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Corbett Report members VoiceOfArabi and archives2001 and bob_fergus recently raised the idea of a weekly or monthly thread for directed conversation on a specific topic. In the interest of keeping the discussion as open as possible, let's try a weekend open thread. Feel free to raise any topics, ask any questions, or direct people to any materials you think are relevant.

Some possibilities for discussion from recent comments include:

  • mpradio's tip about "Operation Plugged In," the Brookhaven Police Department's idea to "implement a voluntary video surveillance camera system with residents and businesses throughout the city." (What could go wrong?)
  • BuddhaForce's always valuable help in digging up source documents about the banning of the old lodge doctor system and the institution of the AMA monopoly.
  • Octium's discovery of "Alternative 3," an obscure piece of predictive programming from the 70s that I've had my eye on for years now.

...or anything else that's on your mind this weekend.

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  1. Mohawk Man says:

    Okay, I’ll kick this in as no one has yet began a topic. It seems The Federal Reserve System as well as the Federal Government itself are intentionally trying discredit themselves on a national and international basis as have the other Central Banksters. I don’t use Yahoo News as a source of information, however many asleep do so I keep an eye on it to gauge some “normal responses”. I will note this was the headline topic on Drudge. Note the comments—–Somethings afoot and I have my own speculation as to why but I’ll just throw this out there.

    They’re not nervous and incompetent. They know exactly what they are doing. It’s called Plunder and Tyranny. Calling on Japan to diversify their population through increase immigration? Maybe “refugees”? Their absurd and criminal goal of creating inflation is one of the most ridiculous notions of “growth” I have every witnessed in economic policy. Inflation is not and has never been a measure of growth or productivity yet they claim this was what they have been pursuing these last years. We are witnessing and have been witnessing the biggest criminal heist in human history. Lets discuss the Money Changers.

    The Mohawk

    • Mandela says:

      Big topic Mohawk Man. When talking about the Money Changers first the elephant in the room must be acknowledged. I’m referring to the total destruction of the dismal art of economics. They talk about antiscience in many contexts, but nowhere is it as pervasive as in economics. The financial press is worse than the political press by exponential powers and it almost escapes unchallenged as practically no one understands economics. Why? Well where would they have learned it? Doctoral programs in economics are just factories for the successful indoctrination of those who they will grant degrees and for weeding out those who fail to submit to the acceptance of the asinine theories they are presented with. Business and government will only give doctoral programs funding if they churn out those who will support their policies and the drivel that ‘proves’ them.

      So most bankers and economists don’t know much about their craft. They are tools of the state. So the plan is not theirs. The plan is fashioned by their deep state bosses. Do these bosses know exactly what they are doing? Not exactly. They are sort of like George Bush was as he was preparing to invade Iraq. He fired anyone who would not say that Sadam possessed weapons of mass destruction as he knew what he wanted to do, but he had no idea how things would eventually turn out. They want inflation, not because they believe that it will lead to growth or productivity, but because inflation would make their overwhelming debt more manageable. The problem with creating inflation today is manifold; among which are how would it be possible to put enough money in the masses hands so that there would be a demand driven increase in the price level and the international degradation of the value of money. Usually a large inflation in a country is driven by their currency depreciating in relation to all those around them making imports very expensive in the local currency. The value of all currencies today are in relation to each other and with all of them competitively devaluing, how can you make yourself substantially weaker? If Japan’s actions have failed to create inflation, then what would?

      So aside from inflation, what is their goal? I would assume that the money changers are working hand in hand with the deep state to create unimagined economic privation that will make the masses beg the government to fix it. This would open the doors for one world government with the ability to eliminate cash, tax worldwide, and control all legislation so as to be able to loot more and more from the system. To get a bigger and bigger piece of the world pie.


      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hi Mandela,

        I have to confess, i don’t understand economics. but i agree with what you said

        “This would open the doors for one world government with the ability to eliminate cash, tax worldwide, and control all legislation so as to be able to loot more and more from the system. To get a bigger and bigger piece of the world pie.”

        I am seeing signs of taxation even on my side of the world. (without representation i may add)

        • Mandela says:

          Voice of Arabia,

          This business of understanding and not understanding is huge. By creating endless lines to investigate they keep us confused and unable to mount a trenchant response to their actions. Hence the need for people like James and for each of us to engage in co-education as we are doing here.

