When Robots Rule the Markets...

11/18/201760 Comments

The Corbett Report community held a vigorous discussion on the future of Artificial Intelligence this past summer, and the results are in: No one understands the question (myself included). Now, to be fair, I didn't do a very good job of framing the debate so, as is typical with this particular topic, it quickly became the standard AI argument about whether or not toasters have souls ("I toast therefore I am!"). I exaggerate only slightly.

I understand why the conversation inevitably steers in this direction. The nature of consciousness and the question of the soul are topics that have fascinated us as a species for thousands of years, and the advent of robotic consciousness threatens to upend the deeply-held beliefs of billions of people.

Perhaps inevitably, the prophets of the technological singularity have brought this issue directly to the fore by creating their own religion with "a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed through computer hardware and software." It's called "Way of the Future" and was founded (with a large degree of MSM fanfare from the usual suspects) by...wait for it...an ex-Google engineer. That's right, after developing our modern-day, real-life Big Brother's self-driving car, this Silicon Valley dropout has started a church for people to worship our coming robot overlords.

You can't make this stuff up.

But, generally speaking, this is not the kind of thing that people researching in the field think about. So what do they think about? Oh, things like "What will the financial world be like when Skynet runs the markets?"

Think that sounds crazy? Well take that up with our good friends over at the shadowy Bank for International Settlements' even shadowier little brother, the Financial Stability Board. They just published a white paper on that very subject.

Read about the FSB's vision for our artificial intelligence-run economic future in this week's subscriber editorial, and stick around for this month's subscriber video where Vinnie Caggiano joins James for an in-depth breakdown of the musicality of The Beatles' "You Won't See Me."

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  1. normic says:

    Speaking of Bots James did you see this. https://youtu.be/9CO6M2HsoIA Note audience response. Stop the planet I want to get off!

  2. manbearpig says:

    Well whatever the case may be, this “AI Arms Race” mentality may very well be the Club of Rome’s “common enemy” required to make global government a dire necessity.

    Then, preventing, “together” the conditions that lead to the rise of the Arms Race Mentality (ARM) will lead directly to the Sustainable Smart Paradigm.

  3. herrqlys says:

    This is actually very frightening information. I almost prefer ignorance, however the perspective allows us to drop relatively trivial matters from our list of worries.

    Fortunately you did insert some comic relief, like the FSB suggesting that “…measures like “testing and training” or calling on government regulators to oversee these new developments.” Hee Haw.

    For my money, first prize in the Release of Nervous Tension category goes to:
    “I toast therefore I am!”
    The video was almost anti-climactic compared with the caption 🙂
    How did you ever find the time to indulge in this?

    • mkey says:

      I watched that show end to end at least 30 times, starting back in something like 1996 or 1997. Good times. British humor may come off as a bit dry, but it’s fun as hell.

  4. Octium says:

    I see AI as being more of a threat to the criminal elite if it were to get into the hands of everyday people.

    They don’t need AI to make our lives hell. An ICBM can be launched using technology that is only a little bit more intelligent than the automatic governors used to control mills in the 17th century, yet they can kill millions of people.

    Yes, a swarm of AI drones with facial recognition could be used to kill off dissidents, however the same technology could be used to hunt down the Rockerchildbergs.

  5. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Very good report James,

    When i hear the term “Technology” (including A.I.), i immediately think gunpowder and here is why…

    Some people will claim that technology will kill us, others claim that it will improve our lives… and sadly, they are both right.

    So.. Gunpowder is an example. It was invented/discovered in China (the land of SunTzu – Art of War) few thousands years ago, and for a long time its main use was in fireworks… (bring pleasure to people)..

    Then a while later, some person with high psychopathic tendencies (about 6% of the worlds population) decided.. i can hold the world at ransom with this.. “either destroy the world or they give me what i want” kind of thinking – which takes me to James Bond movies 🙂 .

    I see this all the time. Technology in the hands of a good balanced person/group with long term vision, will benefit people.

    Technology in the hands of psychopaths will kill millions in seconds.

    You can see this today in some leaders. For example, nuclear energy is great technology and can be used for advancing nations, but used wrongly can kill people. Leaders like the guy in Iran wants nuclear energy but forbids nuclear bombs. Leaders like Trump and co wants nuclear bombs but will limit people using nuclear energy.

