Who Coined the Term "Useless Eaters"? - Questions For Corbett #034

02/27/2017235 Comments

Did the Club of Rome say that genocide should be used to eliminate the useless eaters? What is bitcoin and how do you buy it? What is the incentive for the media to reveal corruption? And when is James' book coming out, anyway? These questions and many more are answered in this month's edition of Questions For Corbett.

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James Corbett's Reddit AMA (Round 2)

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Useless Eaters: Disability as Genocidal Marker in Nazi Germany

Spurious quotations on Patriot Mythology

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Original bitcoin whitepaper



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Blackwater Heads to China

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The Great Decoupling: How the west is engineering its own downfall

Deal With the Devil: How the Global Elite Re-colonized China

China and the US: Frenemies With Benefits

Phoney Opposition: The Truth About the BRICS

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All The Presidents' Bankers

James Perloff on the 100th Anniversary of the Lusitania False Flag

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  1. Andre Dias says:

    Hey James, thanks for another excellent video! Here is my bitcoin address:

    Thanks in advance!Keep up the good job

  2. Mr. Ape says:

    Free bitcoin? So generous. Thank you, for everything you do James.
    Wallet: *SENT*

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    Free Money? Who does that? Thanks James.

  4. Hotfoot says:

    Wow James! Hope you don’t get swamped get swamped with Bitcoin addresses! If you do, then you can always humbly retract your offer!

    here is my address:


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    Hey James,

    Keep up the good work! If you get too many requests, just forget about me.


  8. Mr. Ape says:

    Actually wait a min here… looks like Blockchain.info just changes my wallet address, which is weird right? Disregard first wallet address. New one they issued me: *SENT*

    • In some or all wallets the address is only used 1 time and then a new is generated. I think it has something to do with security. So never get bitcoin send to an address that has been used, or you will lose that money.

      • Rain says:

        You can continue to receive btc to old addresses, modern wallet software generates a massive list of addresses and private keys that do not change for a given seed phrase.

        In terms of security, someone might not recommend this because anyone can see how much money the address has received and who sent it.

        I have addresses in my wallet generated long ago to receive donations on books I stocked in the local Little Free Libraries.

        They are all part of an “HD wallet” created (and restored) from a list of 12 words – new receive addresses are generated as needed and all funds are pooled together.

        I think both Mycelium (Android) and Breadwallet (iOS) work this way; I know Electrum (Desktop) does.

  9. going.galt says:

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  10. yohan says:

    Hey James,

    This is Yohan from India. Thanks for everything you do and being such a quality source of information in a sea of doubt, misinformation and disinformation. Here’s my bitcoin address : *SENT*

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  12. scpat says:


    I know that you have identified with the life philosophy of Voluntarism, where interaction between people is through voluntary participation. I would like to hear your defense of Voluntarism in regards to law and order in a voluntary society. Undoubtedly, there will always be sick and violent people in the world who intend to cause harm to innocent people. Without police, who would stop any person or groups of people from violently extorting, abusing, or causing harm to innocent, defenseless people?

    • danmanultra says:

      I also ponder these questions in regards to Anarchy/Voluntarism, but one note on police: I do not believe police “stop” crimes. Rather, they arrive after a crime has already been committed and try to find the guilty party, and then arrest/punish those responsible. Police on rare occasion arrive in time to keep a violent crime from escalating, but that is an exception rather than the normal proceedings. In fact, one could argue police arriving at an active/ongoing crime have as much a chance or more of causing escalation.

    • tyler.c says:


      There is an excellent video by Larken Rose on the Police and what to do about people who would threaten or enact violence upon you. Leans heavily on the 2nd Amendment here in the US.


      Also, such topics are debated or theorized upon at http://www.LarkenRose.com. I highly recommend diving in. Very interesting topics that may help you frame your own solution for your question above.

      IMHO – I would love to PAY to have a security force for my area where, if I wanted to, I could have a security employee FIRED for doing their job incorrectly or abusing their position in the community.



    • dorian.s says:

      Voluntaryists such as myself don’t believe in the elimination of courts and law enforcement, rather that such services should not be monopolized by a single organization in a certain geographic region. In the current statist paradigm, we are coerced into following the rules of whatever country we are born into, whereas in a truly anarchist/voluntaryist society people would be allowed to choose from many organizations with different sets of rules to represent them, or none at all. Resolution of inter-organizational disputes would be done based on precedents, rather than a huge body or self-contradictory written law. I’ll recommend this essay on the jurisprudence of polycentric law if you’re interested in learning more http://www.tomwbell.com/writings/JurisPoly.html

    • mkey says:

      “Undoubtedly, there will always be sick and violent people in the world who intend to cause harm to innocent people.”

      When I see the police take down Hillary Clinton, the known mass murderer, GWB, another know mass murdering puppet, or Dick Chaney, another known mass murderer, or etc. etc. I’ll give some merit to fine lads and gals in the blue.

      I don’t hate anyone, especially no groups of people, but cops are on the list of those that I find most hard to tolerate. Most police officers I have come in contact with (I should say all, not most, since I’m yet to meet one cop whom would make me rethink my stance) are: under educated, insufficiently intelligent, unsympathetic; always ready to bow down to the flag, break the law and lie to cover up themselves or their colleagues. They are usually very politically motivated as well.

      In my country and especially in my region, cops are semi literate cretins. Now, tell me, how does anyone expect from a person whom doesn’t even know this thing we call the law to uphold it? It is the state itself that chooses such people, because of their lack of intelligence and moral courage they are far more likely to comply. The only good thing I can say about them is that they aren’t as heavily militarized as in US. Those US swat teams, choke full of shell shocked ex service men with their minds completely destroyed, send shivers down my spine.

      Tell me, in this policed society, when or, better said, if people do finally decide that enough is enough, whom will be sent to pacify the crowd? Whom will need protection from the people? Answers to this question reveals the unalienable truth – cops serve the state, not the people. Their allegiance lies with those who gave them “authority.”

      I would also like to submit to you that in a healthy society you’d see much, much less crime. Once you’d eliminate the false premise of scarcity and shed greed and materialism from people’s hearts and poisons from their body and minds, much of these behavioral paradigms would shift dramatically.

  13. mike jay says:

    You’ve motivated me to finally get a wallet as well…


    Thanks James

  14. Ex-Sheeple says:

    Are we the useless eaters for taking James’ bitcoins for nothing? Now that I’m thinking, I retract my number. But at least you made me open a bitcoin wallet. Thanks

  15. tyler.c says:

    Hey James,

    Great idea for the bitcoin awareness level of everyone. I will be “paying it forward” to my brother in law who is a skeptic towards anything not written down in Wired Magazine. Maybe a little btc in his personal wallet will soften him up!

    Thanks for all you do!


