What's Your Take on Assange? - Questions For Corbett #044

04/19/201975 Comments

What's your take on Assange? Have you heard of Unit 731? And just who is Percy Corbett, anyway? Get James' answer to these and other important questions in this edition of Questions For Corbett.

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  1. Corbett says:

    As noted on screen, big thanks to Broc for finding the Zbigniew Brzezinski interview I was talking about at the 18 minute mark of this podcast. The link to that interview is in the show notes.

    • dreg says:

      Thanks for your response to “Troy” which answered questions about your “climate change” perspective that have nagged me.
      Although this was good, I would appreciate a video breakdown about your views on planetary preservation/restoration of health and habitability while leaving possible questions about projected co2/hoax agendas unaddressed and unanswered.
      A matter-of-fact, non-confrontational “here’s our planet, here’s how it works, here’s how & why it’s going wrong, here’s what can help/change/restore/preserve.” (ALL broken-down with references, like you always so professionally do. And ‘words’ can’t thank you enough…)
      After hearing about GMOs, HAARP? fungicide, herbicide, insecticide, all the way to suicide, those who still ask “what about co2, carbon-credits and global warming?” we can respond with “Oh, that?” leading to your debunking videos.
      Your work and perspective has convinced me to raise my monthly donation.

      • brian.s says:

        How it works – is an ongoing discovery – I see significant ‘blindspots’ in mainstream scientific narrative that ensure a dissociation of Model and Reality – even apart from a model being an image and not the reality itself. Understand that investment in self image and corporate investment in a ‘standard model’ are of the same nature.
        If you can see that possession and control operate a usurping influence on shared or relational being and communication – then you can see that using the mind and the tool of science as a specialisation of mind for marketisation and weaponisation DICTATES or imposes filters and conditions as to what is officially allowed, what may be secretly allowed but outwardly denied, and what must be denied to maintain the power of possession and control – which is felt as ‘survival’.

        I expect I lost you in that – but the key thing is that your questions are related to human thinking and not the Planet. Many are now being entrained to hate humanity as a sin against nature – but the ‘sin’ is not the human, but the thinking of a false sense of possession and control.

        In terms of the broad spectrum ‘dominance’ of anti life or destructive intent – knowingly or unknowingly active in our world – the term broad spectrum implies at every level of any significant influence.
        To focus in what is ‘wrong’ is to make fear the master – but to share the experience of what is ‘right’ or holds a true resonant quality of wholeness – grows the ability to move through or address the difficult in the day thereof – that is as it comes up in our day.

        The mind under deceit can believe it is following truth by joining in hate of evils – real or imagined.
        So you will see a lot of evils are hidden within the nature of a protection racket.
        These are always fear and guilt based – but framed by ‘experts’ to seem overwhelming – without their support and protection.

        Biocides, electromagnetic and genetic weaponry (developed under cover of serving the human good). Toxic food, processing, additives and environmental exposures through materials, and treatments. Toxic pharma drugs and vaccinations – including ‘illegal drugs’. Toxic waste, effluents and emissions of extraction, production and consumption.

        False or mis-education, corrupted, owned or bypassed political and social infrastructure and institutions including Media and political and judicial services of representation. Best summarised in my opinion as the psyop of ‘post truth’ manipulation – ie truth be damned – power is the limiting, division, capture and directing of the thought and act of others by coercion and deceit.

        A negative Economy – in which ‘survival’ becomes dependent of farming the framing in war, struggle, destruction, hate, sickness, fear and the limitation, denial and management of consciousness as a narrative identity bubble of ‘freedoms’ that enslave.

        A negative self (and life) definition – such as to presume and look out through the mind or lens of a sense of self-lack – as the need to GET externally rather than extend wholeness as the natural way of sharing life. A mind for getting is a mind forgetting its source and nature – fearful of extinction as pain of loss and death – and using everyone and everything in futile attempt to regain power or possession from an unchallenged and up to now unconscious survival-reaction that set the mind into its own spin – as a conflict that ‘goes forth and mutiplies’ excepting that when fear is given power, it ‘creates negativel outcomes’ or rather undermines and block the true Creation that is also appreciated as the ‘way it works’

        Garbage in; garbage out. The use of the mind to export or outsource denials is the way to KEEP THEM in mind and in our manifestation. Because what we resist – persists – and what we appreciate, appreciates – and this applies regardless the content. A negative fixation masks itself in the presentation of self justification and can seem ‘good’ – but the fruits or results belie the seeming. A positive or integrative self-definition is active in the undoing of the mask as a block or filtering bias of conditions over a true appreciation, and so is conscious of negative content – but within a positive or healing purpose and to a wholeness of integrative outcome or fruits. This can seem dissonant to those still trying to put a ‘nice’ face over a hateful and conflicted mind that is either being undone and fading from non use, or active beneath the surface reality – and framing it unawares.

        Looking upon the desecration is the basis for its undoing as our reality even though it is in a sense what the mind has made of life. Or rather, what the mind made of a sense of lack – given power of acceptance and allegiance. So noticing where we are giving power of acceptance and allegiance is the basis for any true choice – because once we accept the false – we are framed in false choices – all of which effect the same outcome in merely shifting forms.

        True presence is with what is truly worthy of self, others and world. The unworthy gives way to a call for help – that is a sense of lack to be undone. I see you taking on the world as if it is on your shoulders, but your part in it is the gift of your presence – which is not a problem solving service at expense of joy in life – but an uncovering of joy in life that opens perspective in which problems fall away, are transformed or revealed in an entirely new light as Life working perfectly …. ‘but not as we know it, Jim’.
        We have to expand to embrace in a new way rather than contract in rejections, denials and conflicts – IF we choose to embrace what Life is Being Here – instead of using Life to support a fantasy fix.

    • ChrisChristiesMooseKnuckle says:

      Hello, James.

      I was wondering if you could provide an extensive reading list (some, perhaps, necessitating caveats)—set on a separate page—of all the works you deem worthy of one’s time (I’m well aware that you’ve listed several volumes to tackle, in previous podcasts). One book that I can’t stop thinking about, is the blue, hardcover book (sans dustjacket) on the second shelf from the top, on the left side of your bookdhelf, which contains a double helix, on the spine—I’m just drawn to it.

      Thanks in advance, if you decide to indulge my OCD inclinations regarding such matters.

      Keep up the excellent work.


    • ChrisChristiesMooseKnuckle says:

      To reciprocate, in advance, for my previous request re book recommendations from yourself: Judging from your hyperlink to Frederick Lewis Allen’s book, The Great Pierpont Morgan; might I suggest The Lords of Creation; penned by the same author? It was once prohibitively expensive; but, Mark Crispin Miller has made it available at an affordable price, & while I haven’t finished The Great Pierpont Morgan, it’s quite clear that this earlier work is superior.


  2. scpat says:

    9/11: A Conspiracy Theory was at a slower pace than the more recent Conspiracy Theory videos. I like the former’s delivery speed better. It just seems unnecessary to rush it that much, and it doesn’t add to the comedic value. Just my two cents.

  3. Duck says:

    Unit 731 had a book about 25 yrs ago with that name by Peter williams… my cat threw up all over it so years ago i dont have a copy but its on amazon.
    ONLINE SECURITY… is actually pretty easy unless you have the NAS after you… get an old PC (pref not intel…but an one from some years ago is prob ok) it should have 3 or four gigs ram but you can get by with 2
    Take OUT the Hard drive… you can just unplug them if you like.
    Burn a CD of Puppy linux which runs in RAM
    Boot computer from the CD (or YOU COULD USE A “LIVE usb.. YOUTUBE SHOWS HOW)
    Connect to intenet and if you want to be super paranoid change the password (prob not worth the bother TBH)
    surf and save what you want to a USB stick
    when you turn off PC everything in it will be gone… no virus no spyware no passwords no history… its back to the origional PC every time
    it is a PITA to need to reconnect to VPN’s or whatever… you CAN use Parrot linux in RAM from live USB too and it has a built in IP anoymizer but I dont need all the stegography and crypto tools and i just like puppy better.
    The only way to leave long term spywaer on your PC would be Intel Manegnmnt engine or something like that…. its not NSA proof but it will save you from google and it is pretty easy.
    you just need to write your longins in a pad….. h and always turn power off at wall for any PC

  4. Hi James,

    In answer to the question about places to get news from Latin America, this is one source that seems to do good work; I believe Abby Martin contributes to this channel on a regular basis.



    TV Channel
    Telesur is a multi-state funded, Latin American terrestrial and satellite television network headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela. It is sponsored primarily by the government of Venezuela, but also by Cuba, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Bolivia. Wikipedia
    Jul 24, 2005 (SD), Jul 24, 2017 (HD)
    Picture format:
    480i (4:3 SDTV), 1080i (HDTV)
    Nuestro norte es el Sur, (“Our north is the South”)

    • CRM114 says:

      Unfortunately, because of the sanctions on Venezuela Abby Martin is no longer funded by them but still making Empire Files with her own funding.

