Episode 418 - I Read Bill Gates' New Book (So You Don't Have To!)

05/10/202269 Comments

Have you read How to Prevent the Next Pandemic by Bill Gates yet? Well, I have, and let me tell you: it's every bit as infuriating, nauseating, ridiculous, laughable and risible as you would expect. Here are the details.

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How to Prevent the Next Pandemic (video)

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  1. Octium says:

    I have only read one chapter of one of his books back in the 90s and that was enough for a century!

    I hope you at least stole the book.

    Interesting animation in Gates’s video at the start. Where they are loading the wings of a plane up with his poisonous brew, certainly has a Chemtrail feel to it… then the planes circulating the earth like mosquitoes… the final solution??

    • lanalo says:

      I agree. 2050? That’s a joke. According to some estimates this planet is spiraling to its death and probably has about five years (I’ve spent years on the geoengineering issue.) I have read Kennedy’s book. It was long but excellent. It has well-documented information. And if anyone’s noticed, critics attack Kennedy rather than the information (CounterPunch articles, for example, remarked on what a jerk he was but never analyzed or refuted the material. It reminded me of an Intelligence attack where the individual’s reputation and character are destroyed first.)

  2. Steve Smith says:

    “ I Read Bill Gates’ New Book (So You Don’t Have To!)”

    Thank you James. Sincerely grateful.

  3. Paul says:

    Notice how well the narration maintains the interest of the listener?

    I’ve heard more than one author discuss that the selection of the narrator was completely out of their hands, completely opaque, and a terrible choice.

    The worst narration I’ve ever heard is the Audible narration of The Gulag Archipelago. I swear it is intentionally flat and monotonous narration to encourage the reader to zone out or fall asleep.

  4. 🕷 says:

    Arrest Bill Gates for crimes against humanity.

  5. un-stoppable says:

    Here is the story about the loathsome miscreants Neil Ferguson and Bill Gates, and their role in the catastrophic lockdowns:


  6. J.P. Wheeler says:

    “Bill Gates the canker sore on the mouth of humanity!” 😂

    Actually the sarcasm is pretty funny James! I understand Gates is still trying to push this agenda, but man, he’s got to realize his image has taken a massive hit over the last few years! But then again maybe that’s by design.

    Off subject, because I tend to follow these things. US GDP fell last quarter by 1.4%, first time since the beginning of the Covid “recession.” If the trend continues, we are headed for a crash. Deutsche Bank came out recently and predicted a major recession in the next couple years. So batten down the hatches, there is a storm coming folks! This isn’t to scare anyone, just a heads up. Do what you can now to prepare for tomorrow!

    Have and awesome day!!

  7. Torus says:

    Thanks for the laughs, James!

    And then at the end, thanks for the tears.
    While not addressed your contemporaries, your letter struck a powerful chord within me today.

    “Resist! Struggle! Fight!

    You are not cogs in a machine, despite what the shepherds of your day may be telling you. You are free and beautiful human beings. You are not born under the authority of another. You choose how you live your life, not some bureaucrat, not some police robot, not some “immunity checkpoint” algorithm or QR code.

    I need you to know that there was a time when you could leave your house when you wanted. Travel where you wanted. Buy and sell as you saw fit. Meet your neighbors. Rally. Protest. Party.

    Live. As free human beings are meant to live.”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Torus repeats Corbett’s important words:

      Resist! Struggle! Fight!

      You are not cogs in a machine, despite what the shepherds of your day may be telling you. You are free and beautiful human beings. You are not born under the authority of another. You choose how you live your life, not some bureaucrat….

  8. mkey says:

    Media Hypocrites Recommend Women Take Horse Drugs For Abortion

    Same people barking at the horse dewormer push horse drugs for abortion. Peak hypocrisy alert.

  9. mkey says:

    Hereby I suggest a director’s cut version of this episode, that should include the new intro tune as provided below.

