FLASHBACK: Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffin on Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (2010)

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FROM 2010: Michael Murphy of Truth Media Productions and G. Edward Griffin of Freedom Force International join us to talk about their forthcoming documentary "What in the World Are They Spraying?" about the Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering campaign taking place in our skies.


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  1. nosoapradio says:

    I’ve had some really epic moments trying to get people to see chemtrails. Even when I adopted my straight-laced school teacher tone and called it Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and spoke about the 1990 Welsbach seeding patent there was just general wry amusement but no go.

    I mean gorgeous sunny days at the park with all the mothers together, all our kids playing together after school while literally 10 airplanes are spraying grids into the deep blue sky above coming from all directions at once. I had their attention for about 30 seconds of faint giggling and eyebrow-lifting and case closed, onto more important matters such as the impressive range of e-cigarette flavours suddenly available.

    Once I was in a very remote area of France, a tiny village in the hills, rehearsing a show for a week and as we were all out smoking (old fashioned) cigarettes during a break the most spectacular grids were being belched into the heavens with countless planes, and just like in a bad dream, I was showing the whole team, 8 people, asking them where they thought the nearest airport was…at least actors are actually witty as they turn you into a laughing stock.

    When I showed my family that the tree in front of our window was glistening, completely filled with a bizarre cottony fibrous web as planes were ploughing the early morning sky, deep sighs, rolled eyes. I still have a photo.

    I would be chatting with a university student in the tram and steer the conversation towards the webs forming in the sky, lifting my voice somewhat so as to be heard more generally…

    the stigmatization is so blitzkrieg, so automatic, so powerfully insistant that I started realizing how self-policed, self-censored people and groups of people, populations are. Not even politically active university students were interested nevermind indignant.

    Horrors, of course, don’t need to be hidden when no one, but no one wants to see them. If it were a secret plot they wouldn’t be doing it in plain site, now would they? duhhh!

    The experience of people’s attitude towards the largely imposed experimental gene therapy aka “Covid vaccinations” is similar but worse. It’s impossible to insist on the probable hazardous nature of the “jabs” with people who’ve taken them as you don’t want to freak them out.

    As mentioned in the interview, scarier than the injection itself, are the implications. So the challenge is to present a terrifying truth in some… palatable way… How to do that?

    And, coincidentally, Dane Wiggington was interviewed by Ryan Cristian of TLAV today and one thing he said that I actually agreed with was that if people can not see the spectacular checkerboards in the sky, it’s impossible to force them.

    Injections. via airplanes, syringes, microchip guns, powerful psychological suggestion…

    Transhumanism is a multi-orifice injection.

    • Gavinm says:


      I can relate to your experiences attempting to ‘show your tribe members the large boats on the horizon’ 😉

      I am going to post a comment below with some pics linked (I am uploading to archive-dot-org now) where it was a particularly bad day of spraying. I pointed out the squadron of planes (that were at times flying in parallel to one another, evenly spaced) and asked what my coworkers thought. They said “looks like a lot of people are flying somewhere today”. I restrained myself from reacting to their illogical responses and asked “but why are the planes flying in a grid pattern, and why is the grid pattern not oriented towards where large airports are located in nearby cities?”. They became silent, gave me a weird look, shook their heads at me and avoided me for the rest of the day. The programming (and “self-policing/self-censoring” as you say) is indeed profound and deeply ingrained.

      I appreciate you pointing out the parallels to people’s similar response to the rollout of the bioweapon injections as that was something that really caught me off guard (having so many in my circles and family that were typically skeptical of authoritarian “solutions” and big pharma jump right in line with the “new normal” propaganda).

      Have you seen the newly released interview segment with CJ Hopkins and Catherine Austin Fitts titled “We Need to Talk About Mr. Global (Part 3)”? They discuss some of their ideas about why so many seemingly intelligent and typically critically thinking people were able to be swiftly subdued by the blitzkrieg of propaganda. Here is a link to the interview: https://www.oval.media/en/0423c4c7-a7b0-4d82-80c2-26ff61c107c8/

      Thanks for another one of your thought provoking (and relatable) comments.

