The Next Threat: DNA Exploitation

11/29/202185 Comments

Look out, everybody! There's a new threat that the US intelligence agencies (and their mouthpieces in the corporate-controlled media) want you to be afraid of: DNA exploitation.

Yes, the US National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) released a report earlier this year warning that the Chinese government was involved in gathering information from public health databases and large genomic data sets that could be used to precisely target individuals in foreign governments, private industries, or other sectors for potential surveillance, manipulation, or extortion.

And if all that weren't enough to give you the heebie-jeebies, they've followed that up with a new report on "Protecting Critical and Emerging US Technologies from Foreign Threats." This latest screed warns us that the very same genetic technologies that are being so heavily touted as "the future of medicine" for their ability to design and tailor disease therapies to an individual's genome "also can be used to identify genetic vulnerabilities in a population."

But wait . . . isn't this what people in the alternative media (including myself) have been warning about for years now? You know, DNA surveillance and genetically tailored weapons and other such "tin foil hat" stuff? So why is the US government ringing the alarm on these developments now? What gives?

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  1. Joseph says:

    Very good article James, thank you! I also tried to ring warnings precisely about this for almost a year now!

    I would like to add some thoughts:
    The basic idea behind the movie Gattaca is real and it could already happen to any of you. DNS stealing technique may go way back to 1992-1993, at least. Any of you could have been a target for DNS theft, then the corrupt government agent could sell off all the inventions + falsified documents along with it and enjoy the rewards for it, while they try to push the targeted individual into poverty so he/she should not even think about what real life could have been.

    All these lockdowns are just adding one more layer to prevent you from having a real life. Then add the Metaverse on top of that, you will lose even the ability to think about what it looks like going outside and enjoying real personal relations. These Omicron and other variants are artificially created for justifying their “solutions”.

    I highly suspect that the mRNA tech behind the Pfizer and Moderna already uses ethnic or other group targeting based on DNS samples.

    These western mRNA vaccines are slowly starting to be mandatory every N months, and will modify your DNS a tiny bit after every booster shot, until your DNS will become so modified that it will labeled as an artificial sequence not naturally occurring in the world. At that moment you will lose all your human rights and will become someone’s property.

    • Jetmab says:


      First of all, thanks to James for yet more valuable information.

      Unfortunately information which doesn’t surprise me at all as, this already does happen!

      I left my former Country Denmark many years ago, – was in communication with my 6th sense and, got my original medical records (and everything else personal…I love my 6th sense) from there…now safely secured by me but, sure enough…earlier this year, representatives from the state of Denmark contacted me, trying to demand I gave in all my personal papers…with the comment – quote:” We all have to do this as the Government need this!” End quote. Oh, really Denmark!!?? I asked them to keep dreaming but, requested insight in some other details from there, which “magically” included a 100% falsified medical record of “mine” (a 100% invented and false one) – falsification sadly include even more falsification about my beloved daughter, as all information from her first year, is in my medical records…now completely falsified over there…and, given to who knows….China, US…and, for what purpose…!???

      In 2021, Denmark handed out ALL information about all their residents (as well as classified information between other Countries and DK)…as well as information about the Danes living abroad who never got their papers out….handed I all to the USA! General Data Protection have clearly “disappeared” in the little old Colonial hell in which, everyone – especially us who no longer reside there, has everything stolen, falsified or simply just deleted/destroyed…

      I have absolutely no problem believing in everything in this article from James and, I do NOT need any tin foil hat to be able to prove this as, all my original documents are safe…made safe by me…and, I really look forward to eventually see the little old place through the Courts..

      Point here, if DK simply just give out all information about all their residents (including Citizens)then, who else does or rather, – doesn’t all Western Countries simply hand out all info…including whatever they have/invent on innocent people?? Hand out to whoever express an interest!? This could be info about DNA and, information about anything really…..!??

      The Mormons clearly also have all kinds of information about us all as well….?? Exactly who gave the Mormons all this info and the rights to just have them?? Maybe their “Godly” connections have given them an exception from e.g. GDPR, Human Rights etc…!? GDPR and Human Rights aside, I strongly prefer (demand) to be 100% in charge of everything about my person and, who get’s my information!! No longer seems possible!?!??

      Many questions and, not especially directed to you Joseph…I don’t think anyone can answer…these are merely more of the same as you mention…including the movie…I’ve referred to that as well – many, many times….when I have referred to Identity Theft etc..and, when mentioning Denmark which actually is a very good example for this….