  10. don54 says:

    Bob Moran, brilliant cartoonist/illustrator says his
    ‘Artworks can now be downloaded free of charge and featured in publications anywhere in the world (newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs). Copyright is licensed for this purpose only. All other copyright is retained by the artist’. This is his site: bobmoran.co.uk.
    And here is one of his artworks relevant to the above episode:

  11. el Gallinazo says:

    I started listening to your Gates book review in order to wash my dishes with reduced boredom . I finished them less than half way through and chose to take your advice and stop the pain. But I went to Amazon wishing to post a review (of a review which I must admit, not admissible in court) with the URL of your video/audio, as well as my favorite metaphor that Gates is a canker sore in the mouth of humanity. I was greeted with the following:

    “Amazon has noticed unusual reviewing activity on this product. Due to this activity, we have limited this product to verified purchase reviews.”

    Nice touch. I have to pay to eat this turd prior to posting about it. Furthermore, anyone who purchased the turd at their local emporium is ineligible to comment.

  12. DCisDead says:

    James’s correction of Gates at the 51 minute mark is *exactly* how I’ve been correcting people, too.

    The government’s response to COVID is what drove nearly 100,000,000 people into extreme poverty, not COVID itself. Well said, James.

    • seasons says:

      Every time I correct people on blaming the pandemic they tell me that it was a better outcome than letting half the population.

      First off, what expert predicted such ridiculous numbers? Also if these lockdown measures worked then the highest deaths, hospitalizations, and cases should have happened between December 2019 and March 2020 when none of these measures existed. Yes there were travel restrictions but the amount of humans traveling the globe still exceeds all previous outbreaks where quarantines were thought of as useless.

  13. reowen says:

    Biden: “Get the shot. You won’t get sick. You won’t have to go to the hospital. You won’t make anyone else sick.“

    Gates: “Damn, Joe. That’s not how you sell it. Now I have to write a book.“

    Thanks, James!

  14. peterh says:

    just like marketing, people sometimes need to see it three times before they buy. It just keeps it in peoples minds don’t forget about viruses, keeps people from the information that germ theory is not even real.

    Speaking of repetition have you checked out Qortal yet?

  15. jdrig says:

    Thank-you so much for reading this, so I didn’t have to.

  16. jayeman says:


  17. seasons says:

    I followed Bill Gates talks on pandemic prevention for years and I was shocked he forgot what prevention was in 2020. According to everything Bill Gates has said, world governments have failed to prepare and prevent a future SARS-like pandemic. Therefore supporting lockdown measures and vaccines to get out of a pandemic would be pointless because we are already too late.

  18. firehorse says:

    African countries tend to have the lowest vaccination rate AND the lowest covid19 ‘killer sniffle’ death rates https://www.statista.com/statistics/1170530/coronavirus-deaths-in-africa/

  19. andydun says:

    Partner’s in Health ?
    Is that Flinders’ University Human Behavior Management & Health Research ?

  20. amber.m says:

    Thank you James for making probably one of the most boring and pointless books out there interesting. I really enjoyed your humour and breakdown. I never planned to read this book but listening to you was very enjoyable.

  21. cjon says:

    Will someone please shut this man up?

  22. cjon says:

    Partners in Health is the organization started by Dr. Paul Farmer.

  23. mkey says:

    500,000 Germans Severely Injured by COVID-19 Vaccines, Survey by Top Hospital Shows

    1. Researchers estimate eight serious side effects per 1,000 vaccinated people, compared to 0.2 estimated by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), Germany’s vaccine watchdog.

    2. This equates to an underreporting factor (URF) of 40x, which is almost exactly the same as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) URF estimated by Steve Kirsch.

  24. davidbmcbain says:

    I’m sure RFK Jnr’s book is a much better read and worth reading. That’s why I bought it and paid for it on Ebay in December of last year. It speaks volumes to me that I still haven’t received my copy. BTW, that was my second attempt at buying the book. At least the first seller had the decency to return my money.

    • alexb says:

      Hi David. I too ordered RFK’S book from ebay last year, a few weeks after hearing his interview on the Corbett Report.

      After 4 weeks I got in touch with the seller who offered me a refund but promised to deliver it shortly. I waited and fortunately they were true to their word.

