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11/06/2019120 Comments

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In case you haven't noticed, no one is watching TV anymore. Or, if they are, they're watching snippets of it on viral videos because of trolls inserting memes into TV broadcasts. What does this mean for the nature of the propaganda that is being fed, and does this represent another point at which we could insert propaganda with a purpose to help wake up others to the big truths of our age? Corbett Report members are invited to log in and leave their feedback below.

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Epstein Didn't Kill Himself - Dog Dude Epsteined Them!

Epstein Didn't Kill Himself meme

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  1. m.clare says:


    Regardless of the medium, humour continues to be an indispensably powerful weapon for dispensing Truth unto the masses. Who are all the cool kids laughing at on SNL this week? Many, possibly most, are motivated to NOT wind up on the wrong side of the argument du jour; better to give than receive.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      m.clare says:
      …humour continues to be an indispensably powerful weapon for dispensing Truth unto the masses….

      • alexandre says:

        “The IQ of a mass is inversely proportional to its size” – C.Jung.

        • alexandre says:

          That could be a good meme.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Alexander ; Im trying to understand this Meme thing, which to me is harder than your native tongue and a lot less beautiful to listen to.
            I saw this today from The Real News.


            If you by chance go to the local domino parlor for a game and some refreshment.
            What’s the local buzz on the latest Lula version? I know you are keenly awake and how you feel on voting and such but has Lula become a Meme being used by the establishment?
            Here in my backwater town the locals are programmed to a common narrative and just repeat the narrative.They really consume everything the MSM feeds them. Biden la la Barney…lala Trump..lala La la. Like zombies. They have a belief their ideas are all original.
            We have a saying here ” like a screaming me-me” which really means a froth-at-the-mouth lunitic. That’s what I think about Meme-s .Im getting off track here.
            I see the Machiavellian potential of Lula being recycled here. My wonder, is it more important where he ends than where he is perceived to be going.?
            Are the Lula supporters brainwashed as my backwater fellow citizens are here. Brainwashed is to harsh, I really mean uninformed as to how manipulated they are by the establishment. Can(my fellow zombies) they be deported to Brazil with the hope things won’t effectively change the local dynamics. Im willing to trade at a huge discount. Now Im displaying the common narrative Meme . Never mind Im way off track. Bon dias.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          That’s funny.

  2. manbearpig says:

    I think I’m one of those fuddy duddy ol’ geezers lost by the wayside of all these new propaganda war techniques.

    “…Mike Ritland, a K-9 trainer and the founder of Warrior Dog Foundation, appeared on Watters’ World on Saturday to discuss Conan, the heroic dog who helped U.S. troops take out ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the special ops raid in Syria last week…”

    and then drops a truther bomb in the form of a meme about Epstein not being killed.

    Well, so I guess the Baghdadi story must be true right?

    Well. I’m one of those grumpy ol’ contrarians who’s very skeptical about so-called rebellious “grass-roots” movements and memes:

    ya see, as soon as the news came out that Epstein had committed suicide I knew it was game over. Distraction would forever be focused on juicy but irrlelevant details. Just like the ridiculous engineered debate about whether Assange raped two Swedish girls neutralizing any questioning about his actual authenticity and in fact, reinforcing his martyr image, bullied by inscrupulous mendacious governments.

    So, perhaps if the meme had been “Epstein’s colossal sex crimes mask colossal financial fraud” or if it hadn’t been administered coated by yet another Baghdadi fairy tale I might’ve viewed this whole thing differently.

    My reaction to this is very similar to the one I had about the 500 scientists who recently signed a petition that they then presented to the United Nations entitled “There is no Climate Crisis”.

    First, “There is no climate crisis” is imperceptibly misunderstood by alarmists and fence-sitters to mean “There is no climate change” reinforcing the fallacious notion shoved down everyone’s throats 24/7 that Trump and climate skeptic/denier/negationists don’t believe in climate change when what they don’t believe is that Human’s are causing it, a point that remains deliberately obscure and obscured thanks to conveniently negligent wording. And it works. I know it for a fact. I hear it practically everyday, “Oh yea! Right! You don’t believe in climate change!” No matter how much I repeat the critical nuance they just don’t/will not/can not/don’t want to assimilate it.

    Secondly, I found this title “There is no Climate Crisis” to be most unfortunate also because “climate crisis” is subjective. My climate change alarmist warrior physicist friend truly believes that if we don’t do something right now we’ll have tsunamis of Bangladeshi blood on our hands soon;

    Whereas if the petition had born the title “There is no proof human-caused CO2 is causing warming” or “there has been no acceleration in Sea level rise or Extreme weather events to date” THAT would have forced a strictly and objectively factual debate whereas what constitutes or not a crisis is subjective.

    So I’m highly skeptical of this “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme as it appears to go in the direction of a grass-roots truth victory but in fact goes full speed ahead towards a super limited hang-out. And deliberately so on both accounts.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. -JC]

    • manbearpig says:

      (end of snipped comment):

      Indeed, the illusion that the people and their impudent grass-roots truth movements are winning must be reinforced because ultimately it serves the GOD Mother of all Grass-roots militant causes:

      that of demanding more for the environment (which must be done by limiting CO2 emissions)
      meaning in effect (besides the monstrously unheard of misrepresentation of science and fraudulant conspiracy on astronomically unprecedented levels):

      -carbon taxes
      -austerity and
      -technocratic neo-feudalism.


      Epstein didn’t kill himself and Conan the heroic dog bagged the big daddy of all bearded baddies, Baghdadi.

      But hell! It sure feels good! And as m.clare pointed out: it’s great for a GOOD LAUGH!

      Fox news couldn’t make this stuff up, could they? They certainly wouldn’t create truther memes. right?

      • alexandre says:

        Well, MBP, you said exactly what I was going to say, but much more violently, so I guess your version is better. I guess I’m also an old idiot who is much more flabbergasted by the general adolescent idiocy than by whatever optimisms may be extracted from stories like this. I have a hard time understanding what a MEME is, so I’m just like my mother in front of the computer, poor mom. She couldn’t even coordinate the mouse movement with the arrow on the screen and after 10 seconds she said “this is not for me”. She was 70 then; I’m 55 and already I’m in the same place.

        Corbett seems happy about the internet, but what I don’t understand is the belief that it’s “ours”, that the internet is not under “their” control as everything else. Or maybe I was absent when “the people” put up the poles, antennas, towers, backbones, underwater cables, scripts, programs and all the billion dollar infrastructure of this GLOBAL monstrosity which everyone seem to love so much. Of course James makes his living with it, and that’s great, but to believe that with it we can fight against the bastards sounds kinda silly. Or maybe I’m not getting something.

