Won't Get Fooled Again?

06/29/2019118 Comments

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So do you think the public will fall for the same lies again? That war is inevitable? Or that the game has changed? If so, how? And what does that mean for the plans to reshape the global chessboard? Discuss!

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  1. sherry.a says:

    James–I think not only is the public more awake but we are seeing fractures in even allies of Empire…they have now made mechanisms to bypass U.S. sanctions on iran….Trump, Bolton and Pompeo are losing credibility by the day..Here in San Francisco I hear displeasure from bus drivers, Uber drivers even the homeless….we are furthermore in a new geo-political environment with focus shifting to Eurasia…finally, in the case of Iran they have been preparing for this eventuality for 40 years..surely even the mighty MIC knows what damage can be incurred if they go to war..Empire has been stopped in recent escapades in Syria, VZ…it is still dangerous as Empire engineers it’s own descent but we are in a new zeitgeist than 2003 I believe.

    • NES says:

      We can only hope that the awakened populace will, at some point, embody a tipping point that demands attention from the remaining sleepers and the system.

      And Trump? WTF? It’s so difficult to watch him. I never seek to do so–UGH. However, recently I was doing some necessary research which made ignoring him unavoidable. Several times on camera, in each clip I viewed, he spoke and acted as if he were completely mental. In general, he did not act, talk or respond to inquiries like a sane person. In his first two years in office he was ridiculous but he did not appear mentally compromised. He now does to me.

  2. chrystoni says:

    In my dealings with most folks, we will be fooled again. I’m not a super social person, no social media and such, but the majority of people that don’t listen to this phenomenal information James leads us toward, most are very ingnorante to the truth.

    • Flatspokes says:

      I agree. Based on my circle of friends and family I only see very few people waking up. Usually people I talk to would rather go back into their hole than come out and face the dark realities of this world. The ratio of people waking up is dismally small in the grand scheme of things.

      The sad thing is even of those that come to some level of reality, many then cling onto another lie. I.e. the political party mom and dad were always voting for is evil. I need to go to the good side. They cannot just walk away from the powers that shouldn’t be. They still need the security blanket of government and social credibility.

  3. zyxzevn says:

    The war on Iran is hard to sell,
    similar to the war on Venezuela.
    Instead I think the US will push for a cold war,
    and try to manipulate the local criminals and
    terrorist-friends to destabilize the countries.

    The Russia hoax is still a big thing in the media.
    This will certainly become a cold war, especially in combination
    with China.
    The US likely wants to get Crimea from Russia.
    Unless the US can get some major trade deal out of it.

    Somehow it seems that the US wants to control ALL the oil.
    It needs to do that to keep the oil-dollar high, and
    for strategic reasons.

    Israel is the only state that really wants a war.
    They have been bombing Syria already.
    Their government is completely nazi-like, so it will
    have no problem starting a real war.
    This may be supported by the US with drones and bombings.
    Just like the US supports Saudi Arabia.
    And this might be the new way US does wars.

    Current fake events are Chinese hackers, and
    Iranian hackers. And of course the invisible Russian hackers
    and bots, that can change elections.
    They could be used as false flag attacks on infrastructures.
    This can damage certain factories or electric networks.

    The voting infrastructure has been taken over by DHS (Homeland security)
    and Microsoft. The pentagon administration by Amazon.
    The votes were never counted anyway, but
    these companies can easily fake an attack.

    The long term strategy of the US deep-state, seems to
    control all information on the internet.
    The media is already fully under their control, as we can
    see in the fake debates.
    This information control seems to be more important
    than an actual war. But it could be used to program us into one.

    Israel on the other hand, appears to want a full scale war
    in the middle east. Both with Iran and Syria, as was
    planned before 2001.
    This means that we will see more ships being attacked.
    The best would be an old US carrier, but that would give a lot
    of resistance in the navy. A fake missile strike on a drone base
    would be easier.

    It is about: Energy/Oil, Information, Weapons, Drugs,
    Technocracy, “Climate”, Water, Food, Enforced trade, Greed/Power,
    Federal reserve, Privatized Armies etc.

    Generally it seems that we have different powerful agencies
    trying for dominance.
    And their agenda is not in line yet.

  4. scpat says:

    I have mixed feelings, but lean more towards Melody’s point of view. Just take a look at history in the last century. The public has been fooled repeatedly about going to war. But…most of the conflicts/wars in the last century happened when newspapers and mainstream television/radio media dominated the public consciousness. I feel we are now in an age where the power of opposing viewpoints, facilitated by the internet, are waking up more people to the war lies and deceptions of the power establishment than any other time in history. Still, even with this improvement, I don’t think enough people are aware of the true costs of endless wars (thanks to endless propaganda that keeps many people fooled), or don’t care because it isn’t significantly affecting their lives.

  5. spartan says:


    I made this video soon after watching your video called – Solutions: Make Your Own Media.

    If the general public knew about Operation Timber Sycamore, perhaps they would be more aware of the grand deception.


    Take care James,
    Jonathan Lalonde

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I lean with Corbett’s view.

    People aren’t duped the way they used to be back during Iraq.
    YouTube and Social Media are prolific. The MainstreamMedia no longer controls the narrative. From the folks I meet, I don’t think everyone would be on board with an armed, international conflict.

    World War 3 – It is being fought differently.

  7. jamesarb says:

    The upcoming conflict with Iran will as always be designed to strengthen internal oligarchic control, which is stronger than in 2001.

    As with the bombing of ships recently in the Persian Gulf, public opinion is being shuffled into an anti-US / Israeli and pro – Putin direction by reversing post-2001 false-flag sentiment.

    Ultimately anti-Semitism will be fuelled with the ultimate aim of activating internal technological social policing policies.

    In addition anti – US sentiment will be funnelled into pro – EU / PESCO / Euro / bit Euro policies that will lead Technocratic NWO.

    Vatican will ultimately take back Jerusalem and pax Americana replaced by Global technocratic Holy Roman Empire.

    • Duck says:

      ‘….Ultimately anti-Semitism will be fuelled with the ultimate aim of activating internal technological social policing policies….’
      The rise in anti-semitism makes perfect sense as a natural (but sad) process if you consider 2 things, firstly the Israel lobby runs US middle eastern policy and are over reaching in an attempt to ban PERSONS from boycotting Israel and secondly the OTHER power blocs in the US are starting to push back to grab some of that power back for themselves.
      This means that while there is plenty of very real reasons to be irritated at israel and their disgusting behavior with Palestinians the sudden up springing of open talk about them and jews in general is because someone has taken the muzzle off the influencer ‘new’ media…… its a civil war between the elites.
      Israeli companies and duel citizens are the quite often the people who BENEFIT from setting up the Tecnocratic security theater and selling the tools and contracts that go with it

      • mik says:

        Duck & jamesarb,

        It seems to me you are buying into hasbara definition of antisemitism.
        There is a legitimate critique of Israel and zionism.