      • nosoapradio says:

        I experienced a couple of very suave and comforting waves of gratitude listening to Hopkins and CAF…

        So, they would confirm, people want to live in a Disney movie of masked medical martyrs and DAMN! come to think of it, people tearfully clapping at balconies? as if they were in a huge Italian theater, applauding the superb performance of frontline and center stage medical staff!! Clapping the staged reality into existence…

        masks and theater, hand gel make-up and choreographies of dancing nurses and social distancing in a We Are the World tour of the Covid Kubuki reality show. A stunning real-life performance of Wag the Dog, with its coffins, oo-wa-oo-wa sirens, 303 leapord-skin face diapers and Courage Mom!

        ending in heart attacks beside the pool…

        • Gavinm says:

          I experienced similar while listening, I especially appreciated CJ Hopkins anecdote about his “anti-imperialist” friends that fell in line with the “new normal” and gave him the reason of “Science is too complicated.. so I have to trust the ‘experts’ “. That is something I got a lot from people close to me that I never would have guessed would fall for the whole “apocalyptic plague” theater production.

          It is an attitude I am sometimes surprised to see expressed by people (in various ways and on certain topics) in the comments section of this website as well.

          I believe he is right about the purpose of the masks too, they were/are not only a symbol of obedience (and allegiance to a new regime) but also served the centrally important role as a ‘stage prop’ (making the theater production pervasively acted out and more believable to ‘the audience’).

          You describe the impressive and disturbing theater production well.

          Another great interview I watched recently that speaks to the psychological mechanisms and social dynamics that lead to people falling in line with nonsensical and psychotic narratives is with Vera Sharav (a holocaust survivor) called “Never Again Is Now”: https://www.bitchute.com/video/sb22tVr1OHvz/

          It less funny but quite illuminating. I admire Vera’s fierce cognizance, clarity of mind and unflinching honesty.

      • openlens says:

        Thanks for that link.
        Yeah, it’s been hell, frankly.
        But I have to recall that the first person to mention the chemtrails to me, in 2000 or early 2001 was met with a virulent “I can’t deal with anymore than the damned chemicals sprayed everywhere on the ground that I’m always having to get away from!”
        Indeed. Next time someone brought them to my attention, I listened, and observed, and well….not only my eyes but my body told me it wasn’t okay.
        I’ve come to feel that society functions on traded lies and denials.

        • Gavinm says:


          That is interesting, thanks for sharing your experiences.

          I remember the first time I heard the term “chemtrails” and it was around that same timeframe (early 2000-s). I was working as a stone mason apprentice in Whistler, BC. One of the laborers pointed at the sky (towards a grid of expanding milky particulates that was laid down by a number of planes) and told me that they were chemtrails and how he thinks they (the government) was dumping poison on people (aluminum particles) to control the population. I discounted him as a tinfoil hat person and told him that he was crazy (as at the time I was totally conditioned by my upbringing, mainstream education, and the propaganda I was ingesting in the mass media). It took years before I was confronted with the reality of the spraying programs in a way that forced me to accept it. I wish I could find that guy and apologize to him for dismissing his warning out of hand. Lies and denials indeed.

          I suppose the benefit of looking back on that experience (and others like it where I used to make fun of people that told me they witnessed “ufo-s” etc) is that it reminds me that there are limits to my capacity for perceiving and disseminating truth in any given moment, as I am only human, and biases, subconscious mental blocks and/or fear may sometimes prevent me seeing and accepting what is, clearly, and being able to clearly and accurately share what is, with others.

          Thus, I now strive to look inward to see where those biases, subconscious mental blocks and fears dwell so I can transcend some of those limitations, and the scope of empowering truths I am able to perceive (and share) can continue to widen so I can be of greater service to our human family, but I acknowledge that there will be instances where I get things wrong and there are things that I currently perceive as fact, which may be slightly skewed and my understanding needing to be improved on.

    • Gavinm says:

      Perhaps there are some psychological drivers and parallels between “Nuclear denial” and those that explain away and going into various states of denial regarding the weather modification and various stratospheric aerosol injection operations worth exploring. For example, I came across a clearly intelligent young lady (appeared to be 20-something) on substack a while back that told me she thought there were no such things as nuclear bombs, she admitted to me that the thought was too horrifying to entertain, but then also proceeded to provide a bunch of flimsy claims about nuclear fallout hoaxing etc.

      Perhaps this phenomenon of a large scale operation that involves spraying known toxic (and unknown substances) on us from planes is something that similarly makes people recoil in their feeling powerless and horrified.. and so they latch onto denial, avoiding and explaining away, looking down to avoid facing that such a horrific thing is taking place?

