The Truth About Iran's Nuclear Program

06/23/201931 Comments

"Be afraid!" say the repeaters of mockingbird media. Afraid of who? Afraid of Iran, of course.

Oh, haven't you heard? The Iranian government's stockpile of enriched uranium is about to surpass 300 kilograms! And Iran's store of heavy water is about to surpass 130 metric tons! Don't you understand? This will exceed the limits on these materials set out in the Iran nuclear deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)! And the dastardly Iranian government is not only embarrassed by these actions, but openly taking steps to end (some of) their commitments under the JCPOA!

Sounds chilling, doesn't it? But there's one little disclaimer that seems missing from a lot of the MSM's scaremongering coverage of these developments: None of this has anything to do with an offensive nuclear weapons program.

Confused? Of course you are. The highly-technical details of the 159-page nuclear agreement were never meant to be scrutinized by (much less understood by) the average Joe Sixpack and Jane Soccermom. Words like "enriched" and "highly enriched," "heavy water" and "tritium," "nuclear program" and "nuclear weapons program" are thrown around by the media as if these terms are all the same, even though they describe fundamentally different materials and processes. And the whole point is to make the public afraid of a nuclear weapons program that both US and Israeli intelligence has confirmed doesn't exist.

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  1. joe.h says:

    Wow! I had no idea about all this. Great read. Same old tricks

  2. cstrouss1 says:

    I’m curious about the assertion that heavy water is not used to produce weapons. I’m not suggesting that this is anything Iran wants to do, and even if they did, a fusion weapon would be years down the road, but I’ve always understood that the deuterium used in making an “h-bomb” is generally purified from heavy water. Is that wrong?

  3. Won Fat Fuk says:

    How many years have passed since the U.S. government (Washington D.C.) started painting Iran as a boogie man? Didn’t Washington D.C. use Saddam Hussein’s Iraq to invade Iran in the 1980s? Hasn’t Washington D.C. had sanctions on Iran since the Bush administration? Isn’t Iran geographically surrounded by U.S. allies? It DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE that Iran would not have been PLANNING “SOMETHING” to try stop U.S. aggression. They should have initiated a long range plan of some kind A LONG TIME AGO. It CANNOT BE that Iran IS NOT staying late at night trying to figure out how to STOP U.S. BULLYING. (Add to this all the other “bullied” countries that would be willing to assist Iran in this endeavor, which would include China and Russia.) Ok, let’s say Iran can’t possibly make nuclear weapons, does this mean that they aren’t smart enough come up with another type of weapon of mass destruction that doesn’t involve uranium or plutonium? Where there is a will, there is a way.

    • scpat says:

      You should read the Oil Price article Corbett linked at the end of his article, might illuminate things for you.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Good catch from the last link in the article.

        I also noticed that on June 20th’s Interview 1452 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato, Corbett had in the footnotes that article by Yossef Bodansky “Declassified: The Sino-Russian Masterplan To End U.S. Dominance In Middle East”, and of course a link to his video “4 Times the US Threatened to Stage an Attack and Blame It on Iran”.

        • scpat says:

          Quite an in-depth article. I wonder where Bodansky is getting the sourcing for his claims. Interesting information nonetheless. What I found particularly interesting was the differing in analysis on the oil tanker incidents of Bodansky versus that of Gareth Porter, in the Recommended Listening section. Porter speculated that Israel may have been behind the oil tanker attacks, whereas Bodansky believed that Iran did it, essentially because they would not tolerate other countries shipping oil through the region when they can’t due to sanctions.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            What is interesting…is that this June 14th Huffington News report did not get a lot of mileage.

            But an official of the company that owns the Courageous said Friday that the vessel appeared to be struck in the Gulf of Oman by something that “flew towards the ship,” NBC reported.

            “We received reports that something flew towards the ship,” Yutaka Katada, president of Kokaku Sangyo Co., said at a press conference, according to NBC. “The place where the projectile landed was significantly higher than the water level, so we are absolutely sure that this wasn’t a torpedo. I do not think there was a time bomb or an object attached to the side of the ship.”


            • scpat says:

              Yes, this is a crucial report no doubt. So if it was a projectile, that seems to broaden the number of candidates who could have done it. Then we are left with, who benefits?

