Droughts, Cloud Seeding and The Coming Water Wars

08/22/202279 Comments

Here's a puzzler for you: why is it that every time the MSM reports on cloud seeding, they treat it like some kind of crazy new invention that the world has never seen before?

For the latest example of this phenomenon, check out China is seeding clouds to replenish its shrinking Yangtze River, which was posted to that bastion of truth, CNN.com, on August 18th. In this Pulitzer-worthy piece, it takes a crack squad of no less than three reporters to tell us that "Chinese planes are firing rods into the sky to bring more rainfall to its crucial Yangtze River, which has dried up in parts."

Well, I never! What will they think of next, Mabel?!

Of course, only a few paragraphs later they admit that this isn't some newfangled, cutting-edge technology, but a very old idea that's been in practice for nearly a century. So why, then, do they insist on reporting on cloud seeding as if weather modification has never been used before?

Does it have anything to do with the fact that it isn't just the Yangtze River that's drying up, but key waterways in regions around the world? And what does it mean when millions upon millions of people are all facing water shortages at the same time?

Let's find out, shall we?

This week in The Corbett Report Subscriber James breaks out the crystal ball and scries the tea leaves to determine where the water shortage narrative is heading. After the editorial, make sure to stick around for recommended reading, viewing and listening and the much-sought-after, oft-overlooked subscriber discount for the New World Next Week store.

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  1. fixitguy says:

    How ironic, you sent the subscriber email about article 20 minutes after the heaviest rainfall I have ever seen/heard (I am 58) started to fall here in Whitby Ontario. I was awoken by the rain, so as I listen to it pour (can’t sleep the rain on roof is so loud), I read your article! (it’s 12:44 am here)

    • Gavinm says:

      Yes that was pretty heavy rain, intense lightning where we are at near Point Pelee too, several strikes shook our whole house.

      Perhaps our proximity to the great lakes negates their ability to attempt to dissipate/redirect precipitation patterns due to the huge amount evaporation coming off the lake(s) creating unpredictable isolated systems?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Same here in North Texas…
      Sunday night August 21 we finally got substantial rain after months of very high heat and no rain.

      I know this river… It should be a torrent now…
      Huge dinosaur tracks uncovered as river dries in drought-stricken Texas, video shows

    • vadoum says:

      “(can’t sleep the rain on roof is so loud),”

      less than 6 months ago it rained heavy here in central east coast oz. It had rained on and off, but the majority of the time over 4 months. the ground was saturated. at the end of that drenched summer, it rained for a week (about a foot of water fell), but on the sunday-monday 7th day, 3ft+ fell in 24hrs! that would have been 30 ft of snow in a day.. I thought buffalo NY was the only place that could dump that heavy (where cars get buried on the highway,,)

      I concur, the rain sounded heavier than anything Ive known. The literal weight of each drop (mega-drops?), was well amplified by the corrugated steel roof; the volume coming through our roof is a familiar gauge of the intensity of rain, but this was next level noah nonsense. we heard it. The next day the skies cleared and revealed landslips and clogged drainage that had blocked or disappeared roads, broken power lines, eaten tens of thousands of houses; dead livestock littered the beaches..

      Its 5+ months later and people are still recovering, from the night when many roads, houses, and even bodies were sluiced down the gurgler. while we tried to sleep.

      you point to those who claim to seed rain, but give no mention of what may be an engineered cause of drought? I have theories, but I wonder what you’ve found, if anything, on that point?

      you also

      • vadoum says:

        “Quantum of Solace” (007) was perhaps the signaling of intent: water being stolen from the local (bolivian high land desert), which isnt too far from whats happening there today.

    • hamirand says:

      Same sudden downpours in East Texas pineywoods today. My take is that between the drought, flooding, and freezing, the entire landscape is being changed. Huge old trees just fall over uprooted in the sodden ground. They die in freezes. They die in droughts. Not only that, makes it near impossible to grow our own food, keeping us dependent on what we can get from the grocery stores that haven’t gone under in the controlled demo. Power outages can not only take out our refrigerated / frozen stores, but in extreme hot or cold temps, not only livestock, but human lives. Also, BEES cant harvest nectar that has been washed away by heavy rains, or isn’t produced in drought, which means less pollenation for our produce. Wildlife can find less to eat,less water, and with the loss of their shelter (trees), are more vulnerable to predators, which thereby decreases human food sources (deer, rabbit, squirrel, etc…) I could go on and on. But we know about it and we can use our minds, bodies, and other resources available to us to not only survive but thrive despite their best efforts. I agree with Corbett; it won’t be easy, but humanity is gonna make it. Keep doing everything you can to make that happen for you and yours.

    • claude says:

      Same here in South Mexico (near Guatemala borders). Being in the rain season, rains almost very day, for 2-4 hours, with thunder loudness I never heard in Canada, never… and by rain & mean it pours down to fill up streets.

      That being said, I do not argue the Weather Ingeeniring, but I have some sceptisism in regards to its effectiveness in relation with location-geography…

      Just a taught

      • el Gallinazo says:

        I have been living in Oaxaca de Juárez and the surrounding area for 10 years. What you describe is the “wet season” and is quite normal. I also lived in Sonora State which borders Arizona and it is normal there also.

  2. TimmyTaes says:

    Dane Wigington has been documenting geo-engineering for years. The state is killing us.

    • Gavinm says:

      Yes, his work has provided some valuable data and insights.

      Are you familiar with the Ex-military whistle blower named Kristen Meghan?


      (She is a former Air Force Sr. Industrial Hygienist/Environmental Specialist. Her job was Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) was 4BOX1, Bio-environmental Engineer.)

      • TimmyTaes says:

        Gavinm: Yes, I remember Kristen. She blew the whistle on all of the chemicals being loaded up into the KC-135’s. If I remember right she worked at an Air Force base in Kansas.

    • jcal says:

      YES!!! I keep wondering why he’s constantly ignored by those screaming about vaccines, BS-19, 9/11, etc. Just yesterday I watched the planes spraying and covering the sky over central Oregon till the sun was completely blocked by the engineered “clouds”. It was from Dane and his site and curiously an event he put on in Redding premiering “Vaxxed”, yet Del Bigtreee has never said a word. Maybe their all just staying in their comfort zones and not introducing other issues of huge concern? I don’t know.

