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02/04/202270 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Canadian Province Caves To Public, Abandons Planned "Vax Tax" On Unvaccinated

Saskatchewan Premier Says He Will Remove Vaccine Mandate, But Won't Commit To A Date

‘Freedom Convoy’ In Canada Accesses $1M From Once-Frozen Viral Fundraiser

GoFundMe Account for Canada Anti-Vaccine Mandate Truckers Nears $10M Mark

Truckers, Organizers Providing Meals In Downtown Ottawa With Pop-Up Pizza Ovens

Do NOT Go Back to Sleep! This is NOT the End!

Theo Fleury Opens Up About Sexual Abuse Comparing Former Abuser To Current Canadian Government!!!

Story #2: Novel Nanoparticle SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Combines Immune Focusing and Self-Assembling Nanoparticles

"Nucleic acid delivery of immune-focused SARS-CoV-2 nanoparticles drives rapid and potent immunogenicity capable of single-dose protection"

Who Is Bill Gates?

Episode 392 - The Future of Vaccines

Story #3: New Mexico National Guard Members Filling In As Substitute Teachers

Thomson Reuters CEO James Smith Joins Pfizer Board (Jun. 26, 2014)

New Mexico Ranks 50th On "KIDS COUNT Overall Rank In The United States" (Jun. 2021),11-52/false/574/any/20627

New Mexico Ranks Lowest for Overall Child Well-Being In The United States (Jun. 2018)

New Mexico Sen. Ben Ray Luján Hospitalized After Suffering Stroke

Luján Statement on Hospitalization

Democratic Sen. Ben Ray Lujan Suffered Stroke, Could Complicate Biden’s SCOTUS Plans

U.S. Sen. Ben Ray Luján Hospitalized

U.S. Senator Ben Ray Lujan Undergoes Brain Surgery Following Stroke

@SenatorLujan: "As the first New Mexicans receive the coronavirus vaccine, I have a responsibility to lead by example..." (Dec. 19, 2020)

Ben Ray Luján

Public Schools In Japan Short of Over 2,500 Teachers Last Year

New York State Teams With Gates Foundation to ‘Reimagine Education’ Amid Pandemic

School used student laptop webcams to spy on them at school and home

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  1. Howler Monkey says:

    Wow….military educators. Governments rolling back mandates, and what? vaccines are weird? Who in the world could have seen that coming?

    Look inward to your human connection.
    Look inward to the truth you feel but can’t express

    Just trust in the truth that your heart tells you, expressing truth.

    Reach out to friends and family to support your thoughts and feelings. We are the power that overcomes any and all tyranny.

    Love and light,
    In Lak’ech

  2. Jesse says:

    Its obvious to anyone going to Trump rallies & paying attention, the MAGA jabs are now doing what the plan was all along. Take out DNC senators. It was 5D chess with a rear naked choke hold using a kung FU grip. Now trust the plan guys & vote really hard the white hats got those globalists right where they want them. Just wait tell 2025,26 or maybe 27 Trump will expose it all. And you will all be sorry for doubting the Warp Speed Plan.

  3. Damon's Old Soul says:

    Given the nature of teacher indoctrination to only teach students how to memorize enough to pass the next standardized test, the outside of the box thinking that The US Armed Forces are taught, might just be a good thing. As to them being in uniform, that is a mixed bag. On one hand, if they are very interactive and come across as someone who wants to help; it isn’t that big of a deal. It is their uniform that they wear every day to work, same as many public schools across the US. If the previous is not true, then it is getting kids ready to obey the uniform. Of which no good comes from.

    • vadoum says:

      ” it is getting kids ready to obey the uniform”

      it is kids ready to know nothing about how to navigate the complexity of how humans deal with and express emotion, because with those muzzles on the whole class room is flying blind.

      mask pushers, especially in a school setting, are disgusting idiots, and deserve jail time for inhibiting a childs ability to develop.

    • Duck says:

      No sane person who loves their children would send a small child to a public school.

      I don’t care how nice a teacher is, they are part of a machine. You literally would have to work to give kids a worse start in life then being dropped into the system as small kids.

