Interview 1686 - James Corbett on the Year Behind and the Year Ahead

01/15/202227 Comments

James Corbett joins Michael Welch of the Global Research News Hour to discuss the developments we saw in 2021 and to talk about what to expect in 2022.

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  1. hamirand says:

    Wish that guy would’ve muted whatever that is making all those distracting and annoying noises. ?

  2. vadoum says:

    “If the “resistance” is not going to denounce the grooming of children to become bio-slaves to the Machine, then there’s absolutely no resistance to speak of.” (f.checker)

    Time to face the mirror.

    This dissonant hypocrisy aint goin’ away; the nihilists may be vindicated after all, or something far more clever and miraculous, but the fact remains unchecked that we use the tech, some live by it some for it, and yet its killing or at the least owning us.

    I wrote about this question the very first time contributing to this thread, (some years back). MPB may remember being put out by being called a “useless eater”.. but the itch that still needs scratching is, I think, related to our complicity with the things that are doing harm:, the number one being screen fetish.

    surely theres a simple scaling down of exposure or of consumption, that could minimize suffering and but would even that make a big picture difference?

    from the technically lost to be found dept.: I was trying to follow up on an exchange, made on this thread, from the 13th (2 days ago), where D broze was interviewed, but it doesnt seem to be on the CR site?
    local news: eastern oz, northern rivers, very few I know are not sick. The illness lasts most from 2 days to 2 weeks, the symptoms are light malaise, fatigue, light nausea,, it lingers, so seems the ones giving adequate rest rather than trying to jump back into it are healing the fastest. I had excellent results with liposomal Vit C (C suspended in sunflower oil, which allows a huge improvement in absorbtion).

    Big question for me is How? how did those infections happen. why suddenly, why to them and not those? like a summer squall, It comes fast and goes fast.

    other news: “shedding spikes” from multijabbers is wracking up more suspicion.

    the way a wave of infection hit this area since mid nov. by my count, has also incited a wave of distress, palpable fear from all quarters, very unhealthy.

    • cu.h.j says:

      “If the “resistance” is not going to denounce the grooming of children to become bio-slaves to the Machine, then there’s absolutely no resistance to speak of.” (f.checker)

      I think JC did denounce this when he had a podcast about Facebook, years ago. He’s also done a lot of work deconstructing the technocracy and transhumanism.

      I think the topic need more thorough consideration and exploration, particularly “play for pay” video games. I think video games aren’t healthy in large doses. The motivation behind play for pay by technocrats is probably vile and dark. But people develop games because people like to play them(I don’t but can’t judge other peoples tastes) and they make lots of money doing it. My husband has a friend who’s a game developer who is a multi-millionaire.

      I like using the internet and have reached my technical max and have no desire for VR or anything like that. But I want to live in a world where the tech is optional and I don’t have to have a smart phone or computer. Maybe the real world and technology can live side by side if we work out the limitations that should exist. It’s like drinking too much alcohol, or smoking too much weed, or what ever ones vice might be. The golden mean, so to speak.

      If I had a kid I would check out the stuff they wanted to be involved with and play the game myself before letting them do it alone. Parents can’t just check out and put their kids in front of the TV and blame the TV for all the problems.

      The thing that worries me most is that technology won’t be optional and that is a different matter. I can live without the internet and without a cell phone as I did when I was a kid, since I didn’t grow up with the internet. Being able to live like this, without technology is also critical to survival. I can read a regular map and drive a stick shift car too.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Regarding the flu season, or winter illnesses. I think those have always been around. I think 2016 and 2017 was the worst I’ve seen. I think it’s normal to have more respiratory illness in winter, less sun light perhaps and the cold disturbing the chemistry of the lungs.

        I also think that people who took the vaxx are getting the pathogenic priming phenomenon, they are more likely to get sick. I think this happens with flu shots too in some people.

        • vadoum says:

          I’m assuming you’re replying to me about the “flu season”?

          “Regarding the flu season, or winter illnesses. I think those have always been around.”,,

          They have, and so is the earth (round). which also explains why we’re having a heat wave while you are having “WINTER”: ITS MID SUMMER HERE!!!!

          “local news: eastern oz, northern rivers,” nothing but g-string bikinis for the trans-santas here

          I’d love to laugh off what just surged through here as cool and normal, but it wasn’t, yeah but nah: these infections seem to be coming out of the blue: some get sick and some dont, but both had similar exposure scenarios? I expect the personal microbiome terrain differences would be the primary explanation. but I’m paying attention for other clues. the latest bond villains had toxin that would activate only after aligning with a prechoosen dna,, wow.

