Fact Check: Polio Vaccines, Tetanus Vaccines, and the Gates Foundation

06/23/2020173 Comments

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A listener writes in to lament that The Corbett Report is spreading false facts about Bill Gates in Who Is Bill Gates? . . . at least, according to the fact checkers. But are they right? Don't miss today's important edition of the Fact Check series where James teaches a master class in how to examine a "fact check" and how to tell whether a claim is supported by the evidence or not.

Who Is Bill Gates?

Fact Check: Were 496,000 Children In India Paralyzed Between 2000 & 2017 From "Bill Gates Polio Vaccine"?

Correlation between Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis Rates with Pulse Polio Frequency in India

25 years on, rumour by US anti-contraceptive organisation still damages tetanus vaccine programmes

The Catholic Church in opposition to the tetanus vaccine saying it as a population control tool

Discussion: How Catholic Church undertook a testing exercise on tetanus vaccine

Doctors who blew the whistle over tetanus vaccine grilled by medical board

Politifact funding

Africacheck partners

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  1. littlebird says:

    You could also mention the r and p #s in the studies. Here’s an overview of what they mean.

    Correlation coefficient [r] and p-values: what they are and why you need to be very wary of them

    (note, i am not a statistician and have only a weak understanding of what these terms mean, but enough to know they’re meaningful. This source and the info in it look relatively decent but there may be better sources)

    • Oscar says:

      I’ve had a lot of statistics-classes quite some time ago so I’m a little rusty and theoretically I could be wrong, but just off the top of my head I’d say that:

      the p-value has to be smaller than 0.05 for the study to be considered statistically significant. This means that the chance that the null-hypothesis (that there is no correlation) is being rejected is less than 5%. In short: p<0.05 means the study is considered statistically significant.

      The lower p-value is, the more the study is considered statistically significant. So p<0.01 is more significant than p<0.05, and p<0.001 is extremely significant.

      The correlation coefficient [r] is a number between -1 and 1, meaning that r=1 is a perfect correlation, r=-1 is a perfect negative correclation, and r=0 is absolutely no correlation.

      I write this down to make an easy shortcut for people, but anyone reading this should better verify the meaning of the statistics-numbers for him/herself and for a better understanding people could check out the link provided above by littlebird.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Being a history major, your explanation terrified me!

        • Lawrence.B says:

          Totally get it. The history of the future is going to be bizarre. Not natural, not organic And maybe not of this world. Too bad, but for the misfits, it could be a paradise.(in my opinion, of course) you do the research?

  2. minnie says:

    James is onto a loser here, in the information war between a mother and her son.

    He is a winner many times over in giving factual information to people who are sleepily starting to wake up. He is there for people when they start to question things, and of course for those who are already awake.

    But for people like France’s son, who are clearly pushing back on the “truth” – maybe they find it too scary, and they just want to retreat into the faux safety of their virtual blinkered world – having the real facts spelled out to them in detail will just make them retreat more.

    I don’t want to be depressing. I’m just feeling a bit exasperated.

    There are so many facts about the injustices of the Gates Foundation that they have built up to a crescendo in the independent media, to the extent that if I so much as mention the word “Gates” to a “normie” – even one who is starting to wake up – the eyes start to dart around and the subject is quickly changed, because any mention of Gates’s name in a negative context puts me into the “rabidly bug-eyed conspiracy nut” category.

    They immediately start thinking “Oh no, she’s going to start raving on about Bill Gates now”.

    This is what we’re up against.

    The fact that France is “having to apply scrutiny” to James’s reports could actually be a great thing, because once you start actively digging into this information, the facts speak for themselves. But people have to come to this of their own volition. That is the battle we have to win.

    • Octium says:

      I don’t think the task is as hard as you may think…

      I don’t think it will be long now before all we will need to do is wake up the survivors, the normies will only require a good burial!

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Buzzards gotta eat just as much as worms.

        I don’t think it is negative thinking though. It’s just the nature of our reality. So many “grownups” in their 40s and 50s spend all their spare time watching TV, playing video games, etc.
        You can tell everything you need to know about someone by three things. 1- what they spend their time on. 2-what they pay attention to. 3- what they spend their money on. That will tell you what they think is important. And most come up short. Very short.

      • tort says:

        Being a non-history major, your explanation terrified me!

    • Lawrence.B says:

      Marry me!!

    • miaz says:

      I think it’s good for James in a one-off scenario to fact-check his claim and revert to the original source material as an act of good faith and housekeeping of a sort. Having said that, it seems rather curious that just after his brief showing the CBC clip on how to debunk “fake news”, James gets just such a query. So, what of it? Well…
      A) James has to waste time responding to something that was easily researched using his own source notes, leaving him less time to consider other, more relevant need and information;
      B) A purported supporter hasn’t bothered to read his source material and arm him/herself with it in confronting people who challenge the veracity of the claim, and they haven’t bothered to understand how ridiculous the counter claims were that suddenly got her knickers in a bunch over something she could have found out.
      I hope James doesn’t have to spend more time on drivel such as this. Most of James’ supporters have free will, common sense and a backbone. Of this person has none of these, she can’t be helped.

    • katiyi says:

      You are not alone Minnie. I experience the exact same thing from people in the US, and also from people in Europe.

      People refuse to have conversations. Reasoning is out of the window. Ideology and belief reign.

      I am wondering if it has to do with political orientation, or not. Undeniably, many of us are victims of cognitive dissonance.

      Sometimes, or rather quite often, I feel that I am living in the midst of lunatics…

  3. xochicasa says:

    There’s this from this morning’s news:

    I’ve been trying to find out if the so-called “field hospitals“ that were opened last spring are still up as buildings. Are these going to be vaccination centers? Does anybody know anything about this?

  4. zyxzevn says:

    The official fact checkers and “skeptic” websites are
    mainly promoting bullshit.
    They all use logical fallacies. Usually ad-hominem
    and strawman constructions.

    A really sad thing is that many smart people think that it is
    normal to use logical fallacies.
    I noticed that most scientists are even unable to spot logical fallacies.

    There is some great fact checking done by YT channel Peak Prosperity
    on the Hydroxychloroquine studies and the Laboratory origin.
    The Highwire is also great on some fact checking.

    • Oscar says:

      Don’t forget Medcram.com:

      They seem to have an outstanding series on the coronavirus and how it works. They cover hydroxychloroquine as well. Only a few days ago I started looking at hem more seriously and I have only followed a a number of lectures (5 or 6) since then but I must say that it looked very good to me.

    • tort says:

      Do you have a source for “…most scientists are even unable to spot logical fallacies.”? :/

      • zyxzevn says:

        Just look at any “skeptic” dealing with a controversial topic.
        They usually start with ad-hominem and creating a straw-man.

        I have been working on controversial topics for almost all my life,
        and found some very interesting stuff.

        You probably know how 9/11 is dealt with.
        Or climate change.
        The “skeptic” first starts with the idea that it is impossible.
        This is done by a straw-man.
        Like: It is impossible to demolish a building so quickly.

        And then tells you how stupid it is to believe that it is otherwise.
        Like: There is a plane, so the plane must have brought down the building.

        They do not look at the arguments and evidence first.
        Nor do they take any witnesses or experts in that field seriously.
        They start with a fixed mind set. And with their limited conceptual
        skills they present a fantasy picture that fits in their minds.

        Even Richard Feynman, who pushes for logic and the scientific
        method, breaks it when he talks about things that he does
        not know.
        So he easily claims that particles go backwards in time.
        But he does not accept that UFOs may exist, because we have no clue of how they might work. In a lecture he even tells that it is stupid to think that it may be possible.
        So even great scientists use logical fallacies.

        Both he and Einstein made a great contribution, but also a great
        error by assuming that force-fields are particles. Later they
        became virtual particles. And later these particles are made of
        fields, but with all kinds of dimensions and some
        even add multiple worlds or super-dimensional strings.
        This is all based on the logic basis of that the “force-particle”
        is real.
        But one can already refute that idea with a simple experiment.

        But because it breaks with the whole foundation of theoretical
        nonsense, it is never looked at. I tried to discuss this
        experiment with some scientists, but get banned each time
        for just bringing up the idea that a force-particle does not exist.

        What I do see is that these super-strings and/or fields may appear
        at a much earlier stage, with no particles.
        And they they can be worked with in experiments.
        But as Planck states: “Science progresses with each Funeral”

        • I Shot Santa says:

          I still remember when the world’s greatest astrophysicists decided we live in a multiverse. They decided this because they believed the only other alternative was there is a God. And they didn’t want there to be a God. They said this even. Of course, they were just kicking the can down the road as one of those multiverses is going to have a God. I’m not the smartest person in the world, at least I hope not, but I’m way over their heads.

          • zyxzevn says:

            I see where their ideas come from, and why they are wrong.
            But they want proof in Mathematics, not in
            basic logical thinking.
            If only they listened to Einstein: We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              In this case, they didn’t even want that. They just refused to believe in a God. On the whole though, I agree with you. And as all languages have their limits, so does mathematics. What are the formulas for love, wonder, etc?