      Another parallel I see between covidian cultists (and self-described fence sitters that get maybe one or two injections but don’t go all out double mask/quadruple death jab) and people that are in denial about the spraying programs is how they claim they are unable to discern what is true and what is not because ‘the experts know better than them’ and so ‘they must trust the expert that find and present evidence’. I see some of those vibes in that exchange you are having with Paul below. By the way that is another specific psychological phenomenon that is touched on in that interview I linked above.

      Perhaps we should flesh out where the line between humility and outsourcing our own ability to gather evidence and discern truth to the “experts” actually lies. The gray area between seems to be a foggy place where many are wondering around aimlessly right now.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Thanks for the interview link, I’ll take a look between classes today or this evening.

        It can all seem quite discouragingly sinister at times, and it has been quite isolating, but I’ve often thought the world is infinitely more interesting than it seemed before I “woke up”.

        And what did I inadvertantly take a picture of in February of 2021?

        It’s unsettling and fascinating what we can see if we just start looking.

        Like in that movie the Big Short: “they did what nobody else had bothered to do: They looked”. (something like that)

        Anyhow, gotta dive into the hamsterwheel now.

      • openlens says:

        Three years ago, on the big island, one young man asked how I was that morning, and I replied that my head was not happy with the microwave agenda which I can hear clearly inside and out…and his response was: “Oh, the scientists say that’s our brain cells chirping. ”
        My mouth fell open, I looked at him incredulously, and said “Thirty years ago, our brain cells weren’t chirping. Silence was silence. ”
        He judged me stupid. I’m sure.

    • Octium says:

      I don’t even bother trying to convince the average sheeple about aerial spraying, I’ve tried to get people who are supposedly interested in chemical trails and such to put a little towards building a spectroscope (combined with a telescope/sun filters etc) that would actually catch the sprayers in action and identify what it is they are spraying but have received no interest.

      White stuff in the sky? Well there’s no difference between sugar and cocaine until it’s actually tested


      People seem to more interested in making their meat vibrate than actually coming up with solutions!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      I just love reading about these different interactions which people have had. The movie scene plays out in my mind.

      At the end of 2008, I needed some help to move my stuff from a second floor apartment in near east Texas back to the house in the north Dallas area.
      So, in the pre-dawn there in northern Dallas, I drove the U-Haul Truck to a local “Day Labor” hangout, which is a patch of earth where 50 to 80 guys would wait and negotiate rates for daily work as contractors drive up.
      I grabbed two fellows and we headed for east Texas as the sun broke the horizon and led the way east.

      While driving, I noticed the beginning of the chemtrail spraying against a crisp blue sky. With all three of us on the bench seat of the truck, I had a captive audience. I pointed to the spraying and started explaining chemtrails and how they expand. I told them, “Wait until later today. The sky will be like a hazy cloud.” They were intently interested. We watched the phenomena unfold, both on the trip there and back.

      I did chemtrail research in that town.

  2. gpru says:

    [SNIP – No bare links in the comments section, please. Please re-post the links with titles and explanations of why people should be clicking on them. -JC]

  3. Gavinm says:

    Here are some pictures I captured the other day where we live here in Southern Ontario which shows some blatant and grotesque examples of large scale weather modification (via stratospheric aerosol injection).

    https://archive.org/details/6.jpgsef (the sequence of images starts right before the break of dawn where they were already starting to spray, progressing through the day until the whole sky was as James described “a gray pea soupy mess”)

    They spray that stuff pretty regularly here, but the day I took these pictures (linked above) was really in a league of its own. As I headed out for work I looked up and noticed they had started before the break of dawn (laying down a large grid pattern,). Then as dawn approached they had about 20 planes flying in parallel grid formation (horizon to horizon) they turned a clear sky a disgusting sick gray color in a matter of about 45 minutes. Continuous grids patterns were laid down one over top of the other for hours, completely obscuring the blue sky in a faded toxic cloud of particulates.

    What amazes me is that when people happen to look up and see this stuff, they somehow think that what they are witnessing are commercial aircraft leaving “contrials”. The trajectory of these large squadrons of aircraft (not moving towards large airports from one city to another, but rather in a large grid pattern that often has no correlation to the position of airports, and rather seems more to be aligned based on the prevailing wind and/or approaching storm systems).