      • TimmyTaes says:

        jcal: Here in Sonoma County, CA we had a lot of aerial spraying in the spring, but since about July 1st the skies have been clear and a very deep blue. No fire smoke so far this summer either for the first time in 7 years. Have no idea why suddenly NoCal is being spared.
        Sorry you are getting the shite up in Oregon. I have friends in Baker City. I should ask them what their skies look like.

    • el Gallinazo says:

      Yes, Wigington has done good work on chemtrails (though he hates that word and prefers geoengineering. I however prefer to use chemtrails. Much less abstract.) We have them frequently over where I live in Oaxaca, Mexico, and I thank them for dropping all that nano aluminum, barium, and strontium oxide goodies on me and my gardens. However, chemtrails are only half the story. They need the dozens of HAARP arrays around the planet to control the weather in conjunction with the chemtrails. By heating various centers of high and low pressure they can control the direction in which they move. During the last CA drought they were blocking the rain over the Pacific. They can steer a hurricane like a Tesla, though unlike a Tesla they don’t spontaneously ignite. The best total work on it is the newly published book


      but it is a hard read, especially for the non-physical scientist, and may be too woo woo for some..

      PS: In case you think Putin is not part of the agenda, Russian skies are covered with chemtrails also.

  3. anzetv says:

    This article brought back memories of a video-game I had played when I was around 10 years old; a quick search online found the name of it: “Frontlines: Fuel Of War”. The game, released in 2008, was based on the idea of a near-future energy crisis — but I distinctly remember one of the themes being the competition for water access as well. The plot synopsis (from Wikipedia) is eerily similar to today:

    “By 2024, a global energy crisis and a worldwide avian influenza outbreak plague the world. As supplies of oil and natural gas wane and alternative energy like solar power, bio-fuel and nuclear energy still insufficient to replace oil completely, diplomatic relationships between the East and West are strained, causing two new alliances to be formed, the Western Coalition, an evolution of NATO, and the Red Star Alliance, an evolution of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. Red Star launches a surprise attack on the Western Coalition in retaliation to proof of the Coalition supporting a coup d’état in the oil-rich Red Star member nation Turkmenistan in 2021. As the last oil fields in the Caspian Sea start to go dry, the countries move to secure what resources are left, leading to several small outbreaks that turn quickly into full-scale war.”

    Even back then, being just a boy, the plot did seem quite realistic a guess as to what the near-future world would be like, and even nailed future warfare techniques such as the use of drones for combat like we’re seeing now in the Ukraine. The main character of the game explains in the opening sequence that “we always knew” this would happen, that a storm was coming and the people were powerless to stop it. Well bollocks to that I say, fuck the water wars of the future and fuck the mother-WEFers’ plans for world government; knowledge is power, so thank you James for bringing more light to the subject of weather manipulation.

    • scpat says:


      Interesting tidbit. The social engineers are good at starting the predictive programing ahead of time, aren’t they?

  4. nosoapradio says:

    Funny, just yesterday afternoon, for the umpteenth time in well over a decade, I was watching planes plough through clouds. It has oft been my impression that those planes carving out sky with their ever-expanding saw-tooth incisions were designed to dry up any moisture.

    And if what goes up, must come down, there’s that niggly question about aluminium and who’s developed aluminium-resistant seeds.

    • Gavinm says:

      I wonder if by saving seed from the most resilient plants in my garden for over a decade now I have been developing aluminum resistant seeds via aligning my efforts with nature’s mechanisms of gradual “genetic modification”/adaptation (due to the environmental pressure being exerted on the plants in the form of aluminum and other types of nano-metal particles being dumped in large amounts from planes in our area and my heirloom crops being forced to adapt)?

      It certainly seems plausible to me.

      Though I doubt our human biology is capable of adapting as quickly within the span of a single generation, thus knowing these materials are present in the water, air, soil (and likely in the food I eat) I take steps to eat foods and medicine plants/fungi that help with chelation.

      • nosoapradio says:

        I haven’t the slightest doubt about Nature’s astoundingly robust resiliency.
        And I’m convinced of the admirable resiliency of certain humans in their efforts to counteract the harm other humans seem determined to inflict upon them.
        And I admire those who manage, year after year, crisis after engineered crisis, to stay positive, active, supportive and decidedly constructive.

        Chelation. Sounds vaguely pornographic. I’ll definitely look into it.

        • Gavinm says:

          I share in your admiration and respect for those that strive to embody resilience and provide a means for others to heal, educate and empower themselves to be resilient as well (I feel James Corbett is one such person)

          Natural chelation is the process of removing toxic heavy metals from the body using natural means rather than man-made methods. Some heavy metals occur naturally in the body in small amounts, and are necessary to maintain good health. Others should not be present in the human body and are detrimental to human health (many of those are dumped on us in the spraying programs, added to personal hygiene products, food and of course injectable products pushed by big pharma).

          Some of the foods that can assist with natural chelation (heavy metal detox) include (but are not limited to):

          – cilantro
          – garlic
          – blueberries
          – lemon water
          – spirulina
          – chlorella
          – barley grass juice powder
          – dulse (sea weed)
          – curry
          – green tea
          – tomatoes
          – fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi (containing probiotic organisms)

          I think I have a few more foods, medicine plants and fungi that can help with chelation listed in my article on radioprotective foods on substack but the whole website is down right now (a lesson I should have air gapped backups of my writing on flash drives) so i`ll have to post those in a comment later when the website is (hopefully) back online.

          • nosoapradio says:

            Thanks for the list !

            I’m a little disappointed that red wine, butter, steak, coffee, cigarettes, fatty cheeses and red wine are not on the list…

            • HomeRemedySupply says:


            • Gavinm says:

              Your welcome 🙂

              It is worth noting that cilantro taken in conjunction with a blue green algae (like spirulina or chlorella) are among some of the most potent natural chelating foods in that list.