          My sudden onset came after about 3hrs straight of trying to learn and share something from this thread. Could my social credit be so low that the quant auto fracked me with an activation charge hitched with lilly wave to the gooey tube slight of eye that was suckering me steady as she goes to davy jones. it coulda’. definitely had nothing to do with chilly flu season excuses but.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Both topics actually, the controversy around the presumed promoting of play for pay video games and technology and such. I am actually exploring this topic in more depth, more intuitively really, that when does technology become toxic? And I think it has to do with choice and the ability to due without technology, like the internet and electronic payment systems.

            I don’t like how cell phone carriers in my country are all going 5G this year, and how QR codes are becoming more common, and having a social media account is a requirement to be viewed as “normal”

            Then there is people saying the greater reset events have been co-opted by the metaverse/technocrats/transhumanists and thus all computer based technology is bad. Are the only choices absolutely no computer based tech, or the mataverse the only options? What are the appropriate boundaries that humanity should consider when using it, or developing it?

            These are questions that I’m thinking about.

            • cu.h.j says:

              This was very poorly worded, my apologies. I mean to say that, there are implications that because some of the participants in the greater events are into crypto and/or some blockchain tech that that means it has been co opted. Some people have strong opinions about computer based tech in particular and I can understand why. But I don’t think completely eliminating this technology is necessary.

              I also think that there may be some investors who are not completely corrupt and are looking for a way to use their money to create something better than a technocratic control grid. There are people who still have a conscience despite being wealthy. I’m not talking about the psychopathic Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Zuckerberg and Rothchild types, but people who may have had their ideas take off and have some wealth and want to invest in something that is both beneficial and profitable.

              Your post just had me thinking, that’s all. I really like the work Derick Broze has done, especially to get people enthusiastic and hopeful about taking action. I respect that. But I also wonder if there are some limitations to what we should put energy into in the technology space.

              • vadoum says:

                re d broze and teaching kids crypto. kids don’t need more screen time or screen desire. only slack parents use the screen as a babysitter or devise to give them (the parents) some reprive from the endless demand for attention that many parenting styles create. If someone wants to help kids, great. teach them skills that will help with real world situations (as apposed to virtual world). and as for the rest of the “adults”, we might think of screen time as poison, as is alcohol,, the right dose greases the wheels, but very quickly our lusting for more pushes the body beyond a wellness threshold. so choose your poisons and dose them with care.

              • Steve Smith says:

                “….the right dose greases the wheels, but very quickly our lusting for more pushes the body beyond a wellness threshold. so choose your poisons and dose them with care.”

                An abundance of wisdom in those few words.

    • openlens says:

      It is not “infection” It is radiation poisoning.

      Listen to the most recent Five Doctors video. Lee Merritt, a military spine surgeon….knows what’s up.

      remember all the 5G put up during the “lockdowns”?
      Read Suzanne Humphries’ “Dissolving Illusions” Every so called “pandemic” came with new electromagnetic pollution. The “Spanish Flu” began with the first wire operators trained under the lines at an army base.

      If it terrifies you, don’t read Elana Friedland’s new book yet. Just listen to Dark Journalist’s most recent interview with her.

      “Don’t let it get you down, it’s only castles burning, find someone who’s turning, and you will come around.”
      Never stop questioning. It is the basis of all learning. When you find the right way to phrase the question, you’ll find the answer contained within it, and within yourself. Keep questioning, everything, always.

      • openlens says:

        PS You have a hero in Oz who had worked the industry, tried to wake people, knocked a few Mordor Towers down with a bulldozer he rented or bought.
        Down the towers. Use lasers. Think about the Walls of Jericho.
        Frequency, vibration, and resonance brought them down.

    • openlens says:

      Also, re: tech: Scrimming Mirrors. Magical black mirrors which bring another reality into your world.
      Black Arts.
      Spikes shedding? Follow La Quinta Columna, graphene oxide uses in industry and ….”medicine” (sic).
      We learned years ago how powerful miso is in dealing with radiation poisoning. The staff at one hospital in Hiroshima was able to carry on due to the head of the hospital insisting every one of them begin the day with miso soup.
      It also good to understand what was learned from Chernobyl radiation spread.
      One farm in Austria kept showing no effect on their produce.
      Suspicious, authorities came down on them. Biodynamic Farm, all the way.
      Found the plants fine, no radiation measured.
      Found that if a plant has all that it needs, it will not take on what it doesn’t.

