So THIS Is Where That Infamous Soros Video Came From...

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A helpful Corbett Report listener pointed me to the source of the Soros 60 Minutes video that emerged earlier this week: a collaborative investigation by The_Donald subreddit. This is a great example of the "open source investigation" model of collaborative research that I've been fostering at The Corbett Report for the past few years. So what should we be focusing our energy on next? Is there another specific, attainable research goal (like tracking down the Soros interview) that we could reasonably accomplish by combining our research resources? Corbett Report members are invited to log in and leave their suggestions in the comments below.

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  1. orion says:

    How about an investigation in to money laundering by the European Stabilization Fund (ESF)?

    • wall says:


      I have heard of a video of the Nuremburg trials that supposedly showed a Nazi testifying about its use on the Jews saying they would never be the same again. Does this actually exist? Can you give it to Corbett to vet and post?

      And Corbett, make sure it is legit if you find such a vid.

      • stevedevas says:

        Agree, this would be good.

        May I suggest another extremely important video:

        Operation Gladio, a three part series by BBC Timewatch 1992 directed by Allan Francovich

        Yes, the video is out there on the YouTube but all the sites I have come across present it in very low resolution. This is fine for dedicated ‘truthers’ like myself, and present company, but I hesitate to recommend it my mainstreaming friends who have low tolerance for substandard film text.

        Francovich’s Gladio documentary is breakthrough—definitive evidence of long term government false flag involvement—I’m sure we all agree on that.

        So the specific search question is:

        Can we locate a hi-res high quality copy?
        Like the 60M Soros report, it must be out there somewhere. Obviously in the BBC archives.


        PS While researching the date of Allan Francovich’s Gladio movie, I came across another film he made:
        Inside The CIA: On Company Business (1980) Parts 1 – 3 COMPLETE
        from this website:!topic/pepis/WrrJxcLHoDM

      • wall says:

        Oh, another good one would be the share holders in the Federal Reserve bank and the other private central banks from around the world. That would be really nice to have. Then we would get closer to who really runs things.

        • RAW says:

          The FED’s largest shareholders are the banks themselves – Citibank, Wells Fargo, BofA, UBS, JP Mrogan etc…

          “In order for any U.S. bank to belong to the Federal Reserve System, it must put up 6% of its capital stock (per the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 itself – Section 2, paragraph 3), so basically and in a broad sense the Fed is owned by its member banks.”

          scroll down this page and you’ll see a few points on subject –

  2. spa says:

    For me the jury is still out for me over Julian Assange and Edward Snowden in the light that both are avoiding 9/11 truths. The former is quoted as saying, “”9-11 Truthers Annoy Me”, while Snowdon seems to avoid it altogether, turning up pity little evidence. Given the flimsy commissioners report on what has become the grandaddy of False Flags – and now acknowledged by vast number of the public, why is there so little forthcoming from these notorious whistleblowers? And it is here I run up against a nagging question – a nagging voice keeps saying “Limited Hangout”. Do real whistleblowers become celebrities of their stature? If the powers that be see them as such a threat I’m sure they could have been removed by now. Could they both serve a purpose in the grand design of the dissemination of misinformation? But how to prove this – I don’t know. I do know it’s not a popular subject for an investigation, given Snowdon and Assange’s ‘cult’ reputations, but I’d sure like to hear other views.

    • m.clare says:

      Of several important issues that people have strong opinions on, for me, 9/11 is the litmus test. It is the line I draw in the sand. There is no credible excuse for avoiding the 9/11 elephant in the room. (I hope you are a fan of mixed metaphors).

      • Greg Bacon says:

        Anyone in the public eye who shuns 9/11 truth is either corrupted or so naive, they shouldn’t be allowed to cross a street w/o help.

        On that day which changed everything, only Israeli nationals were arrested, some filming the WTC getting attacked and cheering on the carnage, some others that were caught in a van, along with over $4,000 in cash, some box cutters and the bomb squad dog detected explosives in the van.

        One Israeli national that was being apprehended by New Jersey police said this: “We are Israelis. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are your problem.”

        The police and FBI field agents became very suspicious when they found maps of the city with certain places highlighted, box cutters (the same items that the hijackers supposedly used), $4700 cash stuffed in a sock, and foreign passports. Police also told the Bergen Record that bomb sniffing dogs were brought to the van and that they reacted as if they had smelled explosives.

        At every junction or 9/11 intersection, there was and still are American and Jewish neocons that helped set up the attack and are now protecting the lies to keep the truth from coming out.

        • Sonex says:

          Just like any criticism expressed against Obama makes you a racist, doesn’t your critique of the Israelis make you anti-Jewish?

        • ddude says:

          There was also a 4-part (if I remember correctly) news series done by Fox News that detailed all manner of Israeli involvement in 9-11. It was subsequently removed from their site as if it never existed. I think it talked about the “artists” that were actually Mossad agents who went knocking on politician’s doors. They talked about how an Israeli phone company operating in the US had (still has?) backdoor phone-tap access to practically every U.S. phone, including the president of the U.S., and how when attempting to track down Israeli 9-11 potentials, they somehow were always one step ahead of the FBI and police. Crazy explosive investigation in my opinion.

      • jeandavid says:

        Don’t mix your metaphors before they are hatched.

    • denny.d says:

      How about this piece of 9/11 history? I downloaded this from CSPAN a while ago when I was first having the wool pulled from my eyes in regards to 9/11.

      What do you all think? Worthy of an investigation?

    • Hotfoot says:

      Well said, Spa. Exactly the same thing has been bugging me for a while. It simply doesn’t stand to reason that they should behave this way. The only thing I can think of is that either A) They have been threatened that this is off-limits or B) They’re both stooges/assets/whatever the word is.

      The same thing goes for Noam Chomsky. I was such an admirer of him for so long, but his attitude to 9/11 baffled me. It’s the weirdest thing. The official narrative is so questionable, it seems impossible that these people could accept it so readily.

      Graham MacQueen nails it well in the film ‘9/11 in the Academic Community’. It seems nobody wants to discuss 9/11.