  4. sherry.a says:

    I am one of 81 million Iranians and an ex Iranian diplomat with family and friends in Iran….some are alarmingly concerned that Iran is headed for being partitioned by the people who have had this plan for many years…pray for iran….Iranians are under substantial duress and Pres. Trump has announced more sanctions on Monday…war with iran could set fire to the Middle East…Iran is surrounded by American military bases but they will fight til their last breath. In Iraq war (backed by Superpower) Iranians lost 1 million but Iraq was unable to prevail…we are very very concerned…

  5. manbearpig says:

    This may not be prime time news to anyone but Hasan Rouhani was educated, as you can read on his wiki page, at Glasgow Caledonian University and so predictably speaks English:

    I just wonder why he always addresses the UN and everyone else in Farsi?

    Can’t say if Iran’s cooperating with the Agenda 21 global smart and sustainable surveillance goals, but I find it interesting that the UN has embraced, is promoting and implementing the “Envision Rating system” as developed by the “Zofnass Program” of Paul Zofnass fame:

    “…Zofnass is president of The Environmental Financial Consulting Group Inc., a New York City-based financial consulting firm that provides financial advisory and investment banking services to architecture and engineering companies serving the environmental infrastructure industry. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard College and an alumnus of the Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School.

    Zofnass’ wife, Renee Ring, is a securities attorney in New York City…”

    and that above-mentioned Renée Ring was one of two lawyers who “headed up” and was a trustee of the Clinton Legal Defense Fund:

    “…Arkansas Sen. David Pryor, announced the establishment of the Clinton Legal Expense Trust on Wednesday.
    …Heading up the new fund will be Tony Essaye, a well-known Washington lawyer with close ties to the Democratic party. In addition to Pryor, other trustees include businessmen Kenneth Bartels and Roger Johnson, and lawyers Maurice Mitchell and Renee Ring…”

    and according to her LinkedIn page she was an:

    “Advisor starting in 2001 for the philanthropic organization “WestWind” where she

    • Acted as principal grant-maker for 2001 – 2002

    • Actively participate in the decisions of the Board of Trustees awarding grants, totaling over $3,000,000 annually, with a principal focus on reproductive health and environmental issues, including combating climate change…”

    “…The foundation also supports non-profits that promote reproductive health and rights globally, with a particular emphasis on the Latin American and Caribbean region.

    The Foundation is also committed to ensuring better access to sex education. …”

    Then there’s the 2017 paper entitled:
    “Envision’s Critical Role in Rating Infrastructure Sustainability for Developing Countries
    Conference: 7th International Conference on Sustainable Development and Urban Construction, At IRAN”

    co-authored by Seyed Hossein Hosseini Nourzad

    who’d spent 2010 – 2014 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Drexel University

    “…Among all, Envision is a novel and holistic rating system that comprehensively assesses sustainability of infrastructures and is applicable to all sizes and categories of projects, such as water, energy, waste, transportation, and information. Developed for the North America, it is very beneficial to assess its applicability for developing countries in other regions. In this paper, we first introduce the Envision rating system. Second, we subjectively discuss the challenges of employing such a system for Iran as a developing country. Finally, we draft a few suggestion to implement the system in real-world case studies for the purpose of Envision localization…”’s_Critical_Role_in_Rating_Infrastructure_Sustainability_for_Developing_Countries

    anyhow…lazing on a sunday afternoon…

  6. NES says:

    Excellent technical info. Thanks for writing this up for us all.

    Also, I am SO happy when I read words like ‘simplistic’ and they are used correctly. I’d expect no less from you, James.

