Interview 925 - James Perloff on "Truth Is A Lonely Warrior"

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Author and researcher James Perloff joins us once again, this time to discuss his most recent book, "Truth Is A Lonely Warrior." We discuss a range of subjects covered by the book, from false flag events and pretexts for war to the depopulation agenda, Zionism, the Rockefeller-funded ecumenical movement, the culture creation industry and more. We also engage in a discussion on differences in political ideology and the solution to the global government agenda.

Update: Note received from James Perloff after the interview:

There's a clarification I'd like to make regarding your early question of whether the Establishment is patriotic or anti-patriotic. They are absolutely anti-patriotic and anti-sovereignty. This is proven by everything they write in in their internal organs such as the journal Foreign Affairs. Their occasional public flag-waving is simply to motivate young men to enlist and the people to get behind their wars.

Just to take World War I as an example, the war was used to destroy the sovereignty of other empires and nations--such as the Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Russia, the kaiser's Germany, etc. Europe was sweepingly restructured and brought loosely under the internationalist League of Nations. But to get American soldiers to partake in this plan of nation-destruction, here in America the flag was waved, Uncle Sam appeared on recruiting posters, and people were told they were 'defending America.' However, these patriotics were propaganda solely for the purpose of manipulating of the public, and that process continues to this day, as when soldiers are sent to the Middle East on the pretext that they are defending our freedoms.

Ultimately, they have America's sovereignty in their gun sights as well, as proven by the CFR's push for a North American Union.

In the interview, I said it depended on context, and I don't think my answer communicated it with adequate clarity, as is apt to happen in an impromptu response.

Update 2: Received from James Perloff August 11th

James, since you kindly posted my comments on democracy, I’d like to try adding add a couple more.

In our first interview, on the Shadows of Power, we’d been totally on the same page; so I was unprepared for challenges in the second interview. This is my fault, but I’d like to add further perspective that I consider relevant, but that I didn’t think of spur-of-the-moment.

(1) Regarding monarchies—this is not a major focus of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, it is one section of one chapter, out of nearly 30 chapters and appendices. I was certainly not raised a monarchist; I grew up in a middle-class American home and was taught what a tyrant King George III supposedly was. However, in years of study I discovered that the Illuminati had their own reasons for denigrating monarchs. In the interview, I pointed out that many monarchies were destroyed because they symbolized nationhood, which stood in the way of world government.

But there is more to it. The Rothschild/banksters knew they could not insinuate themselves into the bloodline of an emperor or king. By eliminating monarchies, and replacing them with “democracy,” the banksters knew they would need only 51 percent of the vote to take over a nation. And when you own the media, 51 percent is a cinch. Also, monarchies tended to unify nations, whereas democracy inherently divides them (into political factions); a divided country is easier to conquer. This is simply the “divide and conquer” principle.

The czars executed 467 people between 1826 and 1904, but millions died under Lenin and Stalin. There were seven prisoners in the Bastille when it was stormed, but more than a million Frenchmen died in the post-Louis Reign of Terror. More people were executed by Ayatollah Khomeini during his first month in power than by the Shah of Iran during 38 years on the throne. I am NOT glorifying monarchs; but I am saying their “tyranny” was greatly exaggerated by others who had their own agenda for restructuring the world.

(2) You noted the paucity of footnotes in the culture-music chapter. I do want to mention that the chapter is only 3 pages long. I’d also like to comment on the approach of intelligence veterans like John Coleman. I have read all the newsletters of Hilaire du Berrier, dated 1958 to 2001. Du Berrier was in the OSS (the CIA’s forerunner) and had an extensive network of intelligence contacts. Sometimes his newsletter quoted a book or newspaper, and you could double-check it. But SOME information came from his personal intelligence contacts, and there was no way to verify it.