    • michael.b says:


      Very interesting points spa…and I agree totally. Not enough focus on the shadow side of things. Which I believe is the real power of this fake world.

      Interesting to note that the real launching of Wikileaks happened in major sense with the release of massive amounts of data via Bradley Manning…Manning’s releases drove Wiki into the stratosphere of public knowledge; it gets him 35 years in jail, but no one in spookdom is able to slip Assange a cancer cocktail…I beg to differ. The one thing a spook is good at is being a slimy spook.

      Coincidently Snowden a Manchurian if I ever saw one; a useful idiot at the very least. Whom makes it up to the highest levels of the NSA and with little if obviously no potential for such an art. And burps out a “everybodys being watched…” and just at the moment of an understanding of the enormous power of the Utah Data Center supposedly coming online.

      The largest and most powerful computing entity on the planet. Who some would consider to be the first AI in existence. Somewhere around the 1.5 to 4.0 petraflops of computing power. A petraflop being: one quadrillion floating point operations per second. Or in other words the processing of every email, text, phone call, and up and download in North America, every single day. And the former could be a vast understatement when considering the UDC as an, engine using all the un-used computing power of a planetary World Wide Web.

      Kids running around in so many countries; living in internet bubbles, with more computing power in their hands than what sent astronauts to the moon. Smart phone, dumb kid; smart phones being millions of times faster than my old 366 of yeras ago.

      Human brain calculation compared to computers is supposedly somewhere between the 20’s and 30’s of petraflops. I find this debatable… Personally I have observed that a lot of humans can barely get the spoon full of corn flakes from the bowl to their mouth. One could qualify the UDC by the efficiency of use, and the unused computing power of a world.

      Pierre Teilhard de Chardin predicted the creation of a Noosphere. And he should know, he was a brilliant profound thinker…and I would agree that it is here already; nearly all of us are plug into that…that Noosphere. Add google glasses 10 and God’s helmet, a sprinkling of smartdust and away we go.

      Seems I have wandered off the subject…

      Also interesting to note is how quickly he (Snowden) was speaking to every major news agency and talk show host in a microsecond, almost a preplanned op; when one understands the trouble it takes to set up a press release. And all that and barrel of stinking fish from the central Russia, and all gained from four fucking laptops… *cough*.

      Sort of a clarion call n’est ce pas, to an immoral society, from the PTB to be very, very careful, big brother is watching…always.

      It’s amazing how many have been outed since then. It’s amazing how many have become reckless, with a”Fuck it, I don’t care approach.”

      And now we can consider that the FBI might have change an American election using Assange.

    • Aron says:

      For those in favour of openly discussing 9/11 and pressing for a new investigation, I would implore that all available evidence be considered. Evidence has been brought forth by Dr. Judy Wood in a 500-page book titled “Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology”. This book can not be ignored if people are honest when they say they want to find out the truth of 9/11. There are reasons why certain people do not want to discuss the content of this book or why they want to discredit the author, but if you are someone that believes in personal freedom and the environment, the implications of what is presented in this book is paradigm shifting. A very useful companion book titled “911 Finding the Truth” by Andrew Johnson provides much of the back story to Dr. Wood’s book, and exposes many of the disinfo agents who have been thwarting the truth.

      • Hotfoot says:

        That ‘DIrected Free Energy’ stuff is exactly the sort of emphasis-shifting nonsense that drives a wedge between the evidence and the truth. A meaningful investigation into 9/11 doesn’t have to include wild theories; indeed, the evidence we have, that of the AE911 movement, is enough to go upon. Can’t you sniff disinformation by now? I can.

        • spa says:

          I have Dr Judy Wood’s and it is a compelling read. It is an natural progression based on Tesla’s work which was confiscated by the CIA/FBI relating to free energy for the people. The fact that Dr Judy Wood has been struck off Wikipedia for me says a lot. I think she struck a raw nerve and touched on forbidden areas, whereas the the AE911 movement continue to do exactly what Hotfoot accuses Dr Judy Wood of doing i.e. emphasis shifting. I have a hunch AE911 is another example of Limited Hangout at work. Why do they never mention Hurricane Erin for example?
          I also think Catherine Austin Fitts has some interesting insights into this whole area when she talks about the space bases economy:
          In conclusion, more investigation is certainly required in this area.

          • spa says:

            However, Hotfoot I do concur how the towers came down – thermite, nuclear, DEW, is secondary (another line of enquiry) to exposing the 9/11 False Flag perpetrators and bringing them to justice. I fear though we are facing mass cognitive dissonance on the one hand, and the people who could effect a meaningful action would be immediately suicided / silenced, as have many who have tried to expose this heinous crime.

            • Aron says:

              spa – If you did read “Where did the Tower’s Go?” by Dr. Judy Wood as you say (and by your previous response to Hotfoot it appears you did) you should come to the logical conclusion that thermite and mininukes could not have caused the dustification of the World Trade Centre complex, but rather are cover stories to misdirect attention away from the actual cause. You seem like a reasonable person, but perpetuating the myth regarding thermite and mininukes is counterproductive to your own stated desire to expose the perpetrators.

              The fact is, if someone is accused of murder, one has to establish how that person was killed, and there is no valid evidence that thermite or mininukes were used to destroy the towers. The only way there can be convictions (in addition to other corraborating evidence of course regarding people’s whereabouts, actions, etc.) is to prove the means by which the WTC was dustified. This evidence is presented in the book mentioned above.

              • Hotfoot says:

                I find Dr Steven Jones’ analysis of the dust samples which he shows to contain nano-thermite quite convincing. Whether this was enough to cause ‘dustification’ is not something I could comment on. Nevertheless, I find his findings interesting, and to be more valid and useful evidence than the Directed-Energy theory, of which there is scant evidence, only easily dismissible ideas.

              • Aron says:

                If thermite was a significant compound in destroying the WTC, why didn’t Jones et al. submit their findings in their legal challenge to NIST?

                Of course, there is no evidence that nano-thermite (or any other thermite-based compound) has ever brought down a major building, nor is there a proof of concept for the thermite theory.