        This video made me feel so lonely that I can’t describe. A type of loneliness that I never felt before. I live sort of alone in the countryside, and I love being alone, but this was different. It was like being in Jupiter in the wrong time, something like that. Not physical loneliness but maybe philosophical, ontological, I don’t know. It was good in a sense because this is what getting old really means – you see the shore getting away – and I should just embrace it and go with it, preparing for the next thing. Very strange, and further more I don’t think I understood the point of the video. Is it that “now” we can attack “them” with propaganda as well? With MEMEs and all this? If anything these idiotic viral bullshits dilute the issue in themselves. I was thinking the same thing you said – if the meme was “8 years old children are being captured and penetrated in the ass by the president and his friends” or something like that, then ok.

        When I was young there was a game we played that was repeating a word until it lost its meaning.
        …a hundred times until you don’t know what it means anymore. That’s a MEME.

        • pearl says:

          “I alone feel this torment…I’m surrounded by morons.”


        • manbearpig says:

          “That’s a MEME.” 😎 The “same” again and again and again… “I think therefore I am”

          meme-ing the meaning out of anything,

          the same meta-notion sound byte, repeated ad infinitum without really thinking,

          to abusurdity.

          I don’t think, therefore I’m not…

          yea, that’s a MEME.

        • mik says:

          Internet is basically not “ours”, no doubt.

          But since 100% internet security is a pipe dream, that means, it’s not “theirs” either. The only possibility for them to fully control would be establishing outside control mechanisms like real name registration combined with social credit (China).
          But even then loopholes could be found, because internet can’t be totally secure. Therefore, it will be always “abused”.

          Memes have been thoroughly examined in commentaries here, I learned a lot.
          I just have another observation. Memes are for those ones who just read headlines, who don’t have a need to scratch under surface, who somehow lost the ability to think.
          For many in the age of information overload the only viable strategy to cope is to switch off.

          That said, memes are not best strategy for us, I guess we would like thinking people.

      • Thanks for taking the time to write all that. Several good points in there, and more in line with the vibe I’m getting.

    • mellander says:

      I’m such an old (female) geezer that I don’t know how to log in to post my own comment so I’m just replying to ‘manbearpig’
      Actually I don’t even know what this report is about as I don’t own an iPhone AKA government tracking device, don’t have any “apps”, don’t own a digital TV, don’t have any wireless communications devices and still own a car with a tape deck (not 8 track!)
      But even without being connected to the mindless technocratic insanity out there I could tell the 911 was a charade just by seeing the TV reporting, and am very sad to say Trump is doing some of the same stuff the Obummer did with OBL….still I’ll vote for Trump in 2020 in hopes he actually believes some of the stuff he says…(could that be a “meme”?)

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I’m an old (male) geezer, and an occasional curmudgeon.

        Glad to see you participate as a Corbett Report member.
        Thanks for being here.

      • manbearpig says:

        “…But even without being connected to the mindless technocratic insanity out there I could tell the 911 was a charade just by seeing the TV reporting…”

        I’d say …BECAUSE you were not connected to the mindless technocratic insanity out there you could tell that 911 was a charade just by seeing the TV reporting…

        I agree, I’d say “If you’re disconnected from emotion, just watching the towers fall clearly demonstrates the official story is a fraud.”

        Good for you mellander and your cool appraisal of molten hot manipulation.

    • Duck says:

      ‘… who’s very skeptical about so-called rebellious “grass-roots” movements and memes:…’ Very true. all the way back to the french revolution.
      ‘…My climate change alarmist warrior physicist friend truly believes that if we don’t do something right now we’ll have tsunamis of Bangladeshi blood on our hands soon;…”
      Try him on offer to argue with him about the video AFTER he’s watched it. Sadly I think it takes years of seeing history change and claims repeated before people start to realize they are being fed a religious idea.
      Its funny because according to Dr Dutton ‘the jolly heritic’ people become more religious when stressed and today we have a weird situation where traditional institutional religion is weak and so people are taking up weird new ones (made to look strong and “popular” by special funding) like climate change and SJW-ism

      • manbearpig says:

        Good climate change video suggestion, thanx.

        yea People need to worship. Achilles heel.

        and now 11,000 scientists say we need fewer people on the planet to fight climate change… talk about religious…

        now this duck’s late for hamstering…

  3. n4x5 says:

    Another idea embedded in situations like this is rarely discussed but deserves some examination. When a meme like “Epstein didn’t kill himself” becomes virtually universally known and accepted as factually true, it implicitly but strongly suggests the obvious followup question: What will we do about it? When the answer invariably comes back “nothing” (or “voting”), it can be argued that this serves to support the perception of immunity the criminal elite enjoy, even a kind of legitimacy of their actions. According to Michael Hoffman, author of Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, this incremental disclosure of criminality and its subsequent investigation — even by well-intentioned alternative media researchers — is an occult process, the so-called “revelation of the method” that gradually initiates the general population into the knowledge of the workings of the ugly realpolitik and thereby, maybe counterintuitively, strengthens the oligarchs’ position as untouchable by any kind of real justice. The audience is transformed into an acquiescent, helpless, almost voyeuristic viewer of the spectacle, lacking any belief in its own agency for righting the wrongs it is witnessing.

    Understandably, not everyone will want to get sucked into the more esoteric Masonic symbolism analysis, but nonetheless there are ideas here with merit.
    Michael Hoffman: The Alchemical Processing of Humanity Through Public Psychodrama

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      N4×5, although it may not be 100% the case, it certainly is a real possibility. Insightful observation.

      MBP: you are more accurate in your under 2 minute intuitive heart felt gusts of pro-offers. All the confusion of the mind are supplanted by the knowledge of the heart.

      This is much better than the TV and gets the juices flowing better than a cup of coffee.
      ( u 2 Pearl)

    • Duck says:

      So true… though I wonder if the real reason is the so called ‘alice in wonderland’ thing where you break people’s grip on reality, leaving them with nothing to build a mental structure upon… people who dont trust their family, clan, government or religious leaders are weak like the scattered tribes the Romans crushed in detail.
      That would even explain why things like the corbett report and others exist… allowed to show the perversion of the ruling class so that when the ‘real’ hidden master shows up to save us people will fawn on him/her.
      Constance Cumbey was so right in her hidden dangers of the rainbow

      • n4x5 says:

        It’s true that the ability to achieve something meaningful in cases like this would likely require, among other things, a coordinated unity of will and action of a critical mass of people. Obviously, atomization and alienation are not generally conducive to resistance.