              After referring to my other medicine plant/fungi lists for relevant cross over effects I would also add on Maitake mushrooms, white pine needle (or spruce needle) tea, Tusli (aka “holy basil”), echinacea tea/extract and any sulfur-rich vegetables (Sulfur-rich Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, cabbage, mustard greens, arugula, Bok choy, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, collards, horseradish, kohlrabi, radishes, turnips, wasabi and watercress) to the list.

              haha, yes sadly red wine (despite being marketed as “good for you”) is rarely enjoyed in the amount that would offer antioxidant benefits (without the detriments of access sugar/alcohol pressure on key organs) and in addition to that, most wine grapes are grown using glyphosate and a number of synthetic soil inputs that contain heavy metal contamination. I worked in viticulture for many years in the Okanagan of BC, it is unfortunately now an industry that uses tons of toxic chemicals (from grape cultivation all the way up to wine making). Organic wine minimizes those harmful inputs but it is still only “good for you” if it is red wine and you have one glass max a day.

              Though if you wanted to add something onto that list that gives you a buzz and also helps with chelation, theoretically you could make a wild fermented mead with berries, pine needles and herbs which would do the trick 😉

              • nosoapradio says:

                cilantro in conjunction with spirulina or chlorella… Ok!

                and now I have a little urban courtyard where, theoretically, I could whip up some exotic chelation potions involving the fruits of some nearby forest… interesting thought that never would’ve occurred to me…

                You sound very learned and enterprising in the plant domain!

            • Gavinm says:


              I find the images your comment about “whip(ing) up some exotic chelation potions” (in your urban courtyard) conjure up in my mind to be very gratifying 🙂

              Thanks, over the past ten years or so I have been striving to accumulate knowledge from various indigenous elders/ancient traditional natural medicine practices and then cross-referencing, combining and augmenting that knowledge and those practices with modern scientific research so that I might be in a better place to offer pathways for people to look to nature to fill their medicine cabinet (in a way that gives back to the living planet at the same time). I aim to offer tools and perspectives that can empower individuals to take steps towards health sovereignty and being able to heal themselves while withdrawing their support from the parasitic and predatory pharmaceutical industry.

              I am hoping to publish a book I have put together that will focus on the cultivation and culinary preparation/enjoyment side of this endeavor (also containing a moderate amount of data on specific pathways that certain plants can offer for preventative medicine and treating some chronic health conditions) in the spring of 2023. After that, my next book will focus on the most powerful medicine plants and fungi I have learned about and offer not only recipes for combining them in synergistic ways (that serve to increase the efficacy of the individual ingredients by several magnitudes) but also info on how to cultivate and/or forage for said ingredients in a regenerative way. I may call this future book something like “Stacking Functions In The Garden And In The Medicine Cabinet”. The aim of both publications (one being more for beginners and those generally interested in food sovereignty, self sufficiency and getting their first garden started and the other being more focused on advanced applications and combinations of specific medicine plants/fungi) will be to distill down many books I have read over the last decade and distill down the experiences I have accumulated though my own experimentation (in both the garden and in the kitchen) to ‘plant the seeds’ for households and communities to be able to cut their ties to the corporate parasites, oligarchs and their corrupt institutions via turning to nature for our basic survival needs and medicine (as our ancestors did) and in a way that nurtures a relationship with the living planet that is based in symbiosis, reverence and reciprocity.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Many clays in soil are composed of Aluminum…
        I’m throwing this out there for perspective.

        Soil particle size is categorized as sand, silt and clay, with clay being the smallest.
        Clays are made up of various minerals which are classified as hydrous aluminum phyllosilicates.
        Like all phyllosilicates, clay minerals are characterised by two-dimensional sheets of corner sharing SiO4 tetrahedra and/or AlO4 octahedra. The sheet units have the chemical composition (Al,Si)3O4.

        My soil. They call it “Black Gumbo”, a sticky black clay. Actually, it is technically “Vertisol”. Over time the underlying white limestone (calcium carbonate) breaks down and the dark black vertisol soils are born. It holds nutrients and water very well. They used to grow cotton as a cash crop in these parts because of the soil. My clay has the element of aluminum in its structure.
        Because clay often has a “sticky property”, it can serve to grasp nutrients and minerals and hold them for plant growth.
        I sometimes use the clay to deodorize and clean things such as the trash bin.

        That said, as I have noted before in the comment sections with links, I personally ran tests for aluminum before and after chemtrail activity in near east Texas around 2007-2008. The aluminum count was off the chart.
        During that era, east of me a couple hours, TV Reporter (KSLA NEWS 12) Jeff Ferrell did a story on chemtrails and showed the lab results.

        • Gavinm says:

          Great point, I should have made an effort to clearly differentiate between the naturally occurring molecules that contain aluminum and the aerosolized aluminum nano-particles such as metallic aluminum, aluminum oxide (and other heavy metals/chemicals such as metallic barium titanate) which are apparently dumped from the planes onto us in the spraying programs.

          Here is a link to a study that goes into detail about what unnatural forms and quantities of aluminum does inside the human body.

          “Aluminum-Induced Entropy in Biological Systems”: https://www.hindawi.com/journals/jt/2014/491316/

          from the article “Al is invariably toxic to living systems and has no known beneficial role in any biological systems. Humans are increasingly exposed to Al from food, water, medicinals, vaccines, and cosmetics, as well as from industrial occupational exposure. Al disrupts biological self-ordering, energy transduction, and signaling systems, thus increasing biosemiotic entropy. Beginning with the biophysics of water, disruption progresses through the macromolecules that are crucial to living processes (DNAs, RNAs, proteoglycans, and proteins). It injures cells, circuits, and subsystems and can cause catastrophic failures ending in death. Al forms toxic complexes with other elements, such as fluorine, and interacts negatively with mercury, lead, and glyphosate. Al negatively impacts the central nervous system in all species that have been studied, including humans.”

          What are your thoughts on the theory that they are dumping ‘Coal Fly Ash’ from the planes?

          It would certainly fit the modus operandi of the psychopathic eugenicist elite (and their friends in large corporate industry) that once turned a costly toxic waste problem into a way to make money (and poison/dumb down some of the 99% at the same time) when they added fluoride to the drinking water.

          Some links for reference (relating to the coal fly ash connection):




  5. Gavinm says:

    I suppose this is a good time to live near a great lake and have knowledge and tools relating to water purification.

