Deep State Rising: The Mainstreaming of the Shadow Government

01/05/201670 Comments

chesspuppetby James Corbett
January 5, 2016

It goes by many names: The shadow government. The deep state. The secret team. Whatever it is called, the idea is simple: there is an unelected, unaccountable, largely unknown group behind the facade of the visible government that wields power and works toward long-term agenda goals no matter which political party or puppet politician holds office.

Long the domain of the dreaded "conspiracy theorist" community, the idea has surfaced here and there over the years. The JFK assassination has given rise to many inside accounts and outside exposés of The Secret Team. The Iran-Contra scandal led to a Bill Moyers documentary on The Secret Government that is still worth watching 19 years later. It was even openly acknowledged that a "shadow government" had kicked into operation on 9/11.

But an odd phenomenon has taken place in recent years and intensified in recent months: the idea of a "deep state" or a "shadow government" controlling politics, even in the US, is becoming mainstream.

thedeepstatecoverIt has graced the cover of any number of recent books, including "Deep State: Inside the Government Secrecy Industry" and "The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government."

It has found its way into the online political media from both the left (Salon) and the right (The American Conservative) ends of the controlled political spectrum.

It has been invoked by mainstream financial analysts to describe the actions of the Federal Reserve.

It has been revisited by Bill Moyers on his website.

It has found its way into the headlines of The Boston Globe ("Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change") and the New York Times ("America’s ‘Establishment’ Has Embraced ‘Deep States’").

Heck, it has even been talked about on the World Bank's blog.

This onslaught of attention begs the question: why now? Why are so many mainstream outlets suddenly shining a light on something that has barely been acknowledged in the past?

To be sure, some of this recent coverage is a whitewash, as you would expect. The World Bank blog, for instance, pawns the concept off as something to be found in "newish democracies" in "Latin America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and so on," i.e., not in the West. This qualification--that the "deep state" idea is something only to be found in foreign, backwards polities--harkens back to the origins of the phrase. The term "deep state" itself is a translation of a Turkish phrase, derin devlet, that rose to prominence after the Susurluk incident exposed the Turkish secret government and its NATO/Gladio/drug running/terrorist associations. It has become increasingly allowable for opinion makers in the MSM to cite the Turkish or the Egyptian "deep state" as a real phenomenon (or at least a real possibility) while simultaneously deriding the possibility that it exists in the West.

shaddow-governmentHowever in recent years researchers like Peter Dale Scott have developed and expanded the concept to explain how Western political institutions function. This seems to have been picked up by people like Mike Lofgren, a retired Congressional staffer who has described how the American deep state involves a cross-party consensus on key political issues, or Philip Giraldi, the former intelligence agent whose recent musings on the American deep state received copious attention from the mainstream press.

One way to look at this development is as an extension of a phenomenon that I noted several years ago: a process of indoctrination that has begun to inform the public that there is a shadowy elite in control of the world stage and prepare them to accept that fact. Nearly a decade ago Kissinger mini-me David Rothkopf came out with his book "Superclass" revealing the group of 6,000 or so non-state actors with the ability to enact policies and further agendas across state lines. Since that time a remarkable number of conspiracies-that-dare-not-be-mentioned from the CFR to the Bilderberg Group to the Bohemian Grove are now banal political talking points. Whereas mainstream radio hosts once played Twilight Zone music when callers tried to discuss the CFR, now Hillary Clinton blithely admits that the State Department receives marching orders from them; whereas the Bilderberg Group was once subject to a complete media blackout, it now has its own website and press releases.

But again: why now?

Partly this has to be due to the fact that in the post-9/11, post-Iraq, post-bailout, post-Hope and Change world, it has become impossible to maintain the illusion that it is the political front men who are running the show. No one believes this lie anymore, and it shows.

secretgovernmentEven scientific studies are now demonstrating that the United States is not run by political parties but by pockets of special interest.

Truly the conspiracy toothpaste is out of the tube and there's no point in trying to put it back. While in many ways this represents the crowning achievement of the tireless efforts of generations of conspiracy researchers who have toiled in relative obscurity, it is not an unmitigated good. As we will see in the 2016 prospective this weekend, the revelation of the ruling elite coincides with a meltdown of social cohesion that is giving rise to dark forces that portend a very tumultuous year.

In the meantime, I'm interested in your thoughts on this subject. Why do you think the "deep state" idea is being taken up in the mainstream now? Do you think there is a strategy to these revelations or is it a rearguard effort to whitewash the undeniable? Corbett Report members are invited to leave your comments below.

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  1. Al Saleh says:

    I agree with you that the deep state idea is becoming mainstream, but how do you know that what is presented as the mainstream deep state is the real deep state?

    There is a possibility that the deep state is presenting to the world a mainstream fake image of the deep state to protect the privacy of their operation, and to debunk this fake image, we have to prove that the mainstream deep state is fake after spending decades trying to prove the deep state exists. Can you imaging how entertaining that would be for them?

    • Bilejones says:

      It’s an onion.
      You see what you are allowed to see.

      The idea that we are being inured to the situation has some merit I think.

    • alucientes says:

      I think your comments show the state of mind that is being cultivated. People have no idea what’s true. So much nonsense and disinformation is fed into the system. I see it’s effects everywhere,,from activists, to Youtube, where David Icke and Judy woods have astronomically more views than David Chandler or Jim Hoffman, for example.
      There was a day a while back when I noticed YouTube all of a sudden recommending all of these flat earth conspiracy videos (the ‘everything is a conspiracy’ meme I call it) and as I clicked around I noticed they’d all been uploaded by different usernames in last 4 weeks or so and the accounts themselves had been created in roughly the same period. I didnt spend more than 15mins making a few screenshots to make a small Disinfo Gallery as a sort of snapshot example, with some links there.* But it’s just everywhere,,as insanely blatant as this to the silence of Greenwald et al. on 911/anthrax. The level of control runs the gamut of almost everything most people see for the whole of their lives. You can find clips on youtube of all the different local news channels repeating talking points literally verbatim. It’s insanely creepy. There are people out there working very hard to make sure the internet is seen as the domain of kooks. Still, the more crap we see the greater the effect we must be having. Tx, James… And keep up the good fight.

