Why Aren't Insurers 9/11 Truthers? - Questions For Corbett #067

09/08/202041 Comments

As we approach the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 false flag, Leonard writes in to ask about the insurers who paid Silverstein and his cohorts over four and a half billion dollars as a result of those attacks. Why did the insurers never investigate the possibility of controlled demolition? Why did they pay out billions of dollars without calling the official 9/11 narrative into question? James investigates.

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9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money

Insurers Agree to Pay Billions at Ground Zero

Double Indemnity

Shapiro admits Silverstein phoned insurers about demolishing WTC7

Silverstein says WTC7 redesign ready in April of 2000

World Trade Center owner suing airlines for billions for 9/11 attacks

World Trade Center owners’ bid to sue airlines for 9/11 attacks blocked

Airline defendants to pay $95 million in 9/11 settlement

Con Ed and Insurers Sue Port Authority Over 7 World Trade

Con Ed suit against Silverstein and Citigroup at 7 WTC dismissed

Silverstein cleared of blame for 7 World Trade’s fall on 9/11

10 Major Shareholders in Swiss Re (is actually one)

Meet The Billionaire Developer Who Rebuilt The World Trade Center To Heal New York After 9/11

The Bonds of August: Refinancing the Twin Towers on the eve of destruction

Insurers scramble to avoid 9/11-style coronavirus backlash

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  1. james.w says:

    The insurers got to raise their rates for everyone, got to sell terrorism insurance, for “losses” that they will never have to pay since it won’t happen again.
    Moreover, the buildings were not worth 1.7 billion since they contained asbestos insulation which would have had to be removed to meet codes – which would have cost $ billions

    • Qno says:

      Insurers are people, this is not their own money they are playing with. They get paid for administering the claim, however it turns out.

      I would also point out it is usual in the insurance industry for loss adjusters to get paid a percentage of the final settlement. This seems a bizarre sort of performance incentive, but that is how it is done. I did ask a friend once who was a loss adjuster why they didn’t incentivise him to reduce the claim as much as possible, and his response was that if they didn’t reduce the claim they wouldn’t get hired, so that was the incentive. All the same, based on that formula, if they get to nullify the claim completely they get nothing. If the claim (or part of it) gets paid on a claim that size they get millions.

  2. robert.t says:

    A bit of realism never goes astray. Some legal squabbles, some expenses, some losses, some disappointments, some rocks for Larry amid the diamonds…

    When you have jetliners propelled with deadly accuracy at maximum speed near sea level – piloted by jumpy amateurs with coke hangovers, no less – well, you need to chuck in some realism, some distractions, somewhere.

    Maybe the various crime families running the job really were trying to snatch extra, do some low-rent pilfering on one another. Why not? These aren’t heroic Miltonian demons, these are demons who hold up the supermarket line while they fossick for their fifty-cent coupon.

    Nothing about 9/11 is believable. Not one thing. The perpetrators have boundless energy, power and resources. Yet they are devoid of any imagination. They might have aspired to something believable, but nothing is believable. Without the full weight of statist and state media (ie all the media) none of it would be believed.

    Who walks through clouds of pulverised asbestos? Those who believe the media against all reason. But we must never confuse the controllers’ ability to enforce belief with actual imagination. They have none. It tortures them that they have no imagination.

    Which is why the new world they are straining to bring about is just a slummy, dreary, mismanaged, pedestrian hell-hole.

  3. mkey says:

    A quick meme as a minute addition to this excellent episode.

  4. Libertydan says:

    I think the Events of 9/11/01 were the result of a collaboration of a number of evil players. Bush #2 (son of a former CIA Director) and Cheney (Chair of Think Tank for New American Century) were key. Had Gore won the 2000 Election (he actually did), these False Flag Events could not have taken place. We should take note that the Bush family and friends were deeply involved in the Savings and Loan Scandal and many of the 20 year payouts were about to be paid which could have provided evidence based on who they were paid to. As part of the “Fog of War” created by the 9/11/01 Events there was a suspension on keeping records for those cashing in on the Savings and Loan Scam. Indeed many of the Records that could have incriminated the Bush Family and Friends were in Building #7.
    I also think it no quiescence that all this came down only one day after Rumsfeld announces that he has discovered $2.3 Trillion missing from the Pentagon Books and promises to get to the bottom of it. (this is 505 times what Silverstien got from Insurance Companies). Note that every evil player could have been paid from this $2.3 Trillion, and it’s discovery likely moved up the date for making it happen.
    The fact that the Accounting Dept at the Pentagon was taken out along with it’s records, and that the Back-up records at Building #7 were taken out on the same day is not something Arab Terrorists planned.
    Indeed this was an inside job from the top down (it involved the elected President), and Israeli Mossad was involved to do much of the dirty work because Americans could not be “Trusted” to keep a secret.
    Note that more people have been killed by their own Government than by foreign invaders. Thus, beware of your own Government, especially if it has been Incorporated in such a way as to treat it’s “Citizens” like employees which it Controls for the benefit of “The Government”.

