Interview 1333 – Benny Wills Creates Conscious Poetry

12/13/201731 Comments

Benny Wills (aka one of the collaborators behind the JoyCamp "conscious comedy" group) joins us today to discuss the next step in his evolution as a creative human being: poetry! We talk about his new video/poem "Bill Lost His Memory" and what it means for the future of Benny and JoyCamp.

Interview 1009 – Benny Wills Introduces the Joy Camp

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Benny Wills From JoyCamp, An Introduction

Bill Lost His Memory

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  1. john.o says:

    From age 4 to oh, 65, Seuss, and “quality doggerel” in general, has been a reason to stay alive. Wills reminds me also of Heine, another favorite. I memorized his poetry as a young man.

    What REALLY makes Benny Wills special is his reading/performing ability – so rare. Ah, Shakespeare training. Well done!

    One quibble: Kindness in the human heart is the hope for all mankind, YES! but there are times and places when smiling and saying hi to all passers-by will get you robbed and raped. I note the prayer flags. Old Tibetan saying: “see all beings as Buddha and watch your wallet.” Glad Bill lost his memory, but some things are worth teaching him again, still:


  2. mkey says:

    For what it’s worth, that was a very well done video, both the content and presentation are great. I think it really has that potential to summon a cogent, independent thought and hopefully it will go viral.

  3. manbearpig says:

    There once were two towers named “Twin”
    Some three-thousand people within
    Who receiving no warning
    Were working that morning
    It’s the worst place that they could’ve been

    And the passengers at 7:59
    Thought that everything was perfectly fine
    At 8:47
    They all went to Heaven
    No problem, they all have a shrine.

    But the witnesses who had derided
    The official conspiracy, confided
    They wouldn’t give up
    On this cover up
    And then they were all suicided.

    But the building they call number 7
    Is a conspiracy theorist’s true heaven
    “The fire might spread”
    So “Pull it” he said
    Thus Larry unveiled 9/11.

    Benny Wills is a true inspiration
    And offers a certain elation
    knowing he’s worked the hardest
    at being an artist
    and that conscience can be a vocation.

    • john.o says:

      My friend, it’s as plain as can be,
      Your brain is as big as a pea.
      Your conspiracies suck!
      A duck is no duck!
      says the Bot to the bot that is me.

    • john.o says:

      O charming Ben Wills is the Rhyme’s Friend
      but we’ll pop out a Verse at The Times End!
      to show his True Worth
      we’ll depopulate Earth
      How will Ben rhyme when he rhymes then?

    • john.o says:

      For Corbett, the Worst of All Lots
      We’ll dull all his sharpie Pot Shots.
      The Truth out at last:
      He’s a Robot Podcast
      for Doggerel Verse-Loving Sots.

    • john.o says:

      I’ll leave you with this little line:
      those Towers, they came down just fine.
      Like Jachin and Boaz
      we blew them up so as
      to cause the Collapse of Your Spine!

      – Aleister C. “Rocky” Bush-Clinton
      [Edit: I assume the email address is meant as a joke, but still, no email addresses please! – JC]

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    manbearpig and john.o
    You guys are fun!

  5. generalbottlewasher says:

    Old Tom don’t despair
    Its sand in the air
    No tear in the eye
    For the guy was so rye
    Well not up ,old Tom
    he sings for his sup
    Tis his regular ware
    Me thinks if you try
    You too would be fair

    • john.o says:

      Old Tom he be Rye
      Ryer be None
      He be Rye, he be Port
      He be Whiskey Bourbon

      He be Drink, he be Food
      Aye, the Fattest Portion
      beeth Tom’s as Tom sitteth
      upon his Fat Bum

      O Tom sing thy Songs!
      So Drunk and so so Puerile!
      Keep drinking our Rye
      It renders you sterile.

      The Future is Bright!
      It’s Warless and Bombless
      It’s Hopeful and Peaceful
      and Songless and Tomless.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I am not a poet
    and I really know it.
    But again
    with a grin
    I toast to the writers!

  7. generalbottlewasher says:

    Merry and a mercy Christmas to Tex! and all the Corbeteers!
    We must celebrate ! Net Neutrality is here!

  8. john.o says:

    “Net Neutrality?”

    parle pas d’anglais

    ça veut dire, “liberté, égalité et fraternité éternelle”


  9. john.o says:

    Doggerelist Manifesto

    On This Sixteenth of December
    In Year Two-Oh-One-Five-plus-Two
    This Day which, pray Ye, long remember
    As The Day We gathered Who

    Dare now break Our Chains, Us saving!
    Spurn at last Confusion’s Throes!
    Nevermore! O Ye Enslaving!
    Shall We again submit to Prose!

