Episode 384 - The Library of Alexandria is on Fire

09/18/202058 Comments

We all know the story of the Library of Alexandria, the vast repository of ancient texts that was burnt to the ground by Caesar in 48 B.C. While the story itself isn't accurate, it speaks to us today as we face the digital book burnings that are threatening the modern-day Library of Alexandria: the internet. In this speech delivered at the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth's Justice Rising conference on September 13, 2020, James Corbett connects the dots from that ancient story to the internet censorship of today, and outlines what we can do to fight the fire that is threatening our most important information.

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  1. Octium says:

    Carl Sagan’s account of the Library of Alexandria – and warning at the end.


  2. rtech says:

    Good recommendations at the conclusion for sure – I have just now added this video to my personal, local archive of Corbett’s library contributions. 🙂

  3. Zzzap says:

    Well done again James !
    Exactly why your “open source” journalism has attracted me to your brand ! You have raised the journalistic bar to where it should have always been.
    I will always admire that “open source “ attitude.

    I have been a professional hobbyist of the 3D arts and have spent countless hours learning and studying all versions of 3D software. I’d like to remind all my colleagues that the “open source” version of 3D artistic software (Blender.org 3D – free open source) has far outpaced the largest of the commercial versions.

    I equate this to as easy as it is to share a homemade cooking recipe online. That small piece of information can have huge rewards!

    Go open source .

  4. minnie says:

    Another brilliant and very thought-provoking video from James. But it made me think that while “book burning” in any form is abhorrent, our goal should not be to save all knowledge and preserve and spread The Truth.

    There are many different ways of looking at information, however factual, and the real crime, in my opinion, is myth-building, the way that societies create myths of the past in order to present things in a certain way.

    One of the worst ways that they do that, in my opinion, is through education and schooling. Some types of education are excellent, but I found, through studying History at school and university, that a very skewed picture of the world was presented, simply by the types of texts that were selected for study. However my university history taught me a lot about how to research, and this is to my mind the most important thing of all – to show people how to question information and to think critically.

    Did the Nazi’s book burning help them build the kind of traditionalist society they wanted? I think it did exactly the opposite and instead made more people question the regime. Much more successful at keeping information withheld was the Church’s way of publishing its texts in Latin so that only priests and elites could read them.

  5. Jed says:

    I’d bet Jorge Louis Borges ‘d be proud of you Mr.

  6. manbearpig says:

    My initiation to this notion of burning books and human beings began at this moment:

    “Violence against academics in post-invasion Iraq

    “…which began when the American army entered Baghdad…”

    “Violence against academics in post-invasion Iraq

    “…One of the earliest reports on this violence was Robert Fisk’s report in July 2004.[8] Fisk stated that “university staff suspect that there is a campaign to strip Iraq of its academics, to complete the destruction of Iraq’s cultural identity which began when the American army entered Baghdad.” The violence became the subject of an international appeal by the BRussells Tribunal in January 2006.[9] The BRussells Tribunal continues to collect information on the subject. It listed 410 killed academics and 76 threatened academics as of December 20, 2008.[10]

    Little is known about the group or groups responsible for the attacks. The BRussells Tribunal states that “Not one individual has been apprehended in connection with these assassinations.”…

    …The extent of the violence against academics has prompted fears of a brain drain in Iraq of those academics who are not killed. According to UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization director-general Koïchiro Matsuura: “By targeting those who hold the keys of Iraq’s reconstruction and development, the perpetrators of this violence are jeopardizing the future of Iraq and of democracy.” [13]


    “…which began when the American army entered Baghdad…”

    A wiki entry, ok, but… not clear exactly who murdered Irak’s intelligentsia…

    Cui bono?

  7. nirvana says:

    “Nothing more subversive than a long and objective memory.” – unknown
    “Memory as humanities sixth sense” – Mark Passio
    Thanks Corbett Report

  8. padraig says:

    sweet sweet blue rodeo from the glorious region of ontariario!


    the cowfolks hate us. we love em back!
    hahahahahahaha ‘CEPT FOR HOCKEY

  9. robert.t says:

    A few years back I was invited to do the translating of old weather/harvest records from the Hampshire region. My slab took in the period from after the Black Death into the Tudor period (when new land systems meant there were fewer records). I’m no scholar, more a versatile cowboy, but I thought: how hard can it be?

