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08/22/201828 Comments

Remember when National Geographic won the fake news award for their sensationalist fake news about the starving polar bear. Well guess who had to admit they went too far with pushing the climate change agenda? But what does it matter if everyone sees the story and no one sees the retraction? Let's explore this interesting model of propaganda and retraction in today's edition of #PropagandaWatch.

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The First Annual REAL Fake News Awards

'Went too far': National Geographic on 'true message' behind viral picture

"Climate change is helping crank up the temperatures of California's heat waves"

Won't Someone Please Think of the Polar Bears

Won't Someone Please Think of the Polar Bears on ThemTube.

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  1. james.d.b says:

    Hi James
    I’m having trouble seeing what is wrong with the polar bear vid?

    Have some polar bear habitats been negatively affected by climate change , yes

    Have some starved, yes

    Are most polar bear habitats at risk or vulnerable to climate change, yes

    What is the estimated medium term affect on polar bear population caused by habitat loss due to climate change, reduction by 30 %

    to recap

    Its not looking good for polar bears, some have starved due to the effects of climate change.

    Was that a starving bear, yes

    would one starving due to habitat loss look like that , yes

    I’d like to think you were being fair and exact but really this just looks like denialism.

    • Duck says:

      What negative impact has global warming had on polar bear habitats?
      If there is a change (which I rather doubt) then does this mean that polar bears are going to have to live in the ranges they inhabited when Greenland was inhabited by Vikings and there was much less sea ice?
      Global warming is pretty much BS IMO since there has been zero real impact in , hat, 40 years of scaremongering?

  2. james.d.b says:

    won’t someone think of the polar bears

  3. AnimalsArentFood says:

    Just like the “Department of Defense” and the “Patriot Act” (and several thousand other organizations & nomenclatures), National Geographic is the opposite of what it’s portrayed as.
    Doctoring nature footage to make it more entertaining, creating a dishonest hit piece against the 9/11 truth movement, lying about climate change and everything else in between.
    They are the opposite of the golden, trustworthy, educative organization they’re portrayed as.

    • Duck says:

      Dont forget the story of how lemmings “kill themselves” (aka ‘lets throw some rodents off a cliff and film them drowning….) which fooled several generations of schoolkids.

      • manbearpig says:

        OMG… just checked!!…I WAS ONE OF THOSE SCHOOLKIDS!! this is… I thought my 9/11 awakening was rude…

        this is just…

        I mean, not only did Disney lie…but, as you said;

        “…the animals were herded over to the bank of a nearby river and unceremoniously chucked into the water, where they drowned…!!”

        And if that isn’t bad enough:

        “…animal cruelty was tragically common. Studios had, for example, killed over 100 horses for a single scene in Ben Hur and stabbed a lion to death for Tarzan, so killing off a few dozen rodents for the amusement of theater-going audiences was seemingly no big deal…”


        even cupcakes won’t fix this…


        • manbearpig says:

          But it reminds me of another form of insidious propaganda – not the kind Mr Corbett’s exposing but

          the kind that irreparably poisons our childrens’ minds like the lemming example above:

          There are a couple of old documentaries I know of that begin to explore this:

          -Reel Bad Arabs


          -The Mickey Mouse Monopoly

          I imagine that classic propaganda tricks and spin doctoring are so much easier and effective

          when moulding the perceptions of minds previously crammed with prejudice and misconception, already infected with more or less subliminal lies and memes implanted, reinforced, ingrained into our young impressionable minds as children… and then carry on with Homeland, 24 Hours, The Americans and John Oliver…

          And you wonder how the Al Qaeda and Russian Hacking memes can get so much traction?

          Be Prepared! :

          Russia, Islam, the people, Arabs etc etc etc…

  4. mkey says:

    James, have you gotten around to mailing those dinosaur awards? Maybe dip them in some ground sugar and the ploy can double as the second coming of anthrax scare.

    I did click that youtube link and there is no wikipedia link in it for me. Which makes me think, knowing that google knows me quite well, they have probably reached the conclusion I’m too far gone for these fancy wikipedia corrections, so they don’t even bother.

    • Duck says:

      I think you are onto something… I am pretty sure there are several “parallel worlds” of Youtube comments sections since I have seen a couple of times radically different comment types with different machines

      • mkey says:

        They are probably doing some hardcore filtering.

