesn’t Saudi Arabia Join North Korea on U.S. State Terrorism List After 9/11? (Large type, large photos)

    There are other news stories in November about the 28 pages.

    Broc West & James Corbett & Kevin Ryan & “The 28 Pages”
    (5 minutes)

    I wonder if this recent Saudi Purge helps to remove some of the liability involved with “The 28 Pages”.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hello again HomeRemedySupply,

      I think the 28 pages will simmer in the background until one of two things happen.

      1) If Saudi wins / overcome Iran and the resistance block, it (28 pages) will be shelved for the long term and kind of forgotten about.

      2) If Saudi loses to the resistance block. Then 28 pages will be used to break up Saudi and install a new (south Vietnam) government in Saudi.

      either way… it will be fun to watch the MSM manipulate the 28 pages not for the benefit of the people but for benefit of “the Man”

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I have the same opinion. That 28 pages is leverage.

        On Nov 30th, OPEC is meeting.
        Oil prices have approached a 2 year high recently.
        The Texas/Oklahoma frackers are getting busy. Fracking has gotten so high-tech that they can rapidly get production going in high gear.

        I am guessing Russia won’t extend oil cuts at this meeting.
        And perhaps, OPEC won’t either.
        If OPEC were to extend oil cuts and prices stay high, the frackers will eventually fill the void left by OPEC.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Regarding Nov 30th OPEC.
          This oil journalist seems to think that OPEC will continue cuts in production.
          …A failure to agree on the market remediation would cause oil prices to plummet immediately, forfeiting any gains that have been made in the last year.
          Saudi Arabia needs $60 per barrel for its Aramco initial public offering to be a success in the second half of next year. It plans to sell just five percent of its prized company in the largest IPO in financial history, but a low price could force the country to sell a larger share, siphoning off government revenues at a time of strained budgets…

          The way I see it, “continued oil cuts” greatly benefit the U.S., almost as if there is a backroom deal / alliance with the U.S.

  10. “Corbetteers”! I love it.

    Max Headroom! I love it more than anyone I’ve ever known. (I still have a modest collection of MH stuff.) I keep asking Corbett to review it. If you can get past the 1980s cheese for TV, it’s waaay ahead of anything else, except perhaps Brazil and Blade Runner.

    So who’s going to build the Neom super city? Desperate immigrant slaves.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Interesting trivia
    Game of Thrones – Comic Con in Saudi Arabia
    Currently happening in Riyadh is the Comic Con Arabia. One of the celebrities is Pilou Asbaek an evil, murdering character ‘Euron Greyjoy’ in the series Game of Thrones.

    This and other Saudi related stories on a Saudi owned news service…

    Something I found interesting is that the Gold and Jewelry Stores have been Nationalized in Saudi Arabia. However, the stores are having trouble employing Saudi citizens, because Saudis don’t want to work there. …they want a cush government job instead.

    I was wondering about McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia. I would guess that Saudis prefer not to work there either.
    I was surprised to see their breakfast menu which shows sausage breakfast items. I am guessing it is beef sausage with Halal standards.

    BUT…from June 2017…
    McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia just swore allegiance to the new crown prince.
    Burger King and Domino’s scrambled to follow suit
    “…McDonald’s KSA, the Saudi Arabian franchise of the fast-food giant, is owned by Mishaal Bin Khalid al Saud, another prince and close relative to Salman….”

  12. herrqlys says:

    No suitable thread presents itself, but I am seething.

    Internet censorhip games have become so spiteful and childish.

    When I try to load the Learn Russian module at (selection is at the bottom of the page) every hyperlink on that video block returns as 404.

    A link to an RT video (from a post elsewhere dated yesterday) that I clicked on today also returned 404.

    Have I missed some major breaking news?

  13. herrqlys says:

    I was beginning to find Max Keiser a little too flippant, but Stacey Herbert kept him grounded. Now it would appear Max’s RT program has been supplanted by a new one, Renegade, Inc. hosted by Ross Ashcroft.

    WOW…just WOW. May all episodes be as wonderful as this one:

    Example: I learned that the square mile called the City of London is not actually a part of the UK, and the Queen has to get prior permission for visiting there.

    • herrqlys says:

      I may have been slightly misinformed about ‘not actually a part of the UK’ (darn) as it does get to elect one representative, known as Remembrancer, to Parliament in order to protect City interests in the creation of laws.

    • herrqlys says:

      I find that I’m simply not familiar enough with the RT layout as yet.
      The Kaiser Report still exists, but under the News tab.
      Renegade Inc. is under the Op-Edge menu tab.

  14. herrqlys says:

    Eeeeegad…concerning the impending US FCC repeal of provisions that currently maintain net-neutrality.

    “ISPs will be given a much freer hand to determine the content we can can get online. They will be able to slow down the access speeds of sites that are not profitable – which is true for activist sites, by definition.