  7. Stronghorse says:

    This really has nothing to do with nuclear weapons, that is just the excuse to scare the masses. This is about money and control. As usual.
    Let’s be clear, the UNITED STATES government, illegitimate as it is, will not stop in their attempts to start a war with Iran. They have been dreaming up one excuse after another ever since the Iranians threw out the US installed Shaw of Iran, ( puppet and brutal dictator), along with the oil companies, for the second time, in 1979. Note that Iraq started a war with Iran shortly afterward in 1980, started by another US installed dictator and puppet named Saddam Hussein. Who by the way would probably still be alive had he not started thinking that he was some kind of legitimate leader instead of the CIA puppet that he was. He got too big for his britches, so they gave him a necktie instead.
    The “Problems” between the UNITED STATES and Iran began in 1952 of course with “Operation Ajax”. When Mohammed Mosaddeq nationalized Iran’s oil fields, ousting the British oil companies, he made the mistake of trying to help his country by cutting into the profits of international bankers. That was his crime, he angered the banksters.
    All was just fine again after the coup d’état, as far as the US was concerned, until the Iranian people got rid of the puppet Shaw.
    ALL WARS are BANKER’S WARS. The UNITED STATES military is the enforcement arm of the BIS, the “Bank of International Settlements”. Any time the leader of some country threatens the banker’s profit margin, the US government will find an excuse, or create one, true or not, for making war on the banker offending country. It really is that simple when you cut through all the propaganda. Too bad the people who make up the US military haven’t figured this out. At least not the grunts.
    Just look at the few remaining countries in the world that do not already have a Rothschild controlled central bank. Then look at which countries the UNITED STATES has problems with. Look at the countries that did not have a Rothschild controlled central bank in the year 2000. Next, look at the countries that the US military has decimated since the War OF Terror started, that now have central banks.
    It’s a no brainer.
    The corporation that is pretending to be the government of the United States of America was set up by, and answers to, the international bankers. The people have no control, elections are a sham. Politicians are nothing more than actors in a demented play, and employees of the corporation. The Mainstream Media is simply the propaganda department.

    Who would care to speculate what would happen if Iran were to say tomorrow that the US and British oil companies could move back in and take the oil for pennies on the dollar again as they did before 1952? Of course the deal would have to include a new central bank in Iran as well. But I’m willing to wager that would stop all the talk of war with Iran, and they would soon be considered a friendly country again.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Depleted Uranium

    In the truth movement around 2005 and 2006, was an excellent 2005 film by the late Joyce Riley and William Lewis entitled Beyond Treason. James Corbett has been a guest on Riley’s show repeatedly.

    The film was a real eye opener about many things, especially the use of Depleted Uranium weapons in the 1991 Desert Storm and Gulf War attacks on Iraq.
    I found the interviews with Dr. Doug Rokke (Director of the U.S. Army
    Depleted Uranium Project) very enlightening.
    In fact, for a 2006 college Environmental Science class presentation, I did my talk on the Depleted Uranium weapons.

    The definition of “Depleted Uranium” gives insight about Uranium.
    U-238 is left after the U-235 & U-234 is removed.
    Basically, U-238 is “Depleted Uranium.

    “Depleted Uranium”
    Denser than lead, it can be used for tank armor. Shells made with Depleted Uranium can penetrate armor and also catch on fire when fired.
    The health implications are horrendous when used in weapons.

    ThemTube (a few minutes – QUEUED)
    U.S. Army Depleted Uranium Training film (with edits)

  9. brent.b says:

    george webb claims that the iran nuclear program is a deep state program to back fill “missing” uranium which was diverted from the megatons to mega watts program back in the 90s. once the highly enriched weapons grade (and much much more valuable) uranium was diverted/stolen, they had to back fill the missing amount by having iraq, libya, iran produce the same nuclear power grade uranium that should have resulted from the down blending of the soviet weapons grade uranium. once iraq sold off their uranium for gold, it got invaded to destroy evidence, seize gold, etc. same thing in libya. now same is possibly for iran. its an interesting theory. what do you think?

  10. I’d heard magnora7’s interviews on two episodes of Higherside Chats, and two more on Tin Foil Hat, but it wasn’t until the second TFH show that I decided to check out I still hope you’ll interview him too.

    I was never a Redditor, but since SaidIt was truther friendly I joined up and got hooked on Nov 15. I’ve been posting Corbett Report content there in all the topical subs – however now someone has created a new dedicated sub…

    See also:


    An encyclopedic article about SaidIt on

    Also, for anyone who cares, years back I was trying to offer my animation services to JC. I’m doing my own thing now, in the open, transparently, for better or worse, for all to see, and maybe get some helpful feedback. It’s only in the beginning stages, but this is how it begins.

    It’s a little complicated, and yet not. 5 distinct but cross-related projects:

    Glossed Over is the over-arching discussion forum for participation (main discussion on all projects)

    Glossed And Profound – transparent crowd-sourced production management project and hub (for publishing evolving info only)

    Bittersweet Seeds – epic hard-sci-fi cautionary tale (graphic novel/screenplay) development project (for publishing progress only)

    Trutherism 101 – philosophy-comedy animated-short meme-esque mockumentary series development project (for publishing progress only)

    Truther Top 20s – quick-reference talking points on serious matters (supporting reference organized for shorter attention spans)

    In years to come you can say you heard it here first. Then forgot about it. Then rediscovered it later.