  4. yellowie says:

    Sorry Rug Pull:
    Go Fund Me on hold again because the Ottawa Mayor wants the money to pay for the police they borrowed from Toronto (that they don’t need). Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms JCCF sent lawyers to help out.

    Saskatchewan….sent out “Request for Proposal-Individual Digital ID Solution and Service Offering”. Submission deadline was Jan 4, 2022. So, the march goes on.

    Good news:
    Federal Conservative guy booted out as party leader. Hopefully now there will be some sort of opposition with a new leader.

    Jordan Peterson had some good comments…(he is very late to the party).

    To block the truckers in Ottawa, garbage trucks are blocking streets….so that the truckers don’t have too.

    Rumor: top contributor to Go Fund Me was from if you search this it goes directly to Trudeau’s Wikipedia page. Word on street is that Elon purchased this site.

    Best of all, two people I know got their EI approved this week even after the Fed Government instructed agents to deny all claims.

    • “umor: top contributor to Go Fund Me was from if you search this it goes directly to Trudeau’s Wikipedia page. Word on street is that Elon purchased this site.”

      Yes I did some quick research on this at the time. WAS allegedly the Top donor in the Go Fund Me campaign, with a $42,069 contribution.
      But that didn’t last long, a day or so.

      Now it’s back to $30,000.
      The only thing I can think of was that was doing some hank-panky at the Go Fund Me

      The fund me campaign has been frozen once again. 🙁
      Each day of freezing costs the campaign roughly $1 million.

  5. Not This Little Frog says:

    Hey all, I went looking for the AM source I read earlier that indicated that the Convoy’s organisers have links to Soros…and I cannot find it now. Has any Corbetteer reading this got any links to such materials and sources?

    • Duck says:

      I have not heard that, but soros and (((people))) like him tend to try and run both sides of any movement or issue.

      That said they also have to be somewhat real or the regular folks will go elsewhere to act. If they are controlled they will back off at the first concessions given

    • Duck says:

      Not This LittleFrog

      I just heard THIS guy talking about the guy who organized the convoy… he’s usually pretty good on getting things correct. Its in the first part of his live stream

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      WATCH THIS if a person wants insight on the Truckers…

      Premiered Sunday January 30th, 2022
      Freedom Convoy 2022 Organizers hold First Live Press Conference
      (50 minutes)


    • Duck says:

      Not this little frog

      I have not looked into it much…but I see people reporting that 2 of the 3 main folks organizing things are Jewish so the good news is that we don’t need to worry about it being white supreamisics.

      Truly e m Jones was right in “the Jewish revolutionary spirit” that that tiny people have been involved in social change since the destruction of the temple right thru to today

      You can hear him talk online a fair bit, less then than before though

    • Agreed says:

      Not sure if I know it. Past two years ago I ran across a podcaster along with some type of genre of music. I could imagine that it was a senior man. He was speaking about the nazis and eugenics. Sadly I wasn’t able to find that signal again after that day.

  6. zyxzevn says:
    Do not get lost in the futurism of the promoted “vaccine” technology, as is in:

    Did they make it scarier than it is, so it would be hyped by the opponents?

    It reads more like a technology that is looking for billions of dollars in funding.

    Did a quick read in the night, so here is my first impression:

    It is still based on anti-bodies in the blood, which do not work to prevent
    covid like disease or spreading.
    It is also receptor-based, which is designed to fail with each variation.
    And they did not seem to solve the problem of ADE.

    It is NOT “nano-technology” like programmable chips or some kind of graphene structures.
    This is what is written in the paper:
    To develop multivalent vaccines, we genetically fused RBDs
    (Receptor Binding Domains) to a set of four different self-assembling
    scaffold proteins with a potent CD4-helper epitope (LS-3) to help enhance
    germinal-center responses

    Note: It is pretty common for proteins to assemble: That is how biology works.

    So they use assembled proteins to smuggle the RBD into the system.
    I think that these RBDs are DNA that can make the spike-proteins.
    (billions of them)
    And I think that the “helper” pushes the immune system to fight the spike protein
    (and hopefully nothing else).