      • Mohawk Man says:

        Agreed, partially. The affects of inflation have proceeded and they have been most successful. Debasement of the currency is their goal (which is essentially inflation—not necessarily increasing prices, which we have seen, but debasement–that would essentially wipeout the debt but I do not believe that is their goal—remember–these are private bankers–they want to be paid come hell or high water-control seems more likely followed by further plunder), in my opinion and then have been highly successful in doing that–starting in 1913 with fits and starts in between. 2008 however, was a new approach and it’s intensity is increasing. QE and it’s offspring did not go to Main Street nor was ever intended to go to main Street. ZIRP and NIRP did (not in QE funding methods) and will and destroyed pensions and savers. Permanent enslavement seems more likely than paying down the debt via debasement. Understand the mentality of those who are doing this and you have a partial answer. Lack of any sense of empathy or morality and of course, plunder.

        Your points are salient and the goal is totalitarianism on a global basis which is what you said in a different manner, in my opinion. NWO or world government is something we both agree is the long term goal,again-control–but how does this play into my initial question? The Banksters And the federal government intentionally discrediting themselves in the eyes of We The People. The easy answer is “This doesn’t work and you’re incompetent—we want something new-now, get out”—In my opinion——the blatancy of corruption and plunder has another goal–that’s what I’m analyzing currently and posed the question to garner data from some very bright people here. I myself, am not all that bright but I am a very curious fellow and always have been so I put it out there. Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 is always at the back of my mind when looking at these things.

        Correcting the economic catastrophe we find ourselves in was not something they had ever sought to correct, ever. It was engineered from the start and I saw it years before it occurred and is still a worsening situation on a daily basis. BLS data is bullshit—Fed data–bullshit. Misallocation of capital (theft in other words) is a stark reminder of their agenda.I better cut it here. I annoy James as I blather on and on.

        Be well.

        The Mohawk

        • Mandela says:

          Mohawk Man,

          I don’t see the bankers statements as intentionally discrediting themselves. Central Bankers only have monetary policy as a tool. They are simply saying that monetary policy has hit a limit in terms of effectiveness. They are asking governments to engage in structural reform to address that which they can’t. This can be the impetus to do that which otherwise would be unacceptable to we the people. It’s all political theater to get us to accept that which was formerly unacceptable.

          Debasement of the currency and inflation would be synonymous if it were possible to accurately measure inflation, but alas this cannot be done. All the economic statistics are redefined as needed to fit the current agenda of the DS. As you wrote total BS.

          You wrote re a response to the bankers incompetence, “The easy answer is “This doesn’t work and you’re incompetent—we want something new-now, get out.” The elephant in the room once again is what then? Who would we turn to? There is no recognized economic truth or science out there. All the ‘experts’ only know the drivel that they were taught. What comes after the revolution????


          • Mohawk Man says:

            They must be…ah, um..dismissed from the equation entirely. Once this takes place—we shall embrace Humanity and the natural course will follow. I don’t believe most people are innately evil however, those who have put themselves in positions of power are and have proven to be intellectually, emotionally and morally incapable of leading others. By many measures they are narcissistic self serving and morally corrupt psychopaths. Quite literally, we are dealing with psychopathology in the statist. It is their nature partially driven by their quenchless ambition. It’s not a normal ambition seen in many people but more like a fever. A virus and it cannot be quenched and they will destroy anyone and anything to achieve their goal–which is more ambitious power. It is circular and they cannot be trusted and must be stopped.

            It’s fascinating to observe that those who have put them into these positions of power are also those who harbor Narcissistic Personality Disorder with a Psychopathology as it’s center core and they seek out those who have no sense of empathy and like minded individuals. This is, I believe based on my studies a result of generations of inbreeding and combined with unimaginable wealth, they never witness the struggles of the average person—not that that would matter for their lack of empathy makes it impossible to relate to such a situation. Study inbreeding as it relates to psychopathology—fasinating if it wasn’t so damn sad and destructive.

            When I use the word Statist I am not referring entirely to “elected” politicians but rather, and primarily their support structure. Those bureaucrats who write the laws, regulations etc., etc. and those who enforce such. That is the biggest danger we face. And of course this is at the local and state level as well. The state needs statist to remain a state and to grow and grow it does as it must in order to….grow…….geometrically, indeed. That is the very nature of the statist. To use a cheap phrase…it is what it is and that’s why it is. (And why it must end.)

            My answer? Long term?

            Love One Another————————————-Nature will take care of the rest.

