Episode 410 - The 5th Annual Fake News Awards!

01/29/202278 Comments

You've been waiting for it all year. So stop waiting. It's here! The 5th Annual Fake News Awards! Bringing you the worst in dinosaur media lies, smears and outright fiction from the past year. Join your host Bent Krockman for a whirlwind tour of fake photos, fake fact checks, fake politicians and of course the fake story of the year. Also, stay tuned for a musical performance by the new pop hit supergroup, KABAAL . . . and a word from our corporate sponsor!

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Fakest Photo or Video of the Year


The photoshopped photo from Norwegian newspaper Sunnmørsposten of a "masked" Olav Mestad, the chief medical officer of Ålesund, who was in fact maskless

Biden "driving" an electric F-150

Fake videos of the Kabul evacuation, including a video of a man allegedly hanging out on the engine of a departing plane (although massive props to the Vietnamese graphic designer who originally posted the video, including a whole series of such fakes)


"Gunshot Victims Left Waiting as Horse Dewormer Overdoses Overwhelm Oklahoma Hospitals, Doctor Says" a September 2021 article from Rolling Stone that manages a rare triple play: not only is all of the information presented in the story factually incorrect, and not only did they fail to retract the story when it was debunked (instead opting for the lying "update"), but even the picture they used to illustrate the article was fake news!

See "The Media Fell for a Viral Hoax About Ivermectin Overdoses Straining Rural Hospitals" for more on this truly galling display of faux jounalism.

Fakest Politician or Health Official


AOC showing up maskless among a sea of masked servants in a "tax the rich" dress to the $35,000 a ticket Met Gala, a dress designed by a tax evader

Justin Trudeau for "anti-vaxxers are racist misogynists"

Trump for calling the Warp Speed MAGA jabs his "greatest achievement" and bragging that "I'm boosted"


Fauci for "attacks on me are attacks on science."

Is this real life? Did he actually just say that? That is straight up, comic book, Palpatine-level "I am the Senate!" energy right there.

See my episode on Science Says! for a point-by-point deconstruction of this fundamentally anti-scientific idea and read The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for a point-by-point takedown of Fauci's entire career.

Fakest Fact Check of the Year


PolitiFact for their "Pants on Fire" "debunking" of the laboratory origins of SARS-COV-2 . . . which they later had to update with a note to say that since the "experts" they relied on for their "fact check" had changed their mind, they were "removing this fact-check from our database pending a more thorough review" (...we're still waiting, Poynter!)

CTV News for No, COVID-19 vaccines do not violate the Nuremberg Code, which incorrectly states that the COVID vaccines are "long past the experimental stage"

IFLScience (a website with a checkered history of stealing other people's work, for "Fact Check: Will We Be Microchipped With Vaccine Passports?"  which uses the very real story of how a Swedish company has devloped a mircrochip that can showcase your vaccine passport status to argue that it's a "public relations nightmare for scientists and a gift to anti-vaxxers," who are obviously still crazy even when they are demonstrably right.


ALL OF THEM! That's right, in a bombshell story late last year Facebook admitted that ‘fact checks’ are nothing more than opinion

Fakest Climate Change Story


The Lancet for "The 2021 report of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change: code red for a healthy future" which was immediately picked up and regurgitated by the lying corporate media despite the fact that its central assertion that rising temperatures are leading to rising death tolls is directly contradicted by the published research demonstrating that deaths caused by non-optimum temperatures are declining by tens of thousands of people each year.

The Victoria Times-Colonist for "B.C. doctor clinically diagnoses patient as suffering from 'climate change'
," in which they fall for the transparent publicity stunt of Dr. Kyle Merritt of Kootenay Lake Hospital in Nelson, B.C. who clinically diagnosed a patient with diabetes and heart failure with "climate change." Not only did the Times-Colonist "reporter" not seek any alternative viewpoint to Dr. Merritt's nonsensical non-diagnosis, it neglected to inform its readers of University of Washington meteorologist Cliff Mass' exhaustively documented work showing that the "Great Northwest Heatwave" last summer was not climate change but merely weather (because, as we all know, Weather is not Climate!...except when it suits the narrative).