    • suzt says:

      LibertyDan wrote:
      Had Gore won the 2000 Election (he actually did), these False Flag Events could not have taken place.

      Question: why wouldn’t 9/11 have occurred under Gore too?

      RE: SnL under Regan was the result of neoliberal deregulation. Clinton and the Ds supported that and pushed additional deregulation of the entire banking system to set up the collapse of 2008.

      I don’t see this as an R vs D thing but if you do, please educate me as to why.

      • lovetodust says:

        I’ve never thought of that before.

        Would 9/11 have happened if Bush was not President. I have always thought of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfewitz as the prime movers on that with the New World Order and their plans for the New Century.

        Is that why the 2000 election had to be fixed?

        Has anyone else ever given this much thought? I’d love to hear.

        • nigel.m says:

          There was 1 more member of that “inner circle” of Bush, Cheney and Cheney. He doesn’t get mentioned hardly ever. His name is L Paul Bremer. He ended up with a plum job in the reconstruction of Iraq in 2003.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      “Note that every evil player could have been paid from this $2.3 Trillion, and it’s discovery likely moved up the date for making it happen.”

      Yes that’s the first thing that came to my mind a long time ago, when considering the ‘expenses’ of 9/11 and where the funds would come to pay them off.

      After the expenses were paid off, the rest was likely divvied up amongst
      the key players.

      That’s why I always laugh when the MSM spends so much time trying to incriminate the Saudi’s as one of the key funders of the operation.

      Like a few million here and there really made any difference? 🙂

    • Peripatêtikos says:

      The fact that mega-crook Al Gore is not the person to have in office for the 9/11 false flag has nothing to do with electoral politics. It’s an HR decision.

      • Steve Smith says:

        This whole question about what would have happened if this or that guy was the puppet de jour seems to imply that there is not a global entity with an agenda that is attempting to implement its plans.
        911 was a world changing event. An international milestone that took a lot of planning. Would it all have been scrapped if the Florida chad count had come up in Al’s favor?
        Or is it just that they would have been forced to use different tactics? I don’t get it. Is it being suggested that Gore would not have reacted the same way as Bush? Would not have followed the script? Why wouldn’t he have? Wasn’t it a powerful Democrat who quoted something about not letting a good crisis go to waste around that time?
        I am surprised that the American left right political stuff is taken so seriously around here. What am I missing?

        • Peripatêtikos says:

          Taking any aspect of the BS at face value is perilous: Left-Right fake, but hanging chads real?

          Speculation citing a few or many of these things yields little profit. It wastes time and energy, distracts attention from meaningful concerns, creates division, triggers people, etc., and that’s all a propaganda victory.

          The daily drill in the media: throw today’s load of BS at the wall and talk about it. Whatever sticks, talk about that tomorrow, along with tomorrow’s load. Repeat.

          The larger BS projects – 9/11, Covid, Russiagate, Climate hoax, every single election, to name only a few examples – require special manufacturing and planning, but the daily BS model accommodates and amplifies.

          None of it has to make sense, it just has to be talked about to the exclusion of sense.

          • Steve Smith says:

            “ Taking any aspect of the BS at face value is perilous: Left-Right fake, but hanging chads real?”

            Trust me, even though I was a statist back in 2000 I knew that the election wasn’t decided by hanging chads or even by Florida.
            My point was that it would have made zero difference to the globalist plan if Gore were elected. Just as it makes no difference who gets elected in Nov. in the big scheme of things.
            But thats just my opinion.

  5. pearl says:

    Oh cool! I just noticed that the embedded video stream above is an Archive platform and that you have a vast CR library over there! Good to know! Am I just now noticing something that has always been included as a viewing option (the story of my life), or is this new (assure me I’m not losing it)?

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Richard Gage side-interview by James Corbett in this “Questions For Corbett”

    September 2, 2020 Interview 1573 – Richard Gage Delivers Updates on 9/11 Truth

    Richard Gage of AE911Truth.org joins us to discuss the various actions, inquests, studies, documentaries and conferences that are happening around the 19th anniversary of 9/11.
    (James Corbett will play a role in this coming event.)

  7. Qno says:

    Just an observation: the demolition of WTC 7 was clearly a different technique to towers 1 and 2. Building 7 collapsed from the bottom, the others collapsed top down. Apart from the optics of the plan crashes, is there some significance in this?

    • Qno says:

      Plan crashes – ha ha! Very freudian

    • mkey says:

      I’d say the difference is due to the building size and construction. WTC7 was a standard steel reinforced concrete building so it was brought down like a standard steel reinforced concrete building.