    The spraying of aerosolized nano-particles from large squadrons of planes is a regular occurrence here in southern Ontario. Often it is a perfect blue sky sunny day (no storm systems on the radar) and the planes keep laying down grids of aligned nano-particles until the whole sky turns a sick gray color by about noon (and our solar panels end up collecting about 40% less energy afterwards).

    • jtrower says:

      I witnessed the same thing in Louisville, Kentucky, about 10 years ago. Each morning would start out with a beautiful, clear blue sky. Then the flights would start. By noon the entire sky was a murky gray, and the light from the sun had a chemical shine to it.

      • Gavinm says:

        Yes you describe what happens here quite often well. Sometimes the particles create a sort of partial ‘chemical/metallic rainbow’ effect when the sunlight refracts through the thick artificial haze.

        Considering the proliferation of Musk’s starlink satellites beaming down microwave radiation onto large areas of the Earth I often wonder how those types of electromagnetic wave forms interact with the nano-particles that often saturate the atmosphere.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    RE: Droughts, Cloud Seeding and The Coming Water Wars

    Stone carved QUOTE:
    …The answer is obvious: the water shortage is a crisis by design, like the food crisis and the various geopolitical crises and the economic crisis that are converging to lead us into the gaping maw of Agenda 2030.
    And it’s designed to justify more government control over you and your life and, in the end, to corral you into tightly controlled urban centers where your access to the necessities of life can be turned off.

    We must face a cold, hard reality:
    we are in the midst of WWIII,
    it is a war on free humanity by their own governments,
    it is being waged in secret,
    and it is a war in which the would-be world controllers have no compunction about doing anything—even modifying the weather and exacerbating ongoing emergencies—to increase their power over the people.
    Until we acknowledge that unpleasant truth, nothing can change.

    • vadoum says:

      “Stone carved QUOTE:
      …The answer is obvious: the water shortage is a crisis by design”

      thats carved in stone? I wonder, aside from excessive redistribution/overuse (ie Lost-vegas, or lassange-less, I wonder what may be causing the sources to wane? Is there a design for that?

      funny how we had fires from drought then the next year floods from over weight rain. If the “plan” is to confuse, its working.

      I imagine that the total volume of water moves, ebbs, floods, in its 4 “states” (solid, liquid, vapor, plasma), and as fela kuti said “water got no enemy”, but our perception of its presence is limited (even though its mostly what were made of!?). In other words we may not know as much about water as we could and should.

      could there be water under ground? lots of it.
      ‘gravity” would cause it to flow towards the ball’s center, creating dryness on the exposed earth. Where-as volcanic activity may cause significant amounts to enter our surface realm.

      I did read, decades ago, that water droplets were entering the earths atmosphere from space.

      The elements appear in an order that is dictated by cosmic law; this was a teaching from an indigenous “law woman” / elder: “fire comes before water. Thats the original contract between fire and water” (think volcanic eruption spewing steam).

      Then there is the evidence of below surface movement. Here its been shown that water from surface lakes in “New Guinea”, flow and finally re-surface in a lake on an island off the Brisbane coast (similar distance as Boston to Miami)

      we may be dim with understanding, but at least we can shine while musing about it all, Fela tells it like is:


  7. catie says:

    This comment is going to sound super weird but I have to get it out there.

    Several years ago, say, about mid 2000s or longer back in time, I had a dream and it became lucid. If you’ve ever had a lucid dream, you know it’s like being fully aware and awake in the dream.

    It was sometime in the future and I was standing in a line at a check-point to get back into the city that I could see to the right of the check point. The city looked huge but really centered with definite borders (it looked futuristic). It was about a mile or two from the check point. I was aware that I had been working someplace outside the city and was done for the day, but I had to go through the checkpoint. There were no vehicles, just a checkpoint and then a long walk into the city.

    This article reminds me of that dream. I started reading about Smart cities a few years ago and how we may all be herded into them to further remove humanity from its connections with Nature.

    Listening to people like Yuval Harari, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, to name only 3 high profile psychopaths, sends shivers down my spine. Apparently, Harari advises Klaus (not confirmed but makes sense). They openly talk about our future and it sounds like they have it all worked out (so they think) and in their arrogance they are going to transform humans into un-natural part human, part machines.

    We hear about extremist religious fanatics all the time. But there is such a thing as Extremist Atheists – Harari, et al, are just that.

    I don’t think they will succeed in their Transhumanistic world but I do think they may get us pretty close.

    • Duck says:

      Harari is just some gay Jewish historian…. He is just a propaganda man not even a real scientist (for what that’s worth these days, anyway).

      They have less idea about the future then a tarot card reader and know about as much science as a nerd who obsses over Star Wars and Dune.

      They won’t get anywhere near a transhuman world, they will just end up killing lots of people and making most people poor

  8. G. Jingping says:

    I’ve never heard Mr. Corbett address the claims of Dr. Judy Wood; that directed energy weapons have been used against us in disguised ways. Perhaps he just wants to stick to the “who benefits” questions of 9/11, and not get bogged down in the “how” aspects of it. Regardless, DEWs could be how weather is being changed, or how weather patterns are being altered. Hurricane Erin was approaching the NY area on 9/11 before suddenly veering out to sea. For some reason it was not mentioned in many weather reports just prior to 9/11.

    • Gavinm says:

      I am glad you brought that up, I would also value hearing James Corbett’s thoughts on the evidence presented by Dr. Judy Wood in her book “Where Did The Towers Go?” and his thoughts on DEWs in general.

      Here is a link to something I stumbled across related to this a while back https://nexusnewsfeed.com/article/self-sufficiency/yes-dew-and-laser-weapons-are-being-used-against-the-american-people

      • If memory serves me well, James has not looked upon Dr. Judy Wood
        in a favorable light.

        • Gavinm says:

          Interesting… now I am even more curious. I tried looking her up in the search function here but had no luck finding anything.

          Do you happen to remember what episode(s)/articles he discussed Dr.Judy Wood in?

          Also, do you happen to remember what the nature of his criticisms of her and her evidence regarding her theories about some kind of DEW being involved in the false flag op in New York City, September 11th, 2001 were?

          I bought a copy of her book and it was not what I thought it would be at all. I do not know if she is right about 911 (though she does present some pretty compelling evidence in my opinion) but I do know that technology has indeed been developed which has the capability to alter the molecular density and structure of certain materials from a distance (using directed energy).

