What About Excess Mortality? - Questions For Corbett #073

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Stephen writes in to ask about excess mortality. What is this number, how do we find it, and what does it tell us (or fail to tell us) about what happened in 2020? Is there a slam dunk argument here to destroy the COVID narrative? And, if not, what is the real lesson of this hunt for excess deaths? Join James for an in-depth exploration of these issues in this week's Questions For Corbett.

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  1. Aamir says:

    Great work James.

    • shaw.r says:

      Deaths in Aged Care facilities have been inflated through pharmaceuticals lately. I know this through my mother’s death last October and her friend died within half an hour of her.

      My mother was nearly 93 years old but she didn’t have any underlying morbidity problems. From 2019 the Doctor who visited the aged care facility started giving my mother excessive meds which effectively chemically restrained her.

      This occurred through psychotic medication but also basically all medication.

      This culminated when they considered that my mother had a UTI which could have been the case and that is not unusual for elderly women. I visited my mother weekly and I didn’t detect anything unusual in my mother.

      The doctor prescribed Cephalexin which is not unusual but it is a dangerous drug and reading online reviews about this drug is eye opening.

      My mother was nearly 93 and she weighed only 50 kg so she wasn’t what you would call an average adult. An average adult would be 70 kg and 40 years old.

      The recommended dose for an average adult is 250mg 3 times daily for two weeks. My mother was given 500 mg 3 times daily for one week.

      This caused my mother severe pain and my mother virtually stopped eating completely and when this happened they should have immediately stopped the drugs.

      The response of the doctor was to give her another week of Cephalexin but at the reduced strength of 250mg. By then my mother had completely stopped eating and because she couldn’t eat she passes away soon after.

      I reported this to AHPRA who didn’t see a problem and I thought about this more and I wondered if something else was happening here.

      I wondered how the doctor made decisions on what drugs to give to patients because he visited the aged care facility and without a laptop.

      I searched the internet for mobile phone apps which have been hacked or which have been over prescribing medications and I found the website AusDoc had found cases of this.

      So I think that the doctor was prescribing medications from his mobile phone which caused my mother’s death and I wonder how many other elderly people have suffered similar fate lately.





    • Knut says:

      Your Video ist very good but as you pointed out incomplete. The change in the sizes of the population is important but in some countries even more in the age distribution. We had an increase in Germany of 35% of the people who are over 80 years old within the last 10 years. We had for example in 2015 about 4 million people over 80 and now we have about 5.5 million people. People over 80 or more likely to die and if their share of the population increases this causes an increase of absolute death numbers.

      Samuel Eckart explained in various videos how this can be taken into account and how to calculate an age and population size adjusted statistic of how many people died: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYFJQqQf7yuUBlLExlvW_iA/videos

      It is done for 15 European countries-very good stuff

      And here is some data he uses:

  2. David says:

    The Death Rate for UK for 2020 was 10.3/1000. The same as it was in 2003 and lower than in 2000(10.4). I calculated the death rate for 2020 myself using ONS NRS and NISRA data for all cause mortality and a mid-year population figure. The death rates for all other years were obtained from the ONS. I haven’t calculated the age standardised mortality rate but have heard that it is the same in 2020 as it was in 2008.

    • SuperMom Belle says:

      This is what we need: people who understand what a statistic means & who aren’t afraid to actually do math. You ARE BEING an example of what we need to end the statistical tyrants who “following the data” that they, themselves provide.

    • drago66 says:

      The UK Column has been looking in to this and according to them, Lockdowns made the biggest dent in deaths. With covid ( which means a up to 90% false positive RT-PCR test ) is registered as from covid.

  3. SuperMom Belle says:

    Combine “How to Lie With Statistics” with a ‘selective perspectives’ kind of “logical fallacy” (combined with the censorship of anyone pointing out such a flaw in thinking), and you get a collective mass madness.
    I’ve been “raw-data” comparing for almost a year – and trying to put it a context that’s honest and obvious to see how easily it can get spun. It’s exhausting.
    In May of 2020, I (attempted to) debunk the assertion that we HAD to lock ourselves away by comparing MY state’s data to other states & countries (randomized but for the fact of proximity &/or similar-sized population) in consideration of how strict the others were by comparisons. I looked & compared this data with an open mind. I came to an interesting conclusion – that raw data had no definitive conclusion! But that alone says so much:
    “…can something come from nothing? .. the resounding answer is YES. … there’s NO consensus nor correlation that shows that lock-downs measures were .. effective
    … based on their own admissions, why must we continue ‘social distancing,’ accept ‘contact tracing’ & ‘immunity passports’ for the privilege of working for a living!?!
    It’s Spring. At the time of these statistics, the beaches were still ‘closed’. Food continues to rot in fields. Parks for children remain closed, sitting out, empty under the sun and tangled around with caution tape .. crime scene .. during phase 2 reopening. Meanwhile, cities in NC are using their federal COVID grant money to buy spy drones for social distancing enforcement along with UV lights for sanitation! THAT’S SOME FLAWED THINKING right there. Or is it that We The People not supposed to use common sense and not understand the agenda unfolding before our very eyes?”
    https://blisswithoutignorance.org/2020/06/03/dont-go-buy-the-numb-ers-22%e2%89%a0-5/ “Don’t Go ‘Buy’ The Numb-ers 2+2≠ 5.”
    In December 2020, I was working on a statistical analysis of Opioid overdose death comparisons and ended up down a rabbit hole that lead me to this very realization. At 8 days before the end of 2020, the USA had an overall total mortality rate lower than the same time frame from the last year, and certainly NOT statistically significantly higher than previous years (even provisionally for the times then). That post was more pressing than the Opioid piece so I published it. I acknowledge that the number would change (which it did). I also thanked millions that were predicted to DIED for NOT DYING:
    Reality… “total deaths from all causes”
    2,813,503 total USA deaths 2017
    2,839,205 total USA deaths 2018
    2,854,838 total USA deaths 2019
    2,851,438 total USA deaths so far through 12/23/2020.”
    Sources backed-up & Listed: https://blisswithoutignorance.org/2020/12/30/usa-death-totals-by-year-or-buy-fear/ “USA Death Totals by Year (or buy Fear?)”
    It is important to note that THIS IS “the data” that my governor is “following” to justify his heinous crimes.
    AND this data is getting put into the record – at record speed now. NC already had a surveillance system for recording hospitalizations and deaths but yes, we were behind the rest of the country in actually getting that data to the CDC. BUT our so-called “reps” made a really BIG DEAL about this throughout April-July, almost to the point of BRAGGING about how good they were at getting “the data” to “follow”!!!!

