Weekend Open Thread - 09/18/2016

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It's another busy weekend of news and information, so it's time for another weekend open thread.

The Syrian truce is in tatters and Moscow is openly accusing Washington of trying to scuttle the peace before it even starts as the US admits to bombing the Syrian army in the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor, thereby protecting ISIS...by "accident," of course. But don't worry about the emergency UN Security Council meeting this prompted or the fact that Russian forces very narrowly missed running directly into US forces in their uncoordinated strikes. After all, what difference does WWIII make when there's a pressure cooker bomb in NYC to freak out about?

Meanwhile, there's breaking news from the Colin Powell DCLeaks emails: Can you believe that Israel has "200 nukes"? Powell admitted it himself in an email.

powell-israelWell, actually the only thing that's worth questioning here is whether he means 200 altogether (surely a lowball) or only 200 "targeted on Tehran." But since there may be two or three people in the world for whom this is shocking news, catch up with the world's worst kept secret here...But don't expect Israel to be signing up to that NPT (like Iran has) any time soon.

But these are just some of the tidbits floating across the newswires right now. What's on your mind today? Corbett Report members are encouraged to log in and use this space to comment, question, post information and interact. Have at it, friends.

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  1. erichard says:

    Since this is an open thread I have this question: where online is the best collection of evidences that the claimed May 2, 2011 killing of Osama bin Laden was a staged fake event and not what was claimed? I noticed that the wickedpedia article, which anyone can [try to] edit, does not bring out the “conspiracy theories” of a staged fake event.


  2. black sheep says:

    Hows this for a creepy theory.
    The atrocities committed against the Jewish people ( lets not forget they were only half of the victims either)in the nazi purge.
    were targeted and sacrificed by the bankers and power brokers of the same “faith”.
    So that in the future the world could never question their actions or else be labelled anti semetic and be reviled by all.
    all the while syphoning off vast amounts of wealth and power from all. Isreal recieves how much every year from Germany and the US alone?

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hi Black sheep…

      You have an interesting Theory (and all genocide is creepy, including vietnam, armenia, rawanda, etc)

      But, a very interesting fact, which you can confirm on the internet..

      Zionism started trying to get decent Jewish people into Palestine starting around 1900. but the numbers were really small. Majority did not want to leave civilized Europe and go back into dark ages in middle east. (check the numbers)

      WWII happens…

      At first, Jews were badly treated, some fled to Palestine and other countries… then the heat got increased…

      At the end of WWII, the number of Jewish people was in the hundred of thousands.

      You need a tool to move people…

      Pearl Harbor moved the American people into war…

    • Mark K. P. says:

      Anti-Semitic is an interesting term worth thinking about ;
      a. because the Judaeans/Hebrews were one small group of Semitic people among many others, Palestinians included
      b. because modern Jews are not essentially a Semitic folk but in the great majority Khazaris, which is more like Mongol-Turkic.

      But I think you’re barking up the wrong tree that the Nazi holocaust was authentic. The concentration camp system was pretty similar to Stalin’s gulags ; slave labour until you drop. Certainly very ugly, murderous by nature, but as we all know not quite so bad as the industrialization of race slaughter, which is the unique characteristic of the holocaust tale that sends a chill up every spine. That is almost certainly a fake designed specifically to chill every spine and spread sympathy for Zionism far and wide. So the irony is that these gas giants were providing products to the Nazi concentration camps for the benign or positive purpose of delousing (such as it was conducted at the time world wide).

      Probably the best good Jew / bad Jew story around these days concerns Michael Shermer and David Cole. Shermer is fairly famous as a sceptic scientist, regrettably invited to participate in the activities of the Electric Universe crowd headed by Dave Talbot and Wallace Thornhill, the most advanced and robust practitioners of real science going around these days — steadfastly opposed to the mathematical reductionism (derived from financiers and banking) which dominates academia but is, in a word, only numerology. How do we know this ? Because real maths is a great tool for description and measurement, quite incapable of explaining anything. Wherever you see mathematicians or bankers for that matter trying to explain things with mathematical equations, know for sure you’ve stepped into the surreal world of numerology and the Kabala.

      Shermer is quite incapable of making such simple and important distinctions. The real sceptic is his fellow American Jew David Cole, who ventured to take his questioning mind and rolling camera to the Auschwitz tour. There he filmed and asked questions. And determined very clearly by simple observations and the contradictory, inept and sometimes lying responses of the tour guides and camp-as-exhibition authorities that the human gas chamber centre-piece of the holocaust hoax was not anything of the kind DURING WW2, but altered to look the part post-war.
      He took this information back to the US in the 1990s and caused a big stir because as a Jew he couldn’t be labelled & lambasted in quite the same way as other holocaust revisionist like Irving or Mark Weber. He could, however, be bashed and subjected to death threats, which caused him to disappear from public life for a decade or more. The activist who organized the personal assaults finally issued publically, online, a $25,000 contract for Cole’s murder. This is a thug called Irving Rubin. At this point Cole decided to take a break from holocaust revision, so he wrote to Rubin recanting all his claims about Auschwitz and Rubin duly cancelled the hit. This is where Shermer intervenes, recognizing that the florid and exaggerated terms of Cole’s recantation in fact did not really express his true views but poked fun at Rubin, who as said was basically just a thug. So Shermer writes to Rubin stressing the insincerity and by implication if nothing else, actively intervenes to have a Zionist hit contract reinstated. This is the measure of the man Shermer, if it is a real man, and from these details one can deduce quite a lot about the reliability of his science and judgement.
      They are provided by Cole himself, who obtained them from Rubin when the latter phoned him to query the sincerity of his retraction.
      It’s regrettable that Cole did have to go into hiding for a decade or so, but that these criminals Rubin or Shermer did not and didn’t even have to consider doing so. This was 1997-97, and Shermer was an eminent guest of the EU / thunderbolts.info crew only a couple of years ago. So the stench of his brand of scepticism has been around for quite a long time and could do with a little delousing.

      Mark K.P.

      • hanky says:

        Are you a sKeptic? Or antiseptic?

      • ad says:

        Hi Mark,

        Thanks for your enlightening comment, you say a couple of things that interest me very much. I wonder whether you could provide some links to sources, in particular about the origin of the Holocaust.

        Up until about a year ago, I just knew the usual about the Holocaust. A spinal experience indeed, when you think about it. But then I read something about Holocaust denial, which at first seemed so absurd I just forgot about it.
        But then. Focusing on other things, I find reports about Zionist repression of Holocaust denial, going as far as laws against it!
        So there is definitely something very wrong with the Holocaust story, as well as with Zionist power. This is even worse considering the apparent lack of respect for the victims.

