The Paris Terror Attacks: An Open Source Investigation

11/14/2015271 Comments

by James Corbett and the community
November 14, 2015

A series of attacks in and around Paris on Friday night left 129 dead and 352 wounded. The attacks included three explosions at the Stade de France, a siege of the Bataclan theatre, and shootings/bombings at restaurants throughout the city.

French President François Hollande did not waste time in blaming the attacks definitively on the Islamic State. In an address to the nation on Saturday he declared: "It is an act of war that was committed by a terrorist army, a jihadist army, Daesh, against France," adding, "It is an act of war that was prepared, organized and planned from abroad, with complicity from the inside, which the investigation will help establish." His speech did not indicate how he knows what the investigation would conclude before it was conducted.

ISIS, the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria that is fostered, funded, armed, equipped and trained by the United States and its Gulf allies, plus Turkey and Israel, have reportedly taken responsibility for the attacks.

Five of the attackers have now been publicly identified, and another, Salah Abdeslam, has reportedly been taken alive in Belgium after a confrontation with police. There are now thought to be as many as 20 accomplices who were involved in the events. At least one of them was reportedly already known to French security before the attack. The suspected "ringleader" of the attack, Abdelhamid Abaaoud (who had miraculously evaded a police dragnet in Athens in January) is being touted as the link between ISIS leadership and operatives in Europe. A raid on a suspected terrorist apartment in Saint-Denis may or may not have ended with Abaaoud's death.

The French government has responded with a series of actions, including declaring a state of emergency and locking down the borders, shutting down all public facilities in Paris, conducting over 150 raids across the country and beginning a series of airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria. France is set to propose a suspension of the EU's Schengen Agreement on open borders at a summit this Friday.

President Hollande is now calling for French Parliament to amend the constitution:

Mr. Hollande called for quick action by the Parliament on new legislation that would give the government more flexibility to conduct police raids without a warrant and place people under house arrest. He said he would seek court approval for broader surveillance powers. And he called for constitutional amendments that would give more weight to security measures relative to civil liberties.

Much has been made of a Syrian passport allegedly recovered from the vicinity of the body of one of the gunmen. Greece's deputy minister in charge of police, Nikos Toskas, issued a statement asserting that "The holder of the passport passed through the island of Leros on Oct. 3, 2015, where he was identified according to EU rules," but an unidentified "US intelligence official" told CBS News the passport may be fake, citing incorrect numbers and a mismatching picture.


The attacks were preceded Friday afternoon by bomb threats against the Gare de Lyon railway station and the Hotel Molitor, where the German national soccer team was staying. Friday also happened to be the day of a "multi-site attack exercise" in Paris that included "police forces, firemen, EMTs, and others," according to Patrick Pelloux, an emergency physician and former Charlie Hebdo columnist who had also been mobilized in response to the Hebdo shootings in January.

Meanwhile, SOFREP is reporting that the attacks were known about in advance, as French national police were meeting with "the German BKA federal police and BND federal intelligence service to discuss an imminent pre-planned terrorist attack in Paris" two weeks ago. This information lines up with newly released details of an arrest of a 51-year-old Montenegrin that took place on November 5th in Germany. The man was reportedly found to be transporting AK-47s, hand grenades, TNT, and was apparently headed to France.

Iraqi intelligence, for its part, warned French authorities of an imminent attack and provided specific details about the operation that the French government has yet to make public. This includes the claim that the attack was planned in Raqqa, Syria, the Islamic State's de facto capital, and included 24 people, including attackers and accomplices.

News about the attacks and international reaction is still coming in. Corbett Report members are asked to supply links to relevant information and contribute to its analysis in the comment section below. This article will be updated as that information is compiled and discussed.

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  1. nosoapradio says:

    I’d like to hear from MAMMIQUE soon.

    • mammique says:

      Hi nosoapradio 🙂 I live in Toulouse, I experienced very closely the draft version of this event in 2012 with the Merah case which was the biggest of that kind at that time. I had enough information at that time to think of a false flag, so a friend and I went in front of the city hall with a panel saying Merah = Inside job during a pro-palestinian demonstration against the visit of Netanyahu. I saw a tough tall French-Arab guy coming from the other side of the square (he wasn’t part of the demonstration, just passing by) and stopped straight before my face and say “What do you have against Merah!?”. He didn’t understand English so he was very angry because thinking that I was blaming Muslims. I explained him what an inside job was, then he calmed down and said “Ha, OK, you are right, I was in the same prison and same cell as Merah, I saw the guardians forcing him on drugs and indoctrinating him with wahhabism every day!”, and he left right away… Synchronicity!

      About Paris, sadly most of my friends and family there no longer talk to me because I’m a conspiracy theorist, they summon me regularly, and never want to hear what I say (culminating with the Charlie Hebdo case). So I have no direct information, just the TV like you guys. My friends at Meta TV in Paris (the freest French alt media) are down because the animator is at hospital, so no fresh real time analysis with people on place. But we’ve just officially launched the international version of the TV that will make live events with Q&A questions with real time dubbing translation in English, I’ll propose to set up a show ASAP, I hope with Alain Benajam (associate of Thierry Meyssan, both co-founders of the channel).

      Strangely, I had the Bill Hicks sentence saying that “life is a choice between fear and love” resonating in my head for years, I didn’t know what to do with it. But, inspired by this Mark Passio’s slide, last week I took the initiative to print stickers saying “Préparez-vous à choisir entre l’amour et la peur” literally “Get ready to choose between fear and love” and I’ve stick hundreds all around the city. I hope this synchronicity was helpful on few minds, whether it be only one.

      I’m leaving to Thailand in 15 days to establish a voluntarist village, maybe I won’t come back to France if the escalation continues, they are all calling for war against Assad on TV…

      • nosoapradio says:

        Hey Mammique! I’m glad to hear, that contrary to Jacques Brel, you’re alive and well and living in Toulouse! We don’t want Toulouse you! Your activism takes great courage. What a strange Merah story! I’m getting some mileage out of your documenterview series. The sound volume of the videos on line seems to be deteriorating though. If I could leave France I would. I know how it feels to lose friends due to one’s disturbing interpretation of world events. But I’ll keep on trying to choose love over fear. Good luck with your voluntarist village! Keep us posted!

      • NotDole says:

        Hmm that’s a first to me, everybody is blaming ISIS right now where I went around on the internet, it’s obvious Assad did not do this, nothing to gain from that. Fake syrian passports are an expensive commodity last I heard. Some idiots might say that, but I doubt it will happen, the Assad controlled territory is under Russian protection.

  2. Corbett says:

    CIA Director Brennan Met With French Security Chief Before Paris Attacks – Report

    …but this is an extremely vague and tenuous “linkage” which by itself proves nothing. If anyone’s interested in watching the full hour-plus public panel on “The Shared 21st Century International Mission” here’s the YouTube video:

    I am assuming there is no “smoking gun” here, but would be interested if anyone has anything else to report on this.

  3. Nick Sikorski says:

    Hi James,

    I live and work in Paris but was out of town yesterday with some colleagues. Around 2 pm one colleague got an SMS saying that we might have to spend the night out of town as the Gare de Lyon (the train station we left from and would be returning to in the evening) was locked down with everyone evacuated due to a bomb scare (which in itself isn’t very rare: it sometimes seems as though every random cardboard box warrants a bomb scare in France, but did seem to be on a much bigger scale than usual). By the time we left in the evening everything seemed to be back to normal and we got into the station without any incident. So, the question is, was it a training exercise or a warning of what was to come..?

  4. sahid.miller says:

    Just wanted to mention, Jihadi John was reported dead not even 24hours before this happened.

    Hard to imagine a link but who knows what the media might spin this as. A retalitory attack is a favorite hand-wave of theirs. I’m not trying to preempt them or jump to conclusions but there were articles like the following published earlier this year that might imply a different narrative if it comes up as a possibility in the next news cycle.

  5. qainiratha says:

    This happened right at the beginning of the Vienna “peace” talks about Syria:

    Not proving anything ofcourse, but context is always important I think.

    • Corbett says:

      You are correct. I think the final article will have to reflect how the attacks influence the talks. Let’s keep an eye on what happens in Vienna as a result of this.

      • greengirlnine says:

        this attack has had a profound effect on people here in britain, when i was out and about today so many people were talking about how scared they were, that these attacks are going to to come here ,i have never seem the public react in such a fearful way even when the i.r.a B.S was at its height .so the government here will have little problems carry out its next stage in the total slaying of syria and the middle east , just after poppy day when the nationalist conditioning is still at its height ,if they had intended to scare the shit out of people here = guess what its worked .

    • Broc West says:

      “Reuters citing sources close to the investigation said the passport was found near the body of one of the suicide bombers”.

      See everyone, a Syrian passport = ISIS! Case closed. Nothing to see here.

      Imagine if they made buildings & planes out of the same materials that they use for these magical seemingly indestructible passports.

    • NotDole says:

      Well, while there is a lot of foreigners in ISIS, Al-Nusra is mostly Syrians, from Aleppo and the Aleppo metro area. I think all commercial flights to Damascus will be halted, hell, you can still take a flight from New Jersey to Damascus on some middle eastern airway.

    • mik says:

      When going on a mission like that you surely wouldn’t take any ID nor any things that might be connected to your person. Very simple reason. You don’t want your closest to be maltreated by police. You might be a monster but not to your closest. And of course even the smallest piece of information might help BigBrother state to discover other participants of the plot.

  6. mammique says:

    Fight against the Islamic State: The Charles de Gaulle [French aircraft carrier] will weigh anchor the 18h of November.

    13th November 2015:

  7. candideschmyles says:

    It seems to me in my decades observing the tactical machinations of the Gladio mindset that informs deep state methodology that compartmentalisation is key to its successes. In conjunction with the Saudi wing the creation of the wahabbi/ salafist ideology is the perfect vehicle for creating genuine hand on heart deniability. The hand is unseen on the chessboard. But there is no game without it.

  8. Jason says:

    Do you think this will influence the COP21 in any way ?
    Taking place at the Stade de France in 2 weeks ?

    • LiquidEyes says:

      I’ve been wondering about this but from a different angle. Surely with such a large gathering of heads of state swooping in soon security personnel would have been in Paris months ahead of time securing Paris. Also, how did all that Orwellian surveillance apparatus and strict gun control work out for you, France and the Western world at large? Not much, it seems.

      I would love to know if there were security operations going on at the same time which mimicked the attack as that seems to be a hallmark of false flags in general. I’ve heard it took two hours for the state to mount a rescue operation in the Bataclan theatre and that the gunmen reloaded several times. It goes without saying that if French citizens were allowed to carry firearms the attackers wouldn’t have been taking their time slaughtering people in the Bataclan theatre.

  9. jeffalten says:

    What was strange yesterday in the lead-up to the big killing events in France is that we rcvd a text from a friend earlier in the day about what was going on in France because we have good friends who live there. We went to Fox news to get the scoop and the only thing that had happened at that point was the guy in the vehicle that stormed the American company with a beheaded person in the vehicle that injured two people. I was thinking at the time, “what is the big deal, why all the media coverage for just this?” To me it seemed like extreme overkill coverage. There is probably a person killed somewhere in the world every 5 minutes but a light is never shined on those unfortunate people. To me, this may have been a case of the media purposefully shining a light in the general area of France only because they knew something else way bigger was about to happen.