  4. manbearpig says:

    I apologize for my over-wordy comment in the moderation queue: my student was arriving so I didn’t take time to count the words. REally I had no idea it was so long. I’ll try not to do that again. hope it’s at least more or less coherent and legible…

  5. pearl says:

    Well, that took me by total surprise and made my morning for about 10 minutes until I read manbearpig’s astute reservation (that critter has excellent instincts!).

    Picking up along those lines, the hesitation I had in my moment of bliss was that such outbursts by the peasants can’t and won’t be tolerated. Obviously there needs to be a solution to this crisis: implement the social credit system!

    • cooly says:

      “Bad citizen! Bad! You are digitally grounded!”

      • Duck says:

        You laugh… but my Chinese bud was telling me how he liked the freedom in china to walk in safety at night… I did offer that a gov strong enough to give you everything you wanted would take all you have but it didnt worry him.
        He was so full of patriot pride even though he knows, and will talk about how, his gov murdered millions of people and is borderline evil.
        He even agreed that most civilizations are people farms… which TBH no one minds except when the farmer stops sheering the sheep and starts buggering them

        • cooly says:

          I’m not laughing Duck, just seeing the ever-increasing parallels between parents and their property (children) and states and their property (citizens).

  6. pearl says:

    Cryptogon posted another video by Project Veritas (I always feel like I’m being played when they release another “leak”). But this one is just odd. An info babe happens to let it all out right there on set? Thank God it was recorded and released by a BRAVE insider!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      – BUMP –

      Pearl, Glad you posted the video about the ABC REPORTER who had her Epstein story suppressed by ABC.

      More here…
      FOX NEWS shows the “Project Veritas ABC Reporter (Epstein) Video” and also talks about the “Syria Kentucky Shooting Range Fake News”.

      We’re seeing that the MainStreamMedia is going after competing networks about the competition’s false and “hidden no-reporting” stories.

      In reality, I believe that it is the Independent Media that is now often controlling the narrative and that the Independent Media is now often the “Authority Fact Checker”.

      Like Corbett mentions…
      It’s the era of THE MEME WARS.

  7. Mielia says:

    A lazy suggestion.
    + I used to think our civilization has become a tragedy, but now I realize it’s a comedy. (or something like that)
    Search resulted in the revelation that an adaptation was apparently used in the Joker movie “I used to think my life was a tragedy, but now I realize it’s a comedy.”
    + white pill (concerning that, I hope some of you got the recent oceancleanup news; videos on their youtube, Boyan Slat my hero)

    –>a mood swing
    away from the apathy to relaxed humor and earnest striving with action (not just digital reaction)
    Somewhat a maturation to It’s Okay To Be White or I Love CO2 out on the streets with posters. Winnie Pooh costumes for Blizzard or China and Pepe in Hongkong.
    to Rusty Shackleford filming pedo island (and groypers confronting TPUSA)
    I see 4chan and 8kun as important
    and the gamerworld
    is has become more organized but also more spontaneous and decentralized – just more action along less chaotic, more teleological lines
    that they can reach pewdiepie via the subreddit (he read three epstein didn’t kill himself memes in his recent meme review, one of them including pedo) is also very helpful
    and I mean he took action with dlive too (although it is not the platform we want) and others who are sick with youtube do it too, from investigating p-scores, forbidden words to the youtubers union

    small steps change but nice to see
    negative: Assange blackout

  8. hugo.c says:

    Epstein didn’t kill himself!

  9. zed says:

    There isn’t a doubt in my mind that one of the alphabet agencies created this whole “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme. It’s spreading like wildfire and I’m seeing it in places where you wouldn’t expect. For instance, hearing someone regurgitate the meme on a voice chat in an online video game (I reluctantly still sometimes play those), to which I responded, “Epstein ain’t dead.” Lo and behold, immediate cognitive dissonance crept in and they could only respond in repeating the meme. It’s actually a bit frightening how easily people just regurgitate memes without thinking for themselves. Just look at this whole “ok boomer” meme that is again spreading like another mind virus.

    As for the Epstein meme, I’m now under the impression that it was created in order to solidify the idea that Epstein is dead. It’s interesting timing to see the meme start spread around the same time Michael “Mr. Magic Bullet” Baden states that it looked like foul play was involved in Epstein’s alleged death. Or how about the Daily Show jokes around with Hillary Clinton about how she had him murdered? And now there’s this Project Veritas “leak” of an ABC reporter stating nothing new and that she believes that Epstein was murdered. Is it just me or does it feel like “they” are trying to repeatedly hammer a point into people’s minds?

    • manbearpig says:

      Ahhh! Yes! Brilliantly expressed! Exactly! Perfect! Thank you!

      “…it was created in order to solidify the idea that Epstein is dead.” Yup.

      “…around the same time Michael “Mr. Magic Bullet” Baden states that it looked like foul play was involved in Epstein’s alleged death. Or how about the Daily Show jokes around with Hillary Clinton about how she had him murdered?…” timing’s everything in perception management.

      “…Project Veritas “leak” of an ABC reporter stating nothing new and that she believes that Epstein was murdered…” Totally. a “leak”?. right. sure. a very staged leak.

      “…Is it just me or does it feel like “they” are trying to repeatedly hammer a point into people’s minds?…” yea, fake suicides must be murders, right? NOT! non-suicide scandals keep sex trafficking unaccounted for and unjudged nevermind totally obscuring any other foul play than randy Royals who’re into young goyls.

      “meme or mind virus!” exquisitely provocative, one and the same.

      and this Epstein didn’t kill himself meme brought to you thanks to Conan the heroic dog who bagged the big daddy of all bearded baddies, Baghdadi!

      “There isn’t a doubt in my mind that one of the alphabet agencies created this whole “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme…”

      Man, You Zed it!

      Hat’s off to you!

      • alexandre says:

        Beri beri interesting!

      • Geonopoly says:

        Hi all,
        A fellow old curmudgeon here
        This is my very post on the Corbett Report although I’ve followed James and this website ever since the heady days of his appearences on RT. Just as a possible counter to MBP. What makes these memes interesting is unlike say, the Ice Bucket Challenge. There hasn’t been a great deal of mainstream media coverage about this. Which is usually, a dead give away of alphabet agency influence. It could well be these memes were created by the CIA et al, or it could be a real, honest to goodness, grass roots internet movement with people rebelling in one of the the few ways they know how. Time will tell.
        That said, I’m alwys reminded of just how controlled people can be, and how quickly they can jump on the bandwagon when in comes to the the internet and their devices.

        Pokemon Go causes stampede in Taipei, Taiwan

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      “Organic” definition: “growth under its own steam”.

      Here is my take.