          • Hey Gavin, thanks for your response. I have a lot to say about Dr. Wood but don’t have the time right now to go into it.

            “Do you happen to remember what episode(s)/articles he discussed Dr.Judy Wood in?

            Also, do you happen to remember what the nature of his criticisms of her and her evidence regarding her theories about some kind of DEW being involved in the false flag op in New York City, September 11th, 2001 were?”

            Thanks to the diligent work of HRS we have a link that will answer most of the questions you asked above. He gave it to you somewhere in the discussion here.


            33 minute mark

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              Fawlty Towers,
              You and I probably both notice that there are similiar aspects between the Judy Wood hype and the “virus does not exist” hype.

              What I find most intriguing is “when” the no-virus meme came on the scene…I never heard a peep about the “virus does not exist” prior to 2020.

              Judy Wood came on the scene following Steven Jones…and how she came on and with whom and with what those culprits did was almost criminal, but certainly it was designed to distort the 9/11 Movement.

              • Steven Jones ain’t no angel himself.

                When he first came on the scene he was treated like a god.
                He really pushed the thermate/thermite narrative along with Niels Harrit.

                But although thermate/thermite played a role in the destruction of the towers they were not and could not have been the main instrument used to bring them down.

                As a physicist Jones knows this. The fact that he never mentions it puts him in a very bad light.

              • cu.h.j says:

                I think the no-virus hypothesis was around during HIV/AIDS too. Stefan Lanka and others who had similar theories came on the scene at that time. Peter Duesberg for example, though not in the no-virus camp said HIV was a passenger virus, not causal. So there was an actual group of people who disbelieve in viral pathogens since some of them haven’t been “isolated” and shown in the lab to be causal. This group was vocal in the 1980s if you go back and look for them.

                But the actual disease AIDS was a real phenomenon in the 1980s, what the specific cause or causes of it are open to debate.

                It is similar to the Judy Wood energy weapon hypothesis versus controlled demolition. People get stuck on the minutia and must ask themselves if the minutia matters and the way they approach debate can cause division.

                I think the name calling like saying someone is a shill because they don’t agree with someone’s theory is a bit suspect.

                Also, I think people sometimes make generalizations based on some flaws in a theory, like to say that viruses don’t exist, are they talking about the actual particles or that they aren’t pathogens? Same with energy weapons, I mean do these exist, or rather is there any proof that these exist? Or is it a hypothetical?

                I actually think some of the no virus supporters think that if viruses are debunked, the biosecurity paradigm falls appart. The problem is that people experience contagion or something like that and the lab experiments are perhaps inconsequential.

                I understand now why people questioned HIV as causal for AIDS, I understand the weakness in the theory now, but I still wouldn’t get a blood transfusion from someone who had positive antibodies. I don’t care if the theory is weak because

                I’ve known people with HIV antibodies that did develop AIDS and they reported catching it from body fluids. I’ll avoid blood contact with HIV positive people until I know for certain what causes it, so I can avoid it. I don’t care if the science is weak, anecdotal reports alone are enough to dissuade me.

              • cu.h.j says:

                A few people from the virus versus no-virus have been name calling and calling people shills and controlled opposition rather than respectful debate and trying to build resistance to the overall agenda is suspect to me. They can be allies who have different theories.

                I mean even though germ theory has been the dominant theory, irrespective of validity, the immune system has always been a component (I think). So clearly, even among staunch germ theory believers, some must intuitively know that you don’t always get sick from every exposure to a potential germ. In fact exposure to germs and building immunity has been a good thing for some diseases, if germs are contributing.

                In a way it creates a straw man, to say that if it’s true that germs exist or can exist this means that a biosecurity sate has legitimacy. It does not, even if a person can catch a disease from other people, life must go on people can’t live as prisoners in their homes and have their business shut down or be forced to take toxic drugs. There is no justification for that. That to me is the primary issue, opposing totalitarianism above all else.

      • Steve Smith says:

        Speaking of DEWs. I came across this after the Nashville “bombing”. I posted it here but no one seemed to think much of it.
        I thought it was pretty compelling in the way that the beam or ray moved as if it originated from an orbiting platform.
        What do you think?


        • Gavinm says:

          Interesting. I will look into this further when I have more time.

          From what I have learned from an acquaintance that worked at SAIC the scariest forms of DEWs that have been developed, prototyped and put into active use are those types that use a combination of electromagnetic waveforms that are invisible to the human eye (or produce very little visual disturbances when they are being aimed at a target). These technologies have been used to target individuals to inflict pain, disorient, paralyze and kill and are also technologies that are capable of compromising the structural integrity of fortified structures and vehicles via altering the molecular configuration of certain materials.

          Some have speculated these are weaponized forms of the technology that was developed by a Canadian inventor named John Hutchinson (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lEpKM6KfCo for more info) and I do not know if that is true to some extent but I do know that that military contractors have been working on weaponizing DEWs long before Hutchinson came onto the scene.

          We can see from recent events that even low level goons enforcing the elite’s edicts are using rudimentary DEWs to target dissidents (see: https://jessicar.substack.com/p/directed-energy-weapons for more info) so even if I did not have info from my acquaintance about existing covert DEW tech, I would think considering what they admit to having and using already, it is only logical to assume that the more advanced tactical formats of this tech (that are inevitably currently in use by the military and intelligence community) must be very powerful indeed.

          • cu.h.j says:

            This is interesting. I’ll have to look it up out of curiosity because I wasn’t aware that this technology had actual proof of existence or that it could be used to take down entire buildings.

            It’s good to know what kind of tech they actually have.

            • Gavinm says:

              I cannot speak to the validity of Dr. Judy Wood’s evidence specifically with certainty but I do know from personal experience that the technology she describes exists. What some have described as being impossible because it would “break the laws of physics” is really just an observation being made from a perspective that does not account for aspects of our universe, methods of interacting with/altering matter and forces at work within the universe that our dominant scientific institutions have yet to discover, measure and/or officially recognize.