                “Thermitic material” was found in dust samples taken after 9/11, however, this does not imply thermitic compounds were found. Constituents of thermite include aluminum powder and iron oxide. The twin towers were made of steel (iron plus a small amount of carbon) and aluminum cladding. And, there is ample evidence of unusual levels of rapid iron oxidation (rusting) following 9/11.

                Jones has asserted that thermite was painted on the steel columns of the towers. Even if this were true, that would have been quite the feat to do undetected for months from the thousands of employees in the buildings.

                Thermite cuts and melts. It does not cause explosions and therefore could not dustify the towers.

                Thermite cannot explain the lack of debris left over after the WTC destruction, all the flipped over cars, the magnetic field disturbances measured at the precise moment of the first “impact”.

                And what about hurricane Erin (Category 3 with winds up to 120 km/h) that was marching in a b-line towards NY city on 9/11 and several days prior. Why was this not reported by the media prior to and on the morning of 9/11?

                There is much evidence to 9/11 that few people bother to look in to or care to discuss. I can only surmise the reasons but anyone with true intentions to gain a full picture as to what happened on 9/11 have the option to consider all the evidence.

                Relevant videos and further reading can be found here:


    • nosoapradio says:

      “Do real whistleblowers become celebrities of their stature?”

      This very question, along with Daniel Ellsberg’s dubious transparency (as recounted by Doug Valentine) had me suspicious of Sibel Edmonds for some time. Now my doubts about her have dissipated as I’ve enjoyed listening to her sardonic syntheses and analyses and I see that she is famous only among “Truthers”, Corbetteers and Newsbudders.

      Maybe we should ask Indira Singh what she thinks. But first we’ll have to find her…

      Finally, to use a tired expression, I wouldn’t trust Snowden or Assange as far as I could throw’em.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      A lot of folks have mentioned 9/11 on this thread.
      I agree. 9/11 is the litmus test.

      I think finding the lost video from “History’s Business” would cause an earthquake.
      After all, on that video it is admitted point blank, verbatim, using the words that Building 7 was a “CONTROLLED DEMOILITION”.

      This is NOT…the Larry Silverstein “pull it” video.
      I repeat. This is NOT the “pull it” video.

      This is a video where Larry actually says “Bldg 7 was a controlled demolition”.

      Famous engineer Tony Szamboti (and some others) saw the episode.
      See my post far below with many links.

      Watch this video from our friend Plato’s Cave of New Zealand.
      It summarizes things.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Even if he’s tried to lie his way out of his admissions it’s perfectly clear to any partial or impartial observer what Larry Silverstein meant when he said “pull it” in reference to Bldg 7.

        I fear that richissimo semantic snake-charmers and masters of sophistry risk nothing with the revelation of his actually saying “Bldg 7 was a controlled demolition”.

        Anyone who would be convinced by such a testimony will be convinced by the abundance of videos and testimonies already readily available online.

        But this statement’s filmed existence does keep the genuinely curious folks who care deeply about this issue on a wild goose chase.

        As does focusing on exactly what technology actually brought down the towers (as much as I’m burning to know myself.)

        I guess I’m saying that the evidence of the crime is so monumentally obvious, starting with just dispassionately watching the towers fall, that those still left unconvinced, or willfully following Assange or Chomsky’s annoyed “who cares” and plunging their head in the sand,

        will not be moved by such a testimony as Larry Silverstein actually going back to his original version of the story.

        I’m afraid were this filmed admission to be found, those who refuse to see will buy any excuse subsequently given to explain it away.

        But may the search begin…

    • ddude says:

      I have to add my agreement with others here: it is a red flag and strike 3 if any of these guys dismiss or avoid admitting that 9-11 was an inside job. There is just way too much overwhelming evidence. I used to love Noam Chomsky, and was shocked to see his response to 9-11. What came to me quickly was that either 1) he was ill informed, 2) he’s ignorant and/or stupid, or 3) he knows and won’t admit. It was easy, based upon his history to dismiss 1 and 2, which left me with the disturbing 3rd option. No doubt about it to me now.

  3. texassumac says:

    With Jamie Dimon rising in the Trump cabinet, I would love to see an investigation into the largest bank robbery in World History, aka the Seizure of Washington Mutual by the Feds in 2008. It is a FASCINATING story, lots of suicides, mystery deaths, crooked deals, Corruption, Bizarre deals etc.

    Other suggestion, exposing the Drug War (worldwide or America specifically) for the purpose of ending the war on ALL Drugs, Substances and Nature. The war on drugs is an issue that not only encapsulates the ideals of personal liberty and freedom but also medicine, culture wars, racism, civil liberty, international government corruption, cartel gangsters and bank banksters, Industrial espionage. Literally, ending the war on drugs can bring fathers back to broken homes and fix the nuclear family, reduce crime, gain liberties, cripple government and cartel violence and resources, return to natural medicine and natural cures, cripple the Pharmaceutical industry killing millions.

    My personal belief (backed with evidence) is that the war on drugs is the single most important and wide-reaching crisis the world has ever seen. I would love to see one of those infamous 1 or 2 hour Corbett Report Podcast exposés on drugs that can be used as tool to spread over social media,etc. I think society is ripe on changing it’s mind and it needs as much information as possible to inform the “unwoken”

    • ddude says:

      I like both suggestions, but especially The War on Drugs. I too believe that it was/is an incredibly important story and is obviously, currently, a timely story to have exposed with states having regular votes to legalize marijuana. And there is now some talk to legalize at the national level as well.

  4. rberkowitz says:

    I’m very interested in determining what truth there is behind Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project ( He claims to have abundant documentation regarding USAPs (unacknowledged special access projects) involving technology obtained by contact with extraterrestrial civilizations that, were they shared, would lead to disclosing “free energy” technology. He claims that the information is kept under wraps by the same Big Oil advocates that have fueled our geo-political maneuvering for wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. What I have seen has been quite convincing, at least as much as the stuff about Pizzagate has been. I agree with leaving Pizzagate to others. This is a subject that could be profoundly beneficial, if it were true. As our paper currency faces eventual collapse, having a technology for “free energy” could make a significant difference in the way we are able to maintain our very energy-dependent lifestyles.