      ‘The people who control the stories of a culture control its behavior.’ -George Gerbner


  2. tondaper says:

    This is all very interesting. I recently read a book by John Coleman call the Tavistock Institute on Human Research. The book describes an institute that studies behavior and conducts opinion polling to control the masses through mind control. Have you ever read this material and if so, I’d like to know your thoughts on it. John’s theory is that our state of being is created and manipulated through the use of mind control to accept our current condition in-order to establish a one world government, and the group behind the one world government is this “shadow government”, running things world wide. I appreciate your reply.

  3. WAYNED says:

    I think that’s a pretty good point Al Saleh, how do we know what is being presented is not another fabrication? In fact, I think we have to assume that it is, that there will be targets to go after, if we ever had the opportunity, but that the real power will likely be too fearful to be truly exposed.
    This reminds me of all the ‘advertising’ of new weapons for military being put on the streets of the US via militarized police, and all of the heavy-handed “drills” meant to terrorize.
    Or was it pre-terror for the final revelations, to ensure everyone feels utterly powerless?

    Is this just to confirm to all we are truly powerless?

  4. pauldmeyer616 says:

    I suspect it constitutes part of a “limited hangout” in order to avoid cognitive dissonance; i.e. it has become so very obvious that the politicians are not in control that SOME alternative explanation must be offered. Since “they” are not subject to “elections”, the “learned helplessness” is reinforced.

  5. padraig says:

    welcome back james! thx.

  6. p.kokesh says:

    I agree, we are “now” being overwhelmed with revelations about the possible true nature of our government, our religions, our fake politics, our science, etc. It occurs to me that it is all very much part of the master plan of destabilization that the elites have always planned- that is, to overwhelm us with alternative ideas of the same reality, combined with pharmaceuticals to finish shutting down the non-elite’s cognitive capabilities. We roar in anger and frustration like lions in a circus cage and run in circles to the will of the ringmaster, even, incredibly to ourselves, doing tricks against our nature to please that S.O.B.’s audience!

    Add to this witches’ brew, this almost perfect maelstrom of confusion, the totally disorienting fact that it is “being allowed” by the PTB “to be rediscovered” that the very earth we stand on is not the globe/planet we have been taught from infancy to believe is itself a 500 year-old purposeful deceit of a scale almost incomprehensible! The earth is not a spinning ball to which we are held by gravity. NASA is a most sophisticated lie which has been used to “prove” this vast and deliberate deceit. At some point you are going to have to look at this subject and address it, too. Its not going away. The truth, once recognized, cannot be ignored. I would suggest Eric Dubay as a good starting point. I know you are busy, James, but this subject, too, will explode with unknown consequences this year on an already confused and disoriented population. All faith and trust in government and religious institutions will almost surely collapse, leading to a sort of catatonic, mindless, totally self-serving automatons with no sense of group identity (read cohesion, meaning resistance), which I believe is the master plan.

    …of course, this “game” IS being played on more than one level, as you have indicated you are aware…

  7. jhnsmall6 says:

    I disagree with the deep state idea. We have bureaucracy established in 1884. The unstated purpose is to void citizens votes. For example, there were 306,000 federal crimes, the people you voted for only created 6,000 of those crimes, while the bureaucracy created all the rest. You did not vote for these laws nor did the people you vote for review the laws and the courts largely ignore them. This a strong argument not to vote. The recent housing bubble was created by Sec. of Housing Cumo, who changed the underwriting rules for home loans. This action was pushed and supported by Congress via letters, not by passing laws. Administrative law is to difficult to change by Congress, they have 90 days and need a veto proof majority. Few Adm. laws have ever been stopped. Calling Admin. Law something else is like blaming lobby groups for the many actions demanded by the general populace. The California water problems are all done via Administrative Law. You the voter did not vote for the laws and your elected representatives have been unable to stop or alter the actions.

    • vumxmx says:

      Good point. Basically one of the themes of Paul Craig Roberts’ “The Tyranny of Good Intentions.” He points to the disappearance of separation of powers and consolidation of powers–including the legislative–in the administrative-executive power.

  8. bladtheimpailer says:

    First I would like to say it was nice to see Peter Dale Scott referenced as he is the one credited with first using the English translation of the Turkish coined “Deep State” moniker in his many well written books on various aspects of the subject.

    I believe Jame’s several suppositions of why there is no longer the stiff denial of the operation of a “Deep State” as wacko conspiracy theory are all correct to various degrees. Why deny and look entirely conspiratorial when the best play is to make this now broadly acknowledged state of affairs look like a normal part of societal order, with a story line of the “Deep State’s” beneficial aspects for a historical proper functioning democratic society soon to follow? Of course if the people decide that the myth of democracy and rep by pop no longer meets their perception and expectations of a true and properly functioning democratic society and moves to establish a new order then the velvet glove of the “Deep State” will come off very rapidly to reveal the iron fist backing the interests of those very real persons who actually make up the cadre of this inter generational plutocracy and its true interests of lust to control and hold power in complete domination of the world and everything in it. When they achieve this, if they ever do, what prey tell (not prAy) will their goals be next, coming as they do from some very very warped thought patterns?

  9. diogenesquest says:

    Nice summary, James, but as the replies by others above indicate, it may not be so simple. How far does the rabbit hole go? Still, the notion of Deep State has high heuristic value and even if it remains somewhat inchoate, still serves to protect from political delusions from the punch and judy show that “must go on” on the surface.

  10. Ruby says:

    It seems to me this is a function of increasing the learned helplessness, i.e. ‘Just accept it, you’re a slave and we own you’ sort of thing. I don’t know if it’s rearguard or not, the efforts to silence-ridicule were tremendous for a long time. However, with the internet, that could only go on so long. It would definitely be easier for them if we all just adopted a serf mentality and didn’t bother questioning “our betters”. One thing I’ve noticed with some millennials is that is that the concepts are there but the outrage is missing. This is a disturbing development.

