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Are you sick of Smollett? Fed up with fake news? Tired of tawdry tabloid trash? Well, you've come to the right place!

Here are a number of interesting stories from around the world that you might have missed if you're only following the dinosaur media newsfeed.

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The Corbett Report Subscriber
vol 9 issue 09 (March 02, 2019)

by James Corbett
March 2, 2019

Are you sick of Smollett? Fed up with fake news? Tired of tawdry tabloid trash? Well, you've come to the right place!

Here are a number of interesting stories from around the world that you might have missed if you're only following the dinosaur media newsfeed.

The Trump-Kim summit has ended with a whimper

The "huddle in Hanoi" is over and Team Trump either sent a strong message or presided over a catastrophic collapse in talks depending on which lamestream news outlet you go to.

"Sometimes you have to walk," explained the prevaricator-in-chief at the anti-climactic press conference for this diplomatic nothingburger.

There's a lot of he said/she said regarding who offered what, but the long story short is that the talks were doomed from the get-go. Or perhaps Kim should just trust that Uncle Sam has his best interests at heart when they double-dog cross-my-heart promise to ease sanctions after he's disarmed. I mean, we saw how well that worked out for Libya and Iran, right?

Still, let's keep it in perspective: Talks (even failed talks based on unreasonable expectations) are better than no talks, and at least no one is lobbing missiles over Japan's head anymore. And as I've pointed out before, the real peace on the Korean peninsula will come through North/South talks.

There's a surge in $100 bills in circulation . . . like there was before 9/11

The number or $100 bills in circulation has doubled since the Lehman crisis, according to the latest data from the Fed. At the time of the financial crisis, there were just under 6 billion c-notes in circulation; today there are over 12 billion. That means there are more $100 notes floating around than there are $1 bills.

The dramatic jump in hundreds is not just an interesting anomaly; it's also an indicator of global political and economic instability, a proxy for the growth of the peer-to-peer, agorist economy, and a potential warning of a future catastrophic and catalyzing event like 9/11.

That's right, for those who remember the story of Federal Reserve whistleblower William Bergman, a sharp increase in money supply was something that caught the attention of Fed researchers in the wake of 9/11. When Bergman began looking into that spike and into why the Federal Reserve Board of Governors had issued a non-routine supervisory letter warning Fed banks to be vigilant in monitoring suspicious activity reports in August 2001—the month before 9/11—he was told that he had committed "an egregious breach of protocol in calling the Board staff and asking the question." Needless to say, Bergman was eventually ousted from his position.

So, there are many possible reasons for the increase in $100 bills, and surely all of them have at least some part to play here, but we have to at least suspect that there may be an even darker cause for this as-yet-unexplained development.

A new report has exposed a secret database Canadian police are using to track citizens

An investigation by Motherboard has uncovered documents revealing the existence of a “Risk-driven Tracking Database” that at least two Canadian provinces are using to track highly sensitive information about its citizens, including whether a person uses drugs, has been the victim of an assault, or lives in a “negative neighborhood.”

The report stems from a response to an access to information request from Ontario’s Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and provides more information about the so-called Hub model to policing that is increasingly being employed in the Great White North. This Hub model "partners cops, school staff, social workers, health care workers, and the provincial government" in a highly controversial pre-crime approach to dealing with illegal activity. It involves identifying "at-risk" individuals and singling them out for extra attention from the authorities whether or not they have yet broken any laws.

The investigation has "found that in 2017, children aged 12 to 17 were the most prevalent age group added to the database in several Ontario regions, and that some interventions were performed without consent." Worse, "children as young as six years old have been subject to intervention."

But don't worry, guys, government officials insist that privacy is protected because identifying details such as names and birthdates are removed before being entered into the database. And if there's one thing we've learned over the years, it's that we can totally trust the government with this kind of data, right?

Netanyahu is about to be indicted for bribery in the midst of an election

As first reported on New World Next Week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been staring down the barrel of a bribery charge for over a year now. Well, the hammer finally dropped and shots were fired earlier this week when Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit announced his intention to bring bribery charges against Netayahu.

More specifically:

Mandelblit said that Netanyahu will be indicted for bribery, fraud and breach of trust in Case 4000, “the Bezeq-Walla affair,” for breach of trust in Case 1000, “the Illegal Gifts Affair,” and that he would charge him with fraud and breach of trust in Case 2000, “the Yediot Aharonot-Israel Hayom affair.”