  4. Paul says:

    I agree that arguments on the excess deaths or anything else are for the purpose of occupying scarce bandwidth for discussion in order to displace more important discussions.

    Especially the question of whether the government exists for the purpose of keeping us safe.

    I really wish more freedom-promoting personalities would provide strong philosophical arguments against paternalism, and put the amount of time and effort that the investigations into these numbers and other science-based discussions requires.

    Most especially as Corbett mentioned the argument for freedom must include “even in the event of 50% perhaps even 90% mortality rate, nobody is justified in destroying liberty.

    I find the following two questions people are very poor at even considering:

    For what are we living?

    What is the function of the economy?

    The first question is one that only an individual can answer and only for oneself. Since nobody else can answer this question, each of us is living for what we choose to live.

    The second question is universal – the function of the economy is to provide us with the means to work for those things for which we are living.

    From these two principles, I conclude that if I choose to go into danger, including the danger of a terrible virus, I have the freedom to do such so long as I am not agressing against others. The same is true f I choose to protect myself from the danger.

    The first conclusion seems not well addressed by personalities that I subscribe to across the various different forums and website I read. I wish they would address it, because all I can find is that my normal existence – eating, peeing, pooping, eating, breathing, etc., cannot be considered as an aggressive activity, but I don’t have strong arguments to support this claim, and it nags at me.

    • Paul says:

      Even the Corbett audience seemed to miss the most important point of the video.

      Maybe not leave the very most important parts to the very end? Maybe people didn’t watch it? Maybe so little time to the philosophical aspects suggests it isn’t as important?

      How to ever get anyone to stop caring about these endless data arguments and move to the relevant argument of why should we ever be free?

      • GardenMaven says:

        I agree, Paul. I’m going to listen to that part again and transcribe for myself because I have never heard the message of resisting this ‘health’ tyranny so well expressed before. That’s the part of the message I feel I must share with as many people as possible.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Paul says:
        Even the Corbett audience seemed to miss the most important point of the video.

        I sure didn’t.
        The last part of Corbett’s video hits the bottom line…the line in the sand.
        That is such an important take-away to this entire saga.

        It actually puts everything into perspective.
        And this perspective is the armor going forward.

        “The Powers That Should Not Be” can have polished pundits, mountains of data (including valid data), lists a ‘reasonable’ arguments, women pleading and babies crying,… but at what point will a person say “No more. You are not taking any more of my humanity and freedom.”

      • vadoum says:

        whats relevant about arguing?
        especially about freedom.
        I suppose one could have a question about freedom, but that question will have nothing to do with the actual thing.

        the guilt ridden asked “why should I be free?”
        the over achiever asked “how shall we be free?”
        the dominator asked “who shall be free?”
        Julian A. has permission to ask “when shall we be free?”
        the queen, who has her name on more land title than anyone ever, might ask “where shall we be free?”

        they can keep asking while waiting for Godot.

        question finished
        after decide
        only one as you like inside

        as you like freedom

        go on
        have a go
        stand face to face with infinity and try not to fall down (m. Igan)

    • scpat says:


      To address one of your assumptions, being:

      “The second question is universal – the function of the economy is to provide us with the means to work for those things for which we are living.”

      This idea is interesting to me philosophically. Is work not worth living for also? You aren’t implying it necessarily, but most people do imply that, you work IN ORDER to live. We are trained in western society at least, that life is based on ’cause and effect’.

      So many people are unhappy because they ignore the present moment. They are tuned out when they are working because they are striving for that prize, the weekend, when they can really start living and enjoying themselves. But life is in every moment, and it is so rewarding to realize that although it is difficult to.

  5. spider says:

    Statistics don’t lie, but liars use statistics.

  6. rob.h says:

    I grabbed the annual average deaths of the flu and pneumonia of my county before they took it down. It was of the past 20 years, at about 650 people. In 2020, the flu and pneumonia deaths went to zero and the covid deaths were about 600+. Yeah.. There is no pandemic, it is a lie. Look at the flu and pneumonia deaths of any county, are up? down? zero? If this covid was really out there, wouldn’t there be flu/pneumonia deaths and covid deaths? Just nonsense.

  7. SteveK9 says:

    Excellent on the complex nature of excess mortality, covered just about every aspect. And also an excellent high-level view of the societal questions. At the moment, it would seem that the answer from the majority is yes, abrogate personal freedom to make me ‘safe’. Whether that will become permanent, I don’t know, but hope not.