        So I started researching Jewish culture, religion and anti-semitism. Jewish religion in particular gave me a very funny feeling reading pieces of Talmud representing a kind of apartheid ideology, even the South African racists of that period would not have dared to write down. I found an article that describes this experience better than I can at http://uprootedpalestinians.blogspot.com/2011/07/dare-i-say-its-name.html about Jewish Supremacism.

        So next I found http://www.cohen-levi.org/, a family website, covering 3000 years of Jewish family life and they sure are proud of it, just read and shiver. They particularly love the genetic proof of their ancestry, apparently there exists something like a Jewish genetic profile, found in Jews all over the world. I quote: “For more than 90 percent of the Cohens to share the same genetic markers after such a period of time is a testament to the devotion of the wives of the Cohens over the years. Even a low rate of infidelity would have dramatically lowered the percentage.” end quote.

        This is all very interesting, the way genetics is uncovering all kinds of hidden antique truths. I would never have guessed, but my blue eyes come from an single ancestor, a freak with the first pair of blue eyes, who must have lived some 6000 years ago! Amazing indeed. But no shivers for that.

        It is quite different with the Jewish genetic profile, after reading your post. If it is true what you said, I quote: .
        “But I think you’re barking up the wrong tree that the Nazi holocaust was authentic.. etc” end quote, meaning that the whole Holocaust was a false flag event, then the real Holocaust is yet to take place.
        There will be developed an Ebola strain that very quickly kills everyone on the planet, exept Jewish gene owners. They won’t even need sheep’s blood on their doorposts.

        The whole thing exposes Jews being deeply manipulated with their religion by people who have intimate knowledge of such, but absolutely no belief in it. Killing a Goy means nothing for a Talmudian Jew, as far as I understand it, but killing a Jew is very doubtful, let alone killing 6.000.000 of them.

        There is a lot of talk about waking people up so we can stop this proces leading to total destruction that we are living in. But within the scenario just sketched, it seems that the most urgent group to wake up would be the Jews!

        They consider themselves to be the chosen people, chosen by G-d himself, long ago.
        These days, however, they seem to be considered by Satan to be HIS chosen people, leading them back to Israel, waiting for the next deluge that will kill off all the non-believers, like me.
        So wake them up and let them start to choose for themselves. The true anti-semites are the Zionists.

        OK, I may be in a bit of an open-loop condition writing all these apocalyptical words. I am happy with any feedback. I do not intend to insult anyone, I just want to understand.


    • corebean says:

      Hi @black sheep – maybe this link into who the Ashkenazi’s were, might be of interest.


      I am not saying your theory is true, but it’s interesting to find reference to a demographic percentage of Jews who have the word “nazi” in their name. There are more references to this group in various resources on the web, all of which explore this topic in more detail.

    • Scott T. says:

      Not quite as creepy as you think my studies and othere show That B’nai B’rith is of course the Jewish arm of the Scottish Right of free masonry instituted under Albert Pike which the went on to form the ADL. Look up William Cooper the ugly truth about the ADL on youtube. Meanwhile read this.

      Zionist take over

      Zionism- the social movement which creates and sustains the physical nation of Israel.
      It is the driver for world government through Israel in the tradition of the heretical Frankest Jews
      (Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky all of Jewish decent. Names changed) Funded by Rothschild/and agents
      Marx, Lenin, Stalin- all Free Masons-Marks self-proclaimed Satanist member League of the Just which became the Communist League
      Carls “Handler” or supervisor was Friederich Engles provided out line for their policy statement for the public which became the communist manifesto. Marx was so unimportant at the time his name didn’t even appear on it for some 20 years
      Theodor Herzel (Rothschild Zionist) Austrian Jew wrote “Judenstaat” or The Jewish State pub. 1896
      Proposed a Jewish state to hear the problem of anti-Semitism
      Rothschild founded the Zionist Federation of Great Britain in 1897 with Herzel as President to promote political Zionism
      Herzel?- “It is essential that the sufferings of the Jews becomes worse…This will assist in the realization of our plans…I have an excellent idea…I shall induce the anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth…the anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and opposition of the Jews…the anti-Semites will become our best friends”
      Rothschild agent Arthur James Balfour see Balfour Declaration of 1917
      Political Zionism used and magnified anti-Semitism to create the state of Israel see “The Transfer Agreement” Edwin Black 1984

      The Jewish community in alliance with Crypto-Jews became very powerful in last century of Ottoman Empire. In 1896 CE, when Sultan Abdul Hamid refused to meet Theodor Herzl during latter’s trip to Constantinople and rejected World Jewish Congress offer to negotiate the sale of Palestine in return for paying-off tens of millions of pounds to resolve Turkey’s debt crisis – they brought down the empire through their agents, who had infiltrated the Young Turk Movement. Later, these agents carried out their racism by committing Armenian Christian genocide – which Jewish lobbying group ADL’s president Abraham Foxman still refuses to accept.
      The reader will remember that Ottoman Empire fought on Germany’s side in W.W.I. A few powerful Jews, including the Rothschild’s were responsible for the wording of the Treaty imposed on Germany that ended W.W.I. The treaty gave the Rothschild’s the German owned railway rights in Palestine (which had been part of the Ottoman Empire), thus paving the way for the Rothschild’s to have a sure leverage to dictate policy concerning Palestine. The Rothschild’s had made loans to Turkey which amounted to almost one hundred million pounds. When the Ottoman Empire collapsed after W.W.I because they were on the losing side, the Rothschild’s had a claim on Palestine because of those unpaid Turkish loans. The British government followed the dictates of the Rothschild’s. The British were given a mandate over Palestine, and the Rothschild’s were able through their proxies in the British government, to create the steps that led to the creation of Israel.

    • Nevertheless says:

      Just need to read about the actions of Jew George Soros to know you are right on the mark.

  3. VoiceOfArabi says:

    I am sitting down contemplating what i should do next… I wished that I could belong to a club / society / organization that is recognized world wide, with main objective to wake people up. A Place were volunteer members get to go out and try to get a number of people to wake up.

    Maybe it would be called “Wake UP!”, Maybe the task would involve handing out a flyer that contains a single fact the “Powers to be” have lied about which can be proven and that the majority cares about. Maybe it will also contain a link for them to go out and find out more…

    I am just thinking out load, but it would be nice to get all those people who have woken up to be part of one recognized group…

    • black sheep says:

      Hi VOA.
      problem is, all collected in one place means we become a clear target, hitting a target is always easier when in full view.