      A Danish “Social Security Number” gives the person who have access to this, access to 100% about that person’s life…

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  2. nosoapradio says:

    At a loss for offering unique insight on Genebanks, I wanted to write a few clever quips comparing the Oroville California’s constitutional experiment with the UNs Socio-spiritual ashram gone capitalist, Auroville.

    But for some reason that I care not to explore my eye was drawn to the Romance of the Real piece. Well, anti-Chinese sentiment not withstanding, it literally tickled my tear ducts.

    Besides the fact that it echoed the heartening and much appreciated comments left by Mkey and Cu.j.h. who responded to my whining by inciting me to pull myself up and get my ass in gear, it eloquently encapsulated my preoccupations of the moment. It eloquently aired out exactly what was on my mind, shedding purifying sunlight on the demonic darkness, putting the confusion in order and offering therapeutically ironic insight.

    Basically, it dedramatized my traumatized mind tht had been injected the night before with the hieronymous shadows of Bossche’s apocalyptic visions of vaccine Hell as described in Bigtree’s interview with the GAVI vaccine designer, as if the haunting painter had had Nostradamic visions over half a millenium ago.

    Below, 2 random excerpts from Davis’ wonderful article that are not the ones that moved me the most but which struck me as important insights on their own and also relevant to recent exchanges on these boards, one for cu.j.h with regards to her video game comment and the second for mkey:

    “…As Lenore Skenazy points out in her book Free-Range Kids, someone who binges on crime dramas is going to severely overestimate the likelihood of being murdered. It’s going to seem like a much bigger threat than it really is…

    …The most unnatural thing about the modern world is the total lack of quiet. We fill the world with meaningless sounds to avoid being alone with ourselves. St. Augustine spoke of those who “live for their bodies and their blather.” I think he meant us…”

    The Corbett Report. It may not be a Garden of Earthly Delights, but it has proven lo these past 11 years to be an essential Romance of the Real.

    • Alchemist says:

      It’s funny you should mention the impact commenters have had on you, because I was just thinking about that the other day. When you recently confessed that you live near a beautiful beach, but your computer screen beckons you away, I thought maybe I should suggest that she turn off her computer and take a pen and paper to the beach to write a book about the characters in this comment board. I plotted to lure you there with the promise of rejuvenation after breathing in fresh air, listening to the sound of waves, etc etc then I laughed at myself as I imagined you seeing right through it and thinking why is this brazen girl requesting that I write books just for her personal enjoyment? So I changed my mind and decided not suggest it. Your 500 word max snippets will have to sustain me;)

      • nosoapradio says:

        Holy Cannoli…

        feeling slightly sea-sick…

        why didn’t I think of this?

        …the crude confessions of a Corbett comments cyborg… an Everymanbearpig’s panoramic pilgrimage through the steaming ruins of 9/11 truth, marching inexorably into the vaccine apocalypse and tectonic technocracy via Neom and the Edmonds debacle, tripping down the yellow brick road of Carbon eugenics and climate catastrophe on the Saint Jacques de Compostel way from France to Spain, midlife through menopause, Freedom I Won’t, complete with heroes and villains, romance and carnage and most critically, paved throughout by a colossal cast of colourful Corbett characters…

        hmmmmm…. hamsterwheel…

        Ave Alchemist you brazen hussy!

        • Alchemist says:

          Ha! Love it. Time capsule material. I call first dibs on a signed copy ?‍♀️

          • nosoapradio says:

            Knowing me, by the time I get around to producing this masterpiece signing will have become utterly obsolete.
            But you’d be the first, for sure.

  3. zyxzevn says:

    Military Explosives Expert Demolishes NIST WTC Collapse Theory Richard Gage
    More evidence comes forward.

    Science and truth is so suppressed that after 20 years this is still
    not public knowledge.
    How does this forebode the future of Covid-1984?
    Is there a way we can speed-up this process?

    • beaconterraone says:

      The idea that “the truth” will change the course of this dying world if we just “get the facts to the masses” has been the quintessential delusion of chronic Hopium use.

      No one – in their right mind – believes Oswald was the lone gunman.

      No one – in their right mind – believes 19 ill-trained Arabs with boxcutters flew airliners as skillfully as Top Gun pilots on 9/11.

      Alas, most of humanity is NOT in their right mind. Not necessarily psychotic, at least in a pathologically harmful to others sense, but definitely cowering in a delusion concocted for them by the liesmedia and other “trusted institutions.” Latent cognitive ability of a human being exists, but largely or almost completely unused.

      Few people have studied brainwashing. Even a brief introduction, by heeding someone like Yuri Bezmenov, would make it clear that no amount of true information can reverse the damage from lifelong propaganda and “thought leadership” techniques most folks have been bathed in.

