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Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: The Summit For Democracy //

China, Russia Attack Biden's 'So-Called' Summit of Democracy [sic]

The Biden-Putin “Virtual Summit”: What Prospects For Peace? A Review

Episode 397 - Exposing Biden's SECRET Plans!!!

President Biden's 'Summit for Democracy' Invites Countries With Mixed Records

Biden’s ‘Democracy Summit’ Is a Joke

Kremlin: Putin Reiterated Demand on NATO Eastward Expansion During His Call With Biden

Story #2: WEF Says Synthetic Biology Is The Key To Reset Living Systems

How Can Technological Advancements In Synthetic Biology Benefit Everyone?

Episode 225 - Still Listening to the Enemy (Apr. 7, 2012)

Integration of Blockchain and Biometrics to Redefine Digital Identity By 2030

WEF Video: The Use of Blockchain to Advance Biometric Technologies (Jan. 27, 2019)

Story #3: Microchip Your Cat Or Face Fines, UK Govt Says

Cat Microchipping To Be Made Mandatory

NWNW Flashback: Big Pharma to Begin Microchipping Drugs (Nov. 11, 2010)

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  1. Corbett says:

    NOTE: We are apparently unable to combine discount codes on the shop so until December 25th the regular subscriber discount code will be good for 50% off. The discount code can be found in all of the recent editions of the subscriber newsletter, including the most recent:

  2. openlens says:

    Interesting to find this uploaded onto bitchute already, yet no notice in my mail.

  3. openlens says:

    What if Biden gave a summit, and nobody came?
    Precisely what the response needs to be. What in the world does Joe Biden know about democracy? He helped write and promote the Patriot Act.

  4. sonic.r says:

    The summit for democracy feels like a complete mockery of actual human freedom

  5. openlens says:

    “Democracy worldwide” has already been undermined with the newspeak new definition of “majority”. Straight from my recent honors degree, folks.

    “Majority” now refers to THOSE WITH THE MAJORITY OF POWER.

    Pretty simple. They don’t bullshit around, do they? “Democracy”…first for white male slave owners… still an excellent pass word for continued power and force. “Democracy”.
    Fight for “Democracy Hipocrisy” now, and you’re fighting to keep the powerful in control, cause that’s the “majority”.
    See? A War of Words, like Orson Wells tried to tell us so long ago.
    But words are all we have left in this microwaved warfare world. And consensus….the original governance of the Six Nations Confederacy…along with ultimate decision power belonging to the mothers of the tribe….was replaced with “democracy”.
    Whatever, nothing must change. We must cling to this discarded made up corpse of “democracy” while the corpserations continue with the second American genocide.
    Make America Genocidal Again. Right, Donald? I’ll bet you all knew all about “consensus” in this matter, eh?
    Hey, Donald, you gonna hold a “Jabbed Miss Universe ” contest? For the gazing pleasures of the elite pharma lords?

  6. frogsoup says:

    I love this show, you guys are awesome. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Gentlemen!

  7. openlens says:

    “Organic robots that can be programmed to do certain things”.

    Sounds like a lot of people. Doctors, those who put up microwave towers, lots of programmed robots. Most public school teachers. Just so many, running things…down.

  8. openlens says:

    Bill Gates says we will be his “miners”.
    Maybe while they keep us all busy gawking at their planned microchipping, they’ve already done it through the “Stratospheric Air/Aerosol Agenda, worldwide.

    My body told me everything I needed to know about “chemtrails” before I ever heard the word. My eyes,nose, skin, ears, my joints, my embodiment. Outside from sunrise to sunset everyday. When you live with nature, the sky is the very first thing you look at every day.
    But few ever do this.
    Ah. I see. Not only does Japan seem to somehow, very politely and carefully due to residency concerns, not ever figure at all upon this world stage, but one must also refrain from producing evidence of mailed materials that may be upsetting to one’s visa officers.
    For sure. Understood. It’s all so very understandable.