    So it is a variant of J&J with DNA producing the spikes in the cells.
    While J&J’s DNA is in a virus-packet, this is in a protein-packet.
    They seem to have a difference in the spike-protein that is engineered
    to act differently.

  7. I agree James that we all should be protesting around the world in whatever way we can, not rely on truckers in our area to do all our work for us.

    And I have stated elsewhere that I don’t believe the Canadian truckers are heroes as they are portrayed in many circles. They simply started protesting at a time when they personally were being impacted by mandates affecting their livelihoods (just as the doctors, nurses, other health care workers, firefighters, pilots etc. did).

    However…. having said all that, I do think the worldwide trucker protests that have taken off as a result of the Canadian protest is a good thing.

    And one main point that James did not mention is that of all the work sectors, the truckers have perhaps the biggest clout/importance in the vital supply chain.

    We can do without accountants, dentists, barbers etc. but cut off the delivery system for our food and other essential goods and we are screwed.

    On another note, I’d like to mention a press conference organized by the head Trucker Convoy organizer and her lawyer from yesterday Feb 2, 2022.

    The beauty of this press conference is that:

    1. They are saying exactly what they want to say, on their terms.
    2. They are only allowing questions on the GoFundMe drive.
    3. MSM is forced to take notice (CTV News, Global News etc.)

    This is a clever way to get your message out!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Fawlty Towers,
      Thanks for that CTV NEWS 5 minute clip where Attorney Keith Wilson of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (Canada) leads off the PRESS CONFERENCE.
      CTV NEWS cut out some important news about police and peaceful activities.

      Here is the full 15:55 minutes by CPAC NEWS
      Truck convoy leaders hold news conference in Ottawa – February 3, 2022

      This is a 43 minute video by Marcel Irnie which shows the aftermath following the exit of the Press Conference speakers.

      Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms ANNOUNCEMENT
      “Justice Centre lawyers in Ottawa work to release GoFundMe monies”

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        February 10, 2021
        James Corbett interviews Attorney John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

        Resisting Canada’s Mandatory Traveler Quarantine – #SolutionsWatch
        The Canadian government announced it was going to subject Canadian residents to mandatory quarantine, at their own expense, after returning from international travel, regardless of their negative COVID status. After public backlash and the threat of legal action, the government is now delaying those plans, but some are alleging that the government has already arrested Canadians arriving in the country by air and transported them to a secret hotel location. Joining us to discuss this developing story and what Canadians can do about it is John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

    • So much for the Trucker Go Fund Me fundraiser. 🙁

      Go Fund Me has terminated the Freedom Convoy 2022 Fundraiser !!!

      They will allow the Freedom Convoy to keep the $1 million released earlier this week,
      but will not give the remaining $9 million to them!

      Go Fund Me will will release those funds to charities if the donors don’t ask for a refund.

      This will come as a shock to the Freedom Convoy 2022 organizers and their lawyers.

  8. nosoapradio says:

    Since mRNA tech has been the topic for the last couple of years, I’ve been thinking about an interesting Corbett comment thread from a few years back, specifically from August of 2017. It was the first time synthetic RNA tech was evoked on these boards, as far as I can recall.

    In fact it was a certain commenter whose moniker was “m.clare” who linked to the article on the “You Are Being Gamed” comments board that powerfully impacted my world view (along with another vintage Corbett thread from August 2017 that ensued from the “Is AI Real, or is it all Hype; Convince Me” episode where I learned about the Double-slit experiment and the work of Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose. That board boasts 385 comments which seemed like an incredible number but which is pitifully dwarfed by today’s “Holiday Open Thread” with its 1,176 messages.)

    Here is the comment that I finally took the time to dig up:

    I realize that this is probably of no interest to anyone but myself but I do feel relieved for having finally found it again.

    I can now serenely plunge into the hamsterwheel with a joyful TGIF! (even if I do have 4 hours of classes and a translation tomorrow…)

    • Steve Smith says:

      “ What a truly extraordinary thread!!”

      Thats for sure. Amazing deep thoughts by folks that I will never have the opportunity to have a conversation with in real life. (They’d boot my butt out if I opened my mouth). I kinda felt unworthy even reading through it.