            The Mohawk

            • Mandela says:

              Mohawk Man,

              Your long term answer is the correct one, though much easier in theory than practice. The lust for power seems to come easily to mankind.

              Your point about psychopathy is on point. It would be oh so helpful if an understanding of it was part of our education from an early age. If we were progressively taught as we grew in age, intellectual and emotional maturity to be able to identify it, how not to fall under its spell, and how dangerous it is in positions of authority, then that alone would make a huge difference in our world.


            • VoiceOfArabi says:

              Hi Mohawk Man,

              when you say “I don’t believe most people are innately evil however, those who have put themselves in positions of power are and have proven to be intellectually, emotionally and morally incapable of leading others.”

              I agree with you totally, however, i think people are generally good, 80% at least, but we forget a very old wise saying, which is always overlooked…

              Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely

              I think, only few men/women can fight this and come out “clean” on the other side, and majority of people would fail, and myself included.. but i will never find out until i am put to the test…

              People whom Power does not corrupt, tend to go down in history as great leaders.

      • Mohawk Man says:

        Sorry Mandela, I responded to you and didn’t have the decency to use your name. I apologize and my response is below-or above but answering your kind response to my discussion question. I enjoyed this discussion. I like this format too.

        Be well.

        The Mohawk

      • dreadeutsch says:

        I don’t know about the Banksters wanting to create growth or productivity. The fact is that when they create inflation they do so by increasing the currency supply; and those who spend this new currency first get the most value for it. That’s one way they loot us, in addition to the interest we pay.

      • mik says:

        Hi Mandela

        Of course, banksters want to get bigger piece. But the same stands for every entrepreneur, capitalist and somehow this is not seen as a problem.
        Banksters have accumulated enormous wealth which gives them enormous power and this is a big problem. Their wealth is the root of the problem.
        At the end of the day, banksters are just capitalists making business with commodity called Money. Money should not be a commodity, but it is nowadays. They also invented other games like Stock exchanges, short selling, derivatives….everything that facilitates their pillage. Almost risk free, sweet dreams of every capitalist.
        Underneath the current financial crises, there is in fact the crisis of capitalism.

        Property is Theft (Proudhon), especially big property, big wealth. You can’t steal forever, sooner or later the day will come, when there won’t be anything left to steal.

        • Mandela says:


          You wrote, “Of course, banksters want to get bigger piece. But the same stands for every entrepreneur, capitalist and somehow this is not seen as a problem. Banksters have accumulated enormous wealth which gives them enormous power and this is a big problem. Their wealth is the root of the problem.”

          I get where you are coming from there is much truth to this, but the banksters are not entrepreneurs creating a product that adds wealth to society. They have become a criminal, manipulative, and hugely destructive force in society. Their criminality combined with state protection and direction defines their current manifestation.


          • mik says:

            State is a tool to get and maintain the Power. It’s logical that banksters, with all the power they have, will also get control of the state, to some extent. The more control of the state someone gets, the more tyrannical the state becomes. Just look at Nazi or Bolshevik case.

            Regarding entrepreneurs, I think there is a kind of delusion about them. Usually you hear Entrepreneurs are: hardworking, worthy, deserving, diligent… On the other hand Capitalists are: crony, exploitative, predatory….

            Entrepreneurs have a business idea and they materialize the idea in a company they own. Entrepreneurs are Capitalists at the same time.
            But properties of one are almost completely the opposite of the other. Strange? Not really. Definitions of terms are distorted, twisted, like a lot of things nowadays. Entrepreneur/Capitalist must have all properties I mentioned above, otherwise is doomed. Excellent example is Bill Gates(MS-DOS) and Gary Kildall(CP/M).

            Why I think that this is important?
            Some people say let there be a debt-jubilee and we will have a restart…and all the problems will be gone. Whoever understands how monetary system works knows that without changing the system nothing will truly change.

            But changing just monetary system is not enough. It is not just monetary predators that are sucking the poor. Third world countries are particularly good example. There it is obvious that current system brings only the worst to them while benefits are exported abroad, to the owners.

            Stealing Africa – Why Poverty?

            It’s similar for centuries. When you look at the whole World, people mostly didn’t get anything from capitalism. Net benefit is negative for majority of the people. I think we should not allow our selfs compartmentalized thinking.

            Another excellent documentary about Jamaica.
            Life and Debt (2001)

  2. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello James,

    First.. thanks for making this happen…. signs of a good leader is listening to the people 🙂 .