    On receiving what I expected to be the simple Latin texts I came up against abbreviations, localisms and odd usages which left me completely stumped. Up to a hundred years ago, the scholarly types who might have poked around in old records would not have needed educating in such matters, nor would they have bothered with translations. But things have changed. There are still specialists able just to glance and read…but not many, and not me.

    About to apologise and give up on the little project, I decided on one more hunt about the internet for help.

    And there, lying about in an obscure file from the earliest days of the internet, was a glossary of Latin terms used by clerks in southern England during the late Middle Ages. The job could go ahead, easily.

    This was work done for a scholar interested, like me, in questioning the climate beat-up. So we had our bias in chasing these simple facts. What surprised then and surprises still is how the massive (multiplied by humungous) climate industry could leave such resources ignored and untapped. Nobody was reading this stuff, hardly anybody could read it, yet it was surely important to the whole climate “debate”.

    Anyway, someone posted that glossary in the early nineties, someone let it lie there on some server, someone found it twenty years later. Thanks to that little bit of trouble, a few more simple truths and hard facts about the past have made their way into current English. A few more inquiring people have a few more points of comparison. (The big stunt of the climate botherers is to allow comparatives but not to allow points of comparison. Something can be hotter, drier, worse, more extreme, more dangerous, more frequent…but there is no “than” there.)

    Anyway, that glossary is now on three hard disks in my home, as well as in the cloud. Nobody is interested in it now, not even me, but that’s not the point. When somebody was warming their soup with the works of Aeschylus a couple of thousand years ago they should have thought of us. We should think of the people a couple of thousand years from now. (It’ll probably be the end of the Holocene by then, so best not to tempt any soup-eaters with paper or combustibles.)

  10. urthp says:

    You point to Youtube (and facebook etc) as “enemy weapons info systems”. Coming closer to the nitty gritty, we see enemy controlled credit & currency systems. The ultimate global directorate are the people who key in the data appearing in US Fed Reserves Credit ledger and can change the ledger with impunity. This ledger is universally referenced as reality – the global ledger of last resort.

  11. CQ says:

    Hey, fellow Corbetteers!

    Do any of you remember that young man who worked (I think) in the shipping department/warehouse at a large company (maybe a grocery chain)?

    He posted a short video a few months ago showing someone at the company doing temperature checks of all the employees at the entrance.

    In the early part of the video, he was in his car, I think, as he approached the employee parking lot, where he was stopped by some kind of corporate “plandemic police,” if I recall rightly.

    He couldn’t bear to be part of the scam, to watch everyone willingly giving up their right to personal sovereignty, so he quit his job.

    Anyone remember his name or where we talked about it in the comments section?

    I’m counting on one or more of your brilliant memories to come through for me — and thanks in advance!


  12. mkey says:

    On Monday night cops were forced to remove Reed Bender from a Mitchell school board meeting in South Dakota because he refused to wear a mask

    Reed Render, a South Dakota man, has shown how it’s done. Hopefully, there will be some followup. Another corollary of the event is the the two cops were very uncomfortable, but still acted like order followers. dailymail’s delivery is surprisingly objective, unlike other sources for this news, like tmz.

    I initially found this on Tony Heller’s channel, but his rendition was shortened for more than a minute thus leaving out quite a bit of context. At the end of the full video you can see that, while people obviously acquiesce, it’s not 100% tacit. Too many people just obeying.

    • CQ says:

      HRS, South Dakota? I thought that SD was the state with the really relaxed governor, who wasn’t rolling out and enforcing all the pandemic restrictions? Even if that’s true, am I to infer that the local yokels can impose whatever rules they want to?

      Anyway, I’m proud of Reed. He and the woman who was videotaping him (and who spoke afterwards, with her mask under her chin) spoke the truth. Those lame “officials” on the dais seem to love power-tripping. And yet the people in the audience are supposedly their friends and neighbors!

      The folks who sat there stupidly with their eyes lowered and their cloth diapers wrapped around their heads make me sick to my stomach.

      A close-up of divide-and-conquer in action, huh? Only they did NOT conquer Reed, even if they did manage to haul him out of the room.