    Each day around the world, weather systems are being modified. Utilizing a range of technologies, climate engineering corporations and foundations, modify natural weather to create systems to suit their purposes. These modifications disrupt natural weather and weather processes upsetting regional patterns. Geoengineering technologies which range from chemical/metal/biologic and various aerosol agents, to microwave/transmitter and satellite sciences are further impacting ecosystem health by impacting everything from the ozone to microbes and every living thing in between.

    (continued in another comment below..)

  4. Paul says:

    The issue I’ve had with the geoengineering claims is I have not discovered someone who has investigated the activities, directly.

    Given the claims of global scale polluting, it should be possible to discover where a plane takes off and where it lands, documenting the equipment on the same plane, the facility to reload and maintain the plane, the supply chain deliveries to the facility, etc.

    I don’t have a moving goalpost argument here, but I do have evidentiary standards which I do not feel have been met.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Ok, fair enough.

      But then, what do you say you’re looking at when you see all the planes and the grids?

      • Paul says:

        I say, “I have not discovered someone who, using reasonable evidentiary standards, can demonstrate that what is occurring up there is related to various geoengineering claims.”

        • nosoapradio says:

          So I gathered. So what do you conclude? Ok, you have no reason to believe it’s geoengineering (even if there are patents and suggestions to go up there and do just that)

          so, how do you explain to yourself that at one point planes started leaving trails in the sky? Due to changes in… fuel? or Stratospheric conditions?

          How do you explain the fact of several planes all leaving trails in criss-cross grids?

          Of trails going on and off at even or uneven intervals?

          Of planes occasionally looping back, leaving parallel trails to the ones they’d already created?

          Is it a phenomenon that you’ve taken time to really observe?

          What caused trails to appear in the sky when they didn’t used to be there before? I was living in a penthouse apartment located near not one, but two major international airports and I can tell you, planes did not make lasting trails over NYC as long as I was living there and certainly not checkerboards. On rare occasions hearts with arrows would appear and of course there was often heavy smog but no “contrails” dissipating for hours in the sky.

          I’m genuinely curious how you explain what you see when the grids are there.

          • Paul says:

            I conclude that I am able to explain almost nothing in the physically existent universe and that whatever is going on up there in the sky is among those things I cannot explain.

            • nosoapradio says:

              Ok, well it’s well past midnight and my eye-lids are falling shut but I wanted to thank you Paul for your candid reply.

              “I guess we’ll never know” is a common reaction I get when attempting to broach 9/11 for example…

              I’m not really a technical person (though, as I recall, there are such folks who’ve tracked planes and examined plane fuel tanks)

              so, what fascinates me is more people’s psychological reactions to phenomena: how they react to my questioning the supposed AGW “climate consensus”, or how they react to 9/11 or questioning the lockdown of entire populations of healthy people (and also nearly forced mass vaccination with experimental tech) and also to the evocation of chemtrails.

              And the reaction I get from people to chemtrails seems to be pretty much identical to the ones I get with regards to 9/11 and questioning the alleged climate consensus.

              I’m not a climate or controlled demolition or aeronautics scientist but I recognize bullying, smear campaigns, fear and censorship when I see it.

              And I suspect, with some arrogance and considerable apprehension, that such visceral and vehemently institutionalized rejections might well betray an urgent reflex of protective denial. Can’t say for sure, but it’s another one of those things that seem obvious to me.

              But, anyhow, it’s late and I can literally no longer see straight so I’ll bid you goodnight.

              • Paul says:

                I did not state “I guess we’ll never know” and pretty much everything you stated above has nothing to do with my stated position on evidence issues related to claims of geoengineering.

              • nosoapradio says:

                No, no discussion of evidence issues above, Paul. Everything in my last comment is still another reflection of my own interrogations and experiences whose bitter aftertaste seems to have tinted your

                I am able to explain almost nothing in the physically existent universe

                with a fatalism that you did not intend but which, in the absence of any other clarification except

                “and that whatever is going on up there in the sky is among those things I cannot explain.”

                sounded a lot like the shoulder-shrugging

                “I guess we’ll never know”

                that I hear all too often in response to stigmatized subjects.