              I believe that for those who value the pursuit of science, skepticism is always healthy. There is, however, an important distinction between skepticism and denial. Skepticism is evident when we freely question the validity of claims, evidence, and new theories/ideas (through rigorous fact finding, triple independent source verification, contemplation and applying one’s intuitive discernment). And more importantly that when we do that we always stay open to the notion that the most fundamental ideas we hold dear could be completely wrong (or at least in need of improvement), for this is healthy skepticism. On the other hand, attitudes described as ‘skeptical’ which in fact are knee jerk reactions that reject, avoid, ignore, explain away or dismiss out of hand (the validity of claims, evidence, and new theories/ideas) and use pat answers that comfort one’s ego in the idea that the new evidence or idea presented does not threaten the established beliefs of the ‘skeptical’ person is not (in my opinion) healthy nor beneficial, and it is not skepticism. It is denial.

              Time after time we see that governments, “scientific” institutions, religious institutions and prominent media figures alike strove to deny the existence of anything that threatened their status quo and past statements, despite clear evidence which showed that the concepts taught in their dogmatic belief systems or past statements were false.

              (continued in another comment..)

            • Gavinm says:

              (..continued from another comment)

              For instance, there was a time when mainstream science professed that a heavier than air piece of machinery could never take flight. If it wasn’t for the Wright brothers being open to all possibilities and then acting upon that innate facet of the true pursuit of science, it would be a whole lot harder to visit relatives and see the world. I think it’s an illuminating thing to consider, that those 747s we now take for granted as we ‘hop across continents’ are derived from a form of technology/science that was once considered to be “impossible” by the mainstream scientific establishment.

              “I can state flatly that heavier than air flying machines are impossible.”
              — Lord Kelvin, 1895 (he was a member of the Royal Society, considered to be a highly respected scientific establishment).

              “It is apparent to me that the possibilities of the aeroplane, which two or three years ago were thought to hold the solution to the [flying machine] problem, have been exhausted, and that we must turn elsewhere.”
              — Thomas Edison, : November 1895 (he was an eminent scientist and commented on the Wright brothers before they made their first flight.)

              Thus while we live in these times where our ability to observe and record countless facets of our universe is accelerating exponentially, so too do ideas that we previously held as true, become known to be false at an equally exponential speed. The human ego has trouble letting go of things it has become accustomed so will cling to stagnant world views simply because it is comforting to the ego. The choice to move out of that comfort zone may not always be easy but is necessary if we are to be ready for the truth of what is to come next.

              The point I am trying to illustrate here is that we must be wary of choosing to look to prominent figures (scientific or otherwise) to offer us answers to our big questions because these are people who have a lot of momentum built up with regards to past statements they have made that put their credibility on the line if they were to reverse their original statements (even if new data has come to light more recently that shows their original statements to be erroneous). This is compounded by the added dynamics of pressure for their ‘story’ about how things are and the need for them to stay within a certain context or they could lose their credibility with some people that are regular supporters.

              (.. continued in another comment..)

            • Gavinm says:

              (..continued from another comment)

              Now, in getting back to the original subject matter of this comment thread.. since the more powerful DEW systems which are now operational are seen as one of the most effective means to cripple key ‘enemy’ infrastructure targets, initiate large scale psyops and for taking out dissidents that are troublesome to the established military industrial complex (and the oligarchs behind it) finding legit info on these systems on the internet is very difficult. These types of technology are seen (by the intelligence community and military contractors/private armies of plutocrats) as highly sensitive in a similar way to how they regard exotic propulsion and energy generation systems (electrogravitic systems and zero point energy generator type modules).

              There are many threads (both modern and ancient) which you can tug on to begin to unravel the science and applications of said technologies. Much of the above described tech incorporates either very specific harmonic frequencies (sound waves), electromagnetic wavelengths and/or very high voltage systems to create the intended effect. Certain ancient cultures had their own ways to utilize the sound based formats of these technologies. Some were used to heal, some were used to move large objects (via negating the mass of a given object creating a levitation effect) and some were used to destroy.

              People like Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger, Ralph Ring who worked with Otis t. Carr (Protege of Nikola Tesla), Stanley Meyer, Eugene Mallove, Dimitri Petronov, Adam Trombly and Maxwell Chikumbutso have done a great job tugging on those threads and applying what they learned into practical applications.

              The types of knowledge and technology those listed above discovered, invented and theorized about can be used for beneficial and creative purposes, or they can be used for nefarious and oppressive purposes.. the DEWs which are being used by certain interests on Earth are an expression of the latter.

              • cu.h.j says:

                I’ll have to check this out. It’s interesting to consider what might exist. I think that the laws of physics are pretty solid to describe what can exit, which can branch out into theoretical physics which is pretty weird. I don’t know much beyond Newtonian physics because I only took three semesters in college.

                I agree that skepticism versus closed mindedness is different. I am convinced that the government did a false flag with 9/11. How exactly they did, I may never know. But the money trail is telling. To me it’s sort of like how in a murder trial, they can convict without the body if there is enough blood and blood spatter evidence. No body is needed in that case. A conviction can also happen without any physical evidence at all, with strong circumstantial evidence.

                I thought the towers looked like a controlled demolition at first glance if being compared to other demolitions. But I’m not against another hypothesis.

            • Gavinm says:


              I respect your position and open minded curiosity as well as your skepticism (which is driving you to ask the hard questions).

              What are your thoughts on the prospect of advanced civilizations from elsewhere in the universe (and/or other dimensional planes of existence) visiting the Earth? More specifically, are you of the opinion that such civilizations exist? and are you of the opinion that this has already transpired (their visitation to Earth)? If so, what are your thoughts on the implications of our cosmic neighbors interacting with our human family?

              Thanks again for responding to my original comment. Hope you have an enjoyable evening.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      G. Jingping

      Here is a SUB-THREAD – Judy Wood

      You may want to scroll to the bottom of the Sub-Thread to Questions for Corbett #001 .

  9. Nelson says:

    For anyone who’d like to download the free pdf of JC’s book recommendation —
    the gulf war did not take place by Jean Baudrillard


  10. westelia says:

    Living in Vermont one of our biggest rivers is white river. For as long as I personally can remember its been a pretty deep river and often is used for tubing. This year the level of white river is insanely low. On top of smaller rivers throughout Vermont starting to dry up, ponds are drying up as well. Thus far our summer of 2022 has seen less rain showers than previous years. And the leaves are already starting to change colors. Its not even Autumn and yet its starting to look like it. Strange things are afoot. And I didn’t even mention the amount of weird air traffic/chemtrails that occurs almost every day.