      On Brazil, I’ve been dying for someone to translate the book Como Nascem Os Monstros…

  5. Skip Tomalou says:

    Hi James, thanks as always,

    On the point about JA, there’s no doubt the Intel complex has sought to use him as a cut-out as a strategy to discredit him,… so in your indulgence of continuing skepticism about him & WL, I propose you’ve taken Brzezinski’s bait. In your tolerance that Assange may be a theatrical player, please illustrate which of the 5Eyes Intel Services it is that would have tolerated any of the following in order to honey-trap its opposition: The Collateral Murder Files, US Diplomatic Cables, Panama Papers, DNC Server Mirrors, Podesta Email Hacks, Sony Pictures Hack, TPP Exposure, and, most importantly, Vault 7 & Vault 8. From where I sit, WL has offered the ONLY whistleblower protection mechanism known to work effectively (enough) to date. In other words, what is the hypothetical strategy that would have entailed exposing the family jewels in order to achieve intelligence end-goals? (I offer my own far-flung conspiracy hypothesis in a follow up post.)

    That said, I’ll totally concede the theory that the TOR Project was a honey-pot AND a means of cloaking field intelligence work, that Jacob Applebaum was selected exactly because of his charisma and sexual abusiveness for the role of gatekeeping the resistance (in similar fashion to how Weinstein, Saville or Cosby were given powerful roles), and that MANY people around Assange have been either clandestinely on intelligence assignments or flipped to turn against him without too much trouble, be it Applebaum, Poitras, Chomsky or John Perry Barlow. For more on the illustration of TOR’s dubious virtues I direct you to Yeshua Levine’s recent book Surveillance Valley about the history of the internet.

    And that takes us to the question of “how to encrypt one’s self and be incognito on the internet” provided by Jason. The short answer is “You can’t.” Certainly don’t give the farm away by using any BigTech software/social networks, but if and when you do, you must accept that – if you are conscious of the risks – it is as an act of civil disobedience to use it at all, as audacious as standing on a soap box in the agora and screaming at the top of your lungs all of your taboo political opinions. The Internet is a weapon, was designed as a weapon, and will always be a weapon before it is anything else. As soon as you attempt to hide yourself you get red-flagged and become a automatically tracked target. Again, read Levine’s book; it’s good. The best thing you can do is to limit your reliance and addiction to the internet, to accept that using it is a conventional convenience that comes with treacherous risk, and implies consent that you forfeit the 1st and 4th Amendments (if you’re a USA State Citizen). James’s warning that only the NSA or CIA can really track you is aspirational; as time goes by those abilities will trickle down to every branch of law enforcement and corporate security service. So cover your camera lenses and only look at porn you think the agents tasked to follow you will enjoy watching themselves.

    • Skip Tomalou says:

      On the point of Assange’s 9/11 concessions to mainstream groupthink, my assumption has always been that it was a tactical decision, as a publisher seeking an audience, to allow Chomsky’s Party Line (which also includes JFK group-think) as the low bar for entry to public dialog. And if you measure the take in whistleblown booty, it was a compromise worth making. Vault 7 & Vault 8 for gods’ sake! We know that Langley has no trouble mimicking foreign aggressors, ala the Guccifer 2.0 narrative nonsense, in addition to watching every single one of us at all times without fail, unless we actually build our own hardware. <— And if you've done that, however much I sincerely appreciate Duck's advice above, you've automatically enslaved yourself and become VERY interesting to your pursuers.

      Skipping back… so this is my Question For Corbett for next time: James, I’m curious how much you've read of Assange's own writing. As philosophers, you and he appear not too distant. As journalists with fairly common missions, however, I can understand why you might be inclined to distance yourself from him, both rhetorically and in the public eye. He's certainly a polarizing figure with many daggers pointed his way. …WL has revealed much First Source resources to the public benefit. Have you utilized much or any of it? If not, is this a conscious decision? (The film the Spider's Web is a great example of revelations stemming from WL's publishing, for instance.) Are there points of Philosophy about which you can say you disagree with Assange, from his professed statements and writing?

      *Now for my totally woo woo theory: The only way for Assange's exposure of the near entirety of the establishment's dirty laundry would be to have intentionally installed Trump as the Last President by some cabal within the 5Eyes, as a 60+ year long conspiracy plan by those who took possession of Tesla's papers upon his death, centered around Trump's uncle John G. Trump. It would entail a super-hi-tech breakaway secret society so advanced (at this point) that nothing in the current historical narrative would be even remotely true or authentic. And even then, that only answers the question of why would 5Eyes show their dirty laundry (because very soon it will be obsolete, irrelevant information), not "is Assange, wittingly or not, controlled." (More likely he's a true antagonist who has gained much ground, and the establishment he hounds wants it to appear that they were in control the whole time.) And on this totally insane theory, I'd say the litmus test will be the arrival of the virtual "Alien Invasion," which you've discussed before. And, I'd say, for it to be true, the invasion would have to happen before Trump's 3rd term is completed… There you have it.

      Apologies, James, for abusing my 3000 character bandwidth allocation. I'm my own worst editor.

    • Duck says:

      “…The Internet is a weapon, was designed as a weapon, and will always be a weapon before it is anything else….”
      The times when people have been freest is when good weapons have been avilible to the mass of regular men…. without the internet THE POWERS WOULD NOT need TO WORK SO HARD TO distract people because 99% of people who distrust them today would still be believing the corperate media.
      The danger of the net is that millions are entertaining themselves to death and porn-ing their energies away. Just like you point out the TOR is set up for them I think its like the allies in WW2 where they set up a radio navigation system in the Med… AFTER asking if such a system would be more useful to the axies or the allies and deciding that they wanted one EVEN IF the enimy could use it too….or like the printing press printing books that people in power liked AND ones they did not.

      “…As soon as you attempt to hide yourself you get red-flagged and become a automatically tracked target….”
      In the doc 1971 about the time the FBI field office got `broken into and it came out what they had been doing tit was clkear that the FBI had a deliberate planto make peope think there was “a fed behind every mailbox” … its the fear that makes a panopticon work. If everyone is scared because they are on a list then really they have already lost whatever freedom they had… to be honest anyone NOT on some kind of list for thinking the ‘wrong thing’ by now is probably a worthless human being who has no values anyway. Really the whole point of letting people know that the government can watch is is to make them self censor and be scared to speak out. If we wait until they are jailing people for disagreeing with the government then it will already be too late to do anything anyway.

      “….The best thing you can do is to limit your reliance and addiction to the internet,..” its the addiction that saps people thinking power you are 100% right.

      “… convenience that comes with treacherous risk…” very true

      • Skip Tomalou says:

        “… its the fear that makes a panopticon work.”

        I love this. You’re totally right. We’re not that much more advanced than chickens when it comes to organizing us and tricking us.

        I haven’t seen “1971.” I look forward to checking it out.

        Levine’s book is a must-read. (Unexpectedly to me) It is a book of great scope. It references Douglas Valentine at one point, which I took as a sign of level-headedness, candor, and sober sourcing.

        The unconsciousness-yet-sentient machine is kind of alive. And even the children of the powerful are scared shitless, having no idea what to expect.

        Exciting times.

        I mean really, …

        Who are the happy children of Henry Kissinger?

        (It’s a trick question.)

        There’s no enemy and there’s no winning.

        But don’t get mad at people who entertain themselves to death and get lost in the life of the internet, thoughtlessly even, and pawn their psyche to the Borg. That’s like victim-blaming. Be kind, no?

        The radio nav system, printing presses, machine guns, directed energy weapons, the television, the phonetic alphabet, indoor plumbing, – as the Other Great Canadian (OGC), Marshall McLuhan observed, the dominance of one society over its neighbor always hinges upon the upper hand in coping with and manipulating some new technology. And the technology is always some novel externalization of our nervous system that disrupts established social form, as we can see daily with these machines before us, as dynamic as the software. ‘If you don’t adopt – and adapt – you die,’ as it were. Or at least your way of life is transformed. It’s a fascinating conundrum, how to participate in the singular exo-mind, without compromising what we feel and perceive is self-hood. Even as a Catholic, I don’t think McLuhan would have been so proud to herald that there’s something eerily “Catholic” about it in its potential for unity and drive to universality.

        Even if one rejects the habit with the hardware and software and you have the audacity to go entirely without the screen, you’re still awash in electromagnetic flux as has never been known to the planet… ever …Not in any kind of homeo-stasis, at least, as far as we know. We’re all right there with the bee colonies, man, awash in Monsanto juice and Pharma Water. It makes the psychic cold war paralysis created by Mutual Assured Destruction look like child’s play. But it’s all of a kind. A form of negative advertising, tailored to a purpose and it might even be true.

