Interview 1344 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

02/15/201819 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Israel Police Recommend Charging Netanyahu With Bribery

Most Israelis Consider Benjamin Netanyahu Corrupt, But He Is Still Climbing In The Polls

What Would Netanyahu’s Case 1000 Trial Look Like?

The Movie Producer and the Israeli Nuclear Smuggling Ring

The Lorde Saga: The Consequences of Boycotting Israel

Al Qaeda Leader Praises Israeli Strike On Syria

Story #2: UK's Oxfam Faces More Pressure After New Report of Sex Abuse By Aid Workers

Oxfam Could Lose Funding Over Allegations It Exploited Disaster Victims for Sex

Story #3: Your 'Smart' TV Remains A Privacy & Security Dumpster Fire

Consumer Reports: Samsung and Roku Smart TVs Vulnerable to Hacking

The House That Spied on Me

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  1. mkey says:

    I just adore that baby carriage. Giving you one more stupid reason to act even more stupidly and pay even less attention to your offspring while you chat idly over the phone about whatever stupid crap is in the headlines. It’s bound to help eugenics.

  2. sjb says:

    The reactions to the Oxfam report surprised me, not just because I’m an ex Pommie, (left in ’77), I feel it’s some more sensationalism or maybe more “Fear & Loathing”?

    Currently there are sex charges are popping out of the woodwork everywhere, generally in work places. Men & women have always chatted each other up at work, advances made & rejected/accepted. Many met their future partners at work. Recently some Holiwood characters came out as Jimmy Saville brethren. Not nice men. Jimmy Saville always looked suss to me on Top of the Pops. Being aware of predatory men is a part of being a woman everywhere not just in the work place. Do we really need a nanny state to enforce Victorian (’20’s,)/Christian/ “just say no/ring thing” (’90’s?), values type of world? How boring.

    The report put this charity in a club along with evil doers like freemasons/illuminati & religious orders, lower members are usually of good intent, unaware of malpractise higher up the chain.

    Also “cui bono” from bringing down a large well intentioned, abet with some inefficiencies charity? Was this a Murdoch report first? Some thing is fishy about this.

    The UK high street is full of charities as things are so tough. The UK “charity” Common Purpose could do with a bit more light shone on it, more so than Oxfam. Possibly a bit more oversight/management of staff would solve a few problems. Put more women at the top & in social positions in the company.

    As we all detach ourselves from the mainstream we’ll need a bit of charity from each other. Breaking down organisations that would normally help humanity might not be a good idea.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Historically, many times grassroots charities form. Local churches are one example. Neighborhoods or rural communities often unite towards a charitable end.
      I like local.
      When one is closer to one’s sphere of influence, there is more control and better visibility.

      Japan Today (I got this after seeing a post on Corbett’s twitter.)
      Japanese gov’t considers limiting casino visits to 10 per month't-mulls-limiting-casino-visits-to-10-per-month

      I was aghast, but laughing at the silliness of these “authorities” trying to dictate people’s lives. The article uses the word “dictate”.
      Of course, tourists would be exempt.

  3. Nevertheless says:

    COME ON, OXFAM criticized Israel, and suddenly a bunch of claims of corruption, you HAVE TO BE SMARTER THAN THAT!

  4. john.o says:

    “Al Qaeda Leader Praises Israeli Strike On Syria”

    You know the old saying: “The enemy of my enemy is probably funded by my government.”

    • Nevertheless says:

      You mean funded by Israel, America did not always fund the terrorists, but if you have been in the State Department in the last 30 years, you will note a distinctly Israeli feel to it.

      American media, financial sectors and government are wholly operations of Zionists. Behind every attack in America, you will find Zionist money.

      • john.o says:

        Nevertheless, with all due respect and with no intent to shield the Israeli thugs from their real responsibility for war, genocide and other horrors:

        In my reading of history, “America” (an imprecise term, as is “my government;” more on that in a minute) has been funding terrorists and then fighting them since at least the Indian Wars.

        More generally “America” has, as I see it, been run for the most part by a very powerful group of warring but conspiring industrialists, oiligarchs, royalist psychopaths and Daddy Warbucks banker thugs. They and their Anglo-elite CREATED, and thus pre-date, the abomination which is the state of Israel.

        Specifically the direct descendants of those powers have in fact, funded supplied and backed, with the blessing of the POTUS and by the manipulations of the Sec State, “Al Nusra” in Syria via all kinds of intermediaries, which no doubt include Israel but also Turkey, Saudi Arabia, several other players and the USA itself directly (with smuggled weapons for certain and cash I would be willing to bet).

        Israel is plenty bad, but as the center of all world evil it falls short. It is another nasty criminal gang in a world of criminal gangs and thugs. No less and no more.

        • manbearpig says:

          Well… my rudimentary understanding of the topic (like most people’s I imagine) goes like this:

          As you intimated, it is not Israel but the force that created Israel that could be “the center of all world evil”…

          Many of the European “Royals” would seem to have foregone their actual power for a semblance of one, gradually peddling it off to the loan sharks in their imperialist endeavours and may now serve as a captive or aiding and abetting Public Relations department for the Rothschild International banking dynasty. (guess it depends on who pays the standing army)

          So, Edmond de Rothschild, of the French branch of the family, a staunch supporter of zionism, was “The Man Who Redeemed the Holy Land” according to Elizabeth Antébi, and was thus largely to thank for funding and otherwise facilitating the creation of the Imperialist AbomiNation that is Israel. (Apparently, his niece Dorothy, also played a crucial role.)

          And Walter Rothschild from the family’s London branch is largely to thank for the creation and passing of ‘a suitable version’ of the Balfour Declaration which also facilitated the creation of the state.