  10. wasif9 says:

    The timing seems convenient, just as the only french carrier sails into Mediterranean this happens. A perfect pretext to attack and ISIS conveniently took the responsibility (ya we did it, please come save us).
    I am guessing they’ll act quickly before to many details come out.

    • NotDole says:

      There might come a positive for France to become more active and “vengeful” in bombing ISIS, they might not blame Russia for helping out anymore (they meaning NATO).

  11. f-blakely says:

    Just like in the Boston Bombing – the supposed perpetrators are known to some government body

  12. p.kokesh says:

    Surely a mind-screw and diversion for the television audiences! Look what they are NOT reporting:

    Very, very sobering…

  13. BennyB says:

    The timing and location is beyond convenient. Surely this is the latest most dramatic solo on the war drums calling for further intervention in Syria. My question is, what are the specifics geopolitically of the focus on France in particular? As I said, the timing is convenient, but with the Charlie Hebdo attacks, this is clearly part of a broader French 9/11 style campaign to stoke fear and pave the way for a ratcheting up of the security state and justification for France taking a more active role in the “war on terror”. Is this a.); “come on France, you need to pull your weight in this fight”, perhaps b.); “we want in on the latest rounds of the war on terror”, c.) a little bit of both, or d.); none of the above? Thoughts anybody?

    • Mark K. P. says:

      yes it’s a good point. This has to be all about Assad and Putin, synched with the Vienna talks. Looks like Anglo-Venetia wants as many vassal boots on the ground (including aircraft carriers) as possible in Syrian zone, to maximize pressure against Putin and his perhaps genuine effort to wipe out all the terror groups opposed to Assad, which are considerable Anglo-Venetian assets, built up over many years with co-operation from the Saud + Zion scum. That would reduce the pool of portable terrorists to the motley crew still being funded/trained in Libya — but many of those already committed to the Syrian fight too. The removal of Allen by Obama may be a complicating factor here, since his successor *might* take attacking IS seriously.

      I saw something recently about the problems of co-ordinating U.S. / Russian cooperation fighting IS. So that they don’t fire on one another i mean. The basic language problem. Perhaps this is too simplistic, but maybe the more and merrier different languages deployed in and over Syria the greater the chance of some “accident” occurring between the ostensibly co-operating big powers, at Russia’s expense, naturally. Presuming that the Anglo-Venetian end game of the moment is to salvage as many portable terrorist assets as poss. for future deployments in a city near you . . .

      • NotDole says:

        Putin offered Assad to leave for Russia in 2012 to the US.

        Which makes your assertion not false, but the US seems like it has no strategy at all. even the NY Times called Obama’s strategy incoherent and hallucinatory…some edgy words for an almost de-facto state media.

  14. brtanner says:

    Mike King at Tomato Bubble – – is speculating that the 11/13/15 Paris attacks are foreshadowed by the two arrows with numbers on their tails (11.5 – 11.3) at the feet of Alice in Wonderland on the creepy 2015 Economist Cover.

  15. BennyB says:

    I just stated this somewhere else, but it’s worth stating again: For every time I hear the words “Paris Attacks” in the coming weeks, I’m going to make the words “Moderate Rebels” inescapable like crappy pop music. I’ve already been stressing this, but it really is worth putting it on repeat whenever the topic comes up. I’ve found it to be one of the most effective phrases to make my point when I discuss the subject. It’s such a transparently ridiculous concept that it’s virtually impossible to argue with.

  16. nosoapradio says:

    “Germany’s police last week seized weapons and explosives of the kind used in the terror attacks in Paris at Austria’s border, it has emerged…The weapons cache was seized as the man was using the Salzburg Munich motorway driving on his way to Paris.

    German authorities informed their French counterparts after finding the stash on Thursday…”

  17. Alain.Graulus says:

    Hi James,
    According to witnesses some of the terrorist drove a grey VW polo with belgian licence plates. That car was rented by someone whose brother is an ex-syria fighter. The MSM here (Flemish) tell that they arrested several people in Molenbeek (Brussels).

  18. qainiratha says:

    2nd suspect may have crossed Greece:

    “Second Paris attacker likely to have crossed Greece – gov’t sources

    A second man suspected to have been among the attackers in Paris on Friday is very likely to have entered Europe though Greece, Greek government sources said.

    Earlier, a Greek government minister said the holder of a Syrian passport found near the body of one of the gunmen who died in the attacks in Paris had passed through the Greek island of Leros in October.

    “It is very likely that a second suspect also passed through Greece. The investigation is continuing,” one of the sources said.

    (Reporting by Renee Maltezou, writing by Silvia Aloisi; Editing by Kevin Liffey)
    by cassandra.garrison 10:43 PM”


  19. mammique says:

    Times Of Israel:

    Just Friday morning, security officials in France’s Jewish community were informed of the very real possibility of an impending large terrorist attack in the country…

  20. bladtheimpailer says:

    As always with events of this nature the first question is cui bono? Then I look at the list of false flag qualifiers such as: were all the attackers killed in the event, did the attackers fortuitously leave behind evidence (passports are great proof) to their identities aiding the beneficiaries of the event, did the authorities know of the suspects or have any contact with them, did the authorities have fore knowledge that an attack might be immanent and a few other causus belli which is what Hollande has called the attacks, an act of war; which under article five of the NATO articles means other NATO nations may take actions to protect their ally. This may be the beginning of a threat against Russia to get outta Dodge before sundown?

    When events like this (false flag I’m certain) take place I turn to a couple of sources The Corbett Report and Tony Cartalucci (nom de plume of ?) at the Land Destroyer blog. which is leading with two written pieces on these attacks of convenience.

  21. silverpalomino says:

    The ever-present passport found with the pieces of the guy who blew himself up at the stadium was traced back to Leros in Greece but many questions still remain…

  22. mammique says:

    A drill for first responders happended in the morning (English subtitles):

  23. jeffincincy says:

    Unfortunately, most people have already let these headlines skim over their consciousness. Are you people here, as smart as you are, OK with that?

  24. Bilejones says:

    The Times story above includes this Gem from Hollande

    “It is an act of war that was prepared, organized and planned from abroad, with complicity from the inside, which the investigation will help establish.”

    A phrase that perfectly descibes Hollande’s war crimes in the bombing of Damascus, No?

    • NotDole says:

      I’ve been out of the loop a bit, news wise, since finally we have many good news in Canada with Harper gone and a lot of his policies and laws going down the gutter and Trudeau had even the balls to tell Obama, who called him to give his congratulations, that he was pulling Canadian F-18’s from the Syrian skies right away. And there’s no more F-18’s flying the skies all the time since he’s in power, that’s a stress causing event that was almost daily 2 summers ago when all of NATO was practicing over Labrador and coming to refuel in the ABF in my city. Yeah, often people think, we’re safe here if there’s war, there’s nothing of importance to bomb, then I point to them that we’ve got an air force base right in the city borders.

      But, what, direct attacks on Damascus? I thought that was off limits (except for Israel and their bombing was actually very specific the times they did it, unlike what they do to gazans.

  25. BennyB says:

    What’s up with the incredibly high quality passports these terrorists always seem to have, which maintain such pristine condition and high visibility every time one of these events happens?

    “Why risk letting someone else claim responsibility for your suicide bombing? Get your official Islamic State Associates passport laminate and ensure your martyrdom credit today. It’s slim fit design is stylish, yet tough enough to withstand the strongest blasts. Plus, with our patented In-Cite GPS tracking technology, you can be sure that authorities can quickly locate your passport in the midsts of the carnage and debris, ensuring your information is on hand and ready to go in time for early press briefings.

    Don’t hesitate, order your Islamic State Associates In-Cite Passport Laminate today.

    At Islamic State Associates, violent jihad isn’t just a principle, it’s a way of life.

    All jokes aside though. It seems that the standard false flag anomalies are all in play. Again, just a question to the community here: any thoughts on how it is that uncovering some of these details can be used to expose this event to the general public for what it is? Or is it possible that the array of overlapping events, drills, and early warnings will serve as a clever obfuscation to keep those in the conspiracy theorist community sniffing around in the debris instead of presenting the most compelling evidence to a skeptical general audience who will all too easily be conned into accepting the “official narrative” propaganda?

    Obviously, I’m not suggesting this critical open source investigation shouldn’t be taking place, but I think it’s worth keeping a certain amount of self-awareness going on in the background and not overlook the possibility that we’re getting wrapped up in the elements which have been strategically left with the intention of throwing us off the trail and not making the best efforts we can to get out in front of the propaganda. How and whether or not that’s actually possible is a separate matter which ought to be part of the discussion here. Just some thoughts…

    • Man of the World says:

      I’m going to start research into using passports as a building material for earthquake proof buildings. I reckon I could make a fortune these things seem to be indestructible.

    • NotDole says:

      Fake passports are still a thing indeed.

    • NotDole says:

      French people are typically not reactionaries, remember the priceless face Nutsnyahoo had when he told the a congregation of regular jewish french people in a synagogue “to move to Israel where it’s much safer” Then they started signing the Marseillaise.

      In recent times, the French and the Russians are 2 people who suffered the most from war, at least in the European sphere, obviously.

  26. clarke_404 says:

    Interesting piece here with a Charlie Hebdo survivor narrating that “as luck would have it drills the envisaged this very situation were taking place ” on Friday 13th

    The Russian Plane crash was on Halloween was`nt it?

  27. jeff2 says:

    A few ‘coincidences’ I stumbled upon this evening:

    “BREAKING: Death toll from Paris terror attack rises to at least 120 with 270 others injured
    2:44 PM – 11 Nov 2015”

    “The Bataclan theater, targeted in Friday night’s Paris terror attacks, was Jewish-owned for decades, but was sold two months ago, its former owners said.

    Pascal Laloux, one of the theater’s former owners, said Saturday that the theater was “sold in September after 40 years.”

    His brother Joel, the co-owner, told Channel 2 that they sold the theater on September 11”

  28. Octium says:

    Wondering if Australia has been used again for a trial run for this event?

    Image of Lydnt Cafe in Martin Place Sydney (Location of 2014 Sydney hostage crisis)

    11 months after almost to the day…Image of Le Carillon

    Also an article about Prince Charles wanting to visit the Lindt cafe where the Sydney Seige took place (at the same time as the event in Paris?)

    • xirrad says:

      One similarity I noticed was that following the Sydney siege, one of the typically awkward talking points the media dwelt on longer than seemed norma was the call to “not let the terrorists change who we are”. That’s probably a common one following these things, but I noticed on RT this morning that the same rhetoric is coming out now regarding the Paris attacks

      ‘Don’t let terrorists change who we are’: France attack vigils held across US

  29. NotDole says:

    “A radio reporter, Julien Pearce, who attended the concert, described the attackers as calm and determined, telling CNN they had reloaded three or four times.” A radio reporter at the Death Metal show. Doesn’t seem very “Allahu Akhbar”-type to me going lalallalala, but professionals. Have the attackers all been killed or some captured? I imagine none captured, he could start talking…

  30. nosoapradio says:

    Thank heavens these photogenic and articulate France 24 journalists such as Charlotte Brehaut have such flair when choosing where to dine or we wouldn’t have such perfect inside descriptions of these gory events!