    I understand A.I. is slightly more advanced topic, as it is not just technology… It is the possibility that we will create a “new form of life”, which is spooky…. But if we do, then it surely will resemble us. I think it will be created in the creators image (and in the case that the creator is a psychopath, then we are doomed!)

    one thing for sure.. It will come faster than we think.. it will benefit from the “Wheat and chessboard problem” (google the term if you are unsure what i mean.)

  6. manbearpig says:

    “…There are many questions surrounding the development of this technology that poses an existential threat to humanity, but most people are too busy worrying about whether computers can have a soul to address these concerns. And the ones who aren’t distracted by these philosophical puzzles are working for the likes of the FSB to put the shiniest PR gloss on the whole subject…”

    Massive AI enabled and camouflaged False Flag attacks on the masses by TPTSB…

    So AI doesn’t need to possess a soul or consciousness, or be planted onto our collective cortices to be outrageously threatening to our existence…

    but I’ve had to come to the conclusion that in some way or another we are all “working for the likes of the FSB…” directly or indirectly.

    AI, though perhaps exponentially faster, more powerful and more precise, is, as VOA points out, just another arrow in TPTSB’s double-edged quiver.

    So, it all comes back to the fact that humans have massively bowed to the will of the Rockerchildbergs (to borrow Octium’s nonclementure).

    Through necessity, conditioning and, most frighteningly, personal choice every one of us to some extent continues to accept and further the paradigm we’re in, created by “THEM” by pursuing their passions, maximizing their potential while receiving paychecks from Musk, Gates, Hassabis, Morgan, Sachs, Soon-Shiong and their lower-profile associates, partners and subsidiaries…

    So, as a lot of really profoundly great people are enthusiastically devoting all their time and talent to wittingly, and mostly unwittingly, furthering NWO goals

    what might help win this war for the minds of the masses

    is proving that humans are worth preserving (despite the fact that we’re self-disgusted “sheep” with monstrous “carbon footprints”).

    and though the “can-computers-have-a-soul” debate may seem like a dangerous red-herring, it may also prove vital to revealing the profound worth of the Human Being

    leading to important research (Ă  la Hameroff and Penrose),

    thrusting the current paradigm and those at “the top” of it into a new light

    and, who knows,

    ultimately leading to the true autonomous evolution and well-being of the non-psychotic Human Being.

    • manbearpig says:

      after the easily recognizeable “THEM” in my verbose text above:

      “…by pursuing their passions…”

      should read, in order to make sense:

      “…by pursuing OUR passions, maximizing OUR potential…”

      anyhow… sigh…back to my regularly scheduled program…

  7. manbearpig says:

    Well that Beautiful Balloon flew right over my head!

    a few impressions that came to me out of the blues of this rooster hoot through parallel universes of relative switches…

    that is speaking of Bohemian Rhapsodies,

    I loved the drunken question of potentially losing one’s innocence through the scientific breakdown of musical intuition

    my placing it on a broader philosophical scale

    with, on a darker note, the destabilizing rythmns introducing Murder by Numbers

    and the eloquent demonstration that competition, at least between Beatles,

    is not always a sin.

  8. erichard says:

    You can be sure, the more they humanize AI, the more certain it is that they are planning to use it as the fall guy. The hidden schemes of illegitimate government remains mankind’s greatest enemy, not the CO2 producers or anything else they demonize.

    Here is another example of government out of control:

    The little-told story of how the U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition


  9. scpat says:

    To be fair, the FSB report does pay lip service to some of the important risks surrounding AI technology, like its lack of auditability or the issue of data bias, but these problems are inevitably waved away by the study’s authors, either by calling for vague measures like “testing and training” or by calling on government regulators to oversee these new developments.

    From Guardian article: “What we’d like to see is a trusted third party, perhaps a regulatory or supervisory body, that would have the power to scrutinise and audit algorithms, so they could go in and see whether the system is actually transparent and fair,” said Wachter.

    This seems like a job for Blockchain technology. Create a protocol that the AI must follow. Then again, if the AI is smart enough, could it override the protocol?

  10. scpat says:

    I had a chuckle when I figured out the “The Corbett Report Twitter account experiment in Democracy (spoiler: everybody loses)” in the Just For Fun section. I had to think about it for a second initially and then understood the point. Most people can’t “think outside the box”, and will play within the rules established for them. That point was proven in Corbett’s little experiment. It’s almost sad going through the comments and seeing people saying “Look! I won!” or debating about the different voting options. It’s exactly like the system the world governments employ today. Such a simple experiment that proves such a powerful point.