    But they may also be empowered to impose Chinese-style censorship, either on their own initiative or under political pressure. The fact that this may be justified on commercial, not political, grounds will offer little succour.”

    From an Open Internet, Back to the Dark Ages:

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    NEWS – Friday Nov 24, 2017
    Extremely interesting story / interview with MbS (Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman).
    New York Times –

    Evidently, the anti-corruption campaign has wide public support. MbS is saying that there will be “around 100 billion in settlements”.
    MbS also talks about restoring the Islamic tradition to the 1979 flavor, where Saudi had musical theaters, men and women mixed, and there was respect for Christians and Jews.

    EXCERPTS from ArabNews and Echoes of WWI
    …Mohammed bin Salman praised President Donald Trump, describing him as the “the right person at the right time.”
    He said Saudi Arabia was slowly building a coalition with its allies to “stand up to Iran.”
    On Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, he said he was the “new Hitler of the Middle East.” And he added: “But we learned from Europe that appeasement doesn’t work. We don’t want the new Hitler in Iran to repeat what happened in Europe in the Middle East.”

    • herrqlys says:

      From a follow-on article to that Arab News piece (bottom left of page) titled Saudi Arabia’s ‘unshakeable position against extremism is based on Shariah’:

      At a NATO function in Rome, “Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni opened the forum, saying that NATO has a lot of responsibilities in ensuring stability and security around the world.”

      I’m in awe of the audacity in that statement about NATO.
      Mission creep?
      Being asked to jump (how high?)?
      All of the above?

  16. Listening to this interviewer was atrocious. He did indeed speak more than the guest, which is unusual. Towards the end, he just blabbered with no point and repeatedly interrupted James. In any event, I’m glad James was able to get the main points across in between the hosts stream of consciousness.

    As an aside, we can see the gloves are off in Africa, both as James malluded to in Niger, and the recent arrest of Patrick Ho, who allegedly bribed officials in Chad and Uganda on behalf of CEFC (the same company that this year bought a 14.2 stake in Russia’s Rosneft).

    Also, the Belt and Road may be hitting a few bumps in Nepal and Pakistan, where a hydroelectric plant and a damn were respectively shelved by the two countries. However, as to Pakistan, the decision to scrap the deal with China for the Diamer-Bhasha dam just means it’s excluded from the overall China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

  17. jckays says:

    First, before I get lost in the other comments, I just wanted to mention a few points. The primary one will be about the ‘elephant in the room’, but before that I want to say that though I have never heard of Mr Hancock, I will now seek him out as he presented a great contrast to you James. James the more analytical and Hancock the more ephemeral. A good package! (IMnsHO)

    Which brings me to the ‘elephant’, the ‘Western’ (?) ‘Deep State’ actors, the ones that James seems to think are NOT divided (I prefer to think that they are) in ultimate goal(s). The Deep State really being the ‘Evil Nature’ of the world condition, the state of Fallen Grace that religions speak of, to me, as a natural spiritual being via late-life experience, I am convinced that said Evil is the basis of our materialistic control system. Yet it need not be that way, were enough folks wanting the truth of things just enough to find their own spiritual intuition, in which case this world quagmire (swamp) could be drained and surmounted.

    Now I can see the value of attempting to bring along the more intelligent folks to the way of thinking that James has mastered by not adding in the ephemerality of the “Spiritual” nature of things, and keeping everything more ‘objective’ loses fewer folks who value that.

    Those of us who are more subjective oriented are seldom understood or accepted by ‘normal’ people, and rightly so when no such experiential relationships have yet to take place. Admittedly, ‘we’ can be really too ‘far out’ when beginning down the path of higher truth, and that ‘openness’ can even waylay the best intention-ed of us.

    To believe in the potential of a Karmic Universe based upon the Truth of Love makes it very easy to accept the exact opposite, in fact, it requires that acceptance. Such acceptance actually frees one of any fear, in that ‘the truth shall set you free’, free of fear being what everyone really wants.

    But as long as our nefarious Leaders (and most all of them are that) seek to control us for their own supposed benefit, they will do it via imposing fear, as in “Divide and Control” where ‘They” are to be ignored and our fears are always simply the fault of ‘The Other’ (the other ‘half’ of the divide).

    That control being done by the subversion of the Spiritual Truth which is Trinitarian in nature (+=-) where the Spirit is the (=) which, when ‘Good’, has our better interests at heart, and when ‘Bad’ (Deep State) is extremely selfish and pathological, nefarious and lying.

    That Deep State attempts to, and I might add is very efficient at doing so, keep us all ignorant of the Truth of Trinity, which is Love, as ‘They’ usurp the role of the Third Party, which in Their case, They act a the ‘Puppet Master’, manipulating from out of sight, we ‘Divided Actor’ who are suppo0sed to ‘take a side’, always against each other, always ignoring the ‘Masters’ … that is the way this World has always worked, and will continue to do so until enough wake up to wake up others. The ‘Hundredth Monkey’ is just around the corner with such Enlightened Programs as this.

    Thank You Folks!

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