  31. michael2 says:

    This video came out 1 to 3 days before:

    Very suspect, smells of fore knowledge.

    But most important…. how did the “all knowing all powerful” surveillance states miss this coordinated attack?

    Bollocks again shitizens… USA just attacked the EU…

    • BennyB says:

      Exactly, Michael…

      That’s why we need to give them broader power and more sophisticated surveillance technology. Only then will they have the tools they need to keep us safe. As you said, absolute bollocks.

  32. Myers says:

    As is so often the case, there is a numerological element to the story:

    The cover of The Economist for the issue of New Year 2015 raised some speculation about the apparent cryptic meaning within the strange collage. Have a look, it is pretty weird, I think anyone would admit.

    The prominent numbers (on arrow quills at the front -the only numbers in the whole piece) are 11, 5, 11, 3 . Now take the numbers 1,1,5,1,1,3 and try -using all those six numbers, to make as many different dates from this year as you can. How many combinations do you get? I get one and one only.

    • wsredden says:

      Upon hearing of the event on Friday night, I turned CNN on (without the volume) while doing other things. For many hours–from the time I “tuned in” around 2100 EST until at least 0100 EST Sunday morning they were “reporting,” on their largest banner, the headline: “At least 153 dead in shooting rampage,” or something to that effect. When I woke up on Sunday morning, the number had changed to something else.

      The immediacy and specificity of the 153 number surprised me, given the chaotic nature of the event, before I even considered the date or the fact that it was Friday the 13th.


      I liken both this issue and the passport “dropping” as the equivalent of the perpetrators flashing two middle fingers up in the “international community’s” face. “F___ you! We did this, and what do you say?!”

      • nosoapradio says:

        I also have the impression that not only do they take no pains to cover their tracks but they go out of their way to leave their signature and that, like you said, this is a “finger flip” to the growing numbers who recognize this signature.

        Yet no one in my entourage will accept to see these commonalities. I believe the vast majority will not recognize this signature.

        It’s as if these terrorist perpetrators know that the majority don’t see because they’ve CHOSEN not to and that no amount of evidence will open their eyes and that though the number of the “awakened” is growing, the percentage will always remain manageable.

        That’s the infuriating impression I have sometimes but it could just be…stress.

        We’ll just have to keep doing everything we can to make the percentage of the “awakened” unmanageable for them.

        A good day to you wsredden! and now back into the hamster wheel with me…

        • BennyB says:


          Great comment. I feel similarly that in some ways there’s an opportunity in the fact that people have become so conditioned by the propaganda that the deep state makes very little effort to try to obscure or cover their tracks. While this is frustrating, I see an opportunity. Once people do start to become “awakened” as you put it the evidence of these fabrications will be so abundant that, given the right push by people like us, the numbers could potentially become unmanageable indeed.

          For the time being, as I stated here earlier, I’m not letting a conversation go by where I hear “Paris Attacks” go by without mentioning “Moderate Rebels”. For those who aren’t quite yet “there” enough to handle a more complex explanation of what really happened, this is an inescapably valid talking point which, even before these recent events, I’ve found some traction with in my conversations with those half asleep. The good news is, the “half asleep” part. For so many years after 9/11 I felt like I was screaming at a comatosed army of Rip Van Winkles, tossing and turning in their sleep, yet unable to be aroused from their slumber. We’re not there yet, but I feel that there is somewhat of a shift in “consciousness” of the public at large and it’s our responsibility to use our knowledge of what’s been going on to present the most convincing evidence on a case by case basis. I like how you put it:

          We’ll just have to keep doing everything we can to make the percentage of the “awakened” unmanageable for them.


  33. leslie says:
    •BATACLAN, subst. masc.

    These events are happening to draw our attention to the divisiveness of symbols and language, allowing us to label someone as “not us” — an enemy not worthy of the brotherly love due to all humanity.

    The theater in which the shooting event took place was The Bataclan, a word that means “a group of objects (attirail) that you don’t want to bother giving a name to. The attirail is generally a group of “objects necessary for war.” If we do not name these things, they will continue to kill us. Search for the name of the band performing in the theater. That is an eye opener too.

    BATACLAN, subst. masc.

    Fam. Attirail encombrant composé d’objets dont on veut se dispenser de donner le nom :
    atirail « ensemble d’objets nécessaires pour un certain usage (spécialement la guerre)

    • NotDole says:

      Ouais, I cold have told you that a Bataclan was a bunch of crap you want to get rid of. But before you get ahead of yourself, it also fits the name of a club where Death Metal bands would play.

  34. webmaster says:

    I see that my screen name is “webmaster”. I need to say I am not this great website’s webmaster.
    I want to put this here for consideration:
    A Critical Analysis Of The Terror Attacks In France by Lenon Honor

  35. mik says:

    Kerry’s attempt to make profit out of this tragic event on Vienna Syria talks on press conference when journalist asked about Assad. Starts at 35:30 to 42:00, but I find particularly interesting orwellian-twisted logic at 38:10 to 38:50.

  36. atmosphere17 says:

    Iraqi Intelligence Warned France of ISIS Attack Day Before Paris Assault:

  37. Journey says:

    Interesting data posted by Reuters in 2013:

    “France’s military budget as a percentage of GDP has been on a steady decline over the past 50 years, and is currently at approximately 1.5 percent, compared to 5.44 percent in 1960.”

    This post refers to a Defense White Paper, which was released the next day and can be downloaded here:

    A kind of French version of PNAC’s Statement of Principles? haha

    James, I had a quick look at it, but I’m sure you can do a much better analysis, so I’ll leave it up to you 🙂

  38. Journey says:

    Interesting data posted by Reuters in 2013:

    “France’s military budget as a percentage of GDP has been on a steady decline over the past 50 years, and is currently at approximately 1.5 percent, compared to 5.44 percent in 1960.”

    This post refers to a Defense White Paper, which was released the next day and can be downloaded here:

    A kind of French version of PNAC’s Statement of Principles? haha

    James, I had a quick look at it, but I’m sure you can do a much better analysis, so I’ll leave it up to you 🙂

  39. xmytslowx says:

    Greetings Corbett Report members,
    My name is Brandon Shields and I believe I can clean some of this mess up for you all.
    This is for you as well James.

    First we must always follow the money to find out who funded these attacks because we already understand who coordinated them. However, upon my examination of trying to follow the money I hit a brick wall. I decided instead to follow the weapons and found grueling details.

    A military installation in south eastern France was robbed, the bounty was four grenades along with 180 detonators.

    The truth is the weapons that ISIS has in use are mostly American arms, it would make sense the perpetrators did not want the US to be tracked back into this attack so the arms used were that of the French government itself. I do not believe this was a false flag attack however, it was the result of the united states government trying to involve another country in the war to help against Russia

  40. xmytslowx says:

    This attack however is very significant because all the people who were killed seem to have local positions and roles of importance. Some were on different councils and or are related to some ambassadors or diplomats. Either way, it is likely this is a fear tactic being used on those who have been vocal against the US. This is just another way to add another more complicated layer to the already hard to define war. I wouldn’t be surprised if the french start similar programs to homeland security because of this.

    This is only the beginning however and I believe it is all part of more indoctrination to make the world a safer more united place. For the time being there are plenty more details to be raised in the coming days and weeks, however food for thought arises when you think about how one can be a suicide bomber and yet his passport can remain intact.

    My email is to anyone to may wish to contact me in the future. I believe there’s even more to this story than what meets the surface. Take a close look at which stocks in the market rose. Take a look at the the recipients who benefited from these attacks. When more funding is given to these people to prevent the next big horror, we will understand who just might of been behind it.

    The people of the country voted overwhelmingly to not extend the anti terror budget yet they did anyways

    Keep an eye on the defense companies of France and see who makes the most money from their new found budget and involvement.

    Good luck James and other fellow members

  41. brtanner says:

    Very good episode of 21st Century Wire’s “Sunday Wire” with Mike Whitney, Vanessa Beeley, and Gearóid Ó Colmáin covering many aspects of the geopolitics around Syria that bear on “The Paris Terrorist Attacks(TM)”

    One major point raised is covered in another article on 21Wire – – in which they look at Dr. Patrick Pelloux, a “survivor” of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, now a “first responder” to the Paris attacks, and a statement he made in the aftermath, “But even more interesting are comments Pelloux made on France Info radio, admitting that a “multi-site attack exercise” (i.e. a drill) was already on going during the attacks.” w/audio of Pelloux.”

    Activist Post also has good coverage, one an article by Tony Cartalucci on intelligence links to the attackers/players/patsies,

  42. Trudy-Alan says:

    Steve Beckow of put out an item; “Wikipedia has Full Coverage of Paris Massacre Less than Two Hours after the Event” You can find it at
    Points out thorough planning prior to the events, if you chose to let the timing and the subtleties persuade you in that direction.
    Foreknowledge under every rock!
    with thanks.

  43. atmosphere17 says: Saudi Schools in Paris Teaches Violence

    and to add to this^ former MI6 head Richard Dearlove here is quoted as saying that social exclusion of Muslims in parts of France are unprecedented

    So France does arms deals with Saud, who then supply al-Qaeda/ISIS with the arms in Syria, while France also provides arms to terrorists in Syria, while Saud also preaches terrorism in Parisian schools while France has unprecedented degree of social exclusion among certain Muslim communities… all of this then coupled with the fact that the sweeping national security/intelligence powers adopted after Charlie Hebdo were “unable” to prevent this attack, and of course the cui bono of France now exploiting the atrocity for further militarism im Syria and further sweeping security powers at home

  44. mammique says:

    François Hollande in 2008: “Governments fabricate terrorists”

  45. atmosphere17 says:

    Iraqi intelligence warned of ISIS assault before Paris attack

    “Senior Iraqi intelligence officials warned coalition countries of imminent ISIS assaults just one day before last week’s deadly attacks in Paris. They forwarded to the US, UK and France a dispatch saying the group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, had ordered an attack on coalition countries fighting against them in Iraq and Syria, as well as on Iran and Russia. He specified that the attacks should come,”through bombings or assassinations or hostage taking in the coming days.” The Iraqis had no specific information on when or where the assault would take place.”

  46. whateverittakes2 says:

    Hi James,

    This 10-minute interview on RT succinctly explains the false flag scenario and the larger picture–definitely worth listening to.

  47. greengirlnine says:

    i do not think calling the attacks in paris a false flag operation is very helpful .yes i think they are (but lets face what is the point of preaching to the converted on here), but most people do not see the bigger picture they just see dead innocent people who could be them or there sons or mothers its best to let the dust settle a bit , and ask the question why no body( in the msm ) is talking about the cause of the massive destruction of the middle east the wars based on lies, and who really gains from these event ,because no islamic group does, i hate to say it but its been a long process of social mind control that goes back over a 100 years to what aim i really dread to think ,but the end result is not the point– its right v left its muslim v the world and that old friend of the insane collective fear ,we must some how stem the tide of fear by gently telling of a higher truth

  48. minnie says:

    The Bataclan had hosted fundraising events for a group that supports the Israeli Border Police, according to this article in the JTA:

    In October the theatre hosted 500 Zionist Christians in a meeting to support the State of Israel. These events reportedly led to numerous threats.

    The Bataclan was owned by the Jewish Laloux family for 40 years until September 2015, when owner Joel Laloux sold it in order to emigrate to Israel.