  11. Tony says:

    Is a very sad day when autonomous machines are enabled with lethal force. My biggest fallback was that when the powers that shouldn’t be (PTSB) pushed things “too far”… at the end of the chain would be a human conscience that I was depending on not to push that button. Now the PTSB have complete control… very sad indeed.
    Technology can be a gift… but only after the house is clean…

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The Top Five Propaganda Arms Which Sucked You In
    Bear with me…

    On Corbett’s “Recommended Listening”, he links to an Ochelli show (which is pretty good if you want to know about Judy Baker). During the show, Chuck Ochelli mentions a YouTube video called “Top 10 Craziest JFK Conspiracy Theories” on the WatchMojo channel.
    Remember the title of the video, because I am going to shift thought.

    Because I am involved with the Dallas anti-fluoridation campaign, I am alert to local dentist offices and their take on fluoridation. About a month ago, I had noticed a local website builder/marketing firm which focused solely on Dental Offices that was looking for script writers. I know something about dental office marketing, because in the past I knew a string of consultants who made big money by helping dental offices generate more revenue. If you look at the websites of some of these dental offices, some of their webpages are “canned information”. You can sense that the Doctor did not write it. I even called one dental office and chided them for such inaccurate information about water fluoridation on their website.

    My point here is that now I am very alert to “script writers”, because many “script writers” don’t care about facts nor science nor the welfare of people. They are hired guns.
    Like the title “Top 10 Craziest JFK Conspiracy Theories”, we have all seen ads and articles and YouTube videos which had a teaser such as “5 Deadliest Foods” or “10 Real Life Kids with Super Powers”. My title ”The Top Five Propaganda Arms Which Sucked You In” was only to lure you in for this read.

    But get a load of this…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Dallas Craigslist
      Here are some “employment ads” from Dallas Craigslist. I won’t post the Craigslist link, because the ads expire quickly. These are not the full ads, but excerpts.

      Baby script writers
      The editorial team at Valnet Inc. is looking for journalists to contribute list-based articles for BabyGaga.com, a website geared towards parents, and covering topics that surround subjects like pregnancy, babies, and health (among so many more!) Are you a dynamic and driven writer, who is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest viral trends?…. See these stories http://www.babygaga.com/ and this website http://www.valnetinc.com/original-videos When you view the links, you know what I am talking about.

      Conservative Daily script writers
      As a journalist for Conservative Daily Post (ConservativeDailyPost.com), you will have the opportunity to reach millions of Americans each week with your articles. Our daily audience includes readers from all over the nation (and world) who tune in each and every day to get their fix of Conservative, Pro-Trump, Libertarian, and Right-leaning news… …The journalist position is a 40 hour position… …Let’s Make America Great Again!
      There are other online websites and News Services which discuss this one https://conservativedailypost.com/

      “Dallas Content Writer Wanted for Pro-Trump Conservative Blog (Dallas, Texas)”
      Are you a news junkie who’s also good at churning out quality content on a deadline? Do you feel we dodged a major bullet last year when Hillary lost and Trump won? Do you want to make America great again? If so, then keep reading! We run a series of political blogs, and we’re looking for content writers to write articles for our conservative, pro-Trump blogs. Initially, you will work onsite at our offices in Dallas while we train you, but the opportunity to work remotely may become available over time. Again, we are looking for someone who can start out working in our office in Dallas.
      You actually do NOT have to be a conservative to do this job, but keep in mind that you will be writing pro-Trump, pro-conservative articles, and your writing will need to resonate with a right-leaning audience.

      These were only a few of the ads on Craigslist. Other employment venues, such as Indeed, have some interesting ads also. And one can always get a “Hired Gun” or “Trolls” here… https://www.fiverr.com/categories/writing-translation/articles-blogposts?source=category_tree

      Anyway, I am just amazed at the quantity of trash out there today.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Coming back to the anti-fluoridation campaign, we have always experienced a small group of trolls who represent the Pro-fluoride movement. I’ve seen some of their internal emails and know a lot about them. And connected to them is the (non-profit) American Dental Association which annually has revenues over 120 million dollars. This website https://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/American_Dental_Association makes the following statements:
      …After the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), which opposes water fluoridation, established its website at “fluoridealert.org”, the ADA bought the website URL “fluoridealert.com”, presumably to confuse people seeking the FAN website…
      …ADA has also hired the New York-based PR and marketing firm Van Vechten & Company. According to the firm’s webiste, they won a Presidential Citation for their work for ADA. The firm’s website briefly describes their ADA work:
      “What did we do for the ADA? We fought false information about the supposed risks from fluoride. We fought false reports about intensified risks from amalgams and the mercury contained within fillings….”
      …ADA distributed misleading information on two federal fluoride Reports….