    • ralphodavis says:

      In defense of millennials, Ruby, if one’s inclined to dissent one simply can’t but help coldly observe the lacking outrage extant from way-back to postwar erosion in ideals of democratic principles. Then descending into cold-war duplicity, mushroom-market fear mongering for $’s like Ike promised, and the bastard Allen Dulles delivering us two dead Kennedys, mythology Texas style and a crowning Bush dynasty.

      So, let’s have a day of national celebration in honor of the great star-spangled legacy of All-American liars, political henchmen, assassins, their psychopathic, plutocrat directors and vast institutional amoral devolution. I’ll bring the blood pressure meds,, of course.

      I think a relentless naming of names ala Jan @ Gnostic Media has merit for fleshing out the scum of the Earth is likely the best we can do. Even so, true outrage is and, I suspect, will always be a minority vocation for maladjusted flakes and rebs.

      At least, anyway, till death do us part from this particular shrieking casino’s hall of mirrors, we should raise holy hell.


  11. Eric says:

    The water is warming up! Svali (an ex-illuminati whistle blower) proclaimed many years ago that within this shadowy organization they are greatly anticipating the great unveiling, at which time those who truly hold power can come out of the closet and practice their totalitarian control of the Earth openly and directly. But they clearly can’t reveal all in one big bombshell, so the pot is slow to boil.

    The Snowden revelations (and all the mainstream attention paid to them) is a good example of this. They want people to know how things work, and to accept it as normal. Gradually, they will reveal more and more about who is really in charge and what plans they have laid. They are hoping that the fluoride, the toxic food, and the endless streams of propaganda and mindless entertainment will soften the blow enough to prevent widespread uprising.

    These are very patient, disciplined, people, who have studied crowd psychology extensively, and who have been working towards these goals for over two centuries. They also have unlimited funds and technology they withhold from the rest of the world, so beating them at this will only happen if we swarm against them, or unite in refusal to comply and participate.

    To prevent the revolution rush, they plan to provoke and then eliminate opposition in small steps, targeting small special interest groups. What’s happening in Eastern Oregon right now appears to be an example of this – get a bunch of armed, anti-government people to step into the forefront alone so they can be eliminated without angering the rest of the population. We must tread with great caution, my friends, and we must not be baited into their traps!

    • patrickdetches says:

      Excellent observations.

    • bd6951 says:

      Pray tell, what sort of “technology” is being withheld?

      • Eric says:

        All technology of significance, no doubt. How is it possible that we’re still using combustion engines, which is an 18th century technology?

        I was blown away by a recent presentation by Steven Greer, who went into great detail about the secret government:

        I have not been able to reach a final conclusion on the issue of UFO/ET coverups, but this presentation is fairly compelling. If anyone can debunk Steven Greer, then I would greatly appreciate the info. (I’ve been meaning to ask this directly to James, but I have too many other questions I want to ask him too, and I don’t know where to even start…)

        Even if you totally reject the idea that interplanetary technology has been back engineered by the shadow government, there are still plenty of things that point to the government developing technology secretly. What do we really know about what is going on with geo-engineering, nanotech, microwave weaponry, or transhuman technology? How about Tesla’s work, which was confiscated by the FBI?

        I remember when I was in elementary school they unveiled the stealth plane (I saw it at an airshow, guarded by guys with machine guns), which had been admittedly developed ten years earlier. It’s only logical that if these guys fund and control the scientific community and military deveopment then they would be fools to share the most powerful technologies with the rest of the world.

      • Eric says:

        Specifically, though, anti-gravity, zero-point energy, and scalar physics. I don’t claim to be an expert on this, or to have definitive proof, but this notion that the powers that shouldn’t be have been developing all sorts of advanced technology and deep underground bases is put forth by quite a few people, and it passes the smell test for me. Of course they are! Why wouldn’t they be? I would, if I were them.

  12. nosoapradio says:

    “…Do you think there is a strategy to these revelations or is it a rearguard effort to whitewash the undeniable?…”


    My (long-winded) impression is that the “deep state” going “mainstream” will merely amplify the much more prevalent and institutionalized disgust with puppet government while the 3D deep state remains barely a healthy suspicion among the vast majority.

    Disgust with government may very well be a strategically desired effect as the globalist notion of a connected “world citizen” takes hold at the expense of patriotic nationalism and localized community service and activism become the taste of the day along the lines of Agenda 21 grassroots associations for cutting carbon, local fablabs, buying from local producers, localized ebay-type apps; reinventing community within the new configuration of biometric “Megapolis” smart city-clusters. Even local currencies and exchange of services in a sort of digitalized version of the flower power UN baby “Auroville” complete with the Mother reborn as Gaia as the framework for a universal minimum wage unfolds gradually separating the sustainable and placated peasant masses from the impassioned brains toiling in feel-good Cupertino-style towers nudging the elite ever closer to immortality.

    There’s been a big push to make the population “indignant” of the “1%”, of the bank-run puppet governments, hence the engineered “indignados”, “indignez-vous!” and “occupy”.

    As entities such as the BIS, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Tavistock groups are not admitted by most to be working together, with many of the same families driving them to create such central and powerful bodies as the UN etc etc

    the deep state can be revealed without most people ever seeing the conspiracy or “connecting the dots” as the expression goes…

    People see the trees, but not the forest. So people will turn away from established governments and never really see who was running them, unwittingly embracing the chains they sought to reject.

    Is the deep state the real deep state?

    I don’t think the deep state is anything other than the more or less hidden entities mentioned above whose names are Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, with the names of their acolytes and faithful servants also more or less well-known…
    The history has been fairly well tracked, the international dynamics identified, the stakes defined, the traitors silenced… The deep state has revealed itself but hides in the mass of undigestible information it unleashed with the democratization of the internet; So it is both strategic method and a retroactive whitewash. And it will create enough doubt and diversion until the next cataclysmic event or simply the next generation makes the “common man” forget about it again completely. Or almost.

  13. Mishelle says:

    Great article! I’m writing this post for the 2nd time, maybe this time it will post and be better than the first!