  11. Stealthumor says:

    Lake Mead has been a renewable power source and tourist attraction since the construction of the Hoover Dam. California and Arizona have been taking more water from the Lake than the Colorado River could replace. Last month, elevations were the lowest since filling the reservoir in 1936. Recently, lightning storms and flash flooding have plagued Las Vegas, so there may be hope for resurrecting the Lake in a Biblical sort of way.

  12. dots4eyes says:

    Here in Southern California where stricter outdoor watering restrictions were introduced on June 1 (with possible fines for non-compliance) and a complete ban was recently called for by one local authority to “repair a pipeline”, plans to build a desalination plant were scrapped when the California Coastal Commission denied the permit. A special interest group “celebrated the ruling”.

  13. Yellowstar says:

    Texas has been seeding the clouds. Today, N. Texas received 8″ rain in 6 hours.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I was ready! …What a great change of pace from those many weeks without rain.
      It’s nice to have these cooler temperatures.

  14. minnie says:

    I’ve read so much about cloud seeding and weather manipulation over the years (Kate Bush sang about cloud-seeding and there have been numerous articles in the Guardian about weather manipulation, but as James writes, making it seem experimental) that I often plan trips around Royal events, when the UK weather is guaranteed to be dry and sunny. I had a fantastic holiday in the far north of Scotland (where the weather is notoriously unpredictable) during the Queen’s Jubilee weekend this year, and a few years ago, when Harry and Meg got hitched, I’d arranged a fantastic day hiking in a remote part of Scotland. I was able to plan these events months in advance, no weather forecast needed.

    • minnie says:

      In 2020 the UK weather was atrocious, with fronts rolling in from the Atlantic, one after another after another… until the week that lockdown was announced, when the weather suddenly became hot and sunny and remained that way for months! It seemed so obvious – to anyone who wasn’t obsessing over covid. I think we were all meant to love lockdown. The elites are clueless when it comes to things like this, in my opinion.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Silver Iodide and a kid’s book – 1964

    In 1964 I was a free range kid living in an east Texas town. We were poor, but I had my bike and explored all over town. I had numerous adventures in that town.
    During the hot steamy summer, I often would read library books on the cool hardwood floors while the fans ran.

    I got on a kick and started reading books about inventors. These books were inspiring. Prompted by a book, I rode my bike over to a TV repair shop (vacuum tubes) and made friends with one of the workers. I’d ask all these different questions about electricity, then “read” some books way above my grade level and back again to ask him questions. The fella gave me a big bundle of old WW2 war surplus…meters, headphones, switches, batteries, wire, light bulbs, etc. I had a lot of fun tinkering around with those.

    One book stuck with me…
    The Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald
    One of the Alvin Fernald stories had to with him making it rain.
    With the help of his sister and friend, they made a bunch of rockets and filled them with silver iodide. Then shot them up into the air.
    At the time, I made a strong mental note about silver iodide.

  16. beaconterraone says:

    “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

    ― George Orwell, 1984

    Those are NOT “chemtrails” you see in the sky, those whitish-grayish forms that last hours or even all day. They’re “just water vapor – contrails!” And never mind what “conspiracy theorists” like California Sky Watch documented for decades, including what those “contrails” deposited on Northern California forests and farms.

    Do not believe your “ignorant” eyes: Believe US instead.

    • Duck says:

      “….not believe your “ignorant” eyes: Believe US instead…”

      Lol, I just came across a podcast about that…. “the making of the NPC” on the theology of how people get turned into empty souless repeaters of “current thing”.

      I am not Greek orthodox but his explanation of how folks who reject truth are eventually unable to even understand it has some merit I think.

      “Give over to delusion” as it were.


      “Epp 218” making of NPC….I don’t know much else about the speaker

  17. scpat says:

    It’s editorials like this that make think about what a frightening and intimidating time it is to be alive in our day. In many ways it feels overwhelming. Great courage is, and will be required moving forward.

  18. HomeRemedySupply says:

    We don’t got no CLIMATE CHANGE in Texas…

    Tuesday August 23, 2022 – Yahoo News
    After ‘1,000-year’ storm in Dallas, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott chooses not to mention ‘climate change’

    A day after a “1-in-1,000-year” storm dumped up to 15 inches of rain in Dallas, triggering flash floods that submerged vehicles along a highway and left at least one person dead, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday said that the state is prepared to handle “extreme weather.”

    But he wouldn’t use the term climate change.
    At a press conference alongside Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and other city officials, Abbott was pressed by a reporter about the impact climate change is having on Texas, including record heat, wildfires and historic drought.

    “At what point do you ever discuss or have a conversation about climate change? the reporter asked.
    “So we have constant conversations about what we categorize as extreme weather,” Abbott replied. “We are dealing with more extreme weather patterns.”
    Abbott noted the period between April through the end of July was the hottest on record in the history of Texas, and said that the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which operates the state’s power grid, was able to handle it.

    “We’re constantly looking at what extreme weather may lead to, whether it be power demand, extreme heat, extreme cold, heavy water or even drought,” the governor added.
    “We constantly focus on issues related to extreme weather, and we want to be prepared for whatever type of weather may be coming our way.”

    “Can you even say climate change?” the reporter asked.
    Abbott did not respond….

    [The article goes on and strains to ‘explain’ why the weather is climate change.]

  19. WAYNED says:

    …and we don’t have to spend time “proving” they did this, or that they are doing this. They have the ability, have been studying, and stated their desires. They have admitted chem-trails are real, by another name, and do you think they tell us everything?

    It’s time to just start assuming in every case, openly inviting “conspiracy theory” charges, because they always now sound shrill and hollow and may be the first inkling someone has to check out the more legitimate sources.

  20. Rara Avis says:

    The USAF put out a research paper in 1996 about “owning the weather” by 2025. Getting pretty close.


  21. palama says:

    The difference between a war and a slaughter is that in a war both sides die. It’s not that our governments are killing us, it’s that the people who own the governments (the USA is a privately held corporation) are using the governments to kill us. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I don’t want to live through a commy/corporate revolution to live as a slave in the Hell that they are building. Better to fight and die than to live as a slave in a country where I was born free–or at least free -range.