  8. troymc says:

    Statistique Quebec released all-cause mortality data for 2020. I crunched the numbers against previous years, and came up with the following. Disclaimer, this is using official data, nuance-free, no consideration for lockdown mortalities.

    Quebec had a 7% jump in all cause mortality, 2020, after you subtract the expected 2% increase as per the 10 yr trend. near exactly 13 months worth of deaths in 12 months time. 7% excess is a bit over 5000, almost entirely absorbed by the 70+ demographic. This demographic then experienced 1 excess death per approximately 200 people in their age group. Overall the death rate per 10,000 was 87 in 2020, from what would have been an expected 82 per 10,000 without the covid.

    Most of the ‘covid’ deaths in Quebec were in care homes. There have been reports of many elderly dying from neglect after having been abandoned by fearful staff in the spring. I reckon it would be next to impossible to quantify this number.

    Anecdotally, I have 2 instances of knowing someone who knew someone who knew someone who died of covid. And 1 instance of knowing someone who knew someone who died of something else after being refused consultation at the hospital because of the restrictions.

  9. flammable says:

    Is there a pandemic


    “The CDC mortality numbers are as yet unaudited by independent parties. Therefore, we compare numbers of obituaries in 2020 and 2019, which are verifiable reports of deaths of specific, identified individuals. We also examine the earnings statements of the largest medical suppliers in the US, to see if their sales of medical oxygen and other medical equipment prove a pandemic. These data all indicate that there has been no pandemic in the US in 2020.”

  10. alucientes says:

    Here’s what I found using the CDC (and sources citing them) for US total deaths.

    – 2013: 2,578,000
    – 2014: 2,630,500
    – 2015: 2,683,500
    – 2016: 2,737,000
    – 2017: 2,788,500
    – 2018: 2,837,000
    – 2019: 2,882,500
    – 2020: 3,187,086 – through 12/26/20

  11. troymc says:


    note the upper bound line on the graph. For 2020 it seems about 7% lower than where it would be had it followed the previous years’ trend.

  12. Denis says:

    As for Spain:

    It looks like in Spain general average life expectancy is higher than average life expectancy of people who died of Covid.

    Regarding US:

    Last time I checked mortality in US it was end of Nov, beginning Dec 2020. And to me CDC numbers don’t make sense.
    Current CDC values for 2020 + 2012 Jan + first 10 days of February: 3 587 923
    If we ignore these 10 days of Feb, that’s monthly average of 275 994.
    If we substract one average month from 3 587 923 that’s 3 311 928.
    Values for 2020 up to Nov 25th (so practically only w/o Dec) 2 579 549
    Monthly average around 234 504

    For comparison that was less than average for 2019 which was 237 903.
    Beginning of Dec last year Ourworldindata.org was showing that excess deaths in US have been dropping since August IIRC. Not only trend was downwards but excess deaths had already significantly dropped at that point.

    So despite low excess deaths downward trend (Although these were stats and projections for ‘excess mortality’) average overall deaths have changed from ~ 234 504 to 275 994, and overall deaths jumped from around 2 579 549 at beginning of December/end of November 2020 to 3 311 928 at the beginning of 2021 so within one month!?
    That would mean almost 732 379 deaths in December!

    Other people here have provided better values for 2020 (Source CDC).
    Eg alucientes in his comment: “2020: 3,187,086 – through 12/26/20”
    So difference between 26th Dec 2020 and 25th Nov 2020 is:
    3 187 086 – 2 579 549 = 607 537
    607 537!
    Maybe I have made a mistake somewhere, so I’ll check this one more time bit later.
    Just checked Ourworldindata.org excess mortality for US, and they have ‘adjusted’ the graph. Now it shows sudden surge from Oct 18th 2020


  13. flammable says:

    In the history of the Earth the biggest direct killer is cutting off essentials like food, water, sunlight, air, energy sources, and shelter from living beings. Doesn’t matter if it was disease, environmental poisoning, a catastrophic natural event, climate change the whole crux of the massive dying was life being cut off from vital resources. So in your pursuit of preventing many deaths and unneeded suffering you have to not lose focus on what keeps people alive. Make sure your actions help others get the resources they need.

  14. Katsavidiz says:

    Once again, EXCELLENT report!

  15. TimmyTaes says:

    Thanks for the report and stats. What is my red line? The limits on travel are tough in the USA. Many families like mine are spread out all across the country. Of course the wealthy just fly around in their private jets.
    Death is easier to accept for me as I get older. It doesn’t scare me. Living like a slave scares me.

  16. mkey says:

    As I see it, one can not pull anything useful out.of the tally because:

    a) it’s a lump sum
    b) you can not trust the source nor depend on it

    It’s a red herring, what it really is.

  17. Lucitanian says:

    Surely death and life cannot be meaningfully calibrated statistically, or rather quantitatively.

    Is the quality of life or even death not far more important?

    To be able to die in peace with dignity, surrounded by the love of family or friends, is a far better death than dying alone, isolated in a retirement home or an ICU. Is this not as much a part of life itself?

    If an unjustifiable draconian tyranny of a global health security dictatorship deprives people of their basic rights; their freedom to travel, reducing their most basic freedoms; the air they breath, to absorb vitamin D from the sun that shines, to join together in groups, while causing severe and irreparable economic and social distress through deprivation, poverty, hunger, loneliness and even death as a result, isn’t judging such a phenomenon only in terms of excess deaths or even lost years of life somehow missing the main point of life itself, as the antithesis of death?