                I would like to stipulate that I have no rigid convictions as to WHAT substance exactly is creating the grids, streaks and haze in the sky (though zyxzevn offered some answers to a couple of my questions further above as also addressed by the illustrious Tim Ball in his WUWT article linked below, entitled Chemtrails or Contrails? Another Alarmist Issue Without Scientific Context which, among other things, does not satisfactorily address the strange flight patterns exhibited by squadrons of diligently streak-sketching aircraft.

                Obviously, I can’t say for sure whether they’re spewing chemicals, viruses, nanoparticles, some other unheard of exotic substance, none or all of the above, or are merely an otherwise harmless distraction from other more dire concerns? One can imagine anything, the sky’s the limit! Geo-engineering or psyop red-herring? Hard to determine through the thick smoke of stigmatization that impedes discussion and clarification.

                I know that there are people who have what they consider to be hard evidence of geo-engineering and have made documentaries and websites (a few of which others on this comments board have linked to) that at one point years ago I looked at in an effort to explain what definitely doesn’t require corroboration in my own mind: namely that the skies are quite decidedly different than before, filled as they are, with planes either methodically weaving hazy webs into the blue or impaling crowds of clouds with their saw-toothed streaks as if to disperse and absorb any and all moisture that might have fallen to the earth as a gentle rain.

                So, is there a dearth of information and evidence despite the considerable work that’s been done on the subject over the years?

                Or as is the case with other recent paradigm-changing phenomena including 9/11, climate change, drastic covid measures and injections, has ample evidence simply been copiously clouded and obscured?

                …scrutinizing iridescent trails of haze in the sky like so many rorschach inkblots revealing our world view…

            • openlens says:

              Plausible deniability.

        • G. Jingping says:

          I share some of your concerns, Paul, but from a slightly different angle. I would like to see more data concerning the aircraft themselves. With a computer program like Flight Tracker could we put some kind of identification to specific aircraft that seem to have abnormally long contrails? Even military aircraft have to file flight plans and are traceable under normal conditions. An aircraft in positively controlled airspace without a flight plan we could ID would be suspicious. Also, I wonder about the mode of delivery itself. Would it have to be some sort of liquid tank that metered a spray into the atmosphere? Or, could it be something more solid state and thus less traceable, like an metal engine exhaust component that, under the high temperature of cruise thrust, caused a chemical burn off leaving the chemical trails in question . Such a component would look like any other engine nacelle part, and the installation of this would be controlled by defense industry companies like Boeing and Pratt and Whitney.

    • openlens says:

      Many persons have had it tested, and I assume Dane has many entries of such, as well as the Calif Dept of Agriculture. An official from such gave testimony to the UN and others.
      I was told of one friend of an acquaintance, who wouldn’t credit the info. So he was challenged to have the dust from his car…we could see it on the cars, on the plants, shining like metal… tested at a private lab. He brought in a sample, and claimed it was from a warehouse he kept, and needed to know if it was safe.
      The results were that he was warned this place was very unsafe for human health. I’m sure he has the results.
      I also net another man last year in a campground who told me he had photos of two military planes laying down live flares in the forest near the Illinois River , the very day the Kalmiopsis Fire began. But in all these years, I was only the third person he’d dared even mention this too.
      People are scared of everything. “What you don’t know won’t hurt you” they swallow like pablum. There are patents on this aerosol mix, and of course many side show experiments.

  5. Gavinm says:

    Has anyone here ever tried looking at the live flight radar feeds (such as this: https://www.radarbox.com/ or this https://www.flightradar24.com ) and then looking at the planes overhead (especially on a day with heavy grid pattern spraying) to see if they match up?

    I found it to be quite illuminating. I also found observing where the repetitively traveled high traffic corridors are (in the flight paths between large airports) to be quite helpful. That way, when I compare to what I am seeing in the sky above I can clearly observe which are the listed commercial, private and military flights (vs the non-listed private/corporate and/or covert military assets operating in the area).

    I would also be curious to hear what Paul (who commented above) has to say about this (easily accessible and observable) data point.

    • Paul says:

      These types of data rely on databases and tools that are difficult to audit, so could be used for a basic initial test to determine published claims on some particular plane when that plane does not appear in the tools. However, planes appearing on the tools cannot be considered as falsifying a claim the plane is being used to spread chemicals due to the problems of auditing the information coming from the tools.

      A more accurate but more laborious process to use is to simply coordinate with observers across a region to visibly track the path of a plane, which could be performed using basic tools.