    The Eagles of Death Metal, the American band that was playing in the Bataclan on the night of the attack, had played in Tel Aviv in July.

    It’s interesting to note the Satanic symbolism on the cover of the Eagles of Death Metal’s latest album, Zipper Down, which they were promoting in their tour. The woman on the cover is making the “Devil’s horns” sign with her left hand – see

    Satanic symbolism isn’t unusual in heavy metal, but it does make me wonder whether a message was being sent, especially as the attack took place on Friday 13th, two days after Armistice Day and in a Shemitah year. Maybe it was conceived as a bizarre blood sacrifice.

    • mik says:

      Eagles of Death metal music is not metal especially death metal at all. I have heard a story that they were joking when they choose the name. I’ve been at their concert years ago and found them one of the most entertaining bands ever seen. Lots of jokes, wonderful contact with public, they receive several bras (women were delighted). I hope this horrible event won’t affect them too much.

      • minnie says:

        I’m not pointing a finger at them personally, in fact I was going to add that to my original comment but it was getting too lengthy. Musicians in the rock business are often puppets of their management and there are so many people involved in the whole chain from production to making the booking who could have been involved if there was a deliberate symbology element to this.

      • VoltaicDude says:

        It’s important to remember that the actual motivations behind false flag events are not the motivations of the patsies. The patsies (“Muslim Terrorists”) just provide an opportunity to present a false logic that perpetuates a divide-and-conquer dynamic.

        What are the stereotypes of death metal – go head, jot down a quick list before you read-on/link-on:

        Eagles of Death Metal

        Riot Fest Interview: Eagles Of Death Metal
        (Jesse Hughes and Dave Catching)


        7 memorable quotes of Jesse Hughes AKA Boots Electric

        An intimate moment with Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes of EODM

        Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme meet Kerri oh no!!!!.mov

        Bckstg con Eagles Of Death Metal

        Do these interviews fit the stereotype?

        Irreverence, satire and true independence from the aesthetics of the police-state, all these qualities breakdown the shackles of socially induced fear and internalized slave mentality.

        Perhaps the date of the ’05 Paris Attacks was set by other considerations.

        And perhaps the venue was selected by what was available that day – a worthy target of the NWO, someone breaking down barriers and stereotypes – an example that would adequately confuse, distract and deceive even most of us that reject the mainstream story.

        Death Metal, as a stereotype, is a powerful social tool, especially in the northern European market.

        Mold-breaking irreverants and satirists are enemies of the terrorist police-state.

        • Jason says:

          Eagles of Death Metal has nothing to do with the genre ‘Death Metal’. Its a side project of Josh Homme Of Queens of the Stone Age. Its simpley tongue and cheek Rock n Roll.
          I would focus more on the owners (previous and new) of the Bataclan venue.
          The old owners who were Jewish and hosted many pro-Isareli military events sold the venue on September 11th 2015 (too obvious) to none other than investmnet firm Lagarde, whose largest limited partner is Qatar holdings(Qatari sovereign wealth fund.)
          The fact the Eagles played there is merely a coincidence in booking planning, As bands schedule their tours well in advance.

    • drvanhall says:

      The supporting weapons supply come from The US, Saudi Arabia and all of the other Arab royals because ISIS is 95 % Sunni muslim. The US has had a iron bond with all of them since the 1950s. My late uncle started the Saudi airforce in the 1950/60s. Then he worked a CIA contract to nurture the relataionships with all the royals. Meanwhile the CIA gathered terrorist cells to create havoc in Russia. Go find the book by Ian Smith “A mosque in Munic. Also the late Robert Welsh, founder of the John Birch Society in the 1960s wrote “The seed are set for an islamic revolution inside Russia-which ment CIA sponsored terrorism. Russia waited for a couple of years while the US and alies did little to stop ISIS. Finally Russia went in and destroyed targets that the US and allies were avoiding. Obama is complicit is support of ISIS as he deliberately does not give any intelligence to Russia. Also, Its in the news that when Russia went in and destroyed ISIS/ISIL targets Obama and New Wor d Order friends and the US CIA complained Russia was destroying their assets (meaning Russia was killing terrorists the US did not want to kill. Now, check the news that Russia has started an investigation into who supports ISIS. Dr. Ronald Cutburth, engineering scientist, intelligence expert.

      • drvanhall says:

        As the US is in conspiracy with all Sunni muslims (saudi arabia and all the other mid east royals), one must add in all other Sunni connections. Consider Turkey, as a predominantly Sunni controlled country was rushed into NATO by the US, and turkey is a supplier of the ISIL and the Free Syrian Army. Also check who are in the Free Syrian Army to find they are really Sunni citizens of Syria. The US has supported and armed them all along. The goal of the US has been to topple Assad who is essentially a Shei muslim, as are Iran and the Hezbola of Lebanon. I opine the evidence is clear that Obama and the US senate are the supporters of terrorism making the US a key State sponsor of terrorism since the 1960s. Its just kept out of the newssince the US new world order controls global news. Even when Turkey committed genocide against Amenians, not much in the news. When Cambodia committed genocide it was not in the news. Thus if the US got its way, Assad would be out and the Shei muslims would be slaughtered.

  49. LiquidEyes says:

    Land Destroyer is reporting that French security intelligence were tracking the militants for some time before deciding to do nothing about it

  50. bocegueda says:

    So, here’s my take. France now has its New Pearl Harbor. Now they can call on NATO nations to come and assist in the bombing of ISIS in Easter Syria. They just got rid of the bothersome legality of having to be asked by the legitimate government to come and assist on the attack against ISIS. They can now bomb to their black heart’s delight. This was the modus operandi of the US after 9/11. However, I would think, I’m not a lawyer, that if can be demonstrated that the nation who asked for assistance participated on, or aided and abetted, the attack, that the other nations of the organization are not obligated to assist the miscreant. I believe that the French attack will also be, eventually, shown to be a false flag event.
    My question is, would it be a good strategy to throw our full support and energy to the demand for a new investigation of the 9/11 event by the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth truth and the Pilots for 9-11 Truth? They already have all the evidence needed. If they could get a venue to carry out this investigation, in an European country perhaps, like the Netherlands, somewhere where the threat is palpable, in full view of the populations, that may be enough to snap people out of the seemingly hypnotic trance they seem to be. Then the French gambit could also be exposed as a hoax and fellow nations would be off the hook to go into Syria and cause further mayhem.

  51. diggsta says:


    Some things I noticed, without reading through all other comments before. Will do that later.

    I watched cnn on saturday at around 3 pm berlin time, and surprisingly Mr. Bernard Kerik was announced to be interviewed a little later. I tried to find a way to record the stream and failed, but the interview seems to have been skipped. Maybe cnn googled a bit more and saw that they themselves noted earlier that he was a convicted felon.

    As is probably known already, as I think Tom Secker laid out in his latest 20-minute podcast, one of the attackers who appeared to be going about his rampage more versed than the others, managed to flee, the implication being that he was maybe not (just) simply a hot-headed islamist.

    The conveniently placed passport was bothering me. The comparison to the 9/11 passport didn’t seem very apt, because here the attacker might have had the wish to make himself known because of the ideological motivation. Wouldn’t have helped to just shoot around and die without any message (apart from the probably faked claim of responsibility by is). But since it was discovered that the passport is definitely fake, I suspect that it was placed there by someone else. I have not since found any evidence of it belonging to any of the attackers.

    What about the attackers names?! I haven’t seen any names in the news… except one or two of suspected “masterminds”.

    What bothers me most is this: how can this be truly a false flag, when it would require to send people on a suicide mission with them knowing what they would be up for, as opposed to 7/7 for example, where people would have been sent around London with backpacks not having to know what’s inside? Could they have been drugged or hypnotized maybe? What reasonable explanations remain?

    I’m also a little on the fence about all those reports that iraqi or other intelligence suggested there will be an attack, because they didn’t really specify it very well. As I heard, the attacks could have been in any of 3 countries, making it a little difficult to prepare really. Even if paris was singled out in the reports, it would be too large of an area to really give value to any prediction.

    Just one thing here from germany seems noteworthy too: The vice-chancellor just said on german state radio that any talk of war or art. 5 of the nato-pact would be superfluous. Gives me a little hope that not everyone is going totally crazy, although german politics is generally very externally-controlled.

    • Corbett says:

      Hmmm…it seems good old Google Translate isn’t letting me read this because of the site’s cookie policy. Any help for a non-Dutch speaker, or does anyone have an English article with equivalent info?

      • taxpayer says:

        I used, but the result isn’t too clear. Hope a Dutch-speaker will assist:

        [SNIP – Thanks for that, but someone else posted the Google Translation so I think we’re good. James]

      • nosoapradio says:

        Google translate:

        ‘Mastermind behind attacks’ roared IS magazine: she let me commit

        Robin Weaver – 11/16/15, 14:47

        © Dabiq. Abaaoud, last February in IS-glossy Dabiq.

        Belgian and French intelligence had him for months in their sights. Yet it could Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the possible mastermind behind the attacks of last Friday, just take its course. In fact, he bragged about it in IS ‘favorite magazine. . © Dabiq.Abaaoud in the February issue of IS glossy Dabiq.The perpetrators of ParisWhat is known so far about the perpetrators of the attacks in Paris? Faithfully put the names and the hitherto known facts in this article at a glanceIt is almost inevitable that the Belgian and French intelligence ever encountered in recent months by the same name. Abdelhamid Abaaoud was already a time known as the most important jihadist from Belgium, told an unnamed senior French officials Monday to news agency AP.The attacks on the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish supermarket last January: Abaaoud was involved, according to AP. The fight with police in the Walloon city of Verviers, a few days later too. Prevent the attack on the Thalys to Paris in August: Mathews Abaaoud. Prevent the attack on a Parisian church: you guessed it.And then the attacks last Friday. Abaaoud was the mastermind behind it, Reuters news agency reported Monday. French intelligence services deny that now whether he is the mastermind, remains to be seen. But Abaaoud spread from Syria engaged in jihad in Belgium and France, which seems hard to deny. Even if it was only because he himself has told about in Dabiq, the glossy IS.”They knew me already ‘”The intelligence services knew me already because they had me already put in prison,” he explained dryly in an interview in the February issue.Under his nom de guerre Abu Umar al-Baljiki he did in telling that story candidly about a raid by the police in Belgium. Probably he is referring to the raid that made the police after the Charlie Hebdo-attack on a house in Verviers. That was indeed a ‘safe house’ for his brothers, he says. “After they found out that I had been with the brothers (who stayed in the house, red.) And we had together planned actions.” . My name and photo were ‘all over the news, “and yet I could safely stay in their country and operations plans against themAbdelhamid AbaaoudAbaaoud was no stranger in Wallonia. He grew up near Brussels and went to a very prestigious school. In 2013 he decided to travel to Syria as a jihadist. From the interview it can be seen that it is then temporarily returned to Belgium.”By the power of Allah we came into Europe ‘Whether that’s true, is not verifiable. Abaaoud does certainly not mysterious about it. “We faced a number of setbacks,” he says about the trip to Belgium.”We have spent months looking for a way to get into Europe and is the power of God which eventually succeeded. Then we were able to obtain weapons and we have set up the safe house. Meanwhile, we planned attacks against the Crusaders.” Crusaders is IS-jargon for the (Christian) West.Also traveling to Syria went to him in his own words off easily. “Allah has given them (the European authorities, ed.) Blinded,” he says. The trip went fine, “although I was chased by so many intelligence services. “This all proves that a Muslim does not have to be afraid of the bloated image of the intelligence services of the Crusaders. My name and photo were all over the news and yet I could safely stay in their country planning operations against them and safely leave when which was necessary. “”Suddenly my picture appeared in all the media ‘Just seemed to go wrong. A friend lost his camera. The finder sold the recording was then in a western journalist, claims Abaaoud. Probably he is referring to the movie in which he is traveling with a couple of brothers IS to dump a literal truckload of corpses of opponents. That was last year around indeed.Abaaoud:. “Suddenly my picture appeared in all media, but the kuffar (unbelievers, ed.) Were blinded by Allah I was even stopped by a policeman who doubted whether he would let me and my face compared with the images, but.. he sent me, he saw the agreement! That was nothing less than a gift from Allah. ” .