If we dismiss this category of information because it’s not footnoted to an accessible source, we risk omitting a lot of valuable information. OK, so how can I prove du Berrier wasn’t fabricating a particular statement? Usually, I can’t. But over 43 years, I found him trustworthy, a man whose observations were predictive, a man of integrity NOT given to sensationalism. He was no Hearst “Yellow Journalist.” As to Coleman, he has made the same observation about his critics. How is he supposed to footnote something seen in an intelligence file? MI6 is not a public library; we can’t go there and ask for the file. And let me just flip it here: footnotes themselves are no guarantors of credibility; I can produce copious footnotes linked to books and journals that are themselves sources of misinformation. Here is where discernment becomes vital.

I, too, would like to see more that supports Coleman’s remarks about the Beatles, but their intense coverage and promotion by the MSM of that day (TV networks, covers of Look and Newsweek, etc.) strongly suggests the Establishment’s hand at work. Of course, James, if Time Magazine puts YOU AND ME on its cover, I’ll reconsider.


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  1. ccuthbert2001 says:

    OMG, James, you have to have Chinatown on FLNWO. Can’t believe you haven’t seen it.

  2. ccuthbert2001 says:

    The research on the origins of the rock n roll/hippie “culture” is by David McGowan. He has a website and has just published his research in a book called Weird Scenes inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops and the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream. It’s a great read. Btw, his website has an excellent series of articles about the Apollo hoax as well as 911.

    • Simon says:

      I was not aware of that site will take a look.

      Neil Sanders covers the links between mind control and the music industry. Might be worth a look if you have not seen his site.
      Neil’s second book is called ‘Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own – Volume 2: Marketing, Movies and Music’. is an episode of Richplanet called ‘Popular Music & Mind Control’ an interesting program and worth a look.


    • Johnny holiday says:

      There`s also jan Irvine, Gnostic media interview with dave McGowan podcast #186 – December 1st 2013. “The CIA and the Magic of laurel Canyon – covert ops and the dark heart of the hippie dream” .

      part 2 – p/cast #198 April 8th 2014….. though the first part is more substantial .

  3. ursushan says:

    Just want to add that I read Truth is a Lonely Warrior after listening to a Perloff interview here several months ago. It IS chock full of a variety of information. It seems to take one toward a state of comprehensive knowledge but/BUT maybe the hope that we can/or will truly grasp what is happening to us (while it’s happening) is a chimera. Still, it’s hard not to respect Perloff’s energy and enterprise. After finishing Lonely Warrior I picked up his first book on the CFR. This immediately aroused questions re the elite’s presumed favorable disposition toward communism of which, I felt, the author was critical — and wondered why. But again, this appears to be such a bold, broad enterprise that there are bound to be many threads left hanging. I was prompted to get a one-year subscription to Foreign Affairs by Perloff’s statement that if you want to understand projected foreign policy moves, Foreign Affairs is the CFR’s “blue book.” And was sorely disillusioned by the muckraking, warmongering tone of the articles presented there. There’s no place for subtlety of any kind. In fact, it’s a very disturbing display of “yellow journalism.” This brings up my most pressing anxiety: We are headed, it seems, to war with Russia for no justifiable reason beyond the fact that the shadow government wants to rule the world and Russia is in their way. Beyond that, I fear that most of America is asleep, either they don’t care what’s happening and/or can’t be bothered. It seems that James presented a podcast on that subject recently, and I’m headed there now.

  4. maxwell says:

    James, I especially enjoy hearing the differences in opinion discussed. Nothing wrong with disagreeing. Keep up the good work!

  5. ursushan says:

    A few more thoughts: James, I do hope you will give us your intended follow-up on MH17. I can’t help but wonder if the Ebola panic is another event, like the horrific slaughter in Gaza, that the PTSB are focusing on to keep the focus off what the psychopaths in Washington have up their sleeve re Russia. I downloaded a book by Paul Craig Roberts last night, How America Was Lost, a parallel description of America’s trajectory toward total ruin. Roberts has a wry sense of humor so his description of Washington’s insanity carries with it a large dose of humor which helps to allay the dismay and helplessness that comes with reminders of the outright deceit and unalloyed depravity that continues to drive US foreign policy. We have some real winners in the US State Department. Wish it weren’t so scary. Wish, too, that more people were willing to face these bleak facts and raise cries of alarm everywhere. This unnatural silence in the face of a potentially world-destroying foreign policy is almost as frightening as the facts themselves.

