Episode 252 - Meet Zbigniew Brzezinski, Conspiracy Theorist

01/05/201310 Comments

Conspiracy theorists like Zbigniew Brzezinski believe that organizations of interest work behind the scenes to manipulate world politics. They believe that false flag terror events are used to justify wars of aggression on political enemies. They believe that humanitarian rhetoric is used to mask military aggression, as in Syria. In short, they are realistic observers of world politics, just like Zbigniew Brzezinski. Join us today on The Corbett Report as we hear all about the conspiratorial view of history straight from the horse's mouth.

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ABC hit piece on 'Conspiracy Theorists'
Time Reference: 00:55


Conspiracy Theories - Penn & Teller Bullshit
Time Reference: 01:18


Fast And Furious 'Gun Control' Conspiracy
Time Reference: 02:02


Hypocrite Brzezinski Slams Conspiratorial View Of History While Highlighting 50s Iran Overthrow
Time Reference: 02:34


Episode 050 - The "C" word
Time Reference: 05:05


Brzezinski on "under the table" arrangements
Time Reference: 06:57


Brzezinski Warns False Flag Event Might Kick Off War With Iran
Time Reference: 10:47


Brzezinski speculates on Wikileaks psyops
Time Reference: 12:00


Brzezinski vs. Bernstein on Syria and Russia
Time Reference: 15:27


Brzezinski "jokes" about being a conspirator
Time Reference: 20:36


Brzezinski on Charlie Rose - January 25, 2012
Time Reference: 23:15


We Are Change confronts Brzezinski (Part I)
Time Reference: 26:52


Brzezinski confronted by Philly 9/11 Truth and We Are Change Ohio
Time Reference: 29:26


We Are Change confronts Brzezinski (Part II)
Time Reference: 29:49


Zbigniew Brzeziński - Council of Foreign Relations - Montreal (2010)
Time Reference: 32:56


The Global Political Awakening (op-ed)
Time Reference: 33:00


Zbigniew Brzezinski at the European Forum For New Ideas
Time Reference: 33:31


Fareed Zakaria talks to Zbigniew Brzezinski
Time Reference: 35:17


Proud to be a Conspiracy Theorist
Time Reference: 38:45

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