    I see this as all part of the ‘Revelation of the Method’ which Michael Hoffman II and others have talked about for a while now. I just finished the book 9/11 as Mass Ritual by SK Bain, which was OK, but loose. Still, if you study the symbols and various Occult/Mystery school ‘wisdom’ teachings, this is all part of the process. The point is to make the public accept their situation, their chains, if you will. The CitizenFour Snowjob film was a great illustration of this–the message, be paranoid, run, hide, fight, whatever, there’s nothing you can do to stop this trajectory. It also fits in well with the NWO agenda, distrust our own government to the degree we are willing to accept the only proffered alternative.
    To quote from Hoffman, because I believe this is what they are going for, to prove the apathy and ineffectiveness of the target population: “The western masses enter thralldom and bestiality with enthusiasm. They cheer programming and suppression of dissent, they volunteer for digital surveillance, they idolize their executioners and exterminators, they celebrate their new, swinish identity.”
    Amnesia. Abulia. Apathy.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Yes, I’ll have to look up “abulia” but I (we?) are living proof that the “developed world” has become hooked on hyper-sexual, hyper-violent overstimulation thanks to the adrenaline-on-tap HBO,CNN, MTV, conspiracy tittytainment monster leaving us stunned, and morally exhausted like Skinner’s electrode-bound rat that’s been frightened and pleasured into a powerless stupeur.

      Now the still human “developing countries” need to be similarly programmed; hooked onto IT through their dreams as Madeleine l’Engle described it back in the 60s.

      The world was spell-bound by the American dream. Now a new nightmarish connected green dream will replace it as India grows up smart from the start.

      I mean would you rather go to the trouble of adopting a subversive life-style defying an elusive yet omnipresent oppressor

      or watch the next episode of Sense8 ?

      • Mishelle says:

        There’s this well-buried little piece of me that so wants to believe there are “good guys” at the top as well, also pulling strings, but in our favor, so that we do wake-up in significant enough numbers to bring the evil ones down and return to some level of sanity in the West. Maybe they use the very same tactics in a kind of reverse psychology to get the revolt up to critical mass. Is that terribly naïve wishful thinking, or does anyone think that could be a slim possibility?!

        • Eric says:

          David Wilcock has been saying for years that a group called the White Hats or the Dragon Society (or something) have been organizing against the cabal, and that mass arrests are imminent. His claim is that these are very wealthy people, based mostly out of Asia, who are working with (or who have organized?) a 130 something country alliance against the cabal. When I first read about all this, it seemed fairly credible, but that was some three years ago, and it’s the same story every time I check in – any day now the mass arrests will begin.

          I stopped taking it all so seriously when I started hearing that these white hat fellows were going to reset global debt and give everyone a whole bunch of money to everyone to start over. Silver bullets don’t generally solve problems, I’ve found, but I have not been able to totally abandon Wilcock as a player who is working to bring about positive change, even if some of his claims stretch further than my imagination can reach.

          As with Steven Greer, I would love for someone to provide me some good info (as in sourceable research) as to what is really going on with Wilcock… Is he a fraud? A psy op distraction? A genuine guy who may not always be right, but who truly wants good? He seems genuine to me, but even shills can write the right words and speak with emotion in their voices…

          • Mishelle says:

            Thanks for Wilcock mention, had not heard of him, but I heard a similar story from Foster on Thrive. It did not seem too credible to me when I looked into it because this is just one more ‘bloodline’ vying for power and the Asian countries are far from being run with any kind of soft hand! Also, when you look at the comments of Thrive and other New Age type sites, you see how incredibly clueless folks are, no critical thinking happening there too often. I have to agree to about Greer, something is off there too. Even these ones who say there are for “good” — I expect that ‘good’ is their people at the helm of the world dictatorship. Still, I do hate to be so pessimistic! 🙂

  14. 35df99op says:

    I do think the “Deep State” is operating more openly in order to let people become accustomed to the idea of its existence and less likely to fight it.

    The Chris Dorner case was an example that bothered me a lot. The way he was hunted with drones for execution. With very little evidence of his guilt or innocence and no trial of any kind.

    That whole incident…..really bothered me because it looked like “The Running Man”.

    I have no idea what to think about it even now.

    You know what I think is contributing to the development of totalitarian states? Social networks and reality television. They’re socially engineering people to spy on one another as a form of entertainment.And then at the same time people are being encouraged to be detached from reality and their own empathy and connection with others by investingbtheir identities into role playing and virtual reality I.e. the popularity of video games and larpimg.

    Slowly but surely the idea of a private life or boundaries both internal and external are being eroded. I dread thinking of what the future will look like?

    • nosoapradio says:

      Yes, like battered children, we grow up to marry battering spouses because we instinctively seek what’s familiar.

  15. 4TLeser says:

    Even scientific studies are now demonstrating that the United States is not run by political parties but by pockets of special interest.

    pockets of special interest?
    appears more like systemic flooding with NGO’s,Think-tanks and more psychopathic associates
    not pockets, no multiple trunks full of them
    defacto members of the latter group include even flag waving think of them selves patriots lacking ability to differentiate past “glory”

    USA forces did never rebutted any attacks; the name USDefence Dept. an Orwellian new speak

    Happy New Year to everyone and to you James

  16. claudout says:

    Speaking of the deep state, there is much going on at my place of employment here in America. As a sales lead, I was given a racial bias test to show if I have any. I could have told them I do. But the thing is, when left with the computer station I chose the “wrong tab” between one labeled (I’m paraphrasing) example test and take the test now. I chose take it now and while others took 15 minutes mine took over an hour and it was clearly the do-you-have-terrorist-leanings test. It had questions like: Do you identify with being American? If we have information about North Korea, should they have information about us? Do you fear your government?

    I took a pic of one of them. I felt totally shook up by the end of the “test”. I need to go thru my pics to find it and also the pic I took of the link to the service providing this creepy stuff.

    I’m saying that I’ve noticed thru the last eight years of my employment at my corporation that the changes they implement support accepting more and more invasive tools be they technology or the language we are encouraged to use. I suspect it’s pervasive throughout American corporations and linked to a larger agenda.