      Back in the summer of 2006, 9/11 Truth was exploding.
      The Google Stats showed it.
      The video views showed it.
      You could see it by the number of participants, both in the real world and in the virtual world.

      It was grassroots. There is no way that “The Powers That Should Not Be” were pushing that topic in 2006.

      I believe that a lot of the Epstein topic is organic.
      “Organic” definition: “growth under its own steam”.

      Many folks are climbing on to this Epstein topic by their own volition.

      Sure, people can be manipulated.
      Despite manipulations, there are certain things that can rile a population organically.

      Hong Kong Haiti Lebanon Algeria Chile Indonesia Yellow-Jackets Catalonia Iraq Venezuela
      Lots of protests in lots of places.

      A lot of folks are getting fed up with the “Authorities in Power”.
      I’m fed up too. I think all of us here at Corbett Report are fed up.
      It’s organic.

    • Duck says:

      In a few years the truthers will fight over if epstein died or if he was whisked away and NO ONE will care what he actually did or WHO ELSE was involved.
      Its the 9/11 ‘THERE WERE NO PLANES!!!’ vs ‘MICROTHERMITE’ vs whatever again… if you cant hide the truth you blow smoke and make theorists fight over the details like theologians arguing over minor points until no one believes or cares what the bible said 🙁

  10. bladtheimpaler says:

    What would Edward Bernays have to say on controlling the views and habits of the masses on a medium like the internet. I believe he would say that there are too many independent sources of information not under the auspices of the ‘invisible government.’ So censorship will rapidly increase while controlled opposition will have to be reestablished so that these new sources of info cannot be distinguished from trusted independent sources which will be sidelined and then removed. The golden days of the net are numbered. Eventually look for out and out censorship of sites like the Corbett Report and not just the obfuscation of such sites. If we look at the Technocracy in China we get a full view of what is coming to the west. Who would dare take in a Corbett Report podcast if it meant you social credit score would be lowered enough that reeducation was the likely result? If the state wants to play hardball it can and will.

    Remember kids ‘the state exists to enforce the dominance of elites, all the rest being propaganda, misinformation, obfuscation and/or terrorism up to and including total war.’

    • cooly says:


      Your observations are entirely correct in my opinion. The only question is the time frame.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Blad-Cooly; I think we only have to look back at the Bilderburg meeting a couple years ago. The agenda list, I think we are seeing the response to ” surviving the post-truth world” . it may not have actually said surviving but I feel if it was on the agenda they were preparing to survive the onslaughts of innovative people to circumvent all their traps and control machinery they have put into place. The cheap tricks of the past where not going to cut it in the post truth world.
        This popped up on my radar and as far as technocracy, energy, and atomic energy(MBP) Climate Tax and anthropomorphism solutions memes go , this will certainly have to be dealt with. Hopefully not as it was in the past. Remember the Water Powered Car inventor who was poisoned dead in a restaurant by GM hit men in Michigan.

        • manbearpig says:

          this is low-hanging fruit but:

          orthodoxy replaced by ortho-hydroxy??

          This just can’t be right. Too simple. It would’ve been discovered and exploited by rebellious high-school chemistry students all over the globe, ages ago!?… right? gotta look into this…hamsterwheel’s gettin’ mighty squeaky…

          you mean, we never left the iron age?? my rodent brain’s imploding…

          holi cannoli…

          and all this time I thought it was 42…

        • alexandre says:

          There’s a story here in Brazil (São Paulo) of a guy that my musician friends used to know. HE was called “Boneca” (Portuguese word for “Doll”) and he was a kind of genius, used to play guitar with a strange tuning etc, and his father was an inventor. The word was that he invented (too) a car that run on water. One day he was invited by some elite guys to a party on a yatch. He disappeared – o r was disappeared. So, another story.

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            MBP- Alex , more low hanging fruit. I kinda like this Brain Scratch approach to Stanley Myers’s life-death thingy. He needs to do one on Boneca. 42 ? Molybdenum? Lost and can’t sleep till you esplain, just a little clue to the enigma 42 ???


            • manbearpig says:

              the enigma 42??? … a question whose answer I am not worthy to calculate… but…:


              then again… it is Saturday night:


              • generalbottlewasher says:

                MBP, la de luxe connaissance connoisseur est Saturnine nuit.


                Something won’t let moi open out tube.
                Bummer; another enigma. 42! duh!

              • manbearpig says:

                I felt the same way watching that video as I felt watching Joe Plummer play the drums here on the Corbett Report.

                Very uncomfortably jealous but quite possibly inspired…

                in fact, I had the pleasure of dancing to the song you posted just last month with lily boy and the band just a few yards away as the University I work for invited all the students and teachers to a private concert of Deluxe. I realized it only the day of the concert so I had to cancel my evening classes in extremis to be there. it was blast even if the only drinks being sold were artisanal sodas and teas… I guess you don’t rock like that chic if you’re drinking anything else…

    • Duck says:

      ‘…The golden days of the net are numbered..’
      maybe, but what were those golden days?
      People knew the truth in the pre-TV days of Father cooghlin ‘the radio priest’ …. this crackdown is a repeat of when they put the WW1 truthers and the prophets of WW2 back in the box. Those who backed him melted away after pearl harbor
      They really dont care about most of us- they just need to keep MOST people either ignorant or distracted and confused or demoralized and inactive.
      Dig into what keeps happening and you will see that this is a Spiritual deception issue above everything else

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      As to China; I found in the dusty old books a commentary footnote from 1888 in Burrell ” The Religions of the World”.
      Confucianism:” that by pursuing the plain and practical duties of the hour man can actually make this world itself the kingdom of God.-that the harmony of the universe is to be found, not in some transcendental, timeless sphere, but in the completed results of those seemingly trivial acts which make up the Moral History of the Individual Human Soul.” What are the characteristics?
      1. Filial Piety- The system sets out with the idea of Social Order as Prerequisite to the Ideal Government. Its basis of obligation rests on the secular power*. In most other religions the leading idea is God. There is no God in the religion of China. It is purely political. The aim of Confucius was to reform the Government of China, which he conceived might be best accomplished by the reviving of certain healthful principles which had prevailed in the traditional Golden Age.

