Interview 1035 - James Perloff on the 100th Anniversary of the Lusitania False Flag

05/01/20154 Comments

avenge-lusitaniaOn the brink of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Lusitania, James Perloff of joins us today to discuss his in-depth expose of the incident, "False Flag at Sea." We talk about the sinking of the ship and how it was used to sway American public opinion on "The Great War," how the event was planned and engineered, who masterminded the plan, and why it still matters a century later.

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  1. matthew_d says:

    Reminds me of the plane shot down of Donetsk, Ukraine. Everyone just reacts emotionally, in outrage! No one says, “Well, if you think about, if you’re a commercial airplane, and you fly over a war zone, you’re gona have a bad day.” I guess everyone just give us (the west I guess) a free pass because freedom aint free! (It’s a buck o’ 5)…

    Governments, the elites, the powers that shouldn’t be…whatever you call them, have an interesting problem on their hands when they want to make money from war: it makes no sense for common people to kill each other this way. I always think of the movie Braveheart, where the cut back and forth between the men charging at each other…and then, in my mind, they just all stop and look at each other with confused faces, and someone’s like, “Hey…what if we didn’t, you know, kill each other, and try to work together to help each other like, build or houses or something?”

    And they collectively all go, “Aha!”

    They, the powers that shouldn’t be, need to make up events like this to get the masses to brutalize each other. You never see two opposing Kings, after watching thousands of their men kill each other, even punch each other. If only more people realized that.

  2. rockshot says:

    Thanks for taking the compliments of the last 2 guys you interviewed. I feel the same way! You ARE number ONE in Alternative Media and have aligned yourself with the likes of Brock, Pilato, Guillermo, David White (the smurf from Geneva, sorry, David, I can’t remember your name…AND where have you been?, I am not the only one that misses your reports!)
    But James, you could have said, “Thanks, but actually, my little boy is the one who does all the writing, he is kind of smart for not quite 2 yet, then he turns it over to Brock West to do the editing, so in truth, I just read the scripts”!
    I remember asking you were I could read about world history so that I could get up to stuff and at least know a little bit about the topic that you are covering. This podcast proves that there is no one book! Thank you for interviewing this James Perloff, this is a fascinating look at just this one incident. I see now how naïve my question to you was.
    I really miss the “New Beard Order” episodes too, those are packed with humor, which none of us can get enough of these days.
    As far as helping you with the open source research, I don’t know where to begin. Could you do a brief training session on that…someday?
    In the meantime, if I could get Banksy to contact you, would you interview him? I do not think that anybody has ever interviewed him, so this would be a “world’s first”. Have you ever seen, “Exit through the Gift Shop”? I suspect that he is already a fan of yours anyway, but don’t know.

  3. barbaras999 says:

    So how did the Zions get Britains Sir Valdair (sp) to give them Palistine? There is some speculation that it was the Zionist Jews who arranged the Lousitanias demise. The Zionist Jews being the same of the Bolsheviks group of Communists. And what happened to the Bolsheviks family? The Eight Immortals of infamous name? Did they happen to change their name. Maybe an Illuminati switch of name.

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