    Freedom is essential if life is worth living, and a longer life at the cost of freedom is a cruel application of suffering.

  18. Roxanne says:

    James. When will you be interviewing Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Stefan Lanka or David and Dawn (authors of What Really Makes You Ill?)?
    Derrick Broze has interviewed Kaufman, Cowan, David and Dawn a few times so you must have heard/seen them before.
    If we don’t destroy this issue at the core by revealing the truth (i.e. there is no virus) it’s going to keep going indefinitely and they’ll keep creating new strains, we’ll be investigating more numbers, there’ll be more ‘cures’ and more ‘vaccines’, more lockdowns and restrictions, etc…

    • scpat says:

      Are a group in “authority” allowed to tell you what to do? No matter what the issue. That is the core of all of this. As long as you think someone in “authority” has the right to dictate how you live your life, then you can squabble about the numbers forever because you feel you have to justify your freedom. Don’t accept that. You don’t have to do a damn thing these people want you to do. Of course you have to know there may be consequences, but it is always YOUR choice.

    • Octium says:

      Always good to have more interviews. When Infowars was censored off YouTube the real loss was that all the interviews were taken down too and some of them were classics, even if the interviewees struggled to get words in over Jones and were often betrayed, so yes there needs to be more interviews by people that can be trusted.

    • Manasarovar says:

      Hi Roxanne.
      I think you’re missing the point.
      It’s not a matter of destroying the issue at the core.
      You’re not gonna change the minds or the beliefs of those who have fallen in this scamdemic trap presenting them the real facts and the evidence of this absurd farce.

      The situation all around the world is clear as the water of a pure mountain brook on a sunny summer day with no clouds (or chemtrails) in the sky. For those who have eyes to see.
      Otherwise is like trying to describe the difference between red and blue or yellow to a person who is born blind. Mission impossible.

      They will keep on going on indefinitely and try to force all of us into their New Normal Nightmare World until any human being will draw his line on the sand, like James was trying to explain almost one year ago. This is the core of the issue in my opinion.
      No numbers, facts, evidences or exposed lies are gonna give anyone the courage and the awareness to draw that line and defend it at any cost as a free human being should do.

    • John Blaid says:

      Roxanne, I definitely support the interview of Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr Tom Cowan, Dr Stefan Lanka, Dawn Lester & David Parker because unless we get rid of this century old falsehood and misconception we will still fall for the same trick again and again in the future.

      Please check out my research summary if you haven’t already where I provide responses to FOIA requests done to 46 institutions in 10 different countries that shows the lack of evidence for the existence of the “virus”. It also includes the scientific evidence regarding the faulty PCR and “antibody” tests and the misconceptions of “antibodies” and what these proteins actually do in contrast to what we have been taught and much much more.

      Research summary and debunk regarding the existence of “SARS-CoV-2” and “COVID-19”

      • Roxanne says:

        Just had a look at your references, great work collecting all of those reference links! Has anyone else emailed or contacted James regarding this issue? If so, any replies?

  19. paul1943 says:

    With rates of death 88% for ‘patiients’ put on ventilators, why did this continue? Was it perhaps because:
    ‘Hospitals Get Paid More to List Patients as COVID-19 and Three Times as Much if the Patient Goes on Ventilator’ (VIDEO):
    And could that be why Cuomo was screaming that he couldn’t get enough ventilators?

  20. dmay says:

    You can’t argue people out of their religion. Covid is a cult for its believers. It does not matter what information you provide, they will deny its accuracy or simply ignore what you say and continue to worship. So why bother? Especially now that we have lies, damn lies, and government covid numbers. The numbers are part of the propaganda now. We are focusing on solutions, not propaganda, right? Right?

  21. Mielia says:

    In short my answer to the question:
    It is irrelevant.
    26:30 it would be very difficult to tease that data out
    30:15 until the end
    had me thinking. Better laid out than I could have.

    “Wer also behaupten will, dass COVID-19 zu Übersterblichkeit geführt hat, der muss zeigen, dass keine andere Ursache für die Erklärung der Übersterblichkeit in Frage kommt.”

    Who wishes to assert that Covid-19 lead to excess mortality, has to show, that no other cause can come into question as explanation for excess mortality.

    I know that I don’t know. Everyone has to be humble here. And I shun everyone who isn’t in this case but asserts something with utmost certainty.

    It reminds me of: People shouldn’t read the science. (if somebody has the correct name, comment the corbettreport link)
    We were indeed better off when nobody would read it, as it is with when nobody read the news and watched the media.
    Everyone walking around talking half truths as if they know something. And they actually believe they know something although they (cannot) have no clue. And then take all that stuff as a given.

    And we always can miss things, there can always be more context.

    What James missed from 13:10 to 14:30

    the description on the axis on the left starts with 8, then 10 etc
    and not with 0
    which makes a huge visual difference for the ‘spike’ on the right

    19:15 looks like a great video. gonna watch.
    Years of life lost instead of deaths is something I have though about in the past regarding mass murder invents in the 20th century (Mao etc)
    Concerning this specific topic Ioannidis had to say the following about it already in April 2020. And it saddened me that it did not have become a talking point in my local circles, local alt media or alt media in general
    https://www.collective-evolution.com/2020/04/20/a-full-interview-with-stanfords-dr-john-ioannidis-about-covid-19-hysteria/ 26:00
    “how many years of life were really lost …
    it is the number of person years lost that matters the most…”
    The same illustration basically.