        Taking the long view, if it doesn’t break every single psyche, it’ll result in a planet full of zen monks. And that’ll be like our “all the hebrews returning to Jerusalem” Moment, because on that day, we’ll finally MAKE CONTACT with our Red Panda Brothers and Sisters, toward whom we’ve been evolving ever since the adoption by Human Culture of “the High-Five” and the celebration of the arch of triumphant bodyslam by WWF’s Jimmy SuperFly Snooka.

        I think we’re in agreement, no?

    • alucientes says:

      Assange’s comments on 9/11 (are much like Chomsky’s. The events are not “particularly important”. Never mind they changed the course of history, (dramatically altering the rules of war and civil governance at home and abroad)are incompatible with what and who he claims to be. It is that simple. So, he is smart enough to hack into secure networks as a teenager but not smart to see the Twin Towers could only have been blown-up and Building 7 could only have been imploded? Does that seem even remotely plausible to anyone? Because it doesnt to me. The list of releases you list is a kind of strawman bc no one is denying those things have not occurred. The question is, who benefits the most, overall, in the long term? 9/11 was not just another event, or is what hap’d to those buildings a matter of opinion.

      • Libertydan says:

        Indeed, “the events of 9/11/01 changed everything”! I heard this a thousands times on the main stream media along with the doctored video clips of “plane hits WTC building, building falls down”. The architects of these events had access to U.S. Government Computer systems and all of the buildings exploded. They also controlled most western media outlets and what they call “News”. Indeed, they are a very powerful force!
        Would it be too far fetched to think that Julian Assange was deliberately holding back info on these events so as to have something to bargain with? He had stated that if he were to be killed, a number of very incriminating documents would be released by others. The people openly making death threats to him and about him should not be easily dismissed. I, for one, believe Julian Assange to be a real truth seeker, which is something the real Terrorists (Israeli Zionists) fear.

      • scpat says:

        I believe the reason Chomsky, Assange, Amy Goodman, et. al, will not touch the topic of 9/11 is because they know it would be career suicide to do so. The costs outweigh the benefits, in their eyes. They would immediately be smeared, discredited, and called “conspiracy loonies”. I think that they figure it’s more worth it to keep doing what they do with some credibility, than to be laughed off the world stage by the established.

      • Lumen says:

        Philosophy and Critical Reasoning is not taught in our school system except as an optional subject, at the post-secondary level, while, in ancient times, the understanding of ourselves and our surroundings began at an early age. Religion and science have imposed their doctrines upon us while we were also denied a proper education in Economics and History. I think it is time we understand the power of Philosophy and not leave it solely in the hands of the Intellectuals. We need to do some research on their politics. Too bad that Chomsky denounced Slovaj Žižek and his legacy in such a snobbish, demeaning and dismissive manner, in what appeared an attempt to provoke a show-down as Chomsky has the playing-field, the upper echelon-connections and numerous awards. Wonder if he is controlled opposition, under the guise of a social activist, as he provides generalities but not specific information for public education and discussion.

        Noam Chomsky’s knowledge in relation to linguistics and philosophy is enlightening. He has worked for many years as a Linguistic Professor for MIT which is funded by the Military and the Corporate Sector and he could have contributed to the weaponisation of English and other languages. He was instrumental in aligning Linguistics as a branch of Psychology, which then allowed its entry into disciplines such as journalism, education, medicine, law-enforcement, religion, among others. Noam stays away from controversial issues as 911 and the Palestinian-Issue, among others.

        Slovaz Žižek’s expertise is mainly in philosophy and psycho-analysis while his knowledge on geopolitics, history and social events is reliable and based on publicly accessible sources. His trilinqual skills in German, French and English allow him to directly access information-sources instead of relying on translations. He is outspoken on human rights and other controversial issues and has been banned from the Guardian and some other news-outlets. He is giving us an opportunity to understand ourselves and our predicament; unattainable via corporate-academics or their pro​té​gé. I believe Chomsky’s works are over-rated while Žižek is not being given proper recognition.

        Regarding Assange, what did he gain by being imprisoned for so long and being deprived of his family, friends and community? He is in poor health and his reputation and legacy is on the line. Most importantly, the issues are on the ‘Freedom of Speech’ and the ‘Protection of Journalists and their Sources’ which is not debatable. Will he be protected while in custody or will he meet the fate of Slobodan Milošević?

        • manbearpig says:

          “…Regarding Assange, what did he gain by being imprisoned for so long and being deprived of his family, friends and community?…”

          Can’t attest to the state of Assange’s health Lumen but whatever else he may have gained from his imprisonment and Wikileaks activities that we’ll never know about

          there’s definately: messiah status, world renown and his name as a chapter in the cosmic work of Human History…

          people have often willingly traded everything they have for much less than that…

          Freedom of Speech and protection of journalists and their sources don’t exist.

          and many witting and unwitting agents of obscure forces and secret services have been immediately sacrificed once they’ve served their purpose and become essentially useless…

    • a93 says:

      The reason they did not care is because most of the stuff Assange released was no where near the heart of the beast.
      Probably not even scratching the skin.

      Life is a dance, a play, and Assange is a dipshit actor. Do you think his ability as a hacker came out of a magic box in space?
      Nothing in this world happens in a vacuum.

      Now every hacker or hacktivist ever knows that if they find the true dirt of the elites or any particularly influential cartel, mafia, cult, etctera.
      There job is to go to jail. They will do the act and the dance exactly as Assange is.
      Assange is a clever shill no better than guys like the robot who became the main Facebook creator.
      If Assange was such a fking great hacker, privacy and security genius, he would be telling the regular free people of the earth to get the fk off the computer boxes.
      Sure you can sway people online, but the real world is the only salvation for any kind of freedom.

  6. fieldmouse says:

    The puzzle with the Assange story is “What’s going on under the hood?” Daniel Estulin in his book Deconstructing Wikileaks makes the case for it being controlled opposition. Citizen investigation however, instead of official interpretation of the leaks, has been anathema to the MSM.
    I had heard that Julian Assange had been through mind control training, and my reading has been that he got into trouble for going off-script by publishing the Podesta emails.

  7. Joris says:

    Hi James, here’s a question for Corbett:

    Do you think the “Notre Dame fire” is a conspiracy or just an accident? I think it’s an accident.

    • Truth seeker says:

      Macron is a globalist. Globalists are for communism and getting rid of religion. There has been an increase of church burnings this year. Interesting how al aqsa mosque in jerusalem also caught on fire on same day.
      Who is doing the construction to rebuild notre dame? Connected? Profiting?

      • Joris says:

        That article is not saying anything, just some insinuations. It even has some inaccuracies. The rose windows and the organ are not destroyed. They were saved.

        Off course Macron and his buddies take advantage of the situation. But there is nothing that proves to me that it wasn’t an accident. If anyone has resources that do have convincing evidence, please provide them.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Joris ; I have a question that I have not seen addressed any where . Did the diocese have any insurance? Can a 900 year old building be insurable? Did the original contractor for the restoration insure his liability to the site?
          It just reminds me of the scam to package triple A rated unsecured mortgage liabilities and pawn them off on unsuspecting German pensioners and the true malfeasance getting lost in the weeds.
          Can anyone comment on how that market works?

          • Joris says:

            It could be a financial scam.

            I don’t think it’s a psy-op. If it was they would have blamed it on muslims, Russia or the yellow vests. Followed by sanctions to whomever wherever.

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Joris, the news cycle has caught up with the questions in a double speak way. I remember full well Mit Romney and the Olympics in Salt Lake City.
              Now, Macron and now Paris. ” A catalyzing event!” “An underfunded project gets new life” Follow the money just over the horizon. A win-win!.Now enter Hollywood and Madison Ave. publishers and A list actors and authors and circus clowns and mimes viola, a Trifecta! Proceeds in the Billions. All from an underfunded, behind schedule cluster-f#€& restoration.
              Just an accident.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Q4C. How has the Olympic Games played into the hands or played by the hands that shouldn’t be, into the modern history narrative? Seems like a perfect vehicle for long range ” stratigery ” funded mostly by the intended targets for the benefit of invisible perpetrators.

      • Libertydan says:

        “Who did the Construction?” is a very good question. It should be asked of the work done at the WTC buildings and the Pentagon, as well as Notre Dame. Perhaps there are some ties, that would open our eyes.

  8. lila says:

    Hello, a good source for Latin American and South American news is Antiwar.com.
    The website provides a whole range of countries you can access
    manually for more detailed information.
    Hope this helps.