        Of course, some folks (you excluded) are “incapable” to understand the difference and they are real antisemitists.

  8. Duck says:

    We live in an age of the BlackPill… even the regular folks kow deep inside that the media is feeding them BS but they dont act because a)It would cost them some comfort and b)they feel like they are powerless.
    Only when they are hurting so bad that they HAVE to act will you see mass protests in the USA…and even then there will be powers trying to steer them on a predetermined path.
    The school systematically teach them to work AS A GROUP (sometimes even on maths!!!!???!!) so that each one feels unable to act alone and this makes it easy to steer them with things like Occupy Wallstreet.
    Trump has acted as a huge pacifier for the older whiter righter-wing US population and the newer americans are even less involved ‘national issue’ as opposed to ‘single issue’ politics. Everyone wants more ‘gibs me’ free money (and that includes the white population too before we get all racist about it)
    No one will do anything more then complain and whine if we get into a war with Iran, or even Russia of China as long as its localized and as long as it doesn’t cause them personal suffering. No one cared about Vietnam after the draft and no one cares about how many volunteer soliders get maimed or killed as long as they can buy cheep food, cash their benefit/pension/pay and surf porn hub and netflicks…..
    however, when the petro-dollar crashes and we have a depression THEN and only then will the western population just possibly do something real and truly un-directable and thats why they actually MAY start a war so that the public dont hang the people who have destroyed their economy and money.
    Father Coughin was talking about the same kind of things as we are hearing now until FDR ran him off the airwaves so the war could start and the population was way more anti-war then
    Damn… now i want a beer

    • Rara Avis says:

      Spot on, Duck. Your cynical assessment of the vast majority of the public is well considered and your points are well taken. Moreover, I think the question of whether or not the public will be fooled into supporting another war is irrelevant. The corporate controlled media will TELL us that the public is “largely” behind the effort, and that will become the official “reality”. Johnny will, indeed, go marching off to war again to shouts of “U-S-A, U-S-A” while any anti-war sentiments or demonstrations by those few people who DO manage to tear themselves away from the latest Kardashian nip-slip will be ignored, downplayed, or characterized as treasonous. And I agree: The vast majority of people won’t care until the government won’t put free food on the table any more. (There will be plenty of money for Raytheon, of course.) Then “the people” will come out in droves, and our corporate overlords will go into overdrive to steer the herd (or what remains of it) in the direction of global enslavement disguised as freedom. A disappointingly ordinary strategy, but it has worked throughout all of human history.

  9. Octium says:

    More people are awake, but will they get off their Soma media platforms and actually do something about it?

    At very least stop voting and supporting the state.

    • jake.n says:

      Well We live in our buble and so we think that more ppl are awake. Mark Passio who has done similar work to James puts it as it is. In a grand scale things are getting worse.
      Humans are pitted against each other in ways never possible before and that is ultimate trap. There is infinite number of “paths and gurus” to follow and everybody wants to be big fish in their smalll pudle instead of working truly together and being a smaller fish in an ocean.
      Unless we cant join together and work together to achieve something better and better ourselves humans are bound to face very grimm future…

  10. BigAL PR says:

    Unfortunately, too many people still believe the main stream media. Even in my own family circle, while they hate Trump, they will continue to buy into whatever they are being fed. Just watch the Democrats support the President when the next false flag attack gives the Neocons the go-ahead to “teach Iran a lesson”.

    However, I don’t think that it’s going to go the way the Zionists and Saudi Arabia are hoping for. If Iran leaders feel that their fate is that of Irak, Syria, Libya and all the others, they may strike their neighbors where it hurts while they still can.

    I just hope I am wrong on this one!

  11. Ethan Hunter says:

    I am with you James in the sense that the public is a lot more informed and savvy than they used to be – thank goodness to the Internet and access to independent journalists like yourself in recent years.

    To cynically go along with the idea that the “sheeple” still go along with what the MIC and their bought-and-paid-for shills spew on the MSM pundit shows is an oversimplistic explanation – in light of the fact that Big Tech is censoring independent voices because of the various “red pills” a whole generation of viewers are now swallowing left and right.

    The MSM and their sponsors are actually quite scared that the usual propaganda hucksters like Bolton and Pompeo are losing their power in persuading people…to the point that even the Democratic party debates are suspect in not allowing Tulsi Gabbard to have adequate time to explain her stance on opposing regime change wars.

    The “let’s bomb Iran” drumbeat I see now has more resistance than it used to…which to me is a hopeful sign.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Ethan says: “…the public is a lot more informed and savvy than they used to be – thank goodness to the Internet and access to independent journalists like yourself in recent years….

  12. Joris says:

    Hi James!

    I see in public discussions both on the internet and in “real life” that more people are awake. There still are people that are happily fooled, but they are becoming less.

    Even the MSM in Europe have changed their narratives. Where they used to support or copy the US narrative blindly, now they sometimes question it. I suspect it before anything to be an “anti Trump” thing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like Trump or any US president. But it seems so fashionable to bash Trump lately.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Joris says:
      “I see in public discussions both on the internet and in “real life” that more people are awake…

      yea. That Trump is an easy one to bash. He breeds controversy and instability. No wonder some countries label him “mentally retarded”.

      No one knows what direction Trump is heading. I think that is part of his public persona while he targets an agenda.

    • Duck says:

      Kennedy nixon trump … all presidents that represent SOME OTHER bunch of crooks then the ones that think they rule the USA… the reason they bash trump is that the masters of the media dont own trump, someone else does.
      Thats good news though… if the rulers fight they are weaker and leave normal folks alone more

      • Joris says:

        Right! So I’m not sure the MSM (in Europe) is questioning the US narrative rather than Trumps narrative. It’s a good thing they question it, but I wonder if it is for the “right reasons”.

  13. candlelight says:

    If I’ve heard the audio correctly, at 2:15 of the clip you state that “…and they do need our participation, they need us to support them on these military adventures, so if we don’t, that might be the missing piece of this puzzle.”

    Do they really?

    They ended the draft towards the end of the Vietnam War precisely because they realized they could not count on our participation in their dirty wars.

    Are the employees who just may be earning a living wage producing armaments for the MIC going to walk off their jobs in moral disgust, or are they going to be well enough content to earn some overtime if asked?

    What participation, or non-participation are you talking about?