    • jay.z says:

      I agree that there is most likely many options/inventions with both free or (at least) near free energy that are being kept surpressed… Argubly, hemp alone as a renewable fuel source/raw material makes that point.

      But where I would caution is the “alien race/contact narrative”. Not that I’m not open to the possibility, but there is too much that seems odd with that narrative we’re being presented with by the news/entertainment media (conciousness/culture manipulators) about all this “ufo”/”alien” rhetoric… But then again, I’m open to the “elites” being potentially in contact with “inter-dimensional” beings at least as much as I’m open to them being in contact with “inter-planetary” beings as a couple of “ufologists” have argued the evidence points towards…

      Corbett did a really good report on this topic and points to the fact that the Rockefeller’s are key funders to the “Disclosure Project” and it’s (psy op?) aims (huge red flag for me).

      Here’s that report:

    • russell.w says:

      Michael Salla has insights on Greer – Rockefeller connection? yes indeed. This is why cosmicdisclosure went there own way. Very tough wading through the disinfo in this field of research, nearly impossible.

    • ddude says:

      I came to the same conclusion as the others here and see Greer likely as a sort of limited hangout type situation.

      That being said, I have personally delved deeply into this issue with the same kind of interest and time that I spent looking into 9-11, and for me, the conclusion that something is currently happening that is ET or extra-dimensional or some kind of not your normal human and their associated otherworldly craft is as clear to me as is the fact that 9-11 was an inside job. Military involvement? Absolutely. Military craft as well? Very likely. But the details are incredibly difficult to reliably determine, and there is a huge amount of misinformation/disinformation. But — unlike skeptics will tell until the end of time — there is a very large amount of credible evidence available, including physical evidence if a person is willing to take the time and effort to look.

      If anyone is interested: My current favorite research guy is Richard Dolan. One of the most reliable and detailed encounter stories is Travis Walton.

      • RAW says:

        I can’t find fault with any of your points, and I’ve been observing this field closely over past couple years (I purposely ignored it for many years)… it appears there will be loads of exposure on this in the near future. Religious belief systems will be tested and perhaps crushed? Note the Pope’s comments: I would Baptise Aliens.

        Lots of soft disclosure programs streaming in through Syfy channel, feature films, etc… preparing the masses.

        Eyes open with BS detector on high…

        • ddude says:

          Yes, many are expecting disclosure. I don’t really have an opinion as to if/when it will happen, and in a way I kind of don’t even want it to happen (officially), because I feel that if it does happen, it will likely be a little bit of truth along with a big fat pile of BS on top designed to confuse, distract and mislead people for the next 60 years.

  5. mktbwisdom says:

    A compendium on what presidents have said while campaigning and a record of what they failed or succeeded in delivering while in office.

    Responsible uses of technology vs. irresponsible. I feel like if the newer generation could see example after example that technology is a double sided sword it might help a few people to slow down in being excited for the next new phone updates and maybe people might think twice before every electronic contract they sign.

    L. Ron Hubbard -I can’t believe that this is still such a money making enterprise. I think most thinking people can see it’s a scam but perhaps more light could be shed on the darker connections.

    Maybe a deeper look into the strategies being used to divide the alternative media.

    James! The fact that I had to strain a bit to think of something is a testament to how thorough you have been.

    • michael.b says:


      Xenu who 75 million years ago brought billions of his people to earth in DC-8’s, stacked them aound volcanoes and then killed them with hydrogen bombs.
      How much more light do we need? I think he is certifiable…mucho times.

      And old Tommy Cruise just sucks this up….too funny.

      • mktbwisdom says:

        I kind of thought the same thing and I guess the population at large laughs at the whole thing but I would love to see an expose go viral and cause the whole thing to collapse.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Scientology’s leader, David Miscavige, prohibits anyone from looking on the internet and researching any anti-Scientology stories. They use propaganda, extortion and blackmail to enforce “policy”. (e.g. you will be excommunicated and forfeit higher levels… and you will lose all your friends/family who are involved in Scientology… and you will be assigned grueling slave labor amends for researching… or hired goons will make your life hell.)
      Fewer and fewer folks are now involved in Scientology, but the ones who are involved are continuously milked for money.
      Actually, Dianetics and Scientology have some tidbits of successful techniques or ideas, but these are melded with other false shit. Hubbard stole many interesting concepts/techniques from others over the years, but meshed them with bullshit.

  6. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hi James and Corbertt community.

    There aren’t many organizations over the next 5 years that will play major part in influencing the world, as ISIS or Muslim Brotherhood.

    I suggest an open investigation on Muslim Brotherhood… and for the following reason.
    1)It is what is controlling Turkey today, and it is also “part” of NATO.
    2)It is rapidly growing in size in Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Gaza, Turkey, Yemen etc etc. (all the major hot spots)
    3)It is a major pawn in the delivery of the New World Order.

    I did a primitive research, and so far i got the following:

    Freemason lodges were established in the middle east after WWI, however it was not very successful as people viewed it as “christian thing”

    Around 1924, Freemason lodges were closing down in the middle east, and few years later, Hasan AlBana (father of Muslim Brotherhood) established the organization in London around 1928. Some research i viewed indicated that Mr. Hasan AlBana was Freemason lodge member.

    If we can figure this one out, it will further proof that the concept of Single World Government is not a crazy idea, and it will also point to some “secret organizations” that are driving this agenda.

    As a born Muslim, i can confirm to you that the teaching of Muslim Brotherhood is very far from what Islam is all about.

  7. clear_w says:

    Possible subject for open-source investigation.
    We know that the US Inc. is now a corporation.[never authorized by the People or Constitution]
    Find and publish the “US INC. Incorporation Charter” that would expose the owners [controllers] of the corporate oligarchy that usurped our Republic and substituted a corporate/fascist democracy.
    Great work Jim!

  8. Olivier says:

    Here’s another desaparecido video, a documentary actually, produced by Iraq weapons inspector Scott Ritter who in 2001-2002 was giving talks around the country (the US that is) saying to whoever wanted to hear it that there was no substance to the Bush era WMD claim.