      I didn’t want to buy it through Amazon and other UK book sellers didn’t have it on their sites so went to ebay.

      The book was worth waiting for, it’s packed with links to sources RFK constantly cites to illustrate his points. I hope you manage to get a copy soon.

      Best wishes,


      • davidbmcbain says:

        I’m still hopeful for a copy Alex. I too avoid buying from Amazon although, I suppose, Ebay aren’t much better. I daren’t look into that for fear of having nowhere to buy my stuff – not to cut my nose off to spite my face. That’s what we get for allowing too much power to get into the wrong hands.

        All the best,


  25. justsaying says:

    Thank you James
    I really hope though, that you didn’t buy the book, the thought of giving even 1 cent to this pervert psychopath, and contributing to the sales statistics of his rubbish makes me sick in the stomach. I hope you stole it or borrowed from a library (and don’t ever return it)
    My answer to why did he write it and to whom, is so simple and scary: to validate the fears and hypnotic state of the masses. To every single idiot who bought into this scam, who is now going to carry his book as a bible, share it, refer to it, and find comfort in it.
    Every single person who is not interested in research and hasn’t been interested in ANY information outside the tv for the last 2 years and so. To the ones who followed all the instructions on how to live, one by one (dobbing dissidents diligently) and now have the validation of their “hard work” in writing. Almost like a “party bag treat”
    To the ones who find Bill has a “heart of gold”. And now can take his book to bed with them.
    To be honest I find it tragic, dangerous and creepy.
    But anyway, thanks again for sparing us from the indigestion of reading this crap.
    Great summary.

    • nosoapradio says:

      ya nailed it!

      the instruction book on how to live in perfect political correctness to be followed consciously and unconsciously to the letter.

      The water cooler bible for the socially and professionally ambitious.

      Probably best to go out on your balcony and clap after each chapter.

  26. alexb says:

    I’ll take your word on the value of this book James, thank you for taking the time to read and evaluate it.

    When Gates uses the strawman to silence his critics or at leat “Fact Check” them; I wondered if he was referring to the “Injections containing chips” strawman or to the track and trace criticism, when he said he’s not interested in tracking individuals movements.

    I’ve heard this repeated in “normie” justification of track and trace, they’re (they being gov. presumably) not interested in your movements. Completely ignorant to the addiction of data modelling and collection by governmental and corporate orgs. You already know what their next utterance is, “Well if you’ve got nothing to hide…”


    • alexb says:

      I re-watched the section where Gates talks about those “crazy conspiracy theorists”. Yes, he meant the strawman of injections containing chips and not track & trace.

  27. Kelly says:

    Here’s a link to download a free EPUB to that book just in case anyone wants or needs it. This link puts zero dollars in Bill, Wesley or the publisher’s pockets.


  28. lekp says:

    Yes, after hearing the contents of the Gates book, the word that came to mind was “sales pitch”.
    And your words at the end of the 2nd video telling our descendents “Sorry, we failed you” brought tears to my eyes.

  29. James I am very grateful that you took the time to actually read Gates’ latest book and do a review for us.
    Your stomach is obviously much stronger than mine, as I surely would not have made it to chapter two without losing at the very least, my last meal.
    Like you, I was never smitten with the term “vaccine hesitancy”.
    In fact I was pissed off big-time each time I read about it or heard it mentioned the past year and a half.
    I had a suspicion that it was conjured up fairly recently and tried to find out its origin.
    I had to dig for quite some time before I came up with what appears to be its place of birth.
    The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) is the main advisory group to the WHO for vaccines and immunization. SAGE first began examining the concept of ‘vaccine hesitancy’ around 2011.
    This is from a paper written in 2016 (Vaccine hesitancy: understanding better to
    address better):

    “The waning of public confidence in vaccines worldwide is a cause for concern and a major challenge for public health experts. The phenomenon was originally described as “vaccine resistance” or “vaccine opposition” by researchers but, lately, these expressions have been abandoned and a new term, “vaccine hesitancy” (VH) has emerged, replacing the older expressions, to describe the reluctance to be vaccinated.