  22. padraig says:

    life is way too short not to live it. stop obsessing. live. learn to tie a bow line. very satisfying. other knots as well. mayhaps the taut line? yes!!! go loopy sleep outside. yum! it’s illegal? it’s ok! buy, trade for, provide a service. live!!!! it’s awesome.

  23. scpat says:

    Well put, James. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers. Not saying they aren’t important, but the big picture principals are more important indeed.

  24. At 6:15 in video…

    Isn’t it strange that it can take up to a year to report ‘all cause deaths’ for a country,
    yet miraculously, it takes just one day to report ‘Covid-19 deaths’ during the pandemic
    for hundreds of countries!!!
    Evidenced by the front page headline case numbers and deaths that are ‘flooding-the-zone’ each day in the MSM.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the playbook is now for the plandemic.
    – Case numbers can be manipulated at will via the cycle threshold trick.
    – New ‘strains’ will be emerging whenever ‘necessary’ that are unaffected by the ‘vaccines’.
    I could easily see a scenario in 2037 where there are 79 Covid-19 strains, each one coincidentally ‘deadlier’ than its predecessor and unaffected by the previous ‘vaccine’.

    Here’s a Covid variant for you…
    Why don’t you tell the public that the pandemic has been,
    right from the start, 1% virus + 99% “flood-the-zone-” fear mongering
    and will continue to be that way indefinitely?

  25. rgarr says:

    I’m American. (NOT GLOATING!!!!!!)
    We have the best constitution. Freedom is the limited though. Slave, listen, you are free to choose but only from the chosen pick of 2. Think you matter. Votes count. TV says democracy works. WORLDWIDE!!!. BUT BUT…MONEY CHANGES EVERYTHING.. ..DEPENDENCY

  26. Alain.Graulus says:

    James you should look into the work of Samuel Eckert.
    He made videos about the mortality in context of all the countries in Europe.
    For instance what you didn’t mentioned is that the average age of the population getting older.
    Eckert made videos for all the countries separately but this video gives you a overview for north and west europe.
    The video is in german (Eckert is a German living Switzerland) but with english text. https://odysee.com/@samueleckert:4/EP21_8:7

    • Mungjam says:

      Much appreciated link, Alain.G. You need to buckle up to go on this tour even if you speak the language. He has incredible focus. Here it was, finally, after a year of my sister, a naturopath of all occupations, blaming me for being caught up in ‘conspiracy religion’, I could send her something difficult to sideswipe. For 11 months now she has been telling me about herds of acquaintances who have a friend of friends who died in the prime of his/her life, practically in front of her own eyes -from you know what, dead bodies spilling out of hospitals. With all due credit she must have actually watched Samuel’s presentation with her eyes open (but forgot to strap her brain on), because I received this response today: “I am happy to see that much fewer people have died from this virus than we thought (notice the WE and THOUGHT). However, I am not that concerned about the deaths. I am very much concerned about the side effects from catching the virus.” So, there you have it. However, very unconcerned about stubbing her toe or tripping and falling on her face, never mind driving her car. My next door neighbour let go a similar scream a couple of weeks ago. You’d think the world should’ve been locked down when the first caveman dropped a rock on his foot. The dissonant are now much beyond fear and moral narcissism: they have been locked onto their target with a laser beam. And I swear they were thinking beings not that long ago.

      • mkey says:

        Your dear sister is a challenge, I” give you that. A naturopath, you say?

      • flammable says:

        The side effects is exactly what causes most deaths in all reported pandemics. Complications and secondary infections should have been prepared for and focused on for treatment. Instead patients were given ventilators and new untested drugs which predictably killed patients.

  27. MagicBullet says:

    James, Erin Marie Olszewski is said to be part of the Florida Freedom Alliance, “an organized plot to stealthily pass the exemption-stripping vaccine bill working its way through the Florida Senate—SB 64”.

    Explanation on the millennium report: http://tinyurl.com/yaj3d3w8 or here https://www.nationandstate.com/2019/10/12/flvaxgate-controlled-opposition-vaccine-groups-in-florida-carry-out-sophisticated-cointelpro-type-operation/ She is also said to be Erin Marie Malone arrested in Fla for DWI: http://tinyurl.com/y8abvky7

    If this is a smear, it needs to be debunked before we can use her info as true.

  28. AB says:

    I had a look at the whole excess mortality thing around October last year and it seemed a valid angle to use to wake up the zombies. Obviously, the whole point of using the excess mortality argument is to find something supposedly verifiable (from the zombie point of view) that they themselves cannot argue with. In October, that all looked pretty air-tight but due to heavy manipulation and censorship, that was no longer the case by years end. So what the actual excess mortality rate was is of no consequence, because the statistic is no longer fit for purpose.

    It’s virtually impossible to find and has been heavily manipulated after the fact.

    Remember, whether or not it is possible to calculate accurately, is not the point. The zombies don’t have the attention span to bother working it out, or at least listen to someone else do it. So as a tool to wake them up, it fails miserably.

    • Yes I agree. I too looked into the ‘excess mortality’ stats starting in May 2020 and going to the end of the year, particularly for the U.S..

      When you factor in that their numbers (the foxes’) are bogus to begin with (all of those deaths attributed to Covid-19 that were co-morbidity deaths and some not related to Covid-19 at all) it becomes an exercise in futility.