    The format i had in mind is as follows…

    Any member with a topic would send that topic to you, so you can evaluate it against all other topics, and how relevant it is to the site and the current events. Once you select a topic, then contributor would write a short article that would be put up here, and other members can discuss it.

    for example… I would have loved to discuss Mr. Robot (tv series), as in my mind, it is a huge attack on the people to confirm that “conspiracy theory” people are just nut cases (either blow stuff up, or drug addicts).

    So, if this topic gets selected, I would go and write up a short article about how “Hollywood” is constantly producing materials to make us dumb…and i would give examples, and then other members would either support my view with their examples, or shot the idea down, with other valid example… (again, this is just thinking out loud.)

    Once again.. big thanks James

    • totemynote says:

      That sounds good to me, VoiceOfArabi. Lets see where it takes us.

    • Mohawk Man says:

      Hey there VoiceOfArabi—if James is our leader and a self described Anarchist——-I’d best see a Psychiatrist because now I’m all screwed up. Are anti-psychotics available over the counter in your country? I’ll send you the $$$’s—I’m a wreck now.

      Just having fun with you Voice—-a little grin and smiles always makes my day brighter. I hope you are well my brother.

      The Mohawk

      • VoiceOfArabi says:

        Hi Mohawk Man,

        Hahahahaha.. I too enjoy smiles and grins when i can, and I often find things to smile about in your posts.

        To be honest, i have never taken into any labels (anarchist, or capitalist, or communist etc etc), as i think they are just that, labels to divide us…

        I think human nature is very similar regardless of which club you belong to or which race you are.

        I believe the powers to be spend major $$$ on studies to understand the masses, and based on those studies they decided what to do with us… I think we should also understand what the masses think and feel.. (but i don’t know how to do that.)

        But i know, at least 80% of us are very similar (based on the Bell Curve).

        take care brother.

  3. totemynote says:

    Honestly I don’t think I can add anything meaningful to this discussion. I did read your referenced link Mohawk but I just don’t understand economics. I’ve actually been planing to still my mind enough to comprehend Jame’s “Century of Enslavement” piece this very day.

    But this is something I’ve heard about regarding criminality in banking and how Iceland is dealing with it…

    “This Is Where Bad Bankers Go to Prison”
    – “Iceland is the only nation that put top finance executives behind bars after the 2008 crisis. Still, fears of crony capitalism remain.”
    Published March 30, 2016

    I’m sure you all are already aware of all that but I wanted to get at least something in to this new threaded conversation idea. I hope it catches on.

    Tote My Note

    • Mohawk Man says:

      Greetings Tote!! I wish our’s had the integrity to do the same to our criminal banksters. Thanks for the link. If I may recommend some reading to help you, you may try reading The Creature From Jeckell Island–https://www.amazon.com/Creature-Jekyll-Island-Federal-Reserve/dp/0912986212

      Hope you enjoy James special on The Fed—it’s great and should be seen by all people.

      The Mohawk

      • totemynote says:

        Thank you, Mohawk. To my surprise my local library has three copies of the book you suggested, G. Edward Griffin’s “Creature from Jekyll Island”. I’m picking it up later this week.

        Oh and edit>>>
        I did enjoy Jame”s Fed documentary. I am watching it once though to more fully grasp all in the info in it. I also plan to print out the pamphlet to share with others

  4. archives2001 says:

    OK, James…here’s my ‘two cents’…
    Bernanke, more than once has brought up the subject of ‘Helicopter Money’ in case of another crisis and Trump has also brought up the
    subject from time to time.
    I think u and some other guests have mentioned it but I think it deserves considerable more attention since it seems to be a very
    likely scenario…Either that or a globalized QE.
    There is a substantial difference that needs to be comprehensively covered imo.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      archives2001, Here are a few of my thoughts…
      – Helicopter Money –
      I think that there are covert ways to deliver helicopter money.

      – Oil –
      For example, oil prices have declined to a very low range ($45 +/- barrel). The difference between the lower oil prices and the once $100 barrel prices is money that companies and people are not now spending towards oil products (gas, plastics, etc.). So, doing the math of the U.S. using about 19 million barrels a day, perhaps 950 million a day is not being spent by oil consuming entities.

      Also, I think there are other ways “they” deliver “punch” for the economy.
      We had the student loan craze go crazy. Huge amount.
      Now Real Estate is extremely inflated in the U.S.

      Another Corbett subscriber had recommended this video.
      It is really good.
      “97% Owned” – Economic Truth documentary

      • Mohawk Man says:

        Home Remedy, if I may weigh in.