  22. This seems like a no-brainer to me.
    If they can easily change the weather, it follows
    that they can easily change the climate.
    Therefore, by all rights, climate change should
    no longer be a concern.

  23. Torus says:

    I am currently reading “Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond” by Brad Lancaster. A how to guide for creating earthworks such as rain gardens to catch run off, control erosion, and keep more rainwater on your property.

  24. Ukdavec says:

    For a deeper dive into water 🙂

    1 Transforming World – Global Water Crisis – Investment Primer from Bof A 2015


    2 Chinas looming water crisis Parton Apr 2018


    3 Is China consuming too much water to make electricity UBS 2016


  25. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Wed August 24, 2022 – Zero Hedge
    “Tsunami Of Shutoffs”: 20 Million US Homes Are Behind On Power Bills
    (Charts in article.)

    At least 20 million households — or about 1 in 6 American homes — are behind on their power bills as soaring electricity prices spark what is said to be the worst-ever crisis in late utility payments, according to Bloomberg, citing data from the National Energy Assistance Directors Association (Neada).

    Neada said electricity prices had increased significantly since 2020 after a decade of stagnation. The steep rise has resulted in billions of dollars in overdue power bills.

    Electricity inflation is being propelled by soaring costs of fossil fuels, such as natural gas, coal, and petroleum…
    NatGas fuels about 40% of the US power grid and soared to the highest levels since 2008 on Tuesday.

    …Utility shutoffs have become more common across the US as some lower-tier households are thousands of dollars behind on their power bills.

    Jean Su, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity, which tracks utility disconnections across the US, warned of a “tsunami of shutoff” as the highest inflation in forty years eats away wages and has financially devastated the working poor.

    Adrienne Nice is one of those struggling Americans who is more than $3,000 behind on utility bills. Last month, she received a “final notice” from power company Xcel Energy Inc., who turned off the electricity to her studio apartment in Minneapolis as temperatures approached near triple digits….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Last Friday the 19th…

      U.S Natural Gas prices skyrocketed above $9.65 (BTU) to levels not seen in over 14 years – notching up a staggering gain of over 525% – from this time two years ago when COVID-19 shutdown the U.S economy

      …This week, the European benchmark soared to a record high of €251 per megawatt hour – racking up a phenomenal gain of more than 700%, from this time last year.

      Put another way, that’s the equivalent of both benchmark futures contracts now trading at more than $400 a barrel of Oil….

  26. Tony_PotenZa says:

    Also rainwater is now toxic to consume, dont even try to harvest it and purify it,dont grow a garden your veggies are going to be toxic…Gee is it toxic because of all the stratospheric aerosol injections? …
    Live in zee pod, Eat zee bugs!


  27. HomeRemedySupply says:

    French President Macron proclaims the “end of abundance,” cites sacrifices to “defend freedom.”

    Speaking before ministers at the Élysée, Macron said,
    “What we are currently living through is a kind of major tipping point or a great upheaval … we are living the end of what could have seemed an era of abundance … the end of the abundance of products of technologies that seemed always available … the end of the abundance of land and materials including water,”
    …adding that France and the French felt that they’ve been living under a series of crises, “each worse than the last.”

    “This overview that I’m giving, the end of abundance, the end of insouciance, the end of assumptions – it’s ultimately a tipping point that we are going through that can lead our citizens to feel a lot of anxiety. Faced with this, we have a duty, duties, the first of which is to speak frankly and clearly without doom-mongering,”

    Taken from…

    We should take note of how things are being framed…
    …that we must collectively sacrifice for freedom’s sake.

  28. HomeRemedySupply says:

    RE: Droughts, Cloud Seeding and The Coming Water Wars

    Aug 26
    China Launches Giant Cloud-Seeding Drones To Combat Record Drought

    With China’s water supply rapidly deteriorating to catastrophic levels – something which could have profound effects on the global food, energy and materials markets – officials in the southwestern province of Sichuan have deployed two giant cloud-seeding drones in the hopes of turning around a dire situation which is now affecting hydropower production.

    The Wing Loong-2H UAVs are deploying silver iodide flame bars during four-hour flights to create “artificial rain.”

    The move comes as almost half the country is suffering from a record heatwave, according to its National Climate Center – has has affected Sichuan province’s ability to deliver hydropower to cities like Jiangsu and Shanghi, located more than 1,000 miles away, Insider reports.
    To improve the situation, the two drones deployed on Thursday will eventually cover an area in Sichuan spanning 2,317 square miles, according to state-owned CCTV. The cloud seeding operation will be carried out until Monday.

    Communist Party-owned People’s Daily also reported the news.
    China on Thursday used its self-developed Wing Loong-2H UAV to assist fight against drought in SW China’s Sichuan. The drone ignited 20 silver iodide flame bars during its 4-hour flight to create “artificial rain” for the drought-hit region.

    VIDEO (4 1/2 minutes)(cloud seeding at 2:40)
    China to use geoengineering to combat historic drought | DW News

  29. HomeRemedySupply says:

    From 2019 by Corbett…
    Top 5 “Conspiracy Theories” That Turned Out To Be True

    Episode 356 – Top 5 “Conspiracy Theories” That Turned Out To Be True

    …#2 – The government is spraying us from the skies

    It is incumbent on everyone who wishes to remain in the respectable, polite circles of society that they deride all chemtrail theorists as kooky fringe-nut wingbats (or whatever the ad hominem du jour is). I mean, who could actually believe that the government would ever coordinate a program to spray toxic chemicals on unwitting citizens?

    Except, of course, for the pesky little fact that the US government has done precisely that.
    Repeatedly, in fact…

    …JEFF FERRELL: KSLA News 12 discovered chemtrails are even mentioned by name in the initial draft of House Bill 2977 back in 2001 under the Space Preservation Act. But the military denies any such program exists. Jeff Ferrell, KSLA News 12 reporting.

    ANCHOR: And you know it turns out [that] until nine years ago the government had the right under US law to conduct secret testing on the American public under specific conditions. Only a public outcry repealed part of that law, with some exceptions….

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