          The dominant banking dynasties of the time, that included Rothschild, created both the Federal Reserve and the Bank for International Settlements.

          Though I have a notion of inter and extra-familial warring, and though Israel could conceivably disappear once it’s outlived its usefulness, and unless you have fascinating info that I was unaware of until now, (which wouldn’t surprise me in the least), I’d wager that

          the Rothschilds who created Israel are the ones who have the greatest means in the whole wide world for incentivizing and exploiting talent to achieve their ends.

          No less and no more.

    • mkey says:

      Good one. Were it not true, I might even laugh over it. Some day maybe.

  5. sundayrider says:

    just wanted to run one thing by you guys i was listening to gary null witch corbett has interviewed before about the federal reserve system and he seems to be concerned about a carbon footprint and seems to be propounding the importance of greenhouse gas affecting the arctic just wanted to figure if he a climate change pusher or is he just mislead… not to sure myself but i find it very concerning to hear stuff like that coming from gary null.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I haven’t kept up with Gary Null for awhile. So, I am unfamiliar with his views on climate change. In the old days, he made some good documentaries and paved the way on a lot of issues.

      Here is an oddity that I do know from a few years back…

      • john.o says:

        I know nothing about Gary Hull but I read your story and surrounding comments and links with interest, HRS. In particular I noticed Hull’s name was associated somehow with Daniel Sheehan.

        One of the wake up events in my own transformation from New Deal sucker through timid JFK-story doubter, to full-on “conspiracy theorist” (who knew right away 911 was a managed operation) was a lawsuit by Sheehan’s “Christic Institute” (All citations from the excellent Spartacus site:

        ‘…in April 1986, a former contra pilot identified [John] Hull’s ranch as a “major transshipment plant for military supplies and drugs”. The following month Daniel Sheehan and the Christic Institute named John F. Hull, Ted Shackley, Thomas G. Clines, Richard V. Secord, John K. Singlaub, Robert W. Owen, Rafael Quintero, Albert Hakim, Adolfo Calero, Pablo Escobar, Jorge Ochoa and 18 others as major figures in a racketeering network involved in drug trafficking and arms smuggling…[Also 1986/12] Daniel Sheehan submitted to the court an affidavit detailing the Irangate scandal…claimed that Thomas Clines and Ted Shackley were running a private assassination program…evolved from projects…working for the CIA. They added that it had begun with an assassination training program for Cuban exiles and the original target had been Fidel Castro.’

        Much of the best research at the time was locked up in this lawsuit. Oh how my dove-like heart was broken when some of the hottest research of the day was SEALED BY THE JUDGE after lambasting Sheehan, but I also smelled something that my serpentine brain identified as a setup. I have followed him since.

        • john.o says:

          I now see Sheehan appear at “consciousness events” that indeed sell the watchwords of globalization and slavery, such as “climate change” and sustainability,” always with a veneer of spiritual bullshit.

          Where did he come from? ( cont from

          ‘After obtaining his degree he worked for the American Civil Liberties Union. Sheehan also served as general counsel to the Jesuits’ social ministry office in Washington…became a left-wing activist and worked on the cases of Daniel Ellsberg and Karen Silkwood…in the prisoners’ rights movement… at Attica State Prison during the 1971 riot, attempting to negotiate a peaceful solution, when Governor Nelson Rockefeller ordered authorities to take down the prison by force….a member of F. Lee Bailey’s law firm, which represented Watergate burglar James McCord at the time he wrote his famous letter to Judge John Sirica.’

          ‘”…in 1995 Mikhail Gorbachev appointed Sheehan as director of the “Strategic Initiative to Identify the New Global Paradigm”. One of Sheehan’s tasks was ” to try to identify the new principles of a new paradigm that would replace anti-Communism and anti-capitalism as the primary new organizing principle for major global institutions after the Cold War.”’

          Jesuits, Leftist Gatekeeper, F. Lee Bailey Watergate operative, Rockefeller Tool with Rockefeller Money, Subtle Betrayer of Truth, Globalist Apparatchik: meet Mr. Daniel Sheehan.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Recent 9/11 News
    Two weeks ago, the BBC published a vapid iteration of its unrivaled brand of anti-journalism on all things 9/11, which it unironically titled: “The people who think 9/11 may have been an ‘inside job.’”

    Unlike the hate-mongering Gizmodo article of two weeks before that, the BBC piece adopted a softer tone, trotting out the familiar trope of suggesting that people believe in “conspiracy theories” because of….

    Read more and video here…

    • pearl says:

      Very interesting, HRS. I’m impressed by Mr. Angle’s foresight to record his interview with BBC’s Chris Bell and uploading same to youtube and facebook. It provides a sound, well-reasoned counter to Bell’s extraction of a mere two sentences from 28 minutes and 33 seconds for his subtle, derogatory slant. I guess Mr. Angle’s time wasn’t completely wasted.

      I watched the interview and think it alone would be a good primer for any intellectually honest person willing to begin to consider that there may be flaws in the claims which have allowed the official conspiracy theorists to throw not only the professions of architecture and engineering under the bus, but the laws of physics as well.

  7. VoltaicDude says:

    If anybody could possibly still have any question about what the Globalist/U.S. Empire will always be up to in the Middle East via its proxy nation-state constructs, our free press (deliverer of State Dept. – CFR – lies) could set that straight if one cares to actually pay attention to the fact that the following article title is completely absurd and indeed should read like an Onion story to any sane and reasonably informed person:

    James: Southwest! Interesting move. Have you talked about why or why there if you think that’s relevant and something you want to share?

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