      ** ” THe Chinese does not first ask where Spiritual Intelligence dwells, and then confess that to this he must submit. But he starts with the belief in Government or Society, and then demands that All study or intelligence should be applied to the preservation of it.”
      F.D. Maurice, Religions of the World. pg. 86

      We will see a revolution in China before we see a war of aggression by China on another land. Pray the rural population acts to bring moral center to their Government as we struggle to return our government to the Golden Age of 1774-1812.
      Just a thought on the end game of China.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        The end game ? Of course its technocracy by the ruling establishment. The characteristics of Confucianism are 3.
        1. Filial Piety as explained above.
        2. Veneration of Learning
        3. Conservatism
        All of these fit well with technocracy. Social order is a prerequisite. Rulers, experts, science committees and drones.
        “All study and intelegance should be applied to the preservation of it.That is the Society / Government. Inseparable in China.
        Is this what Rockefeller brought to the Chinese establishment through the Institute of Pacific Relations in the 30s? Carroll Quigley had a lot about China in Tragedy and Hope. Technician he called managers.

        • manbearpig says:

          Well then back to Joe Plummer again; maybe I should finally get around to reading his digest of Tragedy and Hope.

          Quite some time back I’d taken a little time to explore the post-opium wars (and Pillage of the Summer palace) relationship between the West and China. Seemed the Eastern Empire had been fairly well tamed for all intents and purposes with Jardine Mathison representing Rothschild for various key industries in China among other phenomena…

          anyhow it’s all vague and highly approximative and I don’t have time this morning to reclarify or rectify anything (Thanksgiving Birthday party to prepare). But I would really like to go back and examine that period again. I think I’d be better apt to try to make sense of History rather than Nuclear Physics…even if the implications of both are equally fascinating.

          and thanks for using the word “Healthful”.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          MBP , so there is no misunderstanding , I wish I had original brains to make that observation. It is a quote from 1888.
          The Book was produced by the trustees of the Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath Work. In 1888 For? Wait for it… Drumroll please…The Masonic Temple of Scottish Rites. A how to primer tool for the Masonic Temple crusades.
          Fascinating read like a road map to the essence of each lands under their religions.
          The Religion of Aancient Egypt
          The Religion of Greece
          The Religion of Norsemen
          The True Religion
          To conquer a land you must know the fabrics that hold it together….pure covert intelegance found in every. Masonic Boardroom.

  11. scpat says:

    I think memes are being used in a productive way, but of course they are being used for unproductive ways. For example, one meme I see in the comments section of 9/11 YouTube videos is: “7/11 was a part time job.” Oh hardy har what a knee slapper. Whether commented and promoted by intelligence operatives or just by ignorant people, memes such as these can have some affect.

  12. Ethan Hunter says:


    What a wonderful, informative, and humorous presentation all wrapped up in a lovely package!

    Certainly, Meme culture is something the MSM is still wrapping its head around (note the NPC meme of recent times).

    It is certainly a sign of the deteriorating viewership that has transpired in recent years (though I still have some Gen X friends that watch Fox and other cable news outlets).

    I laughed when you did the “show of hands” bit…certainly, I praise the day the MSM goes away! That rhymed…

    Ethan 🙂

  13. flammable says:

    I don’t trust the meme to have a positive impact. I think it hurts the search for the truth regarding Epstein. There is more to Epstein’s case then victims he personally abused and his suspicious death.

    I liken this to the “jet fuel doesn’t melt steel beams”. No one will take it seriously or explore it further. It’s all about one aspect.

    So I agree with James about this showing a change in media. But I’m not feeling so positive regarding Epstein.

    • manbearpig says:

      “So I agree with James about this showing a change in media.”

      Yes, it’s almost as if they were assassinating the Television once and for all along with Epstein and the obsolete Trumped up American dream;

      because the internet is where the savvy folks are. The future is the internet.

      The internet is also where the 24/7 biometrically scored blockchained and connected matrix smart decentralized prison cloud is located.

      • Duck says:

        The issue with the net happened to Ham Radio, IRC chat, phone in bulletin boards, CB and every other medium since the printing press… the normies flooded in to see what what was there and that made it economically viable to give them cheep entertainment to keep then snoozing…. Native language Bibles that crashed the church became pulp thrillers and naughty books…. always the 1st generation that has pre-medium skills does cool stuff and then the idiots (in the traditional sense…people who pay no attention) come in and drown out the good work and cool ideas in a mess of cheep entertainment and social posturing…. even linux was cooler before people like me were able to make easy us of it

  14. WAYNED says:

    I think it’s much along the same vein as those getting their news from headlines, people will approach the memes with the same pre-conceptions built up by exposure. This is just as likely to be dismissed by some as ‘just a meme’ as accepted by others are a depiction of the truth.
    What will be interesting is the gratuitous intrusion of truthful thought, and whether it will (be allowed to) have a cumulative effect, resulting in changed opinions. By truthful thought, I mean asking the questions or positing a suggestion that may lead to a wider understanding.
    My personal experience, living with a stifled (because of me) SJW, is that this will have little effect when it does not jibe with the expected “truth” one is looking for.

    Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. N’est-ce pas?

  15. fieldmouse says:

    A side note for propaganda nerds. Check this out.

    The Cry Of Jazz, by Edward O. Bland featuring Sun Ra.

    Contrived dialogue, characters, interaction and philosophy. Truth with massive spin. Very reminiscent of Nazi films about the masons.

    • Duck says:

      Nazi films about masons may be made by evil nazi’s… but the best propaganda is, after all, the Truth….. 39 min is when the dudes talking that matters begins (better quality)–NationalSocialistAnti-freemasonryFilm

    • alexandre says:

      fieldmouse – Wow, man, that was the weirdest thing I ever saw. You see, I am a jazz musician, and I’m white, plus I’m not an American, so two times I couldn’t possibly be (or be allowed to be) a jazz musician – although I have suffering enough for it. I remember similar discussions about this with fellow jazzmen here in Samba land, but, apart from some maniacs saying that jazz was Jewish, the feel was that jazz was always black and we were just too happy to learn it and be able to play like them. If you check out Nicholas Payton he has some stuff on jazz being black because of some apparent intention of making jazz a white creation and so on, very strange stuff. And if you throw in what Charlie Parker said about Bebop not being jazz, you have enough for a “mungunzá” (a kind of soup). But this “the future of America lies with the black spirit” stuff was very strange. Very strange film. What would be the propaganda here?Negro propaganda?

      I guess I’ll have to look Edward O. Bland up.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Alex, Como estas? This gives me a head ache. As my painting maestro said to me once ” stop with the mental masturbation and enjoy the love making. ”
        Intellectual masturbation maybe correct on all points here with Bland’s film, but let the music speak for its self. You might as well apply eugenics to the discussion. This is like trying to apply human characteristics to a dog and like Eugene McDanials says in his ” Compared to what ” lyrics.; ” I hate the smell of that stinking mutt, I can’t use it. Try to make it real compared to what !”