  9. Arby says:

    The Christian Bible depicts the US as a wild beast that comes out of the earth. The dual UK/American world power is the seventh head of the second seven-head wild beast in the Bible book of Revelation. There are three seven-headed wild beasts therein. The first is identified as Satan and is said to oversee the arrival of the second seven-headed beast, which arises out of the ‘sea’. The sea is humankind in a more formative state, where nation States are relatively less fixed. It is the human, political wild beast system. The third seven-headed wild beast is said to be an “image” of the second (and one could say first) wild beast. That’s because it’s the UN/WHO. (That beast is prophesied to receive “one hour” of special authority that makes it more than just an image, and we see that happening with the WHO telling the American-dominated Corporatocracy what to do in matters of health, which is not a small thing.)

    What do we know about the wild beast that ascends out of the ‘earth’, which means humankind in later times when nation States are relatively fixed, and politics, in certain respects, is firmed up? As C.J. Hopkins notes, yes, we have nation States and some tussling between them but really we have only one world system, which he calls globocap, meaning global capitalism, and so it is. The Bible depicts that particular, singled out human political entity/beast because it is influential far beyond what other States are. It has “two horns like a lamb, but it began speaking like a dragon.” (Rev 13:11) It is also identified as a False Prophet. You can’t get more false than being the world’s foremost champion of democracy (a benevolent, righteous and even godly way of life – on paper) while also being the world’s foremost terrorist organization and regime change engine.

    Joe Biden whispers (he was coached for it, probably) into the camera, like a loving parent, “Get your kids vaccinated,” while the covid injections are killing record numbers of kids in a super short time as “Vaccine Impact” and other sites are reporting. I was reminded, when I saw that, of the way Star Trek’s Michael Burnham always talks in that disarming whisper style of a mother soothing her frightened children. It’s like the character who they pick to be the bad guy. He doesn’t have to act, really. All he has to do, like Hayden Christensen (who is about as menacing as a tiny kitten) is lower his head and scowl. Same (but different) thing.

    Joe Biden, parent whisperer:

  10. Arby says:

    The same hoaxsters behind the covid 19 pandemic want to promote the idea, of course, that synthetic biology is the key to resetting living systems. Resetting? Would those be living systems that manmade chemicals and deforestation and irresponsible industrial practices by too free capitalists killed and are killing? Iain Davis reminds of their plans to destroy the ecosystems on the seabeds, to get at important minerals, in the name of preserving nature. That’s how they roll.

    If the hoaxsters want to protect living systems, then they wouldn’t destroy them. But when you’ve declared yourself to be (a collective) God, as the hoaxsters have done, essentially, then you become the decider of everything, including meaning. False is True. Protection is Destruction. And so on.

  11. Gagumba says:

    More snake oil to destroy our innate morals, push occult, trans-humanistic doctrine & usher in the ‘new’ humans.

    Reminds me of the image of a priest offering the blood of Christ in a chalice to his (can I say ‘his’) devout followers with one hand whilst hiding a bottle of poison in his other hand.

    Given the breaches of the Geneva conventions, the assumptions that what is in public domain is at least 30yrs behind deep state black projects I would not be surprised if synthetic humanoids grown in artificial wombs have already been created & amongst us.

    Oh Lordy Lordy what has become of humanity?

  12. Duck says:

    A tech channel posted this video on the metaverse…. the idea of a private corporate
    UBI being the only thing between folks and starvation, also with everything happening on the cloud server so we’re all kiosk users…. yuck
    they are also pretty good for some cyber privacy advice too

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Story #2: WEF Says Synthetic Biology Is The Key To Reset Living Systems

    This “Synthetic Biology” agenda is terrifying! Damn scary stuff!

  14. mik says:

    Look at the end of wef’s article:

    “The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum.”
    hahaha, yeah, indeed (shut up conspiracy theorist)

    Reading this shit is painful, much to much of pure and utter meaningless nonsense.

    “At the intersection of an ageing population, climate change and environmental degradation lies the bioeconomy, increasingly underpinned by advances in synthetic biology.”

    WTF??? Was this concoction-sentence created by some AI text generator? Maybe my english is not good enough?

    “The bioeconomy covers all sectors and systems that rely on biological resources (animals, plants, microorganisms, and derived biomass, including organic waste) as well as their functions and principles.”

    Holy shit …. Principles.
    I’m eagerly waiting their article: “Metaphysics of Crap”. It just must come around ones, because all encompassing Reset drive necessarily have to produce one, otherwise it won’t be all encompassing.