The usual gaggle of climate hypocrites who flew their private jets to the COP26 conference in Scotland to lecture the little people about how they need to reduce their carbon footprint


The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero for their scheme to get the world's population on board with the creation of a $130 trillion investment trough to be stewarded over by the organized crime syndicate of crooks, criminals, con artists and eugenicists in international finance in the name of "saving the earth!"

For more on this supergroup of evildoers, see:

Whitney Webb Exposes How Green Finance is Monopolizing the Planet

Absolute Zero: The Global Agenda Revealed

Welcome to the New Economy


"100% safe and effective!"

Because we HAVE to go with a single story, we'll give this dino to ... ohhh, I dunno ...

Rachel Maddow for "the vaccines will get us to the end of this."

. . . but to be fair, she wasn't the only one spreading that fake news.

Of course, none of this was surprising to anyone who was paying attention. Viewers of The Future of Vaccines already knew the truth about these non-vaccines way back in December of 2020.

To be sure, there are any number of ancillary fake news stories that deserve to share in this award:

Like the NBC opinion piece, "The Covid vaccine is safe, whatever anti-vaxxers say. Here's why we can trust it," which dovetails with the Milken Institute talk on a "universal flu vaccine" that took place in October of 2019 and featured Tony Fauci and Rick Bright discussing the need for a crisis to speed up development of mRNA vaccines (2019). (More on that aspect of the scam from the Unlimited Hangout series on Moderna: Part I and Part II.)

Also, there was the fake news narrative about the  "pandemic of the unvaccinated." That propaganda fairy tale has been utterly smashed over the past year by Ryan Cristian of The Last American Vagabond, who has amply demonstrated that the truth is the polar opposite. In fact, there is a pandemic of the injected.

Then there are the "mystery heart attack" stories, like "Mystery rise in heart attacks from blocked arteries," which miraculously fails to even mention the word "vaccine" despite the fact that the experimental mRNA injection are scientifically proven to "dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle" and "Up to 300,000 people facing heart-related illnesses due to post-pandemic stress disorder, warn physicians," which cites "two London physicians" claiming (without evidence) that "as many as three million people in Britain are already suffering from Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder" before bizarrely pivoting into the one and only health condition they attribute to the disorder: heart related problems . . . without ever once mentioning (you guessed it!) the scientifically-proven link between the experimental COVID injections and the increased risk of myocarditis and pericarditis among otherwise healthy young men. (And that's not even mentioning the 278% increase in heart attack deaths among soccer players this past year.)

There's also Brianne Dressen and all the other people with life-altering injuries from the injections who have been censored, suppressed and marginalized over and over this past year.

And then there's the Noam Chomskies of the world saying that the unvaxxed will have to be segregated from society and starve to death if necessary and the Neil Youngs of the world clamouring for the suppression of information on this subject.

Truly, many many people have contributed to this, the fakest story of the year (if not the century) and the largest ongoing uncontrolled medical experiment in the history of the human species.

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  1. openlens says:

    I know what you are parodying….that’s the hidden fourth Japanese alphabet, right?

  2. openlens says:

    That does not look like Trump at all in those videos. ???? I’m no fan or historian, but that just don’t look like him.

  3. zyxzevn says:

    Great stuff. Now I want a dino too.

    Here is some information that you might have missed:
    Deanna McLeod dissects the Pfizer trial
    I think that you can give this to any doctor.
    After “unblinding” the number of deaths become 20 for the injected (Placebo still 14). (Explained around 0:30)

    The adverse effects (often covid-like symptoms) are far more (3x) in the injected group than in the Placebo group.
    This begs the question if they use the same (PCR) test parameters.

    We can even question if there really was a Placebo. It looks like they were using Fauci’s strategy of spiking the placebo. Or maybe they selected a very sick group for the placebo.

    With the enormous amount of side-effects we see in the real world, this
    certainly seems possible.