      • mkey says:

        I thought it was North Dakota that was a bit more relaxed? This appears to be school policy anyhow.

        Not only are they enforcing school policy, but they are pulling out a taser to enforce it while obviously objecting what they are doing. Cognitive dissonance extraordinaire.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        You gotta love Reed Bender and his wife. They both exhibit empathy, yet Reed made a courageous statement.

        I grasp what the large lady was saying about the “huddle of parents” at the football game. At the game, everyone ignored the rules…because it was football.

        Zero Hedge
        Fri 9/18
        South Dakota: America’s Sweden
        (There is a 9 minute June video embedded “Gov. Noem: Lessons Learned from COVID-19” –Worth a few minutes… Great words…but her actions came up short.)

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    We appreciate Broc adding some texture to this video.
    Visuals always help digestion.

    • debra.b says:

      Yes! Broc’s visuals are the best. Thank you Broc!

      I watched this presentation first here at the full live stream of this day of the Justice Rising conference. Just after James at about the 3:33 mark they have on Benny Wills who has been a guest on CR and he reads an excellent poem he wrote. I really, really loved it! I can’t set the linked to be queued at the time mark on an iPad. HRS, maybe you can help me out with that. I’ve been searching for a clip of Benny Wills on its own to post, but haven’t found one. Either way, it’s a short segment (less than 15 mins I think) very much worth hearing, imho. 🙂


      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        FEATURE – Mr. Benny Wills

        Closing a three day event, Benny Wills delivers final thoughts on Sunday Sept 13, 2020 at “JUSTICE RISING | 9/11 IN 2020 (Big Picture Sunday)” following James Corbett’s “The Library of Alexandria is on Fire”.

        At the January 2015 Anarchapulco, Benny Wills recruited James Corbett and others to help produce a short video of Positive Propaganda for the “Joy Camp” YouTube Channel entitled “Stand Up to Cancer Causes”.
        But, alas, YouTube has censored the video because YouTube and its affiliates want to see more cancer and suffering.

        However, there is good news! The “Stand Up to Cancer Causes” video is intact at the tail end of this Corbett Report video. See James and others deliver positive propaganda.
        March 5, 2019
        Positive Propaganda? – #PropagandaWatch
        (8 1/2 minutes)

        One of my favorite Joy Camp videos is…
        Conspiracy Guy – Chemtrails
        (2 minutes)
        (Warning – A few characters may remind you of some people you know.)

        Benny Wills eventually decided to shift gears from his usual “Joy Camp” creativity. Find out more below.
        On December 13, 2017, James Corbett released…
        Interview 1333 – Benny Wills Creates Conscious Poetry
        (19 minutes)

  14. Jonathan says:

    I suggest that the medium on which you save information is likely to become important. When there is an “i-911″, there will be a mass destruction of information, after which the official custodians of knowledge will be the sole arbiters of”truth”. How will they destroy saved copies? Well ideas that spring immediately to mind include EMP and viruses. EMP will scramble all hard drives not stored in a layered Faraday cage; a virus which sits and waits for a particular date or signal can delete everything on a drive.
    Remember the campaign to encourage everyone to change from storing on DVDs to “The Cloud”? This included the idea that DVDs deteriorate over time, and a campaign to pressure software writers to make their programs default to save at least a copy of everything on the The Cloud.
    I don’t know what the best answer is, but I would suggest that DVDs might well be better as backup (not everyday use) than external hard drives, stored in a simple Faraday cage.
    As operating systems change you will also need a stored computer able to access it.

  15. Antonio says:

    Thanks for the spoiler to Fahrenheit 451, James! 🙂

    I still may read it, though, just because it sounds like a great story. I can’t believe I’ve never read it.

  16. andrew.s says:

    Dear James

    How does one best save all this information? Books have the disadvantage of being easy victims to fire and mould, and they also take up space, but on the other hand they can simply be taken off the shelf and read.

    With a hard drive, however, one needs an apparatus in order to access or retrieve the information. With time, the contents decay. The information can be deleted by an energy or magnetic surge or corrupted by an update. As technology changes old formats can no longer be read. As an example, how can I read something I saved years ago on a huge floppy disc? One needs to have an old computer which still works. What’s the best way round these difficulties?