      Thanks very much for sharing that.

  9. Octium says:

    Isn’t sending soldiers into schools just closing the loop on the Prussian education system anyhow?

    And why are people still sending their kids to school anyway?

    Wouldn’t it be more kind to lock them in the boot and drive the car into a lake?

    • Fact Checker says:

      Bullseye x 3.

      • Duck says:

        Hey, fact checker

        This looks like something you would enjoy wallowing in.

        😉 Normal folks might enjoy these guys OTHER episodes more

        • Fact Checker says:

          Thanks Duck.

          These dudes all sound pretty sleepy, but I think they do have some thoughtful responses to Ligotti’s work (and they are appropriately effusive in their praise of his prose). I would have preferred they focus the discussing on Conspiracy rather than his fiction, but I get that they were doing a Halloween theme.

          The most interesting bit is where they suggest something to the effect of, “you have to be Nordic to even have the depth and sensitivity necessary to comprehend” the reflections of Ligotti and the philosophers he relied on in Conspiracy. It would have been nice if they have developed that theme further, especially since it seems their whole shtick is “racial stuff”. (I’m totally unfamiliar with them.)

          They talk at length about the “Gas Station Carnival,” which was actually made into a short film I posted on the Holiday Thread in case you didn’t see that:

          • Duck says:

            Yeah, they are rather racist but they do get good guests and discussion going and with most of their stuff it’s easy to ignore.
            I think the point he made was That euros are more empathic and thus prone to the sickness ofanti natalism. IMO that’s a cultural thing since euros have been capable of plentiful blood thirsty sadism, only the Christian veneer made us hide it and shamed us for it a very little

            Thanks for the link but I don’t like horror. I get nightmares pretty easily so I’ll pass. Thanks again, though

            • Fact Checker says:

              Of course it’s a cultural thing. That “culture” is the messianic, millenarian cult, to which you belong.
              It’s not just a “Christian veneer.”
              Christinsanity has fundamentally, irreversibly deracinated the gentile masses. That was its purpose.
              All that “turn-the-other-cheek-love-thine-enemy” gay shit was specifically designed to make a world of weenies out of the goyim.

              Know More News:

              • Duck says:

                Fact Checker

                “..Christinsanity has fundamentally, irreversibly deracinated the gentile masses…”

                Race, while its not a ‘social construct’ is MUCH LESS important then ideology and religion.

                “.. That was its purpose…”
                Your actually right… Christians are meant to come together into a single family of believers.

                “…All that “turn-the-other-cheek-love-thine-enemy” gay shit was specifically designed to make a world of weenies out of the goyim….”

                Don’t be so silly, fact checker, if you read your history you should know that ‘jews’ have WITHOUT FAIL attacked Christianity and been a major part of a whole bunch of heresies and controversies

                Since the identity of ‘jew’, in the absence of Temple worship, is SPECIFICALLY rooted in the rejection of Christ as the messiah its not really a major leap to see why.

                Jewish people have been major players in every weakening of Christianity in the public space, and in the general dilution of sound Bible based teaching in many churches.

                They were involved in the Cathar and other Gnostic activities, and the Kabballa was a jewish invention in the 12th century, as I recall, in Provance and THAT (to quote Albert Pike, (via ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, vol 1 p283 since I am poor and failed to buy the ACTUAL copy I saw in a book shop one time.)

                “…all truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Cabala and return to it; Everything scientific and grand in religions dreams of the Illuminati, Jacob Boehme, swedenborg, saint martin…… is borrowed from the Cabala; All the Masonic associations owe to it their secrets and their symbols….”

                Trust me, now that the veneer that made people pretend they cared about rights and morals is coming off people will be wishing for the days when the worst thing they had to worry about was the weirdo Parrish priest.

                I will take a look at your video… if its what I think it is it will mostly be junk laudanum soaked Victorian degenerates came up with

              • Fact Checker says:

                “‘jews’ have WITHOUT FAIL attacked Christianity and been a major part of a whole bunch of heresies and controversies”

                Jews attack gentiles. That’s what they do. The Christinsanity just renders the goyim defenseless when the attacks occur.
                When the gentiles are psychologically hogtied with Jewish blood-magics cultic messianism, the gentiles don’t have any way to defend themselves against the sustained onslaught of the Jews.