      They blew their cover around Oct-Nov last year when they declared that only 6% of Covid-19 deaths in the U.S. were due to the virus alone (not co-morbidities).

  29. raven says:

    What a brutal winter.

    My line in the sand was 9/11. Why should anyone trust or participate in the mainstream narrative, NPR, or any of it? We’ve been through all this before – you can have an airtight argument explaining basic laws of physics, but you still cannot win an argument against ignorance.

    “The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the dedicated communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists.” – Hannah Arendt

  30. Jed says:

    The mortality numbers do say it all but who’d put any trust in any stats, they’re electromagnetic farts. The plantation managers are going to have a tougher time manipulating the death stats in the other direction as the poison-darts start kickin’-in. The birth numbers ‘ll go down a little, the death numbers up a hair — half a billion is what the Georgia Guide Stones are calling and holy shit, they are doing it.
    I’ve been on to these shitholes for decades and still can’t even convince my own sisters to avoid the jab — three out of four anyway, and the forth one didn’t need any convincing.

    • AB says:

      Yep – That’s the next awakening hope. Rather than seeing them lie their way out of the LACK of deaths, now they will need to come up with a lie to explain why so many are dying, when the so called vaccine is already being administered.

      Before, people didn’t seeing anything with their own eyes, but cognitive dissonance was sufficiently prevalent to believe the story. Now they WILL see plenty of death and disease and that will be far more difficult to explain away with lies. It will probably need to wait until they start reporting that the majority of people have been vaccinated though, but it’s coming.

      It’s just so sad that so many people need to die just to expose the lies.

      • flammable says:

        I think they know this so there are enough injections created that are basically placebos. Of course there will be the mRNA ones that will kill the weak who cannot survive it. And they will leave enough injections missing the dangerous ingredients so there not enough deaths for people to notice.

  31. HomeRemedySupply says:

    IMAGE – Meme
    “Applying Virus Science”

    RULES: “Restaurants and Shops are open, but beaches are closed.”
    Science. Using science to make the rules.

  32. sussi says:

    Carl Heneghan and Ivor Cummins do a great job of deciphering the statistics on Covid, particularly in the UK

  33. rumykynd says:

    Greeting, all. I have a question for the community.
    Has anyone else had issues with sending TCR a monthly sub fee? For years, I’ve sent this payment from my bank account yet for the last 4 months my bank has contacted me inquiring if the payment is legit or a hack.
    Thanks in advance and many smiles to you all.

  34. weilunion says:

    Not many questions, James. Sign of the times. What about Unit 731? Can you speak about this?

  35. Lumen says:

    I wish I could remember the source but I heard a presentation by a renowned speaker who said that 2020 was a catch-up year for access deaths as the stats of the previous years had been low because of age and other factors and that the WHO and other agencies knew of this and expected more fatalities in 2020 because of this commonly know ‘catch-up factor.’ I do not know where I heard this information but it was very well documented. These days I am also listening to the nine episodes at the vrevealed.com site in relation to covid and vaccines so there’s a lot to take in.

  36. HEDGE110 says:

    Corbett invited the audience to recall other instances where a number of lives lost has been (supposedly) justified by the potential number of lives saved. Hiroshima and Nagasaki comes to mind. The narrative we receive in Australia is that dropping the nuclear bombs may have killed hundreds of thousands but potentially saved millions of lives. Visiting Hiroshima and particularly the Hiroshima Museum certainly provided me access to another side of the narrative.

    I think the globalist technocrats have the potential to kill millions through lockdowns, masks, vaccines and the controlled demolition of our normal. If this is our future, the history books will likely use the ‘Hiroshima’ narrative – ‘imagine how many more would have died if we didn’t initiate the reset’. We must refuse, renege, deny.

  37. AB says:

    Some possible good news to report from Australia. There is currently a 5 day lockdown in place where, among other things, masks are mandatory everywhere outside your home. Around the streets where I live, the vast majority of people are ignoring this order. If I compare that to August last year, I was pretty much the only one doing that, so that’s a stark turn-around.

    Maybe – just maybe – some brain function is returning?

  38. Tony says:

    Any slam dunk will not be in statistics but in procedures… why was the procedure for coding deaths changed in the middle of a pandemic… why was the “labeling” procedure (PCR) for “diagnosing” COVID that drove death reporting changed at the same time… why were the financial incentive quickly put into place to incentivise CV classifications?

    IMO… These procedural changes slam dunk agenda… the rest is history.

    I like Dr Scott Jensen’s plan to push for CV autopsies… this is where we will get to the bottom of this (not that most of us need to 😉

    We need to ultimately take the notion of a global health emergency to court… (maybe after some autopsy results start to filter in)… all their emergency powers stem from this.

    Like James said… if we don’t strike at the “root”… we’re wasting our time and effort.

    Unconstitutional or not.. if they can stand on health emergency… we’re PITW.

    • mkey says:

      I would say authopsies are one of the smaller cogs in the system. How accurate can they be? Can they 100% rule out “covid” being a “contributing” factor?

      I fear they can easily switch gears (like they did a zillion times already) and move the onus from people dying from to dying with, where “covid” is a major contributing factor…

      And then shuffle down to dying with “covid” where covid didn’t contribute but people were still affected in scientifically unprovable ways…

      And finnaly, migrate to not even dead due to covid, but suffering undefined long term consequences. Like issues with ovaries of nerve damage caused by a nominally respiratory illness.

      These people have a cult folloewng, so facts don’t matter much.