        • zyxzevn says:

          Here are some examples

          Science vs. Philosophy with Dr. David Lindley
          Quinn and Micky are finally going live with scientists on Earth. Today they sit down with Dr. David Lindley, an astrophysicist and former editor at Nature and Science magazines and author of the books “The End of Physics” and “The Dream Universe.”

          Foreground Removal – How PLANCK Dusted the Galaxy!
          One of many Videos on the Cosmic Radiation Background
          The Planck satellite had the best observational data.
          Robitaille explains how the Planck team removed observed data,
          added noisy data, and modified the data to fit their conclusions.
          So their conclusion is unscientific, and it is far more likely that there is no background radiation from a big bang.

          Generally, my experience is that different fields of science
          are stuck in a theoretical dogma, and can not get out of it.
          The system of scientists and the way they keep each other in
          check, is preventing the change of these theories.

          And then we have corrupt scientists. Usually they are not evil,
          but are stuck in an evil system that is using them.
          In good faith, people can do evil things.

  5. 9tH says:

    @08:20 i would argue, the source may be a big channel or even a alt media personality, someone being payed to spout that exact ridiculous claim they need to discredit the alterantives all together, it coming from some little channel is not even necessary. They have their stooges for that.

  6. Nick says:

    I have to question the premise that France is even genuine here. One thing I like about this site is the community is a lot more educated than your average Alex Jones crowd member (sorry fans of him). James has been hyperlinking and transcribing his docos for years now and Pilato in their meet up mentions every single week that ‘everything we say is linked below’ Is it really plausible that a member of the community would not go straight to the reference provided before being utterly convinced by such crude and sloppy fact checks as these? Maybe Im naive and i guess theres a wide range of members here. But maybe also there are plants in the community seeking to have their ear on the ground of credible info providers and stir up things when opportunity presents itself. Interested in others thoughts here. Cheers

    • 9tH says:

      A bit harsh? I mean, it could be a genuine question, by someone who just arrived to this kind of news. Someone who doesn’t have the good habit of double-checking everything. There are many people, i think, who find themselves in the position of having been exposed to new knowledge and feel that urge to share with everyone they know or care about. The amount of ridicule one encounters is not always easy to handle. Leaves one sort of desperate about how to get through.
      I personally would not judge too harsh about the one asking the question.

      On that second note.. just assume that the plants you speak of are here. And act accordingly. Assuming that everyone is at least aware that everything you put on here is being monitored..

      Again i would recommend to read up with “A Gentleperson’s Guide To Forum Spies”. Interesting to learn how it works.


    • Mielia says:

      I did not question her motive for a second and would have totally gone for the second (charitable) motive James proposed for her informant, who told ‘ah, debunked’.
      There are tons of different people with different approaches.
      Maybe the via politifact article was just glossed over and all what was important/relevant for that moment: it was debunked.
      I also had been made aware of problems with the claim Gates bad because of HPV issue and the India issue by a video beforehand and was thinking about commenting/asking here too. But I also listened extra closely at those moments and recognized that those were small parts in James documentary and e.g. he didn’t include the claims about 7 deaths (apparently all wrongfully attributed) and was careful and non sensationalist.

      That said, there are so many links every time,
      I doubt a lot are read.
      On minds a link was wrong with the transcript last time but here it was correct. It wasn’t pointed out on minds, so one specific link was not read. As an anecdote.

      gonna search now that guide 9tH commented about

    • I Shot Santa says:

      We’ve had several Nazis here. James puts out a lot of information, and it’s not always easy for people to really understand it all. I’m not saying France is ignorant, because she’s not. An ignorant person would never have written that email to him. But perhaps she’s not educated to the extent that many of the commentators are educated. Or has a busy life which doesn’t revolve around the Corbett Report. Which would affect her ability to spot nuances, especially if she hadn’t received any training in it.
      I admit, as I am exhausted by my adventures in navigating flood plains and such, that I didn’t spot any fallacies. Had I been rested, it would have been a different story. Perhaps the same is true for her. At any rate, she gave the amount that is the equivalent of two years of subscribing from me. I give to a number of people and my “foundation” is a tad smaller than Gates. So I commend her. But there is reason for your concern.

      • Lawrence.B says:

        Yah, It takes a little practice, to detect the language, to know the source, to do the research, (to follow the money, always) to detect the smell of BS. I think ultimately, when you know what it smells like, you go with your gut. BUT NOT YOU, Guru. Only the accurate references and documentation.

        James, you are a SAINT. Thank for this lesson. We look forward to The Truth and how to defend it. (Don’t let these compliments go to your head.) May FREE HUMANITY, in all its incredible diversity, survive this desperate assault.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Of course we also have to choose what we’ll dig into as well. Not to mention where we dig. Otherwise we’d be full-time diggers. Just about everything we know has turned out to be a lie. But freedom WILL win out.

    • mkey says:

      I find the question quite plausible. People have a tendency not to read too much into many aspects of the presented information and for a good reason. Two good reasons, a) you would die of hunger because all you would be doing would be following rabbit holes and b) you’d go insane. So while I appreciate when James says that we need to follow through on information passed on, I usually manage to do that only with a sliver of presented information.

    • Lawrence.B says:

      Yes. References. Always do your own search, as per James constant reminder

  7. mybeatenheart says:

    what was the official response to the argument that only women and girls in fertile age were vaccinated?

    • I Shot Santa says:

      By “debunking” the straw man argument, they didn’t need to. It’s really quite ingenious. Have to hand it to them. Propaganda has really stepped up its game.

    • wylie1 says:

      The vaccination focus on women of fertile age stood out to me as well. It tells the tale all too well. Although I didn’t care what any official response was or would be, knowing govt and laboratories (and most everything else) are suspect.

      Next they will have some program that focuses on somehow sterilizing males… well, must be more difficult to do so with a vaccine or they would have; or much harder to hide/not get caught.

      So the method of sterilization now will be to cause disease, starve people, and cause war. When you are sick or dead its a bit more difficult to procreate.

  8. flammable says:

    I recommended several of James video on climate change to people I know. The response I got back was that climate change denial was supported by scientists funded by Exxon. I was provided with names of scientists funded by Exxon who I never heard of or even saw listed in the show notes links, articles, or studies. My response was, “Why did you send me a list of random scientists and their financial ties? When did I ever mentioned them?” Well the good news is they have since stop talking about any related to climate change.

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Defending France’s son

    I want to bring up something which points to human nature, and how it relates to moving forward.

    The quick retort by France’s son is not uncommon.
    I certainly have been guilty in the past of trying to debunk something about which I knew nothing.
    There is often a tendency in humans to have a “I am right. You are wrong.” response.
    Even in the course of just living life, this subconscious thrust seems to be part of human nature.

    One solution which I have found to penetrating people’s fixed ideas, is to “Repeat the Message”.

    Sure…in the beginning, an individual can have all sorts of reactions… Angry, upset, disturbed, bored, apathetic, “make the message wrong”, “make the messenger wrong”, “make the source wrong”, etc.

    After hearing the message repeatedly from different angles, an individual often takes another look.

    Centuries ago, it took years for people to realize that the world was round.

    Anyway, my point is…
    By repeating the message with different approaches, we can gain ground.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Let me fact check your flat earth story. Some crazy old Greek came up with a remarkably close approximation of the CIRCUMFERENCE of the earth by stabbing a stick in the ground and watching its shadow. How that works, I have no clue. Until recently, flat earthers haven’t really existed. In the 1800s though, a rumor was circulated about a group saying they believed it in order to discredit them. It was just nonsense. Will I supply facts? No! I’m a fact checker! How dare you ask that!

      • Lawrence.B says:

        Ha ha good one

        • I Shot Santa says:

          I like to give Texans a hard time.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            That’s why God made us.
            It’s in the Bible somewhere, but the Hebrews spelled it wrong.
            King James version: “Make thee fun of Texans with wine and dance. For God hath made them thar peoples for mirth and merriment.”

            Thomas Jefferson originally had it written in the Constitution that it was politically correct to poke fun at Texans, but someone erased it.
            This was actually the true cause of the Civil War.

            One thing I could never figure out though…
            How do folks easily spot me as a Texan?

            Everything above is FACT CHECKED.

    • wylie1 says:

      Few objects of indoctrination can compare with the classroom globe of the earth. Children are told what it is before they are even taught how to read. –J.James

      Fact checking? Like take a telescope or high powered binoculars or very high optical zoom cam to a sufficiently wide lake or bay or catch the right angle time of day to see a sunlight reflection off a galvanized roof on a shed or picture window across that bay or lake, together with a bit of trigonometry, one can easily determine that school and media indoctrination is false; when the objects on the other side should be obscured by the curved water between. If one is house bound, they can watch videos of others using lasers and vidcams across lakes/bays.