    Here is my full report (posted before)

    And new info is coming out:
    10x increase in myocarditis after experimental jab, not after covid

    Extreme and weird clots found by elbalmers in experimental jab deaths

    Crimes against humanity – Trials
    Some good news?

    Before the International Criminal Court (ICC). The Corona Virus “Vaccines”. Nuremberg Code, Crimes against humanity, War Crimes and Crimes of Aggression” – Global Research

    Reaching Covid-19 “Turning Point of Critical Mass”: Is Nuremberg 2 Next? London Metropolitan Police Criminal Investigation – Global Research

  4. frogsoup says:

    Good to have some humour in such grime times. But the ending statement is very serious. We are living in terrible times.

  5. Blondi56 says:

    I believe This is the official hand rubbing propaganda which you re-enacted fabulously,
    It is people like you that keep me alert and observant. Thanks for doing what you do.

  6. openlens says:

    Halleluia! Keep the humor coming James, and don’t let it get bitter. Picture yourself in their grade b horror show with the nerdiest of would be actors and actresses. Nothing to take seriously there. Just their five mninutes of fame, and Mr CAmpbell Soup CAn, Andy Warhol, gave them that much ’cause he knew what it meant to be the creepiest kind of freak.
    Thanks for the Fauci clip. My new moniker for him is Dead End Fauci. Nice.
    Take a deep breath ….”come writers and poets who prophesize with your pens; and keep your eyes wide the chance won’t come again; and don’t speak too soon while the wheel’s still in spin; for there’s no telling who that it’s naming;..” Bob Dylan, Poet Laureate;
    See tonight’s X State of The Union, Jan. 28, (probably still streaming live) / seems Neil YOung released a seventeen minute song re: Kennedy assassination recently, and his discreditation may be a CIA op. Didn’t catch it closely, pretty sure he had some statement from YOung about not having done that at all.
    By the way, y’all, another fun fact: Lemmings do not commit mass suicide. That’s another …?…false flag? op? lie?
    Remember tho: A lot of what the boogie men claim, such as that their drugs are “safe and effective”…and hasn’t that been the drug dealers’ mantra forever and a day? ….Is absolutely factual from their perspective and true intentions. It is safe for them, and effective in doing what they want it to. Their lies are effective too.
    So, always be willing to follow Alice into the looking glass, so you can see the red queen standing on her head, and the white knight walking backward.
    When we don’t get caught up in all the passion, aggresion, and ignorance, it’s curious to sit back and watch it all reveal itself. Which is the dream? The dream, or the waking?
    Let’s have compoassion for the despair and desperation of the lives of the “common people” , the salt of the earth, who just want and need to belong. The herd complex is an intrinsic part of any social animal.

    WEll, I sound preachy. I listened to Pema Chodron today, always very helpful. I was a complete beast, entirely out of control yesterday. I could blame all kinds of brural and cruel realities, but the truth is I turned into one also.
    Blessd Be, y’all.

  7. Duck says:

    2nd week that my epoch times has had an article on the huge rise this year in non covid deaths in the 18-49 year group…. the reality gap is starting to show thanks to the work of people like Mr Corbett.

    Watching the weird fantasia vaccine syringe dance made me feel physically weird and sickly. Thanks for watching that stuff so we don’t need to

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    What a supurb wrap-up at the end of The 5th Annual Fake News Awards!

    I’m so proud to be a Corbett Report Member.

  9. Fact Checker says:

    I hear Schwab & Sons have made a “giant leap” in interplanetary teledildonics, btw.

    • Duck says:

      Indeed… penetrating deep into new markets!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I’m glad ya’ll started this topic and not me, ‘cuz my humor is warped.
      Here is a recent NEWS headline:

      Biden Administration Announces Covid Vaccine Public Incentive:
      Free Gift comes with verified injection!
      -*Restrictions apply.
      The Biden Administration in conjunction with the World Economic Forum’s affiliate ”Schwab and Son’s Cock-Rocket Emporium” is offering a FREE GIFT to all males in the U.S. who receive the jab.
      Within six months of getting the jab, males will receive the free gift of a genuine ”Mini-me Schwab Cock-Rocket”.
      Yes siree! This is the genuine deal complete with the raisin size fins and the rigid-tensile strength of a wet noodle.
      A magnifying glass will come with the package in order to verify its authenticity.
      Hurry guys! Apply for your ”Mini-me Schwab Cock-Rocket” here:
      You too can be the proud male at the gym’s shower….