    “In Shifting Sands: The Truth About Unscom and the Disarming of Iraq ”

    Trailer available, with some remarkable statements starting at 06m05s :

    Ritter ended up stepping in an FBI child abuse trap. I’ve been looking for the full documentary on and off, but haven’t been successful. There was a torrent online some five years ago:

  9. nosoapradio says:

    “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” – James Warburg

    In order to better understand elite-created and controlled opposition in view of creating world government,

    I’ve always fantasized about a real investigation into the foundation by James Warburg, financial advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, member of the Council on Foreign Relations (whose father was banker Paul Warburg, “father” of the Federal Reserve system)

    of the Washington DC based-

    Institute for Policy Studies

    that quickly included Noam Chomsky, Students for a Democratic Society, the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers.

  10. mkey says:

    I’m personally not that much interested in the latest scandal, orgy, psycho run amok, probable false flag event etc. These guys can produce that kind of news on a whim and it takes time and money to investigate any of it while there is a relatively low chance for reaching coherent and definite conclusions.

    For example, wouldn’t it be great if we knew who exactly did, say, 9/11. Was it Bush (not the idiot president offspring, but his father) or maybe Chaney or Rumsfeld? I wouldn’t stake anything on the possibility that Rice or Giuliani had any key roles in it, they’re mere bootlicks. Was it a combination of these people and probably someone else in the background, somebody who may have a played key role but a person of sorts we have maybe never even heard? Would knowing change anything on a large scale?

    I mean, we have videos of current and ex state officials ADMITTING to TREASONOUS behavior and nobody (media nor the vast majority of the people) bats an eye lid. How could an exhausting research into such matter produce anything of solid, lasting value? People are not only indisposed when it comes to looking for the truth, they’re blind to it, completely numbed out.

    Not to mention that these key issues have been so convoluted I’m willing to bet anyone anything we won’t ever find out the truth, unless people responsible start spilling their guts. One would need a magic wand to sift through all the fake leads and Easter eggs in digging to the root of such issues as 9/11, JFK or WW2. Quite a lot of time has passed since these occurred, cold leads got even colder, eyewitnesses lost their recollection (or lives)… I do find these issues to be of paramount importance, but I don’t think we can manage to bring any one of them to a conclusion.

    What I am interested in currently, something that’s been sitting on top of my head for a while, is the liquid fluoride thorium reactor. If what little I managed to gather about this topic is true, that would mean LFTR can lead to very cheap energy for the whole of humanity (past the R&D costs which would be in the trillions, but what isn’t in this day and age) as a force which would usher in a new industrial revolution (hopefully jumpstarting a cultural revolution too, one which has been on the backburner for a while now.)

    It would also result in tremendous shifts of geopolitical energy, something of which I can’t even begin to fathom all the implications. LFTR could basically mean almost free energy, sans the aliens.

  11. Ruby says:

    Hi James,

    Great inspiration! I would love to get the entire video archive of all the Church Committee testimony. All that is available on GooTube is little clips. I believe something called the WPA film library has it but they seem to have a strange system where it’s cut up in little tiny numbered segments. This testimony is something anyone should be able to watch freely and in its entirety!!!!! If anyone has any clues about this please let us know!

  12. Mark K. P. says:

    my suggestion for an open source topic ; not the whole history of who runs the world, but a focus on two specific families who pop up everywhere in relation to the City of London finance imperium, though books don’t seem to get written about them in the same way as Rothschilds ; Cavendish Dukes of Devonshire and Cecil margraves of Salisbury. I mean diachronic down to about WW1 or the Lord Salisbury government shortly before, whence they are quite well documented in Carroll Quigley’s two important books. It’s all very well to blame Jews as par excellence in financial scams, but these Brit houses of doom preceded even Rothschilds. Anyone else interested ??

    • Nick Sikorski says:

      A little late, but I thought I would comment anyway. I like your idea: any attempt to examine Role of the British in the construction of what we now refer to as the NWO would be eye-opening. Quigley obviously gave us a lot of information but his work is badly in need of being updated. Also, the notion that the U.K., not the US, might really be the centre of world power is often alluded to (by James, and by professor Kovacevic on Newsbud for starters), but without ever giving much evidence…

  13. Aron says:

    An excerpt from the book “911 Finding the Truth” (available for free download online: Kindle, pdf, ebook, audio book):

    “So, the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) theory has a huge uphill climb in order to be perceived for what it is; namely: A clear, direct, frontal confrontation on whether or not the USA is a free republic or an entity being run by secret forces having the general label of Military-Industrial-Complex? That is the underlying question that DEW theory presents and very few people want to deal with it. Small wonder the reaction to it is so visceral. So, challenges to DEW are primed to be successful based on an “anything but that” predilection among people of all persuasions, even among what might be called plain-vanilla truthers.”

  14. Octium says:

    I’d really like to locate an old war documentary that I watched on line about 8 years ago but I have not seen a reference to since. Unfortunately I didn’t download it at the time or note down its title.

    It was on the subject of the build up of weapons before WW2 and indicated that WW2 had been planned by the powers that be ever since the end of WW1.

    The subject matter would be nothing unusual for alternative documentaries today, but it would have been way ahead of it’s time back when it was made. Looked like it was produced well before the 1970s, perhaps even in the 1950’s

    I’m Kicking myself for not realising the significance of it at the time, but then again I was looking into lots of different things back then.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Here is a Kahuna “Open Source Investigation”.

    On “History’s Business” of the History Channel, Larry Silverstein said World Trade Center Building 7 was a controlled demolition.

    He used those words “controlled demolition”. (This is NOT the famous clip where Larry says “pull it”.)

    We need the missing episode of History’s Business.
    Wiki “History’s Business”'s_Business

    Go to the 6 minute mark of the interview with Tony Szamboti.

    See this 911blogger Thread.
    and some here

    Basically, we are looking for a copy of the History’s Business episode with Larry Silverstein discussing the new Freedom Tower.

    More links

    Just guessing…perhaps this clip might be part of the missing episode.

    I had emailed Dr. Geoffrey Wawro at UNT around 23 Dec 2014 asking if he knew anyone who had VHS copies of “History’s Business”. He replied: “I’m afraid that I do not know…..too bad, as I agree they were very interesting shows! Happy holidays!”