      I’ve seen plenty of the opposing stuff but find my binoculars and calculator to be much more credible. Yes, easy to dismiss others unless you’ve done it. I cannot dismiss them any more.

      I’m still waiting for a NASA photo showing a comet like tail on the earth since we are supposedly traveling at a similar enough speed around the sun. It seems we have enough water, vapor, snow, sand, houses, animals, and propagandized people to provide such a tail.
      –Even the supposed daily rotation circumferential speed of the earth compared to a lowly top category hurricane would flatten everything attached and fling all else off. The notion that spin creates gravity(space ship movies) is not proven by anything of size spinning on earth… Next time you are on a merry go round see if you are pulled toward the center. Yeah I heard, mass = gravity, that is in question also. Scalar forces more likely. But people seem to prefer to believe what they are told by the propagandists and so called teachers, despite all the easily obtainable evidence to the contrary. “If you are going to lie, tell a big one.”

      What does it all mean? Why globe if its not?
      If one believes the spinning ball nonsense, then one will likely believe the backwater planet in some odd galaxy in some far flung corner of the universe nonsense, just one of bajillion potential lifeforms nonsense …making us humans insignificant and therefore don’t really matter nonsense… And no reason to get upset if we kill a bunch of you, enslave and distract the rest like the devil, from what you should be doing: Learning to love instead of falling for hate. Appreciating and obeying your maker instead of falling for the other garbage to take you away from that. Who doesn’t want to be appreciated for what they did and/or do?
      I’ve never been big on religion but the clearest sign to me in favor are all the usual suspects condemning. Marxism and Christianity are incompatible.

      • Steve Smith says:

        I should have been a better student way back then but I wasn’t. So the indoctrination didn’t take all that well. But sailing a boat around a continent and across an ocean convinced me that the people who compiled the information in the nautical almanac and the folks who came up with instruments like the sextant knew the world is a globe.
        Cause I got where I was going. Wouldn’t have if the world was flat.

        Our perceptions are fallible. It is way easier to “see” the sun rise than to “see” the earth rotate.

        • wylie1 says:

          It would seem that you have not considered that different frames of reference can be applied or overlaid upon a geographical area and both will work. Meaning yes you could get were you were going. However, not necessary since not that different. Maybe you could imagine your nav chart being flat instead of a school house globe. Oh my it is a flat chart, no need to imagine.

          Check out the 1892 Boston Library Map of the Earth, yes those old timers knew what they were doing! Calculate the circumference of Antarctica, you will find that you will hit it just as you would with a globe.

          Let me know when you actually do the experiment/observation-calculation, until then, No point in this dialog at all. You are so correct, you can perceive things differently than they are.

          • Steve Smith says:

            Its the predictable behavior of the celestial bodies, not the physical representation of the globe that provides the proof. The data that is compiled in the almanac is based on that.
            I think of it this way. When I am sailing along below the equator somewhere and I take my sextant and measure precisely where the Southern cross is. Then I go below and fire up the single sideband radio and talk to a fellow cruiser 500 miles away from my position. We compare what we observe and discover that the constellation is right where its supposed to be and its position in the sky is changing in exactly in the way it was predicted to.
            If the earth were not a globe, this would not happen unless there were a Southern Cross created and programmed for each and every observer.
            And hell, I’m not about to rule anything out. This whole existence could be a computer program for all I know.
            I’m just saying that from my personal observations, the world ain’t flat.

            • Steve Smith says:

              Maybe I can make it simpler.
              Say that you have two ships sailing south together. In the middle of the night the Southern Cross starts to become visible just above the horizon as the North Star sinks into the sea behind them. And I can assure you that that is what happens. Now imagine that one of the ships turns and heads due west while the other continues south. To the ship headed west, the constellation will not continue to “rise”. While for the south bound ship, it will.
              That can only happen on a globe.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                I have many friends who are pilots and have flown around the world. Not one hit the snowglobe cover.

              • wylie1 says:

                Claiming “only a globe” can such be possible… not something I would agree to yet.

                Let me know how you explain the laser across 10, 20, and 40 mile wide lakes without hitting the big berm/curve of water between.

                I don’t recall proclaiming the world to be flat either. But what I’ve seen, I can no longer just automatically dismiss what others have measured… such as laser measurements across a lake.

                So if the surface speed of the globe on average about 24860mi/24hrs is around 1036mph how do you think that would affect your sailing, with planet to air friction drag causing quite a stir? Why not constant sand storms in the desert? These just the beginning of questions related to spin.

                All I can conclude is things are not as advertised. That’s about it. Flat, globe, pear, bat crap psychotic mirage, I don’t know, but I’m not ruling out anything at this point.

                For I shot santa:
                Why would your pilot buddies hit anything? Unless they have been beyond where Admiral Byrd has been, they wouldn’t come close to anything, if then.

              • wylie1 says:

                By the way thanks for replying, your messages have been interesting and thought provoking.

                Resolving the two things of lasers and night sky will be interesting and left for another day.

              • wylie1 says:

                One can note however, that more than one scientist believe the predictable “celestial body” of the sun to be a sort of portal through which energy comes rather than a big burning ball.

                How do we really know what is out there and what it is and what causes what? When one sees the hairspray girls give fake tours of the Space Station and some very compelling evidence supplied by the video “a funny thing happened on the way to the moon” one has to question everything govt and their schools claim.

            • Jed says:

              And container ships, tankers, ferries, on a clear day and with nice binoculars, you’ll first see their smoke, then the stacks, then the bridge , then the hull, our planet’s round — I’ve seen it.

              • wylie1 says:

                You saw exactly what you would see from a far off ship approaching, flat or round. Next time out with those binocs, have a much more powerful telescope beside and when you see the stack in the binoculars take a look in the telescope and let me know what you see. If you don’t see more of the ship, then I might agree.

              • Jed says:

                I talking from a boat — can’t do the telescope, in a sea you’d end up braining a crew member. Could do it with two pair binos though, one with more power — I’ll check it up.
                Whether the Earth’s flat or round depends on what’s between the ears beholding it all.

              • wylie1 says:

                People have claimed (with photos) they have hung a big white panel off the back of a freighter below deck level, and it never went out of sight until they could no longer see the ship due to the eventual disappearance of decreasing size into the water vapor in the air.

                Is a laser measurement a notion of what is between the ears? If I had a large laser I would really like to do that one …but watching a video of fellow on a frozen lake do it, was quite interesting. Didn’t even need it since his flashlight signaling was easily seen when it shouldn’t have been seen at all.

                Similar for the video cam zoom across a 30mile wide body of water. Calculating out his elevation of about 12ft would make for roughly a 25mi body of water. Anything less than 400ft should not be seen, yet plenty of buildings shorter than 30 stories high are seen.

                I looked at all this stuff some years ago. I’m not pushing this. Just find it interesting.

                It is relatively minor compared to what one should be working on, getting the weasels out of office and replaced with those who are contracted to incrementally get rid of most of govt. Govt is the conduit through which most bad happens. This is worth pushing.

      • mkey says:

        Are you sure that the part of the land on which the lake in question is found is indeed supposed to be curved? I’m not sure anyone claims that the Earth is perfect sphere.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          In like Flynn had the only accurate globe I’ve ever seen. A lumpy pear.

        • wylie1 says:

          People only read what they want, “sufficiently wide” covers that. However, if what you suggest were true, then I could form land in various shapes and the water would adhere to the “gravity” of that surface land rather than the underlying “gravity” of the so called ball earth.

          People don’t realize just how much “curvature” the earth is claimed to have with a supposed Average Diameter of about 7913+-miles. Nit picking on the exact number makes little difference to the calculation. To see something on the other side of the horizon, or on the other side of a curvature, it will have to be tall enough to reach above that horizon or curve. It is not linear.
          (Xmi^2/7913mi)*5280ft/mi Object needs to be taller than that to see it poke up above the curve.
          Point A to B: 1mi Max Height cannot see if eyes are on the ground: 8inches.
          10mi > 66+ft
          20mi > 267ft
          30mi > 600ft
          40mi > 1067ft

          If that was taught in school, then kids willing to look would have realized they can see things that they shouldn’t be able to see.

          Where I observed, looking across the mouth of bay just inside from the ocean. It was not precise but it did indicate to me that it is much more difficult to just dismiss what others have shown by laser and vidcam across wider bodies of water.

          Circumference = pi*D = 3.1416*7913mi = 24860mi avg

          24860mi/24hrs = 1036mi/hr at the SURFACE.
          Since the air is not “attached” we can simulate the effect of something attached to earth such as a tree traveling through that air by use of a car or plane traveling at over 1000mph. Go ahead, stick your arm out there. Maybe a good time to do that is a bit lower speed when the sonic boom occurs.