                Hence the here and now.

    • Duck says:

      No… murdering people is even worse than the damage school does

      Got to agree it’s insane to drop babies off in daycare and expect their brains to develop normally, add in years of school damage and here we are…. weirdos all over the place and it will get worse

    • Jed says:

      Couldn’t be any worse than frustrated abusing nuns of ass-fingering wanking priests. Thanks again Pop.

      • Duck says:


        Well… not being a catholic I can’t say much on what their schools were like and would suggest home education in any case.

        Schools matter but as I said the issue is starting in day care where people drop off their baby and its brain develops without a one on one parent bond wiyh eye contact during feeding. That lays the groundwork of damage the public schools build upon and is likely the root of the anxiety narcissism and mentality illness we are seeing now.

        As bad,even evil and perverse, as any one teacher may be a SYSTEM designed to create dependence, groupthink and malleable ego in the children fed into it is far far worse because it can reach everyone… rat utopia has one outcome…. what % of the population being weirdos do you think civilization can survive? I am betting less then 1/4…. more like 1/10

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    FALSE FLAG Bullshit

    You gotta watch this video clip. This is so silly…it is Grade School Kids playing “Intelligence Officials”.

    U.S. State Department on Russian False Flag Attack
    Journalist Matt Lee accuses State Dept. spokesman Ned Price of veering into “Alex Jones territory” by making the claim that Russia plans to stage a “false flag” attack with “crisis actors” — Price then sneeringly calls Lee a Russian propagandist
    (5 minute video)

    Read more here at Zero Hedge
    Russia Mocks US False Flag Video Accusation As “Delusional”

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Video shot this past weekend in Paris France shows thousands of protesters surrounding the headquarters of Pfizer in the nation’s capitol and chanting “ASSASSINS!” in protest of vaccine mandates.

    • Fact Checker says:

      When the “history reels” are compiled to teach the next generation about The Great Pandemic, that video will be accompanied by a narrator saying:

      “The people of France cried out desperately for more vaxxines, when Pfizer’s manufacturing had reached full capacity. Here, demonstrators accuse Pfizer of being ‘assassins’ due to the company’s inability to provide adequate numbers of vaxxines as necessary to stop the rampaging spread of the The Virus, which was killing millions by the day. Unfortunately, Pfizer was helpless to produce sufficient quantities due to both the expense and sophistication of the revolutionary Gene-Saver mRNA technology they had introduced to the world free of charge, as well as the constant campaign of sabotage being carried out by the anti-vaxx fascists who attacked the life-saving supply lines throughout the entire planet…”

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    GoFundMe and Ottawa City Councillors

    VIDEO from “City of Ottawa” YouTube Channel – Feb 2nd Wed
    Ottawa City Councillor Diane Deans calls for seizing GoFundMe Monies
    QUEUED at 8:40 minute mark
    At the 12:15 mark, she talks about destroying the GoFundMe.

    …Mathieu Fleury, the Ottawa City Councillor of Rideau-Vanier Ward, announced support Wednesday for the government to launch a legal challenge to seize the remaining GoFundMe donations that had been collected online. He made the announcement in a tweet from his public account, which was set to private shortly after as it was inundated by a wave of supporters voicing their objections to this latest egregious example of government encroachment on liberty.

    “This morning, I have asked the city manager and city solicitor to immediately launch court proceedings targeting the millions of dollars in funds frozen by @GoFundMe so Ottawa taxpayers are not left holding the bag for these protests,” Fleury said via tweet.