    Subscribers on this thread have rightly alluded to the fact that if individuals don’t feel themselves to be woefully effected, then they’re not going to disrupt their lives on account of government, or those who pull the strings – the elite engaging in whatever they believe (or gamble) they can get away with, calculating each move on Brzezinski’s chessboard they deem advantageous.

    Naturally, the extent to which the populous “participates” or doesn’t, requires some degree of calculus, but, this calculus has already been well thought out given the multitudinous levels of distractions and cognitive dissonances faced on a daily basis, or an historical one.

    A blatant example: Apparently, 61% of Americans do not believe the “official” account of JFK’s assassination.

    But, what has this proven? How stark a reality is this?

    And, oh hey! Where are the protests? Where’s the non-participation?

    It simply doesn’t exist.

    I believe you may have the wrong missing piece, or the wrong puzzle, Mr. James.

    Either way, it’ll never fit.


    • cooly says:

      Hi Candlelight-

      I come down where you do. Why exactly do they need public support for war or anything else really? The general population are just spectators for the most part, if they are even paying attention.

  14. stephen says:

    Japan looks f-ing beautiful behind James (particularly the green belt). I spent a few months on Okinawa years ago, and the video brings back memories of the lushness of spring and summer there.
    I sure hope James is right about a more aware public. You could get pretty wonkish looking at the statistics of economic status, access to the internet, liklihood of having a social circle or family that was in a position to nudge you in certain areas, or who may have provided incentive(s) for you to pursue said dissident information. Maybe even IQ factors into this, to some extent.

    By the numbers, you have increasing population, mass migration factors, a lowering of the standard of living for, I would assume, a majority of first and second world folks. If you factor in this conglomerate into perhaps a slight increase in conspiratorial ‘awoke’ individuals and the Corbett subscriber-tier global politic-astute, you may still be a net negative for collective ‘wokeness’. Then again, perhaps all we need is that slight increase in collective wokeness to catalyze action and start being on the offensive rather than on the defense. In other words, we may not need a 51 or 75+% of the population to prevail in the information war. I don’t know-maybe we do!(?)…

  15. mik says:

    I don’t like Melody’s attitude that war is almost destined. She as a media person should be aware about the weight of her words.

    I think big wars of the past are outdated. Armies around the world struggle to acquire potential cannon fodder. Huge bloodbath would make things even worse.
    Wars and conflicts now are not about winning, they are about making chaos. Lots of things are about making chaos. Trumps of the world, yes, many countries have their own trumps, are actually there to produce chaos.

    I have a feeling that people’s minds are also engineered towards chaos, they believe in something of substance less and less, or their beliefs are inconsistent, chaotic.

    My question: Are things chaotic enough so they can start a Final war that would bring NWO?

    My guess is people are capable to withstand more chaos.

    • cooly says:


      The chaos factor doesn’t seem to be brought up much when there is discussion of conflicts. Aside from the tactical goals, such as usurping territory, resources, the usual grocery items of aggression, the factor of disaster capitalism is always part of the package. Whether it be war, natural disasters, or a sale at Penney’s, there are always contingency plans already prepared to exploit whatever the chaotic situation is. Pick a man’s pocket when he is distracted by his house burning down. Of course Mr. Corbett has addressed this, how war is an optimum tool to advance the global agenda, but I don’t think a lot of people are aware of how just creating chaos is the principal starting point to achieve objectives. Anyway, that’s my take. I don’t understand what’s really going on in the world any more than I understand why my cat will stare at a sofa cushion for half an hour.

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Another QUESTION seems to correlate…

    What is the agenda? …the target goals?
    What is the agenda behind the current censorship of YouTube, Social Media, and other internet platforms? …along with the push of the Smart Grid?

    What motivations are behind all this?

    Would this technocracy facilitate conflicts (armed or non-armed)?
    Would this technocracy facilitate propaganda styles?

    • Duck says:

      ‘….What is the agenda? …the target goals?
      What is the agenda behind the current censorship of YouTube, Social Media, and other internet platforms? …along with the push of the Smart Grid?……………..’

      There are prob many goals- some people want to make money selling junk and locking others out of the market, others are actual evil people who want to create a horrible world, others are just control freaks who think they are goiing to ‘fix’ the world.
      I personally thin the half-assed why they are censoring youtube means they WANT to get broken up, much as Mr Corbett said in his ‘dont throw big tec in the briar patch’ video…. I mean, they could really be incompetent.
      The OTHER agenda(s) is that we have Israel wanting us to take out their rivals, you have bankers looking around to scapegoat the coming economic crash, some actual crazed freaks who want to maintain the US empire or dont realize that without the cash to back it ups its gonna go bad, and some jobbing politicians blowing in the wind whichever way looks good for them.

      I thin we are heading for an agr like japan had where the government got unified it became so powerful it could lock down the people for 2 or 3 hundred years until westerners out competed them and made them change to survive

  17. Jody says:

    I think its a case of “How can we influence this? Change the outcome?”

    In 2002 onwards, the world’s opposition for the Iraq was, was the largest protests to date.
    They still lied to get their outcome;

    “On 15 February 2003, there was a coordinated day of protests across the world in which people in more than 600 cities expressed opposition to the imminent Iraq War. It was part of a series of protests and political events that had begun in 2002 and continued as the war took place. Social movement researchers have described the 15 February protest as “the largest protest event in human history”


    (Apologies for the wiki link but outlines the above)

    So with that in mind, what can we do to alter how this pans out?

    I think that’s more the thinking of many? Especially in UK, where the Brexit fiasco is still ongoing, 3 years after we voted to leave.

    If they don’t listen to mass protest (unless your spinning extinction rebellion’s middle class rubbish!) And they don’t listen to a referendum, how do we make change on this?

    Keep up the awesome work James

    • scpat says:

      I think the solution is to stop listening to them, begging them to not do this or that, or paying attention to them as if they matter. All of that feeds their power. If enough people just turned their backs on them or, as James has said in the past, sit at their own table and not beg for their scraps, the establishment would get a little nervous.

  18. jurbog says:

    In my own surrounding what I see is on the one hand there is now more awareness and communication between kindred souls, scarce as they may be, the catalyst here mainly being the specific gems on the internet with sourced information. Let us hope this will create a solid rooted infrastructure of common sense and realism healthy enough to survive the onslaught. On the other hand, the manipulative power-play by groups that wield most of the media is still intensifying. Also, a new & brainwashed generation starts to crowd the streets. Is that crowd just media-fodder, or an important psychological balance-shift happening, bluffing and scaring people away from independent thinking? And not just the general public. My personal worry is there is this increased polarity creating havoc in the private and intimate sphere. There is a real pain here between friends and family-members. This kind of potential damage is not easily visible, and difficult to weigh in the balance of all the dynamics, but it is very important. For me that is the real frontier and the test of things to come.