          If someone is going to claim that gravity can hold vapor in relatively static position to the earth having a surface speed over 1000mph… yet the air is free to move about with the wind currents, storms, etc… Not to mention what would happen to a fluid such as water at such speeds…

          I can only conclude that someone is not telling the truth.

          • mkey says:

            I do believe a flat surface would have the body of water sit flat on it. How wide this surface could be before bending would occur, that I don’t understand. On a small scale, water tries to hold level. On a large enough scale, I have to imagine water will start acting like a droplet.

            Regarding the large body of water appearing flat phenomenon, atmospheric refraction should be taken into account. I think it would be very interesting to do that experiment, where a pole in the middle of the test distance is put to gauge the curvature at the mid point.


            Regarding the atmosphere following Earth’s spin, lets imagine the Earth was rotating at given speed while the atmosphere (relatively to the outer space) was completely still. Obviously violent winds would erupt, initially. But would they last forever or would they subside as various layers of the atmosphere start following suit with the Earth’s spin?

            When you are riding a vehicle at given speed, the air in the vehicle is following wehicle’s suit and going at the same speed as the vehicle. If you turned on a fan in the vehicle, would it start blowing a breeze in the fan’s direction?

            If you put your hand out of the vehicle, you will meet the resistance of the air following suit of the much greater influence, Earth’s spin. Some air around the vehicle will briefly try to follow suit with the vehicle, but this effect will subside quickly, giving in to the much stronger effect of the Earth. Like the “slip stream” the race driver will attempt to exploit by getting very close to the vehicle in front.

            If it were not for that influence of the Earth’s spin and the air friction, why would a wind once it started ever stop? Speaking relatively to the Earth surface, of course.

            • wylie1 says:

              You are welcome to believe whatever you want. I’m not here to push an agenda regarding this. The whole point of my original comment was to FACT CHECK EVERYTHING, including what you were taught in school, rather than trying to find ways to support what was accepted as fact.

              Addressing flat water on flat part of earth:
              If a globe, look at a bicycle wheel. To get that flat part you mention, you will have to make part of the rim flat between the spokes. Regardless of how small or large(within reason) that flat area is, it wouldn’t seem to significantly impact the rest of the “mass force” or spoke lines of force beneath the rim to the center, since the water is not rigid and will succumb to all that force beneath.

              …Unless you don’t believe in the long held globe/gravity theory and are proposing a new flat water on flat part of round earth theory.

              Continuing… We are told that force is gravity and is the overriding force excepting for SURFACE TENSION causing waters edge to curve on a surface (such as a big drop on your table) or around its own surface in the case of droplets or aerosol. (If you use a Surfactant often found in detergent soaps, that Surface Tension is broken and a “big drop” will spread out quite thin on your table, giving credence to Surface Tension)

              I read the Bedford level long ago. Rowbotham’s original experiment is more telling, to me at least. He stated the whole sail was in view from start to finish. Same for those with the white panel hanging from the back of a ship.
              I would need to investigate further but I’m wondering if such [distance refraction] calculations have been designed to account for being able to see on the other side of the hump rather than for what happens to light on its own through a medium. What happens to the viewed object in the transition from direct line of sight to over the hump refracted view? And how is that all going to look with the top half of the sail above the hump and the bottom below?
              —I wish I knew but it may not be possible to know since it may not occur.

            • wylie1 says:


              A bright clear day reduces MUCH of the water vapor and therefore refraction, yet the exact same amount of refraction or bending of light is still required by that theory, to see the object, regardless of how much water vapor, if at a known distance. If too little refraction you wouldn’t see the object. If too much refraction, you would see under or in front of the object. Yet it seems to be seen every time in measured experiments.

              Until I find out different, that is why I’m not trusting of the refraction explanation, as well as from what I’ve seen on a very clear day; together with documentaries of other types of earthly measurements, some of which refraction has no factor.

              Earth wind:
              I appreciate your efforts but there is maybe too much to untangle in your earth spin wind concept. Look at a fast moving creek, the turbulence never stops. Not much survives on the face of the rocks, turbulence behind. Same for a race car. Likewise the air behind is constantly replaced, so not as much air “dragging” as one may think compared to compressing the air outward around and less air pressure immediately behind causing the zone another race car can use to avoid having to compress as much air, etc. One can easily feel the air being dragged along by a semi truck…
              All I can suggest is to look up coefficients of drag (Cd) for vehicles and how they work. Not that close to dragging air at the same speed of travel. As you can imagine, the air next that dragged air, drags the dragged air slower. With all the drag, one wonders what keeps the spinning top going.
              —Both front and back of race car would occur… Find a solid rock wall to hide everything on earth behind, to be in sync with your race car concept? while everything in front is obliterated. Put a shell around the earth to be in sync with your air traveling along in the car concept? Still wouldn’t be in sync unless baffle walls connected to that shell.

              • wylie1 says:


                “If it were not for that influence of the Earth’s spin and the air friction, why would a wind once it started ever stop?”
                —Exactly, the wind wouldn’t stop.
                The friction of earth against the air, drags the air around with it to a lesser degree, causing full time wind; and turbulence behind objects. The air/wind would never catch up to the speed of the earth, because there is not nearly enough friction causing it to. I don’t know of anything on this earth which would indicate that it would or could, including what you were describing.

                If sun sets in the west, from where I sit, earth would rotate to the east. Yet the wind, here, most days also goes east. How does that wind go faster than the earth, if friction drags it, even up to the same speed. Some other force may cause it to keep air relative to earth but friction and gravity seems unlikely at best.

                At any rate I can’t spend any more time on this. Good luck in your experiments. Any more of mine will be a long time off. If I ever get to do a laser experiment it would be good to have several intermediate poles.

  10. MagicBullet says:

    The fact checkers have become the front-line secret service guards for the castle of truth. Once we can neutralize them and get in the castle, we can then curretage-out the real truth. We want to pick checks that we can fact check well, bringing them out of the castle into the courtyard, excoriate their false logic, and then rebuild for them what they should have done. If we really cant get one of these groups to fact-check debate us then then we can get their open materials, debate between ourselves. and have fun at it on a you tube, maybe even on TV. Helps us learn at the same time educateds and shows the missed-logic. At the end we put the posters around the castle, hopefully get a following.

    • Lawrence.B says:

      I wish that people wanted to hear the truth. It’s so much scarier than a horror movie. Too much for the children among us.

      • wylie1 says:

        That was truth on truth!

        Unfortunately even the word truth is so maligned and applied to untruths… the weasels are busy ruining everything they can to the point if you call something the truth, one may automatically assume itsnot.

  11. Jojo says:

    If I were going to put something extra into a vaccine, I would not put it in every vial. It would be too easy to prove.

    Thank you for debunking the debunkers.

  12. yodo says:

    A few points to carry after James video.. he states ” don’t trust me, look it up yourself and do your own research!!”.. and there it is, in other words rather than clicking on the video , taking with you the main talking points, James wants you as well to get into ” investigative journalism”..which means not being lazy, which means working through, going to other sources or as in this video.. newspapers like ” The Hindu” or the archived videos on the KBN ( Kenya) etc..in otherwords stop being a non thinking lazy sheeple. Lastly Fact check the fact checkers.
    I have a genius brother in law that does the exact same nonsense to dismiss anything that does not align with his MSM worldview, and glibly rifles of his ” genius ” debunking” Fact Check links

  13. littlebird says:

    Posting this as a resource for anyone interested in data journalism:


    Free online course
    Equity & ethics in data journalism:
    Hands-on approaches to getting your data right
    June 22 – July 19, 2020
    Instructor: Heather Krause
    With support from the Knight Foundation

    Welcome to the Knight Center’s new MOOC, “Equity & ethics in data journalism: Hands-on approaches to getting your data right.” During this four-week course, you will learn about tools and techniques that will help you tell data stories fairly and ethically. Specifically, this course will guide you hands-on through the process of learning to identify inequity and hidden bias at seven key stages of the data journalism lifecycle.

  14. generalbottlewasher says:

    Finally an American responce to Greta Thunberg.
    Thanks to Tony Heller Highwater.


    James this girl is channeling your satirical rants in a small way
    So its come to this. Having to debunk at every word now. There was a politician in NW Arkansas that had to do this very thing by his challenger, Bill Clinton. He changed his strategy to follow Bill at every stop and debunk all the lies Bill was spewing. He said it almost killed him but he was rewarded in the end by giving Clinton a rare defeat. If that is what needs to be you are following a winning strategy. I hope it doesn’t……

  15. cu.h.j says:

    Great podcast! It’s very important to be able to go back and look at the source documents and see what was said. It’s also good to be able to use logic and have some grasp of how to scrutinize scientific studies. People can learn how on their own with a little effort.

    The way JC analyzes information and backs it up with sources is what drew me to the material and led me to re evaluate some of my opinions and beliefs. It’s very important to stay grounded in logical and
    what constitutes proof of claims when believing something.

    Also when providing evidence to someone it’s sometimes more effective to ask what they think of it and let them come to their own conclusions. And also to not be attached to waking someone up or convincing them.