        • alexandre says:

          Hi there. I agree. Indeed, I was thinking if this isn’t an attempt to politicize something un-politicizable (?) – and the film is so bad that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was made by the CIA. I mean you can politicize anything, and sure eugenics has everything to do with it, but there are so many paths in jazz, even within the same style that it’s like trying to sumarize the planet or something. If I’m not mistaken the point of jazz was the individual, so each person is one unique path in jazz, one style more or less (given he/she knows the language), despite the color or background. I don’t know. Wouldn’t it be like saying that the art of painting is white? And then someone would bring up the African art or the aborigines or the Brazilian rupestre and soon you’d have a big fight over what race invented painting. And what would be the point in that? On the other hand you have Coltrane, Mingus, the whole civil rights movement, M.L.King. Malcolm-X etc so yes, a headache is indeed in order.

          This is jazz:

          And there’s this Coltrane interview that could be interesting. I don’t know if it’s related to the film other than being one year before (1958). My English is a bit limited to understand what’s being said there. If I’m not mistaken Frank Kofsky is the interviewer and he wrote “Black Music/White Business”, one of the books every jazz musician should know, and he has a definite “list to port”, let’s say.

  16. Arby says:

    Actually, I haven’t had a tv set in too many years to be able to say how many. It wasn’t due to some firm political position I was taking. I just saw that it was both garbage and not worth the dime, which is about as much money as I’ve ever had. Yes, I own two computers. But that’s because I realized that I ‘have to’ have them and the poorest slob, when he or she is determined to own something, will eventually find a way to own that something. I ditched tv, I am thinking now, around 1993, when I first came to Toronto. I remember the tv set (14 inches). I don’t think I was really even watching it.

    I am ‘not’ tech savvy. And I hate geeks (but not all). I hate geeks because, in my experience, when I’ve needed help with my computer or something internet-related (and I don’t see any value in not squeaking when you need oil) and have gone to those who I know possess those smarts, too often I’ve been met with hostility for simply not being one of them. It doesn’t matter that I’ve read hundreds of books (which I have) and could school any of them about this or that. They don’t give a damn (which is why they don’t know anything other than their computers and internet stuff); I’m not of their tribe, ergo…

    The odd geek has proven the rule by breaking it to help me out and I muddle through. I’ve been blogging for 10 years, but when I recently tried to set up a second blog on WordPerfect, for I’m already on WordPerfect and know it (so I thought), it was hopeless. (WordPress has dumbed down over the years and, ironically, has become too complicated to work, productively, with.) I gave up. And that limits my political outreach because the blog I wanted was for activism. So, There are social issues here.

    • Duck says:

      The geeks who make things unpleasant for the non initiated are like the lawyers and doctors who make up big words so regular folks dont understand them or the gangs that demand a hazing initiation… lacking status and lacking their own social/biological reproductive coolness edge they make a clique that elevates them above others… human nature from the masons to the CFR

    • mkey says:

      Arby, you should remove the “www” from the url provided in your profile. It redirects incorrectly and throws a security error. Use instead.

      If you need a hand setting up a new site, I may be able to help you. I have never used wordperfect but you know how they say, a man and an ass are smarter than just a man.

  17. Radical Pragmatist says:

    The new meme needs to be :


    I have never seen the environment more ripe for 9/11 truth to break through ie:
    -Tulsi is openly bringing in the concepts of : 9/11 cover up, family members deserve answers etc. in the mainstream media
    -The recent Univ. of Alaska report on WTC 7 , the legal efforts in NYC and the formation of the new 9/11 First responders groups
    -Trump is being openly taken down by the CIA and other deep state actors. (They are bragging and Ron Paul and Judicial Watch are watching and reporting)
    _ Through the impeachment process and Epstein the words and concepts of “ conspiracy”, “deepstate” and “Elite corruption” are now common ( If you would traffic and rape children for political gain….9/11 is not so far fetched)
    – The evidence for controlled demolition is now irrefutable
    – When it does it will be unstoppable and we now have cool heads like those at AE911truth to steer the way
    (Also there is Trumps ego,his well known passion for revenge, his early comments on the implosions of the WTC and of course his loose twitter fingers)

    I might also suggest at this time , an open letter to Congresswoman Tulsi to publicly support the Bob McIlvaine Act . And have the letter signed by as many experts, celebrities, politicians, and military that the 9/11 truth movement has accumulated over all of these years.

    • Radical Pragmatist says:

      And there are a lot of journalists out there that are starting to feel uncomfortable with they’re forced silence on the current torture of Assange and persecution ofMax Blumenthal.

  18. cstrouss1 says:

    Hey, watch the ageist cracks about people over 50 still watching television… Pretty sure the cutoff is more like 70 now. 😉

  19. Octium says:

    It’s not just an age thing, you have to be handicapped to watch TV these days.

    Either too mentally handicapped to notice how terrible it is or too physically handicapped to reach the off button!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


    • He wasn’t saying everyone who’s old is watching TV; he was saying that the majority of the people still watching TV are (or will soon be) the old grandpas & grandma’s who never had any kind of awakening, and will likely be staring at the boob tube til they die in front of it, regardless of what’s on it.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Well…when it is time for me to go to the nursing home, I hope I can watch reruns of “Rawhide” and also “Leave it to Beaver”.

        But the real thrill for me will be to get my walker and with a two-step, sneak over to Grandma Betty’s room for a some old folks’ whoopee.

  20. NES says:

    James, in each era as information delivery moved forward awakening the masses and the public became better educated, the newer form of delivery outpaced the reining authority’s ability to slow and/or stop the movement of information resulting in a loss of control that had to be regained. Information is power in any age.

    If you have the time and the inclination I’d like to see this prop subject expanded to include a short up-front historical perspective noting the primary delivery method of information in each era and actions taken by authorities to block and/or control that delivery as the medium rapidly changed–TV, radio, printing press, the Vulgate, stained glass windows and so on.

    BTW–this propwatch was a great lead-in. As always, thanks for your work.

  21. Hate to be a negative nancy but the social media sites are now mostly heavily controlled by deep state bots & shills.
    On reddit, for example, these memes are getting enormous numbers of upvotes on subreddits that are highly controlled; subreddits where things typically only get such a degree of upvotes if the deep state permits it.

    My point being that this might be an effort to make the Epstein case itself into a meme then burn out that meme to a point where nobody wants to see it or hear about it anymore; and people become reluctant to post about it out of fear of being unfashionable, or chastised for being obsessive.

    Then again, if that is the plan, maybe things won’t go according to plan. Maybe it will backfire.

  22. LibertyCat says:

    Had to stop by, and share this, after seeing it in my newsfeed.