      On the other hand, who knows what was used to bring down the towers.

  8. fire says:

    Silverstein claims (16:52) that plans to rebuild WTC7 began in April 2000. Like his September 2002 PBS claim to have had WTC7 “pulled” before its collapse, methinks he hasn’t mispoken, as James suggests (16:58).

    I remember watching a Youtube video circa 2006 made by a former, official WTC7 photographer. He stated that in the mid to late 1990’s a series of meetings was called to address the WTC7’s asbestos problem. The final meeting was held in 1999, I think, wherein the only feasible solution was to raze the entire building at a cost of $25 billion. Upon hearing that, Silverstein dismissed the architectural consultants. Everyone, including the photographer, received severence pay before they were told to never step foot on the premises again. It’s reasonable to assume Silverstein had assembled another team to come up with his post-9.11 Plan B, as he clearly said, by April 2000.

    The official WTC7 photographer (I can’t remember his name) who put this video up in the “early” years of 9.11 awareness did so as a public record. Needless to say, Google/Youtube has taken it down or somehow made it unaccessible now. You might find it in the Way Back Machine somehow as another cookie crumb to follow.

  9. CreativeLife says:

    One thing you know for sure, when you think you can put a qualifier on these dark psychological operations, and play the name it and claim it game you are gonna spin and spin like you just gave a vigorous twist to your mind. Now lets use our imagination and pretend we are Lord Rothschild and we have been producing plays for years leading up to the greatest performance of the century. It’ been quite a task lining up all the directors, producers and actors to pull it off for this grand opening. Lots of rehearsing in the past to get to the preemptive lines. Lots of fan based societies watching on.

    Shadow gov’t in place, check. Military sector, check. Media sector, check. Human Resources, check. Judges, lawyers, police check. Order followers, check. Blackmail security in place, check. Exit strategy, check. Regulators, commissioners, politicians and waste management, check. CIA operatives, in caves, check. Distraction Action, check
    Communication and logistics, check. First Response crisis team, check. Lying eye witnesses, check. Crisis actors and surrogate families, check. Oh crap, now what about the planes??? pilots?? Side shows in Shanksville and Pentagon, check Explosives, check ……..totally dumbed down audience, double check.
    Fear meter ready for launch, check…..can we keep laughing at them for years, check. Is there any loop hole left to prosecute….aw um it’s been 19 years but their still trying, pretty good distraction, ey?

  10. CreativeLife says:

    Now James put up a pretty good article pointing to what we may be up against.
    Insurance? 3/11
    September, here we are folks:

    Insurers’ COVID-19 Notepad: What You Need to Know Now (Week of September 7)

    So they must have the VIRUS identified as they changed the insurance clauses years ago to have the clause that a virus could not be used for a pay out on interrupted income, even if the gov’t declared you were a non essential and had to close. Of course, not Wal Mart for example, just the independent small/med businesses. Insurance has always been a scam and guess who controls the insurance markets and the majority of companies in the US and CAN? R……..!
    Easy to find, look it up? Started it all with life insurance Mutual and Manual and the fear of being hit by a train. Staged event? think about it.

    Now life insurance not for Covid after last spring as far as I can see, medical insurance, on and on.

    And then there’s agriculture. Oh my! You have no idea how many have been hit hard this year. Continuous spraying, continuous rain and wind. Doesn’t matter what kind of farming, there’s big trouble happening everywhere, meat, dairy, crops….and how do you think they will deal with operating insurance for the farmers. It’s bad folks, producers are being crippled for life and it has nothing to do with health. They are talking of the solvency of the whole insurance sector of the economy. Using bankruptcy and liquidity scams to buy up claims and foreclose. They forced them to buy their seed, ruin their land and now their coming after it all. They’ll set up another phony compensation fund and get the dumb public to watch their tv and believe they care and are helping people.
    Just another act in the play of deception. Just like the phony pictures of lottery winners, and luxury homes. Not saying it all is but I’ll bet my spinning top the majority of philanthropic and charity news is nothing but scamtastic.
    So there’s likely lots more on the insurance side of things, do check out James article post, it is revealing. Lots of nuggets in his links.
    Thanks James, now let’s get back to the children and the psychological effects of what is going on and guard their precious little innocent minds.
    without exposing the Cabal or the cult or the hellfire boys, we cannot help but keep flying in those ever concentric circles. If we don’t get focused soon we won’t know what hit us. Have fun trying to make sense of an illusion, it’s very time consuming and even more unfruitful. Blessings.