  39. Octium says:

    Perhaps we should go on coffin sales instead. I’m sure they are not going to leave a body laying around for a year!

  40. Guy says:

    Thanks for this episode, James.

    I wonder if you can address another key component of the ‘Covid issue’, namely, asymptomatic contagion. I propose that this is nothing short of a blood libel against humanity, with as much scientific basis as the Nazis’ “Jews spread disease”, which we all know how ended, and which was also backed by “science” at the time.

    An in-depth analysis of the science here would be very valuable, I think, as the bulk of ‘Covid counter measures’ is predicated on asymptomatic spread being a thing.

    Thanks in advance.

    • flammable says:

      Before 2020 the consensus view of asymptomatic contagion was that there was no clear evidence. In 2020 asymptomatic spread was heavily promoted. However all studies provided by “trusted sources” show no new evidence. Every one of them were modeling studies ASSUMING certain percentages of cases from asymptomatic spread and theorizing the dangers of such a situation.

  41. Fact Checker says:

    I can barely keep up with all the great content James is releasing, let alone give each one an adequately complimentary comment.

    We are all lucky to have such a clear, sophisticated, intellectually disciplined, principled, and motivated commentator and filmmaker as James. This video is just an example, and it is easy to take for granted how philosophically consistent he is, as well as the driven curiosity that impels him to be so well-educated on so many topics. It’s extraordinary that he has the energy to plunge so deep into technical and quantitative weeds as he does here, yet maintains the perspective to maintain that the details do not matter because the morals are not complicated.

    That is all for now.

  42. miggrado says:

    About Spain: Maybe this video make sense of what happened.



    “War triage is made. Green is mild. Yellow is recoverable. Red is critical, you have to act. Black is non-recoverable and is sedated. And gray are patients who nor bother in triaging them because they are more than an age . And if it gives me time Iĺl triage them when I have finished with the other two hundred and if not, He will die without anyone having seen him, unless he has symptoms and he is set sedation.”
    The UCI beds are going to be assigned to the patient of the whole community who most benefit from it. Not by gravity, but for recoverable years. That is drastic. That is horrible. I wish we would not have lived it.If the curve does not flatter in the next few days, and we all think that it is not going to flatten, we may come to this: stock-outs, limit treatments to recoverable patients.
    The elderly of residences is not given treatment. The treatment of the elders of residences is already being denied. If they have, they are being given antibiotic therapy for bacterial infection and if it is not, bad luck.

    Video that circulates online since March 24, 2020

  43. thedig says:

    Hi James and many thanks for your excellent piece on excess mortality. In England it is plain that the Government, the parliamentary opposition and the MSM(particularly the BBC) are all singing from the same hymn sheet. There is no mainstream mechanism for honest debate around this subject. As you know most of the Western world is in lockstep with each other, with only subtle differences in Policy. Despite the virus acting just like other winter respiratory viruses and proper infections and causal deaths falling like a stone, the population are now tripping over each other to try the untested mRNA shot. Why do that as we are coming into Spring?
    Compared to the opposition I am seeing elsewhere in Europe we seem to be in a trance or just brainwashed into thinking that the vaccine will get everything back to normal. Plainly that is a fallacy as the Government continue to move the goalposts around.
    I am finding myself feeling rather despondent about all of our futures.


  44. ggman says:

    I have just started following your work recently and everything you’re saying seems to make a lot of sense to me. Most of my family are pro covid19 preventative measures and just my brother and I are not as simply as I can put it. None of us in my metropolitan area of St. Louis MO(I and most of my family/friends reside just east in IL which is called the Metro East) have been subjected to total Marshall Law I would say but certainly many changes have taken place. I felt that the majority of them were unnecessary even if there truly is a “new virus” that caused a “new disease” that could be spread globally from person/person. Businesses are being reopened now but the unwritten into law mask 😷 mandates unfortunately still persist. I am wanting to express my rejection of mask mandates(and the majority of the other measures) as you say we should articulate and put forward. I am trying to find as many studies pertaining to mask usage in public settings as I can find. If there is sufficient evidence that this measure is that effective at slowing the spread aka flattening the curve then logically we should permanently adopt it right? I mean you are in Japan where it is now the norm for the vast majority there to wear masks in public correct? I want to find out I guess and if there is sufficient evidence to rule out that it is that effective I want to do everything I can to reject it becoming normal or even worse written into law here in the US. Any links or thoughts anyone here can offer to aid me in this endeavor is greatly appreciated. Thank you

    • mkey says:

      IMO there is a lot of data all over the place so proving anything by being able to cite 5 or 50 studies the wast majority won’t even skim through is not the way to go. When a mind is made, some (or a lot) data that goes against the grain will be simply swept aside.

      Your effort is a lot better invested in the underlaying issue. Like answering the question: what gives authority to anyone to order people around, be it wear masks, kick them out of stores or public transport or force them to undergo unwanted medical procedures.

      • ggman says:

        While I do agree that needs to be part of the argument, this issue is imperative to the future of mankind in my opinion. At first I knew putting on a mask was not in anyone’s best interest but thought it is just temporary. It appears tho that government propaganda has been powerful enough to sway people into falsely believing that it should be considered a crime simply for showing your face uncovered outside of your home(and some would probably advocate even in your own home)! This cannot be accepted and must be opposed with any and all arguments, science, logic, reasoning and basic human compassion that can be mustered in order to avoid such horrendous consequences for all of our futures! Again at first I didn’t think it was that serious. I’m 51 yrs old and never could I have envisioned seeing comments from people(digital social media warriors of course, highly doubt they could say this in a normal public forum with a straight face!) on social media calling people who aren’t wearing masks in public murderers! This is an issue that is as important an issue as I have ever seen in my lifetime!