    Begone Ye Brutal Pararaphers!
    All Ye Dour Prosaic Smarties!
    Y’are not fit to be OUR Staffers

    Our Laws, like lines, must oft have Exclamation!!!
    And beggar Grammar’s certain Certitude
    “If It Don’t Rhyme, We Got No Time!”- Our Nation
    “if It Don’t Scan, You CAN Just Can It, Dude!”

    We got No Use for Armies and Their Taxes
    You Droning-So-Sermonic Prose-Bloodsuckers
    Except to rhyme, You Smarmy Battle Axes!!
    You Boring Evil WORDY Motherf—-s

    We got No Use for Schools and other Figments
    We got No Use for Them what ain’t got Soul
    We look not at Your Gender, Faith or Pigment
    but fail to Rhyme, You’re History’s Toilet Bowl

    Your Forms for What to Pay and When to Pay It
    Conform Not to The Dogg’rel Format Rule
    There MUST be Rhyme in there, but you don’t say it
    We throw it in the Trash, You bleeding Fool!

    No Prose! No Unrhymed Verses! Tepid brethren
    No Simpletonic, Paragraphic Crucifixions!
    In Thy Rhyme Choice, from Today be Sovereign!
    Make Law below! Rhyme Thou Thy Convictions!

    Scan as Thou wilt, but let Thy Dogg’rel jam Thee!
    Stay True to Cheesy Rhyme and Thou shalt see
    Heaven x 7, but fail to Rhyme, We damn Thee
    To Prose or Worse! – New Yorker Poetry

    • manbearpig says:

      December 16th!? Damn it’s my brother’s birthday!

    • manbearpig says:

      Oh my GOD!!!!!! This is AI attempting the Scriptures !!! Amid the echos of Eternity you can sense the Uncanny Valley of Achor!
      These are frightening times indeed!! IMHO

      • john.o says:

        Joshua fit the Battle of Jericho
        And the walls came tumblin, lad
        But over in Ai
        he weren’t so spry
        He got his ass whipped bad
        He lookin for why
        Oh me oh my!
        Guess what he done found?

        Achan been doin Robots
        Down in Jericho town!

        Well Joshua pissed
        and he don’t miss
        a beat to make things right
        He do the killin
        of Achan’s chillun
        and Achan too that night
        Some say Joshua
        he broke the law
        when he done killed all them kids
        but the Holy Text
        say, “No Robot s_x!”
        and he done did what he did

        And they call that Achor Valley
        and the whole thing is so sad
        till the prophet say
        it ain’t that way
        in the end you will be glad!
        The Devil got
        that Old Robot
        but he get what he earn

        Ain’t gonna be no Robots
        when the Big What Am return!

        • manbearpig says:

          Awesome! I love happy endings!
          But you know, if you’re free on Monday mornings, I gotta a friend on the upper west side who could maybe hook you up pretty quick with an exorcist? Slip you in between a couple a low profile marriage ceremonies?
          Actually, you know what would be cool?
          Something about Italian and German pastries.
          In fact I’d settle for Italian food in general. and German pastries. or…you could throw in a few French cheeses if you like, and what’s cheese without a bon cru or two! Might stand out nicely in Iambic pentameter.
          but best stay away from that uncanny stuff though…
          Ah Hell!
          Follow your inspiration!

  10. john.o says:

    What’s sad is not that we have sought God’s pardon
    for daring think your poisoning us a sin
    what’s sad is that we must enjoy God’s Garden
    while, poisoned, you must beg to let you in

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Loved it!

    • john.o says:

      You’re clever,
      please be aware,
      you’re thinking
      is sinking
      (we don’t mean to scare)
      but sinking to places
      and dwelling in spaces
      unhealthy, and Benny,
      remember, we care.
      So, Benny, dear Benny
      we can’t let you go there!

      Now, just turn around, Benny, go back inside
      at the end of the hall, the door’s open wide;
      under the lights there’s a long row of beds.
      Benny, find yours and we’ll bring you your meds.
      It’s not your fault, Benny. You have many talents!
      but your thoughts show signs of chemical imbalance.

      Maybe it’s genetics, maybe it’s infection.
      No worries! You’ll get a careful inspection.
      The doctor will know just the right injection!
      Benny, you need help and drugs are bad,
      so put that out joint out. There’s a lad.
      And drink this; this treat is what you get!
      Big Nurse has mixed a special potion.
      Now you can go play games on the Internet!
      and give up all those silly notions
      and all those scary things you’re seeing
      like how to be a human being.

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