    • “local news: eastern oz, northern rivers, very few I know are not sick. The illness lasts most from 2 days to 2 weeks, the symptoms are light malaise, fatigue, light nausea,, it lingers, so seems the ones giving adequate rest rather than trying to jump back into it are healing the fastest. I had excellent results with liposomal Vit C (C suspended in sunflower oil, which allows a huge improvement in absorbtion).

      Big question for me is How? how did those infections happen. why suddenly, why to them and not those? like a summer squall, It comes fast and goes fast.”

      If I were you I would put these questions out to robster, Roxanne, John Blaid, assel, VieuxOrdinaire et al.
      They should have no problem giving you a satisfactory answer. 🙂

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    In this 13 minute interview, James Corbett on the Year Behind and the Year Ahead, towards the very end James Corbett hits the nail squarely on the head.
    He discusses one of the most important and crucial roles that the alternative independent media need to apply in order to better conditions.

    James Corbett says:
    …Hopefully, I can move some of the needle of the Independent Media away from simply following the MSM tail and reporting on what the MSM is reporting on…
    …shift our perception towards ‘What do we do?’, ‘What do we actually do to effect change in the world?’
    Because that is ultimately what this is all about. …
    …It is much more important to know what we can actually do for ourselves. So that is my focus.
    And I think it is actually as challenging as I expected it would be, because I always stress: ‘I do not think there is the silver bullet’, ‘I don’t think this is going to change the world overnight’.
    But I do think we can make improvements in our lives if we start taking some of our own power back into our own hands. And there are many, many, many ways to do that. There are many people who are working on it.
    Unfortunately, those voices often tend to get excluded when people are simply reporting on whatever the MSM News story of the week, they will not focus on the people who are out there actively working to build a better world for us.

    “Energy flows where attention goes.” – Quote from Corbett Report Member Alchemist in context with discussions surrounding “attention”.

    For me personally, the point which Corbett is making about the independent media is very real. And of the utmost importance.
    For those who were actively and intimately involved with the 9/11 Truth Movement, (which at one time its momentum came very close to permanently crippling the Official 9/11 Social Narrative), many of us learned some important lessons.
    One of the important lessons learned was the role which the alternative media can play.
    If the alternative media does not focus attention on the decentralized independent activist actions, then those activist actions will start to fade like the forgotten heroic actions of ordinary men on the battlefield.

    • openlens says:

      Flash from the past:
      “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.

      I hope it’s more than just re-volving through the same old same old, though.
      What men call “heroic actions on the battlefield” actual veterans will describe as pure hell motivated by pure hell and terror. Basic training with the “Marines” will evidence that if you’re doubtful.
      Or, the Winter Soldier Testimonies. Or the fact that more “heroic soldiers” returning from Vietnam committed suicide than were killed in the war itself.
      So, yeah, so much for heroics.
      We don’t need another hero.

    • TruthSeeker says:

      I think “Independent Media” has a much better ring to it than “Alt Media”.
      Indeed, it is Corporate Controlled media that we seek an Alternative to, but to be more precise, we seek free and Independent Media who can tell the truth without being censored or fired.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Independent Media & moving forward

        You make some good points about the terms. Personally, I like the term CCM Corporate Controlled Media.

        This Covid Era sprouted a huge array of Independent media and pundits. There’s a wide, diverse number of entities out there.
        I think it is important to differentiate between the message and the messenger, and also to take note of the messenger’s substance.

        In my mind, I would like to see more Anarchist/Voluntaryist valued-type Independent Media take center stage moving forward.
        I personally believe this is important, lest the general populace think that voting harder will solve the Pandemic Tyranny.

        It is a self-evident truth that man is inherently endowed with inalienable natural rights and liberties, as opposed to the ideology that the group’s objectives or dictates are much more important than these inherent rights of the individual.
        No entity has the right to impose their views upon anyone else. The entity may think that their views are best, but demanding that others abide by these views invalidates a person’s natural rights and humanity.

        This self-evident truth in the Independent Media is important moving forward.
        Categories of Independent Media which think that government will solve the Pandemic Tyranny are not directing people out of the trap.