        On oil, I believe this serves a two pronged approach. #1—economic warfare with Russia/Iran and #2—–a war on “wildcatters” or independent oil drillers and frackers. This is the result of war, not stimulus. They are delivering on a less than cost to produce basis (seen Houston lately?). There are reasons for this. Kerry went to S Arabia and asked them to reduce the price and they too are losing money.

        If you follow finance you will note that JPM-Chase instructed any bank lending to them to “get collateral” meaning——–EQUITY!!!!! They are stealing the smaller oil companies via loans and default. When the company defaults..and they have and will..guess who owns the oil company? Thats right–The Banksters!!!! Same with the coal industry. The largest in this country just went belly up 2 weeks ago. Gone. Over.

        They have no intention of an economic recovery and never did. Thats the point! They gonna Bring This Bitch Down. This, I Know. These are deviants, not humans.

        The Mohawk

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I agree completely on #1 and #2. …and the buying up of assets for cheap. I follow the oil market often. Also, #3 there is the huge amounts in loan money / investment money behind the oil industry which is stressed. This loan money/investment fund money along with derivatives is another character in the mix concerning the energy markets.

          At the first of 2016, the U.S. government changed the rules on valuating the oil reserves owned/leased by oil companies. Away went the inflated values for their company’s assets on getting loans.

          Saudi Arabia isn’t really hurting that badly compared to other entities, because they pump oil at a cost of around $5-$10 a barrel.

          This whole charade is a win win win for the mega banks and Big Oil and keeping the economy propped.

          Personally, I don’t think they intend to suddenly crash the economy, just gradually suffocate the average person into more strained servitude. “On a gradual basis” is often their modus operandi.

      • totemynote says:

        Thanks for the link to the video “97% Owned” – Economic Truth documentary, HomeRemedySupply. It is really good.

        It’s in the description of it but wanted to post that there is also a sequel…
        Princes of the Yen: Central Bank Truth Documentary 『円の支配者』…

    • mik says:

      Hi archives2001,

      I think we already have globalized QE, all central banks are relentlessly printing money, one way or another. Ok, looks like FED made a pause, but they “work hard” before, for decades.

      I think QE is here primarily to facilitate equity grabbing and to lesser extent to prevent system collapse, even to lesser extent to really help the Real economy.

      Helicopter money is also money printing, like QE, just recipient might be someone else.
      I think helicopter money would work perfectly (not for people) through Guaranteed Basic Income. They are floating Basic income idea for quite a while, recently there was a referendum in Switzerland.

      Once, when ‘Shit hits the Fan’ Basic income would be perfect for calming down the masses. No cash, Basic income, Total Control.

      QE for pillage to get control of resources, Basic income for control of people –> NWO

  5. jmg says:

    The FACTUAL History of the United States

    I can think of nothing more important to share at this time in our history than the following recent interview with Daniel Sheehan (broken into 4 one-hour segments). Mr. Sheehan (biography below) shares his FIRST-HAND knowledge about the Cabal, its gripping evolution to power and control in the United States, and its destructive stretch throughout the world. Not only does he reveal information previously unknown to the public about the treasonous operations and extensive reach of this group, but he also fearlessly reveals names of the saboteurs and the associated operations in which they engaged. It puts a whole new light on the history of the United States and it’s not pretty.





    I recommend inviting Daniel Sheehan to an interview to delve more thoroughly into this matter. He teaches this very subject at the University of California at Santa Cruz and his classes are available to hear on YouTube at the Romero Institute.

    Daniel Sheehan – brief biography (from Gary Null website)

    Danny Sheehan is one of our nation’s most important and influential Constitutional and public interest lawyers. During the past 45 years he has handled such public interest cases as the Pentagon Papers, the Watergate Break-In, Iran Contra and the Silkwood murder case. He has represented victims of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster and fought against the American Nazi Party on hate crimes. He is the founder of the Christic Institute and the Romero Institute, the latter being a nonprofit public policy center in Santa Cruz California. Danny has his law degree from Harvard University and later returned to study at the Harvard Divinity School. He is the author of “The People’s Advocate: The Life and Legal History of America’s Most Fearless Public Defense Lawyer,” and his websites are DanielPSheehan.com AND RomeroInstitute.org

  6. Mohawk Man says:

    Timing is everything and is there some reason James chose this day to open this up? Fate maybe? Lord, God—Bill Moyers–The Statists, Statist is taking the veil off the Deep State? On the same day, Matt Drudge decides to publish (via Yahoo “News” of all places to get maximum readership)The Federal Reserves plea’s to the Federal Government to help them because they are out of ammunition (did they stop making ink today Mr. Yellen?–call Paul Krugman—he brought some back from Japan when he visited Mr. Abe–he’s got plenty of ink–behind the cases of 1953 Chateau Lafite Rothschild) “Help us Deep State” and now “Deep State” is now called up.

