Interview 1579 - Jeremy Kauffman Introduces LBRY and Odysee

09/29/202026 Comments

Jeremy Kauffman joins us to discuss LBRY, an open-source, decentralized protocol that is helping creators share video content peer-to-peer through the LBRY app and Today we talk about the newly-launched LBRY web portal,, and how the LBRY app was (briefly) banned from the Google Playstore in the latest attempt to burn the LBRY of Alexandria.

Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube or Download the mp4

Episode 384 – The Library of Alexandria is on Fire

Social Media Alternatives

LBRY: A Blockchain-Based Decentralized Digital Content Marketplace (white paper)

Google Bans LBRY From Playstore

How does LBRY benefit content creators? Can I earn money using LBRY?

The Corbett Report Official LBRY Channel

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  1. Octium says:

    I remember the Social Media Alternative series – I think they were all bad options, often requiring government tracking IDs in order to join (Phone number), making them even less private than RemoveTube.

    The first time I tried LBRY it was the same, requiring a phone to join, so I ignored it for about 6 months. After trying it again recently they seemed to have removed that requirement.

    Yes! finally one that passes a basic sanity check.

  2. Nivek S says:

    Well, James, I really appreciate you making sure it was explained well enough for those of us that are “tech-tards”. I’m going to stick my toe in and have a decent chance of drowning! Hahaha. I believe once folks like me get the hang of this type of deal, it will be easier to get our normie friends on board…perhaps it’s time for “hope & change”.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Nivek S says:
      Well, James, I really appreciate you making sure it was explained well enough for those of us that are “tech-tards”.

      Yes. This Texas Tech-Tard really appreciated this timely (i.e. Google Playstore ban) interview.
      Thanks guys! I also appreciate the late night shift.

  3. Motobecane1000 says:

    I love freedom and choice. It gives me great joy to stick it to YouTube. Sticking it to Google ENTIRELY is the ultimate goal and I am eagerly searching for ways to do this.

  4. Arby says:

    I will never learn about bitcoin etc from a video like this. Should I blame others? Should I blame myself? I don’t know. But I don’t get it. And therefore, I ignore it. I have no choice. I am still interested, but I just never get much out of ‘explanations’ for tech.

  5. Arby says:

    The law overrides freedom of speech? Can we disagree with WHO on LBRY?

  6. Arby says:

    Trying to watch this vid on my landlord’s internet is no fun. The vid runs for a second or two and pauses, over and over. Avoid CarryTel (Quebec based). I’m in Toronto. My landlord has been on the phone with them frequently. They don’t give a damn. I wish I could get him to switch to Tech Savvy.

    • Octium says:

      Sounds a bit like the issues I have with the Australian NBN (Need a Better Network) although in this case it may be an issue with LBRY being peer to peer (video playback will depend on who is sharing)

      One big plus for LBRY is that it provides a nice big fat download button right on the site, no need to muck around with installing video downloader extensions for your browser or go to pop up infested downloader sites.

      You can always watch the video later after it has downloaded.

      • Arby says:

        Thanks. I use 4K. It’s pretty good. (It’s not just LBRY. My internet is awful. Only recently though. My landlord’s usually on top of it. He’s a smart guy. He worked for the Ontario Science Center and stays in touch with the computer guys who worked there. He’s strangely letting this go.) I also remember, maybe from a previous Corbett report discussion, the solution of selecting ‘tools’, then ‘page info’ and then scrolling to ‘video’ to try downloading. I’ve found that that often works. Just check you browser’s download icon because you might not think your download is happening when it is, even if it’s not zippity.

    • Duck says:

      Its 76 megabytes to save the MP4 video or 26 or something like that to save the audio only mp3… unless your using a fondle slab you should just save it and watch offline

      • Arby says:

        There’s no fondle slab here. I was more or less just checking lbry out. But, yes, downloading is a good option. I do that for work. I’m a security guard and I work alone at night and they have no problem with me doing what I want because they are like that and they trust me to not party. I’m 64, not 24, ergo…

  7. Arby says:

    James makes a distinction between content creators and those who just want to watch videos, implying that content creators are also tech savvy. I am absolutely not tech savvy. But I’ve been blogging for 10 years. I’ve got 70 blog posts on covid alone. I am a content creator. I do less actual creating than I used to do, but a consider myself a content creator even when it’s mostly curating. (I don’t just channel. I re-package. And I read every blog and watch every video that I use, if it’s primary.) I waste time watching videos, sometimes, like everyone else. But I spend a lot of time researching (open source) for my blog posts.

  8. biek says:

    Tried using odysee, watching is very slow, vid download is about 250 MB for a 20 minute vid. So something is wrong with the website’s operation.

  9. fer67 says:

    Did you guys coordinate your wardrobe for this interview? Very nice.