  6. ursushan says:

    A last note: Today is election day in Hawaii and I’ve decided not to vote — and to make that policy stand for the rest of my life. We continue to vote and continue to get duds or outright charlatans like Obama. The election process begins to feel like a duplicate of the TSA, the scanners that titillate employees and fill the pockets of thugs, and similarly, electronic vote machines rigged to register “Yes” when your vote is “No.” Scam “busyness” intended only to make us feel like our concerns matter when a brief reading of 21st c. history tells us the obvious truth–that no one gives a fig what we think, need, care about.

  7. samadhi108tw says:

    Excellent as always ! Thx James and James ! This is such a great true alt media site, like Boiling Frogs Post, Traces of Reality, Peter B. Collins, Wide Awake News, Smells Like Human Spirit, and all the other ones listed on BoilingFrogsPost ! I just wanted to say though that I dont agree with the anarchy idealism. Its not government thats the problem, its bad government. We need management, organization, protection, etc. like any other organization such as businesses, universitys, etc. Societys are organizations too. They need leadership, administration, protection, etc. but wise and compassionate administration. One major problem is that business people should not be administering society, they should stick to business ! Government should be done from beyond business and be representative of all the people, not run by big business ! Like I said, we need good government not no government. But like I said I luv your site, its great ! Thx. !

  8. lincolnlea says:

    James, I have to disagree most vehemently with your and Perloffs’ idea that the success of the Beatles was orchestrated, and that their music wasn’t written by them.
    I think you – or at least most certainly Mr. Perloff – are taking them out of their context, which he knows little to nothing about and that is the culture of Britain in the sixties. You see James, I was there. I was working just off Bond St. in the 60’s. You need to read some of the memoirs of people who were there and struggling to break through into arts, cinema, music. Read Michael Caines’ autobiography.
    The entire context is of a country that had been rocked to it’s bones by something no one had ever experienced before, which was the carpet bombing of civilians and widespread death and destruction of their country. Children were sent away from their parents and families to strangers in country districts, causing huge emotional dislocation. The wounds of the first war were still affecting the culture – as indeed it’s my belief they do to this day – and then that appalling devastation only 20+ yrs later. I remember food rationing. I remember my father taking me to the beach to warn me about the mines; as a child I used to climb among bombed out ruins, and collect gas masks and such. By the time of the 60’s a new economic boom was in, rationing was over, money was coming back, but young people wanted a different world to their parents world of war. This was also the age of the “message” songs don’t forget, and Lennons’ “peace” songs. And an atmosphere of excitement and hope swept London and other big cities, one of freedom from restriction and the forging of newness. It was an exciting time to be alive, even though we had no idea we were living in a lie, and a fools paradise. The desire to create new things was rampant. And the Beatles were part of that. As for someone going out and paying the girls in New York to turn out and scream — really?? they must had had millions, as there were thousands and thousands everywhere they went. And they were screaming all of Britain too (something I didn’t join with).
    It’s a stilly idea born of the thought that nothing happens that hasn’t been organised by someone powerful. Perloff believes in government. I don’t, any more than you do, and for this you need to get into chaos and complexity theory, where top down control is shown to be destructive as it blocks natural feed back loops. In fact in any complex grouping, huge numbers of things will happen naturally by the group with no top down control involved. don’t get so carried away by conspiracy that you end up thinking everything is that.
    Love your work and your site. Cheers, keep up the good work.

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for the reply. To be clear, I do not subscribe to the theory that the Beatles did not write their own music. I have never seen any convincing proof of that, and you can listen to my own debunking of that idea in Episode 248:

      However, I do believe there was orchestration of the first wave of Beatlemania, including the incessant and over-the-top media coverage of their first American visit and the long circulating rumors that Brian Epstein personally purchased several thousand copies of “Love Me Do” to help that particularly ear-gougingly boring song chart in the first place. I am not necessarily suggesting an Illuminati conspiracy here so much as clever (and exceptionally successful) marketing. The subsequent wave of Beatlemania was obviously an authentic phenomenon.