      So, there’s no hope? In human terms, NOPE, no hope. Our only hope lies in the “supernatural,” in the faith tradition that built Western Civilization. That’s Jesus Christ and Christianity. If you can’t see that “some” of the Book of Revelation is now actual reality, I can’t help you (said rhetorically, not specifically at you, zyxzevn).

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I really appreciate the embedded links in Corbett’s articles. They not only help to convey concepts, but also some are excellent tools of dissemination.

    “selfish ledger” is one.

    • beaconterraone says:

      Proper documentation separates the serious people from the cranks and opportunists. Of course, a lot of what we know isn’t “documentable” every time, but most “conspiracy theorists” don’t even try.

  5. Fact Checker says:

    Re: Romance of the Real:

    “…don’t waste time with a long courtship…. Have lots of kids.”

    Good grief. We have to be better than this, people.

    We are rats in an all-encompassing, inescapable lab, with zero power over our own destiny, and absolutely no way of defending offspring–as the State makes its inexorable advance toward them with toxic syringes, AI-curated Educational-Tech, and sex-fetish training programs. Like captive rats (or swine in a High-Density Feedlot), our lives are hostile, exploitative constructs, in which all future generations are damned to a mechanized hell.

    Rats breed in brutalizing captivity because they just can’t help it. We have to be better than rats.

    The only thing that SHOULD separate us from rats is that we humans have the cognitive power to resist the base urge to procreate, in light of the horrific prospects of our progeny. As sentient beings capable of meta-cognition and carnal forbearance, we have the capacity to reject our DNA-programmed biological imperative to breed, for the good of the helpless future generations whose existences will be defined by suffering, manipulation, and even biological mutilation beyond the imagination of most…including this “American Conservative” flibbertigibbet Michael Davis, evidently.

    “Take the children camping”? Good Christ. We no longer have the luxury of “whistling past the graveyard” at this point. We are digging our own graves at the compulsion of needle-point. The “Metaverse” is just the first handful of earth being tossed onto our heads before we’ve even lay down our shovels and lain down at our dictated six-foot “physically distant” depth! People like Davis need to wake up and smell their own blood in the water. This guy’s poor kids are just more chum. Holy hell.

    • cu.h.j says:

      But fact checker, we are natural beings and reproduction is part of the life cycle. If we stop this natural process the we are essentially letting them win. It would be capitulation and surrender. My life was very hard as a child, but not as hard as some children throughout the centuries. Have you researched life in the 1700s and 1800s. Life was a struggle for common people, for their children. Child labor was not illegal back then. Life has always been brutal and people have been savages since the beginning.

      But some people evolved, or rather their consciousness evolved, here in the west anyway. We must stick around to show people how to live as natural human beings. If you are right and we fail and the children suffer, don’t you think there are some who would have rather existed than not? I guess they could never know what might have been better, but how can you say that you know?

      I agree that some suffering seems worse than non existence. But you presume that we will fail. I would wager that we will not fail and things will change. I believe that people can learn from this mistake and humanity will carry on. This will be a blip in the time line. As I have mentioned before, life on earth is limited eventually by the sun. Unless people travel to another planet where life can continue. I am rambling here but I do believe that there will be enough people to see that this is a mistake and stop messing with the survival of our species so that life can continue here on earth until the end. It is more meaningful than the alternative.

      • Fact Checker says:

        “If we stop this natural process the we are essentially letting them win.”

        You are letting Them “win” by your making decisions based on some kind of rivalry you believe you have with “Them.” They’re living in your head, rent-free, as is said. (They don’t even know you exist, on the other hand, and They wouldn’t care if They did know.)

        And in any event, They’ve already won. It’s Their world, and you’re just living in it. If you have kids, those kids will belong to Them as chattel slaves, doomed to an endless misery of rape, mutilation, and pseudo-medical torture. That’s just how it is. You think you’re going to give birth to Luke Skywalker who is going to blow up the Death Star and save the galaxy? That’s Hollywood nonsense that They programmed into you with Their manipulative movies.

        Every new life is a Universe of Suffering. It’s selfish and egocentric in the extreme to create a new Universe of Suffering, just for it to be a foot-soldier in your perceived rivalry with “the New World Order.” An unborn soul doesn’t give a damn about your rivalry, and it should not be burdened with your war.

        “It would be capitulation and surrender.”

        Right, just like surrender was the only wise decision by many, many, many bested combatants throughout history. That’s what White Flags were invented for! Just to avoid “defeat” you’re advocating throwing more good flesh after bad. It’s sickening that you would manipulated and exploit your own children like that.