  19. rob32367 says:

    The public is more awake – even my “normy” friends can see the lies that we are being fed about this war. What is getting in the way is the continued tribalism. My Trumpian friends still trust him and say he won’t attack unless it is warranted (whatever that means) and say he is fighting the lies of Bolton and Pompeo. Just like my Dem friends see the lies of Mueller past but trust him on Russiagate and that he and Congress must hold Trump accountable. I still don’t have enough people around me who see the two-party deception. They see the lies of the other side, see some of the lies of their side – but still buy the lesser of two evils crap and this can still be used to lead them where the powers that shouldn’t be want them to go.

  20. roy.m says:

    I want to believe you are correct, and hope you are. But history seems to teach that consent manufacturing rises to the occasion.

    After the Gulf of Tonkin ruse was exposed, it became less likely that the US public would be led into a war with a similar ruse. But we are dealing with a ruling class that is capable of pulling off an operation on the scale of 911 to mold mass opinion in favor of wars in the middle east. If a similar or worse event were to be executed to get us into war with Iran, some could hold the line. But it remains to be seen if even a majority of those pursuing truth could resist the peer pressure from the vast majority who would be whipped into a frenzy. In any event, I fear we’re about to find out.

    • Duck says:

      how many people KNOW what the Gulf of Tonkin was????
      Ask ten random normies and they dont know it was fake, half wont know where Vietnam even is on a map.
      THEY are not powerful…. the people are just ignorant

  21. manbearpig says:

    Will we be fooled again?

    Um, well I wanted to ask my Yemeni friend what he thought but then I realized I don’t have any.

    Friends, that is.

    No, but I guess it depends on if there’s still any need for murder and destruction? Do “they” need to clear the way for smart cities? or destroy history so as to better rewrite it? Do they wanna make money? Need to murder for eugenical purposes? For fun? To better understand how nature functions for the benefit of the next humanity?

    There’s no doubt that, as others here have suggested, the problem/reaction/solution-game theory-Skinnerian-Hill & Knowlton-Cambridge Analytica-consent manufacturing-emotion manipulating- 24 Kiefer Sutherlandian-propagandistic Tavistock mind control Super Gophers have convinced all my friends, family, colleagues and students that they are personally responsible for climate change (and that Jon Stewart cares about 9/11 justice) which many feel powerfully guilty about without being able to cite even the number one most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, never mind having made an effort to understand the basic mechanics or history of the phenomenon. Not a single one (except my Climate and Statistical Mechanics IPCC prize-winning physicist neighbor). So, as my SAT scores, bank account and psycho-profile would seem to suggest, my entourage is better apt to judge these matters and is probably right. Methane IS the number 1 greenhouse gas, as Leonardo DiCaprio seems to suggest. Yes it is. Stop saying it’s water vapor.

    So it seems that, as long as someone wants to have his way and there are expensive hi-tech killing machines/viruses/GMOS/pointing-the-bone media lying around

    wars will continue to hover above our heads Damocles style,

    in the timeless land of the Elois and the Morlocks…

  22. summon says:

    Think the “worlds people” aka WE, are exhausted and simply struggling to do the day to day basics. I think we all WANT to get off facebook’s, GMO foods, air polluted cities, youtube’s, banking systems. WE want a just and fair life. I think that is why half the propaganda is of good things; Sexism/ racism/hate speech/anti dictators etc.

    (I still think humans rock)

    So I don’t think we can look at people with self righteous googles.

    That said I honestly think we have never been worked so hard. We are utterly exhausted and struggling with the few waking hours to have a meaningful existence. Having a family is so hard right now. WE are fearful of cooperation and job losses.

    To be honest whom wants to spend out time life on earth watching and learning about lies and evil. Takes a certain type of fools to do that (nice to meet you guys!!).

    WE are at the stage where WE are all aware of our addiction but the addiction is in control of US but the exhaustion is controlling us.

    Not to be self righteous, I’ve given up meat and animal products years ago, only eat organic food. I drink purified water from my tap, my kid has not been vaccinated, facebook went away years ago. gmail is has dust on it. Not shopped at amazon/ major super markets for years BUT I’m actually struggling after the resent bombardment. Dont watch TV etc yet I’m tired of all this “shit”. I wanted to get away from youtube but I’ve discovered I’m addicted to it. I work in film, I live film so I have such a deep love of content creators – I have spoken to others and people feel the same. Point is I think people are the same with conventional media/lifestyles – Its now a drug gone bad but WE are still are missing the old hits. you know when you’ve watched one too many tv shows and your brain has told you enough but your hand is still reaching for next episode. No one else? Anyone?

    Point is – No one wants war. I don’t think anyone believes it but we are actually in a fearful zombie like state. So war will be attempted upon. They are trying but if people are strong enough to say NO in a world that is so connected and yet so shut off … we shall see. I mean hate speech… Anti Vaxers scum…

    So I’m with James – people are aware something is amiss. Why they hell else have they shut down the internet voices recently like two days after bildenburg group (nicely timed guys). Why of recent has ASSANGE being punished but too send out a fearful warning.

    Though in complete contrast of my arguments – facebook is on the silent decline and has been for the past few years. Fresh whistle blowers have stepped out about google.
    Lets take a stop and pause – for even with all the oppression and fear – to step out with all this knowledge takes a lot of courage. If genuine then humans are still kicking arse! No one believes the Russians anymore then the Americans. All the films of resent show we are bad but we have to be bad. This says a lot, I think it says everything we need to know… I think guys and girls … there might be hope for us.

    I waffle to much…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      summon says: “I waffle too much…”
      But I hear ya.

    • Duck says:

      ‘…That said I honestly think we have never been worked so hard. We are utterly exhausted and struggling with the few waking hours to have a meaningful existence. …’
      We are the least worked. most over fed most idel people to ever exist… we have been SHORT CIRCUITED by dopamine hits and sugar.
      People who are slaves to vice are the easiest to rule over

    • manbearpig says:

      “…I’ve given up meat and animal products years ago, only eat organic food. I drink purified water from my tap, my kid has not been vaccinated, facebook went away years ago. gmail is has dust on it. Not shopped at amazon/ major super markets for years…”

      Just want to offer my sincere congratulations for your anti-establishment efforts.

      I’ve never had a Facebook account (as I’ve always been a paranoid conspiracy theorist)

      but that’s the only victory in your list I can feel smug about…

      Good work Summon!

    • manbearpig says:

      “…(I still think humans rock)

      So I don’t think we can look at people with self righteous googles…”

      That’s what I originally wanted to congratulate you on! …then as usual, I got distracted…

      I’m anti-war and everything but I guess I got the words “passivist” and “pacifist” mixed up…

      …hard to know exactly what to do though…

      • summon says:

        I hear you and thanks! To be honest its only half my list, not said to be smug but to state out list ever grow. I’m still in debt, still have some cooperate bank accounts (that’s my next one), not got cyropto, still working a job I hate. There is always something.