  17. ccuthbert2001 says:

    All of these comments, as well as James’ article, are very thought provoking and excellent.

    Recently I received a newsletter by Bill Bonner, who I believe has long been rumored to be involved with a certain alphabet soup agency. In it he talks about the “deep state,” yet he described the “deep state” as essentially lobbyists and the federal bureaucracy. !?! This is where I think the directed public conversation may be going. Just like every important term in politics, “deep state” will come to mean the bureaucratic machinery of the federal gov’t, not the violent machinery of the ultra-wealthy.

    So, does that mean this latest is a limited hangout? I think that’s where I’m coming out on this. I also agree that it’s a message to enforce the learned helplessness of those who are watching and opposed.

    Ya know, tptb could reveal themselves completely tomorrow, and most people would, 1. not notice, and b. if they noticed, not understand, and finally, ask where the remote is.

  18. Welcome back James.

    The last link at the end of the article “Corbett Report Members”
    links to…

    I assume you meant to link to the subscription page, or perhaps you are seeing who pays attention to the links.

    At any rate, let me know when your new Documentary is available via DVD, I’ll gladly buy one. I forced my friends to sit through it over Christmas, many an eye glazed over that night, but it led to good discourse.

    • Corbett says:

      Haha, thanks for letting me know. No test implied; the link has been corrected.

      No DVD release for the latest podcast, but you’re free (as always) to download/burn the video to DVD yourself for free distribution.

  19. JonQ says:

    First of all, I’m suspect of anything Bill Moyers (JFK and LBJ speech writer?) does. Yes that 30 year old PBS (never met a foundation they didn’t like) chestnut complete with Jackson Browne, one of the members of the Laurel Canyon scene: “…Another shining star on the Laurel Canyon scene, just a few years later, will be singer-songwriter Jackson Browne, who is – are you getting as bored with this as I am? – the product of a career military family. Browne’s father was assigned to post-war ‘reconstruction’ work in Germany, which very likely means that he was in the employ of the OSS, precursor to the CIA. As readers of my “Understanding the F-Word” may recall, U.S. involvement in post-war reconstruction in Germany largely consisted of maintaining as much of the Nazi infrastructure as possible while shielding war criminals from capture and prosecution. Against that backdrop, Jackson Browne was born in a military hospital in Heidelberg, Germany. Some two decades later, he emerged as … oh, never mind…” From

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Jackson Browne. I like Zappa, Joni Mitchell, and most of the rest of the ’60’s Laurel Canyon crew too but I wonder…

    I don’t know if this guy is bat shit crazy, but he sure brought some interesting magazine covers to my attention:

    and Here he completely screws up 11/3 and 11/5, forgetting European dating, but…

    Finally, Peter Levenda seems to have a handle on all this weirdness. He can cite sources from the Roswell coverup to the Kennedy assassination being intertwined. Youtube him for interviews.

    And I’ll leave it with JFK. According to Gore Vidal, JFK was no peacenik (JB is Jerry Brown).


    [SNIP – edited for length. Please keep comments somewhere in the 500 word range. – JC]

    • JonQ says:

      Apologies. Didn’t see the 500 word limit. I posted the quoted text because there is little mention of Gore Vidal’s opinions of JFK on the interwebs (at least in my research). If this is common knowledge amongst the researchers, again, my apologies.

      • Corbett says:

        No need to apologize, I just find that “walls of text” impede the flow of conversation in the comments section.

  20. OneOhOne says:

    I’ve often wondered why all of these previously-unknown and shocking truths, like the CGI “planes” of 9/11, the converging shadows on the “Moon” surface, the acted-out “massacres” of Sandy Hook or San Bernardino, etc., while in essence being so obvious to discern, if only we weren’t so used to trusting our governments and media outlets, when uncovered, they all constitute a slap across our collective faces. These truths are telling us how gullible, weak and stupid we really are; they’re laughing at us, and you’re right, they’re doing so now. They’re saying to us “we did all of that, and then some; so what?”

    The only answer to the why now question that I can come up with is… we’ve seen nothing yet. Something’s coming down the pipe so overwhelmingly hard and loud that we won’t know what will hit us. Something so fundamentally changing is about to happen to our way of understanding and of seeing life in general, that World Wars I and II and 9/11 will look like child’s play.

  21. JerseyCynic says:

    Is this just to confirm to all we are truly powerless? yes I think so.

    It is EVERYWHERE, James. We recently talked about this same subject after I caught an episode of The Blacklist with James Spader
    Season 2 Episode 22 season finale: (I think he had just called some secret meeting), “My name is Raymond Reddington. The United States Government has placed me on the list of most wanted fugitives…..that’s who I am. You, in turn, are by my estimation 11 of the finest investigative journalists in the world. I’m here to tell you a story (see wiki)…….. I’m sure you recognize many of the faces behind me (never shows faces — just seeing CGI’s popping up along with WORLD BANK written all over the digital screen shots). They are among the most powerful men and women on the planet. They are also part of a global conspiracy. A shadow organization that spans across every continent, and has for the last 3 decades, consisting of leaders in world government and the private sector. Some call this group the Cabal. The world you live in is the world they want you to think you live in. They start wars, create chaos, and when it suits them they resolve it. Cabal members will move more money in the next quarter than the world bank will in the next year. Their alliance affects change in every aspect of human life: The value and distribution of money, commodities, weapons, water, fuel, the food we eat to live, the information we rely on to tell us who we are.”

    JOURNALIST: Just what do you expect us to do with this information?REDDINGTON: Study it. Investigate it to determine the truth, and then report it. LET ME BE CLEAR…….. Investigating this group will immediately position you as a threat, if you do what I am asking, you will be putting your lives and the lives of those you love at grave risk. In the end, the truth will come out. Not all of us will live to see that day but the truth will come out.


    THE TRUTH?? the truth shall set you free don’t even get me started.