      [Article continues by whomever.]

  10. Congrats James on your great 5th Annual Fake News Awards!

    Very well done.

    And congrats on your (new?) Gibson Les Paul guitar!
    I hope it brings you many years of music-making pleasure. 🙂

    I sold my original 1968 Gibson Les Paul guitar for a song many years ago and
    of course regretted it not long after.
    But my guitar collection has blossomed since then with many other winners
    so overall I’m a happy guy. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  11. danslo says:

    Hey James! Excellent video, love these yearly Fakees!

    The parody, I think, was of Deena Hinshaw, the Albertan Health “expert.” This might not be “The” video you’re looking for, but I’m pretty sure this is what you are referring to:


  12. TruthSeeker says:

    Nice clip of Rachel Maddog off of Microsoft NBC.
    I just learned from watching the latest thehigwire.com that Rachel Maddog’s show gets 2.59 million views. She needs to be taken down!
    If ever there was a Queen of false prophets, she is it, and Bill Gates pays her well for what she does.

  13. OneKnightErrant says:

    James – You and Broc outdid yourselves with the Pfizer sponsored Kbaal musical interlude. I’m still laughing at the regurgitating puppet. Incredible Fake News Awards. Excellent. Best ever. Worthy of first place in the Fake Academy Awards. I hope this garners you another thousand subscribers. At least. Pretty slick intro; sliding off to the side after your human fly imitation then rolling back into frame in your suit. You are the best. Long Live James Corbett!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      OneKnightErrant says:
      You and Broc outdid yourselves with the Pfizer sponsored Kbaal musical interlude.

      I was astounded.
      I would like to see a “short” of that.
      The video would get a lot of mileage.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Best part was the single “subliminal flash” of the pfizer logo! I guffawed like the dickens.

  14. nosoapradio says:

    Positively Formidable.

    and I realize how easily my attention has been deviated from GFANZ and other such important info with the relentless onslaught of fetid Fake news from every corner.

    Absolutely phenomenal work Mr Corbett!

    Please accept my profound thanks. What an unqualifiably rich treasure trove of information and especially Analysis.

    and as I hop back into the hamsterwheel gotta say I just love that suit and tie action!

  15. hugo.c says:

    Laughin’ hard before the really good gags get gasin’. OMG.

    Just lay me out with “I dont know how you animals live like that”, whilst adjusting the tie. Oooh, James, stop now, there’s more than 50 minutes to go!

    Dear, dear, Mr. Corbett. You have re-played the old “anti-science” mantra. Why have you not just reworded it more accurately? Its called fath, or fith or maybe fait. Spelling was walways suck a problem.

    But! Being such an impatient proprietor of puss, I offer to you all a hint of a nonimation for next year’s Dino’s.

    (Forget the whole Kazakhstan thing, that’s now old news)

    For the Ukraine media beat up we have two lenses for your choice.

    Here’s an article with not much to say, but plenty of sourcing.


    Or, the more judicial amongst you may want “experts”. How about two of them, one on each side, basically agreeing with each other that the whole media beat up is not only wrong but will serve no purpose other than to enrich the weapons manufactuters? Then, you get:


    Take your pick! Choose your anti-poison! Take your own destiny, Luke.

    Lowly 2-D Chess Player

  16. reowen says:

    Good stuff, James. People forget too soon what’s been happening. This is a good reminder and perspective on the unbelievably absurd big picture of this scamdemic. Thank you for your hard work and persistence. We need voices like yours every day.

  17. OneKnightErrant says:

    James – It’s 8 hours after my last post and I’m still laughing. It occurred to me that a good anti vax image would be the WEF all seated on the stage in the background, Klaus prominently in the foreground, with slightly smaller images of Fauci on one side of Herr Schwab, Gates on the other. At the bottom of the screen is the puking puppet with the caption: You will own nothing, you will rent everything, you will do what we tell you, and you will be happy.