        I think the secret is to follow what is ‘calling you’ and to be honest about it. Fight for that. There is no point knowing about this stuff and still use google search engine for example

        I’m anti war and am prepared to go jail for it as the brave souls did before. I think thats all we can do but if we all do what we feel is right and work on our selves I think we can all do them.

  23. jonathan_s says:

    I do think the public are more aware of these lies and deceptions today.
    However as Roy.m pointed out; If another attack on the scale of 9/11 were to take place it could easily shift opinion.

    The drone wars are a good example on how to mange public opinion during warfare I guess; Nobody is going to miss a flying robot and the other side of the story doesn’t get much attention.

    Take it for what it’s worth;
    “A February 2013 Gallup poll reported that 65 percent of Americans agreed with the U.S. government’s decision to launch drone strikes against terrorists overseas. In the same month, 75 percent of respondents to a Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll approved of the U.S. military’s use of drones to carry out attacks overseas on targets deemed a “threat to the United States.” And in May 2015, a Pew public opinion poll reported that 58 percent of U.S. adults approved of the use of drones to carry out missile strikes against extremists in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia: a 2 percent increase from the same Pew poll of February 2013. What is driving U.S. public support for drones? Despite the large number of opinion polls available – there is very little known about the reasoning behind U.S. public preferences for unmanned air strikes, how strong these preferences are, and in what situations the American public would prefer unmanned over manned air strikes.”

    • scpat says:

      “Extremists”, yes.

      Interesting poll findings. I don’t know for sure either, but I have an educated opinion as to why American citizens prefer drones for killing people. I believe the reasons are because it doesn’t risk American soldiers’ lives who would man the planes. It is sterile, and it is not here, but over there where the brown people live. Or should I say, where the “extremists” live.

    • colin786 says:

      The poll asks about a threat to the US, extremists and the like, and thereby slants the responses. What if they asked about drone strikes on innocent civilians, would they get the same response? Of course not.

      • jonathan_s says:

        Yes, of course.
        “What if they asked about drone strikes on innocent civilians, would they get the same response?” – I would also love to see that poll, but I don’t think it exist, which tells you all you need to know, right?
        And haven’t the Pentagon changed it’s definition on drone attacks, so civilians close to ‘terrorist’ targets now are counted as ‘extremists’ or something like that?

  24. Hans Verbeek says:

    In my opinion most people are on to their warmongering. But a lot of people stopped voting and caring: they feel that their influence is marginal. And we know that “the powers that shouldn’t be” will get their way no matter what; like Duck mentioned above: “Less then 10% of the population decide most issues…. “.

    But this time around it will be different. The logistics and energy-consumption of a full-scale conflict are huge. A full-scale war cannot be maintained for long: maybe just a few months.
    OK, the war in Afghanistan still continues for 18 years: but that’s a very limited war: couple of thousand troops, couple of dozen planes.
    I think the recent tension between the US and Iran is just theatre to drive up the price of oil. A higher oilprice is beneficial for all parties involved: the US,Saudi-Arabia and also Iran. Lighting up a few tankers is a win-win-scenario for all parties.

    • manbearpig says:

      “…I think the recent tension between the US and Iran is just theatre to drive up the price of oil. A higher oilprice is beneficial for all parties involved: the US,Saudi-Arabia and also Iran. Lighting up a few tankers is a win-win-scenario for all parties…”

      interesting point Mr Verbeek.

  25. The Red Pill says:

    Where is the link to the original full interview referenced??

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      The Red Pill asks:
      Where is the link to the ORIGINAL FULL INTERVIEW referenced??

      It is on AUDIO.
      Go to the SHOW NOTES and hit the link “James’ recent appearance on Financial Survival”.

      The SHOW NOTES are under the linked ‘Corbett Feature Video entry’ below, following Corbett’s statement: “So do you think the public will fall for the same lies again? That war is inevitable? Or that the game has changed? If so, how? And what does that mean for the plans to reshape the global chessboard? Discuss!”

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        If you made a comment, just scroll back up. You will see the blue-link-phrase…
        “James’ recent appearance on Financial Survival”

  26. gbhay says:

    I don’t think the public is anymore awake or informed. The MSM’s fake news and idiotic babbling on meaningless topics have caused people to totally tune out. I do think people are fatigued by the endless Iraq/Afganistan/Syria entanglements so thankfully there is currently resistance to adding another fiasco to the list. Ultimately since there is no draft and a small minority actually have real skin (their lives or those of close relatives) in the matter the politicians will make their decisions based on their perception of how it will influence the next election. The sheeple have totally tuned out world events just as the puppet masters planned. The ones who do watch the MSM learn which Hollywood stars or rappers like or dislike Trump.

    • summon says:

      I do hope you are wrong. I work in film and pay attentions to a lot of reviews/movements and with propaganda being what drew me to this world (I was a strange kid) I feel I can say that people are rejecting what they are being given. Normal review channels are turning on Hollywood.

      Sad thing is, we are waking up but ‘they’ are going to India and even China. Two huge and fresh audiences. They haven’t worked out what we have. Not to say they lack IQ nor indeed fools. They just haven’t worked out their language yet

  27. alexandre says:

    Fooled or not fooled again is completely irrelevant. Everyone is already way beyond fooled. Has anyone noticed that the president of the US is…Donald Trump? We are all so fooled that we don’t know what a non-fooled person is. Agenda 2030, far away and behind all this political never ending bitonal novela, will continue towards the Brave New World no matter what.

    By the way, I just got Brave New World as a present from my sister! In English! (I’m Brazilian) Wish me luck.

    No, I never read it, I confess! I confess!! I’m from the TV / video generation, indoctrinated and mind-controlled. Contrary to my mom, reading was always very difficult and uncomfortable. I should just shut up here. I have no literary pedigree. I am an inferior, maybe even a … moron! I confess. snif….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You write English extremely well. I read your stuff, alex. You often make profound points.

    • Octium says:

      There’s always audio books.

      I’m sure book snobs would shun the idea of not reading a book yourself but audio books have some advantages, such as being able to shut your eyes at night and save them from the blue LED light that seems to be everywhere theses days.

    • manbearpig says:

      “…Fooled or not fooled again is completely irrelevant…”

      I’m afraid I’ll have to agree that that IS the crux of the issue.