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hi Black Sheep…

        off course, you are right, there is an element of risk (100% risk of jail time were i am).

        But, if we are world wide, and our objective is just to “wake people up” without a specific agenda, that should make it easier for the authorities to swallow.. but again, i know this will not work in my police state.

        I guess, I just wanted to find the next move for “US”… On this site, there is a lot of awake people with a lot of wisdom.. Maybe there is a better idea out there to channel our energies to save the future of our grand children.

        • ktsworker says:

          This is why surveillance is such a threat to humanity. The collective digital world was (maybe still could be) the best forum for channeling our energies.

      • Hsaive says:

        Corporate media is united and in full view on steroids yet it remains a very difficult target

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I really like your concept.
      “…club / society / organization that is recognized world wide, with main objective to wake people up.”

      CorbettReport and the comment section offer some opportunities.

      Derrick Broze writes for ActivistReport and others.
      Derrick’s YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8CIGriN9MU
      Corbett interviews Derrick https://www.corbettreport.com/interview-1103-derrick-broze-on-agorism-and-counter-economics/comment-page-2/

      WeAreChange offers a network of help towards activism.

      But I think I understand your concept. A group primarily focused on actively informing people in the real world about the deceptions.

      You can always start a group locally.

      I gotta tell you from experience, it is like pulling teeth to get others to take an active role or leadership role in disseminating truth in the real world. (73,000 DVDs later, literally tons of literature and hundreds of action/events/theater showings/etc.) I am about to take a hiatus. 10 years at it.

      I really admire this activist, Regina. Grass Roots at its best.
      (3 minutes)

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hi HomeRemedySupply,

        you are right, there are many sites and many people who focus on specific issues, like 9/11 or Monsanto or etc etc.. but because these issues are seen as an agenda driven issues.. people tend to stay away…

        But I think if we drive an issue that is not related to any “controversial issue”… if we show the people that they are sleep walking into a WW 3, or sleeping walking into wage slavery, they maybe more inclined to want to find out more..

        I think if i hear someone saying “Wake Up”, i would want to know what they are talking about. but maybe there is a better way to get the same message to people.

        Again.. I am just trying to start up idea’s… I am sure there is a better idea out there that could harness our spare time, even if it is only few hours a week.

        p.s. I can’t start a group were i am… I would end up in a slammer before i start 🙂

        • black sheep says:

          hi again VOA,
          Yes people do need to wake up. I like talking with people and finding out they either are and we dance around the subject till It’s out in the open and we feel relieved because we can talk free or, like it happend to me a couple days ago I met a young man who was aware some thing was rotten but did not know what. I suggested this site and who knows maybe he is even reading this?
          But there are times when I speak with people and they know the system is rotten but all they want to know is what is the answer. if no answer hide their heads so it does not get shot off.
          and here I fall apart… I do not know the answer and how to fix this rot.
          So as part of the “club” It would be interesting to hear if others have answers.
          I know James has posted some solutions but for some reason I need to be reminded of good news more and more.
          I think of society and the development of man as simular to the development of a single man (woman)(person).
          with all of the steps sucesses and failures.
          In my life I seem to take three steps forward and then take two back (or get dragged back 100… )
          and positive reinforcemnet is needed to develope.
          In my life the only things I have ever achieved are because I believed in my ability to suceed and soldier on thru adversity but it was bouyed by positive thought.
          the doom and gloom of the world gets me down and I know it holds most down.
          so not only do we need to wake up the world we need to be active in making a better one and it starts with our positive ideas and answers.

          • mik says:

            Hi black sheep & VOA

            Even if you would have The Answer (something like 42 🙂), majority of people are not capable to grasp it, to understand it.
            You can have the Best Answer, The best communication skills, Top social intelligence……if the other side in communication don’t perform their part of job…
            ….then there is no change.
            Well, not exactly. You planted the seeds. You influenced not just that particular person, but this person will, to some extent, transfer ideas to his/her friends. Even if he doesn’t accept ideas!

          • VoiceOfArabi says:

            Hi again Black sheep…

            The answer is “Spread the Word”

            it is that simple… we as people are the strongest force out there (we are almost destroying the whole planet 🙂 )

            So, if anyone ask, the answer is just go out there and wake people up.. as many as you can.. not about 9/11 or JFK assassination, but about topics they care about.. if they are florist, then then need to know about Monsanto, if they are doctors, etc etc.

            According to a video i watched (i can’t remember the title), critical mass starts developing after 5-6% of converting the masses.

            Read a book called The Tipping Point: (Malcolm Gladwell) to understand what i am driving at…

            This is the answer.

            • mik says:

              “….critical mass starts developing after 5-6% ….”

              Erica Chenoweth says even less is necessary.

              The success of nonviolent civil resistance

              Anyhow, huge numbers are not necessary and I think they are also not possible.
              The next sentences maybe sounds derogatory but they are not intended to be. It is just, lets call a spade spade.
              Majority of people are followers. They will follow whoever will sound reasonable to them at the moment, Alexander the Great, Lenin, Hitler(y), Drumpf….

              The fundamental problem with these people is not their apathy, ignorance but it is more the problem of the Last man (Nietzsche), that is comfort, laziness, complacency, fear of uncertainty.
              Inevitable economic crisis will help us to get some of these people. They need a punch to the stomach otherwise they won’t move.

        • Not This Little Frog says:

          Hi VOA,
          I share your frustration, and find the level of apathy and/or ignorance to be overwhelming at times.
          One group of like minded individuals that I am involved with is permaculture. Whilst no two individuals are likely to share even most of my/your views on the areas that we talk about and investigate/ discuss here at TCR I am buoyed by the emphasis on solutions and growing one’s own food and generally not relying on TPTSNB. I have met permies who are libertarians and anarchists as well as others who still subscribe to the left-right paradigm, however I believe that the number of permies who would have alternate views on many issues (and who implement real solutions!) would be much higher per person than the average in the rest of society.
          As an example, I have been able to exchange time for services rendered to the point that I have now a netted structure within which to grow fruit trees and vegetables that is large enough to be able to grow most of my families food needs within the next five or so years. By exchanging time for services I’ve been able to halve the cost of the construction. We will not be “off the grid” completely, however we will be able to lessen our reliance on mainstream sources of food, and will have learnt lots of skills along the way. I have also developed a network of individuals with whom I can relate on many issues beyond the vacuous topics that so much of our societies spend their time and resources on. Open sourcing of items is seen as the norm or at least highly desireable.
          Most permies have developed a fairly strong “bullshit meter” as well, meaning that they are more likely to be at least open to looking at information without dismissing it out of hand, and yet not accepting it without questioning…
          I’m in a bit of a rush and still working myself into the day, however I hope this contribution of mine is useful…

        • Not This Little Frog says:

          Hi Again VOA,

          further to my earlier thoughts. My reasoning behind suggesting you investigate permaculture is that it might be a safer option for you, given that it is not a political movement as such.