  11. Ukdavec says:

    Bill Janeway Transformation

    ..we are experiencing the disruptive maturation of the latest technological transformation, the Digital Revolution. Like previous ones, the Digital Revolution has been shifting the distribution of power within and across economic and political and social domains. In the west, it has matured to challenge the authority of the state at multiple levels and even undermined the integrity of the political process on which that authority ultimately rests, inevitably motivating a range of problematically effective counter-movements. At the same time, in China it is enabling an alternative to representative democracy as the counter-weight to market capitalism: the “benevolent surveillance state.” Globally, the structures of political and social institutions are as much in play as are the competitive conditions of markets.

  12. Libertydan says:

    The American Empire is controlled by the private owners of the Federal Reserve who can create unlimited amounts of Federal Reserve Notes. Indeed, these World Bankers have given the U.S. Government unlimited credit so that they can control it. What most people do not seem to know is that the Federal Reserve creates money for it’s Owners in secret. The only Audit of the Fed ever done (a partial Audit) uncovered nearly $16 Trillion created over 27 months (2007-2009). Prior to the Audit, Congress had no idea this money even exited.
    So, if the Rothschild World Banking Cabal controls the U.S. Central Government and it’s Military by way of controlling the money supply, then we might ask why would they want war with Iran, or for that matter, why would they want WWIII????
    Since Kissinger Negotiated a Deal with Saudi Arabia in 1973 Federal Reserve Notes have been referred to in financial circles as “Petro dollars”. As the term implies, Oil is to be exclusively traded in them, and thus this is why they have real value.
    Iraq was invaded because Saddam refused to trade Iraq’s Oil in Federal Reserve notes. Libya was invaded because it was not trading it’s oil in Federal Reserve Notes. Iran and Venezuela seem to pose similar problems for the World Bankers who control the U.S. Military, and manipulate the minds of the masses through media propaganda.
    Since 1913, these world Bankers have taken what was a “Union of States” (created to protect them from the British Empire), and turned it into the “American Empire” (which is controlled by the legacy of the same Banking Cabal that controlled the British Empire)
    Neither the U.S. Government, nor it’s Military, and certainly not the NSA serve the people of the States while they are under the control of the World Bankers. It is a Central Government gone bad. However there is hope if enough States will make Application for a Call for an Article V Convention of States for the purposes of reining in an out of control Central Government.

    • Stronghorse says:

      You might want to rethink the idea of an Article V Convention. The last one didn’t go as planned, and there is no guarantee a new one would either.
      The problem is the delegates. They would be chosen by state governments, the people would have little or no say in their selection or appointments. Article V of the constitution places no boundaries on the topics that may be discussed, and because there is no precedent for a convention under the provisions of Article V, there is no guarantee that they would not throw out the constitution and write a new, “Modernized” Constitution, excluding freedom of speech, due process, or the right to bear arms. It’s a crap shoot, and we could end up in worse shape than we currently are.
      Many convention proponents specifically want to amend the constitution, and have said so openly. I myself do not trust that we would not wind up worse off than we are now, simply because we would not be the ones selecting the delegates.
      Remember that the first convention was supposed to fix the Articles of Confederation, but instead they wrote a new constitution. I’m not saying they did wrong as there were numerous problems with the Articles of Confederation, all I’m saying is that if and Article V convention is convened, we could lose what little say we now have.
      What really needs to happen, *in my opinion*, is to somehow force compliance with the Constitution we already have. If it had been adhered to over the years, (especially since the Lincoln administration),we would not have the problems we now do, and if we could force compliance, the answers for solving the current problems are all laid out in it as well.

  13. manbearpig says:

    amidst all my week-end lazing, I literally forgot to mention that

    this, characteristically, is a very important article. A very admirative low hat tip-bow once again (though I’m not as limber as I used to be…)

    But when communicating with uh, “normies”, just explaining something as self-explanatory as WTC7 is a real challenge.

    Trying to grasp and communicate the intricacies of low and highly enriched uranium?, my headache just got worse.

    But I’ll definately lay this out to my nuclear engineers!

    Thanks again Mr. C!