    Another matter: Has anyone heard recently from Andrew Gavin Marshall, a researcher from Canada who put out some good research and was also compiling ‘The People’s Book’? I think you even had him on your show. I haven’t been able to find anything new from him in quite a while and was wondering what has happened to him. Has he been disappeared?

  17. Oscar says:

    So to help preserve valuable truth-information that we encounter online, 2 babysteps that we ourselves can take, are:

    1) Save this valuable truth-information to our own harddrive
    (I use “4K Video Downloader” for downloading video’s or “Open Broadcast Software” to capture streaming or anything I can’t download directly)

    2) Upload it to different platforms
    (for example BitChute, Internet Archive, LBRY, Minds, etc)

    Maybe even a third step:
    3) check if it has been taken down on some platforms, and upload it again on as many platforms as you can

    In this way, they will never beat a decentralized movement such as ours.

    Godspeed to us all!

  18. geronimo says:

    There is a court case in Ohio against the Governor’s office regarding the unlawful and baseless lockdown practices. The document the lawyers released is a comprehensive and definitive article against the official Covid narrative. New York Times posted an article destroying the validity of the PCR test. CNN recently ran an article showing that the Covid death rate is well below 1% for anyone under 70. Those two news organizations running articles so destructive to Covid narrative confuses and scares me. What a nightmare it would be that all us deniers finally make progress ending mask mandates and lockdowns and then they release a real virus, forever banning any future dissent because it “led to” the real outbreak. It would create real, logically viable hatred towards anyone that ever questioned the narrative. This could realistically lead to it actually being illegal to disagree with the UN and WHO, likely about global warming as well because that’s their other big agenda, because the denial cost so many lives. We would all be heretics, persecuted for our lies. It would be the most ruthless of intellect. This is the absolute worst thing that could happen. It would seal the win for the globalist agenda. I’m usually not afraid of globalists actually completing their endgame, but this scenario terrifies me. What do you think about this?

    • Zzzap says:

      Ug. Yes, I too thought about that “play” by the tyrannical sources creating this.
      I don’t doubt that this can be a hand played especially with all the technology available. Imagine how easy it would be to erase a disobedient or problematic civilian. Let me count the ways.
      However, I don’t think this would be a hand that is favoured. It would negate our “free will” in the matter.
      I think the idea is to have us inflict the damage to ourselves, thereby negating any karmic consequence for destroying someone own “free will”.
      It would be straight murder and would bring itself another set of “karmic” consequences.
      I’m nobody special and speaking metaphysically of course.
      A “murder” like that would itself just add another layer of “lies” that would need to be uncovered by more “truth”.
      Imagine having true science analyze the consequences of those horrific actions. Yes we would see the familiar propagandist and denialistic defensively, but time and truth do prevail! Someone someday would get to the root cause of it all….if they’re searching.

      Not to add another explosion to the fire, but today I discovered late news about the:

      “Christchurch Call to Action”


      I know I joked about being “Enemies of the State” but I’m laughing scared at how quickly it all seems to be happening.

      I know what side I’m on, it really just seems like a truth vs non-truth battle.

      Help me out. Thoughts?

      • Jed says:

        Totally, sheeple are whipped-up into a self-demolishing frenzy as the farmers sit back and watch the free demolition while avoiding all the negative karma. It won’t work, sheeple would have to move, put down phones and such.

  19. scpat says:

    JP of AwakenWithJP interviews Brian Rose of London Reel. I would recommend watching it, it is very interesting and entertaining. At one point in the interview Brian discusses how he was censored simultaneously by YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Dropbox, and Paypal.

    This type of censorship was discussed by Corbett in an earlier podcast when Alex Jones was taken down from all platforms simultaneously. This is so fascinating because of course it is proof that these big tech companies are working in concert. They are all talking to each other and then, like a well coordinated police raid, are basically disappearing people/content from the internet. This is horrifying. I knew this was happening, but to hear it explained again from another person’s perspective was quite informative.

    (Queued video)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I had watched that awhile back.
      In my opinion, I thought that JP was a bit too much obsequious.

      My poor impression of the interview could also be due to some bias of my own. I do not identify with Brian Rose of London Reel…not at all. He’s a suit. The comment section of that interview also contained a lot of criticism targeting Rose.