          • VoiceOfArabi says:

            Hi Not This Little Frog,

            That’s a good idea. It is completely new subject for me, as i am more mechanically minded, but i am open to new learning. I will go and do some research on the topic of permaculture.


        • HomeRemedySupply says:


          – ACTIVISM – “Wake up” –

          -CorbettReport –
          Just so you know, within the last 8 days, in my North Texas area, we have met in person two new people exclusively from the CorbettReport comment section.
          ~~ #1 ~On Sunday, 11 Sept, a fellow who heard about our group’s Sign Wave in Dallas via the CorbettReport comment section came by and donated $40 towards our free DVD program.
          ~~ #2 ~Last night, Sunday 18 Sept, I met wonderful Theresa from CorbettReport comment section. We had a chance to visit and she met many others in our area who are activists, including famous people like Jim Marrs, another government whistleblower Cathy Harris, Nation of Islam, people in the alternative health field, etc. We were at our group’s sponsored VAXXED event. It was a packed house. Dr Andrew Wakefield was there. He spoke and many people got to meet him.

          Vaccines in the United States are on a roll towards being mandated (already mandated for kids in California). Big Pharma is going strong now in a counter-attack with VAXXED blowing the whistle on the CDC. They are throwing lots of money at Texas. Representatives are bringing up mandate legislation. Traditionally, Texas has had freedom of choice on vaccines and also Homeschooling. That may end. Big Pharma wants to take out Texas regarding vaccines. If Texas, the most conservative state goes with mandated vaccines, then the other states fall like dominoes.

          During the Q & A, Wakefield pointed out that eventually it will become almost virtually impossible to avoid vaccines as the tyranny takes hold. Wakefield: “Do not try to hide in the shadows of a system that is broken.”

          During 10 years of street activism our North Texas group has learned some things. http://www.meetup.com/9-11-249/
          Our group offers free DVDs and literature at any events or actions.
          Our events and actions cover the field. From 9/11 to Monsanto to VAXXED to the Peace Movement to Fluoride to Alternative Health.
          We have marched with Cindy Sheehan to George Bush’s house (and by the way, she got a 25 DVD set from our group’s founder, Joe. And Cindy soon after spoke up for 9/11 Truth). In fact, Joe has personally given these VIP sets to Russ Baker, John Perkins, and many other authors.)
          We have been at many JFK events, many Peace marches, Monsanto marches, the Soros “Occupy March”, drum and music fairs, radio fairs, MLK marches, health events, End the Fed events, Ron Paul events, etc.

          – Rallying the troops –
          I do want to tell you that it is hard to muster the troops towards any kind of street action.
          Sometimes it is easier just to do something yourself.

          – Marketing –
          Also, the words “Wake Up” may not be the best marketing term with raw public.

          The average raw new person agrees that the media lies and that the government is corrupt.
          We often tell people “Here is a free DVD that exposes the government lies that the media is not telling us about.”

          We have burned DVDs about many topics (money, 9/11, Fluoride, etc.) We make sure that it is not a DVD that is being sold by the maker. For example: We don’t burn VAXXED.

          Before Ae911truth had their brochures, there was no real 9/11 literature out there. At that time, circa 2008, we printed a pallet of newspapers.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            But I want to add, I am about to take a hiatus.
            Somebody else can carry the torch of activism for awhile.
            I know what I have done. I am gonna take a breather.

            • VoiceOfArabi says:

              Hi HomeRemedySupply,

              It sounds like a much deserved break… I wish i could be part of your team, but i guess the distance makes it impossible.

              have a good break, but come back to action real soon.

              • jay.z says:

                Just wanted to say that it’s really exciting to hear more people from the Middle East waking up… In many ways, the people of that region (whether still there or abroad) are the most persecuted people in the world. They have become the global, Orwellian scapegoat because of the “War On Terror” narrative, and I feel sore and angry for what has been done to them and the manipulation that that region has undergone in order to foment violence, chaos and destruction. I really hope that more will continue to awaken… If a significant minority of the ME became awake, it would completely change the game imo… North American’s haven’t lost anywhere near as much, and thus apathy and ignorance is an easy default mentality.

                You documenting some of all that you and your community has done thru activism is incredible and inspiring… And it helps to generate passion, creativity, new ideas within me to pursue. I hope in the coming years that I and others will be able bring about exponential growth thru the example and seeds you and others have sown.

                To both of you (from Middle America to the Middle East), thank you for being thoughtful, contributing to this community/research, and for being a part of changing our world for the better! It certainly needs people of integrity and commitment. We’ve all had lots of programming (education, media, news…) to try to steer us away from being people of character, wisdom and maturity… Thank you to you and all those here that are striving to take the higher road… and often at this point in humanity’s journey it is the road less traveled.

              • VoiceOfArabi says:

                Hi jay.z,

                Thank you for your kind words.

          • Mishelle says:

            This is great to hear! I’m in East Texas but not locally involved at all and you inspire to change this. I’m really not an organizing type, but I can certainly try to learn from your examples. We are slowly building a self-sufficient homestead, very rural, and I’m really committed to try more bartering. I will check out your links, thank you!

    • andy.m says:


    • Jarrod Schneider says:

      Hi Arabia,

      I always enjoy reading your posts. I currently am a student at an American University, so in many ways I am on the front line of the matrix (a place where large cranium’d academics, mired in hubris, are some of the most asleep people on the planet, yet they command the respect of their peers because they are seen as knowledgeable and more worryingly, arrogantly view themselves as fully informed). Unfortunately, academics still command a lot of gravitas in the unconscious formulation of the consensus zeitgeist. It is quite a predicament, one that requires an extra measure of psychological strategy. I therefore think we should not attempt to too forcibly awaken those who devote the majority of their psychological efforts upon staying willfully ignorant. Trying too hard, being too abrasive, evokes a reaction that is diametrically opposed to our intent, as they usually will recoil, become defensive, and shut-down. For this reason, I’m not too keen on the “direct” approach. Personal experience tells me we should merely leave doors cracked for them, and use tact to subtly point the way so that they may awaken themselves. As philosopher Neil Kramer (one of the wisest people I know) says, “Let the sleepers sleep. They can only awaken themselves.” This rings true for me, and doubly so when applied to academic-types. I guess my underlying point is that we must employ different strategies for different personalities, otherwise we run the risk of doing more harm than good.