  16. cinderellasunshine1969 says:

    James, I could listen to you for hours! Please know that I don’t consider you a “guru”, but I appreciate so much the information that you share and the other alternative news sources that you have introduced me to through your podcast. The fact is, though, that I do enjoy listening to you, as you have a delivery that is brilliantly intelligent and thorough, while also being easy to follow and engaging. A very rare combination!! Thank you for all you do!

  17. dorian.s says:

    Wow James, thanks for the generous offer! Good encouragement to get people to make a Bitcoin wallet, including myself:


  18. ben.d says:

    Hi James, many thanks for all that you do. You’re my first port of call for information and have been for a few years now. Also, thanks for your generous offer – I’ve installed a mobile wallet (Mycelium) which is supposed to be a good one – *SENT.

    I’ll be interested to see how this works and keep up the good work

    PS: if bitcoin ever reach the million dollar mark, i’ll owe you 🙂

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    Always wanted a reason to look into Bitcoin. Tx James for all you do and for making this offer!

    I hope this is the right address for my wallet. Sorry I’m a beginner and I do not see any other alternative.

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  23. Bitcoin, the separation of money and state.
    Good one James.

    • James. You did not answer the question posed by Mark concerning the “Jewish Question”. Yes with sophistry, but you can do better.
      It is a valid question. It is an expression dating back to around 1750. There is even a Wikipedia post on the subject. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_question
      Bet you US$ 100 you will never ever answer that question.

      • And to top it all up, you and fractaluniverse seems to indicate that Anarchy rules the nations. Oh no, within all nations there is a fifth column, ruling the lot. And guess what, it is a Jewish fifth column.

        From round around year 0:

        Cicero: “Softly! Softly! I want none but the judges to hear me. The Jews have already gotten me into a fine mess, as they have many other gentleman. I have no desire to furnish further grist for their mills.” “The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. One knows how numerous this clique is, how they stick together and what power they exercise through their unions. They are a nation of rascals and deceivers.”

        Seneca: “The customs of that most criminal nation have gained such strength that they have now been received in all lands. The conquered have given laws to the conquerors.”

        Dio Cassius: “The Jews were destroying both Greeks and Romans. They ate the flesh of their victims, made belts for themselves out of their entrails, and daubed themselves with their blood… In all, 220,000 men perished in Cyrene and 240,000 in Cyprus, and for this reason no Jew may set foot in Cyprus today.”

        Diodorus Siculus: First century Greek historian. Observed that Jews treated other people as enemies and inferiors. “Usury” is the practice of lending money at excessive interest rates. This has for centuries caused great misery and poverty for Gentiles. It has brought strong condemnation of the Jews!

        Source: https://www.biblebelievers.org.au/repute.htm

  24. n8cremer says:


    Thanks James:)

  25. thetomclaw says:

    Hi James thanks for the wonderful gesture and all that you do!


  26. L. says:

    I think “THE JEWISH QUESTION” most people are wondering about is this: Why haven’t you addressed the potential conspiracy that the Holocaust was created out of whole cloth and perpetuated by powerful Jewish-owned media and and Jewish business, banking and geopolitical interests and hidden behind for decades by jewish criminals and used as a justification for a “Jewish State” in Israel, an illegitimate entity that regularly violates human rights and spies on other countries and secretly hoards nukes which it stole the materials to build from its “ally” America? Why is it that WWII, which supposedly almost wiped Jews off the face of the earth was MOST beneficial for super-powerful Jewish people like George Soros and others for generations to follow? Denying that there is indeed a Jewish question is as naive as believing that only jews are to blame for all our problems.

    It may be better phrased as a Zionist question, or whatever you want to call it, but the fact that it revolves around the MYTH that is the Holocaust which you actually paraded around to defend your rant against the all-encompassing “JEWISH QUESTION” makes it just that, a Jewish question. The Holocaust myth, and the TRUE (non-jewish-owned textbook publishing company version) history of the world wars and the fate of Germany after WWII may be the most important story in history, because the lies spun out of it are the very framework for lies that continue to send us to unjust wars and enable false flags to be carried out and publicized by a media that was largely carefully bought and paid for by powerful Jewish people in the latter 19th and early 20th centuries.

    The gravy train certainly has more than just Jews on it, and as you always say there are factions of power that fight for more power and control and it is not one grand conspiracy. But the Holocaust is a lie, protected by jewish interests and exploited for jewish interest, and is most tied to one culture like no other lie or conspiracy.

    All that said, I fully understand why you avoid making it about Jews, and focus on the facts. It’s your best move, you do it well. I agree that people for the most part should avoid labeling things Jewish conspiracies. However, in the case of the Holocaust, history must be reexamined, and the conspiracy to create the Holocaust myth, control the media, and create a Jewish State in Israel, is without a doubt, predominantly a JEWISH QUESTION, as uncomfortable as years of public schooling that was drilled into all of our brains makes that for you. Avoid it altogether if you must, but tread carefully when mocking the idea and building a bubble in your mind that avoids scrutiny of things like the Holocaust, it is a very important event to scrutinize, and is the “JEWISH QUESTION” people most have on their minds.

    • The Holocaust and with it the the “Jewish Question” is THE QUESTION. Answer it, James, for the betterment of humankind.

      • VoltaicDude says:

        Interesting development! – I was totally in line with James’ response. I am still mostly in line, preferring the “Zionist Question” over the “Jewish Question”

        But, I found the Wikipedia entry interesting and surprising. It begins its account as late as the Enlightenment! – A time in which “Jewish civil-rights” (as we might put it these days) were being re-considered in a Europe that was giving birth to modern sensibilities of political pluralism and social relativism!

        But language matters and the cunning twisting of perceptions that were manipulated to shape some of the great atrocities of the twentieth-century were in fact based on derailing rhetoric and the derailed thinking it promoted.

        Imagine lacking the subtlety, I mean the good commonsense, to differentiate, today, between usages of the terms: “Negro,” “Black” and “African American.”

        There is no “Question” about “Jews” unless one submits to racist standards.

        But the “Jewish Question,” as a phrase, in an historical consideration, may comparatively shed some “illumination” on current political manipulations.

        Our language usage should grow to express the history that informs us. The other option is remaining mired in old semantic confusions.

        To avoid deceptively constructed social conflict, we cannot, as you describe, avoid necessary conversations, and neither can we get mired in archaic and misdirecting labels (as, for instance, do Trump’s scriptwriters quite purposefully).

        This is the Wikipedia page on “Anti-Semitism”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisemitism

        I propose that to refer to European Jews as “Semites” was actually an insult, meaning “you do not belong here,” and not homage to an ancient association – weird that nobody seems to get that.

        The historical oppression of Jews in Europe is more accurately “anti-Jewish,” and malicious scapegoating rhetoric originated, if not from the Roman Empire, then from the Roman Catholic State, and ultimately, through a very twisted history, culminated in a twentieth-century European crusade/invasion of Palestine (and for totally ulterior – Bankster/Illuminati – motives).

        Is the Vatican in Bethlehem or Jerusalem? If anti-Judaism was a European problem, and a “Jewish State” could somehow have been a reasonable solution in the twentieth-century, why not somewhere in Europe?