    No need to comment on the content of the Fake News Awards except to say you capsulized the scamdemic beautifully. Will done, Sir James. The dynamic duo strikes again. Broc’s editing skills are first class. I wonder if there will be a FNA next year. The dinosaur media is sinking fast. Perhaps no one will be around to throw Rachel a life preserver.

  18. MagicBullet says:

    Great and touching show!

    1. Fauxcebo is called “nocebo” when it gives negative effects. Its now called faucibo when it gives eugenic effects.

    2. Hope JC can dedicate a show to the fake news in Japan.

    Wonder if he does any activism in Japan? I have called-out fake Drs who go on TV by phone or email, I’ve gone to the local municipal office and met with local politicians about vax dangers, gotten the research paper they use as basis for mask recommendations and called them out on it, join some protests, send out news letter to people in Japan, trying to figure out how to deal with the banking changes, and other stuff at this level. Never done this kind of stuff before, its very disconcerting.

  19. nosoapradio says:

    Now Joni Mitchell stands with Neil Young in the “Down with diverging view points” movement:


    • Fact Checker says:

      Kneel Young has always kinda sucked, despite having more than a handful of good songs…
      but Groan-y Mitchell has always been unforgivable pretentious and grating tripe of the lowest order. Every time I have ever heard her phony-ass put-on warble, and obnoxious vapid babble-patter, my hand has instinctively…violently…darted out at the radio controls to change the station as quickly as possible.

      As Pol Pot said: “To keep her is no benefit; to destroy her is no loss.

    • vadoum says:

      Her music was a favorite, we’d listen and sing and be risen high as kites (as teen agers, just as the albums were coming out but. when I got to college and as the music genres were evolving fast (1980), I was trundling along singing one of her riffs when my mate spun round, “Not droany mitchell”, He had thrown an awareness railroad diverging switch. something like: a different way of hearing music took over? In the coming years, the sonic breeze filling the sails began to blow jazz, up close and personal.

      decades later I do still admire the beauty she brought us, but have learned that way in and of music which helps spirit rise prefers to be live and direct. I’ll bet hearing her play, back in the day, in an intimate setting might have even brought a tear to ol’ fackchecker’s eyes.

      some few years back,. I saw her in some TV galla, gingerly helped out on stage, was it her bday? or,, she was elder, and I think may have suffered a stroke or?? the impression was that she was lots less lucid — years ago,,

      I reckon celebrities are exposed to so many high level miscreant minds that its no surprise that some get coopted.

  20. littlebird says:

    Video parody – was it this one?

    The WHO teaches us “How to Handrub” 🙂

  21. dmay says:

    My mother used to get mad at me when I pointed out how tv propaganda programs like ‘Amanpour’ on PBS were straight up lying to her. She asked me “Why do you care what I watch?” I just helped her onto the bedside commode and then back to bed. Before the injections, she was healthy and active. Now she can no longer stand without assistance and is having difficulty breathing. Her doctors, the same ones who recommended the injections, say she’ll be dead in less than 6 months.
    Before the injections came out, I tried to warn my parents. I got them to watch JC’s 45 minute video explaining the dangers and thought I had been successful. Then they got the injections anyway, “Because the doctors said to”. Immediately after the 2nd injection, she experienced weakness in her injected arm which spread to the rest of her body. ‘ALS’ is the official diagnosis from the big pharma reps. When she has enough energy to sit up in a wheelchair, she still watches Amanpour. I no longer try to ‘educate’ anyone. People who still cling to the covid narrative are willfully ignorant, and, like my mother, are willing to die for what they chose to believe or not believe. Time to focus on solutions, and leave covidians to their karma.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That is a powerful anecdote.
      Thanks for sharing that, dmay.