    Author is open source advocate. But:” Sometimes, you’ll land back on patenting everything because the promise of a monopoly is required to unlock sufficiently risk tolerant investment. That is OK! ”

    Consistency uber alles!!! Heil WEF!!! Fuck Global South, equitable and other synonyms when money talks.

    Well, of course making sense of this blather is insurmountable problem to me. Philosophically, WEF is creating a New Paradirm. New paradigm necessitates new language that will unlock new thinking and new ideas.
    And hide bullshit.

  15. troymu says:

    “Blathersphere” needs to be a term.

  16. TimmyTaes says:

    The opening music always makes me feel like I’m in a dental office’s waiting room. “Here comes the drill! So stay calm.”

  17. TimmyTaes says:

    I’ve always hated old men telling me what to do. Now that I’m an old man… I really really really hate it. Old men are FUCKED!

  18. TimmyTaes says:

    James Evan Pilato; Dude! Your red record is done playing. Please pull if off the turntable and turn the machine off. It’s driving me crazy! Those of us with OCD can’t stand a record still on the turntable spinning around uselessly (kinda like the Earth).
    Please JEP, have mercy.

  19. TimmyTaes says:

    Cheap Energy made modern civilization possible. We are only what, 220 years into the modern era? Energy can’t be pissed away in wars (USA military is largest user of fossil fuels(gotta love that term) in the world. Also biggest polluter after China and India).
    So the elites decide to cut the populations. The wars are just too much fun and profitable to stop.
    We need a clean new source of energy. Without it, modern civilization will go the way of the civilizations that came before it.
    Thus sayeth Zoroaster, or was it the free toaster I got at the bank? I hear voices.

  20. TimmyTaes says:

    And why a “summit of democracy”. Why not a “Bowling Alley of Democracy”? Biden is about as capable of climbing a summit as a wounded rabbit.
    We all know democracy is crap. I like RFK Jr. and read his books, but his love of democracy makes no damned sense to me. I don’t like most of my neighbors and sure as hell don’t want them running my life.
    I’ve climbed mountains. Never found a democracy up there.

    • mkey says:

      As I pointed out above, people like to get stuck in the useless paradigms. RFK had some close family members murdered while actively defending/putting up a front for democracy so this reality is probably more livid for him than others.

      The entire idea is obvioisly completely flawed and is so by design. It was instituted to replace failing monarchies, not to drive freedom and let people thrive.

      A common hurdle is people are so mind controlled that the can’t imagine things being different. And so we still have democracy.

  21. TimmyTaes says: Link is to Inspector Clouseau and the Monkey.

    “Your cat is not chipped.”

    “That is not my cat. He moved in on his own. He is a businessman. He eats the mice. I feed him. He is not my cat.”

    “But you need to have your cat injected with the chip.”

    “Inspector, he is not my cat. He does what he pleases.”

    “Still, you need to have the cat injected with the chip. I will let you off with a caution this time. But don’t let me see you again with that cat.”

  22. TruthSeeker says:

    It seems to me that these Oligarchs, and the so called “smart people” they hire to work for them, are causing the depletion of natural resources at an ever increasing rate. Electronic devices seem to become junk in a year or two, thus creating garbage that cost money to get rid of. As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, I see these so called “smart people” losing touch with reality. Their greed is already causing hundreds of thousands of people to starve, and they have plans to monetize everything.
    In a world where I see Organ Harvesting done on those who lack money, by those that seek money, for those that have money, I see the dreams of these Oligarchs coming apart long before 2031.
    It is not that there are too many people in the world. It is that the wrong people (if we can call them people, perhaps they are machines) have been allowed to acquire too much power.
    Government approval to Inject 5 to 11 year olds has opened the door for Mandates where there is no benefit to the child.
    How long can that last in a world with people that deserve to live?
    We cannot allow the children to be sacrificed. The system has failed and has to be shut-down, but what will we replace it with?

    • westerncivic says:

      Every American needs to review the Declaration of Independence and Eisenhower’s speech on the military industrial complex.

      No politician is gonna fix this. And we don’t have much time.

      The oligarchs are trying to incite civil war so we don’t fight them.

      “Political representation” is obsolete.