  6. zyxzevn says:

    There is a lot of confusion in what is a contrail and what is a chem-trail.
    I often see pictures of contrails, and people think that they are chemtrails.

    What we also see is that NORMAL contrails can start the formation of clouds.

    That is because the water vapor and heat changes the air enough to
    change the cloud formation.
    This difference was noted during 9/11 when almost no planes were allowed
    to fly.

    There is also a difference between older planes and modern planes
    The modern planes have been flying with different engines. They
    consume and expel more air, using a turbine in front of the engine.
    This is to reduce the fuel use.
    These planes can also fly on higher altitudes. At higher altitudes
    there is less resistance, and this gives less fuel consumption.

    Due to the higher altitudes there is more crystallization of the water
    vapor that comes out of the airplane. The water freezes.
    These trails stay much longer in the air.

    That is why there is a difference between older times and new times.
    And that is why we have seen less influence of these conttrails in older times.

    Older engines planes also pollute more, because they use more fuel.
    They give more NO2 and such. Some planes produced so much that you
    could see the brown vapor.
    Is aluminum just pollution from the airplanes and many other modern
    structures that are made of aluminum? Many pipes are made of aluminum too.
    like water-pipes and exhausts.

    Aluminum is weather resistant, because it has an oxide layer.
    But that layer also erodes slowly. The erosion is faster when there
    is some acidity in the air, or when the air is hot.

    So if you want to build evidence, you should first remove everything
    that can be explained so easily.

    In the pilot and airplane community there is also no knowledge of any
    of real spraying. And it is regarded more as a conspiracy joke.

    • zyxzevn says:

      About the weather:

      It is very simple.
      (besides polluition)
      Our current weather is mainly caused by the fluctuations of the sun.
      The sun is the major source of energy on all weather systems,
      and the fluctuations are caused by huge differences in the solar winds.
      This is called “solar particle forcing” and can give weather changes
      in the whole solar system.
      The sun also influences that flow of the jet-streams, and this is what
      causes the short-term weather.
      On the northern hemisphere:
      If the jet-stream comes from the north, it gets cold (like in Buffalo today).
      If the jet-stream comes from the south, it gets hot.
      The jetstream itself appears to be powered by the solar wind.

      The solar outbursts also cause extreme weathers,
      and one can often trace lightning following the pattern
      of outbursts.

      The conspiracy of ignoring the sun is caused by 100 years
      of the bad science of astronomy.
      But has been enhanced by the climate-scare propaganda.

      Near future weather may change a lot, because
      the magnetic field is weakening a lot.

    • zyxzevn says:

      And if it would be wide-spread they must be messing with the fuel,
      behinds everyone’s back. So if you think that is the cause,
      you should check that much more than the planes themselves.

      If it is not so wide-spread, but targeted,
      you can check what planes are flying where.
      With websites like flight24 you can track each plane. So you can see
      which plane is a passenger. And which are “secret”.
      There are also a lot of airplane spotters that can help.
      You can register these planes and see what weather conditions may be
      changing with them.
      Be careful not to mix-up planes that are monitoring weather (hutticane-research),
      or planes that are using clear skies for photographs.

      If there are doing experiments, as we see from leaked info,
      there are probably military trying out different airosols and such.
      We can even track these airplanes and what they do exactly.
      I also noticed that plans to do this, are mixed up with the military
      actually doing this. Which makes the “evidence” weaker.

      So for good evidence, you need to make a good case.
      And trace it back to this and that airplane,
      which must be traced back to what it carried in fuel and such.

      • G. Jingping says:

        I share your skepticism on this subject, but I’m not saying it couldn’t be true. I remember decades ago the subject of “cloud seeding” was talked about as a way to change the weather, if only in dire circumstances. Now authorities act coy on the subject. In any case, a fuel additive would be an excellent way to surreptitiously use commercial flights for targeted activities. Planes are serviced by various crews on busy commercial ramps, and as long as you had the right ID badge, no one would interfere with a “fuel” truck. Assuming no change in engine performance or range, no one would be the wiser. You could easily target given areas by utilizing scheduled flights.

    • Paul says:

      I don’t find the professional community a useful tool in this evaluation. For example, doctors assigned the conspiracy theorist label to people who do not trust vaccines or question western medicine, to the point of ostracizing an entire scientific-based approach to health as applied by Naturopaths.

