Interview 901 - James Perloff Exposes the CFR Agenda

06/13/20141 Comment

In his groundbreaking (and bestselling) 1988 book, The Shadows of Power, author and researcher James Perloff meticulously documents the origins, aims and influence of The Council on Foreign Relations and its members. Today Perloff joins us to discuss the CFR, its acknowledged goal of preparing the American public for a new world order, and how it is working to accomplish that goal through the control of America's foreign policy apparatus.


The Shadows of Power (information)

The Shadows of Power (purchase)

The Shadows of Power (presentation)

Truth Is A Lonely Warrior

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  1. Arnar says:

    As this is the first time I leave a comment I would like to start with thanking you James for what you have done here over the years.

    Since the CFR and the Boston Globe are mentioned in this podcast I think it´s fitting to post this here. An article and interview about a book in the BG written by Michael Glennon, member of the CFR called National Security and Double Government.

    I haven´t read the book myself and I was wondering if you knew more about this. Here is the link

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