    Some other 9/11 Researchers had tried different places…such as the closed captioning places for the History Channel, but licensing agreements prevented disclosure.

  16. amjamiediggins says:

    Hey James,
    thanks as always for your fine efforts. In response to your requests for ideas on “open source investigations”, how bout WTF is going on in India. You know, just every day mild mannered banksters (and their cozy friends… the politicians) exploiting about half of India’s 1.25 BILLION dirt poor?
    Seems there is nothing but crickets from MSM… no big deal, the entire nation ground to a halt.

    I’ve been following this story for the last week or so and no one seemingly is aware. Seems right up your alley.
    James, I’m not a bleeding heart liberal, but I find this just disgusting. One of the poorest nations on the globe, where people don’t have electricity, and for most, not even plumbing, they typically buy food daily in markets due to no refrigeration, but markets are closed. This has been going on for a week!

    Thought you might be interested… couldn’t happen here, or there… right?
    Peace, Andy

    • roger.k says:

      I second this. Was it just a case of sheer stupidity or is there something else going on..

      • nosoapradio says:

        Well, wish I had time to look into this…

        wonder if he’s got anything to do with this demonetization:

        Surjit has taught at the Delhi School of Economics and worked at the Rand Corporation, the Brookings Institution, World Bank, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank. In 1996, he moved back to India to found Oxus Research and Investments, a New Delhi-based asset management firm.

        “…While at Oxus, Dr. Bhalla has also served on several committees of the government of India, … He is on the governing board of India’s largest think tank, NCAER.

        • nosoapradio says:

          Well actually Virmani’s the chief financial advisor to Modi and is the Indian representative to the IMF:

          Arvind Virmani was nonresident senior fellow in the Global Economy and Development program. Previously, he served as chief economic advisor to the Indian government and executive director of the International Monetary Fund. His research focused on the Indian economy, policies for growth, economic development and global governance.

          Masters and PhD Economics Harvard University

          And then there’s the current Governor of the Reserve Bank of India who’s also listed by RussellW below as being on the Board of Directors of the BIS, Urjit PATEL.

          Cashless society: dry run on India ?

  17. marvin says:

    Subject to investigate: John McCain’s treasonous propaganda broadcasts for the Viet Cong during his time in captivity. Various servicemen in Vietnam reported hearing Radio Hanoi broadcasts of apologies, confession from John McCain. Recently someone finally found copies of those from the Library of Congress! They had been miss-labeled placed in the wrong folders and not found previously. We should hear these recordings and a history of when they were made and used and also go into how this neocon idiot was the most stupid student in West Point but was only allow to enter and graduate because his relative (grandfather?) was famous. (also, are his failing grades available?)

  18. andy.c says:

    I would love to see an open source investigation on the growing earth theory vs. Plate tectonics theory and how it may relate to the abiotic oil theory, which may in turn relate to the powers that control the historical view of planetary formation.

    New science is potiencially being thwarted to hide the fact that oil my be very prevalent. To hide this fact, you must then subvert planetary formation science and on and on….

    I find it all very interesting.

    Let’s talk about it

    Great work my fellow Canadian

    • amjamiediggins says:

      Hi Andy C, Andy D. here to your South…SW USA.
      I’m a huge armature science student! From astrophysics to plate tectonics… I’m just one of those sick minds that loves to learn hence I never stop reading!
      I’ve never heard of the “abiotic oil theory”, thanks for a new bunny hole to explore, politics has become so damned disgusting!
      Speaking of disgusting, I ceased my subscription to Scientific American in 2001 due to their sickening bias and drifting into social engineering. Truly sad that science is no longer a discipline based on peer review and tested by replication of results.
      Peace, Andy

  19. BuddhaForce says:

    Will offer up my muckrock account to file FOIA requests for you guys/gals.

  20. roger.k says:

    We should try to obtain the raw MH-17 ATC recordings and the primary/secondary radar data.

    We know they exist but they could be hard to find. However the ATC/Pilot voice communications are transmitted in the clear, over a wast area, so there could be some radio-amateur or tech enthusiast who has a recording. ADS-B OUT data could also be interesting

  21. dnspedersen says:

    Hey all.
    As a Scandinavian I would like to have an investigation into the murder of Oluf Palme (Swedish prime minister)in 1986. The police have tried to solve the case for years and years now without getting any closer.
    This it what I know this far:
    From the Corbett report on gladio a and b, that cia had the task to start a gladio group in Sweden.
    From global I know that the Ronald Reagan administration had an incentive for ordering such an hit.
    That a Swedish eyewitness should have pointed out an cia agent on the location and time of the murder.
    I think the case is clear enough, but it would be nice with a smoking gun. ?

  22. bewell says:

    Suggestion for open source investigation ~ How this election was a mirror image of 9/11, as the results were reported on 11/9, and how it was a false flag operated by the very same deep state group. Essentially, in this instance, this would be considered a Likud Party coup (reported slyly as a “counter-coup” by Dr. Steven Piecenik and also slyly by Sidney Blumenthal as a “coup” by the Russians with the FBI). Kevin Barrett reports on much of this on his “noliesradio” you tube site. also breaks this down as well. Webster Tarpley may also have some helpful info to contribute. Some key conspirators involved: Rudy Giuliani, Sheldon Adelson, Stephen Bannon and Jared Kushner on the American side (with coaching from Dick Cheney) working with Netanyahu and Yossi Dagan on the Israeli side. Dagan had a Trump campaign office operating in the Israeli settlements in the West Bank. Other “players” may include Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Joel Pollak (senior editor at Breitbart) and Boris Epshteyn.

    Mark Crispin Miller (NYU professor) has bravely reported on rigging on behalf of Trump on Russia Today (via Lee Camp). Also, Steven F. Freeman (U. Penn professor) has posited rigging by the Trump campaign.

