Episode 134 - Lessons in Resistance: Culture Jamming

06/21/20106 Comments

Running Time: 58:25

Description:There's only one way to get people out of the matrix: you have to reach in and pull them out. But how best to do it? Join us this week as we learn from the best, including Charlie Veitch of The Love Police and Bruno Bruhwiler of We Are Change LA.


Documentation - The Corbett Report on ZPOD
Time Reference: 02:00
Description: Check out ZPOD and bookmark it in case The Corbett Report server is ever down.
Link To: ZeroPointRadio.com
Documentation - Sunday Update
Time Reference: 02:58
Description: Climate CONsensus, Carbon CONtrols, Truther CONvicted
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Bhopal Disaster - BBC - The Yes Men
Time Reference: 10:54
Description: The Yes Men punk BBC. Dow gets egg on its face.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Bhopal.org
Time Reference: 16:39
Description: Information on the Bhopal catastrophe.
Link To: Bhopal.org
Documentation - Mark Dice homepage
Time Reference: 20:22
Description: Keep up with the latest street actions and culture jams of Mark Dice.
Link To: MarkDice.com
Documentation - Mark Dice: Boycott the Super Bowl
Time Reference: 21:15
Description: Mark Dice spreading truth behind enemy lines.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - CVeitch.org
Time Reference: 25:22
Description: Home page of the Love Police.
Link To: CVeitch.org
Documentation - Charlie Veitch bullhorning police
Time Reference: 25:35
Description: From a video demonstrating that it's OK to protest, as long as you don't say anything of substance.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Charlie Veitch bullhorning City of London drones
Time Reference: 26:38
Description: From a video in which the drones tend to scurry by with averted gaze.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Everything is OK montage
Time Reference: 27:25
Description: A great compilation of Love Police clips.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Everything is OK on the New York Subway
Time Reference: 28:33
Description: ...indeed.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - Charlie Veitch on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 32:49
Description: Watch the interview in one YouTube playlist.
Link To: YouTube.com
Documentation - WACLA.org
Time Reference: 43:55
Description: Home page of We Are Change Los Angeles.
Link To: WACLA.org

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