        All these are rhetorical questions, of course, to emphasize the same points you were making, but by illustrating the illogic behind Zionism, and redirecting people’s attention to the deceptions that created hostile factions from historical social rifts – those rifts being ideations from which we need to equally, simultaneously free ourselves.

        If one argues that “Jews” are the problem, one can just as easily and just as credibly argue that “Christians,” or “Muslims,” or “Atheists,” or whoever are the problem – but to what good or useful end?

        It is a waste of the rather esoteric knowledge of how the globalist illuminati have manipulated world politics, and even a capitulation and repetition of those malicious standards, and not a competent address and exposure of that horrific, insidious fraud, which is currently engaged in the active genocide of Palestinians, among many other atrocities worldwide.

      • russ says:

        Earth’s real Holocaust took place in Russia.

        It was committed by the psychopathic Bolshevik communists who slaughtered defenseless Russians by the tens of millions—the planet’s greatest unknown and untaught holocaust to date.

        Swedish writer Juri Lina and other researchers who’ve examined the archives that have been opened in Russia have estimated more than a 100 million mostly white weaponless Russians died following the Bolshevik communist takeover in Russia circa 1917-1944.

        Video: IN THE SHADOWN OF HERMES Jüri Lina (2009)


        Book: UNDER THE SIGN OF THE SCORPION (Updated, 3rd edition)


        Nobel winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who deserved the award and arguably was Russia’s greatest writer and chronicler of the Russian tragedy, finished two volumes about these killers more than a decade ago before he died. Both are blocked from English translation except for “select” chapters.

        200 YEARS TOGETHER


        Read or hear about any of this horror in your history books or classes? Or about the estimated million weaponless Irish who were either starved to death or sold as indentured servants/slaves? That the king of England tried to confiscate the colonists’ gunpowder? That more colonists died aboard British starvation ships anchored just offshore than died in the Revolution?

        I didn’t.





        • L. says:

          And it happened in Germany, Italy and even parts of France in the wake of WWII. Roosevelt, the traitorous bought-out scum, held back the US advance so Stalin could take Berlin and systematically rape and destroy the German people en masse. Roosevelt kept the Red Cross from Stalin-run camps where millions of Germans starved to death, cramped and exposed, in piles, when ironically during the war Hitler allowed the red cross to evaluate the so-called “death camps” that housed MORE THAN JUST JEWS, where only a quarter of a million perished from TYPHUS, which was unavoidable… A fact documented by the Red Cross. The 6 MILLION JEW holocaust was reported numerous times PRIOR to WWII and after, and is still perpetuated as fact to this day, despite being nothing more than a media-created myth.

          The lie is elaborate and contradictory, while the truth is plain and simple and a pattern we can see throughout history. Germany rejected the bankers, rejected the cancerous influence of immorality and financial enslavement, and was completely and utterly RAPED and destroyed for it. Make no mistake, the near-total destruction and ethnic cleansing of a culture and race was perpetuated during WWII, and the Jewish manipulators of finance, media, business and geopolitics reflected the suffering of the German victims onto themselves and have used it as a shield for DECADES. People need to be reconditioned and reeducated on this topic as soon as possible. Russia and Putin, and allies like Iran are the new targets. Putin will be the new Hitler, and the US and the West in general is already being whipped into a frenzy against Russia and we’re well on our way to a WWIII. Russian diplomats have been dropping like flies lately and Russia is constantly being provoked by NATO while Soros-funded NGOs seek to undermine Russia within its borders and in Soros-owned Ukraine next door. We seriously live in 1984, only hate week never seems to end.

          If this all sounds completely backwards to anyone, it is because you were indoctrinated in the same public school setting I was. If you want to start deprogramming yourself, read “The Bad War” and “The War Against Putin” by M.S. King, and Google and watch “Adolf Hitler: The greatest story never told”, and do your own research to verify the facts presented in all this material. Either of these may be deemed illegal information and you may not even be able to find/access them on the internet in your country, a fact that on its own lends credibility to the accusation that the Holocaust is a lie that must be protected by the liars. After exposing yourself to this information, if you still don’t believe me, I don’t know what else to do for you. I think time will ultimately verify this for most people, but it may be too late.

          • mkey says:

            “Germany rejected the bankers, rejected the cancerous influence of immorality and financial enslavement”

            I don’t think you’re on the right track with this one. That’s one of the many side stories that found its way to the zeitgeist. Like many of the 9/11 spinoffs.
            Hitler was pretty much in bed with the bankers and I surely don’t need to remind you that his war effort was fueled by (western) industrialists. For their profit, of course. Hitler was definitively vilified beyond reason and I’m certain that at one point he himself was caught surprised when he realized that he was going to be hung out to dry.

            There are some things that are readily obvious, while some or not. It is, thus, obvious why would Hitler and Germans be vilified by Americans, British or Soviets and their respective governments; obviously to push them into the spotlight so that their own crimes against humanity would escape the scrutiny of the public discourse. What’s not obvious and still totally unclear to me is why would Zionists have such a profound hatred for Germans.

            All of these issues have their roots in WWI which is in my view a lot more important to understand than WWII, which was nothing more but a direct consequence of the Great War. If we follow the official unofficial account of events, Zionist tipped WWI from a probably certain German victory into a disastrous loss by pulling the US into the war (which at the time if anything was a German ally) after the British promised them the land of Palestine. Germany at the time hosted many influential Jews escaped (migrated?) from Russia and we also need to remember that the “Jewish community” declared the war on Germany, was in in 1933? Maybe the Germans were just the plausible scapegoat for Zionists and their nefarious ends, but there must be something deeper in that story.

            • L. says:

              Research the treaty of Versailles and the massive hyper inflation that crippled Germany and how Hitler’s revolution put the brakes on a complete economic takeover of the German economy much like what happened in the US after the Great Depression and tell me you still believe that. The problem with documentaries like zeitgeist is that they try too hard to connect the dots between evil and banking and they have the same misconceptions about evil that we all have had hammered into us. This is not an endorsement of National Socialism, but Hilter most definitely rejected the banking takeover of Germany, and paid the price. The book I recommended in another comment (The Bad War by M.S. King) puts the events of the time period into context and paints a very clear picture with citations and references and is worth a read.

              • mkey says:

                Banker giveth, banker taketh away. I’m fully aware of the “treaty” which was setup in such a way to provoke another world conflict inside a few decades. By that count, WWII was just a few months late. That’s just one of the reasons I find WWI a lot more important.

                The great depression was also another event caused directly by bankers and their actions, via the tractor farming bubble. Flood the market with cheap loans, stir for decade or so then call in on all the loans made to the zillion small load banks. Once they go under, buy them for pennies on the dollar and consolidate. Rinse and repeat.

                An unalienable fact is: Nazi Germany’s war effort was enabled by industrialists. Bankers were on both ends making profit. War fits perfectly in all of their plans.