      • jay.z says:

        Really profound, insightful post. I agree completely. Like I said to my friend: “Just cause someone’s smart, doesn’t mean that they’ll be open and question things deeper.”

        Pride and cognitive dissonance are an extremely effective cocktail that many/even most? within the intelligentsia find as their go to way of responding to many things that are not considered mainstream, establishment narratives within the academic community. Much like Kuhn elucidates in The Structure of Scientific Revolution, no matter how much of an expert or how “informed” we may be in a given field or topic, we must always strive to have a commitment to epistemological humility… We all have blindspots, both individually and as various collectives. Thus, the only rational posture (both in “academia” and in the “day to day interaction”) is one of openness, humility, and reflection. If we’re ever going to get out of lower states of consciousness (fear or pride/flight or fight) where we are easily manipulated/herded into submission by “tptsb”, epistemological humility and integrity are the way forward as humans/humanity.

        Like you outlined, we must be wise and creative in who we interact with and how we interact… We need to be intuitive, so as not to waste our time on those that have no interest in being reflective/questioning. And not waste our energy in inferior ways of connecting and communicating what is so vitally important to the future of our world… Potentially, that wisdom could also turn the tide to the point where we as “conspiracy realists” are no longer known in a pejorative way within our world. I see it already happening with some friends!

        • Jarrod Schneider says:


          Thanks for the great response. I have to admit, with that being my first Corbett community post, I was a little nervous that I may have gotten lightly chastised for actually suggesting that we curb our enthusiasm for loudly, forcibly waking people up. Like you say, when attempting to spread awareness, we must use both intellect and intuition in equal measure. We must employ just as deep an understanding of human psychology as TPTB do; only instead of applying that understanding with deceit, we can do so with honesty.

          Epistemological humility has to be one of the most difficult human virtues to achieve; I know I struggle with it daily. I often catch myself thinking I have it all figured out…only to remind myself that knowing I don’t know (in the absolute sense) is the first step to wisdom.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        — Universities —
        I was a student at a Texas University circa 2006-2008 getting my degree in the Environmental Sciences. 9/11 Truth was just breaking out and extremely resisted. Ae911truth was not yet around until towards 2008.
        During that time I burned and personally gave out more than 10,000 DVDs. (“9/11 Mysteries” was a good one for give away during that period.)

        My backpack had a big sign “Ask me for Free DVDs about 9/11”. I posted info all around campus. Every professor (and there were many) received a free DVD under their door. I spoke up about 9/11 at every appropriate opportunity in my classes.

        Depending upon the subject matter and class, I made it a point to bring up different frauds.
        ~Depleted Uranium used in war, and I enlisted the help of a Gulf War veteran student. And gave a presentation to the class.
        ~ My Agriculture and Soil Science Instructors once asked me what I thought about the Global Warming. (They knew it was a sham) And so I told the class about how it is a charade designed to control….
        ~ Vaccines – I provided DVDs and had some serious class debates with “Education majors” (future teachers) and Biology teachers about the harmful effects.
        ~ Aspartame – I coaxed some students to do project on how it effects frogs for their Biology project. They showed how the frog’s heart swelled to twice the size.
        ~ I did an air quality test for aluminum from chemtrails for a class.
        ~ “Letter to the Editor” of the campus paper was a nice platform.
        ~ There were so many campus opportunities and actions, it would be a long list.

        ~ For a Biology class, we were supposed to write a paper on a plant. I chose “Stevia” and went big-time into it having the plants… and exposing Donald Rumsfeld and government/corporate corruption. I got a low grade on the paper, because it was too long. (By the way, I graduated in the top 5% of my class)
        I laughed about the low grade. I set up displays around campus with free Stevia plants and the paper. The paper got published on the internet.
        The EXPERIMENT where NutraSweet kills fire ants is really cool.
        Take a look…

        There were many “deception topics” which I would gracefully bring up in my classes.

        I had some Professors give me that “knowing but can’t say anything” look. I had some Professors go berserk against things like 9/11 Truth. The quantity of classmates and town folks who became enlightened was incredible. They, in turn, woke up many others.

        Universities and Colleges are a great venue to expose deceptions.

        • Jarrod Schneider says:


          Wow, thanks for the all the ideas/techniques. Those are definitely accomplishments/goals I can aspire to. Hope to one day have a list as amazing as that. I’m only in the second semester of my first year, but so far I have:
          – Written a paper on the Prussianization of American Public Schooling (which was surprisingly well-received by the professor)
          -Won an art show (the theme was “heroic women”) with a portrait of Sibel Edmonds. I got to speak in front of the school at an awards banquet and I talked about Sibel, her story, Classified Woman/Lone Gladio, BFP and Newsbud etc.
          -Gave a revisionist-type presentation on the advanced astronomical knowledge of Paleolithic/Neolithic cultures
          – I also paint and wear my own t-shirts with messages (one has ‘Republican’ written on it with an empty box, ‘Democrat’ with an empty box, and rational human being with a box with a check mark in it.

          Though I haven’t did anything as drastic as making and passing out DVDs, as I talked about in my previous comment, I’ve personally found that a more subtle approach works best for me, but I think you’ve shown that the direct approach can have a huge impact as well if executed properly. : ) Wish I could say more but I have class all day. Thanks for great reply! : )

    • cobrien says:

      Hi VoiceofArabi:
      I really like your point, we need not a “false flag” to sway opinion but we need a “Truth Flag” to wake people up. What is it? unfortunately for us here in the US it would need to be something that the bread and circus crowd will respond to…

      I’m with you!

  4. VoiceOfArabi says:

    talking of WW III…

    I just finished watching the news…

    – US Air Force Attacked Syria and killed 62 soldiers an wounded over 100 against the agreement it had with Russia.

    – Two bombs in New York, and a Knife attack in a mall in USA… (prepare the people to defend the homeland).

    Question… How much would you bet there will be WW III starting before End of October??

    If you don’t think it will happen, why?

    • black sheep says:

      100 against. for the world to go to war it will need a very big reason.
      escalation from small stuff not good enough any more.
      A huge event has not happened yet.
      but if it does and it is not caught as a false flag in time… all bets are off.