        “My life was very hard as a child, but not as hard as some children throughout the centuries.”

        The fact that billions have suffered more than you is a reason NOT to have kids, not a reason to have them. Don’t you get that this lottery has real, real bad odds? Are you confident that kids being born today are going to have less suffering than you do right now? If so, you’re delusional.

        Life for those born today will be worse than anything that’s ever occurred on Earth. Ever. Far worse. Worse than you can imagine. Wake. Up.

        “…in the 1700s and 1800s. Life was a struggle for common people, for their children. … Life has always been brutal and people have been savages since the beginning.”

        We should learn from their mistakes, and not keep breeding like mindless biological robots.

        “But some people evolved, or rather their consciousness evolved, here in the west anyway.”

        I see zero evidence of this. Zero. I just see more dumb breeding apes, generation after generation.

        “We must stick around to show people how to live as natural human beings.

        You are not a “natural human being.” You are a wretched slave at the mercy of a monstrous intelligence. You think being under mass house arrest and being forced to use Zoom and undergoing forced injections is teaching today’s kids “good, natural living”? Humanity is already gone. Clinging to its corpse is only going to breed maggots of anguish.

        [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

        • openlens says:

          Perhaps you “breed like mindless biological robots”, I’ve heard some young people call it “spawning”. Don’t “assume” that others feel the same way. Some lucky humans still fully know love, because they are willing to give it and live it.
          People who hate their lives, who hate living in a world full of “others” are basically suicidal, and homicidal also. Conditioned through fear to worship death, they negate life through hatred of their human condition, and want company in their misery.
          You’ve been a-mazed by the darkness. You can’t find the light anymore.

      • Fact Checker says:


        “don’t you think there are some who would have rather existed than not?”

        Yes, but only because humans are biologically programmed to have an existence bias and a self-preservation instinct. Those merciless impulses, forced onto us by our DNA, are what doom our sad consciousness to more and more cycles in the Wheel of Samsara.

        “I agree that some suffering seems worse than non existence. But you presume that we will fail.”

        Humanity has already failed. What you are seeing now is the equivalent of a table piled with poker chips being swept into the lap of the wicked cheater who is the victor.

        “[Speaking of high-stakes poker!] I would wager that we will not fail and things will change.”

        Delusion. Foolishness for which your children will suffer unimaginably and unbearably. This suffering may even be perpetuated into eternity, because from now on humans are going to be bred like livestock. Your kids won’t have a CHOICE of whether to feed more tender flesh up to the Masters. That’s why this is really the final moment for the remnant of humanity: it’s the last time people can make any decisions for themselves, including whether to breed.

        • cu.h.j says:


          I am a little too old to have kids and when I was younger never really wanted them. This was not because I thought they would be doomed but rather that I was not sure I wanted that degree of commitment and I also don’t have the patience for screaming kids.

          But just because I never really wanted children doesn’t mean I think that being a parent is not rewarding an one of the most meaningful things people can do. It’s a way to continue ones legacy.

          I disagree with your assessment of humanity already being lost, “check mated” etc. I think what we face is an evolutionary challenge, a fight for our survival. But I do think we will win in the end. Or at least there will be a place for the break away civilization.

          I think it’s important to consider our own biases and environments.

          • Fact Checker says:

            A-ha, so you’re an anti-natalist by temperament and impulse, while I’m a philosophical and ethical anti-natalist. That’s cool.

            Yet you’re here trying to defend the natalist position, even though you have no skin in the game whatsoever? Very weird. (Similar to another commenter here, who mercifully leaves me alone nowadays.) I just hope someone still fertile doesn’t find any persuasion in your idle pseudo-natalist remarks, because a mistake on their part will create a Universe of Suffering, while your facile optimism costs you absolutely nothing.

  6. Steve Smith says:

    “ Do real work, even if it’s menial. Rake your leaves instead of using a leaf-blower. Cut up a tree with an axe instead of a chainsaw. When your friend asks for help moving furniture, go for it.

    Get a hobby. Learn an instrument. Collect stamps. Write letters. Whittle. Box. Whatever floats your boat. Actually, boating is a good one, too.

    Shop at local stores, farmers markets, etc. If you can’t find it within a 20-mile radius, you probably don’t need it. (Of course, books don’t count.)

    If you’re a boy, find a nice girl. If you’re a girl, find a nice boy. Don’t mess around until you’re married, but don’t waste time with a long courtship, either. Have lots of kids. Take them camping and hiking and hunting and fishing. Life is an adventure. Share it with your family.