      • archives2001 says:

        [2015-11-15 – Webster Tarpley’s Message to France]

        [Please do not post videos or articles without at the very least noting the title of the video, if not the reason you are posting it. – James]

  52. mammique says:

    I’ve been blocked at the entrance of the school today when picking my kid… Forbidden to enter! I told how pissed I was, and another parent told “Oh, we’ll get use to it!”. I love people, but I can’t help myself thinking that they deserve what they got at some point, it’s depressing… I told her “And when you will not be allowed to pick your kids at all, you’ll be used to it?”, no answer. The Froggies are boiling…

    • hankblackgraphics says:

      Ha! You’re children don’t belong to you. They belong to the collective, aka gov., media, and big pharma. Please show your gratitude and grovel, or at least keep your mouth shut. Fear is courage. War is the health of the State.

    • kabouit says:

      Just curious: this being blocked from entering the school, does it have to do with what happened on Friday or is it random?

      • nosoapradio says:

        The schools and other public institutions are employing “Vigipirate” measures which entails selective entry of adults, more police, more identity controls and in the streets and metro always means more police and what appears to be armed military (though I’ve been told that the automatic rifles toted around by those barely post-adolescent “soldiers” are not loaded). It was first implemented in 1991 during the beginning of the Gulf war and has been used on and off since then.

        Particularly infuriating when you know it’s alot of bs. Anything that forcibly separates you from your child is barely tolerable especially not being able to enter a place where he/she must spend the better part of his days. It enhances that creepy feeling that, as ironically stated by hankblackgraphics, the state does indeed own your children.

    • BennyB says:


      I can totally relate to what you’re saying. I remember how furious I felt the first time I went to the airport after 9/11 and had to go through the whole “security theatre” act, as Peter B. Collins has phrased it. I said, “well it looks like the terrorists won”. My parents were like; “yeah, this is bullshit”, but there were other people on some “oh, well I’d rather be safe” type of business. After the “shoe bomber”, I said “look how ridiculous this is, the next thing you know somebody’s going to decided to put explosives in their underwear, but I guess that won’t matter at this point since they already have the full body scanners.” I don’t know which part of being “right” pissed me off more, when what I’d said sarcastically to make a point came to fruition after the “underwear bomber”.

      Being blocked from being able to go pick up your child at the school gates is next level type of violation which would really infuriate me. I think you did the right thing though by pressing them to contemplate the trajectory of “safety measures” such as these. You really have to press people using whatever methods you can that they’re being manipulated into an irrational fear where fake tokens of safety are being offered in lieu of effective intelligence work on the part of authorities. One of the things that motivates me the most to discuss the topics we do here, is to develop as comprehensive an understanding what’s going on as I can so that I can find ways to present that information in the most compelling way on a case by case basis to however I can. Not everybody’s going to be receptive (or ready) to look at the big picture, but it’s a matter of being pragmatic and strategical in what you present to different people and the ways in which you do it.

      If the government isn’t capable of protecting the public from the types of tragedies, the challenge needs to be made directly to our fellow citizens; “are you willing to tolerate pointless violations of you and your family’s personal freedom, when in reality it appears that the same government appears to be incapable of protecting you from these events?” I just mentioned in a comment I made before this to nosoapradio, that the deep state is becoming so lazy about covering their tracks, that once people eventually “awaken” to what’s really going on (to use nosoapradio’s) wording, it could cascade more quickly than these puppets, puppet masters, and stage managers can anticipate and close the curtains fast enough to keep people from seeing more than they were intended to see.

      In the meantime, we just have to keep pushing people and really pressing those we come into contact with to be forced to imagine the trajectory of these restrictions like you did at the school gates, is leading to. Frustrating as the complacency may be, this is the type of action that has to continue.

    • kabouit says:

      The mere idea of being kept away from my children makes my blood curl.

      And I HOPE it does for everyone. I don’t want to get used to it nor do I think anyone should. This boiling frog is getting very hot.

      Reading other responses to this comment, I too went through a few abusive experiences through airport security. The last time was interesting. I was traveling alone with my 3 young children and was “randomly selected for a full search”. They offered me a private room. I asked if the children could come and they said no. So I told them to search me right then and there, in front of the kids and everybody else.

      I HOPE they felt a little ridiculous. I hope…

  53. meeanthropos says:

    Apologies if this has been posted before…


    Paris attack witness says black Mercedes pulled up and shooters fired rifles from the hip

    Two heavily armed ISIS gunmen pulled up in a black Mercedes-Benz and calmly slaughtered scores of ­innocent diners in a Paris bistro ­before driving away.

    [SNIP – Please do not copy/paste entire articles into the comments section. If there is relevant information you can excise that and post it here. James]

    • john says:

      This part seems crucial to me. We need more on this black Mercedes with the “ultra pro” white guys. Pepe Escobar wrote:

      “The killers at La Belle Équipe arrived on a black Mercedes, according to witnesses. There is NO mention of this Mercedes anywhere [note: except the Mirror]. The killers were ultra-pro, muscular, methodical, and WHITE. NO ONE is talking about them…they have simply vanished without a trace.”

      Does Paris do the ubiquitous CCTV thing? Should there be video somewhere of this car?

  54. Gui says:

    French’s President François Hollande wants to change the Constitution to adapt it for this situation :

  55. whateverittakes2 says:

    Hi James—I tried to post this last night but was unsuccessful — had a hard time opening it. I have the sense that internet censorship on this topic is already very active here in the US.

    I would like to hear some solid analysis of the linkage of these “exercises” (9/11, Charleston, Sandy Hook, Boston… and now we hear there were “exercises” in Paris on Friday morning), and so I’m already disposed to call this another “false flag event.” In general I don’t see a chance in hell of ever getting to the bottom of any of these increasingly “expected” events until we face 9/11 and the con-artists who brought that event to us. They’re still at work. I saw you on one of the many news shows in the past few days talking about PSYCHOPATHS. These events are engineered by psychopaths — insanity of the type produced by an Alfred Hitchcock. And these are our leaders.

  56. VoltaicDude says:

    Thanks so much James for having this forum.

    In comparison to the resent events in Paris, the 911 attacks are most infamous for providing conspicuous cover for PNAC’s pre-planned invasion of Afghanistan and then Iraq (, but the political and financial fallout was far more multifaceted than that.

    Perhaps Building 7 can stand as an icon of that part of the story, but various motivations existed even just within the collapses of Towers 1 and 2. I know all here are familiar with this info, but here are some comparative points in order to create a context for how we might be analyzing the newest attacks:

    – Real Estate cash-in for new owner Larry Silverstein
    – Immediate address of old asbestos construction that would have cost many millions to abate
    – Some of the companies and people killed may have been specifically targeted (

    Bldg. 7:
    – WTC Building 7 was the repository of judicial cases against Enron and WorldCom amongst others:
    – It was the NYC headquarters of the CIA and FBI and other gov’t agencies
    – It was the NYC Mayor’s Emergency Command Center, which was immediately evacuated and not used in this emergency

    In short a lot of very secret things could have been housed and accomplished in bldg. 7, including the not-so-simple operation of planting the 3 bldg.’s with charges, which would normally have taken weeks at least. Also stock market trading anomalies suggest pre-knowledge and another cash-in. And also, these attacks were used as an excuse to pass the Patriot Act – a piece of legislation that vies with the NAZI’s Homeland Security Act just after the Reichstag-Fire false flag.

    Again, the point here is that high-profile false flags of this sort do not just get planned and executed willy-nilly – in a wasteful or reckless manner. They are highly synchronized in order to “maximize yields” by people with very sophisticated means and broad agendas.

    The motivation behind the recent Paris attacks can also be forensically analyzed with this in mind. They occurred at a time:
    – Just after the downing of a Russian airliner over Egypt in response to Russia’s blocking a new genocidal invasion of Syria (which would grab any analyst’s attention as being related – a “like” event)
    – However, they are also concurrent with the release of the text of the TPP (the huge tome of legalese being limited to a 90-day public review, at least in the U.S.) – quite a distraction
    – And, occurred just before the 2015 U.N. Climate Change Summit in Paris – what will security (and free speech/criticism of the Summit’s presupposition’s, etc.) look like now?
    – What else?

    We should not forget that one motivation does not negate the other – quite the opposite. The larger the nexus of motivations the more likely a serious and large operation like this will warrant execution. All aspects of these attacks should be analyzed as potential insights to the various potential motivations behind the attacks.

  57. whateverittakes2 says:

    Paul Craig Roberts in this post analyzes the above link. He brings astute questions to the scene and to the same-old scenarios that we’ve witnessed over and over and over again. The tell-tale passport, for one… but this one gives us a twist. They didn’t kill everyone on the spot but are now chasing (a) fugitive in Belgium.

    Hah! that’s was my first reaction to that news. It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to laugh if it weren’t so tragic and so sad. Elsewhere PCR calls us all a bunch of dumbshits, stating that people this dumb don’t deserve to be free.

    Our stupidity, to my mind, lies in letting them get by with 9/11. We absolutely must go back and fix that.

    • VoltaicDude says:

      PCR – interesting guy. Like your point, whatever – until it no longer works, in general, they won’t even bother changing their overt m.o.’s.

      Most of them are smooth enough to have this game plan down pat (maybe not all).

      President Bush — Fool me Once

      What will they do once it no longer works?

      Just thinking ahead a little.

  58. whateverittakes2 says:

    Hi James: Here’s another link on Paris… I can’t open it. I’m having all sorts of trouble with my Apple computer/Safari opening links that have to do with Paris attacks… Maybe your readers will be more successful:

    [Thank you for your participation, but please do not post links to things that you have not read or seen yourself. This thread is for relevant information that you think adds to the investigation. -James]

    • whateverittakes2 says:

      Hi James, Sorry about that… I was wondering if there are/were others here who are finding it very difficult to follow the thread of what’s happening around the “Paris Massacre” because of the internet censors. In any case, my frustrations with this link led me to check out the author — not someone who comes highly recommended. He is described as a neo-Nazi so the link was deservedly deleted.

  59. whateverittakes2 says:

    And here’s another one — and then I’ll stop. This one gives you the ten prominent signs of a false flag attack — all bases covered for Paris.