  10. AuntJennie says:

    In a widely published article in small town rags today, this incredible quote, seriously?!?!?,
    “McGill’s Veissière, an assistant professor in the department of psychiatry, sees a “a potential pitfall of participatory democracy. When we involve people too much in public decision-making the possibility of discontent increases significantly,” he said.

    “Because we have such democratic institutions, because our leaders have been actually very honest, even confessing when they did not know what was going on, more uncertainty but also more resentment has spread among the general public,” –

    • Duck says:

      If you have the time this video by Luke Smith goes over Democracy… it has plenty of pitfalls, one of which is that it obscures responsibility for actions and results… no one thinks their amount of power is large enough that its worth getting informed to use…. also who actually is wielding power is hard to see.
      I read a study a while back that showed Latin American dictatorships are statistically MORE likely to give in to strongly held popular will vs the elite then most democracies.

      • hidetora says:

        Luke is great. I would add that it is a fairly recent phenomenon that democracy is so highly regarded both in academic circles and outside of them (particularly the idea of democracy over areas bigger than a village or city).
        I would recommend reading Democracy the God that Failed by Hans-Hermann Hoppe to anyone interested in the topic.

  11. Miss Terious says:

    Great to see a blockchain guy on the show, and a very informative interview.

    People! Listen! We the people of earth have invented, for ourselves, a new way to ensure that information is not destroyed, and is accessible to all forever. And on top of that, thanks to our invention of a totally new type of money that is un-censorable and un-counterfeit-able and unstoppable, we can build a value ecosystem around that decentralised protocol that blends seamlessly with it, enabling us to transfer the value of that money peer-to-peer across the globe virtually instantaneously along with the information we need.

    And 12 years after Satoshi bestowed upon the world one of the greatest inventions IN HISTORY, (hint: the fed is going down because of it) namely, the decentralised cryptographic protocol known as BITCOIN, there are still people sitting on their hands and saying they don’t understand it, and what’s worse, many of them just won’t even give it a go, they are so attached to their fedbucks.

    We Corbett followers know that the fed is the problem. Well, do you want the fed to go down, or don’t you? Make up your minds! Put your money where it counts!

    For God’s sake. Get a bitcoin wallet, desktop, mobile, you decide. Buy $50 bucks worth of bitcoin with a credit card from one of thousands of places. You’re on your way. Enjoy the ride. Take your time. Step by step, advance your knowledge. It’s big scary world but we’re all adults here.

  12. MagicBullet says:

    I’ve never seen James mention

    lots of great alt news on it, incl Alex Jones Radio who says he’s getting “millions of views”. He does put out a few vids a day. He can’t relax and keeps interrupting his guests, but otherwise the content, his logic, and the guests particularly are very good.

    • Duck says:

      Alex Jones is a good intro to whats really going on, but after a point you get the feeling he’s obscuring almost as much as he’s revealing.
      He did used to have interesting guests back when I was a regular of his though.
      Thanks for the link

  13. mkey says:

    Congratulations James. Everyone, I believe we can push James’ lbry channel to the first spot, lets take over the site 🙂

  14. hugo.c says:

    The Odysee portal to LBRY has one downside, no direct download. No hassle for JC as he provides links to *his* site at which download is possible.

    But, I noted something interesting this week; an ‘anti-youtube’ note.

    I have been following closely the extradition hearings for Julian Assange. On Wednesday evidence of serious surveillance of client/lawyer conversations between Assange and his legal representatives (and much more) were entered into the court record. Consortium News has been following the trial very closely, and their editor had been making 10 to 40 minute videos summarising the events of the day, every day.

    I always use youtube-dl to download videos from youtube rather than watching ‘in browser’. But, on this Wednesday and for the next two days, youtube-dl would not work properly. The download speed would wildly change to/from high/low bandwidth. This meant the audio track was absent. However, it still played ‘in browser’ properly.

    This behaviour has now stopped, but remained for these two/three days. So, this was a ‘time sensitive download blackout’ targetted at youtube-dl for that channel. (This was not happening on other channels of less prominence covering the same events.)

    What’s going on? I dont know. Its not the videos that were uploaded, as they play ‘in browser’ and the network bandwidth craziness was easy to see. Thus, its a youtube policy at play designed to fuck with youtube-dl. BTW I do downloads over Tor, but also tried without Tor, same behavior. It had nothing to do with Tor, but the channel and youtube-dl. So, this looks like youtube attempting to identify people who were interested in the very ‘dangerous to the case against Assange’ testimony and who use youtube-dl; i.e the techies.

    Nothing new here, really, but a significant example of youtube being involved in targetted, timely, political surveillance.

    NB: I watched an interview with Bill Binney held a month or two ago, and he alleges (and he is an ‘expert witness’ on this type of thing) that Tor is compromised by the intel agencies controlling many of the relay nodes. Makes sense to me; that’s what I’d do if I couldn’t break the protocols/encryption. But, its still better to use Tor than not; they have to do work to track you. Actually, I think I’ll up my relay count from the default 3 to 5, just to make ’em work harder.

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