    Mr. Bill “Deep State” Moyer’s “uncovers” the Deep State. This is worse than I even imagined but I must say..is the word precient to bring this up today of all days? Appalled by the NSA and spying? (all of a sudden–same as the Watergate Team–Woodward and Bernstein have been in coma for the last 8 years–make that 25 years-if I ever got a hold of those two–look out)



    I surmised something is up and so it is. Both institutions I mentioned in this thread have now come forward as “We’re corrupt–help us–call Mommy (or the UN Blue Helmet Patrol)” after I brought up the topic.

    If this is not intentionally discrediting these institutions simultaneously, on the same day———-grass ain’t green. Something is up my friends and it ain’t good. Nobody came to Jesus today. Its the same game. Different approach. Like AA or Confession in church. (Yes, I’m Catholic–fallen away, I guess)

    Sibel Edmonds–maybe a suggestion for a future project. If you are old enough, we all enjoyed the “The Civil War” series on PBS in 1980 or so and who can forget Sesame Street “Thats a penis and not everybody has one but some feel they should and needed to be treated as such (rather than a Psychiatrist)” and the other Ken Burns number of successful series, Baseball, Dickless and Useless Statist’s etc. I also understand that Mr. Moyers is a multi-billionaire. Who indeed owns the rights to those shows and DVD’s and distribution and PROFITS? The “Deep State” may have some other questions to answer as PBS and NPR are TAXPAYER FUNDED. Love the fiddle played in The Civil War. made me weep. I weep now for answers.

    Love One Another

    The Mohawk

    • Corbett says:

      Better to ask why ZeroHedge is posting a two year old video as “news” today. I wrote about the deep state rising motif in the MSM earlier this year, including Moyers:


      • Mohawk Man says:

        Didn’t catch that James. Should always verify sources and dates before getting too excited. I suppose I just got caught up in the moment as it happened to show up as we discussed the topic on this thread and I was checking headlines in between.

        Well, we have you and now Newsbud to have the patience to do the actual journalism and verify these things. By the way, many here enjoyed your idea and format. It was fun to interact with the others and choose topics. Thanks for getting that ball rolling.

        Didn’t know you went to Trinity. (saw/heard the Joyce piece) Fine university. Was mugged near there (Hapenney Bridge area down from Trinity) in about 87. Well not really mugged—they broke into my car and took all my luggage, money and passport as I shopped the area. They probably wouldn’t mug me. Dublin’s nice but some rough areas. The La Guarda caught em and told me in a heavy brogue—“we’ll turn them upside down and see what falls out”. I had a good laugh after that. Big heroin issue at the time and everyone seemed to be on the dole at the bars (young people) and were rather happy about it. I found that rather sad.

        Thanks again for your work. Hope the family is well.

        The Mohawk

  7. I recently saw that BipCoin both became a thing, and then disappeared. I have been wanting to get myself some cryptocurrency for a while now. After looking in to it, there are way more options than I though there would have been. I became overwhelmed, and didn’t bite the bullet.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  8. gepay says:

    It seems to me the current terrorist events in Europe are part of Gladio B. The current event cycle started with Charlie Hedbo and has since escalated.
    I don’t have any hard evidence. I just see patterns. As in – Ruby Ridge was calculated to enrage white separatists and fringe survivalists – Randy Weaver was obviously set up – Most people would view it a real FUBAR for the FBI with a mother and a child killed yet Larry Potts, senior FBI in charge has no ill effects to his career. He is also in charge of the WACO FUBAR where the FBI-ATF incinerate 76 men, women, and children. (Kay Griggs says many were killed while this was happening by men trained by her husband – Hard to know what to think of what Kay Griggs says.) Larry Potts however is rewarded and becomes a Deputy Director of the FBI. These two events were enacted to setup the Oklahoma City Bombing. With the help of the Major media and many unwitting fiction and filmscript writers (notice how domestic bad guys in books and movies of the late 90s become drooling neo-nazi types in militias), the growing “Patriot” militia movement is somehow implicated in the bombing of a Federal building with a childcare center in it when the convicted perps were US Army veterans. The powers that be were worried about the 50,000 white guys with guns getting organized into militias. Notice a large and growing anti-Federal government militia movement in the new millennium? It worked.
    It is getting harder and harder to separate actual terrorist events from arranged Gladio B terrorist events in Europe.
    9/11,7/7 London Bombing, the Spanish Train bombing, the Bali Bombing (actually directed at the Australian populace) to enable the naked aggression of the Afghan and Iraq War.
    There are the smaller individual acts committed to further other agendas. The Port Arthur massacre that got gun control legislation passed in Australia used an obvious trained adept killer to kill the people. A “lone nut” with obvious mental issues, Martin Bryant set up to be the patsy. I tend to think that Sandy Hook was a drill designed to be sold as real. One real usable tool to come from MK-Ultra was the ability to turn some people into DID patsies (mostly although some do the actual killing) Aurora, Orlando, Virgina Tech, Umpqua Community College…. seem to be working for gun control. Hard to separate programmed mass shooters from people with mental issues and using (or used) the new psychotropic drugs – easy to blame the mental issues while the same group is the easiest to program. Other events and shootings like San Bernadino or the Boston Marathon advance the War on Terror, the militarization of the Police, security on campuses, etc.
    All of these make daily life more insecure – one can get killed going to church, going to a rave, shopping at the mall, attending high school. A definite escalation in the strategy of tension of the old Gladio.

    • totemynote says:

      repay, I agree and appreciate your comments except where you mention Sandy Hook. Not that I know but I tend to think it was a “real” event. No point in hashing it out here though I guess.

      Gladio is something I’m just delving into by watching the interviews with Sibel Edmonds here at the CR and reading her book.

  9. phreedomphile says:

    Apologies for a late post. This would be a news tip, possibly an important signal by the Wall Street Journal. Maybe James can help put this into context for us in the next New World Next Week.

    An Internet Giveaway to the U.N.
    If the U.S. abdicates internet stewardship, the United Nations might take control.
    Aug. 28, 2016
    When the Obama administration announced its plan to give up U.S. protection of the internet, it promised the United Nations would never take control. But because of the administration’s naiveté or arrogance, U.N. control is the likely result if the U.S. gives up internet stewardship as planned at midnight on Sept. 30.

    • nosoapradio says:

      I guess this’ll be just the first in a long line of transferred stewardships to the U.N.

      Surprise, surprise!

      We’ll all be Haitians soon!

      now back to the hamster wheel…

  10. whateverittakes2 says:

    I just listened to the first of the Gary Null show documentaries posted above by JMG. Wow! That’s a minefield. In summary the first tape recording links the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Kennedy Assassination to the Watergate break-in to 9/11 — and before that to Brown Brothers Harriman, the Bush family and who put Adolf Hitler in power in Germany. My sense is that this IS the Deep State… they are also, of course, deeply involved in the Bilderberg Group where the demise of the world economy is apparently now being planned. Kevin Barrett has an 8/29 talk with Tony Gosling, a Bilderberg watcher, on this subject: the Bilderbergs and the economy. I’ll come back with a link to that but JMG’s postings take precedence over anything I have to offer. However…

    I had wanted to put forth this subject for research and discussion: A very troublesome one: The Nazi Holocaust — to what extent is it true? The Zionist belligerence vis-a-vis anyone who dares question its truth unleashes enormous doubt about the actual facts. What are they trying to hide? My sense after listening to the first of JMG’s posted talks with Daniel Sheehan is that The Holocaust is part of a co-conspiratorial cover-up between Israel and the US government. The bombshell (to me at least) comes at the end where Sheehan says that HRC is fully aware of how dangerous these people are and accordingly tailors her behaviors to comply. Thus, we can better understand her degrading kowtows toward Netanyahu, etc. The whole thing is shameless.

    Has anyone seen the online documentaries showing visual evidence of Hillary having seizures, etc.? I saw one which suggested that certain onlookers might actually be manipulating these behaviors — and then it disappeared. Am wondering if the Deep State has decided that maybe “Hillary is not their gal.” ???

    I’m also wondering if the NeoCon contingent in the US State Department (especially the Kagan family) is part of this Deep State conspiracy to keep the lies and the murders and the economic heists going while concealing as much as they can from the people at large. Robbie Martin (brother of Abbie) has produced a great documentary on the Kagan Family and the NeoCons called A Very Heavy Agenda. Very worthwhile.