    Bill Bonner! a blast from the past — he was my first! just moved to NJ in 2001, got a new computer and started blogging. The Daily Reckoning was my first stop on the www for financial “advice” . I certainly fell for his entertaining style – he was always my first morning read. after awhile I had to stop — the goldbugs were over the top (price was 250 an ounce at the time and you all know the rest of the story) Buy Gold! Get your Guns! Get your Passport!

    we’ll never know what’s going on and I guess that’s the name of the game now — especially with the internet.
    Bill Bonner Raymond Reddington – who knows – maybe it is the Jews & the Jesuits! beware of the double!

    Maybe it’s a fake Libertarian Rising — everything seems to be rising to the top these days — OVER the top is more like it.

    so long and thanks for all the fish?

  22. pertinax193 says:

    The study of the history of the House of Morgan shows one part of the nexus of the controlling matrix.

  23. T.T. says:

    I’m so disturbed by how easy it is to manipulate people/create apathy that i wouldn’t be surprised if we would (eventually)accept that we need the shadow government(ruling elite/corporate fascists). That it’s actually a good thing.
    A bit like the surveillance state (back when), they can’t hide it anymore/it was decided that the time is right to out it. So they take control of the information and spin it so that we accept it/them. Maybe they’re connecting it to all the government corruption that is coming out all around the world. We lose our faith in the government (rightfully so!) and then run to the shadow government(world government?).
    Looking at our collective consciousness, it would probably only take one or two big ‘events’ (huge ‘terror’ attack,pedophile ring exposed,total financial breakdown,total war?), some propaganda that the shadow government will save the day/make a change and we would be running to our ‘saviors’.

    Happy New Year! James and everybody else but i must say i’m pretty sick of human consciousness. Round and round we go!

  24. tpeterson1 says:

    Apocalypse means disclosure, the lifting of a veil or revelation. All of these “post-apocalyptic” movies show a slightly different scenario. After one veil gets lifted, the new information appears to be the truth but, then another veil gets lifted. Everyone posting here are quite aware and yet, we all need to be careful. The moneychangers are masters of deception.

    Most people who believe the Sandy Hook story still can’t decide whether Snowden was a traitor or a patriot. They might be willing to admit that Bush lied about WMD but, they won’t consider why. They might even agree that you can’t take down 3 buildings with 2 planes but, the curiosity stops there. How deep can any of these rabbit holes go? Each time I get a new revelation, I wonder how many veils are yet to be lifted.

    All presidents since Carter have confessed they believe aliens come here from other planets in ufos. They all have used carefully crafted sentences to appear to be confiding in us commoners while maintaining plausible deniability. Just this week Hillary joined this exclusive club. How many veils hang between us and the truth? Is this just a setup to help Project Blue Beam work? Is there more to it than that?

    Dr. Steven Greer was hired by the Rockefellers decades ago to organize this Disclosure Movement (check He has witnesses testifying that ufos have shot nukes out of the sky or disabled them in their silos. Evidently, the only possible conclusion any intellegent person could make is that they consider humans too reckless to allow them to leave this planet. How many veils are between this notion and the truth? Do aliens come from other planets or from underground? They have superior technology like levitation and force fields as well as super powers like mind control but, are they even more scary than ISIS? Why would the powers that be want to scare us?

    James, you asked us why the deep state appears to be getting revealed more and more these days. I think they need to get the sleepers to “wake up” to a certain level so we can all buy into the next deception together. Perhaps they plan to through just enough of the corrupt leadership of the west under the bus to make it believable.

    • nosoapradio says:

      “I think they need to get the sleepers to “wake up” to a certain level so we can all buy into the next deception together.”

      From what I’ve seen around the web (or was it here?), aliens are the next deception. Well, at least Aliens are more probable than CO2 induced AGW. And more exciting. Or was it a huge hologram of God that’s supposed to appear in the sky…? I can’t remember…

  25. candideschmyles says:

    Personally, and perhaps with egregious optimism, I like to consider the possibility that there is some kind of battle underway to wrest power from the faction within the deep state that has controlled US, and by extension world, policy for the past 40yrs or so.

    While I put credence in the idea that the imposition of chaos to effect a strategy of tension is all too real I have my suspicion that it is getting out of control of its masters. Other extremely powerful people are maybe unhappy and seek to remove the controlling group, it is my best explanation for what I see as an emerging power vacuum.

  26. paul8 says:

    Excellent article James. Also, excellent comments from all. I find this phenomena completely fascinating and something bubbling up to the surface not only in the MSM, but in the Hollywood Industrial Complex as well. I recently watched “Spectre”, the latest in the James Bond-scapades. I was amused watching the plot revolve around a woefully ambiguous shadow organization our hero yawn-inducingly employs every possible franchise trope to expose. Interestingly, an incredibly similar premise was the basis of the latest in the American version of James Bond: Mission Impossible. Is it a coincidence these beloved secret agents were both portrayed as victims of a larger, conspiratorial plan in their respective franchises? Based on this alone, I imagine the disclosure of a Shadow Government or Deep State to the masses be revealed as an unavoidable truism. Here, in the most top secret of professions, our best mythical characters have been duped. How are we in the real world to handle being duped ourselves? This isn’t a question people want to answer. Instead, like 9/11, people will exclaim “It’s just like a movie!” and cower in fear over this unimaginable new reality, adjust, and go back to work. People will let their basic rights be stripped and enjoy the manufactured benevolence of a background government they know exists working for some convoluted, altruistic vision.

    I believe the deep state concept is a buffer for a whats to come. Talk of it will only increase as a step in a right direction. We already have the hope and change rhetoric firmly rooted in our minds, why not throw in some we-are-all-one?

  27. bob_fergus says:

    Wow…interesting comments this ep.
    Sooo if we’re supposed to think and accept the existence of a shadow govt, doesn’t it then follow that the “shadow Govt.” itself is a fiction? Meant to distract from another, even deeper conspiracy perhaps?
    Or maybe the aliens really are in charge and all our rhetoric to no avail. 😉

  28. zgornel says:

    Although it is sometimes taken for granted, one must acknowledge that one of the oldest, most lucrative (and I’d say inherent) ‘technological advancements’ of mankind is government. Ever since we euphemistically left the tree and started agriculture, society never ceased to evolve (albeit with some hicups) seemingly more complicated organizational forms as time went by.