    • mik says:

      WW3? I don’t think so.
      USAF attack on Syrian army looks to me like revenge for shooting down Israeli F-16 and drone that happened few days ago. “Incidentally”, they helped their head-chopping buddies…win,win.
      I think everything is “under control” until American planes start to fall down.

  5. cush350 says:

    Although the man carrying the sign with “The End is Near” on it has been around my whole 66 years and more, there seems to be a scent of something coming in the air today. How do “awake” people counter the leverage of the Mega rich families and entities? They are very busy preparing for the shit storm that’s coming, prodding and tossing gas on the sparks. I fear the only change will come after a period of great disorder and suffering. And what kind of change?

    As you can tell, I’m not too optimistic. I find a lot of people prefer to be asleep when I mention the things I’ve learned here. It all makes sense to me. If I were mega rich and powerful, I’d be scared of us too. We’re just eaters to them.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Useless eaters ? Hence the generalized fascination verging on obsession with zombies? Or are those refugees? Dangerous infected have-nots… A little sad but they’re no longer human so…for the sake of what’s left of the human race best nuke’em…

      Have to admit, I kinda of liked that movie Warm Bodies though…

  6. Sonex says:

    Has anyone heard the new theory that Hillary Clinton died a week ago when she collapsed before getting thrown into her van “like a piece of meat”? She supposedly got driven to her daughter, Chelsea’s apartment. She then emerged about two hours later totally rejuvenated and even kissed a baby in front of the building in spite of her contagious pneumonia. However, it is believed the woman who emerged was in fact a double. This same double gave the speech in North Carolina last Thursday.

    Truth is stranger than fiction.

    • pcwise555 says:

      Yup, I’ll believe it when Bill stops dicking bimbos for a few weeks cause he’s tapping the rejuvenated Hillary.

      • mik says:

        Ol’ Billy goat has snorkel like vacuum cleaner and excellent supplies of stuff. He will just push to high gear, man-handle all of them. And die.
        Nation will elect fresh widow president.

    • Mohawk Man says:

      Yes Sonex, very odd behavior of many parties.

      They did confess she had concussed in 2012 or 2013 (airline incident?) and Bill also said she took 6 months to recover, while her behavior is more akin to a traumatic brain injury possibly leading to chronic metabolic encephalopathy with possible growing and diffuse organ failure. Her “seizure” when they literally threw her into the van appeared more like a cardiac event rather than a seizure. Her public behavior would also lead me to believe she had trauma of some sort. Either physical or septic trauma. Signs of anoxia are clearly present.

      She appears to have developed severe edema which leads me to believe this could be that cardiac event. Has she been seen by Neurologists or a Physiatrist? Her frequent and long breaks may be related to diuretic use and now possible Foley Catheter in place now to curb that issue. If acute organ failure then that may lead to secondary hypertension related to renal failure and then the cardiac event. In any event–there is something very wrong here and why we are allowed to witness this series is even more suspicious. Not scrubbed like they are very capable of doing.

      Off topic here–anyone seen or heard from Josie The Outlaw? Her site disappeared and her videos have stopped production. Been a couple of years since I’ve seen her and she never announced departure from the cause. I pray she’s okay. That kid was alright.

    • russ says:

      Clinton Body Double: What Changed My Mind — Devvy Kidd


  7. “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”
    ― George Orwell

    “History is always written by the winners. When two cultures clash, the loser is obliterated, and the winner writes the history books-books which glorify their own cause and disparage the conquered foe. As Napoleon once said, ‘What is history, but a fable agreed upon?”
    ― Dan Brown

    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”
    ― Carl Sagan

    And thus the study of the two world wars and the holocaust is of paramount importance for the understanding of the present moment.
    You will find that Jews were behind w.w. 1 & 2, that Hitler and National Socialism were Zionists and that the holocaust is the defining myth of our time.
    Within this perspective, Israel did 9/11 comes naturally to mind.

    • VoiceOfArabi says:

      Hi Torben Bo Hansen,

      Although i agree with the general idea you have above… I strongly disagree that the Jews are responsible for WW I or II…

      Jews and Judaism is a religion, like all other religions, has positives and negatives, but does not support killing other humans, especially their own.

      Zionism is as Jewish as ISIS is Muslim… they are both political organizations riding on the banner of religion. (they are working together on the border of Syria, via Israeli Air support, and providing hospital care for ISIS)

      I agree, There is a faction of people, we can call them Zionist, which are made up of mix of people and religions (some are even atheist), who believe they are better than the rest of us, and want to enslave us.

      off course, this is not new.. Roman Empire is exactly that.

      • black sheep says:

        your both right.
        as TBH and VOA both state, Zionists.

        Religion wether jew, muslim, christian, Gaia, buddist what ever your poison are just people wanting answers. and in turn wanting peace and love.
        the political arm of religion is pure evil and turns religion from hope to shit.

  8. Mandela says:

    I had a possible positive outcome of the Bayer Monsanto merger, which James labeled a marriage made in hell. If we take the VW settlement over diesel emissions fraud and the Deutsche Bank $14 Billion fine for mortgage fraud during the last crash, we see that occasionally the government seeks to appear as being for the people who they are supposed to represent, by occasionally taking larger punitive actions against German companies than they ever would against American. Could Monsanto’s new German ownership make future sanctions more possible? Remember Deutsche Bank is now in serious financial straits and in danger of failing even without such a fine. The nature of the actions against VW, while not a mortal blow, was as they say material. Both of these actions are unprecedented in effect. It will be interesting to see, especially in light of the tax action against Apple, if a new sort of protectionism is arising.

  9. John says:

    Whatever became of the Geneva Business Insider monthly spot with David L. Smith on this site? I enjoyed David’s insights and found his reasoning entirely erudite. I emailed James about this but never received a reply, and so I emailed David who (after a delay of some months) replied saying he would need to get in contact with James again. Am I the only person who wishes to see the return of these? Perhaps a show of support might help…

  10. Hsaive says:

    Interesting twist on the NYC bombing that is also promoted as the CHELSEA BLAST. A coincidence of fate, perhaps but Chelsea Clinton lives within or very near the Chelsea neighborhood. We’re now wondering if the bomb was intended to distract from the NY Post lead story on the Clinton Email cover-up that names mastermind Cheryl Mills behind Clinton’s massive email coverup – Mills promised job of Chief Counsel to Hillary regime.

  11. Hsaive says:

    HILLARY’s GREEN SCREEN SENSATION: Remember that posting a fake video to a real event is a CIA tactic of “cognitive infiltration” (Cass Sunstein). The event was likely real including ample attendance, but networks can post a hacked GREEN-SCREEN video version to trick open source investigators into(wrongly)alleging the entire campaign event was fake. What a sly method of tagging investigators as “conspiracy theorists”.