  60. diggsta says:

    Strange: Belgium has been implicated as a point of origin of most of the terrorists. But I’ve not heard of any plans for air strikes against Belgium.

  61. clarke_404 says:

    Hi James, some interesting info here, actual video footage and a changing story interviewee

    Be well, Steve

  62. clarke_404 says:

    Here is a guy interviewed by CNN. He was hit by shrapnel and saved by his phone and adds that the media were already there at the scene, he says this to the CNN interviewer…..

  63. SoniaG says:

    I did find this footage of a masked group threatening the Ba’ta’clan Cafe in 2008 – not sure if it is legit or not, I did read that Ba’ta’clan was owned by Israeli/Zionist supporters until September 2015.

  64. bladtheimpailer says:

    While I tend towards the false flag theory noted philosophical historian (PHD) Webster Tarpley of the Tax Wall Street Party thinks otherwise and gives his reasons here: as other informed opinion can be invaluable in forming one’s own thoughts.

  65. whateverittakes2 says:

    One aspect of the problem that those of us who are not in Europe may not see clearly is the massive immigration from the Middle East and Africa now ongoing into Europe. I had to go to great links to make this link work… It’s called Open Gates… The Forced Collective Suicide of European Nations. Feel this is part of the NWO agenda and somehow shadows this latest event in France.

    • qainiratha says:

      This video is such a racist, badly produced and overtly manipulative, propaganda piece. I do live in Europe and I can tell you the situation is a bit more complex.
      So in the 70’s and 80’s, when economically everything was going well, (mostly northern) European countries started importing cheap labour from countries like Turkey and Marocco. Partly to keep the growing economy going, but partly also because white Europeans felt too good about themselves to clean toilets, it was better suited for someone with a darker skin.
      The concept was that these imported labourers would return to their home country after they worked for a certian period of time. This did not always happen. People got their families over and integrated in European society.
      This was not instantly regarded as problematic, there was an element of curiosity. Also most European countries already had minority groups in their societies because most of them are former colonisers.
      In the years leading up to and after 9/11 a lot changed. The living standard of the 70’s-80’s was dropping and after 9/11 the fear for “the other” hit fever pitch, combined with an influx of real refugees caused by the war on terror. Extreme rightwing parties started getting momentum in Europe. Capitalising on the fear and claiming that all problems were caused by foreigners. Never do they call out the banking elite for the state of the economy, never do they call out NATO/US for the influx of refugees and the emergance of muslim extremism. They are blaming a symptom as the cause.
      And here I agree the NWO agenda comes into play. Elites clearly capitalise on the fear of people to deepen dividing lines which gives government more legitimacy as the savoir. That big influx of refugees a few months ago seems to be a delibirate move on the part of NATO-member Turkey, and the media reports regarding ISIS terrorists hiding out between the refugees were a clear set-up for the attacks in Paris.
      I’m not saying there is never going to be a problem if you put two cultures together. But I am certain that it’s 1st not the root of the problem and 2nd under harsh economic times and crazy propaganda times people will start to hate eachother regardless who they are or where they come from.
      In the end the real dedividing line is not between the western world and the muslim world it’s between the common people of all the world and the elites in the western world and their puppet muslim extremists.

  66. bob_fergus says:

    Hi James, The Ozzy press is towing the mainstream line and feeding all the US propaganda virtually unfiltered. I did have some trouble accessing your site Fri 13 – 14. Guess Google had hiccups eh? 😉

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for reporting in, Bob. Sadly no surprise that Australia is towing the line in this day and age. As for the website, there has been a lot of traffic this weekend, obviously, so it could be just overloaded servers.

  67. Colin Green says:

    Hi all Just a quick comment regarding “Tarpley’s message” and in particular his view that the Paris attacks are genuine rather than false flags.

    I believe his analysis is sound (if not entirely correct), save his failure to associate the term ‘black flag’ with a deliberate omission of preventative action when forewarned of an attack.

  68. nosoapradio says:

    The following message may seem trite and obvious to all Corbett reporters but I believe that the world over, people’s conscious minds are battling with their unconscious minds (fed by relentless media propaganda images) to remember this:

    The terrorist attacks were perpetrated by terrorists and not by muslims. And “Muslims not only condemn ISIS … but they are actually bearing the brunt of ISIS’ cruelty.”

    “Ordinary” muslim citizens of every generation are, of course, even more sorely stigmatized following these events. Of course the random identity checks in the street and metro are, for various reasons, primarily carried out on people of Arabic origin.

    You could say terrorism is to Islam what zionism is to Judaism; murderous political maneuvering that bears the cloak of a religion it has nothing to do with.

  69. paul6 says:

    Paul Craig Roberts claims he has info about an advanced cyber attack on security forces in advance of the attack:

  70. mammique says:

    They just passed an emergency bill to allow army to use and mass-produce an anti-neurotoxic medecine in case of biochemical attack during COP21:

  71. paul6 says:

    A video with info about an alleged twitter feed announcing news about the attack 2 days *before* the attack. It also includes footage and commentary about the magic passports and the lack of blood spatter and real damage at the crime scenes.

    Again via Paul Craig Roberts:

    • mammique says:

      Apparently the Twitter account is generating random headlines, this happened by chance, or not… Maybe this account was set up to insert real news inside (very unlikely to get the right place, with the right number of deaths/injuries 3 days before) to ridicule those who point to it.

  72. Octium says:

    le patriot act on it’s way? – Of course it is all Snowjob’s fault!

    ‘Blood on his hands’: CIA officials, others implicate Snowden disclosures in Paris attack

    “…because of a number of unauthorized disclosures and a lot of handwringing over the government’s role in the effort to try to uncover these terrorists, there have been some policy and legal and other actions that are taken to make our ability collectively internationally to find these terrorists much more challenging…” CIA Director John Brennan

    “Jeb Bush, a Republican presidential candidate, also called for restoring the National Security Agency’s ability to vacuum up telephone and internet records, which Congress restricted in a June rewrite of the 2001 Patriot Act, following public outcry over government spying on Americans.”

  73. thetimbryant says:

    Little interesting nugget. We should investigate the market. I think subconsciously they know and this evidence shows a little evidence to me.

  74. Deepintherabbithole says:

    Apparently the Facebook French flag profile was set up by an Israeli former military, in the comments suggestions it comes from Mossad. Anyhow, just as with the je suis Charlie campaign, it was pretty amazing how quick this was put into action.

  75. Cu Chulainn says:

    “Syrians in Raqqa tell of ‘insane nights’ of air strikes” (my emphasis in red):

    “. . . a media activist in Raqqa, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Al Jazeera on Tuesday that French air strikes had targeted abandoned ISIL bases in the suburbs of the city where there are no civilians or ISIL fighters.

    “It has been two insane nights. Abandoned ISIL posts were targeted at the entrance of the city, along with ISIL checkpoints and several other points. Electricity and water have been cut off as supply lines were hit too.

    “We can confirm that there were no civilians killed or injured in the latest French air strikes.

    “People are horrified and everyone here lives in fear. We are sure that several ISIL fighters at the checkpoints were killed in the air strikes.””

    World-class American ‘targeting’. Busy-work by the French, trying to appear to be fighting terror while scrupulously avoiding doing so.

  76. vumxmx says:

    The French Republic taken hostage

    Towards a reversal of the situation in the Near East

    Rt: The Paris Attacks with Gearoid O’Colmain

  77. john says:

    Just a small but perhaps important general point about the US-ISIS linkages. We’re Gladio-B savvy around here and all, and the BFP report about the training program in Incirlik is extremely important, BUT: it seems to me, for our own sanity as well as credibility, we ought to be careful when mishmashing various types of linkages together to misleadingly portray a stronger case than we really have.

    In the kick-off article above, for example, the sentence about how the US (and its allies) have funded, armed, trained, and so forth, really makes it sound like there’s some kind of airtight case that ISIS is a US puppet. Which of course may well be the case. But you follow the links, and it’s a real mix of very different types of narratives — neither necessarily mutually exclusive nor necessarily mutually supportive:

    — the US *foresaw* and willingly allowed ISIS to rise (LIHOP if you will)
    — US allies in the Middle East support Sunni groups *despite* the US asking them not to (hey, according to the linked story)
    — 43 Toyota trucks requested by FSA, which doesn’t quite to my mind entirely “solve the mystery” of many hundreds of trucks in ISIS convoys; it’s *suggestive* hardly *conclusive*.
    — armed ISIS in the sense that — supposedly, according to the linked story — arms intended for others were intercepted or otherwise stolen by ISIS
    — training of guys who *later* joined ISIS

    These things strongly suggest US backing, I know, I agree, I’m on board. But none of them constitute explicit evidence that US *created* ISIS actively and intentionally. And to people not steeped in Gladio history, they are all answerable, and they can all be made to sound like irresponsible exaggerations — part of the art of plausible deniability, I know, I understand. Still, I’m a big believer in erring on the side of understatement. Credibility, my friends. Sanity.

    This is not a criticism of James, in whose intentions and abilities I have the utmost faith and respect. I know we’re just here trying to sort things out and get as clear as we can. Just a general recommendation for a cautious approach, probably mostly for my own benefit. I also do realize everything in due time, and this is a time for pulling together all the interesting tidbits. So, erm, carry on.

    • Cu Chulainn says:

      good point. it may be, as niqnaq and others believe, that bandar is running ISIS. is there some distance between Israel/Saudi and the US as e.g. re. Iran & Egypt (US supported Morsi; Sisi is currently locking up tens of thousands without evidence, apparently)

      john, the french criminologist argues that no ex post facto claim of responsibility for a terrorist attack can be taken seriously without other evidence. also that the whole ISIS story is hard to understand/accept, and the the government’s behavior is duplicitous

      Henningsen’s guest Vanessa Beeley says the passport story has been revoked–can anyone tell where the passport story first appeared, what its source was, what is its current status?

    • SoniaG says:

      I agree, backing & funding does not automatically mean the intention & purpose of the group is fake. Perhaps made a lot easier to have real impact, which is very concerning. I found this Press TV doco valuable when assessing if ISIS is a mere creation made up of paid mercenaries or a ‘real’ group of extremists, I now am convinced of the latter:

    • Moxa4 says:

      I totally agree… There is at the moment a risk of mass hysteria in both groups: The believers and the – let’s say – conspiracy seekers. It’s nearly impossible to find a common ground.
      And it’s getting even more complicated to communicate: I think some people know more then the average consumer about what is really going on with the refugee track from Turkey to Germany on one hand and the terror attacks on the other. As Nietzsche said: Wissen ist Macht – Knowledge is power. But it’s a kind of a calm power. I for myself would not dare to argue with a believer. The conversation could turn into a disturbing and emotional discussion – for both sides.
      And I agree, that it is important to inform the people in a sensefull and responsible way – as you and James usually do.
      I’m convinced that it is not so simple: Of course, ISIS is a magnet for a lot of young muslims. And I understand their anger and confusion and ideological blindness.

      But, if I were working for an Intelligence, I would try to analyse this. It seems to me not so far fetched that at the end some come up with possibly very disturbing conspiracy ideas, projects and strategies. Let’s keep that in mind.