              • L. says:

                Right, which is why Hitler DID NOT WANT WAR, and resisted numerous provocations and acts of war by provocateurs in Poland. Germany attempted to avoid war on so many occasions, and after the war was started and Germany quickly forced the other powers into a state of surrender, Hitler pleaded with them time and time again to surrender, but they would not.

                Jewish bankers, and Jewish-owned American politicians wanted this war more than anything, and continued to funnel money and arms to Stalin. No matter how many times he screwed up and got beaten back by Germany, his willingness to flush soldier and civilian lives down the toilet and the endless supply of money and weapons from the West ensured that eventually he would break Germany’s superior war machine. Let’s not forget Jewish propagandist newspapers publishing all kinds of lies about how German soldiers wanted to rape our women, blah blah blah, to get American teenagers to enlist. There was propaganda from within Germany as well that attempted to demoralize the Germany soldiers and turn the German people against Hitler.

                Anyway, I am really regurgitating well documented information in the materials I linked to previously. I suggest you check them out, and hopefully get a clearer picture of what happened. This history does include prior to WWI all the way up to the cold war, and really we’re in the latest chapter of the same story right now. I think the whole history and all the context surrounding how the propaganda machine was built in the US and the bank/world financial market takeovers were executed are important. The big picture dispels all the myths and lies.

          • mkey says:

            I don’t think the 6 million tale is directly connected to Germans, first instances of these vastly exaggerated figures and plight for help can be found back at the end of 19 century, decades before even WWI. This figure is probably pulling its sources from the mythology.

            If anyone is still looking for the root of all evil, look no further than the British and French empires. Zionists have made great strides in the past 50 years, but British and French royalty have been at it for centuries. Scum of the Earth, in my book. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t any hate in my heart for any of these people nor their insane ideas, but facts are facts. I wholeheartedly believe in the old “don’t do upon other what you don’t want to see done unto yourself.” That oneliner could have saved so much pain and suffering to untold millions.

            Regarding the guilt complex I wanted to add, if it wasn’t already painfully obvious, that it’s a magnificent concoction. Catholic church has been using it for thousands of years, one has to wonder to what lengths are leaders of these organizations prepared to go to survive for that long. The concept of being born in syn surely helped a lot on that journey. Zionists payed attention.

    • garyegeberg says:

      L., I am impressed with your measured and well-written letter to James. I, too, would like to see him speak to the one thing that seems to be illegal in several countries to deny: the capital H. Holocaust. The fact that it is capitalized and other holocausts are not speaks volumes, in my opinion. I don’t know if you are familiar with Ken O’Keefe, a veteran of the first Iraq war under W’s dad, but if not, he is worth checking out. He does not mince words. In any case, I enjoyed reading letter to James and, again, am very impressed with HOW you wrote it. It will be interesting to see if or how James responds.

      • L. says:

        Oh I am very familiar with Ken, and his bitter and appropriate use of words. The guy has some serious balls in the way he goes after Israel as well as the West’s direct and utterly transparent involvement in the creation of ISIS and the perpetuation of the war on terror. I have a lot of respect for Ken, and other veterans who come back from their “service” pissed that they were duped and willing to put themselves out there to spread truth.

        And I don’t want to be gotten wrong here either. I also have a lot of respect for James’ more measured approach to TPTB, Israel, focus on the facts and avoidance of painting himself into a corner as an “anti-semite”. But in the end, James is going to be labeled an anti-semite anyway, and be attacked by paid Israeli internet trolls and media trolls with whatever they can smear on him. And god forbid he gains enough influence that he becomes a huge threat to the information monopoly, the Mossad or CIA will have fun making his death look like a thinly-veiled suicide. So I don’t want to see him hold back or go out of his way to distance himself from us “jewish question” people to exonerate himself from a charge that will be leveled against him anyway. I DO get it, but the mocking tone and use of “H”olocaust propaganda in response to “THE JEWISH QUESTION” touched a nerve.

        I greatly respect all the effort put into exposing Israel’s spying, and look forward to the potential creation of Israel article/series hinted at in the recent AMA. And lastly, I want to acknowledge that James is much braver than myself, because he puts his face on everything he says, whereas I am an anonymous troll hiding behind an anime avatar.

    • M says:

      My thoughts regarding the “Jewish Question”. Since I am anti-Zionist, I have to say that for the very small minority of Jews that exists in Finland, I really would not want to them to move to Israel as the solution to the Jewish Question. Also putting them to the oven is not really an option.

      When talking about “Jewish Question”, for me it brings a very Orwellian (sorry :)) problem of not really having the words to discuss it properly. Accusing all Jews of being collectively guilty of something is something I would not do, but when discussing the “Jewish Question”, it becames very hard to discuss it without sounding or being labeled an antisemite, which I do not consider myself to be even though I have to admit to have certain prejudices towards Jews but not toward any invididual I encounter in real life. The predudice is I have is related to the fact that, I cannot help but to suspect of Jews of having their own Kosher Nostra type secret organization that the Sicilian mafia is a cheap copy of that operates mostly in illegal world, where the Kosher Nostra operates mostly in “legal world” using illegal methods to gain power, influence and money.

      The most secure conspiracies are based on blood relations. Intermarrying between families and conspiracies between blood brothers. One aspect of the Sicilian mafia, that there is not so much if any “centered” information about, is its relation to the Vatican / Catholic Church. Vincent Gigantes brother was a priest. Another example would be Frank “Frankie Three Fingers” Coppola, whose brother was someone high up in Catholic clergy in Vatican and he was himself heavily involved in the heroin trafficking especially after being deported back to Italy. Now when considering the history of the Jews, the religious teachings about “Gods Chosen people made rule over other peoples” and the Talmud, it would make a great religious background for a secret organization, which is trying to rule over everyone from behind the curtain. That also one reason why anyone interested in “conspiracy theories” should have some knowledge of the Mafia, as it is a conspiracy that has been exposed and one key element was the fact that they did not want any attention and always put some non-made guy in the front as their puppets.

      Thanks for mr. Corbett of the excellent work he is doing and may I suggest that if you were ever to feel interest in making any kind of documentary or commentary about the Jews, focus at least first in their incredible success story. How they have rised to the top of the financial world (one could argue “they” invented modern banking), the top of scientific world, the top of the organized crime world, the top of the media world, the top of you name it. I would like to add that key element here is the diaspora through which commodities and ideas/science spread between different Jewish communities and “they” got into high places in their respective societies. “They” as “Court Jews” not the ordinary Jews, who are just ordinary people and have throughout history paid with their blood for the sins of Jewish elite. One example of commodities can be found in Edward Jay Epstein’s book “Diamond Invention”, Chapter 8 “The Jewish Connection”.

