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04/10/201923 Comments

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Propaganda sinks deep into our souls and, as I discover on today's edition of #PropagandaWatch, you might not even realize it until you dig up your own poli sci term papers from your undergrad days at the ol' U of C.

Heritage Minutes: Dextraze in the Congo

Episode 087 – The UN Doesn’t Love You

How/Why Big Oil Conquered The World

Episode 261 – International Law?

Pink Cadillac – FLNWO #25

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  1. calibrator says:

    So you produced disgusting system-conform propaganda yourself? 😉

    But this is exactly what these PolSci classes are for, aren’t they?
    To pump out new generations of puppets that simply “function”.

    In any case it takes some guts to really reflect on yourself and recognize what an uneducated “follower” you have been. Kudos to you for recognizing this early on and being able to turn your life around (most of us are way older and got to it late in the game, I assume).

    As for the sentence with the WWF:

    “The increasing popularity of environmental consciousness in international politics has created such international organizations as Greenpeace and the WWF.”

    This is pretty much a correct statement, although for different, very much unintended reasons…

    The WWF was created exactly because of this environmental consciousness. It wouldn’t have worked otherwise. It was tailor-made.

    The real question is if the WWF was a consequence (like you wrote) or if it was a stage of the plan that was set in motion much earlier, after the “consciousness” was created and able to “receive”.

    I’d say it was the latter variant.

  2. generalbottlewasher says:

    James , Q4C. Is there a fraud authority at the U.N. ? In Swissland?

    Reference this by Dan Dick’s interview with Lord Monckton.


  3. mkey says:

    Corruption Of The US Temperature Record

    Hellish Heller explains it to you like you’re three years old. Absolutely essential. 15 minutes, watch!

  4. mkey says:

    I did a paper on the Tokyo protocol some 15 years ago. I obsessed over how the US doesn’t abide. Pathetic.

  5. zyxzevn says:

    I have my own history in wrong ideas.

    But that also made me focus on observation, friendliness,
    logic, reason, and humor.
    And much less on trying to convince the other of my ideas.

    If you can teach the other person critical thinking, he
    can slowly find out the propaganda himself.

    Almost all propaganda has logical fallacies or strong
    cognitive biases. This is even true in science.

    Possible other solution:
    If you would tell the same story with different names or ideas,
    would you still agree with it?
    Probably not.

    Let me give 2 examples:

    “American terrorists fly plane through building in Tokyo. Building owned by Yakuza collapses completely to dust in free fall. Japan vows revenge on the US: ‘they bombed us before, now it is time to strike back’ ”

    “Weather is extra cold today due to global cooling. The Oxygen radiates more heat into space, so we must get rid of it. Soon we will have Oxygen tax and machines that remove oxygen from the air.”

    These are obviously not true.
    But, what evidence would you require?
    What people can you trust?
    What real questions would you want answered?
    But if people really believed these, what reactions or solutions would think are OK? And what reactions and solutions are pushed?

    • zyxzevn says:

      #propagandawatch “science!!!”

      You all probably saw the picture of a black hole shaped as a donut.
      For many people worth a Nobel prize.

      Well, look at this:
      How to make a picture of a black hole – TedX

      To get the resolution, they needed to combine data from different telescopes all over the world very accurately.
      To combine the data, there are infinite possibilities plus
      a lot of noise.

      Now comes the bad part:
      So to generate the final image, they only selected the images
      that looked like what they expected: some kind of donut shape.
      A shape that comes from the science-fiction movie Interstellar.

      So the image is more than 99% uncertain, because all possible
      other shapes were neglected.
      And it is all based on a theory that might not even be true.
      Because the theory (GR) does not deal with singularities.
      Yet, this is now promoted as “proof of black holes”.

      Did any astronomer question the accuracy or shape of this image?
      Probably not.
      While it is far less accurate than the “Face on Mars”.

      Fake it until you make a nice picture.
      Then receive the Nobel prize and more funds.

  6. danmanultra says:

    At some point in my life I thought communism and Islamic terror was the problem and Ronald Reagan style patriotism was the answer. Plenty of other issues, but when I look back I want to facepalm every time. If the whole ISIS thing were not so ridiculous on its face maybe I would have never woken up?

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett is so real. I like that about him.

    We all have had bone-head ideas in the past.
    And oh boy!…I have said things in the past which make me cringe anytime I recall them .

    I was working for my uncle one summer (1970 or 71) at his Lake Resort Cabin acreage in Minnesota.
    As a late teen, I remember once having a discussion with my Uncle while he sipped his whisky at the kitchen table trying to cope with my concepts on “work”. I had this odd hippie type idea that I should not have to work, that I shouldn’t need to perform labor. Go figure on that one?…I can’t even believe that I once had such a concept.

    My odd $ concept above made me think of this remarkable incident…
    This is a true story.
    Money for Nothing


  8. Fawlty Towers says:

    As others have mentioned it takes real guts James to bare your soul by revealing these long-forgotten papers of yours.

    Kudos to you!

    Loved that line saying that peace could be possible if only we would learn to ignore other peoples’ skin color and realize we are all the same.

    Yeah right, as if the M.I.C. gives a hoot about skin color and striving for peace is one of its goals. 🙂

  9. james.s says:

    I remember taking a politics course as an extra while at university in South Africa. At the time Mbeki was still president and as he is Xhosa and so was Mandela, there was a kind of tribal feeling in SA that it was time for a Zulu president.
    There was a big push for Jacob Zuma to become president, but many people opposed this as he was on trial for rape, fraud and corruption. The rape trial was concluded, badly and, in my opinion, the wrong conclusion reached.

    So, getting back to James suggesting we comment on our own follies in writing. I predicted that if Jacob Zuma was elected president there would be mass rioting and a rejection of him as president. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead he simply halted the charges against him (as he gave himself immunity as president) and then gave over control of the country to the Gupta family.
    (Read the book, The President’s Keepers for the full story).

    Well, at least he has been removed from office…finally. Now we just need the court cases against him to resume.

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