  16. mkey says:

    Yes, Apple And Google Have Given Us A Serious Contact Tracing Problem—Here’s Why

    Here’s your daily sickening article, thanks to Derrick Broze.

    The hard truth on contact-tracing is that it can be ruthlessly effective, but it requires rules and mandatory compliance, it requires a partnership between a government and its population to root out the virus, it requires access to intrusive data and surveillance technology to back-up people’s memories and the progress that can be made by simply placing calls or sending texts.

    The even harder truth is that when compliance is made optional, when the onus is on members of the public—on an almost unimaginable scale—to download an app, to follow its demands through likely repeated false alerts, to keep doing all that for many months, failure is almost certain. To make the tech work it needs to be mandatory. Tracers need access to the raw cellular location data, this needs to be cross-referenced with CCTV and other surveillance, and demands for quarantining or isolation need to be linked to rights to work and travel.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      To make the tech work it needs to be mandatory.

      Tracers need access to the raw cellular location data,
      this needs to be cross-referenced with CCTV and other surveillance,
      and demands for quarantining or isolation need to be linked to rights to work and travel.

      • mkey says:

        More and more of these media people are linking tracing acquiescence with rights to work and travel. I try to point that issue out, but it doesn’t look like people are very receptive.

        In other news, did you guys notice kind of a shift that has started taking over sometimes around the past Friday? Some of the EU talking heads started talking about how the economy can’t stand more of the Plandemic 1 so when and if Plandemic 2 hits, we’ll have to take a more deliberate approach and do basically what many have been calling for for the first “wave” (isolating the vulnerable only, mainly). I wonder what exactly is bringing on that change of narrative and what’s the end goal of shifting gears.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      99% of the people think as they’re told. We are statistically irrelevant. And our phones can be disposed. And it’s not that hard to “disappear”. Big brother has an army of incompetents.

  17. pearl says:

    Thank God for France’s son, rescuing his mom from the Corbett cult! Here’s some more advice (which was recently given to me): it’s really not healthy to dwell on such “conspiracies”. Rather, focus on things that are positive and make you happy. Lastly, when in Rome…yada yada yada.

    • mkey says:

      You should also bury your head in the sand and bend over for any fortuitous passers by. Oh, a boon of happy days. I can almost see the Fonz in holographic 3D projection in my mind.

      • pearl says:

        Yes, yes, that too. It’s much better if you just relax.

        • wylie1 says:

          Laughing my hiney off so much I’m bent over … whoopsie!

          • wylie1 says:

            See the intro video to Larken Rose’s Candles in the Dark website. Putting things into a question format seems to get the person to actually think

            …rather than pushing yet more information… that for some unknown reason some people don’t automatically graciously accept and instantly perceive as correct and should be resulting in bountiful thankyous for the educational info, but don’t. People “tend” to be geared to try and resolve a question though.

            Hey there Mr/s So n Sew, you seem purdy smart… I’ve got this question, maybe you know the answer… [Now who could resist that?!] Why is it that I need to be vaccinated, by force if I don’t volunteer, if those who want to be vaccinated are protected by it …and those who don’t want it, some who have better means of protection or cure, but regardless, are willing to accept any risk of not being vaccinated?
            –They would clog up the hospitals.
            Did you see any of the independent news regarding how busy the hospitals were, which was without anyone being vaccinated?
            –Yeah, they were packed and had to set up make shift hospitals.
            Well I know that’s what the major media claimed but independent journalists took video inside those hospitals and those make shift tent hospitals and found them to be mostly empty and laying off staff, something the major media apparently didn’t want people to know.
            –That stuff can be faked.
            Yes, you are right, just like it has been proven that the major media and govt fakes things all the time, including numbers.
            Have you ever seen independent reporters, to see how good they really are?
            Anyway, there is this other question that is really bugging me. Why is Bill Gates pushing vaccines? Did you see the video of his Ted Talk on CO2, where he stated if we really did a good job with vaccines we could reduce the population and therefore CO2. Hard to believe he actually let that slip but it was a number of years ago. One could think that they have found ways to reduce it even further with all his research into vaccines. If you go and watch that video and heard him say that, what would you think about Bill Gates’ vaccine and eugenics agenda?
            –I don’t know, I’d have to see it.
            Alright, here is the link:

            I’m not sure how to pose everything in a question but you seem purdy sharp, I’m sure you could do a better job at this than me… When you get your normie TV believer non offensive question sheet completed, let me know!

    • Lawrence.B says:

      Yah….amerikas got talent..Yeh!!!

  18. frans says:

    The other day I recommended seemingly intelligent friend something Corbett and he told me you are Russian propaganda. That seems to be the standard, I recommended another friend who I also considered smart an Off-Guardian article and she told me it was also Russian, I think referenced by the great oracle Snopes. Either you are a commie or alt-right… They should make up their mind!

    • cu.h.j says:

      It’s kinda sad that instead of actually looking deeper into the material and evidence, they dismiss it because it’s easier to do that than to address what’s going on.

      I am very disappointed with the general public and even some “smart” friends of mine that unfortunately aren’t the critical thinkers I thought they were.

  19. Dephyant says:

    Thank you so much James, I have this exact problem with all my friends and often have to argue that Corbett report is not Pseudo-Science! as often proclaimed on these biased fact checker sites. Then I hit them with the studies as linked to int he show notes and they go either – oh well! or I still don’t believe you.

    I have given up trying to convince people now – its harder than ever these days.

    Love the Master class in debunking idea – keep it up.

  20. mik says:

    I’m so glad I’ve watched this.

    I’ve studied hCG vaccines and Kenya thoroughly, went so far to acquire some articles not available online. Conclusion was, I hope this case won’t appear in bill gates documentary, there is not enough substance to be used.
    When I saw it been mentioned I was annoyed.
    Today I realized I was wrong. My Conclusion blocked me to grasp the exact wording when Kenya was mentioned. Actually, it’s 100% correct.

    Imagine, how many people have the same problem: their previous conclusions, suppositions prevent them to grasp actuality, substance, reality…
    About those, who supposedly need fact checkers: how 24/7 deceiving language massage influences them? What about their ability to see nuances?
    Once I’ve seen presentation how rhetorical capabilities of Potus degraded with time, man, once they were orators, today…..

    At 30:00 is director of laboratory in Kenya…
    What a meathead, ignoramus, how he is lying all(mf)over, deconstruction is needed

    First he is claiming there is a normal level of hCG in body. Yes, but just for women, to be precise!!!
    Crux of his expose is: their test is for blood and not suitable for something else, like vaccines. Yes, he might be right…but think carefully. Blood contains a lot of active substances, I mean a lot that could interfere with hormone tester, therefore the test must be very specific by default. Also, reliability of this tests is ok. Most probably it will detect hCG in other media too. And…drums…. most probably there was hCG compounded in tetanus vaccine.
    Still skeptical? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cKyPeDYh8w

    His argument is similar to tobacco industry case: you cannot prove cigarettes are harmful. What about beyond reasonable doubt paradigm?

    Biggest lie: “No proof of concept” for hCG-with-gain-of-function that is for non-ignorant people known as anti-hCG-tetanus vaccine.

    Anti-hCG vaccine has been developed and it passed second clinical trials in 1992, successfully.

    Phase 1
    “These trials have consistently demonstrated the lack of side-effects and reversibility of the vaccine. Biochemical and haematological parameters remained undisturbed by vaccination. Menstrual regularity was maintained [11-14]. Women kept ovulating normally as determined by hormonal levels and by endometrial biopsies.”

    (first time too long)

    • mik says:

      Phase 2
      “Women receive three injections of the vaccine at 6-weekly intervals as primary immunization; boosters are given as and when antibody titres decline below the presumptive threshold. Being the first efficacy trial of such a vaccine in humans, it was necessary to determine the requisite titres of antibodies for prevention of pregnancy. In the first instance, a level of 50 ng/ml bioneutralization capacity was fixed as the threshold for study. Women attaining antibodies above this level had their IUDs/non-hormonal contraceptives discontinued. As of February 1,1992, 642 cycles of exposure had been recorded. Only one pregnancy had taken place above the threshold. Fourteen women have been exposed continuously to the risk of pregnancy for 12 months and two have completed 19 months without becoming pregnant”
      Anti-hCG Vaccines are in Clinical Trials, G. P. TALWAR,…., 1992


      Occasionally I check James’ references. I rarely find mistakes.
      Reliability, trustworthy score: excellent.


      gates financed tetanus vaccines in Kenya!!

      • I Shot Santa says:

        I find most doctors/scientists are so task specific that they are unable to see beyond the very narrow scope of whatever they’re butchering.
        As an aside, I think we’re well past the fact checker, conversion phase. If people can’t figure out we live in bizarro world by now, do we really want them on our side? I’d much rather focus on practical solutions to prepare for the inevitable. Only inevitable because so many refuse to think for themselves.