      One could always resort to good old Abe Foxmans phrase about all these powerful people being Jews and say that they just “happen to be Jewish” as he said about the Hollywood executives. There has never been any powerful Jews behind the studios and they just happen to Jewish. Not the founders of some studios or people like Sidney Korshak have never existed. How many Jews are there in Sibel Edmonds’s Rogue Gallery? That might be more easily explained by the Israel connection, but still these untouchables…

      I have to stop before really starting rant. Thanks for mr. James Corbett.

  27. russ says:

    “Useless Eaters”

    The real agenda of GMO, which I have documented in great detail in my book “Seeds of Destruction”, comes from the Rockefeller Foundation. It comes out of the 1920s-1930s Eugenics movement. The Rockefeller Foundation during the 1930’s, right up to the outbreak of World War II when it became politically embracing too, financed the Nazi Eugenics experiments of Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin and in Munich. Why did they do this? Their goal was the elimination of what they called “undesirable eaters”. That is called population reduction.

    Source: F. William Engdahl

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    Don’t know what to add
    – you seem to have said it all in this one.

    Also, wondering: over past two or three weeks have you seen a slight jump in hits; sign-ups; memberships?

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    Short comedy sketch with Nazi’s: ‘Are we the baddies?’

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    I also have a question, which you may or may not have an opinion on with your being a Canadian living in Japan. My husband has been researching the legal fiction status of Americans under the Uniform Commercial Code and has recently stumbled upon some publicly recorded documents wherein the filer has made a UCC filing using the CAPITAL LETTER name as the debtor and the Given Name as the secured party.
    These filings state that they are using a number of laws, including Admiralty Law as the basis for the filings. Do you have a view about trying to establish control over the legal fiction that has been created for you by the State?
    Thank you for all that you do!

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    “Germany rejected the bankers, rejected the cancerous influence of immorality and financial enslavement”

    I don’t think you’re on the right track with this one. That’s one of the many side stories that found its way to the zeitgeist. Like many of the 9/11 spinoffs.
    Hitler was pretty much in bed with the bankers and I surely don’t need to remind you that his war effort was fueled by (western) industrialists. For their profit, of course. Hitler was definitively vilified beyond reason and I’m certain that at one point he himself was caught surprised when he realized that he was going to be hung out to dry.

    There are some things that are readily obvious, while some or not. It is, thus, obvious why would Hitler and Germans be vilified by Americans, British or Soviets and their respective governments; obviously to push them into the spotlight so that their own crimes against humanity would escape the scrutiny of the public discourse. What’s not obvious and still totally unclear to me is why would Zionists have such a profound hatred for Germans.

    All of these issues have their roots in WWI which is in my view a lot more important to understand than WWII, which was nothing more but a direct consequence of the Great War. If we follow the official unofficial account of events, Zionist tipped WWI from a probably certain German victory into a disastrous loss by pulling the US into the war (which at the time if anything was a German ally) after the British promised them the land of Palestine. Germany at the time hosted many influential Jews escaped (migrated?) from Russia and we also need to remember that the “Jewish community” declared the war on Germany, was in in 1933? Maybe the Germans were just the plausible scapegoat for Zionists and their nefarious ends, but there must be something deeper in that story.

    I don’t think the 6 million tale is directly connected to Germans, first instances of these vastly exaggerated figures and plight for help can be found back at the end of 19 century, decades before even WWI. This figure is probably pulling its sources from the mythology.

    If anyone is still looking for the root of all evil, look no further than the British and French empires. Zionists have made great strides in the past 50 years, but British and French royalty have been at it for centuries. Scum of the Earth, in my book. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t any hate in my heart for any of these people nor their insane ideas, but facts are facts. I wholeheartedly believe in the old “don’t do upon other what you don’t want to see done unto yourself.” That oneliner could have saved so much pain and suffering to untold millions.

    Regarding the guilt complex I wanted to add, if it wasn’t already painfully obvious, that it’s a magnificent concoction. Catholic church has been using it for thousands of years, one has to wonder to what lengths are leaders of these organizations prepared to go to survive for that long. The concept of being born in syn surely helped a lot on that journey. Zionists payed attention.

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    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for your support, graham.w. I’d say the most important thing is not to worry about fixing the world, but just those things you can actually effect in your own life. That’s where the real revolution begins.

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    Also, where’s the best place to start researching Anarchism and Voluntarism?

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    Your documentary on the Federal Reserve system did not present me with any new information, but the clarity of your presentation was outstanding. Your Big Oil documentary gave me lots of new information about a subject that I thought I knew quite well, again in a clear and professional format.

    Given the current state of the world economy and the geopolitical manoeuvres under way I think it would be both timely and incredibly useful if you could consider a presentation on the petrodollar system and the potential demise of such.

    I have seen a couple of presentations that have come close to producing a definitive article on this topic, but none have had the clarity and comprehensive coverage that your efforts can produce.

    I attach some links of presentations and source documentation that may be of use, even if this just sits on your to do pile.
    Best wishes






    Grant Williams


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    Hey James – your energy and comittment to create within people an attitude and understanding that they themselves can shape their own environment and destiny is truly inspiring.

    Giving away your bitcoin to jumpstart people into it is a truly a memorable gesture.

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    I shall make a payment in fiat currency to the Corbett report in exchange.

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    Even if I’m late, I better post this as you made me get it.


    I see I’m not the only one, even in this informed bunch to still be stranger to bitcoin.

    Not to mention my family, all ‘banksters’ (unlike me), are looking at me as alien as i talk about bitcoin and gold/silver or try to scratch fiat currency problem.

    Whenever I try to talk to my sister and her hubby (mid 40s, economists), who are doing quite well on the stock market at the moment, about predictions I hear about economy and other ‘alternative’ ideas, in hope they will get it and help themselves, my parents (retired economists) get around it, but it’s all in vain. The dogma is standing strong, its painful to watch. Most what rings in my ears to this day is my brother in law repeating: “I have no clue what bitcoin is. I don’t get it.”

    People in the system are so stuck in their narrow view and it’s hard to get to them.
    Sadly but most noticeably in medicine. (Trying to get my dad off Parkinson’s Disease pills that are making him much worse then he was, but I cannot find a doctor who would look into MULTIPLE PUBLISHED STUDIES about dangers of standard cures and alternative options). Can you believe we have a friggin Rockefeller street here in Zagreb, Croatia? Of course, there are crucial medical institutions. And our Public Health Institute is founded by Croat with tight Rockefeller connections, who funneled ‘significant investment’ to Zagreb from their foundation.

    I can vaguely talk to family and friends about block chain, direct payment, crypto currency, the limited amount of it, comparison to gold/silver. But it’s all still a topic I’m far from (even tho I tried to inform myself a lot for years) feeling I get it myself.
    This is a wonderful initiative from you as it gets us step into the cold water, really appreciate it!

    When you get a chance, is it possible for you to make a good guide in your awesome clean and simple, yet greatly informative style? There are many, but none of those are practical, as you can see by number of people who hesitated to even try an open a wallet until you gave us a nudge.

    We’re learning a lot of basic knowledge from you, this I feel is really needed for us to get it and to share to others.