      • lincolnlea says:

        Sorry if I misunderstood you James. I haven’t been to that particular podcast – although I have taken in many others. Clever marketing is different – and sort of OK I guess. Glad to see you go by the evidence, very much my own method.

        I was wondering if you have heard of Gregory Sams? He’s worth a visit, and his book “Uncommon Sense”, reworked under a new title, “The State is out of Date” is an excellent read for those of your listeners who may be uncertain about the need for any government. He counters Perloff’s objections re the supposed “need” for a government to provide it’s sheep flock with education, roads. It’s a simple but insightful read. Also on Graham Hancocks site, he wrote a paper called “The greatest discovery never made” in which he offers evidence (which I would want to follow up on) that there was no evidence of any hierarchy, “leaders” governments or of wars until a psychopath arose to initiate an attack on a neighbouring state in about 2200 BCE. In other words, there is evidence that for thousands of years people were flourishing with no government or any evidence of top down control at all. He led me to the basics of complexity / chaos theory which demonstrates in fact that this is the only way anything complex – from Yosemite Part to the human social grouping – can flourish.
        Very interesting for anyone who is a Voluntarist Anarchist.
        Very depressing right now here in Australia, to see how many people have drunk the Kool Aid of America. Support for bombing Iraq and for Israels’ war crimes against the Palestinians is at an all time high, everyone believes Putin personally responsible for downing M17 – how I wish you do an in depth on that – and now Abbott’s introduction of saving “metadata” from phone calls and emails. Can’t wait to leave the country.

  9. doug says:

    Good government is a fairy tale.

  10. doublek321 says:

    I haven’t finished listening yet but James (Corbett), I greatly appreciate you discussing your points of objection to Mr. Perloff’s book. I think it’s critically important to be able to disagree w/ guests on things even if they’re nice people with good intentions (both of which I’m confident describes Mr Perloff). And of course you were tasteful and civil about it. A lesson for us all on how to discuss points of disagreement with people we know.

  11. Matthew Raymer says:


    Maybe just tell guests like Perloff you are going to bring up some points of disagreement. He seemed like the kind of fellow who would integrate that comfortably if you tell him in advance.

    One thing that I think is worth adding to this discussion is that there are other Christian views (such as the Christian anarchists and libertarians you mentioned). One oft misunderstood and neglected is Jocques Ellul. I’ve been studying Ellul’s work for the last few months and found him to be a very interesting approach to many of the issues that get covered in this and other forums of discussion.


  12. n.riva1989 says:

    Great discussion. I have the utmost respect for Mr Perloff and have read his book. James, you did a wonderful job touching on some points of disagreement that I had with the book as well. However, I find it awkward that Mr Perloff perpounds a personal view of creationism, and that we are in some sort of biblical fight between god and satan. I my self don’t believe in god (that discovery is actually what led me down this “Truth” seeking quest), and am in no means a scientific materialist, but I think it’s strange to talk about evidence and truth, then, all of a sudden throw in creationism, religion and biblical prophecies. It makes me scratch my head. Anyways, I just thought I’d throw my two cents in. Mr Perloff, keep it up, still have great respect for you and your work. James, always a pleasure listening to your insightful analysis.

    • macburns says:

      I think much of the geo-political and economic insanity going on is indeed biblical in the sense that the ptsb are gods on this earth and seem to be using some of the bible as a template…and they do seem to be pleasing some evil entity (whatever name you give it). When someone talks about the bible or Jesus, it is important to check in on our subconscious response to this. Could it be the programming we have been subjected to all of our lives via the media that makes us shake our heads or snicker at any mention of satan or God? Could the G in the center of the masonic symbol represent Genesis? Is this what this secret network is about-the elite group that has ties to the creation of man and are now plotting our destruction? I encourage you to look at the work of Lloyd Pye and his lecture on Darwin’s theory of evolution-(“Darwin was a blown up peckerwood!”) 🙂 Creationism may not exactly be what we think it is.
      Zecharia Sitchin’s work on interpreting the Sumerian (Iraq)texts and carvings is also a fascinating look at the ancient origins of our modern problems.