  7. buz says:

    James,thanks, a really interesting re-broadcast of climate change status back the earlier days. In the U.S. then, there were many players and outrage about the chemtrails over the land. I remember knowing that because nobody in politics or gov’t would step up and address the issues, way more than you would expect things were done at the public level by non-professionals. They instantly became the “experts” in this. And because they were laymen that they were not attacked as quickly as you would expect by gov’t operations. When the “bosses” realized how much the public had learned, and broadcasted, there was an immediate gov’t response. The word chemtrail was demonized by their allegation that chemtrail is a conspiracy theorists’ word and therefore there was no such thing. This as usual, backfired, when the first time anyone could find the use of the word chemtrail was in a navy document explaining what they were. It was used to train navy personnel, so they would know that some contrails were chemtrails, put in the sky by our planes. I don’t remember who announced this find first, but I believe it might have been Deborah Tavares. The beat goes on….

  8. jcal says:

    I actually saw Dane Wigington in one of the videos, but no mention of this man who’s done and continues to do incredible work on this subject.


  9. jdl says:

    Found some evidence courtesy of the International Chemtrail Association’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/internationalchemtrailassociation.

    The USDA is sprinkling fish-flavored vaccines from the sky to fight rabies

  10. sgasco says:

    Funny that I just took several photos yesterday afternoon of clear skies on a beautiful Fall day interrupted by numerous planes and chemtrails being left in a systematic pattern of precisely spaced parallel lines. And coincidentally, a hazy and grey cloud bank just happened to roll in wherever the planes’ lines were fading. After that, to my utter helplessness and seeming aloneness in my observations, it was an overcast and grey sky that immediately set in for the remainder of the day.


  11. lekp says:

    I moved back to my hometown in SE Washington (a desert area) in 2004 after raising my son in Hawaii. I lived on a rise overlooking the river and the city on the other side of it. There was very often some sort of haze over the houses that I’d never seen in the prior 35 years that I’d lived there. There was no new belching industry, no wind so it wasn’t a dust storm, and looking around I could see there weren’t any brush fires burning. ?
    A few years later I found Dr. Stan Monteith on the radio ? and the rest is history. I do believe there was also a man that used to be a guest on Radio Liberty that lived “in the sunny climes of Japan”. ?

  12. phalaen says:

    so “what in the world” happened to Michael Murphy anyway? some years ago, after the What and the Why films came out, i was following him on social media, and one day he posted a bizarre post, desparately begging for help. did anyone else see that? i didn’t know if his work got him on a hit list or his account was hacked or what. after, it seemed he disappared. after seeing JC’s post, i searched today and found that Murphy was found dead in 2020, about 5 years after revealing he would be releasing a third film addressing the Who question. some other info came up citing addiction and mental health, you know, the sort of explanatory info that surfaces after the death of an inconveient person.

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    November 20, 2022 – The Last American Vagabond – Ryan Cristián
    Dane Wigington Interview – Geoengineering & Climate Change: Gambling With The Human Species
    (74 minutes)
    [“The Dimming” documentary by Dane Wiginton is referred to.]

    Joining me today is Dane Wigington, founder & editor of Geoengineering Watch, here to discuss one of the most obvious lies of the past century, and that is the coverup of the use of geoengineering to alter the weather and our environment. Despite being a publicly admitted effort today, this is still regarded as science fiction or “conspiracy theory” in mainstream circles. Dane and I will also discuss this program’s now obvious overlap with the climate change manipulation, and how both are being used to achieve ends that could put the entire human species at risk, not to mention the potentially catastrophic effects of the actions themselves. 

  14. openlens says:

    They’ve been setting the sky on fire with their “ionosphere heaters”, and are hell bent to cool it back to “normal” for as long as possible, keeping those nighttime lows in the correct range, all that “mitigation” stuff. Chemical ice nucleation is an old technique, dry ice and all that.

    Why so hard to swallow the truth, and so easy to swallow lies? Perhaps having been fed lies as truth, makes the truth seem a lie.

  15. Gavinm says:

    Has anyone here read “Geoengineered Transhumanism: How the Environment Has Been Weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetics, & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology” (published Oct. 20 2021)
    by Elana Freeland ?

    If so, could you offer a brief review? Thanks.

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