  9. Tony says:

    Just thought I’d chime in briefly on how to “push back” against the tech/social media slippery slope of getting everyone to “give up their power” (and health) and all their personal data to boot.

    I made my living in tech (software engr) and have dramatically shifted gears… not about tech itself but wresting control of it for our own personal purposes. My objective is no/minimal Cloud or Wireless.
    My “push back” started by not feeding the beast (FAANG) and going all open source. Dropped all my FAANG accounts plus (YouTube, Twitter, etc.) and replace with ; BitChute, Duck Duck Go, Brave browser, going to host websites vs. YouTube, NextCloud personal cloud, my own VoIP phones (FreePBX), my own MediaServer (Kodi).
    Switched to all Linux, and used devices to extend network thru house wiring and shutdown wireless in the home.
    Bottom line… it is not easy! But you truly appreciate how much the slippery slope is greased when you try to push back. We need more people willing to even consider such a pushback… Amen.

  10. Truth seeker says:

    I always thought assange was controlled opposition. If he was real deal, msm would ignore him.
    Second, wikileaks was responsible for Arab Spring. Way to get rid of dictators the cabal didnt like.
    Third, see the picture of him with UN Human Rights book? Is his purpose to make UN look good? UN is run by the cabal.
    Fourth, Manning became a transvestite. The cabal is promoting transvestites….Want to destroy the family unit and our morals.

  11. Ukdavec says:

    Regarding the request for South American coverage. I use and recommend the following site


    written in English by a Spanish speaking Brit living in Peru. Concentrates on mining but does stray into South American politics, elections and Geopolitics.

    His blog has links to other recommended sites – some on South American issues.

    I subscribe to his news letter which is more orientated to Gold equity investing.

  12. alexandre says:

    Responding to Sebastian regarding alternative media in Brazil. Some time ago I tried to find anything remotely equivalent to a Corbett Report or a TruthStreamMedia and I could find nothing. Every alternative media I found was so infantile and “small”, in a sense, that I just forgot about it. I tried again now and I found this list:
    Agência Livre para Informação Cidadania e Educação (Alice)
    Amigos da Terra Brasil
    Anú – Laboratório de Jornalismo Social
    Boca de Rua
    Brasil de Fato RS
    Coletivo Catarse
    Comunicação Kuery
    Esquerda Online
    Jornal JÁ
    Jornalismo B
    Manifesto POA
    Mídia Ninja
    Nonada – Jornalismo Travessia
    Rádio Comunitária A Voz do Morro
    Rede Soberania e TV Nação Preta
    .. but I wouldn’t put any under the “good source” tag, not for a “big picture” kind of substance. Personally, as a Brazilian, I’m convinced this is just impossible here. I could be wrong and would love to be proven wrong, but to me, if you want to know about Brazil’s inner truths (without much expectation), try Chomsky or Pilger, someone outside, or wait for Corbett to do something on Brazil some day. After Brazil’s Room 101, the military coup in 1964, which was accompanied (as usual) by a strong psychological re-engineering through the medias (TV Globo – biggest TV here – signing a contract with TIME/LIFE and such things), it looks like the minds now are indeed incapable of going much further than words like “communism”. If you throw at people, as I have done, a Rockefeller medicine, or an Agenda 2030, a Brzezinski and Trilateral Commission, a Technocracy, they just think you’re an alien. It’s just not possible to think in those terms here, at least collectively. Individually yes, probably some (not many I suspect) individuals like myself exist here, able to speak English just enough to understand these issues and connect some dots, and try to place Brazil in THAT perspective, but not a group or media etc. At least I didn’t find one, and even a guy I know that’s deeply into conspiracy stuff can’t go as far as “eugenics”. There his eyes start to roll back. That’s because when you really get how deep it goes and how much you have to change what you thought, the psyche just shuts down. Everyone of those medias sound always based on the eternal left-right thing and those quasi-comical stereotypes of “opposition”, without the slightest idea about Technocracy or anything. They’re maybe good for some local reports – police brutality, corruption etc – yes, but far from anything remotely comprehensive, which always leaves the source of anything far away, untouched and unseen. In fact the idea of finding “the source” of something is regarded almost like some strange useless idea. “Never mind the source, deal with the facts now”, etc. Or the most disconcerting one: “That may be true TO YOU!!”. (WTF?)

    I have been thinking for a long time that Brazil is the model for the New World, and it seems every time more obvious. There will be no Corbetts or TruthStreamMedias anymore, as there aren’t here. People will not be able to think beyond 2+2=5, as they are not here, and everyone, regardless of class or color, will follow, directly or indirectly (probably both), the sacrosanct commandments of the Big Dad there somewhere, as everyone does here. This is the model and it is tragic, depressive and deeply dark, precisely like 1984. My interest is just a hobby, like mounting a big puzzle just for fun. But my hope = 0.0001. The 1 represents some remaining hope that people like Corbett, P.Wood or the Dykes can affect enough “first world” people to stop Technocracy, which I don’t think is ever gonna happen. Just as a side note, the book “Brasil Nunca Mais” (Brazil, Never Again), a Brazilian counterpart of the Argentinean “Nunca Más”, which is a nightmarish technical report of what went on during the military coup (I could only read about 10 pages before getting physically sick) is being regarded now as a fantasy or “fake”(!) And many people are praising the militaristic style with sighs of “good ol’ times”. Absolutely unthinkable, specially on a country that suffered from such “style” so much. I’ve seen close friends making fascistic remarks all of a sudden. Some scary shit. That means that everything went backwards with an intensity and velocity that no one older than 50 can even comprehend. Those guys are good, up there in that stratospheric eugenic pantheon, and what they did in Brazil (and Latina America in general) they’re now applying to the rest of the planet, with a cooler techno style. It’s just taking a long time because the planet is indeed very big, but they will get there eventually. Then, as that philosophical question goes – does freedom matter if there’s no one left to perceive it? Or was it something about a tree?

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Alexandre ; I want to complement you for this very well written piece of communication. The ideas are presented clearly and accurately with such authenticity and heart.

      ” -does freedom matter if their is no one left to perceive it? Or was it something about a tree?”

      You have mastered the esoteric of a second language and deserve recognition for the hard work that English poses. I speak of these same topics to groups of people and you would think I was speaking Portuguese. I do understand how you must feel. I hope people will read what you have written carefully and grasp just what you are expressing and appreciate the complex ideas you present, in a second language. Bravo!

      • alexandre says:

        generalbottlewasher ; Wow, thank you very much. I wasn’t trying, since Corbett is a master writer and, specially in English, I wouldn’t dare to write anything here pretending to be even badly written. I just tried to express something, so if it came out well written, hurray, and thank you so much again. I will read it again, yes. I was thinking if that would be rejected because it doesn’t offer any way out, any solutions. It’s depressing and these days, if you don’t offer a solution, you’re automatically rejected. Unfortunately I don’t see solutions, other than some utopic or theoretical ideas. Good thought they are, very improbable.

        I’m just a musician, not a writer – well, I do write music, so it has something to do with it – but usually musicians are awful in anything other than music. Paraphrasing Dali I would say…”if I was a worse writer, I would be a much better musician!” (Dali said painters are usually dumb, so if he was a bit dumber, he would be a better painter).

        In fact, isn’t it interesting that I could do that in English? Doesn’t it shows how deep indoctrination goes? Try to find a Briton that can write or think in Portuguese, or more to the point, that wants to BE a Brazilian. “To BE an American” was the secret goal of every middle-class indoctrinated kid when I was growing up, and that must be part of the re-engineering campaign. My father (Argentinean) said many times directly: “They are better than us”. Really sad. But that’s how coups go usually, and it was the goal of the coup itself, i.e. to change Brazil “permanently”. That word “permanent” sends shivers up the spine, no?

        Thank you.

        • alexandre says:

          And then I write “Doesn’t it shows..”.. Damn!

          • generalbottlewasher says:

            Alexander: don’t you worry about those ” Doesn’t it shows…” Im telling you from the English language perspective it shows your counties blood coursing through your veins. That gives you authenticity. You have a strong voice in your writing for what you believe. You should be listened to. If I may I really want anyone reading this in America, to take note of what you mean, what it means to you, most importantly what concerns you is what concerns me. You have conveyed what concerns you with passion and compassion. Its happening in this country too Alexandre, its becoming permanent, and I don’t know quite what to do about it.

            • alexandre says:

              Thanks again. Interesting what you say about it happening there. I know, it’s a big global picle. Well, I tried many times to think about the “what to do” and maybe here I may go to my other side, call it philosophical or whatever, maybe artistic, and I wonder if it is the case of doing anything or not. Whatever is happening seems just too powerful to be contradicted. And I don’t mean military power, I mean something else. It’s as if it is supposed to happen for some meta-reason. No conglomeration of bastards and mafias, however powerful, can be THAT coordinated and efficient, specially when you see how low the level is (Kakistocracy etc). There’s gotta be something else behind it (and I don’t mean aliens).