    On an esoteric/occult level, predictive programming from The Simpsons and Back to the Future (there are other examples) clearly predicted Trump as president…

    Also, notice how all the cabinet positions nominated by Trump are gentile staunch Zionists (while also being anti-semitic)? Would have to connect back with Theodor Herzl and why Zionists believe anti-semites to be their greatest allies. Trump was instructed to keep the obvious Jewish hard-core Zionists out. Trump’s cabinet, in effect, would serve as the gentile mirror image of the jewish Likud party cabinet in Israel. Both serving as ultra-nationalists and as a true united “USrael”. Essentially, a Trump presidency would represent a de facto Israeli government. Hope this is making some sense. There is much more information to be gleaned…Much more information on the Likuds most likely leaking all the DNC info to Assange via the Mossad to the FBI…Keep in mind, most everyone would have had to be compartmentalized so that they did not truly know they were working for Israel. Also, the Mossad have blackmail info on most US government personnel (including Obama) – as well as Trump and his family. Consider also the parallel with the dancing Israelis from 9/11 and the recent partying in the Israeli settlements because their candidate, Trump, won. Apparently, they were instructed by Trump aides to be more discreet and “curb their enthusiasm”. That would make it too obvious! Please know that I am Jewish (non-Zionist) and I consider Zionism to be a political movement not a religious movement in any way. This would echo a fellow commenter above who mentioned he is Muslim, but that the Muslim Brotherhood (created by CIA/MI5) represents political Islam, not religious Islam.

    While it seems the Zionists have targeted criminals like Hillary and Bill, Podesta and Soros (and this does benefit everyone), it is still serving as a distraction from their own criminality. This is kakistocracy in action!

    If it could be “proven” (through collective open source investigation!) that there was an Israeli coup of our government through a false flag election (had already been a soft coup through AIPAC for many years), then perhaps a Trump win/presidency could be nullified?

    • bewell says:

      So, looks like Admiral Rogers (head of NSA) may be the lynchpin. He just met secretly with Trump (reported in mainstream media), and made secret visits to Israel to work with unit 8200 of the IDF as well as other Israeli intelligence. Apparently, intimate cooperation between the NSA and Unit 8200 has been ongoing for decades.

  23. russell.w says:

    I’d like to see/create profiles, detailed profiles, of all board members of BIS – Bank for International Settlements. The head of hydra monster that is central banking.

    The BIS Board of Directors

    Chairman: Jens Weidmann, Frankfurt am Main

    Mark Carney, London
    Agustín Carstens, Mexico City
    Luc Coene, Brussels
    Jon Cunliffe, London
    Mario Draghi, Frankfurt am Main
    William C Dudley, New York
    Ilan Goldfajn, Brasília
    Stefan Ingves, Stockholm
    Thomas Jordan, Zurich
    Klaas Knot, Amsterdam
    Haruhiko Kuroda, Tokyo
    Anne Le Lorier, Paris
    Fabio Panetta, Rome
    Urijt R Patel, Mumbai
    Stephen S Poloz, Ottawa
    Jan Smets, Brussels
    François Villeroy de Galhau, Paris
    Ignazio Visco, Rome
    Janet L Yellen, Washington
    Zhou Xiaochuan, Beijing

  24. ddude says:

    Hey Guys,

    Recently bumped into something that had never come across my radar. It is regarding BP, The Deepwater Horizon oil “spill?”, and apparently the synthetically created self-replicating bacteria nicknamed Synthia that was used, in addition to Correxit and whatever else, to allegedly clean up the spill. Looked into this a bit and it seems to have some credibility. Folks are tying Synthia to these strange flesh-eating bacterial infections that people have had and quickly die from after swimming in the Gulf beaches in general and especially around Florida. The more I look, the more credible and disturbing the potential ramifications of this situation becomes – as if it weren’t bad enough already. It seems to me to also be a dangerous story to pursue, and there was an interviewed oil expert who died the same year as his interview – coincidence? Maybe. Since the beginning, I felt there was something really fishy with everything surrounding this spill, especially with all the military involvement securing areas. I guess what I’d like to see in particular is to just bring some real, credible, and visible light shined upon this situation in general so that folks know that something previously unknown to most of us actually happened in secret here that potentially affects every one of us.


    (missing page):

    a lot of information and analysis here from 2010:

  25. Sonex says:

    This topic might not be as interesting to many, but it is practical none the less. How can we best wean ourselves off of oil as an energy source? I know of two technologies, which certainly reduce consumption:

    Can other technologies be suggested? How can we go about bringing them to fruition?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Interesting technology in your link!

      Here is one viable, cheap energy solution which aligns extremely well…
      …with the philosophies of agorism/anarchism and independence of the average Joe, including facilitating alternative independent scrip currency,
      …with organic food production,
      …with increasing food production (plants, livestock, fish),
      …with destroying the oil industry and also destroying companies like Monsanto,
      …with cleaning up the air (it cleans pollutants out of the air) and also inhibits pollution of oceans/rivers,
      …with natural pest control,
      …and many more benefits.

      The more a person studies this, the more they recognize it is one of the best solutions which anyone can apply.


      Here David Blume gives an agoristic approach to ending the petro-dollar.

      An anecdote which is currently being done on a large and also a small scale:
      During the distillation process of alcohol production CO2 is given off. This can be fed into a greenhouse to accelerate the growth of plants and to also kill off the bugs. (Note: Greenhouses sometimes will purchase a CO2 machine for this purpose.) The mash left over from the alcohol production can be fed to fish, which in turn can be sold commercially. The fish poop can be used to fertilize the greenhouse plants.

      Here is an average guy who made a still which produces about 100 gallons a day.

  26. m.clare says:

    June 21, 2016, I attempted to submit to the CBC a link to a utube video that was recorded on the cell phone of a gentleman in the UK. My comment to the CBC was censored. The Utube video has since been removed:

    The video showed a dozen police vehicles arriving simultaneously in the street of a housing community where there was a man sitting on the sidewalk. The man was, allegedly, extremely dangerous and yet the “police” were paying him very little attention except to occasionally walk up to him for a casual chat. The man who recorded this event went on and on about the fact that there were “no blue lights”…. None of the dozen or so police cars had their blue beacons on.

    The suggestion was that the event was blatantly staged by people acting as though they were The Police to mislead the public in some way.