This comes at a most inopportune time for the leader of the Apartheid state, who is in the midst of an election campaign and currently running neck-and-neck with Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party in the polls. For those keeping track at home, that means there's a chance the Likudniks will be thrown out and replaced with a "moderate" "centrist" who used to be the Chief of General Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces. Yay?

In any event, there will be at least three-to-twelve months and several hearings with Netanyahu's lawyers before Mandelblit finally brings charges. So it's not out of the realm of possibility that Netanyahu will be reelected and then promptly indicted on criminal charges.

One wonders if the subject of 9/11 will come up at his future trial . . .

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  1. generalbottlewasher says:

    J.C. or et.al, does this represent printed $ 100s this year or the return of the trillions of off shore or suitcase money returning before the new currency swaps take affect?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      $100 bills
      I saw this financial headline last week on another news site.

      From the Fed’s graph, it shows an accelerated climb of accumulation during the past 8 or 9 years.
      Corbett’s link discusses some of the places those $100 bills might end up.
      (Ha! They aren’t in my wallet. Just 1’s and quarters.)

      This 15 minute interview is a keeper…
      There is that classic famous video (~circa 2006 or so) video where Gary Franchi interviews Chicago Federal Reserve Bank’s Jerry Nelson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac-_pMb1-vQ

      “…the insatiable foreign demand for our $100 dollar bills. They don’t use them as a medium of exchange overseas. They use them as a store of value. (countries listed)…”
      “…a hundred dollar bill costs us 7 cents…in the interim, American commerce and industry doesn’t give them away. We are getting 100 dollars worth of something…Belgium chocolate, French wine…for something that costs us 7 cents. It is not a bad markup…They can have all they want. Almost none never comes back….”

  2. Octium says:

    Interesting point about the $100 bills.

    Looks like they are rebooting bin laden again…maybe just in time to save Netanyahu?


    Any one checked the golden gate for traces of thermite yet?

    • scpat says:

      But the whereabouts of Hamza, his wife and their three children remain unclear. He was reportedly married in 2009 in Iran to Atta’s daughter.

      Some reports suggest they still live in Iran, guarded by Iranian intelligence and military officials, while some officials think he may be heading to south central Asia.

      Why would Iran guard al-Qaeda? Am I missing something here or is this just the deliberate weaving-in of misinformation to demonize Iran?

  3. manbearpig says:

    Following my recent forays into the eugenical world of chemical weapons inventor Fritz Haber and into the recommended reading section of today’s article:

    1 March 2019
    Original: ENGLISH

    A key phrase on page 31 of the Douma report aptly sums up the credibility of the investigation:

    “…However, the team did not have direct access to examine dead bodies, as it could not enter Douma until two weeks after the incident by which time the bodies had been buried…”

    Nevertheless the report concludes that:

    “…the evaluation and analysis of all the information gathered
    …provide reasonable grounds that the use of a toxic chemical as a weapon took place…”

    So yuou see, there’s a 97% consensus that the alleged attack might have taken place.

    • mik says:

      I would prefer using full title for Haber that includes:

      – Nobel laureate for chemistry (1918 !!!!!)
      – co-inventor of extremely important Haber-Bosch process (ammonia production)

      regarding expert report about Douma:

      • manbearpig says:

        Good point about Haber being an Alfred Nobel prize laureate which I had included in several recent posts. (Considering the international eugenical clique he was steeped in, perhaps it was as much for his excellent work as a captain on the battlefields that saw a total of some 6000 deaths from chemical gas inhalation – a dedicated war veteran like any other I suppose. All’s fair in love and war… but who’s the war really between? Germany and allies or rich and poor?).

        But turning mainstream industrial products and processes into lucrative war time products is, as most here certainly know, in the tradition of the Nobel prize founder himself:

        “…Alfred Bernhard Nobel (/noʊˈbɛl/; Swedish: [ˈalfrɛd nʊˈbɛlː] (About this soundlisten); 21 October 1833 – 10 December 1896) was a Swedish chemist, engineer, inventor, businessman, and philanthropist.

        …Known for inventing dynamite, Nobel also owned Bofors, which he had redirected from its previous role as primarily an iron and steel producer to a major manufacturer of cannon and other armaments.