    He expanded on this notion in the email, which was shared on twitter and a portion of which can be viewed above: “I want to voice my support for the notion of City initiating actions against the GoFundme funds to cover City expenses from incidents from the protests. (Police costs, businesses and residents for clean-up, promotion for our City, and messaging to support downtown residents, and funds for local groups who were victimized over the weekend) Please advise on actions we can and will take.”….
    From Wed Feb 2nd – Zero Hedge
    “Ottawa City Councillor Demands Government Seize $7 Million Raised By Canadian Truckers”

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I can’t help but to think that it is not Covid-19 to blame for high unemployment, but rather the government policies.
    Funny how the mainstream media try to frame things…

    Friday Feb 4th, 2022 – Reuters
    Canada sheds more jobs than expected in January as Omicron weighs
    Feb 4 (Reuters) – The Canadian economy lost more jobs that expected in January and the unemployment rate jumped, as restrictions were tightened to slow the spread of the Omicron coronavirus variant, official data showed on Friday.
    Canada shed 200,100 jobs, the most since January 2021, and the jobless rate jumped to 6.5% from 6.0% in December, Statistics Canada said….

  14. danmcc says:

    I enjoy watching you two every week. The senator from my former state who had a stroke was a vaccine pusher and I would bet that he had the booster recently. On November 21 in his twitter feed he was telling people to get boosted.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Thursday Feb 3rd – Yahoo News Canada
    Justin Trudeau says deploying the military ‘not in the cards right now’ as protesters continue to occupy Ottawa

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday that the federal government will support the City of Ottawa and Ontario government on any requests related to the convoy of protestors near Parliament Hill, but deploying the military “is not in the cards right now.”

    “We will, of course, look at any formal requests…but our preoccupation remains being there for the citizens of Ottawa, the neighbourhoods that have been significantly disrupted by these protests and by these protesters, people going to school, people going to work, small business owners being harassed for wearing masks, being faced with hateful rhetoric,” Trudeau said.

    “One has to be very, very cautious before deploying military in situations engaging Canadians…but as of now, there have been no requests and that is not in the cards right now.”

    The prime minister went on to reiterate that he is particularly concerned about the people who live in Ottawa, who are “increasingly being very vocal about the fact that this needs to stop.”…

    …”Protesting people going about their daily lives, harassing people who dare wear masks or follow public health rules,…showing hateful symbols of genocide, of racism, these are things that are absolutely unacceptable and the people of Ottawa deserve to have their lives back.”

    The prime minister added that this is the time for “responsible leadership,” urging all politicians, from all parties, to tell the protestor that “it’s time to get back to normal in the City of Ottawa.”

    • cu.h.j says:

      Trudeau is a slimy coward. An empty evil man. I hope the universe delivers swift justice to that sorry excuse for a human being. He deserves hell as far as I’m concerned. A cockroach has more value that this nauseating individual.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Though I don’t strictly adhere to any religion I do believe in karma and what these “health experts” and government officials are doing is evil. By continuing to do these things, trying to enslave other people and harm them with dangerous chemicals, they have given away the thing that is most important, which is one’s soul.

        “How does it profit a man to gain the whole world if he loses his soul?” If there was ever any goodness in the people running this scam and crime, should consider what they are giving up by doing this. No amount of money and power and cheap thrills are worth trading ones soul. Without it life has no meaning. The void can not be filled that way. It is big mistake.

        • gonzo says:

          Great line of insight. People don’t realize the medical system – born bred and boiled in eugenics since Galton – is fueled by a worship of science as if of a new god. Wilhelm Wundt – the first psychologist to be acknowledged as a “scientist” – is quoted: “The soul can no longer exist in the face of our present day psychological knowledge.” His next move was to create the first laboratory for experimentation on live humans in 1879 in Leipzig, Germany. All that became of the eugenics movement was based on the supposition that humans have no soul. It is tantamount to a decree that there is no karma – no payback for these who destroy others’ lives. Next time you get that queasy feeling in a doctor’s office, ask them if they think you have a soul.

          • Jed says:

            I think they’ve evolved from barbers. A haircut, a shave, let out a pint of blood, sprinkle some poison on the lice, cut out the cyst, dry the bloody rags on the post out front, barbers. They worked with sharp knives and poison, just like they do now except now they’re called doctors.

            • cu.h.j says:

              They are similar to plumbers or a mechanic. A person should know about their car before taking it to a mechanic, same with going to the doctor. Sometimes you might need a mechanic and occasionally you might need a doctor (broken bone, traumatic accident, heart attack, stroke, other life threatening circumstance like that).