  11. CreativeLife says:

    Shoot, I was just letting my dog out and ta dah the light went on! You know how every call you make they say, due to the Covid you may have to wait longer than …..blah, blah, blah.
    Now, it wouldn’t suprise me that (picture Carol Burnett doing her nasal receptionist) DUE TO THE COVID we cannot cover for theft, vandalism and fire as there no longer is valid police protection or fire protection. We are not able to refund your policy due to an increase in call volume and no staff available DUE TO THE COVID. We will continue our services when there are no reported cases for a period of 2 months. Until then stay well and keep safe. Don’t dial 911 it doesn’t work due to the Covid. Good bye.

  12. urthp says:

    The Southern District of NY, may be viewed as a financially independent political body or LLC with a dual Israel – US identity. NYC is the seat of the global banking power in charge of management of military & police operations. 9-11 may be counted as a psyop in “advanced theatrical military demolition operations”. Pearl Harbor was a similar single day theatrical event. The Japs came, they bombed, they left.
    $25 billion to remove the asbestos does seem a bit steep.
    So you have a $25 billion technical problem? Let the Cabal & it’s Mossad techno-troopers solve it for you in a most creative way.

    • fire says:

      That’s $25 billion to raze the entire building and dispose of the asbestos. Perhaps a lot of money to do legally… or perhaps even more to do illegally, especially when it’s farmed out to the underworld. Either way, it must have been too steep for Silverstein to pay. So, as he says, he came up with Plan B in April 2000, more than a year before 9.11.

  13. truthseeker9 says:

    What happened to all the precious metals stored under the towers? I know “they” sold some gold melted and made into trinkets, alleged to be from under the towers. I doubt that! More likely the metals were removed ahead of the demolition. Was the precious metal returned to the owners, or was it stolen and the banks(for example)that owned the metals, made insurance claims? The Bank of Nova Scotia, I read, was one that had metals stored there. I have never heard any evidence of claims paid. If no insurance claims were made for the precious metals, it would be very suspicious.

  14. lovetodust says:

    I’ve never thought of that before.

    Would 9/11 have happened if Bush was not President. I have always thought of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfewitz as the prime movers on that with the New World Order and their plans for the New Century.

    Is that why the 2000 election had to be fixed?

    Has anyone else ever given this much thought? I’d love to hear.

  15. holmesmd2 says:

    Yea, though I walk
    through the Valley of
    Shadow of Corona Virus,
    I shall fear no Evil.

    For I have
    Green Tea
    Gin and
    Tonic Water.

    …AND the Corbett Report, OF COURSE!

  16. Dolly says:

    Hello, I have a comment/question. ‘They’ expect us to accept a covid19 ‘vaccine’ to make it safe for others,…however they can continue to evolve artificial intelligence that can possibly endanger the world. Isn’t this contrary? I’m a danger without a vaccine while they create danger??

    There has to be a way for us all to come together and make a difference,…or is it really about who has the most money wins in the end? Forgive my naivety, but what can we do? Class Action Suit? Other than the security of my little Hemlock box, I feel lost in a world that is quickly sinking into the abyss of pure evil.

  17. dd2 says:

    Hi James –

    I’m curious if you have looked into the theory put forth by Dr. Judy Wood that the towers were taken down via DEW’s and the strange phenomenon known as The Hutchinson Effect. There is a great overview of this that was done by “Near Death Experiment” on YT, here’s the link if anyone is interested:


    Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated, as I recall you did a docu on Tesla, so you would potentially know the capabilities of this type of destructive Tesla technology. After watching the video above and reading more about Dr. Judy Wood’s theory, it seems to make the most sense to me.

  18. katiyi says:

    That is indeed a great and interesting question. I never thought about the insurance companies point of vue. And the answer is as interesting as the question…

  19. Flatspokes says:

    Very interesting. When getting business insurance for myself I had to waive terrorist coverage because my business was unlikely to be affected by an attack. So insurance companies are profiting handsomely from the false narrative by all the duped people who are afraid that a terrorist is going to fly a jumbo jet into their used book store in Timbuktu USA.

    • Flatspokes says:

      I don’t know if anyone has already mentioned this but after looking through my insurance policy and found that there was a “ Terrorism Risk Insurance Act”. For me the annual premium was $10. Obviously, we know this is a policy that would NEVER have a claim and would never pay out because there will never be a need for it. Just money in the bank for insurance companies.

  20. pem says:

    Hi James,

    With respect to the question you raise as to why the insurers of the Twin Towers would not bring up the issue of explosive demolition of the buildings, I have a theory. Even if they proved that the towers were destroyed with explosives, this is just a different form of terrorist attack, and they would presumably still be liable to Silverstein under his terrorist coverage policy. In order for the insurers to escape liability, they would need to prove that Silverstein was part of the plot to destroy the buildings. They probably looked into this and decided there was insufficient evidence to prove that Silverstein had a role in the plot. Thoughts?

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