    Same as you connected the dots about Rockefellers to me and much much more!

    Sorry for long post, but I had to… 😉

    Love you long time! <3

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      Thank you for your message, Mina, and I’m glad you’re out there leading those around you by example. Bitcoin on its way.

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      Power to the people, eh?

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    That will make the caviar taste much better!

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    Could you check to see what happened?

    Also, if you feel like it (I’m a pseudo-member): *SENT*

    • I was using Google Chrome on two different machines having trouble this morning. Now I’m using Firefox with ease. I don’t know if that’s part of it.

    • = The Corbett Report Promo =

      In the lost posting I was pleading to let me make a short ad or something for you. For free.

      These UNFINISHED works-in-progress have taken days of photoshop manipulation (not “auto-filters”):

      I started to make agit-prop Shepard-Fairey-inspired/ripped-offs like these ones I made in 2006:
      I’m not happy with my Chomsky design, especially after I learned that he’s a gatekeeper, but Obama ruined Shepard Fairey for me.

      The point is, that while those unfinished pieces are okay, and I could keep working on them, and probably will finish them eventually, I’d rather do something real. Give me an assignment. Let me design or animate something for you. Something short, tight, powerful. A soundbyte or promo or parody. Give me an audio track to riff on. I can do character design and animation. If you don’t like it, I’ll keep on it until you do. Just like any of the other hundreds of TV spots, music videos, etc I worked on in Manhattan, Toronto, SF, and Vancouver. Satisfaction guaranteed and free of charge (tho I will accept bribes).

      Alternatively, you could provide a short script or paragraph or even let me develop “something” that I work on, submit to you now and then for feedback, then when finished you could get a sound engineer to add to it. (Usually animation comes after sound.) Or, I could do my own sound (using sources without permission).

      No idea is too grand. From emulating Banksy to Warhol, Monty Python to high fashion, Mr. Magoo to Dr. Pepper, I can do anything, with time. 2D is generally faster and easier.

      One caveat: no deadline. My chronic bipolar mood swings have me unemployable in a deadline-driven capitalist society. I’m still rational and very talented though I’m not feeling 100% all the time, which means that some of that time is being utterly wasted by capitalist society. Anyway, eventually I will finish with spectacular results.

      I don’t seek credit or fame (like commercial work), I just want to promote something worthy (besides Kraft Dinner, M&Ms, macho sponges, or singing animals).

      I’d be happy to do a short concluding dazzling bit for your videos advertising your various modes of support. Perhaps a series of them.

      Contact me: https://infogalactic.com/info/User:JasonCarswell

      Members, please tell him he needs this.

      • mkey says:

        That’s some nice work, your “James” is reminiscent of “A scanner darkly” motion picture from 2006.

        • Thanks.

          I quickly learned that automated filters still suck.

          They developed a proprietary system for A Scanner Darkly and his other projects. I don’t know what was involved exactly beyond that.

          I’ve shelved the portrait thing for now. I might resurrect and finish it for promotional purposes once I’ve finished what I’ve diverted my attention to now.

          I’m developing new “cartoon” designs for James Corbett and Lionel to animate over samples and soundbytes. I could be persuaded to show you.
          The new designs will be simpler designs for ease of animation. If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

          If JC and L like them I hope they will publish them. I’m not seeking fame or fortune. I just want to spread the message. If this is successful then perhaps I would “open source” my animation rigs and files so that other’s could help “repackage” powerful material needed to spread awareness. I’ve also got a mockudocumentary type thing I’m developing that would be nice to get help on.

          • I hope James Corbett will permit me to sample/soundbyte his voice and animate his likeness:
            Unless otherwise directed, I will focus all of my time and energy to this project.

            The next step, which could take a while, is to model and rig the character in 3D. (I like the animation tools better than 2D, so I might as well go 3D.) If anyone has a soundbyte they’d like me to test with I’d be happy to hear it. Feel free to Gmail.com me at [No email in the comments please. I can forward email if anyone is interested – James].

            Sadly Lionel does not wish for me to animate his likeness or voice, even though I have a nice design for him:
            I had a whole concept and selections ready for that. 🙁
            Lionel’s Wikipedia article was butchered by anti-truther administrators who banned me. Lionel blames me. I am partly to blame. It was an accident and while ignorance is bliss it’s no excuse. I’d do anything to fix that mess and my broken heart.

            If anyone wants free design, has other ideas, or would like to collaborate, let me know.

            • Corbett says:

              Thanks for that, Jason. You’re of course free to animate/sample as you see fit. It is a free world after all!

              • Sadly Lionel didn’t like the idea of his dynamic voice and/or animated character, and/or that _I_ was going to do it. (For free.) When I got banned from Wikipedia they purged much of my efforts, including the James Corbett article, and utterly butchered Lionel’s page, which he was frequently editing (against the Wikipedia policy of editing your own page, even if it’s wrong). I can’t begin to express how sorry I am that my naive attempts to improve Wikipedia attracted the censors. He would have made a fanfuckingtastic Max Headroom 2.0. I will honour his wishes and shelve those ideas.

                Please please please, point me to something you’d prefer to see “revisited” or important/worthy enough to grab attention and/or advertise for The Corbett Report. Feel free to write a short paragraph and/or record something dynamic and short (5 to 15 seconds would be great to start, for feedback, more can follow) that I can riff on.

                I hope you like the design. I’d love feedback. I can keep revising it until you’re 100% happy.

                Alternatively I could do something completely different, like Knife Party’s “What Barry Says”: https://vimeo.com/38778632

              • If you indulge my request I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. (Maybe a little at first pass, but eventually with feedback and revision tweaking I guarantee satisfaction.)

                Feel free to be as serious or silly as you like. I may tweak the audio. Expressive dynamic voices are easier to animate to but I can do anything. Also, if you accept this, I guarantee I won’t publish any more work (in progress or otherwise). I really don’t want to publish. I’d rather you do that.

                Other ideas welcome.

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for that, Jason. Looks like you’re longer posting was sent to the moderation queue due to multiple links. It’s there now.

      • I re-typed what I could remember, but fear what I forgot, which was admittedly long but successfully posted above between 7 and 8 pm Ontario time (-5 Eastern) which looks like it might be around 10 am website time (Greenwich or Japan?).

        My failed (lost?) efforts were at between 2 and 3 pm Ontario (according to my browser history) which would have been around 5 am website time. In case you’re interested.

      • I wasn’t clear before.
        It’s not there now.
        My longer winded remembrance is there now.

        I suspect there was a problem with your site and Google Chrome.

    • = O.J. Simpson vs. Drug Lords =

      Would you consider doing a piece with Lionel and Pearse Redmond about the fascinating independent aspects of the O.J. Simpson case? Lionel is a lawyer. Porkins Policy Radio did 4 amazing shows that, if true, blow up last year’s lame drama series and engaging docu series.

    • = CIA vs. Comic Books =

      Granted that the CIA, LSD, Leary, and Laurel Canyon were all part of the MK-Control-The-60s, so, was Marvel part of this?