      There are believers on both sides. Perhaps some have mentioned it already, but I think that the person on the left side in the cover of the Economist is the “Rattenfänger von Hammeln” (the Pied Piper of Hamelin) of Grimms’ Fairy Tales, right? And you know the meaning of that strange heroe …

      • SoniaG says:

        Good comment, I have seen many of the truth seekers immediately jump to the conclusion the event is fake, plus the dangerous belief that ISIS does not really exist at all, just a bunch of paid mercenaries working for the Zionists. The Pied Piper worked well from both sides as the “we are all one” adopted by the alternative and the “lets go to war” adopted by the other side are both playing into the same agenda.

  78. brtanner says: on the staged, crisis actor nature of the scene at the Bataclan “Eagles of Death Metal” (gag me) concert on 11/13/15:

    YouTube of “moment when shots rang out” at EODM concert – How can a Death Metal concert be as such a low volume that gunshots are clearly audible? It looks like they were expecting it – look at how the guitarist immediately starts to take his guitar off:

    • SoniaG says:

      I am not convinced on that Nodisinfo site being credible – they put together a comprehensive article on MH-17 being a total hoax, which I had read and might have believed – until I got the news 2 of my friends died on the plane. Likewise with a mass stabbing in Cairns, where a friends daughter was a nurse attending the very real victims of the “hoax”. 2 strikes, they’re out, for me anyway.

  79. Brad says:

    According to Benjamin Fulford’s November 16 2015 Weekly Update (

    1. Thousands of witnesses with video phones were unable to record the events of the day.

    2. All 8 security camera feeds to the areas where the massacres took place had been shut off.

    Is there any evidence to confirm these points?

  80. brtanner says:

    Paris attack witness says black Mercedes pulled up and shooters fired rifles from the hip – by Matthew Drake and Dan Warburton,

    ““The shooter was aged about 35 and had an extremely muscular build, which you could tell from the size of his arms. He looked like a weightlifter.

    “He was not wearing gloves and his face was expressionless as he walked towards the bar.

    “The driver had opened his door shortly before the shooting began and stood up with his arm and a machine gun rested on the roof of the car. He stood there with his foot up in the door acting as a lookout.

    “I would describe him as tall, with dark hair and also quite muscular.

    “They looked like soldiers or mercenaries and carried the whole thing out like a military operation. It was clear that they were both very heavily armed and the gunman was carrying several magazines on him.”

    (some photos of bodies on the streets look unnatural to me)

  81. diggsta says:

    Even Germany’s leading, so-called by some “ex-news-magazine” Spiegel in its online edition lays out some oddities about the bombs at the stadium: Of course without discussing possible reasons for them.

    In their conclusion they wonder why the bombers didn’t time their bombings more efficently. The coroner is supposed to have estimated the age of the two suspects at 15-18, though not confirmed by a second source.

    One Bilal Mokono claims to have seen a bearded individual acting strangely, sweating and basically observing and so on.

    They then quote a french investigator saying it doesn’t make any sense exploding the bomb where there are no people.

    Could be that somebody “beefed up” the attacks with some genuine patsies…

  82. Rob says:

    The day after the attacks, numerous important buildings worldwide were flooded in the blue, white and red light of the French flag.

    This is an article of Saturday November 14 (in Dutch) showing images of a lot of these buildings:

    Apparantly this is very easy to do and does not require additional equipment, external technical expertise and testing/calibration time???
    Maybe this is truly easy in the days of LED technology, however:

    The next article (in Dutch) of Nov 16, shows that a small town in the Netherlands was struggling to do the job for the local tower.

    16 Nov:

    As stated in the article, it requires programming skills not available locally and they do not expect an external technician to come over to Kampen to do the job in time…

    • SoniaG says:

      I think most of these public buildings have this coloured lighting feature permanently fixed nowadays, you are right – with LED technology it’s very quick & easy to do. If you know what you are doing anyway lol

  83. mammique says:

    Some Zionist network connections behind the drill of the morning:

  84. juraf says:

    I saw this article of Le Monde asking not to shaw pictures of the victims of the Paris attack.

  85. TwistedPolitix says:

    German Interior Minister Says Suicide Bomber’s Syrian Passport “May Have Been Planted”

  86. TwistedPolitix says:

    2 weeks before #ParisAttacks: Held on October 27, 2015.
    Panel on “The Shared 21st Century International Mission” featuring CIA Director John Brennan, former UK MI6 Chief John Sawers, Director of the French Directorate for External Security Bernard Bajolet, and former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror. Moderated by David Ignatius, Columnist at the Washington Post. Held as part of the 2nd Annual Ethos and Profession of Intelligence Conference, co-hosted by the Central Intelligence Agency and the George Washington University.

  87. wheels says:

    Thanks for all the insights and information – this open source investigation is brilliant – as I’ve been checking out the links here I have put then onto a webpage with a more visual layout (lots of thumbnails and pictures) – so anyone who like me needs a more picture based site to really get their head round things, might like it

  88. brtanner says:

    RT: Al-Baghdadi ordered attack on anti-ISIS coalition, Iraq warned France 1 day before Paris carnage

    Haaretz: Israeli Defense Minister: Europe Must Place Security Needs Over Human Rights

  89. rswatson3 says:

    I wonder if the west will shortly deploy the results of the criminal investigation into MH17 to discredit Russia and get them out of the way. Putin and Lavrov are getting too much of the limelight at the moment.

    • mammique says:

      I didn’t list Wikistrike previously because I remember that they are often far fetched (e.g. they totally dived into the 2012 Doom’s Day fear mongering), but this article is full of nuggets, even if a bit speculative and too affirmative, here is a recap:

      The borders was already enforced the 13th of November as 30000 policemen were mobilized to protect them because of the COP21.

      The 13th of November the government was presented the controversial “Weapon Plan”:

      The 12th of November the Minister of Internal affairs released a publication telling that terrorism became the 2nd concerd of French people after unemployment:

      Brahim Abdeslam who blew himself in a café was the owner of a coffee shop in Brussels (notorious heavy alcohol and pot consumer) that was closed the 2nd of November by the authorities:

      His explosive were powerful enough to kill him, but no one else around, he just sat, ordered a drink, and blew off. Leaving behind him his car full of ammunition and weapons. Seems like he had been remotely eliminated by the secret services, his death being disguised in a suicide bombing (like the Bologna Massacre remote explosion where those carrying the bomb didn’t want to blow with it).

      Like the 3 suicide bombings around the Stadium, only one killed another person passing by, otherwise the only deaths are the “terrorists”.

      Salah Abdeslam (the brother of the “kamikaze” blown at Boulevard Voltaire) is the oldest friend of Abou Omar who works for the Daesh’s “homeland security”. They speculate that he has been warned that he could be remotely blown by French intelligence like the other “terrorists” (to prevent him from talking about Daesh/France cooperation), so he changed his on-body equipment, took a rifle for a spree kill on a café’s terrasse, and ran away to Belgium.

      • Moxa4 says:

        Merci Mammique
        Maybe not a smart camouflage to open a bar for pot consumers in Belgium. It is more likely to come to the attention of police. (But maybe B. A. had a special permission… of course just a speculation) As far as I know, it goes back and forth with the legalization of buying pot depending of the actual governement. It seems that actually since 2014 the pendulum is swinging back in this never ending story.
        The reason why the bar was closed in August 14: long-time residents bothered by the bar required a police response.

  90. Ukdavec says:

    I found the interview conducted by James with F W Engdahl very useful. I recommend listening to the latest interview between John Batchelor and Steve Cohen. This series of interviews started over two years ago and focused on the Ukrainian crisis. Recently they have moved to the wider cold war and this week centered on the Paris events.

    Cohen is very non conspiracist and gives an interesting spin on a potential new alliance between Russia and France. Judge for yourselves.

  91. mammique says:

    Syrian secret services proposed the list of djihadists operating in France to French officials, Prime Minister Manuel Valls declined arguing that he wouldn’t dialog with Assad’s regime:

  92. rrandor says:

    That is so inconsiderate of those attackers not to leave a more authenticate passport, as in Hebdo and 911, so that the police could plausibly avoid any sort of investigation.

  93. paul6 says:

    Paul Craig Roberts has written yet another article with interesting info about why the Paris attacks are so fishy:

    It includes links to articles wondering about oddities in the press reporting and the small number and poor quality of eyewitness or CCTV video footage on the event:

    Some parts of the linked articles are not so convincing, IMHO, like the AK47 sound comparison. But they are interesting nevertheless.

  94. paul6 says:

    Daily Mail released footage of a security camera (via RT):

  95. LiquidEyes says:

    This sounds interesting. Before Paris Terrorist Attacks, CIA Director Brennan Met With French Intelligence DGSE Chief Bernard Bajolet

    • LiquidEyes says:

      I should have added that the Brits & Israelis were present, too. Here’s a clip from the article:

      CIA-GW Intelligence Conference: Panel on The Shared 21st Century International Mission –GW Center for Cyber and Homeland Security 29 Oct 2015 Panel on “The Shared 21st Century International Mission” featuring CIA Director John Brennan, former UK MI6 Chief John Sawers, Director of the French Directorate for External Security Bernard Bajolet, and former Israeli National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror.

  96. Wodoslawsky says:

    Ben Swan on the US involvement in Syria, from 2013.

  97. dorettawildes says:

    Disingenuous statement by Patrick Pelloux here (in French) about multi-site terrorism exercise “as luck would have it”:

  98. Cu Chulainn says: has lots of good material

  99. juraf says:

    from a french site Pananzahttp:
    How would they know???

  100. nosoapradio says:

    I’m sure someone here must’ve posted this link already but… it would deserve to be linked twice, even if only for the info towards the end…I keep forgetting about this eminently interesting Irishman… so here I go with your infinite indulgence:

  101. juraf says:
    in the report of the french television at minute 5.39 the guy is speaking of a fight between the brothers about money. One said; i will not go before getting my money
    that was the night before the attacks in paris

  102. nosoapradio says:

    As UN human rights champion beheads a poet for rejecting…allah?…

    The Club of Rome is going to town between the “unprecedented Global threats of ISIS and Climate Change”…

    Sing it! “We are the World…We are the children…We are the ones who make a brighter day
    So let’s start giving
    There’s a choice we’re making
    We’re saving our own lives
    It’s true we’ll make a better day
    Just you and me…

    UN Security Council approves ‘all necessary measures’ to fight the ‘global and unprecedented threat’ of ISIS in wake of Paris attacks

    Read more:

  103. raymondkitchen says:

    Hello everyone,

    I have not read any of the comments left here on this thread. Having said that just a quick question if anyone has mentioned taking charge of collecting all the photo evidence and using a repository for that photographic evidence for everyone to access? Maybe there has already been a website someone out there has set up for this? This would be a lot of work. Keeping with the public pooling of resources theme this would seem to fit nicely with this investigation.

    One thing I personally know about investigation is to always have a camera for your photo evidence. Make sure there is some way of finding out scale of that photograph. For example measuring a lamp post in the picture by the actual lamp post in real life. Ratio between these will be your scale. Also time stamps and dates are very important.

    The quick reaction of the alternative community gathering photo evidence off of the internet for the Boston event has somewhat worked. Within the Boston event the alternative media was able to flush out the “hire for contract special ops” critters hanging out and running around before and after the climax of the event. This could help put teeth into the investigation by having a nice visual evidence to help separate theory from fact.

    I will now peruse the older comments pertaining to these questions I have asked.