    Paging ‘EPSTEIN COVERUP’ at San Diego airport –

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Meme BUMP

      Here is the Twitter video of the message at the airport which reads:
      “Airport is paging Epstein Coverup please meet your party at terminal two east by American Airlines”

    • manbearpig says:

      bet there’ll be another “epstein” cue anon.

      and another, and another, and another…

      • flammable says:

        Sadly, I agree another cue anon is coming for Epstein. Especially since the first one worked so well.

        The credible conspiracy regarding politicians involved in sex trafficking was altered into an unbelievable story about a pizza restaurant.

    • NES says:

      Thanks for the link. It was difficult but I watched the talking heads lie to one another and to the public in their so-called queries about ABC motives. These people live inside a culture of lies. They do not know how to tell a truth. Makes me sick to my stomach to watch them; it’s truly repulsive. However, no amount of back peddling by ABC and their ridiculous but laughable ethics response will clear them. Of course, a MEME to tire the public is the only possible goal to pursue now.

      YES. ABC held the story to support the election of the DNC candidate–CLINTON. ABC didn’t cared about or give a single thought to the other fact. Their 3-year cover-up of the Epstein story so their candidate could get elected represents more children being molested, raped and coerced (at the very least) by Epstein and his cronies who are STILL hanging out today in the US Congress, the US Senate, US law enforcement, various corporations and entertainment. AND that’s considering only the USA. Epstein was worldwide in his efforts to entertain his criminal buddies–hence Prince Andrew and threats from the UK palace. Not news.

      The MSM has run many stories attempting to protect these pedophile men/women (almost entirely male but not exclusively as Hillary and the Maxwell woman participated) by saying these poor people were being blackmailed by Epstein. He’d have no reason to blackmail anyone if he didn’t have the goods on them. They deserve whatever they get for their personal actions taken. Their sole intention in Epstein’s play was to have sexual relations with children.

      I’ve no problem saying BURN THEM ALL, which also begs the central lingering question. Did ABC’s executives take part in Epstein’s multi-million dollar business of trafficking and raping children?

  23. revan says:

    Most likely Epstein retired. If you want a rich playboy with an entourage of young women, most of them too young, so you can compromise rich and powerful people, you need a man in the age of 40 or 50, 60 plus is too old. 30 is too young to be a billionaire who earned all his money by himself. The retired Epstein should be dead in everybodies mind, suicide, homicide, whatever, but dead for sure.
    And all this speculation about what really happened to Epstein, takes the attention away from his partner in crime, who nobody seems to talk about anymore, Chislaine Maxwell. Will she get away with it?

  24. zyxzevn says:


    Climate emergency!!!
    10,000 scientists warn about climate change.

    11,000 ‘scientists’ warn about climate change? FAKE NEWS! | Ezra Levant (Rebel News)

    It is a clear logical fallacy anyway, but
    it is also based on a 1 page website where strangers can sign on.

    • manbearpig says:

      yea, well, whatever… as long as climate scientists don’t start tellin’ us how to manage our romantic lives… then there really will be a mass reduction in population… and a massively accrued demand for reincarnation!


    • mkey says:

      This is pure gold lol

      I wish people in my general area would debate this issue, I’d stuff this one down their throat.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Z-man; I can just see how fast the specter of politics, that haunt this pseudo science thought, would be gone in a flash if the culling of over population starts with the first 2 or 3 signatories of this manifesto. The science would return to equilibrium of truth in the remaining 10,997 charlatans almost as fast as you could whistle Dixie.
      This is a disturbing proclamation by this group. What were they thinking? Some payday? Religious Sainthood?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good find zyxzevn!

      Ezra Levant does it well when reveals some of the Canadian “non-scientists” who signed a putzy webpage entitled “The Alliance of World Scientists (AWS)”, placed there by the College of Forestry, Oregon State University.

      On the website…
      “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice”
      Oregon State University has formally endorsed the Scientists’ Warning with a joint resolution (pdf) of the faculty senate and the student government.
      The collection of signatures for this project is currently closed.

      Nonscientists are now invited to endorse the World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: a second notice at the companion website where both individual and organizational endorsements can be submitted and gratefully received.

      The companion website is “ScientistsWarning.Org”
      Evidently, the Founder is Stuart H. Scott.

  25. a822 says:

    A meme might indicate there’s public awareness on certain issues,
    point to popular culture making fun of the establishment and saying
    ‘hey, we’re no dupes.’ That is certainly something to applaud.
    People have used whatever was at hand at their workplace,
    like a sock display, to turn it into a billboard for a contrarian slogan,
    and used the web to spread the meme out, that’s a good thing,
    like a band using an album cover for an anti-establishment message.
    It might not reach everybody, you don’t know if people will dig any further,
    but eh, that’s still something. In that respect, let’s hope we’ll soon see
    a meme in the form of a one sentence clickbait ad saying : 
    « I’d like to see that body »,then leading to a pic of boogdaddy
    alive and kicking, because that’s pretty much where we’ve left him.
    The footage alluded to by Trump, the action he is supposed
    to have been privy to, wherein Conan played a key part,
    doesn’t show much on the compound blast footage.
    Yet, I’m sure this gap will no doubt provide plenty of opportunity to
    to create a series based on Conan’s exploits that will further boost the sales
    on such dogs, get the Boston Dynamics crowd to grind their teeth,
    and ultimately, will kick way more ass than Beethoven 3 !
    Let’s hope that the people pushing the Epstein meme have also contemplated
    the possibility that those who came to the fore in mainstream news
    to underline the inconsistencies in Epstein’s suicide thesis,
    wherefrom the meme seemed to have emerged,
    may have benefitted from Epstein’s favors themselves,
    and thus dug a rabbit hole to shield themselves from possible suspicion.
    Rabbit hole the kind Conan dived snout first into…

  26. alexandre says:

    The problem with things like memes, and this may well be a general problem of this century/millennium, is that the substance is lost in the form. The issue is not really deeply understood, like people don’t really, really get the picture. Things like pedophilia become thinkable, when they were not, and are not, specially when talking about the so called “leaders” and upper class people. Not only thinkable, but completely normalized and lost in the whole spectacle. This effect serves much more the pedophiles upstairs than the people, and shows clearly how anesthetized everyone is now. The strength of any public awareness is ridiculously less than the mass normalization of unbelievable atrocities. At the end “yes, we are total dupes, and a global mass of dupes”, because we keep playing the game. The real revolution is no longer possible – since every one is now more dependent on the system than addicts to heroin – so all we have is some illusion of a voice within the system. And the politicians play their part, making people believe they are listening and doing something about it. It’s just a collective show, and memes are part of the show, as people are now like actors in a play.

    Something just came to mind. Frank Pool in 2001: “If he were proven to be malfunctioning I wouldn’t see we have any choice but disconnection”.