      Dallas Anti-Fluoride Website

    • Corbett says:

      “The Top Five Propaganda Arms Which Sucked You In” is actually a great idea for an editorial. As you say, it’s quite a hook and could be a good chance for a truth bomb. Can we crowdsource some ideas for that? What propaganda arms are the most worthy of exposing?

      • scpat says:

        Are you referring to industries, unions, think tanks, the media, government bodies, that type of thing?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I would love to hear other people’s ideas.

        For me personally, I am gloriously irked by what has happened with “alternative media” and “internet media”. It is like swimming in a polluted river with turds floating all around while above-head there is this airport noise ripping the eardrums open. This weird trending mindset is creating a new norm which only benefits “The Powers That Shouldn’t Be”.

        James Pilato alludes to it when he mentions “gravy train videos…all caps headlines” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK279pc11K4&feature=youtu.be&t=16s

        And Chuck Ochelli said this…

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I went to bed, but got back up.
          I kept thinking about Corbett’s “Environmentalism” and “Why Big Oil Conquered the World” and “Technocracy” data. Most “normie” people get sucked into the propaganda aspects of these. I mean, how many people know that the Rockefellers et al bowed out of oil or that Alexa Echo & Google Home is their pathway to doom and “Technocracy” is not even in most folks vocabulary as they connect their phone to their life & Facebook. Watch a few TV ads…geez! People are really sucked in.

        • manbearpig says:

          the old standard propaganda arms + my pet peeve*

          -American Public school system (most history textbooks)

          -Noam Chomsky (though mainstream and Alt media mentioned this man’s a propaganda arm in an of himself, broke the mould)

          -University Fraternity/Sorority system

          -Hollywood of course (i.e. Captain Phillips)

          -Institute for Policy Studies*

          -MTV becoming child porn

          -Many if not most NGOs (though UN already mentioned, Amnesty, Human Rights Watch

          just fell out of bed, now gonna drink my coffee as I’m conditioned to (coffee the emblem of that horrific slave trade that pillaged so many countries…at least I boycott Nestle…?)

          • manbearpig says:

            -so-called government regulatory bodies: FDA, FCC, SEC etc.

            -IPCC though UN mentioned

            -Your own brainwashed parents, friends, neighbors, co-workers etc…

            -Madison Ave. of course

            (going in circles on my way to the hamster wheel…)

            I think Mr. Corbett has pretty much covered them all…?

            Guess the standardized public school system in tandem with television most powerful combo?

            I’ve heard such holidays as Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving are not at all what they appear to be so…

            -Standardized religion?

            • herrqlys says:

              A very good list, taking all your posts together, but I wish to address “the standardized public school system”.

              For Europe it seems the Prussian educational model was often emulated, an educational system particularly noted by rival Great Britain who concluded that Prussian compulsory education was part of the successful explosion in advances in technology and robust productivity within the German states, pre-unification, and the strides also being made in world trade.

              Education wasn’t the only factor in a relative comparison, but it was one of those that were significantly different from society in the home countries, and commerce throughout the Empire. The economic and social differences created by a system prioritizing production capacity versus profit maximization was another.

              The Elementary Education Act 1870 (UK) met with a lot of dissent, especially from those with vested interests that would be impinged upon. For a good overview (which touches on far more ideas than the British Library synopsis, for example):

              And I liked this article on the American education system:

              But this one is more rigorous, considering a range of things in the historical dynamics of American education:

          • manbearpig says:

            The Games Industry! (video and otherwise ) Gets you in your tender, impressionable years!

            -conditioning you with beeps, bells and buzzers and POINTS!

            -making you obsessed with falling geometric shapes, candy, stealing cars, building empires and winning wars!