              There are different ways to deal with such picles depending on time and place. There’s the story of Black Elk (Sioux – South Dakota), when he was about 10, and the vision he had of the terrible future his tribe was gonna go through. He said it was just “one of many hoops”. So you try to accept it, somehow, no matter how terrible, “knowing” that life is bigger than us. You can look at some Buddhist monks after their ordeal with the Chinese in Lhasa (in 59?); no condemnation of the Chinese, just “This recognition of the way of life through which that vitality of the spirit is moving in its own way.” “In its own way” is the difficult point. We may not agree with it, but it will go its own way (as it seems to be going now). You either try to go with it (very hard), or – also valid – you put yourself on the side of good and fight against evil. You “play your part”, and that’s what I see Corbett and all the others doing – in the case of Corbett, offering the idea of moving away from evil and stop participating in it, which is the best idea so far. It would be a good idea though to do it with this notion in mind (the spirit moving in its own way) so you do it with that other Indian spirit, saying: “It’s a good day to die”.

              That’s probably convoluted and over-esoteric, but it is what the kind of picle we are in evokes, I think. Nothing easy or small about this, and maybe the way to deal with it is trying to find “bigger” ways, let’s say, to deal with it, because with the strictly logical language we have now, we’re lost. It’s what I felt with 9/11. Too big to grasp. That shouldn’t be possible – those towers falling into dust like that. So we need to expand the language etc to deal with something new and too big for our poor old small minds, and here is where I think people like Corbett, Patrick Wood etc are invaluable; they help us expand the mind, curiously exactly because they are strictly logical and don’t go to this “beyond” area. They are perfectly very practical, academic and empirical – strictly facts etc – showing us how deep the darkness actually goes. That’s their job. Your job is then to put together all their material – including even David Icke, why not – and then this gigantic picture appears. The thinking of “what to do”, in my view, really has to go beyond politics and activism, and it has to be an individual thing. This is really gigantic. If you ask a calculator “what’s the meaning of life”, it will reply something like “257” which is all it can do. But that won’t do. We need a mythological dimension, in the way people like Joseph Campbell, Heinrich Zimmer, Jung etc taught (trying to seriously understand them without prejudices, and without the hypes), so we can put all the vast information we get from Corbett and others in this mythic context (something that every human group, except us, had throughout history, by the way). Otherwise we’ll just blow up with information overload.

              Sorry for the long text again, maybe totally inadequate for here, but I can’t help it. It is a big big picle.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Alexander: that’s beautifully stated . I had a similar conversation with CQ the other day. This picle, and I know your meaning, which is way more important than the spelling, but for CQs sake it is spelled ( pickle), moving on.
                This is something that the choir can share with the prelates in the pews and even push it out through the doors of the church and into the streets without the peons throwing up their defences against anything upsetting.
                Its much like Christian Science, until you have a white hot religious experience, and experience a metaphysical transformation of physics and matter in the form of a miracle and witness it first hand , its damn near impossible to explain it in words, measurements and laws without discovering or inventing new words and laws to define it. People will be sceptical. Its a picle.
                We need a new way of interpreting old dogma into the reality of today. Much like Mary Baker Eddy did to the dogma of old world religion. It carried the message out into the street where the possibilities could blossom. I recognize the spirit in your voice , the power of what’s possible is there. Throw something at the open thread Im sure it will stick.

              • CQ says:

                CQ here, gbw and alexandre.

                Figured I should weigh in, since I happened to see a comment from you, gbw, on the Corbett home page, and couldn’t resist opening it to read what you had to say. (It didn’t come as an email, because I wasn’t subscribed to this thread, though I am now.)

                alexandre, gbw is right that you speak from the heart. Since gbw mentioned Mary Baker Eddy, a woman he and I both think highly of, I’ll quote something she wrote that reminds me of how you moved gbw to respond the way he did (and me as well): “When the heart speaks, however simple the words, its language is always acceptable to those who have hearts.”

                I sense that all of Corbett’s admirers are solution-seekers. That’s why we’re here. Some of us bring beauty to the world through music (you), others through painting landscapes (gbw), others through writing and speaking (Corbett), and still others through editing (yours truly). (I had to smile when I saw you correct your own grammar then gbw helped you out — for my sake, he said! — with the correct spelling of “picle”: “pickle.”)

                Probably the “solutions” that overcome the imposed crises in the world are as individual as each of us is. But I submit that all the solutions, diverse though they may be, come from one source: the only-good, higher-than-human Mind that made and maintains the universe. And these solutions must be more than theoretical; they are inherently practical, meeting every human need and right desire.

                More another time. Have to run now, as mbp would say.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                CQ says: “…alexandre, gbw is right that you speak from the heart….”

                I agree!
                Thanks Alexandre.

                (Sidenote: As a friend, just to let you know… James Corbett prefers that comments not go over 500 words.
                When you find that the length is going to surpass 500 words, just split your writing up by replying to the first part. In other words, you can split your writing up by replying to your own first comment.)

              • alexandre says:

                Ok, let me see if I get the names right. HRS – thanks for the 500 words tip. Verbal diarrhea will be controlled.

                GBW, CQ, thank you for your kind words. And pickle it is then. In portuguese it’s “picles” so there you go. (pronounced “peeclis”)

                Trying to stay under 500, I have a blog (in portuguese) that has almost zero views and the times I tried throwing anything out in English, it didn’t stick and often got very misunderstood. I’m kind of retired, and tired also. The Campbell / Jung thing is so hard for people not to fall to one side or the other that it makes everything very difficult. This era is too black and white, so either you’re religious or an atheist and these guys I mention are in between and deeper, closer to [the old] artists, a view that really vanished. But…if you throw any ideas, I might follow. What would be exactly to throw something at the open thread?

                (Was that under 500? I don’t know how to count words…)

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Counting the 500 word limit per comment

                Here is how I do it…
                I open up “Word” or whatever you use to write a printed written document.
                I copy and paste what I wrote in the comment. After I paste it, “Word” will tell me how many words are on the page.
                For me, the number is near the bottom left of Word.

                I keep a saved/labeled “Wide Margin” Word doc on my taskbar, so I can pull it up when needed.
                I am sure there are other ways to count words.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                Alexander: welcome to The Corbett Report. Take any idea that you perceive to be happening and which contains an element of injustice, inhuman cruelty, opprestion, lies, hypocrisies, evil, wars and destruction for the benefit of few and the determent of the many, the con job deemed by folk as criminal. These things need to be tacked up in the village square for all to see. So it can be fairly determined if it be balanced, overall healthy for the minority as for the majority. Most all patterns of destruction can be found in history where a small group, set out to hoodwink humanity for their psychopathic lust for power.
                These ideas were uniquely American and only held together for less than a century, up until the civil war. But the seed had been planted and could not be contained. It is in our past that we find ways to control the outcomes of our future. And here is where the rubber tire meets the road. I hope you appreciate the colloquial idioms, they may already be in Portuguese and Brazilians vernacular, I have already learned picles. That is one of the open thread ideas that can be thrown up on the village notice board. See what I mean? It happens when the moderator and editor in chief goes away for 3 weeks and the gates to the asylum are flung open. Go to the OT now to incubate the many ideas you have stirred in my dusty old brain. Thank you Alex.

              • alexandre says:

                HRS – thank you, I’ll count my words now.

                GBW – Where is the OT? (Open Thread, right?) Where is the village square? To tell you the truth I’m not too much into the idea because one thing I’ve noticed (in this century) is the obligation sine qua non to be positive. My thoughts are not too positive. Further more, they might be totally subjective, which makes matters even worse. Specially with academics, they won’t tolerate subjectivity, and they’re probably correct in these matters. Maybe I’m just getting old, maybe I was tossed out the window by my “community” etc. So I don’t know, man.

                Will James be furious when he comes back? (laugh).

                This is 120 words (I found Word Counter!)

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                No. James won’t be mad. Not at all.
                Normally, he will just “snip” the comment off at the 500 word count. But it is a pain, and he doesn’t always get to it, or sometimes he will just let it slide.

                James is like most of us. He don’t like being boss.
                (“Don’t” is Texan for “doesn’t”)

                “The comment section is what we make it.” Corbett has mentioned this aspect before.

                The header on the webpage reads “The Corbett Report: Open Source Intelligence News”.

                We, as Corbett members get to contribute.
                I learn a lot from our fellow Corbett members.