      …but insult to injury is when “they” manage to convince “us” that “we’ve” demanded or condone their diverse atrocities…which “they” regularly do… 8-(

      • alexandre says:

        Mind control, no? I’ve worked in advertising almost all my life (doing music), my dad was an ad man here and he used to say advertising “persuades” people to buy stuff. (Before his death he changed “persuade” to “fool”). Persuading might be the most fundamental thing in any dictatorship (aka democracy, system ect – sorry James, couldn’t resist). When I see “events” – false flags, wars, coronations or the State of the Union Address – I can almost see in my mind all the advertising meetings I attended so much. People should do a tour, maybe as a trainee or something, to see these meetings inside the agencies, the kind of people, the talks, the egos, the hierarchies, the mood, the power plays, the primeval soup of horror out of which every “event” (campaign) comes. People would learn so much. From say 2001/02 to today, the odor of advertising has become so dense everywhere that I can’t watch (or know about) anything but Corbett and TSM, maybe some David Icke. Having Donald Duck as “the most powerful man in the whole world” could only be achieved through that “persuading” that works so magically well. That’s the importance of being what is now called “negative”. Being “positive” is the anesthetic before the poison. “Negative” means “a priori I don’t believe anything that comes from hell”. In this sense, being “negative” would protect you from the persuading. But at this stage, who cares? After Lula I lost any faith. With Bush, I was astonished. With Obama I couldn’t believe it, and then comes Donald. What’s next, I wonder. El Chavo?

        News: “Yesterday president El Chavo rejected the plan to deploy battle tanks in Soponsia against the regime of prime minister Popeye”. Or something like that…

  28. inanna says:

    My thoughts….
    We are already well into a war…a psychological war with information as both the informer and the disruptor….with fear and confusion as the fuel to control behaviour and thus action/nonaction.
    Binary thinking is the predominant thought process that many, even most are trapped in. The answers, and the necessary questions to discover those answers, lie in the space between the binary.
    Fortunately, though the US may have the most powerful military might, it is not the only nation on the planet, nor is it the smartest. Nor are the only people on the planet in the US…or even in the West.
    Think globally….act locally.
    Hint…if you take the word ‘or’ out of your thinking and add ‘and’ it can help the cognitive processes and with critical thinking. The picture changes.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      inanna says: “We are already well into a war…a psychological war with information…

      …Fortunately, though the US may have the most powerful military might, it is not the only nation on the planet, nor is it the smartest.

      Nor are the only people on the planet in the US…or even in the West.

      Think globally….act locally….”

    • manbearpig says:

      “…if you take the word ‘or’ out of your thinking and add ‘and’ it can help the cognitive processes and with critical thinking…”

      brilliant. excellent advice. thanks

  29. ronor says:

    Oh yes, the public will be fooled again. To into their devices and personal lives to see.

  30. bladtheimpaler says:

    Whole books could be and have been written on the subject of the public manipulation by the state and the forces of control the state represents. In a nutshell while many more today (than in 2003) would pound their keyboards in anger against a major hot war being manufactured I believe the majority of lemmings…er people could easily be persuaded given the correct framing for war. That said it appears the inventory and control folks are currently running a substantial societal divide and conquer operation so that the unifying messaging needed to achieve the almost universal backing necessary for a major war seems unlikely. That leaves war by other means as the catalyst for the major shifts needed to bring about the globalists One World Financial Order.

    To get from the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) world reserve currency system based on nation states to a world reserve currency system based on a world spanning financial institution requires the FRN system to become less useful than a new system shown to be a more useful and less prone to violence as a system as per Bucky Fuller’s stratagem, just with the added twist of staging the whole scenario. This is more cumbersome and time consuming than a paradigm shift resulting from sweeping the board clean with a war but both have their pros and cons for the elites in their calculations.

    This will of course involve world spanning financial theater for all elements to play their roles. If WWI and II can be stage managed to a larger extent then the financial/sanctions/trade war et al stage play ought to be a piece of cake to effectively put the FRN system in disrepute while championing its oh so wholesome replacement.

  31. scpat says:

    I did say above that I lean more towards Melody’s point of view, but there are some truly good signs of a shift in the American public’s thought. Take a look at the comment sections of these videos, published by Fox News. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen quite as many people on an MSM YT channel saying “no” to war. I think many people are sick of it.

    Iran’s foreign minister accuses US, Mideast of provoking conflict

    Tucker: Washington is war-hungry

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      ***** 5 STARS
      The foreign minister did an excellent job of communicating, even though the Press likely tried to edit out parts.

      The comment section, like you mentioned, lit up like a tinderbox blazing.

      A military war will be no “easy sell”.

  32. Libertydan says:

    “Won’t get fooled again” by The Who, late 1960’s, Indeed, one of my favorite songs,
    Yep, we got fooled then, and we get fooled again, and again, and again.
    After 50 years, this song is still very relevant.
    Tip my hat to the New Constitution, take a bow for the new Revolution!
    New Boss same as the old Boss.
    It was likely written to imply that Nixon was the same as LBJ, however it could easily be Trump is the same as Obama.
    Yep, Fooled again!

    • candlelight says:

      You just hit the proverbial nail square on its proverbial head, my friend!
      Meet the same boss, indeed….

      And here’s a song for cooly who does realize war these days is nothing other than a spectator sport… listen for the last stanza talking about world war III… “…we’ll just put some bleachers out in the sun and have it out on highway 61.” Highway 61 Revisited ~ Bob Dylan.


      • cooly says:

        And there won’t be buckets of tears for the most part.

        Maybe a 7th inning stretch?

        • cooly says:

          There is the spectator sport aspect for sure. Air Force flyovers at the Super Bowl anyone?

          But what I was getting at with my comment way above is that, regardless of our feelings about it either way, the population is taken for the ride, many not even looking out the window.

  33. Won Fat Fuk says:

    How much of the public was awake in 2001? A drop in the bucket? In 2019, another 200 drops might have been added? If so, that would be a substantial increase, but…

  34. alexandre says:

    Does anybody see a strong(er) focus on the UN instead of the usual politics? Was the UN agenda 2030 point made strongly enough or there are still doubts about it? Like “yeah, the UN, BUT CHINA…” you know? Are people really seeing that there’s a real transformation going on behind the political screen? Really? And that “they” have no country or party? Maybe this point is not really getting through to people. Technocracy, Agenda 21, Trilateral Commission, Rosa Koire, Patrick Wood and James banging this point over and over, but still it doesn’t seem to be getting through. It’s not a mere detail, or just “one more” piece of the puzzle. It should be the target of every political thought now. People should lock their political eyes on that thing “Behind the Green Mask” like hawks, presidente after president. I don’t see that happening.

  35. manbearpig says:

    Summon says: “…you know when you’ve watched one too many tv shows and your brain has told you enough but your hand is still reaching for next episode. No one else? Anyone?…”

    uhhhh…mea culpa.