    What is quite fascinating (to me at least) is the possibility that the shadow government might not exist at all in factuality but rather as an expression of all dirty unknowns that are present in the ways societies are controlled (or control themselves ?) and intereact at a higher level, made more apparent by technological advances in communications and information access. Not to say that hidden stuff (secret societies, hidden agendas etc.) do not play their part but rather that events that play out in the third dimension that James is talking about in the game of chess are not deterministic in nature. Therefore they may be un-deterministic or maybe chaotic. By un-deterministic, I mean that top-level hidden policies may yield different results depending on various circumstantial factors that cannot be foreseen, probably related to the target population characteristics (e.g. see reaction against GMOs in certain countries, regions, demistification of recent false-flags) and large difficulties may arise (over the longer term) in controlling their effects, making them and the shadow government, de facto ineffectual.

    If the events are chaotic (they seem like that over very long time periods anyway), it is impossible to determine the outcome since it depends on the current state of the ‘system’, meaning ‘everything’ 🙂
    …unless some attractor is postulated.

    • candideschmyles says:

      That’s very much in alignment on my own sense of things. So much of what happens is unexpected, unpredicted and chaotic. Domestic government is highly reactive stumbling messilly from one scandal to the next always at the mercy of a perceptual incompetence. That is not the hallmark of a tightly run ship built on certainties. Even the most powerful are not immune to entropy.

  29. Nate V says:

    I have a feeling this topic is being brought to the forefront by the MSM as a counter measure. The Deep State’s control comes from shaping the narrative and giving the general populace a worldview to accept and adhere too. As more and more of the public is gaining an insight into the mass manipulation occurring in this world, they are more and more likely to reject The Deep State’s imposed worldview. It seems that the Deep State knows this awakening/exposure is taking place, and is trying to create avenues of misdirection that correspond to the levels of consciousness different people have.

    All of us here know that process of awakening is a long, arduous journey. There are many dead ends, and many points where we come to a wrongful conclusions. This is corrected by reevaluation and admittance of fault. The MSM counter measure that feigns exposure is just the creation of more deadends and wrongful conclusions for those on the awakening process to find themselves in. And if the vast amount of people are arguing over nuiances, then the division remains, and unified action to forment change does not occur.

    • candideschmyles says:

      We all have this tendency to be in the now. It’s not helpful. There is nothing new about the public perception of the deep state. On the contrary in percentage points awareness may well be at an all time low. Those at all engaged in political discourse are a minority. Those who have the depth of perception that comes from immersion in this kind of history lesson are a minority of the minority. And that’s the way it always has been. And very likely its the future too.

      • Nate V says:

        There is actually a lot of new public awareness about the deep state. The amount of research and resources being accumulated and put out to the public through independent media like the Corbett Report, and many others, is undoubtably creating a new perception and understanding. Yes most people are still ignore-ant of the scope of control and manipulation, but many are keen to at least fragments of the larger whole.

        A minority is all that is necessary to forment change.

  30. Cu Chulainn says:

    Thanks James for this timely observation. I noticed recently that Politics and Prose, maybe Washington, DC’s most savvy bookstore, had nothing by Douglas Valentine (whom even you have featured only twice.) But prominently displayed on the bestseller shelf is this new book:

    The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government – October 13, 2015 by David Talbot (Author)

    • candideschmyles says:

      It is the dynastic set of Dulles ideologues, headed for so long now by Methusala Kissinger, I think has had its day. Other powerful factions conspire to remove them due to failures over Russia, Syria the European refugee crisis. No proof just a hunch.

  31. tpeterson1 says:

    James, I would be very interested in your perspective on how different empires rise and fall over time. There has always been a hidden hand at work shifting wealth and power behind the scenes. For example, before the roman empire fell, the money system was milked for all it was worth, the roman emperor “converted to christianity”, the bible was assembled and the power of the throne was handed to the pope. The powers that were (back then) secretly moved their financial operation to Constantanople.

    They must have been trying to create order through chaos. Throwing chistians to the lions must have been chaotic (and a good way to eliminate anyone gaining strength in the resistance). Back then they needed a new world order because the Roman Empire had run its course. I suspect its demise was well engineered.

    Now, as the remaining superpower is being dismantled, they are inducing chaos to hide the secret behind the scenes operation. I suspect the power structure is moving from Washington DC to Astana, Kazakhstan (it looks like an unoccupied city ready to be the capital of the new world order). They will need a new religion, currency and throne.

    This may or may not be their plan but I sure would love to hear your perspective. Keep up the good work James…

    • zgornel says:

      For an interesting read , a comparative study on the inception, development and decay of civilizations: Neagu Djuvara-“Civilisations et lois historiques. Essai d’étude comparée des civilisations” (“Civilizations and Historical Laws. Essay of Comparative Studies on Civilizations”), Mouton, 1975. The essay (Phd thesis) treats the rise and (in some cases decline) of the indian, chinese, ancient greek (roman included here), arab and western european civilizations. Contains also small studies on the political of post-colonial africa.

  32. vumxmx says:

    05 January 2016
    Inside the US Deep State: An Interview with Mike Lofgren

    Attached herewith is an interview with my good friend Mike Lofgren. The subject is Lofgren’s important and timely new book entitled The Deep State: The Fall of the Constitution and the Rise of a Shadow Government, which hits the stands today. Mike’s new book builds on his excellent essay, Anatomy of the Deep State, originally posted on Bill Moyers’ website.

    Lofgren diagnoses the sorry state of governance in the US democratic system. This may well be the most serious problem facing our nation since the 1850s during the lead up to the Civil War. It is, therefore, a problem every serious citizen should make a concentrated effort to understand and act on — our future depends on an informed citizenry rising up to demand change. That is a tall order, given the sorry state the information produced by the 4th Estate.
    Chuck Spinney

  33. vumxmx says:

    Suggestion: a slightly darker typeface would make the comments easier to read, especially since the background is light gray.

  34. vumxmx says:

    Deep State: essentially what is revealed in the documentary James and Broc just made. Money rules.