  13. Bogman says:

    I appreciate this conversation and would like to see it continue. My take on this, to put it simply. The Cabal is following a Luciferic principal meaning their desire is to be Worshipped as Gods and have dominion over everyone and every thing on planet Earth. there is the Great Unwashed or the unsophisticated Hoi Poloi who are graciously accepting their enslavement. Then there is us. We who are simply unfit to be Goverened. We resist and do not give our consent to be Goverened (except when we do, drivers lisence, passports etc.) We must work in the solution. Some of those solutions include, 1. A committed Spiritual or Contempletive practice so we can activly participate in our conscious evolution. The more Conscious one is the more Spiritual one is, the more Spiritual one is the more conscious one is. 2. Open Source everything, share freely the information we receive on how to live as much as possible, outside the reach of the Powers that should not be. 3. and declare our own soverenty.(is that how we spell soverenty?) Intelectually at first, then more and more in practice as we learn how to do so. So far I’ve planted a garden, I’m using Ubuntu operating system and Startpage. I’ve paid down and continue to pay down debt (just the mortgage is left) I own some silver and a little gold. I avoid Pop culture to keep from being dumbed down more than I already am. (I know who Kim Kardashian is but I have no idea why. If she has an album out I haven’t heard it.) And now James has set up a forum for us to build a community to share valuable information and we don’t have to stop to explain what the Cabal is or what the NWO is. We can just continue to help one another move the ball forward and everyone else can go back to watching American Idol. (please forgive my contempt)
    Two pieces of information I can share right now “The Open Source Manifesto Robert David Steele) In it he sites a lot of other Open Source – erers. Michael Twillinger’s Ubuntu. He is amazing at selling everyone on the Open Source deal in such a way that you’re convinced that it’s going to happen.
    warmest Regards

    • macburns says:

      Hear, hear! Well said, thank you!

      • brassbits says:

        Agreed. Great post. That’s about where I’m up to.

        Whatever you believe in, whether the evil is represented in psychopaths, aliens or satan, the only way for society to change the core NWO plan, as individuals, is to put on Roddy Piper’s sunglasses and awaken, sort out our consciousnesses and old programming, broadcast our new knowledge in the best way we can and then hopefully friends and family will awaken also.

  14. NotDole says:

    If this man went as far as to know punk music and all its offshoots were created by Royal Institute of Global Affairs (sic?)/Tavistock I would have laughed the man off though. Kurt Cobain for example reacted negatively to the fame they got. They were just a band so good that it destroyed the general crap on MTV then (80’s synth pop, 80’s hair “metal”).

    The only example of a famous punk rocker going astray was Fat Mike of NOFX….he did meet George Soros (whom he calls a piece of sh.. now) to get funding for Mike to organize the youth voters to vote for John Kerry or later never any republican. I can understand the sentiment, but Mike has now closed all sites he had made to influence politics amongst the youth since a 3 years now, he’s realized he went wrong there and became even more of a drug addict and alcoholic afterwards…it must be disappointing to have all you’ve worked for since 2003 to fight against corrupt government (and Mike is a millionaire due to owning his own music label which is not part of the RIAA and other music conglomerates), always refused to get signed themselves to a major label and bad mouthed MTV when punk music became popular again thanks to Nirvana around 1994 so MTV pulled all of his label’s bands’ music videos from emptyV…not a huge loss, wouldn’t it be long until the channel stopped broadcasting music videos.

    I think that if the Establishment is in control of any kind of music, is what they fought punk and metal away from the mainstream with at the end of the 90’s : hip hop/rap and r&b “artists”. A once pure art form, too.

  15. s.jamieson says:

    We have all been living our lives inside several layers of what amounts to Psy-ops. That can’t be true, a little voice inside me mind tells me. Sigh, I also hear from inside.

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