      Reminder :

      The people have the natural right to form or abolish any government for the purpose of ensuring their own security and sustainability.
      On this July 14, 2019, National Day, We, the people of France, once again declare our inalienable sovereignty.
      With constancy and obstinacy, the people of France, with or without a vest, denounced the corruption of the republic and the illegitimacy of this false representative democracy.
      Access to information, induced by the advent of modern communication technologies, allowed us to make a lucid observation of the uselessness and even of the harmful character of the political representation set up as a system, almost always concussionnary, subservient to the big world bank and the military-industrial complex which enslave the peoples of the whole world.
      Everyone has the right to speak for themselves. Collective decision-making through citizen structures freed from the republican yoke can now be achieved.
      We hereby declare that we have the right to do so in every corner of France, in our districts, our municipalities, our cities and our provinces.
      In order to restore the destiny and sovereignty of the French people, we hereby proclaim the first direct democracy in France and we invite all the citizens of France who love justice and freedom to meet in constituent assemblies, new institutions which will see the light of day soon in each province of France. Everyone can thus bring their own skills and expertise to the established democratic structure in order to determine together the rules of our mutual ties.

      We will not go back.

      National Council of Vests meeting in Paris, July 14, 2019

    • westerncivic says:

      And in the meantime The 3 tacks:

      1) micro decentralized voluntary direct democracy assemblies, denying any outside authority;

      2) destroy surveillance apparatus; and

      3) publicly name, collectively find and attack individual billionaires one at a time.

    • mkey says:

      Maybe a good time to consider something as wild as the revolution of the mind, anarchy and worker coops. Against those who do not wish to honor the most basic right of being left alone, an armed and regulated milita will be well set. Others not so much.

    • TruthSeeker says:

      The Oligarchs, by way of International Drug companies, have injected nearly half of the world’s population with Synthetic Spiked Proteins which will destroy the immune system and cause most of these people to die.
      Although many of the EUA Shots are placebos, only the Manufacture knows what Lot numbers are, and they are not making this information known.

      Robert Malone (co-inventor of mRNA Gene Therapy) pointed out in an interview with Dr. Patrick Gentempo (Episode #9, of “COV!D Revealed”) that under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), a Law Passed by Congress in 1984, made it illegal to say or print anything contrary to the Government. In other words, the “Ministry of Truth” was set up in 1984 to take effect under a declared “Emergency Use Authorization”.
      When Trump signed the EUA for COVID he gave Fauci and friends the power to censor him and everyone else.
      Thus, everything that would cause a thinking person to even hesitate from getting the poison shot is subject to censorship or worse.
      Like an out of control monster with no soul, the government is working to strengthen it’s own powers over the people while culling the herd.
      The Truth does not matter to a dead entity with no soul, but it does matter to those of us that do have a soul, eh!
      It is because AI cannot see the truth that it will fail. It does not know the deference between reality and lies.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I think this is a good assessment. Interesting you mention placebos, because there are some people who report little or no side effects from the jab. Most people I talk with, like coworkers, do report a flu like illness lasting for two days. I wonder what problems will pop up for them. Hopefully some of the jabbed will be able to compensate and come out unscathed. The body has a miraculous way of compensating and healing sometimes. But the more people take the jabs increase their risk of harm.

        I have been scanning charts of Covid patients who are admitted and most of them have been jabbed, sometimes with 4 injections. It’s obviously not working, but it’s not supposed to work to help people. It’s mind blowing to me that the doctors treating these patients aren’t connecting the dots. It’s right there in their face, physically that jabs don’t work and also that Covid was never a real serious health issue for healthy people, and even those that were sick can get better. It’s completely insane. These people are insane, under a spell of some sort. People are getting “boosters” for no reason at all. I don’t get it. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

      • cu.h.j says:

        “Like an out of control monster with no soul, the government is working to strengthen it’s own powers over the people while culling the herd.”

        Indeed, like an out of control monster with no soul! And the people working with the monster who don’t understand what they are doing and that it will not lead to anything rewarding or meaningful. It’s a sickness of the mind, an error or errors. What they are doing will not give them what the seek, which to me is the feeling of being satisfied, content and fulfilled. It’s like a drug addict always looking for the next fix, only to realize eventually that the drug will never satisfy them. It’s runaway desire that only leads to destruction.