    So last night, my family’s characteristically rolling their eyes as I’m typing my comment answering Mr. Corbett’s “Will we be fooled again?” question, They were waiting for me to hurry up and finish so we could watch a new series. I wasn’t motivated as I felt like listening to the “Robo-Nanny state” interview when suddenly Emma Thompson’s “Fuck Palestine” grabbed my attention. Viv Rook, a great Hook. (and she looks vaguely like Marine Le Pen)

    So I’d just finished commenting on war and conspiracy when war between the U.S. and China breaks out on the larger screen: I began watching “Years and Years”, an HBO/BBC joint production where:


    “…Donald Trump wins a second term as president, and China constructs an artificial island and a military base named Hong Sha Dao in disputed waters…

    …Teenage Bethany (Lydia West) tells her parents Stephen (Rory Kinnear) and Celeste (T’Nia Miller) that she is transhuman and eventually plans to upload her consciousness to the Cloud…

    …Rosie goes on a date with Tony (Noel Sullivan), but leaves in disgust after she discovers he has sex with his house robot…

    …As air raid sirens sound in the UK, news comes that Trump has exploded a nuclear bomb on Hong Sha Dao as the family descend into panic and squabbling…

    …Stephen and Celeste sell their house for more than £1.2 million, leaving the proceeds in a single bank account on the night of the sale. Overnight, their money is almost all wiped out in a banking crisis triggered by the collapse of an American investment bank. With nowhere else to go, Stephen and Celeste and their daughters move into Muriel’s house…

    …Edith has returned to activism, infiltrating the offices of a corporation with links to the Syrian dictatorship…

    …The Lyons siblings’ estranged father dies from antibiotic-resistant sepsis after being struck by a courier’s bicycle, and they attend his Water Burial…

    …Edith’s body dies, and the series ends with the whole Lyons clan unsure if Edith’s consciousness was uploaded to Muriel’s “Signor” virtual assistant…”

    And poor abandoned loser Ralph is a tin-foil-hat- flat-earther conspiracy theorist spouting typical “conspiracy” jargon and arguments…


    strange evening…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I read the script/plot synopsis “spoiler alert” for “Years and Years”, an HBO/BBC joint production.
      Of course, the world we are in sometimes seems so bizarre.

      The show’s story was so bizarre that I had to YouTube a few parts…
      “Years and Years” Episode 6 | The Revolution
      (under 5 minutes)

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        What struck me in Episode 6 was the power of the people’s media.
        (But I still despise these Smart phones.)

      • manbearpig says:

        So, HRS,

        If you could get everyone’s attention on a single issue,

        all the screens in the world hijacked onto a single cause for 5 minutes

        what would it be?

        What would you show? What would you say?

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          manbearpig says: “If you could get everyone’s attention on a single issue…What would you say?”

          HRS answers: “SEND MONEY!”

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Honestly, I don’t know.
            That is a very good question.

            You ought to pose that to Corbett on Q4C.

            The Question also reminds me of ‘V for Vendetta’.

            (I’ll split the dough with ya.)

    • manbearpig says:

      my gratuitous pre-hamsterwheel thought for the day:

      I thought it was mildly interesting that the TV series Years and Years, that I finished watching last night,

      hints at the Eugenical nature of the elites:

      “…As Rook earlier explains to her audience of profit-seeking infrastructure providers, the concentration camp was invented by the British in the Boer War, and in her spin, has since “become misunderstood”: “They simply let nature take its course. The camps were crowded, pestilent, and rife with disease. On the one hand that was regrettable. On the other hand, fitting.

      Because a natural selection process took place, and the population of the camps controlled itself. You might call it neglect, you might call it efficient…”

      She also alludes to an obscure power:

      “…Rook then, to this complete stranger, adds, wistfully: “If I could, I’d go. Far away from all this, just head for the horizon. Gone. Imagine if I did…They’d kill me.

      They’d have me killed”…

      We are still intrigued, however, about who she thinks might kill her if she doesn’t do what they want. I reckon it’s no conspiracy – it’s the voters she’s terrified of…”

      As played by Emma Thompson, Rook’s clearly Not thinking about the voters.


      • alexandre says:

        I’m sorry manbearpig, but…Emma Thompson? TV series? Tsk, tsk. You should be away from that altogether.

        • manbearpig says:

          Being away from that altogether sounds fun

          and I appreciate your sollicitude

          but I’m interested in what messages are being vehicled via the mainstream media that my students absorb.

          Helps everyone get fresh perspective on the things.

          and now they’re waiting for me!

          • manbearpig says:

            oh dear. Haste makes


            vehicle is not a verb in English. I used it incorrectly as such in my comment above to mean “communicate” or “convey”.

            For example, it’s interesting what values and messages Megan Rapinoe “vehicles” as World champion captain of the United States women’s soccer team when she refuses to sing the national anthem with her hand over her heart, as others did before her… lgbt, equal pay, ethnic oppression and Trump…

            and the US still dominates world soccer…

            • alexandre says:

              Yeah, ok, aham, er, yeah, but I wouldn’t go to a heroin party because one of the addicts could have something good to say about something. Chances are I would be the one ending up being vehicled. If God himself came to Earth to tell us the meaning of life, but he would say it on TV, I wouldn’t watch it.

              That reminds me Woody Allen’s dream, where a rabi tells him the meaning of life, but in hebrew, and then charges him 600 dollars for hebrew lessons.

              TV is heroin, stay away!

              • manbearpig says:

                the addicts aren’t running the (lucrative) program

                do you think you’re above God’s creation? including TV?

                the meaning of life doesn’t need to come to earth… it’s already there…life is the meaning of life…in any language…

                I can’t wait to get to Brazil!

              • alexandre says:

                It was a way to say that TV is a propaganda delivery system (nothing else), and one of the worse so, even if good things are there, worse things are coming through – through the good things usually – so anyone interested in reality should stay clear of that dangerous apparatus, specially those here at the Corbett living room. The analogy with heroin is precise, I think, so no matter what great illuminations you may get with heroin, at the end it kills you. And I would vote for heroin against TV if I had to choose. Don’t think you can be safe or immune from TV’s effects. Or maybe I’m just too sensitive, I don’t know. Last time I watched it, I got dizzy and nauseated.

              • manbearpig says:

                Yup. Ok. Good advice…

                and Campari-soaked commenting on this Corbett board is also powerfully stupifying…and addictive…in my case…

                Time for some cold turkey…

                be well

              • alexandre says:

                Ha ha. Keep the Campari, lose the TV. In 5 years you won’t believe how well you’re gonna feel.