                As that ole’ Oklahoma fellow, GBW, says: “Lets talk pickles”.
                Here is the “Open Thread”. (Or you can click on the “article box”)

              • alexandre says:

                Thank you, HRS. I just left a comment on the Notre Dame thing there. So we can leave whatever we want there? Cool. I still have to get the hang of this. I’m a very old guy, don’t you know. I’m about 569 years old, by my counts. I couldn’t begin to tell you guys how boring and mediocre this century looks. Even the horrors seem somewhat “déclassé” in a strange way.

                Maybe I’ll comment on GBW’s post on the OT later.

                Just to make sure, pickle is one pickle and pickles is many pickles, right? Or is it just “pickles”?

    • Robert Smith says:

      What are your thoughts on the Brazilian Dictator, Jair Bolsonaro?
      That guy gives me the creeps, he has a lot in common with Adolf Hitler as well as Benjamin Netayanhu, who is also very similar to Hitler. Here’s some info on the EVIL Fascist Dictator of Brazil, Jaire Bolsonaro.
      Another extremely disturbing thing is that there is even a Pro-Bolsonaro video game on Steam, called Bolsomito 2K18, if I remember correctly. even though I absolutely LOVE video games, but I find it depply terryfying to see Far-Right Propaganda video games being made, I feel deeply insulted as gamer & also an otaku/Weeaboo (Japanese Anime & Manga fanatic) to see so many gamers, Otakus/Weebs, & other types of nerds now submitting to Far Right Fascistic social engineering, which I find very deeply disturbing. I hope James Corbett will do a #propagandawatch video exposing the EVIL Jair Bolsonaro & that stupid BS Pro-Bolsonaro video game that is extremely insulting to the culture I come from, which is gaming. I absolutely LOVE Beat’em Ups & many other various kinds of video games, but Bolsomito 2K18 is a game that I will rather BOYCOTT completely, & now, here’s a PCGamer article about it:

      • Robert Smith says:

        Here’s a few more thoughts, although Nazism & Fascism may have great aesthetics, but are absolutely evil ideologies. Communism/State Socialism also has good aesthetics too, but also equally despicable. There’s many reasons why the overwhelming majority of the world deeply despise both Fascism & Communism, specifically the horrid oppressive regimes of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, The Polish are known to be victims of both regimes.
        We all know that Nazi Germany & Soviet Russia have been funded by American Big Business, especially Wall Street funding Adolf Hitler & Vladimir Lenin, who both actually played a chess game in an extremely rare painting from 1909.

      • Robert Smith says:

        Additionally, I hope there are others alongside me who will need to meaningfully guide my fellow Gamers, Otakus/Weebs, Nerds, Geeks, etc. far away from both the EVIL Fascistic Alt-Right Nazis & the Dumb, Illiberal Fake Left ‘SJW’ Identity Politicians. I sure bet that saidit.net will help out with that. When will the Divide & Conquer BS ever stop. I wonder if James Corbett allows Corbett Report members can be contributers as in wiritng articles, submitting solution videos/podcasts/articles, etc.
        I’m just curious, that’s all, & Mr.James Corbett is absolutely right that just because the Mainstream Corporate Media is DEAD WRONG (they can be right sometimes) absolutely does not mean that the so-called Alt Media is always truthful (especially the EVIL MK ULTRA MIND CONTROL CULT called QAnon, which is nothing but Rightwing Tyranny New World Order Propaganda!) I hope James Corbett collaborates with Derrick Broze to expose QAnon for what it truly is, nothing but BIG FAT LIES!
        I badly want to do some questions for Corbett for quite awhile now.

      • alexandre says:

        Robert, weird stuff, sir. I didn’t know about the game, wow! How low can things get? But to tell you the truth I simply ignore mainstream politics. I find it incoherent to continue paying attention to it after knowing what we already know about how things really work. Dilson Funaro – minister of finance in the 80s – told me and some friends once:”You have no idea what it’s like…” and the expression on his face was profound. He had seen something really hard to explain during his time in government. I understood that reality is very different from fantasy and what we have in mainstream politics is just fantasy. If fighting for Chandler’s right to marry Monica would be ridiculous, why is it not in politics? It’s also a TV-show. Reality has nothing to do with it and what scares me is how much people believe in it, here and elsewhere. (Probably because to really understand that people have no political power would be just unbearable).

        What I learned in the past years – culminating in this Bolsonaro hysteria – is that, to my astonishment, most people I’ve known through the years are fascists. My town (where I live now after being ejected from my native city, São Paulo) voted unanimously for Bolsonaro, and it’s a very poor small town. Chomsky is sure that Lula is the president of the poor, but he’s mistaken. So many years of PT (workers party) produced such an animosity that people voted Bolsonaro just to get rid of Lula. Pardon, people voted Ross to get rid of Chandler, as programmed by FaceBook. If instead of Lula it was Bozo, it would have been the exact same, but that seems to be impossible to be understood.

        Brazilians, even though being sharply divided as the other countries now, really believe they are independent, that the dictatorship ended, that the constitution is valid, that it’s a free country etc, even when life shows them it’s BS. They continue believing it, voting, discussing, falling for every trick over and over. It’s mind control, not politics. Try to convince someone not to vote and the reaction is terror. How about the fact that voting is compulsory here, with the slogan “a citizen’s right, a duty of the state”? And if you don’t vote, what happens? Oh my god, your elector’s card is cancelled and you have to pay a fine. How much? About five dollars. I tell you, Salvador Dali would be offended – or maybe delighted – to see this level of surrealism taken so seriously, but that’s the power of mind control.

        So, whatever Bolsonaro is or does, it doesn’t matter, for the script he’s obeying was already there before he came along. If my mother was president, she would do the exact same thing, otherwise she would be substituted. It’s a symbolic position with no power whatsoever. The only real power it has is to manipulate people’s emotions, and THAT is very disturbing.

  13. a8und4nt says:

    Hi James, what is your take on the attack in Christchurch, New Zealand? When I heard about this attack, I thought the whole thing stunk like an intelligence operation. Jacinda Ardern, the NZ prime minister wants to take the guns off the people and this was the perfect reason to do it

    • alucientes says:

      ‘I thought the whole thing stunk like an intelligence operation.’

      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Is there any to support this claim? The guy filmed himself shooting and wrote a moronic rant about it ahead of time. Its probably safe to say they got the right guy, but Im sure there will be a trial.

      People in power will never let a good crisis go to waste. Global warming is a perfect example, but that doesnt mean everything is staged (or the planet isnt warming) by the government to manipulate the masses, even if that does also happen,, we really need solid evidence to make those kinds of claims./

  14. hugo.c says:

    In response to Skip Tomalou and the “TOR is a trap” crew.

    Anonymity on the net is possible, but is only really possible with a high latency. That is, time is needed to mix your traffic up with other traffic. These are known an “mix nets”. Tor is not a “mix net”.

    TOR is the best commonly available, source code published, *low latency* anonymity technology. Yes, it was developed in the beginning by the US Navy’s Research Lab. However, it has been a public project for a very long time now. Much academic research into internet anonymity has come out of and been incorporated into the Tor network and the Tor Browser. I know that the people behind Tor are committed to the project and its goals — a high quality, low latency, anonymity preserving (as much as possible(*)) network.

    Now, if you wanted to do a code audit to look for vulnerabilities, you could. And, I posit that if you did, the Tor developer community would say “if you want us to be involved, we’d love to. Or, if you think it better that we’re not, then go for it. we’d really like to see what you find so that we can fix anything that you find dangerous/poor etc..”

    Isn’t a VPN better? No (but a VPN is better than nothing, if you can trust your VPN provider, see below). One of the core attacks that Tor tries to prevent is called a traffic correlation attack. That is, you watch what traffic goes into and out of the VPN node and you can deanonymize people that way. Tor uses 3 hops which means that no single node (apart from you) knows where you are *and* where you’re going. As 5eyes has such a huge vantage over the internet it is really hard (almost impossible) to have an entry and exit node that are not under their watch. But, at least by using Tor (or a decent VPN, see below) you make it *harder* for them.

    Modern VPNs tend to allow for choice of exit country, which means that they are minimally using a 2 node setup (in at country A, near you, and out at country B, where you want to emerge).

    Do they publish the code/setup behind the VPN? Do they delete their logs? Or more precisely, how long is their log retention policy? Do they publish a privacy policy? These are important questions for you to ask to establish any trust in your VPN provider.

    If you want to learn a little more about Tor, here’s a recent talk by Roger Dingledine (lead architect): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsWe1pI7kas

    My two cents.

    (*) I participated in the Internet Engineering Task Force standardisation of reserving the .onion domain for the Tor network. One of the reasons that this succeeded is that Facebook wanted it. Why? Because in some countries you cant get to Facebook except via Tor (or other distributed, encrypted transports). I dont use Facebook other centralised platforms, but their support of this proposal lent sufficient weight that .onion is reserved. And that is a nice outcome for Tor. See https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7686

    Note that if you use Tor and then log in to some service, you have obviously just given up your anonymity to that service. Behaviour matters.