        Maybe there are some Jeffrey Dalhmer types at the top, but they have a lot of followers that I think aren’t psychopaths who can stop this if they realize what the end result will be, misery and emptiness and wasted life. The past two years have been a waste, for us and for them and we won’t get those years back. Instead of doing something positive, they have done harmful things and trying to implement slavery on a global scale. What type of monster does this? And why are people working for this monster?

        I do think it will fail. They are squandering precious time and hurting people to fill a void that cannot be filled by evil deeds.

  23. mkey says:

    The Trueman Show #51 Catherine Austin Fitts

    I did some extend excerpts for about a third of the conversation.

    CAF in Netherlands stuck under lockdown. We push forward where there is an opportunity. It’s about doing what we can do at any given time.

    Dealing with tyranny up close is very unpleasant, but at some point in time you start to worry about what is the future I’m going to create.

    What is happening is a mathematical certainty. There is a boomer generation around the world and that generation has been made promises related to healthcare, retirement… If you are going to shift wealth that was supposed to fund those promises, you are reneging on those obligations. Then it become a political question how to market that decision. That’s where a magical virus comes in handy.

    When I left the Bush administration I was thinking about how these people were going to get the technology and kill us all. After WW2 there were laws in US that created a wall of secrecy which involved usage of black budgets. This also involved tremendous financing of technology that was kept secret. There is divide between the leadership, who’s moving fast with the advancement in technology, and everyone else, who’s in the dark, relating to knowledge, learning and awareness.

    They started to look at ordinary people as if they were members of a different species. When you have a system under control, it’s very hard to get things going your way as what you are doing is so fundamentally out of order. Things get very frustrating for the leader who get angrier and angrier, especially because of secrecy, due to which you have to come with fantastic cover stories. On one hand, they are telling people to do something, on the other they can’t explain why they should do it.

    Let’s look at covid; you had 190 presidents, minus 5-7 follow the official line in a way that was completely irrational in regards to what was in the best interest of the country and citizenry, or what the citizens wanted. They did that because they are subjected to a secret force. We had 5-7 presidents who refused to go along and who were either assassinated, or had heart attacks, or get voted out of office. Presidents who are going along are afraid and they think they don’t have a choice and they can’t say that.

    I tried to publish a book in hard copy for three times and every time I came into incredible interference and the last time they threatened to kill someone in my family if I did. The book was online, it was free, in several languages, everyone can view it.

    • mkey says:

      In 1991 I was watching a society evolve that has lost any empathy with the general population. I started a company that was looking into how can a community get rid of the government and finance on self supporting basis. Community currencies, equity pools, venture capital. With the new technology you can improve the intelligence and realign the financial system with the environment so that everyone can make money by healing the environment.

      This is what’s so bad about the climate change op, it’s a top down system of control, while people would be delighted to heal the environment if left to their own devices with a properly organized financial system.

      Tyranny is very expensive, financially and environmentally. 2 years ago in Umbria we had a lunch with a scientist who spent his whole life comparing the carbon footprint of a F35 with that of a cow.

      When the new climate change czar was appointed, one of our teammates came in and asked “why did they the president appoint for the new czar someone who has a carbon footprint of a panzer division?” For COP26 and the G7 meeting they had something like 400 private jets. But the cows are the problem.

      [skipped the segment from 15:00 – 31:00]

      It’s hard to predict what is going to happen, partly because their plans are very fluid. There are various factions choosing where to go next. They way CBDCs are going to get implemented is not yet set. The end goal is complete central control. The way to get that is to end currencies and implement a transaction system through vaccine passports. CBDCs are digital cash tied into a digital system where they have complete control.

      General manager of the bank of international settlements explaining that with CBDC they will have complete control and that they can make up rules and enforce them. In a rare fit of honesty, a central banker explains how the central bank can turn your money on and off. There is new nominee for the office of control of currency, she published an article about a system she calls “people’s currency” where all the bank accounts are with the FED and they can turn your money on and off. If they are having inflation problems, they just empty your bank account. It is no longer your money, but a reward system for good behavior. If you misbehave, no lunch tomorrow.

      This is much worse than communism, this is really slavery. Not only do they have complete control of the financial system, but also the healthcare system… energy, housing, money, complete digital control. That’s why we need to dedigitize and get off their system.