    Vaccine hesitancy according to Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) Vaccine Hesitancy working group of World Health Organization (WHO) refers to delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite availability of vaccine services.”
    So we see that the official WHO-endorsed definition of ‘vaccine hesitancy’ is quite different from what the general public and MSM thinks it is.

    I contend that this was a deliberate move: “Let’s mix into the term both those who are truly hesitant and those who have made up their mind and will not accept the vaccine(s).”


    • justsaying says:

      I know, vaccine hesitance AND the “pandemics” casualties, instead of the MANDATE’S and murders casualties are two wordings I can’t swallow!

  30. HomeRemedySupply says:

    RE: Episode 418 – I Read Bill Gates’ New Book (So You Don’t Have To!)

    I have to give Broc West a pat on the back. The visuals combined with Corbett’s excellent presentation made a dull, toady topic so much easier to digest. This episode held my interest and my mind didn’t wander.

    – Sociopath Magnet –
    I’m betting that the GERM Team will attract a good number of sociopaths as applicants. The job description fits well.

    Corbett says in his “A Letter to the Future”:
    “Resist! Struggle! Fight!”

    Shortly after Corbett released his “Who is Bill Gates?” documentary in the summer of 2020, I got very, very busy…
    I put out scores and scores of signs, over several thousand flyers on car windshields, and even placed a large suburb’s newspaper box and header ads online which directly linked to his documentary when clicked.
    (The paper wanted a ‘dull’ disclaimer for the online ads, so I got creative with the script and capital letters.)

    The 8 1/2 x 11 paper flyers were simple with large bold font:
    The Media and Government Lie – CorbettReport.com/Gates
    Anyone with a phone could easily find CorbettReport.com to see what the deal was.

    Here is just one sign from the many different slogans…
    It was next to a very busy Walmart and shopping complex at the primary intersection. I’m sure that it pissed off religious folks…and that was the point of the marketing…Gates gets positioned like a blasphemous devil. Plus, the words hit my funny bone.

  31. hellofriend says:

    Oh bother. First having to reading “The Great Reset” and then having to read “How to Prevent the Next Pandemic”. James sure is a glutton for punishment. What a creepy intro of Bill gates’ plans of sending a team of 3000 minions to martial law you at any time he pleases. “Nutty ideas about Microsoft have been around for decades”. Yes, sending mini martial law teams is a nutty idea, Bill. One study concluded Bill Gates is a psychopath chosen to usher in the next generation of Rockefeller Medicine in order to accomplish the group’s eugenics depopulation goals.

  32. Lenitak says:

    how eloquent Corbett describes the entire charade Gates and Co are.
    The end was just splendid…I love to come everyday to see what life lecture I will take from Corbett. Kudos…as always!!!

  33. lizal says:

    “G E R M” he really thinks we are only 6 years old. So childish and idiotic. He has no credentials or education, so he’s really just telling stories. No one should go for these moronic suggestions ever

  34. rabag says:

    I’ve come to ask myself if we will ever see a day when globalism prevails, to form a world where all nations stand united, and if that goal even is desirable for the elite. Could they be more served by faking their own failure, perhaps, in order to maintain a bipolar mass psychosis and thus to hide their true powers?

  35. rabag says:

    The cause of population growth has been found, by the way:

    The reproductive rate of all big primates is governed by hormones present in the saliva of breastfeeding infants, penetrating the skin of their mothers nipples, thus blocking her reproductive cycle (so called “lactational amenorrhea). This biochemical mechanism has caused mothers to soon become fertile again, in case their offspring has died – an evolutionary adaption needed in order to maintain the population numbers, within a family of species that from natures side has a practically flat reproductive growth rate.

    However, population estimates (based on studies of mitochondrial DNA) shows that humans suddenly started to reproduce faster, about 72.000 years ago, following millions of years of practically stable numbers. This marks the point in history when our ancestors no longer were breastfed until they lost their deciduous teeth, like all other primates are, and the correlation between reduced breastfeeding periods and increased population growth can easily be traced up through the history of it.