  45. Henrik says:

    Thank you for your time and work James….I support you with what I can, as a pensionist in spain.

    About the deaths in Spain….the elderly was left to themselves.

    I live here now, a dane in spain, with chronic pain injury made me move to warmer weather.

    Elderly people in spain are fuc*** if they dont have family to help when they get old. Immigrants take care of the elderly, not saying all is bad, but I have seen many doing it just to get money and treating the old person badly.

    Many being kept alive on pharma drugs.

    Heres the reason for many deaths in Spain.


  46. HomeRemedySupply says:

    TODAY is February 13, 2022 (in the U.S.)

    REVISIT…one year later almost to the day.
    This What About Excess Mortality? – Questions For Corbett #073 originally aired on Feb 12th, 2021, but was revisited today as a Flashback on the Home Page of Corbett Report.

    This QFC timely is various ways…

    Corbett does an incredible job of viewing the Question from different angles.

    The last part of the video hits home at the fundamentals, the line in the sand, an individual’s innate freedoms.
    This is currently very relevant as the Canadian and Worldwide Trucker “Freedom Convoy 2022” momentum is in play. Corbett also notes in the video how “facts and figures” really don’t matter to Authoritarians (unless they can use the figures to further their agenda.) Thus, it should be no surprise to any Corbett Member that “proof” and “solid science” does not mean squat to Authoritarians…it won’t suddenly change their mind to give up their powers of control.

    In 2022, after a year of Covid vaccinations in 2021 and often with younger people, Dr Sam Bailey’s presentation about “Years of Life Lost” may have eyebrow raising figures for the year 2021.

  47. HomeRemedySupply says:

    RE: “What About Excess Mortality? – Questions For Corbett #073”

    I want to direct people to a very interesting Sub-Thread on “Excess Mortality.
    SUB-THREAD top- Life Insurance CEO Says Deaths Up 40% Among Those Aged 18-64

    This SUB-THREAD includes many articles and also some wild videos.
    It is a long Sub-Thread.

    Example: A top-grade investor is looking at the financials of Life Insurance companies and also Funeral Homes. Insurance companies have been losing money in 2021, while Funeral Homes have seen an increase in business.
    People are waiting for the 4th Quarter financial figures of 2021 to come in.

    Example: Funeral Homes – You should hear the stories coming from the folks who work in the Funeral Homes, and see the photos of the long abnormal blood clots with white fibrous material being pulled out of the bodies.

  48. Lwanders says:

    Swiss Policy Research provides strong data, graphs, and analysis on excess mortality and other covid related subjects. They provide a more balanced and nuanced interpretation of the data relative to official institutions and the MSM. As far as I’m aware, the organization is truly independent and not just parading as such (SPR doesn’t do deep, deep, dives… but anybody know more than me on this?).


  49. sgzon says:

    Ha ha ha… James said ‘datas’. 🙂

    Okay, now that that’s been covered, time to add something that may be useful. A saying I like is, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. I reserve my version for bone-headed naysayers and bat-shit crazy people. It goes like this… you can lead a horse to water but you can’t stop ’em from pissing in it.

  50. zyxzevn says:

    There are now a strong signals of experimental “vaccine”-caused deaths.

    The statistic-magicians explain this away by blaming it on the unvaxxed.

    Strongest signal: never before seen sticky white blood-clots

    The majority of the embalmed dead bodies now show weird blood-clots.
    From 65% to 93%
    The clots are in the arteries and not in the veins, and very sticky. They may be build from the inside cells of the arteries (DrBhakdi) or from white bloodcells and/or platelets (ProfZyxzevn)

    This is in line with the rate of 65% of raised D-dimer levels that was found. One D-dimer expert reported extreme high levels.

    Other problems are auto-immunity or reduced immunity (VAIDS), which also seems to have a 100% relation with the experimental “vaccine”.

    We also see these relationships in the data all over the world.

    But we can also look at a specialized group: the military.
    And we see exactly how much the experimental injection affects this healthy population:
    Extremely high numbers of injuries.
    They try to correct the numbers by changing historical records though.

    These are all very clear signals of harm, up to 100%. with almost no false signals.
    All people with strange bloodclots (65%-90%) got the experiment.
    All people with extreme high D-Dimer (?) got the experiment.
    After injection with the experiment most tested people got raised D-Dimer (60%) and auto-immunity signals (100%).
    This is far beyond what you can expect from any health-related problem.

    I don’t think most doctors were planning for that.
    But a specialist would clearly know what experiment he was creating.
    So, who has planned this slow genocide?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for this post with links & descriptions.

      Steve Kirsch
      I am so glad that you mentioned Steve Kirsch. He really knows how to pull the thread which leads to a string which leads to the rope which leads to…
      zyxzevn, Like you mention, his recent dive into Funeral Homes is well worth viewing.

      The more I see Steve Kirsch on the videos, the more I am drawn to him.
      His demeaner and “real person” character stand out.
      He is the kind of guy you want to have at your table of friends in the coffee shop.
      He has a pleasantly warm animation.

      Some readers might want to check out this somewhat comical presentation:
      Steve Kirsch shows us which MASKS actually “work”
      QUEUE to the 3:04:00 minute mark

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