    • mkey says:

      Boris Johnson in COP26 says that cash causes climate change. Covid is wearing thin and they need a new ruse. Under the great reset the central banks print fantastic amounts of currency and give it to their pals to spend on buying control. Which is easy because with the disaster capitalism there are a lot of assets to be bough for cheap. If have to sell to buy food, the NY guys can come in and buy cheap.

      For climate change they say they need 150 trillion dollars. Covid is not going to justify the printing and wiping out of private property by buying up all the real estate. When you create money, you create monetary inflation. All you need is deflation, to offset the inflation. Globalist printed fantastic amounts of money globally and were able to engineer labor deflation by confronting the frontier markets and third emerging markets labor with first world labor. Covid was also engineered deflation. Central banks order lockdowns that deflate the small business economy, that lessens the pressure on inflation and allows for the big businesses to buy up cheap assets and take the market share.

      Climate change rules are designed for deflation. I have plans for 2022 to dive in deep to figure out what are they up to with climate change. I think they want to take control and reengineer the use of all realestate and land, including moving population from different areas. The average living space of people is going to be significantly less.

      Control of currency is not enough, you need control of critical assets, like the food. There is a huge push to reengineer the food system via controlling the farm land and getting people to eat synthetic food as much as possible. This lowers the life expectancy and allows making fantastic amounts of money.

      When Schwab says “you will own nothing and be happy” I hear “we have stolen your property and you are mind controlled.

      [this covers the first 40 minutes]

  24. Skeptical Narratives says:

    I always look forward to New World Next Week. You guys always make it a fun watch, even on serious subject matter. Sometimes you just gotta keep it lighthearted too to stay sane in the current times.

  25. NarFlux says:

    Reminder to anyone who can’t figure out what is going on in the world right now. Events are occurring in such a fashion to accomplish a couple key things.

    1. Economic Collapse:
    – by Bankrupting every Country through wasteful spending.
    – Through Business shutdowns justified by a “public health emergency” that seems to never be ending. Not because of a virus, but because of fear of a GMO Virus continually being broadcast on TV, Radio, and Social Media of a very mild virus with a very high survival rate.
    – Through occupational discrimination against people who don’t blindly go get an improperly tested experimental vaccine, with No Long Term Data. And when the unvaccinated are denied a job or fired. Resulting in decreasing the work force to effectively run all the businesses needed to sustain and supply our interconnected local, national, and world economies.
    – Through demoralization and mass depression from the fear, anger, frustration, and psychological damages done by travel resitrictions and “quarantines” (unlawful confinement without justifiable cause or due process of law).

    2. Destroy Faith in Government:
    – Through blatant corruption.
    – Through non-accountability for oppression of freedoms and damages done by incompetent politicians, public officials, and medical professionals the people would expect to be able to rely upon.

    3. Sterilization of the Masses for total Population Control.
    – Done through “unexpected side effects” of improperly tested experimental vaccines using mRNA Technology, never successfully used in any other vaccines prior to the “Public Health Emergency” that “required” its use. Technology the papers on will take over 55 years to be fully released to the public, heavily redacted…(something very fishy right there, despite it having been promised to be totally transparent.)
    – And lots and lots of Booster Shots, that made big medical industry companies and the politicians who invested in them, tons of money.
    – And the Fertility Services that will be required to have children after the “vaccines” sterilized everyone who got them, will make the medical industry even more money. And a very regulated selective process will manifest out of these Fertility Services. Allowing for total control of who gets to have kids, based on the ideology of the Prospective Parents. But the excuse to keep Kids out of Poverty will be used to defend this Selective Process. And perhaps the process will give the service supplying company some sort of contract or entitlement to ownership on paper of the children. Setting up another layer of funny-money games to be exploited another decade or two in the future from when it starts.

    4. Once The Destruction of the System, and Faith in it is Done.
    – Present the solution of a New System portrayed to be free of Corruption…yet is truly a system of totalitarian control through finance, “health”, “safety” and built on a social credit systems to force compliance or deny essential services of daily life. And people will beg for it to get out of the lowered quality of Life their compliance and blind faith in Government caused to manifest. …this will be accomplished by 2030…if the super rich, pedo elite controllers succeed.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  26. splean says:

    The video thumbnails lately have been causing me to LOL. [thumbs up emoji]

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