        • cu.h.j says:

          You are right about doctors/scientists, it’s called “reductionism” and can be a problem because a person’s head is so filled with minutia that the capacity to step back and look at the obvious or basic principles becomes more difficult. But this is not true for all doctors and scientists.

          I think that some people are hardwired to question authority and others aren’t and the ones who don’t will be the ones who lose. But perhaps it’s an evolutionary step for our species, even though it’s not a natural one. We are being faced with psychopathic plans and those who go along will be weeded out. Maybe better humanity will come out of this year from now.

          The people with better bullshit detectors will survive and their offspring will survive and humanity will improve. I don’t think the nasty planners are taking that into consideration but I think that they are actually planning their undoing. They have pushed the envelope too far this time, to think that everything will go according to plan, but things never go just as planned. I really think that this whole thing will backfire because enough people are questioning the bullshit.

          I see more and more unmasked people all the time. They know something isn’t right about all this “Covid” crap and are finally listening to that intuition, the spidey sense that says this is bullshit.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            cu.h.j says:
            I think that some people are hardwired to question authority and others aren’t

            Over the years, I have noticed this also.

          • I Shot Santa says:

            Another flaw of the state is that it is run largely by petty people who seek security and spend the majority of their time driving out competent people who they believe threaten their position. In other words, an army of incompetents. This extends to the military. I’d take a thousand to one odds on them any day. So easy to cause chaos in such a people. And no, I don’t consider myself a Rambo.

          • mkey says:

            I see more and more unmasked people all the time.

            I’d get people are just getting lazy. Even if you had a horde of zombies running around, tearing people apart after some 3-4 months people would be like “so?” It’s a mixture of adjusting to the “normal” and getting bored and disinterested.

        • Lawrence.B says:

          We should talk, i think.

  21. HomeRemedySupply says:

    June 23, 2020 – Tuesday 11am
    People were issued sanitizers, disinfectants and knee high boots because the BS was so deep.

    Dr. Fauci testifies in the hearing entitled: “Oversight of the Trump Administration’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

  22. Jed says:

    it’s a long drawn out fight and I’m really tired of it, people just seem to believe what they like. I believe France’s son’s a wanker.

    • cu.h.j says:


      Some well-meaning people start out as wankers. I have been there myself. Someone told me something very simple in 2016 that my anger and efforts against the Trump election were misplaced and that a small number of “elites” were controlling the world.

      I don’t know why her words stuck with me, but I decided to check out what she was talking about and that’s when I found JC’s material and he presented things in a logical way with references. This made me want to learn more and research things on my own because I realized that I was being lied to.

      People sometimes just don’t know what they don’t know but if you give them some credible info they will look into it. It’s important to try to inform people, no push them because some people lack the capacity to change, but others do. It’s important to have allies and community to oppose what is going on.

      I don’t think France should argue with her son, if he wants to believe bullshit, let him but she can give him factual evidence once. If someone doesn’t respond to credible evidence once, it’s not worth your time.

      • Jed says:

        Thanks for the reply cu.h.j, and for cracking me up — I agree, there’s a lot of well meaning people who are yet without a clue and that doesn’t make them bad. That’s a big part of problem and ironic that most people are well wishing, nice people and can’t imagine that anyone or thing could be so evil. It’s just year after year hearing thing’s like, “Well, who is it that’s doing this again?,” or, “Where do they meet?”, as if it could be so simple. Just gets frustrating, a repetitive cycle of explaining — repetitive cycle, there you go, I’m the wanker! Either way. Cheers

  23. EmmyA says:

    Wonderful work James! Excellent job laying out the logical way to go about fact checking anything, especially something handed to you (like a fact checking website…)

    I think your observations at 42:46 is an important strike at the roots of our problems. The program of just accepting what someone says as “truth” without any personal investigation or discernment. Stopping there and not feeling the need to go further and collect any more knowledge. Unfortunately, foundations built on quicksand have become the norm which has promoted a reality of fear, uncertainty and trust issues.

    But how did we get here?? When and why did we stop thinking for ourselves? Melissa and Aaron Dykes of TSM had a on-point video about how these mind control programs have been baked into society for a llloooonnnnggg time, they just run without anyone realizing that they are even there or how they are effecting us and being used to control our reality. I think the only way we are going to win this information war is to wake up to the abilities and intentions of the powers that shouldn’t be and consciously, activity choose to stop their program. Opting out- you’ve been promoting that for years but I feel it’s more crucial than ever!

    Thank you for all your hard work!! I love your hyperlinked transcripts, I use them to quote you all the time when I send your info along!! I feel truly grateful to have you as a resource and honored to be part of the Corbett Report open source community <3 Thank you again for all you do!!


  24. donna.m says:

    This is great, just what I needed to know! I get this shit from my normie friends too. There is so much out there about the evil that Bill Gates has been doing for decades. But so many people go the lazy route and let compromised ‘fact checkers’ do their thinking for them. Thanks for all the great work you do James! This is so important. I’m glad that this came up because it is an important opportunity to educate.

  25. Jen says:

    Just joined for the year after seeing this video you posted on YouTube. Thank you!

  26. Mama Liah says:

    Excellent work, James Corbett, thank you so much. It was very interesting to look further into the Kenia Tetanus vaccine scandal. By the way, you are such a great speaker, I’m always so impressed about how elegantly you verbally navigate through your thoughts.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Mama Liah says:
      I’m always so impressed about how elegantly you verbally navigate through your thoughts.

      Me too. I am very impressed. It is quite a skill.

  27. terence.s says:

    They don’t want the truth out, I cain’t wait for my vaccination for corona from Bill kill Gates.
    Unfortunately there will be millions get it, some people are stupid.

    • brian.s says:

      I can also read this as ‘we don’t let the truth in’ but displace it to conflicts and ‘solutions’ that repackage conflict as if to have mitigated or solved it, so as to keep our judgement – and the world of its results as if separate.
      There are core beliefs that in effect have already given advance consent to the ‘cutting edge of medical science’. There are fallcies in the scientific mask that cut us from our true nature under the mind of the attempt to define it for purposes of possession and control.
      Hence a result of dispossession and loss of control.
      (That is driven to seek what it lacks outside itself)

  28. Vanschiele says:

    In a nutshell: if the ‘fake news’ (carefully researched and with citations etc) were wrong, they would take action for libel.

    Why are they spending a fortune to warn against so-called “fake news”, spotting and removing anything that contravenes the official narrative etc etc. This is a huge campaign against free media which could be easily prevented by taking action. Why don’t they do it? They haven’t got a foot to stand on. It’s known as censoring 😉 and there is a long history of this in so many dictatorial nations.

    Having run a blog for some years I know that anything that destroys the official narrative has to be meticulously researched and sources supplied. So in some ways reputable sources, such as James’ are likely far more carefully researched. Unfortunately, cognitive dissonance is a state some cannot deal with in a rational manner.

    Excellent response. Good tips for those who are just beginning to question. We have to do the work.

  29. brian.s says:

    I consider toxic exposures as the causes of what was lumped together as ‘polio’ and given huge PR, of fear-driven fundraising and mind-capture to a ‘virus’ cover story. If you or anyone looked for the true history of polio it would teach you much about covid 19.
    Toxic debt evasion operates the inducement of others to buy it, eat the sin, take on the payment of whatever conflict evasion is being given narrative support.

    Is it possible that insiders at the top of the pyramid scheme are unaware of the lie being substituted for truth? No – but the function given the mind of self-evasion is of generating cover stories and narrative identity or worldview by which the noble lie may mutate to become the necessary evil – relative to the belief that the good of the world or the people is framed in your own judgements – such that what’s good for ‘me’ is defacto good for the nation, the world, via whatever ‘war on evil’ is being orchestrated.

    For those who are invested in ‘medical science’ as represented in pharma and vaccines as THE protection against plague, chaos and fear of pain of loss – then their mind of ability to form a question and recognise answer is outsourced to a trojan horse – because a dis-integrity is masking in ‘The Science’ as an exclusive elitism, SOME of which is conscious but ‘self-justified’ and a lot of which is cognitive dissonance’ or the blind spot of an invisibly internalised structure of conditioned beliefs and core definitions.
    Bringing the realm of denied conflicts into awareness will always carry the temptation to repeat their habitual ‘solution’ OF denial and projection – or self-evasive survival strategy. A critical awareness of willingness to question rather than react AS emotional identification is the conscious-ness from which to release an ‘unconscious habit’ running in YOUR name.
    Gates is a representative of the ‘control mentality’ which operates from problem framed ingenuity rather than life sourced creativity – and hence must seed, subvert and capture anything creative as a weaponised or marketised leverage.