        Nobel held 355 different patents, dynamite being the most famous. After reading a premature obituary which condemned him for profiting from the sales of arms, he bequeathed his fortune to institute the Nobel Prizes…”


        Perhaps this is what inspired Ivy Lee in his choice of vocation?

        Haber was a worthy recipient of the Nobel prize indeed, as his wife’s suicide sadly may attest to (perhaps even exacerbating his son’s and grandaughter’s suicidal tendencies as well).

        After these uncouth statements I’ll now try to understand more about the important Haber-Bosch process.

        and yes, I’d recalled there’d been discussions about the OPCW report previously on these pages…

        • manbearpig says:


          Actually there were officially some 90,000 to 100,000 deaths due to chemical weapons during WW1 but Haber personally tested his inventions on the battlefield resulting in the first 6000. Promising scientific testing indeed!

          But it was for more humane killing.

  4. manbearpig says:

    An ex-IDF leader replacing the Likudniks in the upcoming national selections? Seems like a great way of pseudo-appeasing a public that thrives on “hope” while maintaining the status quo! IOW, sounds like a probable, perilous and plausible prospect!

    About Canada’s Predictive Policing or anti-thetical stick to its Carrot Rewards, reminds me that:

    In 2011, an article referencing a pre-crime program in California and then French president Sarkozy appeared on the “contribution” page of the Nouvel Obs on-line magazine entitled:

    “Minority Report” soon no longer Science fiction?

    “…In reality, there is no prediction or machination. But rather a technological innovation set up thanks to a group of computer scientists, programmers, scientists and researchers of all kinds. These Geo-anythingFinders from the sciences have thus devised a programme to “predict” crime. And in a most interesting way…

    Simply stated, the program is recalibrated every day, and uses a database of crimes that have already been committed. This data is then analyzed by a computer based on the model of earthquake after-shock predictions. And that’s all there is to it.

    The New York Times website describes a “practical” case in Santa Cruz, California, of two women arrested downtown when no offence had been reported against them. But, as a preventive measure, given their already considerable criminal record combined with their proximity to a neighbourhood considered “sensitive” and subject to frequent theft, the police decided to intervene and arrest them.

    Santa Cruz has set up a crime prevention system and is currently testing it for six months…

    …On another level, in France, doesn’t this remind you of a certain Mr Nicolas Sarkozy who in 2005 declared that he wanted to detect behavioural disorders in very young children (under 3 years old) at an early stage, behaviours that could eventually lead to delinquency during adolescence?

    Sarkozy sure must be interested in what’s going on in California dreaming about those tests, don’t you think?…”


    Motherboard had published the following in 2016 and I’m pretty sure Mr Corbett spoke about it somewhere along the line:


  5. manbearpig says:

    Nothing new to most I suppose but

    zyxzevn’s keith knight conspiracy link led me to info, via the Snopes page featured in the video that itself features a 1990 New York Times article, explaining that Barry Soetoro’s father, Barack Hussein Obama, a Harvard University Graduate in economics, was Finance Minister of Kenya:

    “…His late father, Barack Obama, was a finance minister in Kenya and his mother, Ann Dunham, is an American anthropologist now doing fieldwork in Indonesia. Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii…”


    Mr Obama was Finance Minister under Jomo Kenyatta, the man who’d taken over the country, first as prime minister, at the moment of its so-called Independance from British Colonial rule. He was president of Kenya from 1964 to 1978. It’s interesting to note that this Kenyatta has as alma mater the University College London and London School of Economics. His studies at the former were funded from a grant from the International African Institute which itself was founded largely thanks to Rockefeller funding. (wikipedia surfing)

    Kenya, like Canada, is in the Commonwealth of Nations under the Queen.