      There is another interview where Robert F Kennedy, Jr. interviews JP.
      During the conversation, a DYNAMIC ASPECT of Kennedy’s personality shown brightly…he is curious and interested, and genuinely so.
      It impressed me.
      However, there were times in the conversation that I thought JP was somewhat too absorbed in his own ideas. During their back-n-forth, Kennedy would lightly mention something about his own life (which I wanted to know more about), but JP hardly acknowledged it and went on about his own concepts.

      But that is just a piece of my own take of these two different conversations.

      I still enjoy and like JP a lot. And I really appreciate how he is trying to get folks to look. He has substance.

      • scpat says:

        You know, I can totally see what you are saying. I only watched about 30 minutes of this interview so I didn’t get the full taste. At the beginning, I noticed that JP was almost telling Rose how Rose felt. It seemed a bit presumptuous or imposing.

        And with Rose, I noticed that he didn’t want to question, at least in a recorded interview, why the tech giants censored him. I think that is the crucial question. He also covered any speculations he may have had with the line about not being a “conspiracy theorist.” However, I still think it is instructive to see the de-platforming of alternative points of view. Very dangerous.

        I’ll have to check out that Kennedy interview. I like him.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          “I still think it is instructive to see the de-platforming of alternative points of view.”

          Man! No kidding.
          Like you, I love getting information and different perspectives.

          And…the acceleration of world events with this Covid Era has really been (and still is) an accelerated learning experience for me. I evolve.

          On another note…
          I gotta really commend you.
          I love seeing your posts.
          You are so good at giving a description or excerpts or transcripts which make it easy to quickly grasp what is in the link.
          I’m sure that I am not the only one who appreciates it.

          • scpat says:

            Thank you! I really truly appreciate that. Especially coming from you.

            That is how I like to view information so I figured I would try to present it to others that way as well. Partly it is also to leave a well defined documentation trail so this information can be found later on when another piece of information connects to it.

  20. FortunateSons says:

    Anyway, just wanted to tickle fancy regarding Q. It seems to me that lots of “Alexandrias” are on fire at the moment. IPOT or In Pursuit of Truth…a Q Anon debugger from when it started has done some fairly interesting research into various things….was just banned from YouTube. Very interesting. Mouthy Buddha has been an interesting twist on things also and has been banned. I’ve started listening to Quite Frankly at night just to clean up the kitchen and cook supper and what not. Amazing Polly has been interesting as well and banned. They all have a “Trump” bent that I’m not entirely comfortable with.

    Wondering this…”digital warriors unite!” “trust the plan”…etc etc. Could be pointing out various links, threads, rabbit holes, etc. Just thinking from an algorithmic perspective, using search terms and links from QANON posts and various key words..I wonder, if Q is just a deep state fake (Which I’ve always thought was exactly what it was) and is just a way for “those guys” to clean up their presence on the web. Have the “digital warriors” go about their business digging up dirt while the deep state follows along behind the scenes sweeping these links and so on up and dumping them into the dust bins of the digital age…

    Just wondered your thoughts….

  21. Octium says:

    An excellent follow on “rant” from Truthstream Media about access to physical books being restricted in the age of COVID-1984

    And Then They Came for the Books…

    RemoveTube link to the same…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      It was good!
      Aaron brought up some very important points, especially the aspects of Centralized control by the system.

      When Technocrats control information, only a normie will say, “This will turn out well.”

  22. Steve Smith says:

    The psychology of totalitarianism – A book for burning? (Part 1)

    Mattias Desmet

    “On January 25, 2023, Ghent University banned the use of my book The Psychology of Totalitarianism in the course “Critique of Society and Culture”. That happened in the aftermath of a media storm that erupted in September 2022 following my interviews with Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones. I already wrote about that in a previous Substack essay.”

    “This procedure against me, which eventually led to the banning of my book in January 2023, is quite complex. It reads a bit like Franz Kafka. Several councils and committees were involved and it is not easy to describe this bureaucratic tangle in a way that does not become utterly boring. I’m going to try it anyway on a later occasion, but first I’m going to focus on the capstone of the logic of the process.”

    Full article:


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