      Stan Lee, nephew of an agent, who has apparently taken a lot of credit for others’ contributions, perhaps as a front man or as an egotist, and of course now the Marvel Cinematic Universe is on a rampage of Civil War and Galactic War that seems to be mirroring coincidentally or intentionally what’s happening.

      I like comics, have collected some (alternative graphic novels like Stray Toasters and Mr. X), but I wouldn’t consider myself even a moderate fan let alone a “collector”.

      I think this could be a popular one with good material and a timely release.

      To start, related, and worth listening to: ‘Porkins Policy Radio episode 74 Tom King, the CIA and Comic Books with Ryan Carey’ (2016-12-27)

    • = InfoGalactic =

      Who are and what is InfoGalactic about?

      I would LOVE for you to do a piece/interview about InfoGalactic, Vox Day, and what their plans are. Some of them say they can replace entrenched but weakened Wikipedia. MSM Wikipedia banned me for being a truther. InfoGalactic is allowing me to write (struggle) a (poorly drafted) “truther” article. I work there solo (as a Marxist-Voluntarist) but it seems there are Alt-Right folks writing freely there too, though I don’t know what or care. Should I?

      One of the biggest problems the editors can’t seem to (or don’t want to) resolve is the “duality” of information. “The Official Narrative” vs “Other Perspectives”. I say simply include it all and title the narratives/perspectives and source heavily.

      But I ramble.

    • = Cross Promotion “Exclusive” Content =

      The Corbett Report, NewsBud, and countless other independent media (no-longer alternative media, as corporate media is no longer mainstream) sites have memberships.

      The last thing we want is a bottleneck stranglehold control centralized membership deciding who is in and who’s not. Or maybe you create a democratic worker-coop type thing. I don’t know.

      That said, it might behoove you to create your own indie-media producers social network for various reasons I can and can’t imagine.

      Specifically, what comes to my mind are the “exclusive releases”. (If I recall correctly, Corbett released them exclusively for a bit then after a time released them widely. I like that model, especially effective for current events.) What I’m thinking about is that if Corbett Report, Porkins, NewsBud, etc would share their exclusive content with each other, then the volume of “exclusive” content would be much larger, and potentially a greater enticement to at least become a member somewhere. (Not everyone can support one, some, or even all their favourite sources.)

      For example, if I’m not mistaken, Porkins was “exclusively” promoting viewings of the “O.J. Veritas” documentary. I think someone did this for Robbie Martin’s documentary last year. If Corbett Report members could “exclusively” see these docus and the NewsBud exclusives, that would be terrific for cross marketing purposes.

      Like it or lump it, I think an Indie-Members-Club has potential. (The “Club” doesn’t even need names if the member-site privately registered their account numbers authorizing them to the centralized Club-site. Beyond my skill set.)

    • = So Long And Thanks For All The Bitcoin* =

      Thanks for the bitcoin.
      I will sit on it until it is needed.
      Shout if you need it back. Anytime.
      If something comes up, like another truther is in need, I’ll let you know about it if I slide it there.
      If I desperately crave the antidepressant* ketamine relief* from a true free-market* of the dark web*, I’ll let you know. (NOT to be confused with recreational use*.)
      It will sit until then.

      Also, I’d love for you to do a piece about the fascinating rich history* of ketamine. The good, the bad, and the dreamy. Don’t forget the dolphins*.

      * Ask me if you need further explanation. These all are significant but I already talk too much.

  81. mike jay says:

    I still can’t figure out how to spend/refund my bitcoins but I’m trying to learn. I want to return the funds to you as a further donation. The process of this for me was to learn to use bitcoin, not the monetary value of your gift. But the point I’m trying to make here is:

    James, I know you get a lot of well deserved praise, and not to get all sappy but I want to especially let you and all of my fellow subscribers here to know how valued The Corbett Report is to me.

  82. TheKid says:

    Hi James , been a busy guy but finally sorted out a wallet.
    If I’m to late then it is the case but if not you rock! Can’t wait for the book. One day!

  83. rob32367 says:

    Dear James – thanks for another great Q4C segment. I thoroughly enjoy all of your work and look forward to it everyday.

    I have recently seen that the US has admitted to using DU weapons in Syria and I just SMH. Working in the field of radiation, I know that what is obvious to me is not obvious to everyone in regards to DU weapons – that they are disgusting weapons that poison the environment for literally billions of years.

    My question may be an obvious one – why do you think that these are still legal to use in warfare (not that making other weapons like phosphorus illegal stopped us from using that, but I do think it is important to go through the motions of making DU weapons illegal). Do you think it is just the US/UK and other countries that have used them covering it up and putting pressure on the UN and WHO to keep the health risks under wraps? The MSM barely mentions DU weapons – again, is it correct to assume that they are doing the bidding of their MIC masters?

    The list of shameful acts by govt’s around the world is a long one, but for me – b/c of the way they poison the environment for generations and poison innocent civilians as well as soldiers – the use of DU weapons, the fact that they are still not illegal, and the lack of reporting on it are near the top of my list.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I hear ya about the Depleted Uranium (DU). That is nasty & completely insane stuff, but very effective on piercing tanks or bunkers. I consider it like a chemical weapon, but much worse because its inhalable particulates hang around ‘forever’.

      One reason why it might be “acceptable” and prevalent as a weapon, is that there is so much of the damn stuff.

      I compare DU to HFS (Hydrofluorosilicic Acid) which is the Fluoride added to municipal water supplies.
      Both are categorized as extremely toxic Hazardous Wastes which require incredible expense to dispose of.
      However, when these types of Hazardous Wastes are “sold as a product” for another usage (e.g. to drink or for weapons), then they are no longer deemed Hazardous Waste. Go figure?…the insanity!
      You can see how the EPA recodes the HFS when it is resold…
      Scroll way down the page for the Fluoride recode document by the EPA (just below the DOJ Lawsuit against Mosaic).

      • rob32367 says:

        And what else are you going to do with all that Uranium 238 left over once you extracted the 235 from it? Gotta make a profit off of it. Who cares that its an alpha emitting heavy metal (best of both worlds).

        Iraqi doctors find a link between DU and increases in birth defects, leukemia & other cancers … no problem. We’ll just make sure the media doesn’t report on it – or if it does they just discredit the findings. If we only had some influence with the NYTimes and WaPost.

        But the US would never use dangerous weapons like this and put their own troops in danger. There is no evidence of this ever happening in say Vietnam, is there?

        Well, unfortunately way too many people don’t care, as long as it is just being used over there. War is supposed to be hell, right?

        The ability of people to justify such acts in the name of patriotism really does disgust me.

        • mkey says:

          I share your disgust.

          This reminds me of then Japanese rationale over their islands getting nuked; after having hundreds of their cities razed to the ground, what’s the difference between having it done with one bomb or 1000 bombs? Of course, the rhetoric focused on the very threat of (continued) nuclear warfare as the cause of peace. Forget all about letting the war draw out as long as theoretically possible or immense sacrifices on the Soviet-Japanese front.