    “…Kenya and the Commonwealth. Kenya is a proud member of the Commonwealth, since 1963, and remains committed to its ideals and objectives. Areas of cooperation in Kenya include: The Commonwealth availed to Kenya Legal drafters to assist the government draft various bills for the implementation of the new constitution…”


    And moreover

    “…Kenya hosts the UN Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and a national chapter of the Commonwealth Human Ecology Council (CHEC)…”


    So President Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, is the fruit of a deep state embedded mother and Her Majesty’s Commonwealth state servant, the Kenyan Minister of Finance, Barack Hussein Obama who according to Wayne Madsen was quite possibly a CIA asset (like his afore-mentioned wife) as described in his book The Story of Obama: All in the Company that I look forward to reading asap:


    “…Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has discovered CIA files that document the agency’s connections to institutions and individuals figuring prominently in the lives of Barack Obama and his mother, father, grandmother, and stepfather. The first part of his report highlights the connections between Barack Obama, Sr. and the CIA-sponsored operations in Kenya to counter rising Soviet and Chinese influence among student circles and, beyond, to create conditions obstructing the emergence of independent African leaders…”

    …though, “independent African leaders” might be somewhat of an oxymoron…?

    more like the international intelligence elites playing an amusing game of 3D chess with the rest of us pawns…as amply documented on this site…and like in that horrifying Dan Simmons book, Carrion Comfort… yuck!

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “What In The World Is Happening This Week?”

    March 1, 2019
    (From the “Email Campaign Archive” from VaxxedTheMovie.com under the menu “Updates”)

    The pro-pharma folk have won a significant victory today against safer vaccines and health freedom. Following Rep. Adam Schiff’s letter to Google and Facebook, Pinterest responded by removing searches about safer vaccines and vaccine injury so those who are questioning vaccines or want to learn more about the risks can no longer find this information and are limiting advertising possibilities. YouTube also made the decision to limit the monetization of vaccine-questioning content on their platform.

    Rep. Schiff sent a second letter to Amazon this morning, which resulted in Vaxxed being removed from Amazon Video, including Prime and streaming. It was available to stream in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia and had been readily available since 2016 with Amazon earning healthy margins, especially on Prime.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      …EXCERPTS continued…
      “If you watch this CNN report, you’ll see what Facebook – one of our key communication platforms – intends to do.”

      CNN Report

      Facebook will soon take action against misinformation about vaccines, according to a Facebook representative.
      Public health experts have pointed fingers at social media platforms, saying that false claims that vaccines cause autism and other diseases have frightened parents into refusing to vaccinate, resulting in the current measles outbreak that started in Washington state.

      The Facebook representative, who asked not to be named, said the social media giant is working with health experts to decide what changes to make and considering a combination of approaches to handle vaccine misinformation. These approaches wouldn’t take misinformation off Facebook but rather make it less prominent…

      …Public health and technology experts welcomed the planned changes. “This is good news,” said Art Caplan, head of the Division of Medical Ethics at the New York University School of Medicine. “They’re incremental steps, but they’re heading in the right direction.”

      Darrell West, director of the Center for Technology Innovation at the nonprofit Brookings Institute, agreed. “Facebook is on the side of science,” he said. “They’re acting in accordance with the scientific consensus.” ….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      On a brighter sidenote.
      From Robert F Kennedy’s “Children’s Health Defense” Twitter (which opposes toxin containing vaccines) was the following video.

      I was surprised!
      The video, targeting youth, promotes avoiding toxic chemicals and unhealthy foods, including GMOs.
      I’ll admit, I like celebrity Jamie Foxx (Eric Marlon Bishop). Heck, he is from Terrell, just east of Dallas Texas. I guess he is off the list for Monsanto advertising.

      (a refreshing 2 1/2 minute message)
      “I’m just a kid. How can I make a difference?”

  7. annbywater says:

    Re the Alex Jones Sandy Hook interview, he may have renounced his suspicions, but Wolfgang Halbig is still fighting


  8. FlyingAxblade says:

    lost FlyingAxblade on YT saturday morning. 3000 videos, 40000+ comments, 8 years of Home Movies. Disappeared.
    Either someone didn’t like me asking if March could be native american awareness month or some person decided it’d be funny to flag me.
    Be sure to Back up your videos my friends.

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Interesting News Item Today (Monday Mar 4).

    Office Depot, Alibaba, JD.com, Google,
    China’s e-commerce giants are trying to penetrate the U.S. market

    …JD.com quietly started to sell on Google to consumers and Alibaba has partnered with Office Depot to attract small businesses…

    …After Google announced a $550 million investment in JD.com in June, the Chinese company quietly began selling products on Google’s shopping site Google Express this year….

  10. generalbottlewasher says:

    Pre-Crime has made it to USA . As outlined here by Daniel McAdams and Dr. Ron Paul in The Liberty Report today 10-30-2019
    Very disturbing proposals by Trump and Barr.


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