Paris Attacks Truth: ISIS is a False Flag

11/17/20153 Comments

As The Corbett Report community continues to track the latest updates on the Paris attack investigation, let us not forget the essential underlying truth: ISIS is a creation of the US, Turkey, Israel and the Gulf States, and they are fostered, funded, equipped, armed, trained and protected by the NATO allies and the GCC, France included.


The Paris Terror Attacks: An Open Source Investigation

Episode 298 – Gladio B and the Battle for Eurasia

Episode 295 – Who is Really Behind ISIS?

Episode 279 – Who Is Really Behind the Syrian War?

Paris attacks: France to call for effective suspension of Schengen open borders

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  1. whateverittakes2 says:

    Thanks, James: I guess we haven’t learned a thing from the disastrous dismantling of Iraq and then Libya… we’re still whittling away at Afghanistan. I would like to hear some explanation from a BO or Kerry, maybe Rice or even Samantha Powers… What good is going to come from getting rid of Assad and doing to Syria what we’ve done to the others? And where does V. Putin stand on this? Seems he is now bartering to get rid of Assad. Why?

    Would very much like to know how the PTB are explaining this latest step in their game of world-takeover. I checked out a PBS Frontline documentary on ISIS that was put together in 2013. The politics of the Middle East is so extraordinarily complicated, what with Sunnis, Shias, Wahhabis, etc., that it is little wonder that they can do all sorts of nefarious things right before our eyes. And make it seem that they know what they’re doing…

    I will watch the episodes listed… I’m sure there’s much there yet to be learned about this enlarging mess.

  2. nancytime says:

    Thanks for this, James. I’m glad you spoke, even if too briefly, of Israel’s involvement.

  3. sahid.miller says:

    -ISIS the terrorist group fostered, funded, armed, equipped and trained by the US.

    This article is floating around so you might as well add ‘named’ to that list as well!

    I don’t subscribe to how the article presents thing, I had to stop only a few lines in.

    “Whether referred to as ISIS, ISIL, or IS, all three names reflect aspirations that the United States and its allies unequivocally reject.”

    That’s some bullshit right there. What the author fails to realize is that as long as Kerry and gang can invade a sovereign state’s territory in the name of eradicating ISIS, effectively invading an actual state by declaring war on a fictitious one, then the US’s ‘policy’ is directly hedged (not rejected) on the ISIS threat, name and all!

    ISIS is probably the fastest recognized, most illegitimate state in the history of modern civilization.

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