    • Skip Tomalou says:


      Thanks for your two cents.

      I have no reason to doubt your desire to support an anonymous internet. I hope you understand my criticism is not aimed at the idea of TOR, nor its exoteric intent.

      As a participant in TOR’s construction, I’d be really curious what you’d make of Levine’s criticisms of TOR and of the internet in general, described in Surveillance Valley. It contains substantial, novel subject matter gleaned from FOIA-requested-content not presented elsewhere concerning TOR’s continued un-publicized funding, and it’s very thoroughly end-noted. Dingledine is discussed at some length in the book, I don’t think unfairly.

      I propose you give it an honest read and a fair shake. (I concede that you probably ought to purchase it through a proxy in person using cash at a highly trafficked brick and mortar bookstore.) 😉

      As a Corbett subscriber, I trust it won’t fall on defensive ears, and might be a great resource for you.


  15. AnimalsArentFood says:

    Some tips for Jason:

    • Windows 10 is essentially a lump of spyware masquerading as an OS. Switch to a Linux OS (such as Ubuntu, Mint or Lubuntu) and/or an older version of Windows, such as Windows 7. If you absolutely must have Windows 10 for running certain software or games, install it on a different computer, or put it on a separate encryption-isolated drive/partition in a multiboot configuration.
    • Yes, you should use file encryption. At the bare minimum, you should have one or more encrypted folders for your most private/sensitive files using the operating system’s built-in encryption (n which case, any file you add to the folder will automatically be encrypted, quickly and seamlessly).
    • If you opt to use portable browsers (or portable versions of your current browsers), you can very easily have multiple copies of a browser that are self-contained and isolated from each other. You can have one for logging into accounts related to business & shopping, one for logging into forums or social media, one for entertainment, etc)
    • Use third-party firewall software that prompts you to pass judgment on incoming and outgoing connections (especially outgoing connections).
    • Use connection monitoring software like Wireshark, or, if you prefer, just any software that will provide a visual indicator (eg, a flashing light or meter near your tray icons) any time there’s Internet connection activity so that you can catch your OS (or programs/trojans/rootkits) trying to phone home.
    • Consider setting up your VPN on your router instead of your computer, using OpenVPN. This a more reliable way to ensure that everything you do on the Internet goes through the VPN. You’ll likely want to buy a router with a more powerful CPU for this (and, of course, make sure it has OpenVPN support, or can run custom firmware such as DD-WRT).
    Install a physical A/B switch that disconnects your external USB drive whenever your Internet is connected, then keep all of your most sensitive/private files on that external drive. I built my own switch but an easier way you can do this is to buy a USB A/B 2:1 switch (2A 1B) (about $15) and a USB network adapter (another $15).
    • If you’re using a smartphone without some very significant modification, you should assume that everything you do and say on it is being recorded (probably permanently), and that the camera & mic on the phone are active even when the phone is powered off.
    • Sites like Google use browser/system fingerprinting to track you, so don’t assume you’re not being tracked just because you’ve got privacy add-ons like Privacy Badger installed (those add-ons do help though).

    There’s many more tricks you can learn as you go. I’d post all my tricks/tips for you but most of them are complex or can’t be posted out in the open.

    Keep in mind that, it’s not just about keeping you and your sensitive data safe. Data in general is power. The more data you provide to the psychopaths in power, the more powerful they become; the better they become at predicting and manipulating human behavior.
    Also keep in mind that you don’t have to be 100% anonymous & secure to make a difference. Anything you do to make things more difficult for the powers-that-shouldn’t-be makes a difference.

  16. Oscar says:

    President Moreno of Ecuador (and CIA-asset according to former British ambassador Craig Murray) handed over Julian Assange so he could get a 4.2 billion dollar loan from the IMF:


    Furthermore, Julian Assange was holding a copy of “Gore Vidal History of the National Security State”, as he was snatched from the Ecuadorian embassy:


  17. Duck says:

    ok if you want easy anoymity (in that it will anoy the tec corps) you can do what I wrote above OR you can go install TAILS to a thumbdrive (or better a CD) and just boot into that… i just did it now and its kinda ok and very easy to do…. took me about an hour to look up how. Just go grab the ISO (“CD image” type file) from the website and burn it to CD…. if you use the thumbdrive you can plug it into any PC and boot into it rather then the main OS (you must get into “startup” which is usally shown on the boot screen realllllly fast…. mostly either escape key or one of the F1-12) and use the onscreen menu to get to BOOT and change order to CD (or USB if thats what you have…) most PC’s will boot stright to CD anyway.
    Look at Youtube Switched to Linux channel vid “Introduction to the Tails Linux Distro” for better info then I can give.
    Its mainly for email n stuff but real easy to use and get set up… I would hesitate to think it will give protection agaiinst the NSA or even the cops if they got really interested in you… but how many folks have THAT serious kind of issues?

  18. Hotfoot says:

    James would you give us your view on Chris Bollyn’s ideas about Israeli expansionism, and international Zionism being a huge part of 9/11?

  19. scpat says:

    Do your parents, or other family members, know about your work and what you discuss on this website? Do they have a mainstream view of the world? Have you ever tried talking to them about your points of view? If so, how does that type of conversation go?

  20. sjb says:

    Hi James, thanks for the continuing great work.
    Not exactly a question but more a follow on re your work on the corruption of science. You may or may not be aware of the recent “picture” of a so called Black Hole that was released? Not being a scientist or much of a mathematician myself I have no idea of the algorithmic method of how this “picture” has been produced. I have been following the work of the Thunderbolts Project. They are a group of scientists who are expounding the theory of “The Electric Universe” which disputes long held beliefs of space as a vacuum, a question which apparently even Einstein himself was beginning to doubt before his death. A bit like the holycost, disputing the current mainstream scientists beliefs is not really permitted although it isn’t illegal-yet ha ha. So I wondered if you would like to look at this link & possibly later in the year after your holidays or when ever try to arrange an interview with these scientists? https://thunderbolts.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=1b8e5fc5ffab70f95805dea12&id=e9174e0b1a&e=984f8e6abc
    Enjoy your break, Cheers Sandie

  21. alexandre says:

    If I can leave my QFC here, James, I wonder if you know Judy Wood’s “Where Did the Towers Go” and what would be your take on it.


  22. Ian Davis says:

    Hi James

    thanks for everything you do. Really appreciate your work. I’ve also submitted this question via speakpipe. Unfortunately I said Pocketbook instead of Pocketnet in that question.

    Given your response to Jason’s question about how to secure your computer against the coming global censorship grid, and your recent discussion with Ernest Hancosk I would like to ask your thoughts about how content creators can possibly protect their content.

    Here In the Uk we’ve recently seen the horrific Online Harms White Paper:


    We’ve also suffered the passing of the EU Copyright Directives into UK law:


    Further announcements from the Home Secretary Sajid Javid state that the UK government intends to ban people travelling to ‘designated zones,’ punishable by up to 10 years inprisonment and a single click on a ‘terrorist video’ will potentially be puinishable by up to 15 years imprisonment. So obviously the UK state at least consider that watching videos warrants a higher punishment tarrif than actually going to war zones to kill people. Which says a lot.

    All this legislation is clearly part of the much anticipated censorship grid discussed widely on the Corbett Report. The purpose of designated zones appears to be to stop independent journalists, like Vaness Beeley, Eva Bartlett and others, reporting back their findings to the public. It will become increasingly difficult to share or discuss any of this content and severe punishmenst, including incarceration, are preposed for those who do. The need for an uncensorable Internet is urgent, it would seem.

    With that in mind, as an independent blogger, I have been looking into ways to shift my content onto the bloickchain and wonder if you would care to offer your opinion?

    From what I can tell IPFS appears to offer some promise and Steemit seems to be the best blockchain based blogging platform, though it is still centrally controlled to some degree. I am really inetrested in the IPFS Pocketbook.app, as recently highlighted by Dan Dicks, but have noticed the problem in uploading any larger articels or video, though I recognise this should improve if Pocketbook.app scales up as more users join.


    So my current plan is to transfer as much content as possible to Steemit and the D-Tube video offshoot and then set up a page on Pocket Book linking to that blockchain based content.

    Do you think this would work in terms of protecting content? Are you aware of any alternative, hopefully better solutions?

    All the best

    Keep up the great work.