    • brian.s says:

      The idea that human life is quantifiable and therefore code that can be systemically programmed and manipulated zooms in of the attempt to hack biological coding – of DNA and RNA – but without ANY awareness or regard for the underlying energetic or informational fields that support, regenerate and inform or pattern embodiment of life.
      It is the nature of consciousness to give back in the measure – and more abundantly – of our giving, and so the attempt to manipulate, enslave, and control life (in form – we cannot truly edit the Life) – is the experience of receiving in the measure of our giving. But as the nature of a biodiversity is a mutual exchange of unique perspectives, the forms in which we receive our results are not a cancelling of our gift but an ongoing and expanding sharing of gifts.
      Negatively defined self and world frames our giving negatively – such as the giving of blame as the intent to get rid of it, or the giving of praise as a ruse to stealing it or manipulating another.
      truth is not IN the world, but if we look with new eyes, we can learn to see the world differently and recognise the reflection of our otherwise unconscious judgements, as well as prompts and cues to connections of re integrative consciousness, that expands, embraces and transcends apparently exclusive and conflicting polarities.
      The choice to die or align in ‘dead letters’ or hollow ritual forms of conformity to a past that is no longer here now, is masked in presentation of identity reinforcement. But that which identifies us truly is not a template or placeholder , ideal or idol, but a living love of simple and direct recognition of life, felt and known through the act of sharing or extension, and not as a commodity gotten from an acquired virtue or ritual cleansing sacrifice of sin in ourself or acted out on others.
      No one makes love, so much as makes way for love to know itself in place of where a mind of self-isolating had been running a mask as if reality.

  30. I Shot Santa says:


    On the morning monarchy yesterday, King James mentioned a second round of stimulus checks. In my fact checking zeal, I ducked it up. About halfway through it mentions this as a possible segue into UBI. Me? Since I have nearly everything I need, I’ll be stocking up on barter items like whiskey, battery banks, AA batteries, and weed. Ok, I won’t be bartering the weed!

  31. nirvana says:

    Thanks CR, this report was as useful as the “ Who is Bill Gates?” Kind of like a part”A” and part “B”.
    Information is great but not every one sees the information in the same way.
    Incompetent people don’t know they are incompetent, like wise dummies don’t know they are dumb.
    Did Lex Luthor see himself as a bad guy?
    One thing we will never see is a vaccine for cognitive dissonance.
    Thanks again, CR.

  32. I Shot Santa says:


    Another scathing post by GAB. While I don’t use them, I enjoy their posts. Apparently, statues of Christ are under attack. Has a lot of interesting links. I don’t believe in religion, though I do believe in God. But I support everyone’s right to worship. Really getting tired of the Communist revolution. Pretty mad actually. Hope people have their gardens going and their guns loaded. We’re in for a wild ride.

  33. pill says:

    James is doing a great job showing how ridiculous those “fact checks” are. How dumbed-down does a society have to be to accept personal attacks as “facts”? First, people are mislead about international events, usually by leaving out the relevant context, then, when more serious observers point out a possible crime, they are labeled and attacked by so-called “fact checkers” and at the end of the day, they’re arguing about what a fact is and what this or that word in their native language actually means.

    But I see trouble when he says (around 42:50) “don’t blindly trust what someone says and then pass on information because this guy said it and I trust him”. Obviously, it is good advice to be skeptical and to check someone’s sources before passing their claim on… But the reality is that most people don’t have time for that and, more importantly, they lack experience as they’ve never done any research on their own following a news report they wanted to verify. Don’t get me wrong – it still is good advice, but my point is that trust is an important factor in my opinion. It should not be the only factor, but it shouldn’t be ignored either, especially when the source of a claim is not always trustworthy like those “fact checkers”.

    For example: Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that some fictional “fact checking site” called weknoweverythingbetter.edu did try to debunk something from one of James’ documentaries. If this isn’t the first time, you’ve ever tried to verify something online (here comes the part with the experience) and you don’t have enough time or resources for your own research, you may actually take what you’ve learned from James’ documentary as “probably true” based on trust (together with a hint that it may be disputed) – not because you like how James presented the information but because you know that he has researched it as he always does. This is not to say that he or anyone else would never make a mistake but we know from experience that most of those fact checkers have not done half of the research that went into the documentary and usually, they haven’t even done any research but rather searched for an excuse (why X is wrong) or an attack on the person. Again, if you can, you should still do your own research. But sometimes you can’t and then you have to trust someone who you know has done some good research.

    This goes both ways. If James talks about topic X and you know someone else who has been investigating X for years (or is more experienced with X as James) and who came to a different conclusion, you might start out with that other conclusion being “probably true”. As a next step, you might write a comment or a message to James pointing out what your other source said.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  34. Aamir says:

    Slightly off topic, but how do you take notes and manage to keep so many things organized? Do you just create a bunch of folders with different labels? I have seen a lot of researchers recommend an app called “The Brain”.

  35. miaz says:

    Finally some good news on the war for our own bodies: South Dakota legislatures return a sense of agency to local citizens!

    • mkey says:

      This would seem to indicate that not all politicians are complete and utter bastards. Good for them. However, and hopefully, someone in the process will manage to realize how the system is supposed to work and why its working the way it is.

  36. debra.b says:

    Protesters rally in Albany against mandatory COVID vaccines
    June 14, 2020
    WNYT.com Local NBC News channel 13 Albany, NY

    Hundreds rallied in Albany Saturday to fight for the freedom to choose and the right to refuse a COVID-19 vaccine once they are available.

    Protesters gathered in front of the Executive Mansion with their signs to send their message to Governor Cuomo and the New York State Bar Association.

    While many doctors believe vaccines save lives, others feel differently.

    “We will not be a lab rat for any company. Any vaccine company, Governor Cuomo. We refuse,” says protestor Kaycie Kimberlin.

    Another protestor Wendy Ratcliffe says she is not against all vaccines, just that there is not much known about them.

    In late May, the Health Law Section of the New York State Bar Association, in an 89 page report recommended a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine for all residents unless a doctor exempts you.

    The governing body met virtually Saturday morning and tabled that finding for further study until November.

    A State Health Department spokesperson tells NewsChannel13 that it is premature to comment on a report they have yet to review and a vaccine that does not yet exist.


    p.s. hi all. wanted to pop this in here. haven’t been able to go through all comments, so sorry if already posted. Hope everyone is hanging in there. 🙂

    • debra.b says:

      speaking of fact checks….

      USA Today “Fact Check” report (lol…sorry, it’s not funny, but it is in an f’d up way. Like not the gmo mosquitoes, but the “Fact Check” part)

      Fact check: Genetically modified mosquitoes are cleared for release in the US
      Anna Staver USA TODAY June 9,2020

      The claim: A British biotech company called Oxitec has permission to release genetically modified mosquitoes in Florida and Texas.

      The Environmental Protection Agency approved an experimental use permit May 1 that allows Oxitec to release genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys and Harris County, Texas, where Houston is located.

      “To meet today’s public health challenges head-on, the nation needs to facilitate innovation and advance the science around new tools and approaches to better protect the health of all Americans,” according to the EPA’s news release.

      The permit, which lasts for two years, requires Oxitec to “monitor and sample the mosquito population weekly.”

      “EPA has also maintained the right to cancel the (permit) at any point during the 24-month period if unforeseen outcomes occur,” according to the release.

      Wait. Why would a company create a new kind of mosquito? What purpose does it serve?

      Remember a few years ago when people – especially pregnant women – were concerned about contracting the Zika virus?

      It’s the virus that could cause a birth defect called microcephaly (underdevelopment of the head and brain), according to the Centers for Disease Control.

      Well, diseases like Zika, dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever are all carried by one type of mosquito, the Aedes aegypti. Oxitec claims its Aedes aegypti (known as the OX5034) can drastically lower the wild populations of these specific mosquitoes.


      • debra.b says:

        p.s. oxitec funded by Gates Foundation


        Date: June 2018
        Purpose: to transfer a self-limiting genetic platform into the malaria vector for future application in Meso-America and the Caribbean to reduce or eliminate this mosquito where it transmits malaria
        Amount: $5,812,666
        Term: 34
        Topic: Malaria
        Program: Global Health
        Grantee Location: Abingdon, Oxfordshire
        Grantee Website: http://www.oxitec.com


        • I Shot Santa says:

          Zika quit being a threat after a Japanese monsatan type company was implicated. Like instantly dead.

          • debra.b says:

            USA Today’s “Fact Check” must have missed that. See, there’s why I couldn’t help laughing after seeing their authoritative “Fact Check”. Pathetic.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              They must be overwhelmed there. Just so much for them to check. And I’ve heard most journalists are learning to code as well!

            • I Shot Santa says:

              The very idea of using GMO skeeters is yet another proof of how ignorant and narrowly many scientists think. They think it’s just get rid of skeeters. It’s not. Just think of how many species would be eradicated, just from the ones that feed on mosquitoes. And those that feed on those predators. The food chain is incredibly complex and these priests of scientism are unbelievably crude and simplistic. Apparently, the notion of consequence doesn’t compute with them.

