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10/17/202227 Comments

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Thank you to all those who heeded the call in the most recent edition of New World Next Week and who have re-subscribed after cancelling their PayPal account. As a token of my appreciation for all those Corbett Report members who make this website possible, subscribers will find a coupon code for 50% off on any Corbett Report purchase (excluding t-shirts) from the New World Next Week store at the bottom of this weekend's newsletter. Hurry, the offer ends on October 19, 2022!

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  1. Raquel says:

    I never received that email for subscriber with the discount code? How can I get it? I just reviewed spam and junk and nothing there.

  2. MEFF says:

    Thank you to you and for all your great work and for being honest and cause you’re NOT GREEDY as other alternative media.
    THANK YOU James.

  3. peterh says:

    Ahhh 50% off thank you! I though James was going to sing a thank you song, maybe next time. Keep up the good work James and Brock.

  4. PhildWithMalice says:

    It’s coming up on my annual lump donation and still hoping you will offer Brave users the ability to offer our rewards to you. JEP gets Patreon from me because he gets the maximum amount through that and I want to make sure you get the maximum money possible. Thanks for all your hard work, James.

  5. krum says:

    Hi James. I did confirm this over email with you a while ago, but I’d like to request it this time: I am interested in the data archive sticks, but for them to be truly considered data archives, they should at least include the notes/transcript that you have under the videos. As a bonus, a copy of the web pages that are directly linked in those notes will really make things complete for long-term archival (avoids requiring the internet archives to be able to browse around for the full context as the sources disappear). Automating this should not be difficult, I can help if needed.

    Another thing, it looks like the USB stick that you use has a type-A connector only. These are not available on many newer laptops, and will be even harder to find in the future. I have tapes and discs but no way to access their data. Can you please consider using sticks with dual connectors (both A and C):
    They will also make it possible to directly connect them to phones and tablets in addition to laptops.

  6. CRM (Celtic Ricardo Montalbán) says:

    I just bought some NWNW store products, you crafty Canadian.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Mr. Corbett,
    The Odysee link above goes to “Flashback: Torture is Bad” – not “Thank You!”

  8. Marc Moïni says:

    I chanced upon this channel yesterday, which I’m sharing because I like his way of thinking and I hope people here will appreciate as well:

  9. 2-D Chess Dweller says:

    Dear James,

    From us, we thank you.


  10. Jetmab says:

    Thanks a million James!

    I have off course re-subscribed but, not because of PayPal who I have counted as gone/dead for long!!

    The have at least one office here in Ireland, have nothing just remotely close to customer service etc and, I know for a fact a large, large number of people in this country, left or simply avoided the a long time ago..

    Interesting to be part of crashing idiots… ??

  11. Nicholas says:

    Thank you James for being so consistent and thorough in your content. Time has shown you and Ryan to be on point and on the right track. Will always support you

  12. Cody Jarrett says:

    Ah shucks! I pay through Paypal, media monarchy, corbett, my VPN and protonmail ISP. Now I want to ditch Paypal and I have a problem: it’s either credit card, or crypto and I have neither. Media monarchy I pay through Patreon, which is payed through Paypal.

    I find I have become a bit dependent on the service. Any tips or advice? Ditch PP and go for a credit card. What is the best alternative to paypal in the truth community?

    • Steve Smith says:

      Here’s one idea.
      Grab an envelope, insert check or cash, affix postage stamp and mail to,

      Media Monarchy
      c/o James Evan Pilato
      P.O. Box 189
      El Rito, NM 87530

    • Duck says:


      You might try getting some of those prepaid credit cards and loading them up with cash for online stuff….the good thing about such a practice is that you CANNOT get weird recurring billing (also called “theft”) by companies you used one time because there is literally no money for them to take unless you load it on the card.
      You would need to keep track of what each card is doing though

  13. CRM (Celtic Ricardo Montalbán) says:

    I don’t think I’m going to cancel my PayPal even if they censor. I mean, I didn’t when the canceling wave was initiated after their censorship policy change ‘error’. I’m too fucking lazy, and there’s just so much I’m going to do to personally combat Globohomo. Fuck it – at some point, you just gotta’ merge with the technocratic agenda, amirite?… Do you really think I’m going to grow turnips on a farm in a dissident reservation plot and starve to death after one season of failed land production? Fuck no… I’m going to continue eating the goyslop and – who knows, if the vaxx becomes mandatory to work Anywhere, and I will be homeless as a result, let’s face it: I’ll probably cuck. I’ll take the boosters, even, if that’s the State-enforced mandate. Andrew Kaufman and William Ramsey will probably still have links to detoxification programs from the graphene nanoparticle jabbies, but am really going to microdose on borax and go on a therapeutic turpentine regime? Maybe I’ll go on my water diet when I’m fucking starving on my GMO turnip farm.
    Nope, I think PayPal just proved to me how much of a New World Order stooge I really am. Thanks, James, for showing me my true colors today…

    See all of you proto-humans on the other side… (Beep, bop, boop)

    • CRM (Celtic Ricardo Montalbán) says:

      Also, how much is HomeRemedySupply paying you under the table for shilling for them (see last NWNW), James? Just another paid-off mouthpiece for Big HomeRemedySupply, it would seem…

  14. Jen says:

    As much as I like the idea of canceling my PayPal.. credit cards (and the banks that control them) are also run by leftist globalists. I’m not about to give up using my credit cards or start carrying large wads of cash. Writing checks is still supporting banks. I think we are kind of stuck with using their payment systems if we want to be part of society.

    • tedrp says:

      Well if you want to be part of a society that controls you 24 hours a day and has zero value for you or your loved ones enjoy !

    • Duck says:


      Ok, that’s fine.

      Do what you like, but do not act surprised if one day you can not buy food because you have not had your 15th jab or refused to let the school shoot your kid up with puberty blockers.

      It’s that simple….. its basically like being dependent on a psychotic husband who plans to murder you and has all your cash in his wallet and hands it out when only he feels like it.

      But until then, enjoy Netflix 🙂

  15. yellowsnakes says:

    thanks for the offer James
    just ordered the 2009USB with the 50% discount
    what a bargain!
    I have been using cash now, after listening to Whitney Webb video with Catherine Austin Fitts who mentioned she’s using cash when shopping.

    have a nice day
    Robert A. Campbell ? ?? ☮️

    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      There is a very subtle point here. Using cash creates demand for its existence.

      Do whatever is good for you. I advise learning from our elders. They budget and use cash, for they must. There is underneath this a principle. The whole fiat money system is fundamentally broken, but at least with cash there is independence and a degree of anonymity.

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