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    For the Historical Record…

    Gold & Bitcoin
    I should mention that the price of Gold and Bitcoin have dynamically gone up, especially in recent weeks here towards the last of June.
    The other day, Gold (in U.S. dollars) reached levels not seen since 2013, while Bitcoin has climbed back above $10,000.

    Of course, there could be a number of factors such as a slowing economy, the Trade Wars with China, The Fed’s hint at lowering interest rates, and the Iran situation.

    I gotta grin. I guess in Iran, they call Trump “mentally retarded”. I won’t argue about that descriptive.
    Around the world, there probably exist many adjectives to describe Trump.

    I personally find the terms “volatile” or “unpredictable” or “destabilizing” as ways to describe his public communications. Sometimes markets tend to move because of a Tweet…or a nation gets riled up…or the public goes into a frenzy…whatever.
    Personally, I think that Trump rather ‘enjoyed’ all the Russiagate hype in the media. Destabilizing Controversy.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      World War Three – but it is being fought in “quiet” ways

      I feel like we are in World War Three, but like the Cold War era & Vietnam/China-Russia/Afghanistan, the conflicts and battles and mini-wars are of a different style than what I am used to.

      The battlefields are of a different ilk. Currency and Trade Wars.
      Propaganda Control Mechanisms. Sabre rattling. Hacking. National economies in jeopardy.

      These last weeks of June, we saw alternative currencies such as Bitcoin and Gold suddenly pop. Oil also shot up.

      Propaganda platforms agenda?
      Is it any coincidence that Google, YouTube and Social Media platforms have recently been scrubbing “unwanted voices”, even including health?
      EXAMPLE – June 24th –

      – World War One –
      From Corbett’s WW1 series, I really got how important the propaganda arm was. It edges in sideways, subtly.

      Even the SMART GRID is a method of control. It is part of the new war.

      Anyway, I think that we are in World War 3.
      It is just being played differently.

      I also think that the United States faction will do anything to maintain its dominance (which also includes the dollar as THE international currency).

  15. zyxzevn says:

    4chan Proves Reddit is Full of NPCs

    It is about a condition where people can not visualize (or mentalize) anything with their mind. There are a lot more than was expected.

    It shows a severe psychological condition that might have been caused by modern technology and education. We are being told what to think or what to do on a daily basis. This may severely damage our mind, and it makes us unable to think independently.

    Such people will never understand the things that we are discussing here.

  16. scpat says:

    Bitcoin Q&A: Facebook’s Libra Blockchain
    Andreas Antonopoulos

  17. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Oil, Iran, China, “Tanker Trackers”…

    (Worth noting is how the U.S. deems itself the “rule-maker” on what other countries can and cannot do.)

    July 3, 2019 NEWS –
    U.S. Considers Allowing China To Import Oil From Iran
    By Tsvetana Paraskova
    The U.S. Department of State is discussing allowing China to import oil from Iran as payment for a Chinese company’s investment in an Iranian oilfield, Politico reported on Wednesday, citing U.S. officials and sources.

    The Trump Administration is discussing issuing China a waiver to a 2012 U.S. act on Iranian sanctions that would allow Beijing—Iran’s single biggest oil customer—to import oil from Iran, three U.S. officials told Politico.

    NEWS of June 26
    China Imports First Iranian Oil Since U.S. Ended Sanction Waivers


    Tanker Trackers offers some insight on current events having to do with oil. (I won’t pay for access to the website stories, but the Twitter feed is very interesting.)
    July 1st – “The number of destinations for #Iran’s oil has begun to broaden lately both east and west even after oil sanction waivers were terminated in early May. We shall be publishing an STS (Ship-to-Ship) Transfer Special Report during this week of at least five recent cases.”
    June 24 – “Story: Submarine Pipelines “Sabotaged” in Syria” – “Was this a retaliatory attack yesterday due to the recent incidents in the Gulf of Oman? We looked into it and found something unexpected.” with a final update on July 2nd

  18. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Hybrid warfare

    “NEWS”? – July 13, 2019 – The Telegraph

    The Iran crisis will show Russia and China the West still has no answer for ‘hybrid warfare’

    The brief article seems to coin a new term…
    Hybrid warfare mixes conventional and unconventional military forces with disinformation, assassination, economics, manipulation of social media, use of religion, plus other state-sponsored activities that seek to undermine an enemy without engaging in ‘traditional’ war.

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