      • AnimalsArentFood says:

        You are correct. Algorithms determine which comments will be displayed, and in which order, based on many things including who’s viewing the comments (determined using login, cookies, IP, browser fingerprinting and more) and who posted the comments.
        If you’re a ‘good community member’ (eg, your comments are rarely reported or downvoted and rarely contain ‘offensive’ words or phrases, and you have many Google+ connections, and your account is linked to a phone number) your comment is likely to appear near the top for many people.
        If you’re a ‘bad community member’, your comment is likely to be shadowbanned by the algorithm or appear very low in the comments.
        Additionally, the owner of the channel can manually permanently shadowban you.
        (For those who don’t yet know what shadownbanning is, it’s when your comment appears to have posted successfully but, in reality, you’re the only one who can see the comment; it’s hidden from everyone else.)
        Other things which may cause your comment to not appear include: comment too long, too many line breaks, a URL in the comment, unusual characters, too many CAPS, too similar to another comment you’ve recently posted, too many comments from you below the same video or too many comments in a given amount of time (eg, if you’re not a ‘good community member’ posting more than three comments in an hour can get you shadowbanned for 24 hours).
        Generally speaking, if you want a non-shadowbanned comment to be seen below a video that has many comments, post it as a reply to one of the comments that appears near the top, otherwise it will likely be seen only by the few people who sort comments by date (which is usually just bots, shills & fanboys with too much time on their hands).

        • Duck says:

          The end of Youtube is coming… anyone who wanted to keep anything on there had best use a downloader and store it locally.
          I saw before YT and I guess I’ll see it after it turns into “FaceCableTVBook” or/and goes bust.
          I still cant get Bitchute Vids to save though Grrrrrrr, need more brains.

  5. UKJC says:

    On other matters ecocidal (or not? – who knows) There appears to be an attempt to fess / muck with our seaweed. any thoughts corbettiers?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Damn! I hate hearing about this. These type of corporations always have one primary goal…$
      It is not about “health” nor the environment nor any other “public benefit” aspect.

      SEAWEED – I could go on and on about the benefits of seaweed across the boards along many dynamics.

      Why is James Corbett so smart?
      (Okay…maybe that is stretching things pretty far, but I’m from Texas. We are known for our exaggerations.)

      But, seaweed contains IODINE.
      There is a whole string of Doctors who talk about expectant Mothers who have high Iodine levels. Their children can end up with an IQ which is 20 or 30 points higher than the parents.

      Melissa Galicco goes into detail about Iodine in her book “The Hidden Cause of Acne”. Dr. David Brownstein and Dr Jorge Flechas and other researchers go into great detail about Iodine.
      QUEUED Video (about 3 minutes) IQ in children given by Dr Flechas

      Dr Sherry Tenpenny speaks to Dentists about Iodine

      Recently, for several months now I have been taking about 500 times the RDA for Iodine. Some days I give it a rest, because of the detox from Bromine and Fluoride.

      When one looks at the history of Iodine and the history of Bromine and the history of Fluoride… …it makes one wonder about a conspiratorial agenda on these Halogens.

      The history is too much to go into here.
      But as an example, in the 50’s-60’s, Iodine was put into bread. I remember in the 60’s washing dishes at a restaurant and using the Iodine rinse. Later, Bromine replaced Iodine in bread. In fact, Bromine is now prolific and even in many beverages. And Bromine can make some folks act psychotic and crazy. Fluoride and Bromine grab the body’s Iodine receptors.
      There’s much more.

  6. zyxzevn says:

    Fake news master US accuses Syria again of chemical weapons.
    Cease fire is continuously broken by “rebels”.

  7. mkey says:

    CNN’s Jake Tapper Caught Lying About Med4All – Lies Again

    Jimmy Dore throws a bit of a fit over fact checking. A long video, first 5 minutes set the tone of the whole deal.

  8. LenZoo says:

    Hey! Why don’t they just build a wall around Antarctica? (To save the Polar Bears – lol) No, I’m mean it. They are seriously contemplating the idea.

    • manbearpig says:

      hmmmmm… what are they Really trying to prop up in the Antarctic with this surrealistic prop-osition…

      “fossil fuel interests”… drilling? what are they really up to … installing unmentionable military technology? the war for the polar “cap” sea floors? pure curiosity?

      drilling images of walls into our collective psyche…?

      come to think of it… maybe they just want to access these areas before they’re all frozen over by the imminent LIA ?

      • manbearpig says:

        frozen over… I mean rendered considerably more difficult to access due to increasing cold… anyhow…

        maybe they’ve already done all this but now they have projects that can’t remain under the radar, too visible by satellite or whatever, so they have to come up with some pretext for all the activity…

        maybe I’m just an imaginative and paranoid conspiracy theorist commenting too early in the morning without having thought things through…?


  9. Siren says:

    Hey James,

    The bitchute link for this video is broken.

    🙂 just thought to say.

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