    It seems to be a tapestry where all the threads are interconnected. Pull up one, and you’ll quickly uncover its relationship to another highly important, but to date murky, event in our history, recent and not so recent.

    Thanks for suggesting this Open Thread (or Open Threads), James.

  11. m.clare says:

    The most powerful message I received in a very long time was James’ suggestion in New World Next Week that those of us who dare to ask questions aren’t NEARLY as isolated, marginalized and alone as we are conditioned to believe we are. Evidence of this appeared in the comments to CBC internet “News” this weekend…. commenting was allowed on just two “news” stories….. the vast majority of comments ignored the “story” and dealt with censorship.

    Public sentiment is moving away from mainstream. The trick is to build on this momentum. Some catalyzing event or personality might come along. If that personality is already here, how much momentum will be tolerated before the crucifixion?

    If the Dark Side can have their “new Pearl Harbour”, can the rebels not have one of their own? What would that look like? When civilizations meet, historically, it has been the one with the biggest stick rather than the biggest brain that calls the shots…has it not?

    Damn. Have I talked myself out of my fleeting moment of optimism?

    I can’t help myself from wondering if the New Energy Infrastructure is similar to the Pyramids (we, of course, are the slaves). Oil would peak if we were allowed our freedom and the Powers-that-shouldn’t-be can’t allow us to burn all their energy. The Georgia Guidestones suggest 6.5 billion of us will need to go. I think we will be made to do so AFTER the energy infrastructure is built. Another critical piece is having machines that can service these machines. Some future archeologists amongst the descendants of the half billion who will receive the vaccination against the virus will marvel at the remains of our cities with much the same wonder we feel for the Pyramids of Egypt.

  12. whateverittakes2 says:

    Here is the link to the Tony Gosling, Bilderbergs and the World Economy, discussion with Kevin Barrett, posted 8/29. http://noliesradio.org/archives/119117

    I just looked over the last post (above) and this caught my eye: “Public sentiment is moving away from the mainstream,” this after having reread James’s post on the Deep State and why the Deep State appears to becoming more mainstream…

    Because they think they can no longer hide? According to Gosling who is a dedicated Bilderberg watcher, they are incredibly arrogant, act as if they own all public and private space. That may be behind their move to come out of the closet, i.e., just another phony show to keep the plebes in their places. Because they believe/know we haven’t the power to uproot them completely?

    Also saw mention of Peter Levenda’s work–the books he’s written on Nazism and how it spread in the post WWII period are highly recommended. There are several. He wandered into one of their enclaves in Argentina? in the 1970s and I think they let him go free only because they read him as completely naive (at that time).

    I do believe the US government is a Nazi-style fascist government and that it was authored in place by the likes of the Bush family and the Dulles Brothers, etc. That it has the support of our most accoladed educational institutions like Harvard and Yale. President Kennedy got in their way and they showed him (and us) what they’re capable of.

    But the big question is: Can we do anything about this? If so, what?

  13. totemynote says:

    I am not sure if leading this new kind of thread in any direction is correct but since it’s the first and the topic is not exacting I thought this may be of interest here.

    -“Sen. Bob Graham to discuss classified documents detailing Saudi Involvement in 9/11 Plot”.
    This is happening today.

    One quote from the article stood out to me…
    “Since leaving the Senate, Graham has spoken frequently about empowering citizens to be active participants rather than tranquil spectators. This is the subject of a soon-to-be-released book co-authored with Chris Hand entitled America, the Owner’s Manual: You Can Fight City Hall – and Win.”

    The “tranquil spectators” he cites, while not Orwellian, is still a unique description of a apathetic population. And, I can’t help myself, I wonder how he explains to “fight city hall” in the coming book.

    The article also quotes that he will discuss what “still needs to be learned nearly 15 years after the 9/11 attack.”

    Until I found all of you and saw the “28 Pages Debunked” episode https://www.corbettreport.com/debunking-the-28-pages/ I thought it was going to be the real deal. I followed any information I could find about it for several years. I was so disappointed at what it turned out to be. And yet, I still want to believe Graham actually stands for something. Surely not agorism but, something.

    On a side note I would like to propose we do a future month’s topic or even for Jame’s to do a episode about April Glaspie https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_Glaspie and her role in the lead up to the first gulf war. That role was only a tiny news blip but to me, significant. It would be so interesting if she could somehow be interviewed.

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