  4. wanderer says:

    Hi James,

    Early on in this interview you said that we may see the effects of the injections on the population in 2022, but if you haven’t come across it yet, there has been a quiet admission to an announcement by a CEO of a 100-billion US dollar life insurance company based in the US state of Indiana that there has been a 40% increase in non-COVID deaths among those aged 18-64, compared to pre-scamdemic times (potentially correlative, obviously not causative as of now):

    Short interview with the CEO:

  5. openlens says:

    Journalism award? I’m a bit confused about journalism that produces others’ journalism.
    I’m going to comment as it goes along.
    I “woke up” in 1970. Lots of folks did…for s little while, for one agenda, and went on with normal lives. Put their activist beliefs in the closet, to wear during a march.
    “Are we looking at a deep divide…?” Always. The binary duality must remain, for in it resides maya.
    Oooh, “progressives”. Whose progress?
    Things we can do? We can tell other people what other people do? If the spirit of the French is our model, we do have hope!!
    “This divide is being crossed..” Had an intense long vision regarding a divide…..
    “We do not know the health effects yet?” HA!! Not my “we”. Or, alternately, “we” is a french proverb.
    The “Bio Security State”. Mais oui, PRIVAXY is most important. Ask Schwab!!

    Geopolitical? You mean, geoengineering? Oh, “cold war” hot war, again. Yes, the duality must remain, war depends upon it. And what fun without war? What glory? What motive?
    Ah!! James’ action is to “predict” what the Big Boys are up to…another war of course. Them, not us.
    “Both of the sides of this cold war”. Am I in 1956 again? Thank goodness the transistor radio came with it.
    “The silver bullet”. The language discourse intrigues me.

    Well, you can talk forever about others’ solutions, how about a video or two in which we get to see you, James, planting your gardens, organizing your food sources, learning plumbing or finding a natural source of water to access…hopefully without needing gasoline to get there.
    It’s really awesome beyond description to get up in the forest every morning and walk to a spring to gather water. And then to lend hands and mind and heart to creating a fire. Hearing only birds and water and wind and trees, full of green and blue when the sky was free, and gentle animals both curious and passing through warily.
    And the laughter of the children at play.
    I don’t film it or advertise it. I lived it.
    In short…in conclusion…f**k this technology god.

  6. s511 says:

    Excellent posts. Useful information. Vadoum, here in southern Tennessee people are getting sick like that too. I got sick yesterday, though lesser than my double vaxxed immediate neighbors, they have Covid… I, like OpenLens, think the 5G towers are playing a big part in that. There are so many of them now, put in the last six months, even here in this rural area.
    I exchanged a few emails with Derrick Broze when his book was first published, from which I did not learn anything new. My take on him is that he is young and full of energy, good intentions and has done much good for many by waking them up. He like all of us is a work in progress. I think he is simply ignorant though of the insidious and hypnotic nature of VR, gaming, TV etc. Hopefully he will become more educated on this subject. Keeping children away from it all is paramount. At least until we are spiritually adept to handle these things soul wise. As of now, we are not it’s master.
    Last but not least, yes HomeRemedy there certainly are heroes on the battlefield. (Whether they had wanted to be there or not. We are in a battle not of our own choosing. I pray we all be given grace and strength to heroically overcome the evil that is stealing over the land.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I am concerned about the privacy issues with 5G. The health effects as far as I know have not been studied sufficiently to know if they harm humans, but maybe I don’t know enough about it.

      I have not noticed health effects from EMFs unless they cause mood issues, but I have had mood issues before 5G as well. Maybe the EMFs only affect people who are sensitive to them.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I don’t understand how EMFs can harm the immune system in particular, like the biological mechanism affecting immune cells. Are there any studies done supporting this conclusion?

        I will research it, but if you have any links, it would be helpful.

        • MagicBullet says:

          See this,

          Section 3 Table 1 gives a good summary, but you need to read the whole paper if you really want a full picture.

          Also, I suggest to JC and us posters to stop using the word vaccine or vaxxed because these terms along with, Covid ,virus, and tests, reinforce the brain-washing of the narrative since none of these words have operationally-defined & proven meanings here.

          We should use the words, injection, symptoms and illness cause(s), and PCR results. There may be other accurate terms but, Virus, test, and vaccine should be out the window.

  7. royb says:

    Is this the most powerful and effective push-back and parallel society building in the world?

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