    Reduced breastfeeding periods has been enforced by laws and religious doctrines, since at least 3500 years ago, but most noteworthy though is the introduction of modern infant formula, during the early nineteen hundreds. Soon mothers in traditional societies (who normally breastfed their children for years) became pregnant, just months after giving birth. It created a literal explosion of the population growth numbers, of course, just in the nick of time to provide an army of cheap labor for the industrialist who invented it …

    Still infant formula is heavily subsidized though, especially in poor countries, and when Bill Gates says he is not worried about population growth, I believe him. They may pull the plug at any time, and sell the formula at full price, though I believe they have other plans.

  36. BbobKS says:

    Won’t be gracing my paper files with this book .

    Gates reminds me of 1955 puppet Howdy Doody , only with a Mr Rodgers sweater and voice ! IBM and the Fourth Reich have made him very rich and powerfully and he will never be allowed to cut strings even if he wanted to , he will be sacrificed and no one will ever know who he answers to !

    The real enemy is the media propaganda that this trash feeds providing fill time on networks , I’m starting to understand why Nixon said something like if it’s not on TV it’s not real !

  37. wessel says:

    Although I’ve been subscribing for a long time, I do not seem to get the newsletter in my email box. When I search for “Letter to the Future” my email client comes up empty.

    How do I subscribe to the newsletter?

    • mkey says:

      You should find the signup window on the right hand side. Also you can go here https://follow.it/the-corbett-report

      Also, make sure to check your spam folder. Or any application you might have that’s keeping you “safe” from email it deems to be “unsafe”.

      • wessel says:

        Thanks! I’ve signed up on follow.it, but it looks like they don’t have an entry for “Letter to the Future” ?

        It’s not in the history they show here: https://follow.it/the-corbett-report

        • mkey says:

          That’s a general subscription service for future content. Basically, as new content is added you will get an email. Those can be delayed for a few days.

          If you would like to subscribe to comments on specific articles, you can do so when posting a comment or you can go here and manage your existing subscriptions to comments.


          • mkey I think I’m going to have to abandon your Tampermonkey formatting.
            It’s regrettable but it seems to be causing problems more often than not.

            You mentioned the last time (or someone else) that you could think of two reasons my posts were landing in the moderation cue.
            One was that I was very close to the limit.
            The other was special formatting. Your Tampermonkey seems to be putting
            in special formatting without my even asking it to do so.

            That’s the only theory I have as to why this moderation is happening more
            and more frequently.

            • mkey says:

              I use it almost all the time (unlike now when I’m posting from my phone) and not a single time I had an issue with going into the queue for unknown reasons.

              But I also mostly use just a few formatting options, emphasis and quote.

              I have noticed that many of your comments contain sometimes a lot of nbsp (non breaking space) characters. These will probably count as 5 characters toward the total character count, but I’m not sure exactly how you manage to insert them or what formatting exactly you are using that could be adding these for you.

              If you copy from some source that contains these that could be one reason.

              Do you have a few examples of queued up posts? Ideally something I can lookup in my inbox.

              • I have noticed that many of your comments contain sometimes a lot of nbsp (non breaking space) characters. These will probably count as 5 characters toward the total character count, but I’m not sure exactly how you manage to insert them or what formatting exactly you are using that could be adding these for you.

                Yes I have noticed that too (nbsp).

                If you copy from some source that contains these that could be one reason.

                Do you have a few examples of queued up posts? Ideally something I can lookup in my inbox.

                I just sent you an e-mail (to your website e-mail address).

                The confusing part to me is that your comment box provides
                the number of characters available (just as the native comment box does). I was well within that number (700) but it was still
                put in the comment cue. Maybe it can’t account for strange formatting?

              • Thanks.
                I’m going to need a little help getting it installed. 🙂

                I clicked on Update but the screen went white and that was it.
                Then I clicked on Reinstall, same result.

                Then in top right corner it said not active for CorbettReport.com
                I got that removed.

                But when I tried to post the same offending post it was still going into the moderation cue!

              • mkey says:

                I’m not sure what’s happening on your end, but probably worth while checking it in a different browser. I would not expect any white screens, you simply click the URL, then install or update and you are done.