          After all of this insanity ends, what will future generations think of us?

  84. mkey says:

    Suggestion for Film, literature & NWO:

    Captain Fantastic (2016)

    In the forests of the Pacific Northwest, a father devoted to raising his six kids with a rigorous physical and intellectual education is forced to leave his paradise and enter the world, challenging his idea of what it means to be a parent.

    An excellent performance by Viggo Mortensen (and some of the younger, less known actors as well) in this extreme anarchism movie, with many twists which, in the end, make it a propaganda movie of sort. At least that’s my take on it, I’d love to hear yours.

  85. jay.z says:

    James! Thanks for responding to my QFC! : )
    I totally agree with your assessment on Anonymous. And the need so many have in looking for some sort of hero, authority or guru rather than recognizing that the growth of research, awareness, care-ness, etc of “we the people”, the masses is the only really solution to the future of our world. I have a hunch that the whole concept of “Anonymous” may have been started by intelligence agencies? which may have been more the question I was wanting to ask. But you and AOC definitely made some solid points about the state of that “movement” within the digital (and physical) world – namely that there is both good and bad/accurate and inaccurate within in it.

    And some thoughts in regards to your question about anarchy and our world:
    I don’t really identify with any particular ideology as the ideal vision or “answer” to the world (e.g. Marxism, Libertarianism, etc). But if I was forced to choose, I would identify most with some of the basic tenants of Voluntarism or Agorism (i.e. forms of “anarchism”) that you subscribe to James. Particularly the emphasis on universal decentralization. That emphasis is something that I often don’t find in mainstream “left” or “right” (or even within Libertarian or Marxist circles).

    Some of your content is (understandably) very strongly anti-statist as well as anti-corporation… Even tho I identify with the basic tenant of decentralization within anarchism, I don’t believe that the deconstruction and/or destruction of all existing public and private institutions (i.e. governments, corporations, NGO’s, etc) is the answer in and of itself. In my view, other institutions or centres of power would simply rise from the ashes of the existing system.

    Thus, the only way forward and “answer” within our world is a perpetual commitment to awareness, education and decentralization. In order to retain freedom as individuals, we must be committed individually and collectively to perpetual decentralization of all institutions and centres of power. Obviously, so many existing public and private institutions need to be dissolved as a decentralizing movement of the masses occurs. But to completely dissolve the “anarchy of nations or regions” would not be helpful in my opinion. Regardless of how “nation states” or regions were to function in an “anarchist” world, the only real “final solution” is a world filled with people that realize this most basic truth: in order to perpetually preserve liberty, individually and collectively, we must be perpetually be committed to decentralization of power.

    “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

  86. Mr.Mike7704 says:

    I set up a bitcoin wallet, I do not know how to take advantage of your offer James. Here’s the information I think you’ll need.


    I hope I got that correct. Thanks James!!!

  87. bankey says:

    bitcoin: *SENT*

    I have had a wallet for a long time, and whenever I do work for someone, I tell them that I accept payments in Dollars, Bitcoin, Silver, Gold and over Paypal, but people have only paid me in Dollars and Paypal, I am excited to finally get some bitcoin.

  88. iiYd says:

    Hi James, another great q/a video – THANKS. I may have replied to the wrong thread for your most generous bitcoin gift as I posted in the youtube video thread, instead of here:

    Great news, James! Reinstalling my BC wallet app and reactivating acct – 20 minutes later I offer this number for receiving your most generous offer of free bitcoins. 144kSfEycjX8tgFqRLhExVaEZDw5oPaAzK USERNAME – iiYd reg’d w/this google acct myemai1add@gmail.com) Thank you very much!

    I hope I’m still good for it but if not, ok. Your show(s) are more than my meager registration should buy. thank you for your courage -D

  89. bas says:

    Hi there

    What are some of the voluntaryist solutions to the statist judicial system? I’m quite new to anarchism, and so far, this is the only obstacle that I have not been able to give a convincing answer to in discussions with other people.

    Greetings from Belgium,

    • mkey says:

      Street judges with cool uniforms and a handbook choke full of epic oneliners.

      On a slightly more serious note, I don’t see why should the sate have dibs on the judiciary system? For many cases and disputes I’d wager some impartial party (in form of a wise old man) could act as an arbiter. Or the two colliding parties could have a duel, I’ve always been partial to jousting bouts.

      The only thing giving weight to the current courts (as much as it’s broken in most of the world) is this resemblance of authority, which only exists in the statist’s mind. They say they are the authority so they must be.

      There’s many things the state can do without, but circular logic ain’t one of them.

  90. HomeRemedySupply says:

    March 11, 2017 – NEWS U.S. regulators reject Bitcoin ETF, digital currency plunges
    Bitcoin had scaled to a record of nearly $1,300 this month, higher than the price of an ounce of gold, as investors speculated that an ETF holding the digital currency could woo more people into buying the asset.

    ETF definition – http://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/etf.asp

    It has been a commonly held belief that ETF’s are not a viable long-term holding investment position. The fee attrition can wipe out gains. It is a “trader” type derivative which encourages more derivatives…example: Often people will buy derivatives (e.g. options) on an ETF (a derivative).

    • mkey says:

      ETFs are just a metastasis of the cancer. An orbiting minor issue which should serve as a pointer that there is something seriously wrong with the host system.

  91. tobbe says:

    Q4C: Hi James, thank you for all your great work (and also a big thank you goes to Broc West for his work)! I’m a new member so please forgive me if you already have addressed this question (if so, kindly point me to your answer).

    You have probably heard of Deagel.com and their gloomy 2025 forecast where they predict a sharp population decrease for many western countries. For instance USA -81%, UK -70% and Sweden -40%. Should we pay any attention to this? Is this just fear-mongering or do they know something that we don’t? What is Deagel.com anyway, who runs it? Is there a connection to the military industry complex even though they say that there isn’t? Their disclaimer from 2014 does not really answer many questions…

    What is your take? Have you been looking into this? I would really like to hear your thoughts on this.

    Thank you!
    Kind regards, Tobbe


  92. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Question for Corbett

    Is there a list of NGOs, Think Tanks, Institutes, Associations, and the like which also shows who finances them and who runs them?

  93. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Question for Corbett,

    The links in your articles not only are informative sources, but they open in a separate window for me. I appreciate that design, because it keeps me focused on your article.
    However, often in the comment section the links do not open in a separate window. This hijacks your page from me, although I work around it with Open in new tab or Open in new window. Is their a simple remedy so that the comment links open in a separate window?

  94. IAR says:


    I downloaded The First Global Revolution PDF through the link and from other sources found through search engines.

    Can’t seem to find the exact quote, but there are lots of missing pages. Yet another bit of sanitation, I guess.

    Can anyone help in finding the pdf book and/or quote?


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