  35. setatliberty says:

    The Beast of Revelation and Daniel. The King James Bible is true and we will see 2016 become a “game changer” for the inhabitants of the earth.

  36. WannabePhilosopher says:

    Personally, I think in many, many cases nowadays it is a calculated, deliberate attempt to condition the public to accept their servitude. If you think about it in an, albeit, simplistic sense this is exactly the pattern that you would expect to see. A psychopathic group slowly solidifies political and economic control over societies until they’re grip on power reaches a certain critical mass. At which point, it’s not necessary and may even be undesirable to keep their methods of control completely opaque. Take for example, a monarchy, which is nothing more than a conspiracy of individuals who, once powerful enough, openly deem themselves rulers, and amazingly it works and works very well. Or is that just a “conspiracy theory”? haha Anyway, it’s always been counter-intuitive to me that people, always, throughout history tolerate it. Whether it’s government or religion never underestimate people’s ability to accept the silliest of fairy tales.

  37. oeo says:

    Desensitization by incorporation of phrase? Yes. But as result of the truth of it. Con[troll]ing the message/narrative. IIO ‘broken wing’ direct and confuse the conversation. At heart, the fact remains, these 911 inside job years has exposed ‘deepstate’ as ‘existant’, whether ‘it’ likes it or not.

  38. setatliberty says:

    In connection with the deep state rising, I have been watching the legislative and executive actions that have been implemented under the banner of “security.”
    With the U.S. having a such a well armed citizenry, it is the most targeted nation at the moment. The rights of the people have been strategically whittled away and the most dangerous oppositional groups against tyranny have been stripped of their rights to bear arms. It began with felons, then went to men that are violent (such as have been charged with domestic violence) and then the mentally unstable were added to the list; and then once those infringements were made, The definitions of felons violent offenders, and psychologically ill people have evolved to reduce gun ownership of the vast majority of groups that would pose the greatest threats against tyranny. The targets are now patriotic citizens, religious fundamentalists, and now with this new wave of executive action that Obama has made, those that expose corruption in government (i.e. conspiracy theorists) are targeted.

    The Bundy situation (as with most staged events) has multiple purposes to persuade public opinion and advance the disarmament of the citizenry.

    Of all of your stellar research, I have not seen this particular issue discussed. It is a necessary move for tyranny to rise. From my understanding, gun control and disarmament has been instituted in most “civilized” societies already.

    And Obama has done quite a job at playing his role, in disarming the U.S. citizens, well.

  39. drvanhall says:

    Deep State, Shadow Government, New World Order might be three names of the evil they use. As they control all of the news media and have an army of writers to set the spin, they would also respond to threats. Thus, as example, the New York Times is part of the main stream media gulag but they print some surprising articles to make themselves look non biased. At this time, however Russia/Putin has caused a shock wave in all evil endeavors. I have posted that we can expect NATO to attack Russia in less than 2 years. They will use all of their corrupted computer systems to launch a clandestine attack. They will not rely on the member countries. (NATO will lose). Dr.Ronald Cutburth, engineering scientist, intelligence expert.

    • drvanhall says:

      Explained: The gov started an illegal corporate CIA has specializes in computer systems and connections. With that they used privileged contracts in all of our government agencies including the NSA and homeland security and military operations. Thus they own files all all of the US. They now have split into claimed two corporations that do all the same in Europe. Holding all the files in strategic information they can proceed with an attack on Russia without the consent of the NATO members or their government authorities. The named Shadow government will arrange the attack. Check out SAIC corp and LIEDOS corp. They have generals running them and going back and forth to the CIA and all gov places of authority. (Russia will win) Dr. Ronald Cutburth, engineering scientist, intelligence expert.

  40. ad says:

    sorry for this late reaction, just missed the post somehow.

    first i must object to this deep state thinking being something modern. some 500 years ago macchiavelli must have said: ‘true power never shows to the eye’, or something like that. and this is a basic rule any true power must obey in order to be able to play the fenix whenever a battle is lost. because true power does not die, that is what makes it ‘true’. so the struggle continues, same true power, still hidden to the eye behind different faces or even different concepts of apparent power. it does not matter what they believe, as long as their believes blind their judgement.

    still ‘democracy’ had a remarkable long lifespan, although it went through quite some version changes over the centuries, before it’s death in our days. just take mh17 and the boycot against russia. how could a dutch goverment act in total disregard of the misery of dutch families and general dutch interests? the simple answer is that there is no dutch government, this mr.rutte is just a pitifull victim of his own ambitions, and so is his entire ambience. but of course we wonder with james what made this higher power decide to publicly peel off one of it’s snake hides. and indeed, it may have something to do with growth.

    the total lack of logic of the clearly dysfunctional european goverments seems to reveal the true power aka the deep state, but this may be an illusion, because we do not know it’s structure and there may be many layers of power between politicians and the ultimate one and only. how deep must we dig to find the real pudel with all these kennels barking around. it seems logical that each new layer will hold less persons carrying it, so that in the end a single person may emerge who will claim his power to be of divine origin, if only to keep it hidden from the eye. sounds familiar, doesn’t it.

    so in short, i think there is an essential growth in power going on that requires restructuring and the liquidation of the political layer, thus inevitably revealing the existence of higher powers to the public.
    in order to keep the true power invisible, it seems logical that the next layer or something figuring as such will also have to go before a new credible power mechanism can be put in place, with new illusions and new visible structures. this proces may get extremely unpleasant for all of us.

  41. BuddhaForce says:

    There is a mention in the Clinton Email Investigation FBI files about a group in the State Department overseeing everything FOIA-related in the Clinton case called “The Shadow Government.” (see page 56)

  42. BuddhaForce says:

    Troubling revelations about Seoul’s ‘Shadow President’

    What in the heck is going on in S.korea?

  43. BuddhaForce says:

    The Deep State Is Real – Politico

    “But it might not be what you think.” Then what is it? Won’t find the answers in this article.

  44. BuddhaForce says:

    So has this term been institutionalized in the lexicon of public discourse now?

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