Interview 1318 - Jacob Hornberger on the Ongoing JFK Cover Up

11/09/201716 Comments

Jacob Hornberger, President and Founder of the Future of Freedom Foundation and author of The Kennedy Autopsy, joins us today about the JFK files (un)dump that (didn't) happen last week. We talk about the ongoing cover up of the JFK files, what cookie crumbs researchers have found so far, and what they tell us about the criminal nature of the deep state.

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  1. cush350 says:

    I was 13 when JFK was murdered and living between Dallas and Fort Worth. I remember clearly the 75 year lockup of files after the Warren Commission Report and thinking then that the government is covering up their involvement. A “conspiracy theorist” was born in me as a young teen starting with this event.

    • herrqlys says:

      I, too, was 13 when JFK was assassinated and because Calgary was an hour behind Dallas the news was fully formed for the TV broadcast I watched when I arrived home from school for lunch.

      Those images, and the ones from the continuing blanket coverage over the following days, have remained vividly clear with me – particularly Ruby shooting Oswald.

      However, because I worked diligently at school, and played very hard pursuing personal interests in my free time (as all kids should be able to do) it took another 2 years before I developed any sort of critical consciousness about politics and the greater world around me.

      As a Canadian, it seems odd that it should have been the war in Vietnam that jarred me. But then again perhaps the removed perspective, watching the spectacle from a non-interventionist country (then, at least), made that war more unusual to me than it might have been for continuously patriotic-induced American youth.

    • john.o says:

      I was 12 and was shocked by the assassination. It is hard now to imagine how focused and unitive the TV world was. For family reasons also at the time, my child’s world changed from funny and bright to unintelligible and somber.

      I did not seriously question the assassination for 18 years and after that, one black op after another made it so that 911 was instantly recognizable as some kind of op, though it took me a couple of years to take in the full horror there too. I believe that the inability of many of us to fathom the evil around us is a real blindspot, and personal trauma is often the issue and a tool of oppressors everywhere.

      I am impressed that Hornberger doesn’t let any politico-philosophical disputes intrude on his research or analysis of the root historical issues. His endorsement of the research of Jim Douglass, (oft dismissed as a liberal JFK White Knighter) says a lot about him.

      I am an amateur assassination “buff” (with lots more time sometimes than others) mostly following Morley, Pease, DiEugenio, Palalmara, Russell and many other old timers, James Lazar et al. I think this (already linked above) excerpt is a superb intro to the assassination by Hornberger:

      I will definitely get the book.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Cush350, between Dallas and Fort Worth

      Man! That was “in the country” then. It is all metropolitan now.

      • cush350 says:

        Yep, it was Bedford, TX. Back in the 1950s there was actually space between each town between Ft. Worth and Dallas, no metroplex. Bedford was really “country” back then. I remember riding my bike all the way to Hurst just to ride on sidewalks.

        The Cuban missile crisis in 1962 was also an eye opener for me at 12 yo. Welcome to the real world.

        • cjon says:

          I was in Midland at the time of the JFK assignation in Jr. High. School was dismissed and we went home to our black and white TVs with 3 channels. NBC, CBS, and ABC. After midnight the channels shut down and there was a logo featuring a native American on it to signify there would be no more broadcasts that night. Bye bye.

  2. herrqlys says:

    Great interview. Jacob Hornberger, like James, talks with the solid certainty of a researcher who has delved deeply into his subject, and thereby has formed a framework for, and index to, the relevencies.

    There’s also a huge body of Hornberger’s work at Lew Rockwell’s site:

    This contains a potpourri of interesting topics.

  3. erichard says:

    The deep state had no idea, even in 1992, that releasing the KARC in 2017 would make the documents so available to so many worldwide. The internet changed things a lot.

    Before then, only a few would have seen these documents, and it would have been much easier to deal with anyone that they decided was figuring too much out. But now, not only will millions have access to see these documents, but any important “finds” will be all over the world overnight.

  4. PeaceFroggs says:

    Great common sense interview. Oswald the “Communist Marine” haha …

  5. Mark44 says:

    Thanks James I also really enjoyed your interview with Jacob.
    There was a sense of kinship and understanding between the two of you.
    Your thoughts and ideas flowed effortlessly.

    For the record, I was a mere 8 years old at the time of the assassination and remember it all too well.
    It had a long-lasting somber effect on me. I grew up rather quickly after that.

  6. manbearpig says:

    Well, I’m trying to catch up here on this site…behind by about 4 interviews…

    only had time to listen to a bit of this one…

    enough to realize that, very exceptionally Mr Corbett, you must be terribly misguided in questioning the Warren Commission report on JFK since

    even if many Americans were not convinced by it

    the preeminent mind of the western world belonging to none other than Noam Chomsky says (at 3 minutes and 35 seconds of the following link): that

    “the idea that there was any high level conspiracy behind it seems to me extremely unlikely”…

    So as Marwan Osman would say;

    “There you go”…

    (now I’ll have to find time to listen to the rest of the interview…)

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