    Cass Sunstein:

  12. Octium says:

    History repeating?

    I note that the Australian Prime Minister (Malcolm Turnbull) was in NYC again at the invitation of the US president at the time when the explosions happened.


    A repeat of September 11, 2001 when the former Australian Prime Minister (John Howard) was due to be in NYC at the invitation of George Bush Jr, but decided to attend an event in Arlington instead.


    Are they there to plan the next war?

    • Not This Little Frog says:

      Very interesting train of thought. Hopefully you’re proven to be wrong about the next war being planned, however I fear you could be on to something.

  13. m.clare says:

    Interesting conversations above….

    Please consider what it means to you, personally, to “wake up” and endure as little of the following “documentary” as possible:


    “I’m Awake”….. replace the word “Awake” with any of the following:

    “Heavily Sedated”
    “On Drugs”
    “A Rebel Looking For A Cause”
    “Bat$hit Crazy”

    Language is important; our own buzz words are being used to paint us as raving lunatics.

    Rabbit Holes, Red & Blue Pills….

  14. m.clare says:

    I like the suggestions above regarding a source of distilled “Truth”. A new book of wisdom to provide an update on what our ancestors cooked up thousands of years ago.

    The Ten Suggestions

    1) Revisit All Assumptions. This “Book” represents a snapshot in time, our best guess as of this date. It is neither sacred nor gospel. The intention is for these assumptions to be regularly revisited and revised as mankind learns and evolves.

    2) We have found no evidence to support the existence of a “God”.

    3) Beware of magic words. “Science” is a method for gaining information through experimentation. Be suspicious of those who anthropomorphize words to take on meaning so as to control behaviour. “Settled Science” is an oxymoron.

    4) Live your life without guilt, shame or fear. You are here; rejoice.

    5) Golden Rule: Don’t hurt yourself, Don’t hurt others, Don’t damage your stuff, Don’t damage other people’s stuff. Otherwise, enjoy yourself.

    6) Evolution is a reality.

    7) Neither a leader nor a follower be. Think and allow others time to think. Debate passionately but with an open mind.

    I’ll leave it here. Anybody have any ideas regarding a distillation of 10 important universal “facts”?
    Anybody interested in the notion of a new repository for such “facts”?

  15. Smokeyspam2000 says:

    I live in NYC area and heard the reports as they came in last night on the radio. I was stuck in traffic because the president’s visit had already made commuting a nightmare. So I was listening as the reports came in.
    I found it odd when they said that police didn’t know the cause of the explosion, but then also quoted the mayor who said it was intentional. How do you know it was intentional if you don’t know the cause?
    Also yesterday was the first day of the new NYPD police chief. A good way to start it off with a bang!
    And let me add that this explosion was a very safe distance from Chelsea’s apartment. Why would they target a school for the blind and not the much more heavily populated and upscale Madison Park area a good long block away?
    I agree with the idea that this was well timed to keep us from focusing on revelations of corruption from the Clinton email hack (and now Powell). I mean he actually admits that Israel has 200 nukes pointing at Iran.
    Forget about pay to play access and billions sucked out of charitable donations to the Clinton Foundation….
    because there was also a second device (the FBI”S favorite type…a pressure cooker) found just blocks away!

  16. Shaun Robert Clancy says:

    I’m wondering if anyone else would be interested in asking James to consider doing an episode of FLNWO on Ezra Pound. I’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to Pound, but it’s very interesting to note that he was writing and talking about international banking, the Federal Reserve, etc. as far back as World War I. The original “conspiracy theorist”? I need a mind much more able than mine to synthesize some of the key aspects of Pound’s work. I’m hoping Corbett’s background as a literature major would mean he is at least somewhat interested or open to discussing Pound at some point in the future.

  17. Mishelle says:

    This is off-topics but something I’ve been noticing and wonder what y’all think. I’m seeing an enormous surge in “Anarchy” sites, blogs, vids, etc. The majority of it is “left” anarchy, including most of what I can find on Agorism. I also see the “alt right” claiming many former “right” anarchists into their fold and supporting Trump. Do you think this is a tactic to “pit both sides against the middle” or something similar? Or to keep us stuck in the right/left paradigm? I used to think of anarchy/libertarian as beyond left/right, as I notice someone earlier also mentioning, but that is not at all the case now. Also, the “far left” agenda is the same as the “far right” — meaning, they all see themselves as “awake” and committed to exposing the lies and corruption and seemingly all against the Globalists and especially the banksters. Could this be a good thing? Or another ruse to confuse and conquer? Thoughts?

  18. m.clare says:

    Tools of Propaganda:

    – Emotions: Bypass the logical prefrontal cortex and target the emotional mind (i.e. limbic system)

    – Divide and Conquer: People evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to be tribal. Give them a team to cheer for. Give them a rival team. Logic will again go out the window as they fight amongst themselves rather than uniting against the common enemy.

    – Tell them they are “smart”….everybody wants to believe they are smart. Tell people who aren’t particularly talented with math and science what 97% of scientists say. Tell them that only stupid people disagree with “scientists”.

    – Bait and switch: Distract them with the dilemma of having to make a “choice” between two undesirable things. At the last minute introduce a third option and watch the teary eyed restoration in faith, hope and democracy unfold. A last minute Hail Mary, nail biter keeps everybody on the edge of their seats and leaves them little time to find too much information about the newly inserted “solution” to the “problem”.

    – Problem, Reaction, Solution

    – Distraction: Give them pokimon, drugs, alcohol, sports, pop culture to prevent them from taking the time to pause and think. They are much too busy to think.

    – Repetition: Repeat a lie often enough….. Daily reminders in schools and mainstream media

    – Peer Pressure: Don’t dare to offer opinions that differ from the majority

    – Shaming: Tin Foil Hats for all the Conspiracy Theorists. What better environment to engage in a conspiracy than one in which “conspiracy theorist” is the most derogatory label you can receive?