    • SuperMom Belle says:

      I’m so sorry, dmay. You did your best. You’re doing your best. We’re doing our best. It’s heartbreaking to read this. As saddening & unfortunate as it is for you to experience & me to read… I really, really wish this was unique and that there weren’t so many, similar to what you’ve described here.
      I’m so sorry, dmay.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I’m sorry to read about you mom. You did everything you could. What the medical profession is doing, particularly physicians supporting this experimental drug despite in your face evidence that it not only doesn’t work but is hurting people is unethical and is a breach of trust.

      People think that they can trust their doctor and many doctors aren’t even doing harm on purpose, but actually believe in the injection. Nevertheless they should be more careful with what they suggest and start using their own brain to think with.

      As you say, leaving the covidians to their karma and focusing on solutions is wise. Building a community for people who support medical freedom and independent ways of living is more worthwhile at this point in my opinion. As a person who has had to learn the hard way what drugs should be avoided, most of the people who get the injections will also have to learn the hard way as well. And who knows maybe some will be able to heal from it, but that remains to be seen.

  22. rogero says:

    Thank you for another great Fake news report. It was me that sent the tip about the masked or unmasked Norwegian doctor Olav Mestad. I must mention that the newspaper “Sunnmørsposten”, several months later, said on their facebook page that Olav Mestad attached the mask to his hearing-aids. It is difficult to know what to belive, I don’t know how these hearing-aids are shaped. Anyway, Thank’s again for a good fakenews award James.

  23. raymondkitchen says:

    James. Good work as usual. The parody you are portraying is Alberta Canada’s Health officer Deena Hinshaw (note I dropped her prefix as she has failed to uphold her oath). It’s pretty funny watching the live broadcasts of her. Note the live comments on the side when she does this. Almost everyone barfs in the comments when she does this.

  24. vadoum says:

    straight one time

    next-level journalistic martial art.

    I’ll be sharing this red pillaganda with many fence sitters, good-thankyou.

    The grounding finale, as you switched from pomp to the “lets keep this real” was a punch in the guts by a state of grace. a frequency that will far and wide ripple through the narrative.


  25. justsaying says:

    “The small fringe minority of unacceptable racists and terrorists” is EXPLODING in Canada!!! 🙂
    You already know who is winning the biggest fake news dinosaur award from 2022, right?
    Re Trudeaus reports about that “small insignificant group of rebels on trucks”….
    I wish the same would happen in Australia!
    It’s looking so beautiful, powerful and amazing! And growing out of (Trudeau’s) control! You must be excited to be a Canadian.
    Wait – you are Canadian, right?… 🙂


    • “Re Trudeaus reports about that “small insignificant group of rebels on trucks”….”

      The small group he talked about has forced him to evacuate his home with his family to seek refuge somewhere else. He is currently in hiding! Heard on the MSM news this evening.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I’ve been posting Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ UPDATES here…
      The Canadian STORY inspires the World ! …

      If someone has recent updates, help include them on that SUB-THREAD.

      In the stories are many videos. By clicking on the source of the video, a person can often find more information and updated videos.

      Last I heard prior to the arrival at Ottawa, was that the main convoy was over 70 kilometers long and with many side arteries coming towards it.

    • norton27 says:

      Yes James, your dear passive homeland Canada has sprung to life in the form of a massive Freedom Convoy. It’s actually been in the planning for some time. You can support the team who will be pressuring the govt to sign a M.O.U. (memorandum of understanding) this week to – end ALL mandates – at canada-unity.com. A documentary ‘Trucking for Freedom’ is in the works. James, please interview Jeremy Ragado at truckingforfreedom.com. He is a co-creator of the documentary. It’s going to be an incredible production since it will include uploaded offerings from ordinary people. Meaning it is actually Canadians own video clips. Also, Dr. Ron Paul posted a great Weekly Column ‘We are all Canadian Truckers Now’ https://mailchi.mp/ronpaulinstitute/convoy?e=39f506bee4 where he states the ‘Berlin Wall’ of tyrants has been breached, and he predicts this wave will now continue around the world.