  36. HomeRemedySupply says:

    June 29, 2019 via ZEROHEDGE

    “I listened to your opening statements, and I agree with you ― Russia, China, North Korea, Iran ― it’s a dangerous world. Tell me the justification for that reduction.”(i.e. “reduction” of target recruitment goals for the Army) said Sen. Jon Tester, D-Montana in late March. Senator Tester is on the Senate Appropriations Committee. –(From link of links in article below)

    US Army Wants 500,000 Active Troops By 2020, Amid Threats Of War
    …Acting Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told the Times that it would be difficult to reach the recruitment goal by year’s end…

    …(The economy)…”That’s coupled with all the other factors we talk about all the time: obesity, mental health, challenges with law enforcement,” McCarthy said. “Things of that nature that would require waivers.”

    (Last paragraph by ‘Tyler Durden’)
    …President Trump’s “America first” foreign policy with interventionists John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, attempting to force regime change in Cuba, Iran, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, and trying to kill a rising power, China, through economic warfare, has led to massive military spending, modernization efforts, and forced the service to increase active duty personnel amid the recent threats of war.

  37. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The Message

    In the Financial Survival interview (around the 54-55 minute mark), James Corbett points out “…These stories clearly are intended to send a message no matter what is really happening there…This is how the game of escalation is played….”

    — MESSAGE definition —
    a significant point or central theme, especially one that has political, social, or moral importance.

    meaning, sense, import, idea; point, thrust, gist, essence, spirit, content, subject (matter), substance, implication, tenor, drift, purport, intimation, theme, moral, lesson, precept

    EX: “a campaign to get the message about home security across”

  38. ClintTorrez says:

    Hello all, James!
    We Are, having an effect on pubic perception. I am seeing this in virtual circles & in regular conversations on a daily basis. The cacophony of disorder is leaving people searching for solutions & that is great news! This is a time when people are generally more ready for “new ideas”(to them, so remember learning is not a one-way conversation). The general public is consuming vastly increased amounts of information need to stay focused, keep the plan simple so as I experience daily, make sure that you can show good, well vetted sources and have numerous. I make a joke about conspiracy facts when confronted with them trying to label all my ideas as “conspiracy” the I show my sources and they say ” oh MIT, Univ of Blah & Blah” and after that they may read a paragraph at most, but none, not one have I seen been able to focus for more than a few fluttering moments. So like I said effecting Perception is the goal and stay steadfast,
    & consistent & they will come around. Because all the “in crowd” want to stay abreast of the latest & greatest! So that is your target, put a face on it and be very smart and strong my friends. These people need our guidance even though they don’t know it.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Public Perception

      You make some excellent points and describe what goes on in ‘real life’ very well.
      Like you said, “These people need our guidance even though they don’t know it.”

      We are part of the SOLUTION.

  39. hotfrog says:

    The answer isn’t binary, it’s probabilistic. And who are the players? The public? Presumably they would have to influence Congress to – in turn – persuade Trump to stop rattling his sabre. But who are the unseen players – the military/industrial/intelligence complex? Others? Congress is taking some action to require Trump to come before them before launching but if that’s successful and he makes his case to them can we really safely predict the outcome of such a presumably “good” outcome.

  40. 681099 says:

    I believe the masses will be fooled again. Most people have never heard of the Lusitania and believe the Maine is one of the four corner states.

    Mr. Trump was duped when he said Assad could stay. Then McCains militia gased some children and Trump’s daughter got him to send in missiles.

    I’m sorry James we are doomed because most people don’t care.

    Dennis Morse

    • cooly says:


      I agree that we are doomed. I can see no other outcome. When the magic man in the sky was creating Man in his Holy Kitchen (all ultra-modern in stainless steel and oak trim-very tasteful and expensive-he put in some Allspice and then, just to make things interesting, was tapping in a little Greed when the cap came off. Seems to me that simple greed is the starting point of why we are doomed. Mix greed with psychopathy and see you later. As laid out below by ChaosNavigator, I have been coming to the conclusion that the majority of international conflict is manufactured for effect.

      You know, the more I learn, the more I just want to put it all down, get drunk, and chase my cats around the house

  41. inanna says:

    To understand some of the current moves on the chessboard, this may be insightful both in terms of the presented information and some underlying psychology at play.

  42. ChaosNavigator says:

    A sufficiently convincing and destructive con of conflict in order to justify further measures in the eyes of the unsuspecting public (perception management) BUT not an uncontrollable one (?): Ordo Ab Chao, in this context ‘justify’ more ‘order’ of insanity via controlled chaos management for balkanization of the Middle East and more implementation of NWO.

    ‘Furthermore, Israel sells their US originated high technology to our enemies, Russia and China. Russia and China then sell that technology to Iran. Therefore, Israel is indirectly arming Iran. The Iran-Israel conflict is a charade. If Israel was really an enemy of Iran, they would never allow China to sell Israeli sold military technology to Iran, let alone sell Israeli military technology to China in the first place. On top of that, Israel has numerous historical ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran, as I laid out in my article, “Iran Not an Enemy of the Jewish Elite”.


    1. A Rigged Revolution: How The Shadow CIA-MI6 Network Put Khomeini And Militant Islamists in Power

    2. An Epic Deception: America’s Overthrow of The Shah And The Secret Quest For A One World Government

    3. The British And U.S. Governments Installed Khomeini Into Power In 1979

    4. Hostage To False Flag Terror: The Link Between The October Surprise And The September Surprise

    5. The Myth of Khomeini

    6. Why The West Created The Islamic Republic of Iran, And Why It Wants To Destroy It Now

    7. The Shadow CIA: A State Within A State Within A State

    8. The Last World War of The Modern Age Is Upon Us

    9. The Shadow CIA Was Instrumental In The Taking of American Hostages In Iran

    One out of many overlooked anomalies: US And Israel Quietly Provide Military Support And Parts To Iran, Which In Turn Is Arming Syria https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-02-23/us-israel-providing-military-supports-and-parts-iran-which-turn-arming-syria

  43. ChaosNavigator says:

    …and Trump is the chaos clown of plausible deniability in order to push EU away from US into the hands of China while destroying US in the process, the same old plan of NWO being realized without anyone realizing the truth….

  44. rueckl1b says:

    Hi James,

    looks like the Empire’s bluff with regards to its agressive war-posturing is finally called by Iran, with a backing of Russian and/or China very likely.
    In my optinon the US are not able to even start a war with Iran without losing their more and more fragile empire in the short run. Europe will proably not play along anymore.
    Are you familiar with John Michael Greers Thriller “The Twilight’s Last Gleaming”. Looks like that scenario is plaing out right now the one or the other way. I will not spoiler it.

    Have a nice day!


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