    • BennyB says:

      Hi Raymond,

      I think this is a good idea. I’m not sure whether it’s been done or addressed, but I agree that the analysis of photo evidence was useful in the Boston Marathon case. I saved copies of images on my computer as I went along with my own research in that case, knowing that certain pieces of evidence have a tendency to “vanish” within thin air somewhere along the line. Documenting this “vanishing”, in and of itself, is sometimes a useful measurement of whether that piece of evidence was significant or not.

      There’s also a cautionary tale though in the Boston Marathon case of what happened when individuals were wrongly identified as being “persons of interests”, leading to somewhat of a witch hunt, threatening their safety. This kind of investigation is necessary when legitimate investigation on the parts of “official” mainstream media entities are either asleep at the wheel or clocking overtime on specific pieces of propaganda, but it’s important that the alt-media upholds a certain degree of professionalism (so to speak) in order not to just become a representative of the same practices we critique.

      My last comment with respect to this is something I stated similarly much earlier in this investigation thread: that we always need to be self conscious and wary about the various forms of tantalizing clues which have been inserted into these operations to keep the dogs sniffing up the wrong trees.

  104. Cu Chulainn says:

    wondering about engdahl

    “You know western intelligence agencies are behind ISIS, right?

    Don’t worry though Ziotards. Cass Sunstein has unleashed an army of disinfo monkeys peddling nonsense about fake victims, holograms, space beams and lizard hybrid butt fucking blood drinkers.”

    There is an interview on the internet of Engdahl spouting this fake victim nonsense (which goes well with his Qatari pipeline nonsense). This is obviously a CIA disinfo technique to denigrate the ideas of ‘conspiracy theorists’, and it works extremely well.

  105. BennyB says:

    Has anybody proposed some sort of public disinfo campaign? it needs to be put out there that this was France’s 9/11 and they shouldn’t be allowed to pimp it as such. I don’t know, maybe #IsisIsUs, #IsisAreUS, something like that could at least be one sort of thing to put out there? All this investigation is important, but we need to get a jump on getting the basic message out that this is a large BS sandwich with all the fixings no matter how you slice it.

    Is there any sort of resistance going on, protests and whatnot, in France? I know the government have pushed some fascist anti-protest laws, but still?

    The only thing I’m aware of at the moment in the United States right now is an attempt to ban accepting Syrian refugees from seeking asylum here, which we’ll have to keep an eye on. This sort of knee jerk reaction isn’t a surprise but it still sickens me. Anyway…

    • NotDole says:

      If I used Twitter at all, I would be doing that.

      Right now I’m still in this sort of celebratory mood in Canada, the worst of the Neocon leaders Stephen Harper is out, and many of his projects are already cancelled and the “Canadian Patriot Act” C-51 will not be scrapped, but amended (they’ll get the extra votes if needed from the NDP and BQ) so this kind of operation in Canada has maybe failed, time will tell, they’re already in the process of taking out the most egregious parts of bill C-51.

      Regarding the Paris Attack, I thought I had posted something with a link but it doesnt seem to be there, something about how the attackers at the death metal show were very calm and professional in their assault, reloading 3-4 times, link was from a new york times article and the words were from a radio correspondent who was covering the show.

      It’s strange that people at a Death Metal show were not drunk or high enough to jump the attackers, I guess maybe in the 80’s and 90’s…

      • BennyB says:

        Right on… Even with my lack of faith in the electoral system, getting rid of Harper, if anything, is a sign that Canadians are at least making a statement that they’ve had enough of the Diet Neocon Nutrasweet fix. It’s also a worthwhile statement that Canada is pulling out out of the war “effort”, especially while France has just jumped in balls deep in the Syrian clusterf##k without a condom. The French citizens will ultimately have to lead the way on how to respond and it will be up to us to support those efforts (or help them steer them away from a ‘co-opt out’ movement should it move in that direction).

        That said, for you; as a Canadian, the task will fall on the shoulders of you and your brethren not to go too buck wild popping off the champagne and getting drunk on the Snakeskin Brand “Hope and Change” flavor that had Americans waking up with such a nasty hangover.

  106. brtanner says:

    Wayne Madsen: J’accuse: Those Responsible for the Friday the 13-th Attacks in Paris

  107. Jeff says:

    AP’s explanation for ‘Why Belgium’ casually makes no mention whatsoever of NATO.*/Article_2015-11-21-EU–Paris%20Attacks-Why%20Belgium?/id-c9bd0175bb534a1ab808595570cefbdf

    For the totally uninitiated reader, a good place to start on why NATO is important:

  108. CapheSuada says:

    French Jewish community warned on Friday morning of #ParisAttacks – Times of Israel changed story to hide inside intel.

  109. Cu Chulainn says:

    “Paris massacre: odd account from the ‘Mirror’, haven’t seen this anywhere else” “Paris attack witness says black Mercedes pulled up and shooters fired rifles from the hip” “Paris attack witness: ‘he was dressed in black, professional, shooting and killing'” Remarkably little discussion on this. Despite a massive attack by the French government on French Muslims, these two shooters, and their Mercedes, have disappeared off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again.

    re. the advance warning–

  110. silverpalomino says:

    The fallout for EU citizens and the famous Schengen area bordering on total biometric ID:

    The Brussels angle and NATO HQ discussed on highly popular Russian blog but will require translation unless you can read Russian. The main point is several accounts of these attackers looking European/White, muscular, military build and after F. Hollande said this was planned outside France – nobody in the city of Brussels looks twice or even remembers seeing,talking to military people as their presence is so commonplace, especially American. That is the one nationality who cannot hide themselves in Europe, but seen on every street in SHAPE city. Still nobody pays attention to them and that allows them free roam to do whatever they want, meet whover, make plans all at the local cafe and nobody is the wiser.

  111. royb says:

    Strange photo from inside the theater in this article, any thoughts on this?

  112. mammique says:

    The president of the “France / Saoudi Arabia” friendship group at the parliement is the son of Dassault, biggest French military-industrial company/dinasty:

  113. Cu Chulainn says:

    the latest from Nafeez

    NATO is harbouring the Islamic State
    Why France’s brave new war on ISIS is a sick joke, and an insult to the victims of the Paris attacks

  114. in-rainbows says:

    Was just reading this article, and thought I’d share it as my first ever contribution to a Corbett Report Open Source investigation:

    French police find a disturbing lack of evidence after 7-hour firefight in Saint-Denis

  115. paul6 says:

    Here is an article claiming that one of the supposed suicide bombers is still alive and has nothing to do with terrorism:

    In German:

    Automatic translation with Google:

    After the magic passport and the fitting terror “drill”, it looks like we have another piece from the false flag playbook.

  116. nathalie says:

    Some articles in french.

    Stéphane Guyot who is a supplier of flowers for the french ministery of Finance says in his blog the government knew before the attack : friday morning, he had to go through top security to deliver his flowers for the ministery and was surprised there was no official visits planned for this day.

    About the consequences of the attacks in France : many articles showing the authorities are already using the new laws to persecute innocents citizens. In this case organic farmers.

    I’m in Belgium and I’m sadly watching the government scaring all the people with the lockdown. There is few open source of information… trying to find them!

  117. Cu Chulainn says:

    thanks Nathalie
    offguardian seems to be among the best English sites
    this site has some useful material in French:

    TV libertés has had some good interviews; the RDP and videos at egaliteetreconciliation are a good summary

    Engdahl seems to be part of a larger disinformation campaign to tell us the war on Syria is all about pipelines. it is above all about destroying Hezbollah.

  118. Cu Chulainn says:

    the best source i have found for understanding terrorism, besides classic books such as Debord’s _Comments on the Society of the Spectacle_ and Sanguinetti _On terrorism and the state_ (both available online in English lg pdf) is the work of Francis Cousin.

    there are many video and articles online (nothing in English to my knowledge); here is a summary video–

  119. Broc West says:

    Problem. Reaction. Soulution.

    ‘France Begins Shutting Down Alternative News Websites’

    The French government have rushed through strict “anti-terror” laws in the wake of the Paris attacks, which are now seeing alternative news websites being shut down in France.

    The French version of We Are Change has been blocked already, amid an unprecedented crackdown on alternative media in Europe.

  120. silverpalomino says:

    The French are still trying to pin the blame for their own “terrorists” on Greece. Now reports come of DNA of the “mastermind” being found in Athens but from January of this year:

  121. in-rainbows says:

    ‘Decoding the Paris Attacks: ISIS Blowback or French-Israeli False Flag?’ by Brandon Martinez:

  122. Cu Chulainn says:

    Rowan Berkeley does excellent media analysis on his niqnaq blog; his perspective may not be congenial to everyone, but if you look back over his work the last few weeks you will find material re. Nov 13 that others have missed. today he really seems to be on to something. those unfamiliar with the concept of a pseudo-gang can search niqnaq, where you will find the original sources by Kitson

    more bataclan links plus, in the middle, you see the actual secret service operative running the pseudo-gang, untouchable by police

    Members of that cell were believed to have been mentored by Salafi preacher Olivier Corel, known locally as the “White Emir” (sic! This is a dead giveaway, and it gets more and more incriminating as it goes on. This guy Corel is obviously a recruiter for the DGSE, the French secret service – RB). A French national of Syrian origin, Corel lives in the Pyrenees village of Artigat. He is also believed by French police and intelligence to have mentored gunman Mohamed Merah, who killed seven people in Mar 2012 (I remember him from then, actually, but I don’t seem to have any posts on him – RB). As part of a security operation targeting Islamists under the state of emergency imposed in France after the attacks, police raided Corel’s house this week, handing him a suspended jail sentence for possessing a hunting rifle. He is not believed to have any link to the Paris attacks.

  123. mammique says:

    Event for peace – The international league for peace:

  124. garrettlange says:

    This might have been sighted prior. However, I was enlightened to this yesterday through a comment on the cafe video.

    The lady entering door at 5sec mark appears to be throwing something into the cafe (firecracker/small flash bang?). You can observe the smoke from this device at other angles too. See 1:04 and 3:43 marks. Thought it interesting enough to share.

  125. TwistedPolitix says:

    Decoding the Paris Attacks: ISIS Blowback or French-Israeli False Flag?
    Posted by Brandon Martinez on November 27, 2015 in Middle East, News & Analysis, World

  126. brtanner says:

    New Data on Police Foreknowledge of Terrorists Raise Questions on Paris Attack – By Kumaran Ira,

  127. paul6 says:

    RT: Gun in Paris terror attacks linked to ‘Iran-Contra’ Florida arms dealer

  128. qainiratha says:

    This is an Article in Dutch, couldn’t find an eglish version:

    The gist of the article is: (Belgian)Police-inspector Hamid A. got a tip in November of 2015 about the eventual hiding place of Salah Abdeslam. (Technically the tip was about the place of residence of Abdeslam’s nephew, Abid Aberkane, the place the police eventually found Abdeslam hiding).
    The Police-inspector was ignored and his information was eventually deemed “unreliable” by the police chief in Mechele.
    The lawyer of Hamid A. says the information was deliberately withheld because his client has an impeccable state of service and a high security clearance. So it would make no sense to deem his information unreliable.

    Sounds a bit like the old “intelligence failere” to me.

  129. I_Vote_No_To_NWO says:

    Collin Powell email regarding Paris attacks…

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