  26. SilverBear says:

    Dear Mr. Corbett,

    Thank you for another Fake News Award show. The only award show I watch. On another note, I keep hoping to wake up from this nightmare. How can this sh*t show be real? I begged family, friends & neighbors not to get the shot to no avail. Heart officially broken. I’ve given up trying to warn people of our impending doom.

  27. Gagumba says:

    Fantastic show James & crew!

    Aaaand that’s a fact!

    Sending unlimited blessings to you & your Family.

  28. Gagumba says:

    Anyone see the classic Occult painting in the background?

  29. SuperBobo says:

    The Hinshaw reference at the beginning had me HOWLING, loudly, as I was doing my breakfast dishes. I appreciated every second of this episode including the somber moment of silence the ending inspired me to observe. Thanks to you and Brock for another epic hit. Your work is, as ever, deeply inspiring. Much love to you both.

  30. mkey says:

    Well done James, yet again. Maybe a parental advisory would be in order, or at least “warning, heaving ahead” could have been printed somewhere on the bottom of the screen.

    I just wanted to assure everyone that we are exactly where we need to be.

  31. mkey says:

    CBC faking the reality by pointing the camera in a more agreeable direction

  32. G. Jingping says:

    Excellent as always, James. Don’t let the bastards get you down. One of the ways I’m able to cope with all of this is seeing you make light of it, so don’t lose your wonderful sense of humor (or do you say “humour):)

  33. Litore Lapis says:

    Excellent presentation. Thanks James.

    Listen, I feel your fustration, but all that canbe done is your best. You have done that.

    It’s a huge boost to the troops out there, fighting the good fight. Well done, and best regards,


  34. cu.h.j says:

    Excellent show! Keep up the amazing work and your great sense of humor!

    Humor is very important and so are focusing on solutions. I have noticed more job boards for un-jabbed in the US anyway. I also follow activist Peggy Hall in Southern California who is very solutions focused for people in the US. She is well versed in the law and is following the litigation going on in the Supreme Court in the US.

    Her website called The Healthy American is here:

    There were a few job boards for un-jabbed folks in the US, and will post those when I find them.

  35. seasons says:

    The Dino award is especially appropriate for the Covid fake news. When I first heard about lockdowns and masks I felt like I went back in time. Honestly it feels like we are forced to waste our energy countering a narrative that should have never worked in the first place. The powers that shouldn’t be were very smart to realize that the public have completely taken early treatments, proper medical care, nutrition, and healthy living for granted. And that is an understatement considering these things responsible for the largest decrease in mortality are now being attacked as fringe theories and misinformation.

  36. pill says:

    This is a good comment from a stranger on Odysee:

    Well I sensed a down beat James Corbett tonight. I can relate to that, but this morning here in Croatia, I learned through colleagues of mine based in Barcelona, that their local government had scrapped all Covid passes. They were (3/4 of them) delighted to be able to go and have a meal in a restaurant again. Un injected and patient. As for us here in the balkans, all Covid passes that had been made mandatory for government public offices, places, are also being removed. A few at a time it seems. There is hope still, even in these dark hours we are going through. Light always shines at its brightest when all seems so obstructed, and dark. We are the great reset, we will prevail, because we must. Thanks to you, and james from média monarchy, as well as Ryan from TLAV, truth spreads far and wide. Keep on smiling and keep on hoping.
    Truth and family
    A French man in the balkans

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for passing along those tidbits.

      • pill says:

        I’ve heard that a high court in the EU’s new testbed Austria has some fundamental questions about their planned nationwide vaxx mandate. Questions like how many patients with vs. because of C in hospital; number of asymptomatic C deaths; avg age of hospitalized C patients with which variants; deaths per 100k by age; to which degree does wearing an FFP2 mask reduce infections; infections amongst vaxxed people and to which percentage does the inoculation reduce the risk of getting sick…

        What will happen next? Based on past experience, they could A) raid all private homes of those judges and members of the court; B) declare them to be “right-wing extremists” which need to be dealt with ; C) ignore them, hoping that court just forgets about everything within a couple of days; D) answer at least some of these questions…
        Most likely, some journalists who report on this will have their bank account suspended again, but that’s nothing unusual nowadays.