    Has anybody seen this video or know what I’m talking about? That I was unable to submit the video to the CBC and that it very quickly dissapeared from Utube leaves me wondering precisely what it was that I was not supposed to see.

  27. mammique says:

    I think it would be a good idea to have a ticket system like the ones used in Open Source Software development to fix and track bugs. You James (or maybe other members) can open a ticket about a simple task to be achieved, and anyone can contribute at anytime, and eventually close the ticket once the goal has been reached. IMHO the most popular software to do so is Redmine, I can help if you’re interested in deploying it somewhere:

  28. m.clare says:

    The Fifth Estate (CBC) aired a show called “911 The Unofficial Story”. It is still available on youtube but it is glaringly absent from the show archives:

    I offer this as yet another example of information that is burried AFTER being released. I can’t imagine how much information is censored without ever having seen the light of day.

  29. Sonex says:

    James – Ever heard of Robert David Steele? Here’s his site:

    He’s also a proponent of open source everything.

  30. Ragnar says:

    There’s a topic that I’d love to see explored. It involves an inventor, Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway. A device he created back in the 1990’s called the Solar Flower. A solar collector that provided a LOT more power then a typical solar panel. As a matter of fact, two solar flowers could power a typical home (his estimation). But, all reference to this has been scrubbed from the Internet…

    I saw a 60 minutes (it might have been 2020) piece where they interviewed Dean Kamen, toured his house and discussed both the solar flower and a water purification system he’d invented. The solar flower intrigued me because for 33 years I’ve been paying power companies inflated prices and I have come to loathe them. So after seeing the interview, I went to Kamen’s site and signed up to be notified of further developments in the solar flower technology (during the demonstration he said they would have the technology on the market within a year). I continued living and eventually forgot about it. Years later, the kid that created the solar death ray reminded me of the solar flower, and I went looking for info on it. Dean Kamen’s site had no information, and surprise, the interview was scrubbed from YouTube and any sort of archive site I found…

    During the demonstration of the solar flower, he showed the power the panels were collecting by putting a 2X4 at the collection point. The wood burst into flame! But the interesting thing is he’d developed a means to harness this intense solar energy. I can only assume someone, or some group, bought the rights to this, and hid it. But if they did that, then it means the technology could benefit us, the 99%. Maybe it could help individuals break the slave chains that tie us to these power monopolies? Either way, hiding this information has only gotten me more curious. I tried writing Dean Kamen’s company email (from the web site) and never received a reply.

    Might this be a worthy investigation topic? Finding and replicating this device. Then putting the plans up on the Internet for all to download and use?

  31. m.clare says:

    Death of an ex-Premier

    – PC’s were in power in Alberta for approx. 40 years
    – Prentice insulted Albertans and the NDP were elected in 2015
    – NDP introduce carbon tax austerity measures to Alberta
    – A year later, Prentice is killed in a plane crash

    Was he flapping his gums? Did he threaten the wrong guys?

    Has anybody found any inconsistencies with the official story?

  32. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Another possibility for a “open source” or group endeavor idea is something which Mohawk Man had mentioned.

    A limiting factor in the trend towards agorism and anarchism is the nomenclature. Confusion surrounds these terms. They are not popular.

    I think that a new, more approachable term needs to evolve; a term which in itself helps to relay the concept. And an easily understood, newly created, more fulfilling definition.

    As Corbett well realizes, the newly created nomenclature in a society’s literature helps in shaping that society.

    What a creative method to change society…change the nomenclature.
    The “Powers That Shouldn’t Be” did it with “conspiracy theorist”.

  33. graviv says:

    I don’t think any discussion of 9/11 can be relevant without acknowledging Hurricane Erin. Let’s talk about directed energy and weather weapons….
    AND how the same energy that can dustify can also stupefy. This goes along with what Judy Wood noticed: people have lost the ability to think and/or they have lost the courage to face the implications of their perceptions.

    Thanks to all of you,

    • Aron says:

      You know what you speak of Joy. Thanks for the link on the dangers of WiFi radiation as well.

      One only needs look at what is being hidden, who is being marginalized and ridiculed, to determine where to start looking to uncover the Big Lie behind 9/11. Hurricane Erin is one piece of the 9/11 puzzle not reported by the media on the morning of 9/11 and the days leading up to it.

      Information about the Big Lie is but a mouse click away. Using logic and critical thinking, it becomes obvious that the destruction of the WTC was caused by a directed energy weapon. For anyone who may refute such a statement or think it utterly ridiculus, I understand, as I felt the same way before reviewing the evidence.

      The implications of getting directed free energy technology out to the general public would change our society for the better forever! This is the reason the powers that be have been trying to hide this information and misdirecting people away from it. Many working in tradtional energy businesses (e.g., oil and gas) are likely afraid of this technology getting out as well but I would implore they think about the direction our society is heading and re-evaluate their thoughts.

      To anyone out there wanting to delve into this matter, here’s is a short write-up on the topic:

      Finally, I found this quote from the book, “9/11 Finding the Truth” on the topic of Directed Energy Weapon that I found quite apropos to this issue:

      “So, the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) theory has a huge uphill climb in order to be perceived for what it is; namely: A clear, direct, frontal confrontation on whether or not the USA is a free republic or an entity being run by secret forces having the general label of Military-Industrial-Complex? That is the underlying question that DEW theory presents and very few people want to deal with it. Small wonder the reaction to it is so visceral. So, challenges to DEW are primed to be successful based on an “anything but that” predilection among people of all persuasions, even among what might be called plain-vanilla truthers”

  34. Gwen says:

    How about investigating Max Spiers’ death?

    British conspiracy theorist who was found dead in Poland texted his mother days before his death: “If anything happens to me, investigate”.
    He died after he “vomited a black liquid”.
    At that time he was investigating an alleged pedophilia ring, his mother said he was “exposing who was dangerous in the world of government and the entertainment world”

  35. danielspink says:

    Hi, I don’t think anyone mentioned it in this thread yet, but I’d love to see an investigation to give definite proof about Julian Assange being dead or alive (or maybe renditioned.)

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