    Disconnection. That’s the impossible solution. And is this “civilization” malfunctioning or what?

  27. HomeRemedySupply says:

    December 8, 2019
    Notorious Duct-Taped Banana Exhibit ($120,000) Vandalized With “Epstien Didn’t Kill Himself” Sign

  28. manbearpig says:

    So how’s this for a meme: “Social Distancing” (Another shining example for the Dangerous Precedents Department)

    “…What counts as “social distancing”? The researchers define it as “All households reduce contact outside household, school or workplace by 75%.” That doesn’t mean you get to go out with your friends once a week instead of four times. It means everyone does everything they can to minimize social contact, and overall, the number of contacts falls by 75%…”

    extracted from this oh-so-helpful article spelling it straight out of the horse’s mouth:

    “The MIT Technology Review

    We’re not going back to normal

    Social distancing is here to stay for much more than a few weeks. It will upend our way of life, in some ways forever.

    by Gideon Lichfield
    Mar 17, 2020

    “…As long as someone in the world has the virus, breakouts can and will keep recurring without stringent controls to contain them. In a report yesterday (pdf), researchers at Imperial College London proposed a way of doing this: impose more extreme social distancing measures every time admissions to intensive care units (ICUs) start to spike, and relax them each time admissions fall…

    “…Each time ICU admissions rise above a threshold—say, 100 per week—the country would close all schools and most universities and adopt social distancing. When they drop below 50, those measures would be lifted, but people with symptoms or whose family members have symptoms would still be confined at home…

    …Under this model, the researchers conclude, social distancing and school closures would need to be in force some two-thirds of the time—roughly two months on and one month off—until a vaccine is available, which will take at least 18 months (if it works at all). They note that the results are “qualitatively similar for the US.”

    Eighteen months!? Surely there must be other solutions. Why not just build more ICUs and treat more people at once, for example?

    Well, in the researchers’ model, that didn’t solve the problem. Without social distancing of the whole population, they found, even the best mitigation strategy—which means isolation or quarantine of the sick, the old, and those who have been exposed, plus school closures—would still lead to a surge of critically ill people eight times bigger than the US or UK system can cope with.”

    Yay! The New Normal! The “Fear thy Neighbor” meme goes viral! Thanks MIT!

    as LenZoo eloquently put it:


    • alexandre says:

      Let me translate that for you, MBP.

      “We are going to torture you all forever with increasing levels of pain and physical, psychological, spiritual, ontological and epistemic suffering. We will invent infinite creative ways to ensure that life on this planetoid becomes at the same time unbearable and everlasting for all, for we feed on your damnation like heroin addict bacteria and as long as you fear us, obey us and use our gadgets, that’s how it’s going to be, permanently and to the end of time. YOU are the virus”.

      See? That’s what that, and many other euphemistic texts, are really saying.

      • manbearpig says:

        let’s see…(frantically turning, scrolling pages) epistemic… epi…stemic…AH!

        “relating to knowledge or the study of knowledge”…


        eh, cara, for a Brazilian of Croatian-Argentinian origin
        you sure can be complicated…

        • alexandre says:

          Ah, see, that’s an advertiser’s trick. You insert “epistemic” and wallah, you’re an intelectual uberman. Actually you’re not even an uber taxi.

          Are we in Guantanamo yet?

          • alexandre says:

            By the way, here’s one for you.
            When suddenly many cows start appearing in many places at the same time, what do you have?

            A cow-incidence.

            This is not the time for jokes!

    • mkey says:

      I have to make several notes here:

      a) we are the new terrorists. All of us. The war has come back home.

      b) I find it fascinating how quickly global propaganda trickles down and translates into local swamps. Social distancing is already popping out from various local “news” outlets.

      c) With schools closing, may we now expect some tax cuts?

      That social distancing graph is eyewatering to say the least. I’m having an orgasm, heart failure and three cluster headaches all at the same time.

      I bet that people involved in this model probably also made some notable models such as “global warming climate model” and “climate change climate model” and “musk is going to get to mars any day now model”.

    • mkey says:

      #propagandawatch right here. There’s enough tropes here to disentangle for the duration of a standard feature film.

      That’s to say nothing of the stresses on parents thrust into home-schooling their kids, people trying to care for elderly relatives without exposing them to the virus, people trapped in abusive relationships, and anyone without a financial cushion to deal with swings in income.

      So, practically everyone.

      We’ll see an explosion of new services in what’s already been dubbed the “shut-in economy.”

      Will we see regular explosions?

      So how can we live in this new world? Part of the answer—hopefully—will be better health-care systems

      Yes, better to be reliant on the health system than healthy. There’s a pill for everything. You gotta do what you gotta do.

      Ultimately, however, I predict that we’ll restore the ability to socialize safely by developing more sophisticated ways to identify who is a disease risk and who isn’t, and discriminating—legally—against those who are.

      Take that axe and jam it in my head. Just make sure you really get in there on the first hit, I don’t want to squirm.

      Israel is going to use the cell-phone location data with which its intelligence services track terrorists to trace people who’ve been in touch with known carriers of the virus.

      There would be temperature scanners everywhere, and your workplace might demand you wear a monitor that tracks your temperature or other vital signs.

      an identity card or some kind of digital verification via your phone, showing you’ve already recovered from or been vaccinated against the latest virus strains.

      Dear lord.

      We’ll adapt to and accept such measures, much as we’ve adapted to increasingly stringent airport security screenings in the wake of terrorist attacks.

      You don’t say. At least conspiracy nutters are not the only ones to draw this parallel.

      The intrusive surveillance will be considered a small price to pay for the basic freedom to be with other people.

      “Thank you”, mbp.

      • manbearpig says:

        and to conclude (without the delightful commentary and expletives and the lovely italics that I still haven’t bothered to figure out how to do):

        “…Moreover, unless there are strict rules on how someone’s risk for disease is assessed, governments or companies could choose any criteria

        —you’re high-risk if you earn less than $50,000 a year, are in a family of more than six people, and live in certain parts of the country, for example.

        That creates scope for algorithmic bias and hidden discrimination, as happened last year with an algorithm used by US health insurers that turned out to inadvertently favor white people…”

        Inadvertantly favor white people??! Imagine that! Surely the author means “Rich and as-white-as possible people”? (oops! just slipped!)

        You’re welcome Alexandre. Hope you’re feeling better.

      • manbearpig says:

        OH! Mkey! My mistake! always skimming… so sorry!
        I meant, “you’re welcome”…mkey… sorry for the headaches… (now forget the italics, how d’ya make an embarassed emoticon, let’s see…make do with this:)


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