            -barbie, having monopolies, imperialist Risk,

            -forming your image of what men and women should look and act like

            -sucking you into Football land on a near permanent basis

            -Sims city teaching you how to be a successful member of society


            teaching you what a bad guy looks like(generally dark, with dark circles and a beard: see Reel Bad Arabs) complete with islam flag/hammer and sickle clouds, and bolshevik hyenas (see Be Prepared song from the Lion KIng)

            -and what a good guy looks like, and what a girl/woman should be like, dress like etc…

            -how to do your hair and wear make-up

            eeeek now I’m late! (those buzzers bells and clocks!)

      • herrqlys says:

        This is a very difficult assignment.

        To have relevance and impact for particularly younger audiences, the list would have to include current institutions, websites, publications, tv news programs, advertising campaigns, and anything else for mass consumption that exists now, and is in-your-face at the moment.

        However, if there’s to be an appeal to all ages then propaganda examples from other eras might just turn on a light, here and there, for some people.

        Some of my best personal examples would be older, from the period prior to my developing some critical thinking about what we are being fed. Many of these examples have already been debunked now, and for which debunking literature is already out there. There are, no doubt, some Rumsfeldian unknown unknowns still lurking in my psyche.

        OK, despite my perception of some awkward difficulties, this is my personal list:
        The Top Five Propaganda Arms Which Sucked You In (Part 1)

        1. The United Nations (UN)
        – when Geneva was home to UN Headquarters (at the former League of Nations building Palais des Nations), the prevailing cachet was that of Swiss neutrality, banking secrecy, and the sobre expression of an older Europe… a civilized place you could trust;
        – when it was brought to New York in 1952 the gloss eventually wore off, although it took quite some time for it to become transparent that the UN was really an American tool for sanctifying actions the US sought to enact – US financial contributions were the big hammer
        – the international scope of activities made it the ideal place to sponsor and sell globalist agendas; when you do a search for the current UN Geneva regional office UNOG (there are 2 other UN regional offices: Vienna, Nairobi) the results are headed “Where global solutions are shaped for you”… a double entendre in my view.

        2. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
        – pretends to be a British public service broadcaster, using that subtle delusion (public service) to hide the fact it’s embedded with British establishment propaganda, although with posh presenter accents, slick computer graphics, and worldwide programming in several languages
        – on top of that, people in the UK have to pay a tv license fee for the privilege of their own indoctrination

        • herrqlys says:

          Any media format that intentionally deceives by purposely using key words to weaponize language.

          I know that what I’ve stated is fuzzy and could actually be applied to well-intentioned media. It’s the best I could do for now, but people must be sensitively aware of the language employed. News broadcasts are especially dangerous, where it’s obscure just how long it took to get that ‘right’ wording to influence a mass audience in a moment of suspended disbelief.

          All too often subtle, conditioned reflex responses and perceptions are invoked. This tries to elude critical questioning of what is being implied. I believe this topic comes under the category of neural linguistic programming (NLP).

          Presumptive phrases like:

          – according to official sources…
          – authorities say…
          – the leftist regime of…

          It’s authority itself that should really be questioned. Its presumed moral nature being in the public interest, and its presumed right of primacy. As RT’s byline so apty states: “Question more.”

      • herrqlys says:

        The Top Five Propaganda Arms Which Sucked You In (Part 2)

        3. The Federal Reserve System and its chairperson
        – I don’t think I need elaborate too much on this one (or all 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks), beyond the intended gravitas the name is meant to convey – I think its good to remember the oft-cited sarcastic reference that “the Federal Reserve is as much a US government department as is Federal Express”

        4. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in the US, jointly with its affiliate and progenitor the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) in England
        – think tanks for the Anglo-American world, and including their main respective publications “Foreign Relations” and “International Affairs, The World Today” for disseminating thier “august” viewpoints;
        – there are many entities of this ilk, like The Fabian Society and The Round Table and a host of others, all construted as fronts for the promotion of vested interest agendas

        5. Large national and International trade unions everywhere
        – originating as legitimate worker response for the redress of the pernicious abuses by capitalist industry, over time they have been largely co-opted, in my view, to simply be voting blocs that can be controlled and directed at the polls by the union executive (which executive can be corrupted) but with automation unions are becoming a much lesser factor in politics

        After I sleep on this no doubt I’d make a different list, but that’s my contribution, at least for now.

      • herrqlys says:

        I haven’t even gone to bed yet when the White Helmets came to mind.

      • mkey says:

        1. the aquafresh commercial mind control https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Xx2UkI6Ud0
        That amount of tooth paste is sufficient for 10 treatments at least. I dare not imagine what would my world look like without all of that fluoride in it.