              • Jed says:

                Happy Birthday One Shot, on this 25th of June, the day that Sun heads back toward the darkness, you are the Anti-Santa!

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Yes# I am the gateway to the dark side! Thanks. And happy belated birthday to you as well. Though I guess you’re at the peak of sunshine and possibly unicorns as well!

              • Jed says:

                My brother!

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                I love you guys.
                (Not in the “drop the soap way”.)

                Again, Happy getting older day.

              • debra.b says:

                “Apparently, the notion of consequence doesn’t compute with them.”

                Ha! That’s a great way to put it. I agree with your whole post. Well said, ISS

                Journalists learning to code? Like internet html code or like Morse code? Probably a stupid question, but whenever I see “code” my brain goes to Morse code because my Dad learned it in the Air Force, Vietnam war.

                Also, Happy B-Day! Mine was on “Flag Day”.

                p.s. To Jed, Happy belated B-Day to you also. (There’s no “reply” on Jed’s post.)

                .p.s.s. Any of you guys know of a Nov 1975 article entitled, “The NSA-America’s $10 Billion Frankenstein” by Tad Szulc? My Dad has it ripped out of Nov issue of Penthouse magazine (thank goodness for small favors) and saved in his box of stuff from his time in Vietnam. So, I was curious about whether it has any informational value? He seemed to think so. Although. I was not allowed to look in that box. I did after he died. I can’t find the article itself on the internet. Just references to it. But, I’m not great at research, so maybe it’s there and I just can’t find it.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                Debra, no reply on yours either. I’d never heard of that article before. Apparently, I can order the back issue though. Penthouse used to put out some good information back then. Though I bought it for the pictures!
                It also was called No Such Agency. Existence was even denied. Why? Muh freedoms! Bizzaro World needs better drugs if you ask me.

  37. Ricardo says:

    What a coincidence, look what just happened.

    Nisha Patel was the US Program officer at the Bill Gates Foundation. She oversaw 17 BILLION in Federal Grants & budget spending. Interesting how none of that is mentioned in the CNN article. Herself, her daughter, and a grandfather all drowned in their new pool. Three people drowning in a pool at once does not seem likely


  38. debra.b says:

    Photos in this article I’d say are worth 1000 words… I find the subject matter of the article to be frightening and infuriating in near equal measure.

    Lexington Herald Leader
    JUNE 17, 2020

    Frankfort, Kentucky

    Hundreds of people line up outside KY Capitol to speak to a human about unemployment

    Adriene Whittaker, 25, was one of the lucky ones, if you want to call it that.

    She left her home in Bowling Green around 6 a.m. Wednesday and made it into a line that wrapped around the exterior of the Capitol Annex in Frankfort moments before Kentucky State Police troopers cut it off around 9 a.m.

    She was one of the hundreds of people who came from all over the commonwealth for the chance to speak to a human in hopes of reviving their stalled claims for unemployment benefits during the coronavirus pandemic. The first person arrived around 5:20 a.m.

    Some brought books, others brought lawn chairs. The line hugged the little shade that could be found in the parking lot. People swapped their unemployment horror stories.

    Whittaker filed for unemployment on May 1 and her claim has been under investigation since then. Like most people in the line, she’s never been able to reach one of the “Tier 3” employees, those few, coveted people who are supposedly able to resolve unemployment claims in minutes.

    “They told me it would be worth the drive,” Whittaker said.

    A protest Tuesday by people angry that their unemployment claims haven’t been processed forced the state to set up an impromptu unemployment center in the Capitol Education Center next to the Governor’s mansion. The news quickly spread on Facebook groups for the unemployed, where people share secrets on how to actually talk to someone from the unemployment office.

    Amber Downs, 26, of Lebanon, arrived around 2:30 p.m. and was directed to go find a group of state employees where she could put down her name and hope for a phone call. She said she had no idea about the state’s pop-up unemployment office until today.

    “It was like it was a secret,” Downs said.


  39. debra.b says:

    Via Last American Vagabond

    “An Advisor For ID2020 Has Resigned In Protest & Is Now Speaking Out, Confirming Our Worst Fears“ https://www.bitchute.com/video/cFtH20DKFIQ/

    Gootube link in case needed…

    • Steve Smith says:

      “ So, I was curious about whether it has any informational value?”

      About the Penthouse article. Would sure be interesting to read it.
      Is there anything you find extraordinary about it?

      • debra.b says:

        Hi Steve,
        Was just about to reply to I Shot Santa above. I researched the author, who seemed to have a somewhat controversial back and forth with the CIA. He also authored some books. I’d say some strong language is used regarding the NSA. This article is lengthy to say the least. I’m likely no good at choosing the best bits, but I’ll try.

        “The National Security Agency—a monster of supermodern technology and seemingly inexhaustible resources—is the largest. most important, most expensive, and most secret member of America’s “intelligence community.” It is also the most untouchable: thus far it has been virtually free to do as it pleases.

        The NSA, which is run by the Pentagon, costs over $10 billion a year and employs some 120,000 persons around the world. It engages in everything from cryptology and the surveillance of Soviet military and nuclear deployment—activities that are vital to our national security—to encouraging illegal burglaries and practicing domestic political spying. And such objectionable foreign practices as Turkish opium production and South African apartheid have been treated gently by our government because of NSA requirements for intelligence installations in those countries.”

        “Because of the NSA’s growing proclivity toward various forms of domestic espionage—such as its extensive monitoring of private international telephone, cable, and telex traffic—the civil rights of Americans are also jeopardized. As far back as 1967, the Army Security Agency (ASA), an arm of the NSA, was engaged in electronic snooping against antiwar and other dissident groups under the Pentagon’s secret GARDEN PLOT plan for the military control of civil disturbances. GARDEN PLOT has been the master plan for containing civil disturbances throughout the U.S. It would be fully activated if the president, in a national emergency, declared martial law in the country.”

        (More about “GARDEN PLOT” in the article.)

        “ The Rockefeller Commission’s report in June on illegal CIA domestic operations made no direct reference to the NSA or the ASA. It simply said that the CIA had received “international communications” reports from another agency. Parallel investigations of the intelligence community by special Senate and House committees thus far have also exempted the NSA from intensive scrutiny. These exemptions cover the NSA’s basic technological intelligence activities, along with its domestic political operations, for the simple reason that a special law passed by Congress in 1959 provides that there shall be no legal requirement “for the disclosure of the organization or any function of the NSA, of any information with respect to the activities thereof, or of the names, titles, salaries, or number of the persons employed by such agency.” “Another law makes it a criminal offense to disclose or publish the NSA’s secrets.”

        It goes on to say NSA was born in secrecy in 1952 by President Truman. Describes NSA as being “the hub of SIGNET” (Signal Intelligence), outlines “specialized military agencies” and “subordinate” operations within NSA, agreements with NATO countries and describes various NSA missions and developing technologies over the years, up until 1975 anyway.

        • debra.b says:

          P.S. I’d type it all out if it weren’t several pages in length. Unfortunately, I’ve no other means with which to provide it. I even searched wayback machine for it and nothing. 1975 was years after my Dad returned from Vietnam. I was 5 years old. I feel like he must have saved this article for some reason. Or, I could be wrong and he simply never threw it away.

      • debra.b says:

        Hi Steve,
        I posted a reply to you earlier, but it’s awaiting moderation. Just wanted you to know I didn’t overlook your reply/question.

  40. Fupi says:

    I received the polio vaccine as a child some 60 plus years ago and immediately contracted polio and meningitis, resulting in a 3-month stay at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Nairobi during which time is was not even conscious of my surroundings. I also remember the Tetanus scandal here, and that was very real.
    France and his son would do well to watch the documentary “Vaxxed” (available on BitChute) of the visual case studies of babies and young children regressed into an autistic state immediately following the MMR vaccine. Similarly, the horrific life long damage and trauma caused to teenagers resulting from the Gardacil (HPV) vaccine portrayed in “Vaxxed II” (currently a for rent video).
    The so-called anti vaxxers are just asking the questions: are these vaccines safe? Has there been a double blind testing done using placebos? The answer dear France Jr. And Sr. Is a deafening No. Factcheck, and similar sites, are purely there for damage control and produce no real evidence of anything.

  41. Jed says:

    Fact Checkers

    Who Pays fees to Fact Checkers,
    shouldn’t the truth be free?
    Facts like laws of nature
    are impervious to fees.
    Facts once changed change into
    lies, fibs, deceits and flaws.
    A fact’s a fact and couldn’t care
    less about a Fact Checkers’ cause.
    Where would you even look for one?
    The rest-stop, or a bar?
    I thought I saw one Fact Checking in the back seat of a car.
    I’m not saying Facts shouldn’t be checked, even with someone else.
    I almost broke my neck once, tried checking my facts myself.
    Facts that need proclaiming are often misconstrued,
    that’s why you’ll get no facts from me, I call it point of view.

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