    – Reward: eg. Sesame Credit

  19. Greg Bacon says:

    When you listen to all the craziness going on, conveniently hiding the fact that the USAF got caught ‘red-handed’ being ISIS’ Air Force, keep the following in mind:

    “Iraq, rich in oil on the one hand and internally torn on the other, is guaranteed as a candidate for Israel’s targets. Its dissolution is even more important for us than that of Syria. Iraq is stronger than Syria. In the short run it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to Israel. An Iraqi-Iranian war will tear Iraq apart and cause its downfall at home even before it is able to organize a struggle on a wide front against us. Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run and will shorten the way to the more important aim of breaking up Iraq into denominations as in Syria and in Lebanon. In Iraq, a division into provinces along ethnic/religious lines as in Syria during Ottoman times is possible. So, three (or more) states will exist around the three major cities: Basra, Baghdad and Mosul, and Shi’ite areas in the south will separate from the Sunni and Kurdish north. It is possible that the present Iranian-Iraqi confrontation will deepen this polarization.” (A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties, Oded Yinon, monabaker.com)


  20. ben7 says:

    Anyone else loving Mr Robot? James, FLNWO?

    • nosoapradio says:

      Yes, I actually admitted this and proposed a FLNWO around it on 18/08:


      The conspiracy theorist’s wet dream.

      The demonstration of the need for hyper-regulated cyber security?

      • ben7 says:

        “For most of its two seasons, “Mr. Robot” has revolved around a plot to hack and destroy the global conglomerate E Corp. In last night’s episode, though, the plot flipped into a fight over currencies and power and a battle between bitcoin and a government-controlled alternative.

        The scheme was dreamed up by Phillip Price (Michael Cristofer), the malignant E Corp. CEO, to turn his company’s digital currency, eCoin, into the equivalent of the U.S. dollar, as a way to fight bitcoin. What’s absolutely great about this is that it plays on not one, but two dystopian fears: the fears among corporatists and government officials that bitcoin is going to take over the world, and the fear among bitcoiners that their beloved cryptocurrency will be perverted into a tool of the very institutions they sought to disintermediate in the first place.”


        Mr Robot is so utterly gripping and outwardly subversive…I just hope it inspires more kids to learn to program rather than just fill in ASCII boxes..

        Mind awake, body asleep…

        • nosoapradio says:

          Hey, thanks for the link Ben7!

          Aside from being utterly gripping and… outwardly… subversive?

          I’m afraid Mr Robot is also inwardly subversive and subtly gut ripping in its exploration of what drives humans with a mission and the sometimes confusing intermediation between the immaterial, the digital, the virtual, the fictitious and a certain concrete reality.

          And also the unpredictable nature of the lighter and much darker sides of each and every one of us, defined by needs we barely understand.

          And yes we should all learn to program rather than just filling in the proverbial old ASCII boxes!

          Now time for me to join mind and body in sleep…

    • Rancher says:

      1st post! Yes, loving it. At the end of season 1. Would love to hear James’ thoughts on that as well.

  21. Taffekles says:

    Cashless society – corrupt and criminals are the ones to worry.
    Very interesting propoganda piece from the BBC talking about inevitability of cash disappearing and how wonderful it can be. I would love to see some responses and analysis.

  22. Nick says:

    HomeRemedySupply just watched the Vaxxed doco. Fascinating. I wonder if you would be interested in contacting James direct seeing you appear to have some connections to the movie (?) and see if he might want to do a vid about it. I know he has had wakefield on in the past but ive been surprised at how relatively little there is on the topic on this site. Sorry James, I dont mean to keep referring to you in the third person as if this isn’t your own comments section 😛
    I also see on IMDB there is a vid ‘un-vaxxed’ that followed the debacle of Robert DeNiro backing the screening of Vaxxed and then retracting from it in rather strange circumstances but cant see this video anywhere. Homeremedy, do you have anything to add on this?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      – VAXXED –

      Hi guy!
      No, I don’t have any direct connection to VAXXED.
      But I did talk to Andy Wakefield on Sunday, the 18th.

      Some of the Corbett commenters were there..Joe, Hanky, Theresa, me, and I don’t know who else. It was packed. Also, many in our Texas group were there. http://www.meetup.com/9-11-249/

      Regina Imburgia, long time local activist, is the one who made the event happen.
      If we could clone her, The New World Order would weep and give up.

      Nick, You are correct.
      We have a crisis. #1 and #2

      #1 ~ By 2032, one in two people will have Autism at this rate.

      #2 ~ “Mandated vaccines” is around the corner. They are swiftly trying to implement this. This was discussed at the Event by Wakefield when people were asking how to avoid mandated vaccines, because the individual is swallowed by the system, whether via insurance or getting a drivers license or Medicare or huge fines/incarceration if one does not comply. Even as an agorist, it seems something difficult to avoid personally, plus one’s fellows are affected. (And I know Doctors who might help the individual covertly avoid them, but that doesn’t solve things long term.)

      I like Wakefield’s quote: “Do not try to hide in the shadows of a system that is broken”.

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
      — James Corbett —

      I like your suggestion about James doing a piece on VAXXED or the issue.

      However, I realized that fortunately James Corbett is his own man who follows the path he decides.

      We are always free to make suggestions and comment and have opinions with James.

      I often have pushed for James to interview David Blume (How homemade moonshine might conquer the world)(e.g. electric vehicles have a health EMF problem)

      But I realized that James is swamped.
      And he needs to stay true to where he wants to go.
      His creativity shines when he follows his choosing.

      Perhaps James will run with your suggestion. We’ll see.

      On the UnVaxxed…that is a Horowitz’ production.
      You get a smell of what happened with DeNiro when you go to his videos on the website http://www.dogsagainstfluoridation.com/vaxxed-movie

  23. hanky says:

    We need to eschew the computers.

  24. John says:

    4-5 explosions? Okay, it’s the Mirror; but sometimes these early reports are indicative..


    Wonder what the follow-up on the multiple explosions will be? So far looks like they’re playing it down

  25. nosoapradio says:

    a couple of passing thoughts during a lightening lunch break:

    It occurs to me that these “presidential selections” (as may already have been mentioned) are ultimately designed to be used as a demonstration to prove how “the people” cannot be trusted with democracy as, gullible, lazy and shallow as they are, they are only capable of electing the most vulgar and insidious sort of criminals.

    An idle remark about the series “Mr Robot” that requires a major **SPOILER ALERT** SEASON 2, EPISODE 11

    I enjoyed the scene when after the “empathy/psycho test” that Angela was subjected to, the male Chinese transdresser sighs that had she wanted to leave she might have at any time as the door was open.

    It was locked! Angela protests

    “Such laziness…” opines the man/woman.

    If you extrapolate to Plato’s cave it’s kind of titillating…

    curiously,.., I can identify with this antagonist… when faced with utter incredulity concerning alternative conspiracy theories concerning 9/11, banking and the colonisation of Israel, among other things, I can sometimes only think ruefully and with a healthy dose of arrogance,

    …oh, such laziness…

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