                If you left click the Tampermonkey button you will see a list of scripts. Then if you right click the CR UI script, in the header you should see version 0.32. In that case you have the latest version installed in which I attempt to remove those nbsp entities, but maybe they get somehow added after that point.

                It’s possible someting is off with the browser or its user profile as this is all very irregular. Issues with profiles are a common occurence and can be resolved by doing a clean install or creating a new profile in browser settings.

              • “… you should see version 0.32. In that case you have the latest version installed in which I attempt to remove those nbsp entities, but maybe they get somehow added after that point.
                It’s possible someting is off with the browser or its user profile as this is all very irregular. Issues with profiles are a common occurence and can be resolved by doing a clean install or creating a new profile in browser settings. “

                I checked and I have 0.32 installed.
                Opera is not cooperating with TamperMonkey. And I wouldn’t use it anyway, regularly.

                I don’t think this will work unfortunately.
                Even with v. 0.32 installed (in Firefox) the post is still ending up in the moderation cue. 🙁

                Thanks for trying to help out though, I appreciate it.

  38. pill says:

    Read the new book by C.J. Hopkins: Rise of the New Normal Reich

  39. buz says:

    Gates book completely undocumented… once you said that I let out a howling laugh, and relaxed. So, it’s an unsupported book for kids with primitive artwork. And not necessarily one iota of truth in it. Clearly it will sell millions, just not to us. Thank you James for deliberately wasting your time for us. Carlin was right Americans get a front row seat at the circus. You are wonderful!

  40. underdog says:

    James, can you call James Roguski of the James Roguski substack (https://jamesroguski.substack.com/p/wake-up-and-smell-the-burning-of?s=r) as soon as you see this? I just got off the phone with him, and casually mentioned I was a Corbett subscriber, and he asked if I could pass along the request. I’m sending you an email too.

    His number (listed at the bottom of his substack as well) is 310-619-3055

  41. madhu says:

    I always felt Wesley Crusher was asking for a slap in TNG. Much more so after watching this.

    Thank you, James. I don’t know how you manage to be so informative and hilarious at the same time – I couldn’t stop watching. Which is a good thing because otherwise I would not have come across your Letter to the Future. It is really beautifully written, and quite haunting.

    Strangely, I made a promise to myself about 3 weeks ago that connects with that letter in a way. Namely that I would make or buy hard copies of as many Corbett Report documentaries as possible with the purpose of watching them with my kids when they’re older, and then asking them to do the same with their kids and so on. Some families hand down jewellery through their generations, ours will hand down these documentaries.

    Maybe other CR members have had the same thoughts? While I sadly can’t imagine that James’s work will make it onto the school essential reading list for my kids, if lots of us decide to do this, I envisage that in 200 years or so his work will be on that list. So, while the light of liberty lies in a coma, we keep the light of truth burning, while it sits by the bedside of liberty, holding its hand, talking to it and knowing that one day liberty will awaken. If truth survives, liberty will eventually follow.

    Reading that Letter to the Future again, I realise something. I need to download it and add it to the heirloom box.

  42. phalaen says:

    US Friends, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons sent me the following link to contact our legislators and ask them to vote for HR 419 which would stop US funding of WHO. Here is the link https://p2a.co/q5rFk7D

    Please contact your legislators and share with anyone you can as soon as you can. If you’d like to take a look, here’s the link to HR 419. It’s brief, but I found the list of cosponsors interesting. https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/419

    Here is a link to the Biden administration’s proposed amendments to IHR.

    Doctors and others are speaking out against these amendments. https://lumen-news.com/2022/05/16/joe-bidens-plan-to-turn-over-u-s-health-sovereignty-to-the-world-health-organization%EF%BF%BC/

    Association of American Physicians and Surgeons website https://aapsonline.org

    The good docs are standing and fighting. Let’s back them.

  43. appleking1940 says:


    Perhaps the one useful idea for this book from Gates is to demonstrate the difference between information from different sources. I mean by showing Gates book with all the statements lacking citations and Robert Kennedys book with statements and literally thousand of references.

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