        And from Tom Woods:

        That we’ve managed, under these impossible conditions, to win any victories at all is a miracle. But they keep on coming.

        The most recent: in England, the National Health Service (NHS) mandate for health-care and home-care workers is being scrapped.

        There are a couple of reasons that this is especially welcome and happy news.

        First, it was only a week ago that the Daily Mail was running this headline: “‘No plans’ to scrap Covid vaccine mandate for frontline medics in England, Downing Street says as it doubles down on plan despite warnings NHS could lose 80,000 workers overnight.”

        So we went from “no plans” to “the mandate is scrapped” in a week.

  37. reddog says:

    God this was brilliant. I feel the seething anger alongside you. It’s so incredibly frustrating especially since there’s no way to stop it. Once the messages are ingrained in people’s minds via repeat exposure (eg the repeated mantra “safe and effective” or “the vaccine will stop the spread”) it’s hard to shatter their ego that’s trying to protect them. They no longer are open to conflicting viewpoints therefore furthering divide and the belief anyone whose not getting jabbed must be a Trump voting, QAnon misogynist. As a female who stopped being a Democrat in 2020, I take offense LOL

    Deactivating FB and turning off the news were two of the best things I did. I used my experience of being a molecular biology major in uni to think for myself after reading so many studies none of which said the things I heard coming out of people’s mouths. Watching this segment made me understand why some think the way they do if all they do is sit in front of CNN or FOX or even FB all day. What a slanted view of reality they receive (though they truly believe they’re getting fair and unbiased news). I’ve had to tell many friends to stop getting their science from the news. I’ve had to find new friends lol! The information is out there but the government is doing a fantastic job of making people terrified to think anything but what they want you to. Och I could go on.

  38. christina says:

    Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the time and effort you put forth to educate the public about all you cover. As a mother of an 11 year old who is slowly “growing out” of listening to my viewpoints and attempting to form her own opinions, I am grateful she has an outlet like yours to weigh in on the issues that are ultimately affecting her life – thank you!!

  39. Sabex says:

    I must admit, I laughed out loud several times. And got mad several times, too.

    Well played sir, well played.

  40. Hoomans Together Strong says:

    You forgot the thumbs!!!


  41. pill says:

    I think there should be more book recommendations.

    1984 – George Orwell – 9780141036144
    The Real Anthony Fauci – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – 9781510766808
    Corona, False Alarm – Sucharit Bhakdi – 9781645020578 or 9789124084394

    Nothing by Alex Berenson:

  42. Bilejones says:

    I was very disappointed with this. The idea and previous ones have been great.

    The amount of time wasting drivel was appalling. I like Corbett’s pieces because they are usually concise and well written and great for forwarding to those who need it most.
    I will not be showing anybody this. Corbett may have the time and money to piss away on this, I don’t. You don’t beat the clown media by becoming the clown media.
    My monthly widows mite will be going to someone who won’t piss it away on technicolor trash

  43. zyxzevn says:

    Good example of fake science:

    The Reality behind Vaccine Efficacy Numbers
    By miscategorizing numbers they can pretend it works,
    while in reality it is deadly.

  44. norton27 says:

    Very entertaining Annual Fake News Awards James. Especially enjoyed the Schwab and Son’s Cock-Rocket Emporium.
    I had meant to get my nomination in this week, but delayed too long. I’m in Canada and our #1 Fake News story of the year 2021 is most definitely the ‘Mass Grave Hoax’of 215 missing murdered discarded and strangely invisible indigenous children. Not one tiny broken corpse has been unearthed, but that didn’t stop Justin Trudeau and all our government owned media from telling us how dreadful our past white supremacist colonial oppressor ancestors were, from burning down churches all last summer, tearing down statues of previous prime ministers and flying flags at half mast for half a year! We even had to cancel Canada Day because of our collective shame, and rename it the 1st annual Truth and Reconciliation Day.
    Lauren Southern and Keeane Bexte did a good documentary ‘The Mass Grave Hoax’, and Jared Taylor just did a good American Renaissance report on this disgraceful fake news fraud.

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