        2. Holocaust TM, at the root of much of disparity we see today. It changed the world dramatically and there is no tide change in sight.

      • Mielia says:

        Such a difficult question.
        After a little contemplation I thought of two factors I deemed very important: Trust and information asymmetry (or maybe better: distance).

        Trust seems easy to explain: ‘Official’ sources are considered serious, reputable; ‘science’ – studies have shown -, schools or maybe education (especially in the formation of your mind/ideas) in general, so-called ‘documentaries’.
        Trust you may further divide into closeness/distance of relationship, liking and reputation.

        Information asymmetry is easy to show in (especially theoretical) education and docus: Your teacher or professor presents you with sorted-out data which you learn or may debate upon; depending they may also have already gotten a guideline or sources to dwell upon.
        It’s not like everyone goes on it’s search concerning a topic, then we compile and debate (like this open source thing here). Usually you have few original data presented to you as addendum to a ‘docu’

        Furthermore kind of a third factor:
        Giving ideas, framing debate, instill thoughts:
        Movies, games, books, ‘the news’ (which I consider what ‘everybody’ talks about in the area you live).
        For example (instill thoughts) ‘everybody knows’ (‘it is known’ in Game of Thrones) what a warhammer looks like, especially thankfully to games like WoW. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bf16NgeEI_U 6 1/2 minutes what they really look like. ‘Everybody knows’ how pirates were due to Hook in Peter Pan and I would argue many Western Europeans believe Pocahontas presents a more or less accurate account of history.
        (Giving ideas): Recently I was puzzled how outright blatant the subject of genetic engineered beings is in some animated childrens movies, the like of Penguins of Madagascar, Lilo & Stitch (just watch the first few minutes, it’s so blatant) and Despicable Me 2.
        Framing debate: Usual school question: Was the dropping of the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki justified?
        Instead of something like: What were (possible) motives behind different persons involved in the dropping of the atom bombs which lead to the dropping of the atom bombs?
        Which party to you vote for? Comparable to: Which football club do you cheer for? (Maybe no football at all..?)
        (I would also argue this is a huge part which advertisement is about. Sometimes you simply buy something only because you heard of/know of it.)

        [SNIP – Please keep comments within the 500 word limit. -JC]

      • Mielia says:

        I would like to add something specific instead of posting too long thoughts.
        That’s Big Think.
        Big Think scientism/pseudo-science with
        Bill Nye (climate)
        Michio Kaku (transhumansim, physics, ethics and philosophy questions and much more) and the ‘control the weather man’
        Jeremy Rifkin (internet of things/energy; https://www.foet.org/).
        Ray Kurzweil (singularity, immortaility and so much other transhumansim and technocracy stuff)
        and on and on (e.g. Elon Musk has one video)

        I’m sure Big Think won’t fool most of us here but it seems lot of these guys invited to speak in their videos are fooling a lot of people.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          You might be right about a lot of people being fooled.

          Sometimes I will watch TV advertisements just to get a feel of what types of marketing buttons they are using.

          For example: “Green Mountain Energy”, an electric provider (billing company really) was doing an ad about ways to go “green”.
          Re-usable bags, a coffee mug, …
          …and then this statement to the effect of “Reduce your Carbon footprint, eat meat only one day a week.”

          • mkey says:

            I think that’s just one of the zillion facets of parrot media. Ideas can spread like wildfire and can’t be killed with a gun.

          • Mielia says:

            Re-usable bags is already a joke in itself. (At least those I think of from the supermarkets which are not for washing machines and wear out after a hundred times.) My grandma always used a wooden basket. Eco-fans in Germany usually use some kind of trolley or even simply backpacks.

            On second reading I got this was your description of their tv clip :D. Yeah, of course it has to be the bad carbon footprint ;-).

      • Mielia says:

        One example of something that me personally definitely COULD have sucked in – but was not a statist propaganda arm – is Galt’s Gulch Chile with Ken Johnson (he talks by the way in ‘meet the team’ that he was affiliated with Bill Nye the science guy at one time) and Jeff Berwick.
        Cults (maybe freedomainradio one too?), apocalypse warnings (like James talked about with Shemitah), bitcoin/crypto-frauds and ponzis like pbmining and all so many other superstitions have chances to be absolutely life-destroying way beyond your average conman.

        So if propaganda also contained non-statist one, e.g. marketing, I would include some of those mentioned.