              Most doctors I have known don’t think on their own, they are like an encyclopedia of allopathic medicine and outside of that context can be pretty dim witted. Occasionally you’ll get doctors who think with their own brain, like the American Frontline Doctors and people like that.

              But you know the medical field well and have probably been a paramedic longer than I have been a nurse, so maybe I still have slightly favorable opinion of some physicians and medical people.

              • Jed says:

                It was a second career, In paramedic school many of my preceptors were fifteen, twenty years younger than me.
                I agree with you cu, most don’t think on their own — they follow protocols to cover their asses. They make patients glow in the dark with scans and radiation ‘cus they suck at assessments too. And there are a very few who do think on their feet, and if you need a bone set or cyst cut out of you, or your heart restarted or half the population of Earth euthanized, you’ll want an allopath.

  16. gonzo says:

    As to the continual permutations of the jab, I submit to the commentariat that the origin of this concept was with Google head engineer Ray Kurzweil. Please google “Ray Kurzweil immortality” to read his history of Gates’ funding for his immortality crusade… vis a vis cybernetics. What Kurzweil described maybe 12 years ago (first I read of it) was an injectable nanoparticulate police force to govern body function. Basically it is exactly the scheme understood by those of us who have looked into jab patents.

  17. Jed says:

    I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. Not one word about what’s going on in Canada from channel 7 world news last night, not one! We’re not even close to being out of the woods people.

    • cu.h.j says:

      The revolution will not be televized.

      • Jed says:

        Good one cu, funny and true. At the very least there must be some social media clips spilling out to the normies, the lack of coverage is incriminating to the mainstream ews. I left the “n” out as what’s happening to the North is being ignored.

  18. vadoum says:

    beginnings of “freedom” camp in Aus capitol & police reaction (20mins)

  19. HomeRemedySupply says:

    NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal publicly declared Thursday (Fed 3rd) that in his opinion no one “should be forced” to take a vaccine, and hit back at a reporter who claimed that Americans are not being made to take shots.

  20. TimmyTaes says:

    My iMac died. I took a month off from the Internet. It was peaceful, but upsetting. I had no idea what was really going on out there, I did see a video of Tucker Carlson talking about the Canadian truckers. I have two good friends in BC. They are very proud of the trucker convoys.
    I am tired of hearing about the vax, the mask, the whole insanity. I do not comply or give a shit.

  21. yellowie says:

    Canadian Truckers:
    From the 10 million raised, 1 million was released last week and now Go Fund Me will refund the other 9 Million to donors or use the money for other charities:
    “The crowdfunding site said it now has evidence from law enforcement that the demonstration “has become an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity.”

    Not sure where the evidence came from, the city of Ottawa turned off all their city cameras.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Great reporting on this entire saga, both on the current Trucker mix and on the previous hardships endured.
      Thanks so much!

      — GiveSendGo —
      Freedom Convoy 2022
      Campaign Created by: Freedom 2022 Human Rights

      As I post this comment, $706,625 has been donated.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        GiveSendGo must be getting a lot of traffic.
        Sometimes the above link goes down.

        Here is another related program:
        We at Warroom Canada have started up the campaign in partnership with 2022 Freedom Convoy that arrived in Ottawa, the weekend of January 28th.

        Our heroic arrivals will need; housing, water, food, accommodations and shuttle services. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. This is a Canada wide rally determined to stop all mandates and return CANADIANS their rights and freedoms again. This is for all who want to contribute but cannot be there in person. This is a great way for you to be a part of this movement!

        We are looking for volunteers here in Ottawa.
        Please fill out registration web form linked at

        A need for all levels of logistics like food prep, generators, showers, security, pylons, etc. click the link.

  22. Gagumba says:

    What scares me the most is the hypothesis that what is in public domain is about 30+ yrs behind the black projects.

    Given the level of bio engineering & DNA manipulation I shudder to think what horrors occur in these facilities. These people have no moral compass in the name of ‘science’ nor do they care about the potential effects of their experiments.

    Playing with more than just fire…

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