  23. Robert Smith says:

    I’m happy and glad to be a Corbett Report member since March 2019.
    Dear James,
    How often do you plan on making more Solutions videos, articles, podcasts, etc.?
    the reason why I am anxious to ask is because I want to offer ideas for expanding already addressed solutions P2P economy (which was how I got introduced to your site) + agorism & create your own media.
    I want to expand those specific solutions like adding Free Market Anti-Capitalism to build upon the P2P Economy & Agorism solutions, & add DIY Pop Culture + Free/Libre Art, Music, Film, Culture, etc to the Make Your Own Media Solution, and I also want to add some new solution(s) to fight the anti-natalist/fascistic population control menace that has hijacked & perverted environmentalism along with the so-called mainstream feminism, which is obviously fraudulent. People really need to realise that abortion is anti-feminist by design, & the fact that the Racist Conservative Republican Nazis are actually Pro-Abortion, & are the ones behind Roe vs. Wade, which is designed to discriminate against Poor Unwed Mothers, especially pregnant ones.
    That new solution I badly want to share with you & the rest of the Corbett Report community is the Secular Pro-Life Movement and Pro-Life Feminism.
    I will need to explain that I have autism, I’m Left-Wing, I’m Pro-Life, & I’m not even religious. There’s obvious secular reasons why babies deserve to live both inside & outside the womb. Its a biology fact that life begins at conception, clear & simple. Now, here’s some links to Secular & various Pro-Life Feminist groups like Rehumanize, for instance. I’d sure love to see you interview Kelsey Hazzard, the lady behind Secular Pro-Life, as well as some of the Pro-Life Feminist ladies behind Rehumanize Intl., such as Aimee Murphy.
    One last thing, I’ll even share a grreat video of Kelsey Hazzard explaining how there’s secular reasons why babies deserve to live both in & out of the womb.

  24. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Julian Assange – 9/11 – Summer of 2010

    Corbett Member Adrian.M touches on Assange and 9/11 while James Corbett and the entire nation of Japan are on holidays…

  25. Thomas says:

    In regard to the portion of James’ talk on securing privacy, I would like to point out that the single most significant step in securing our privacy, as well as combating holistically the new world order takeover, is to CANCEL YOUR SMART PHONE SERVICE AND USE A VoIP PHONE SERVICE that connects to your home internet connection via ethernet/WiFi, and that you can use on the go out and about at WiFi hotspots at coffee shops, airports and schools etc. Some people I realize would still need to have a “Flip-Phone” cell service due to work duties or other reasons–but at the very least CANCEL YOUR SMART PHONE SERVICE AND DOWNGRADE TO A FLIP PHONE.

    This single step, which I do realize would call for a significant adjustment in peoples’ lifestyle, is actually from a technology point of view very easy to make. You can still use a tablet computer with WiFi to use apps with too so that should make the transition easier.

    James I noticed in this video that you’re still using a smart phone… Please lead by example and switch to a VoIP phone or at least just downgrade to a flip-style cell phone.

    The researcher and journalist Max Igan makes a point of always spreading this single step people can make that will have a dramatic impact on protecting privacy and simultaneiously thwarting the new world order takeover of humanity…

    • CQ says:

      I agree with you about having a flip phone, Thomas.

      I’ve never owned a smart phone, I’m happy to say.

      Question #1: When we talk on our flip phones with people who are using smart phones, how are we protected from having our own privacy invaded? I’ve always wondered about that but never asked anyone who might know the answer.

      Question #2: Is it possible that when 5G is ubiquitous, the wireless giants will phase out flip phones? Could landlines also be phased out?

      Thanks for your good advice and (in advance) for your answers.

      • Duck says:

        i suspect that your metadata of who you call and text is being fed into the machine by the network they travel on rather then your phone itself… if it a dumb phone without GPS or web browsing its ability to spy on you is limited but it most likely can still be turned on to listen to you (they used to be able to modify old land line dial phones to do that back in the old days..i thin it was called an ‘infinity’ bug or something like that) and the last flip phone i had still had a camera and simple web browser.

    • Duck says:

      i am not sure that using Skype or something like that is in anyway more secure then using landlines … I am pretty sure GCHQ and the NSA already admitted they can listen in to them and legally it “””may””” (not really sure) be easier to get a warrant to monitor voIP then it was to get one for phones.
      I dislike tablets and even PC’s being left online all the time because its prob possible for smart people to get into them and turn on any attached mic’s or camera or whatever… i connect using either a cable or a wi-fi dongle and PULL IT OUT when i dont want to access anything online.

  26. Duck says:

    has anyone ever found a similar weird bump in futures trades or insurance policies on the buildings before the 1993 WTC bombing that mirrors the one before the 911 attacks?
    I tried to duckduckgo it but cant find anywhere with that kind of historical market info available to regular folks and wondered if a journalist had ever looked into it

  27. alexandre says:

    My take on Assange would be “I don’t believe anything that has depth of field”. Everything today looks like produced by some advertising agency. Whenever you see an interview with a big depth of field – i.e. the background is out of focus – and some good lighting, generally from the right, it’s advertising. Assange, the what’s-his-name…Snowden etc, it’s all fake to me. I’ve been working in advertising too long to fall for these ads. I think advertising merged with reality, so there’s no distinction anymore between a film and “reality”. Reality itself became a kind of perenial ad. I don’t know, something like that.

  28. Bart says:

    Hi James (and community),

    I’ve got a question for Corbett.
    What would our “end game” be?
    We have a rough grasp of the “end game” that the socalled elites have in mind. But I don’t hear that much of how you view the “perfect world”.

    There are so many options I personally have in mind when it comes to how the world would look like if we succeed to “beat” the elites, but all seem to have their own flaws.

    Would you see a world that has an economy mainly based on cryptocurrencies, would it be an anarchist state-less world, would we go back to a state-issued fiat currency rather than a bank-issued one, how would you describe your “ideal” world?



    • Bart says:

      To get into it a bit more, I can see several potential (financial) systems, but see flaws with most of them:

      State-issued Fiat currency
      I do believe some form of government is probably good. I saw the argument of “who would clean my toilet” in one of the Corbett reports, but I didn’t quite understand that argument as the government doesn’t currently come over to clean my toilet. I do however see some security issues arrise in a full on anarchy society. There have as far as I know always been criminals in some form, and I do believe that certain people would commit more crimes if there wasn’t a decent way to punish them. Ofcourse we could as a society hire a team of private agents, but I’m not sure if would work well enough.

      One advantage of having the state create it’s own money supply would be to cover any costs in inflation. The state could just inflate the moneysupply enough to themselves pay for whatever costs there are, and every person in the economy would pay for there fair share by having their money reduced in value.

      The problem I see with a state-issued Fiat currency is the ease in which this can again be corrupted as it is today. Besides that, the governments sofar haven’t quite proved themselves to not want to be corrupted.


      There are people avocating for a world economy based mostly on gold and silver. While I do see the benefits of the scarecity and the fact that these assets are considered as money/valueble for thousands of years. However, I just don’t see these assets being able to cover the world economy today, as there simply wouldn’t be enough of it, and using these as actual payment methods is close to impossible for fairly obvious practical reasons.

      Crypto currencies

      Crypto’s are probably the best option I can think of right now. They are somewhat fairly distributed, they are secure.

      The problem I see is that there would be a few new “super rich”, there are some people who own very large amounts of bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies, and these would become probably “trillionaires” if cryptos become the world currencies (by then the word trillionaire wouldn’t exist anymore as the dollar would be worthless, but you get the point).

      I do believe most of these new superrich would do better things with their wealth than the current elites. But probably not everyone of the current super rich started out as an evil genius and actually just made a lot of money with the product/company they were passionate about, and became somewhat “evil” later. Besides that, everyone with that much money is to be worried of, and ideally the wealth would be distributed more fairly than would probably be the case with crypto currencies.

      There are a lot of advantages crypto’s would bring, by being able to create features on top of the protocol, so there are a lot of possible issues that can be solved with crypto’s but I’ll leave it for now.

      No monetary system

      I’ve seen quite a few people talking about a world without a monetary system whatsoever. We could eventually all have everything we need and therefor we wouldn’t need a monetary systems. Robots would be our “slaves” and no one would have to work, etc.

      Well this might be true eventually for the life needs, I personally don’t see a world without any form of money. I do believe that we would be able to eventually all have the basic needs, and maybe have these paid for by a basic income everyone gets, so none of us would actually need to work, with a lot of things done by robots. However, I believe that there would still be room for people to create things and still have a monetary system for the somewhat luxurious items.

      Government vs no government

      As stated before, I personally believe some form of government is actually good, as long as it isn’t corrupted as much as it is today. I can see the arguments for an anarchist society, but I see too many flaws with it, and generally speaking it’s a certain “the strongest will survive” mentally that is attached to it, and I think that would be going back in evolution a bit too much for my taste.

      I’d love to hear comments and ideas of how the world should eventually look like.

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