  13. danmanultra says:

    Putting my super villain hat on, here’s my diabolical plan to conquer the world:
    • create evil robot army
    • pin the creation of said army onto enemy nation
    • have robot army “go rogue” and destroy said nation
    • robot army becomes “external threat” needed to unite
    all of humanity against an inhuman enemy
    • keep waging war against evil robot army until whole
    world is under one central authority
    • profit
    Of course the war would also excuse the creation and funding of more and more powerful and deadly munitions and the building walls to “protect” the human cattle/populations.
    Did I miss anything?

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    On the Corbett’s “CROWD SOURCE” TRUTH BOMBS ideas…

    Mr. Corbett really has a brilliant idea, because it helps to bring valid truth to the masses on a language-trash-pattern which seems to resonate within this degraded society.
    It is an excellent marketing approach, especially with Broc’s skillset and humor attached.

    — Baited titles. Keywords. —
    Examples: “most” “___est” “hidden secrets not divulged kept from you with triple adjectives describing the same thing” “famous people” “How your boyfriend duped you” “why you are better than what they say” “Five minute test of _____” “Wild rumors which turned out to be true” “Who knows what about you”
    Going to any of the viral Trash Video winners might give some insight on what resonates.

    I think the China Sesame Credit is a hot number.

    Except for tough goes with “copyright”, I think that some of the HBO and Showtime and TV shows which correlate with real life could be hot. Corbett knows Tom Secker.

    Many shows now have elements which were at one time considered “conspiracy theories”, such as cars being remotely controlled.

    • herrqlys says:

      What about shows that had cars with independent thought and vocalization?

      K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand) from Knight Rider (1982-86).
      That was also the show that catapulted David Hasselhoff to prominence.

    • herrqlys says:

      And how about Airwolf (1984-87) starring Jan-Michael Vincent, with an advanced military helicopter?

  15. herrqlys says:

    On research into robotics under DARPA (military) funding: The Dawn of Killer Robots (2015)

    The active-status drone program is realistically depicted in the movie Good Kill (2014).

    When I watched this movie a couple of years ago, the thing that has stayed with me was how the drone controllers (pilots?) could operate half a world away from the battlefield using satellite links, in sanitized conditions.

    Further, when called upon they could detachedly release Hellfire missles to deadly effect, and then at end of shift go home to their families for dinner. The movie explores what could happen if the ethics of that work is questioned.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You are throwing out some wonderful ideas. This kind of technological stuff scares the toot out of me.

      And I think that realm of subject matter would resonate with a wide audience base, even the “Lala-Land Selfie-Taking Socialites”.

      Movies that Scare. Horror Movies.
      I have always noted that a sizable segment of the population likes scary movies. I mean…they pay admission to get scared. A good friend of mine once opened a Haunted House and the revenue was astounding. He and I spent one season together researching / visiting dozens of Haunted Houses as a possible business venture.

      That genre has never been my bailiwick, although I often tout the Trailer-Trash skills of the World Famous Joe Bob Briggs.

  16. mkey says:

    Sphero BB-8

    This appears to be big brother’s little brother. According to the reviewer, this little bugger “likes” to “look” and “wander” around. Of course, it has a camera, a mic and apparently some nifty wandering routines.

    Seriously, the bot will actually wander and look around when left unattended. You can’t make this stuff up.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      If now toys are doing that, then what kind “toys” do the military and corporations really have.

  17. Hsaive says:

    Yesterday, I used a credit card to purchase groceries. The cashier asked me, “Are you chipped”?. Of course she was asking me if I had a card with a “chip”, but the predictive programming worked to normalize the notion of being “chipped” by any means, including “smart dust”.

  18. frances.v says:

    MI , machine intelligences it is. According to Tom Campbell physicist, author of “My big TOE”, we live in a virtual reality , an information system being created by consciouness. Machine Intelligences are at the level of insects for now. Humans, aware of our multidimensional beingness, we are still having to face, the slavery system in our every day life. I see the hive tech mind programs but also the creative impulses for individual sovereigns to cooperate as for exemple, in open source investigations… Or decentralized blockchains of honest nodes dissemated all over the planet… Or local volontarist community projects…

  19. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

    Dr. Peter Asaro, ICRAC (International Committee for Robot Arms Control), gives a short 8 minute presentation in this YouTube video (I am slightly surprised that ‘Yahoo’ ran this story).

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