    Go for walks. As Thoreau said, “We should go forth on the shortest walk, perchance, in the spirit of undying adventure, never to return,—prepared to send back our embalmed hearts only as relics to our desolate kingdoms.” Anyone who’s tempted to snigger has never been on a real walk.”

    Sounds real to me. Excellent advice!

  7. borch says:

    Please forgive me if someone already said this but this is what the new Bond movie is all about.

  8. Joseph says:

    They are moving the goalpost again, now it is 3 months:

    Booster jabs accelerated to combat new Covid variant

    “The gap between second doses and boosters is also being reduced from six to three months”

    • beaconterraone says:

      The war against COVID-19 is not meant to be won. It is meant to be continuous.

      Oceania has always been at war with COVID-19. Oceania will ALWAYS be at war with COVID-19.

      (apologies to Orwell, but I think he might appreciate the adaptation)

      • Pirlouito says:

        I absolutely agree with you ! That’s the point. To be kept in a permanente war, permanent fear, permanent hanger, permanent drama.. but we still can be out of that when we decide it. Actually is there really a problem now ?

        • beaconterraone says:

          The Bible strongly implies we can escape this, the Mystery Babylon System:

          “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.”

          Hence, I believe we can disconnect from the Babylon System, though it will be increasingly difficult as the control grid continues to expand and ooze into every point on Esrth (Starlink is a symbol for that pervasiveness).

          How much and how far we have to “come out of her” is up to individual interpretation. Definitely flee all cities of any size. Definitely avoid using their malevolent systems as much as possible. Refuse any and all “vaccines.” Eschew, absolutely, their “metaverse,” which will not only serve to suck you into evermore control, but also screw up your mind in ways we can’t even imagine yet.

          One might say using the Internet is being part of their System, but I don’t agree with that, at least not yet. Should personal identity be required to use the Internet, as the regime in Canberra is aiming for, then my position will evolve. At this point, our use of the Internet is no different than the Plains Indians using Winchester repeating rifles.

          • Fact Checker says:

            Great comment, beacon, and I wholeheartedly agree with all the measures you recommend, but I go a lot further still.

            I too think that the passage you transcribe is key, but that the Babylon System is a lot stronger and more insidiously pervasive than you seem to acknowledge. The Babylon System is nothing less than the sum of all worldly affairs. Every profession is infested with it, every human heart is animated by it, and every pleasure of the flesh is infected with it. The Earth itself is the Realm of the Evil One, and all of creation is Its plaything. I think the Earth has been rotten and wicked far longer than the internet or meta verse has been around, and that those manifestations are just the logical extension and elaboration of the ancient rot into which we were all born.

            The only way out is ecumenical nonexistence. Stop breeding, and the Babylon System fades for a lack of agents. Until that happens…all ways are the Queen’s ways….

        • openlens says:

          Now is always okay, all right. All of our issues are with yesterday or tomorrow, neither of which we can inhabit until …now.
          Mercury, the monkey mind, the shape shifter.

  9. cu.h.j says:

    A deadly pathogen just for me! Just what I always wanted. Just kidding. Fuck these sick psychopathic shallow monsters.

    They might cause mass deaths and extinction but they will die in the process to. Biology is highly complex. I bet they expected more people to die off from the vaccines. And the sun will go nova anyway. We are all condemned to death inevitably. And they waste precious moments with bullshit.

    • Steve Smith says:

      You sound a little stressed dear.
      Don’t let the bastards get you down.

    • beaconterraone says:

      “And do not be afraid of those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

      — Jesus Christ

      Embrace the Almighty and they can never have your soul.

  10. Ukdavec says:

    Wonderful analysis of the Covid scamdemic and the Great reset through the Technocratic lens

    “The link would seem to be the commingling of Big Tech (Silicon Valley), Defence Tech, Big Business (Davos) and Big Pharma – giving birth to the technocratic managerialist mindset. (The managerial technocratic approach which so spectacularly blew-up, with the U.S. rout in Afghanistan, ”

    “Tech vaccines are the solution to the Covid virus. And, forced (human) separation is good for placing the malware into quarantine. The real-economy is the hardware that Central Bank ‘software’ will protect against recessionary pathogens. The Davos’ Re-Set will upload new global software for a ‘fairer, greener future’. A fourth Industrial Revolution is the digital technological management that will clean out Climate malware. Etc, etc.

    In reality, all these are highly complex network systems, not susceptible to dualistic intervention. They work – if they work – as organic wholes. At best, we face systemic instability, as a result of these naïve ‘software’ interventions. At worst, systemic collapse.”

  11. beaconterraone says:

    Unfortunately, we are now living in a scenario that was warned about by a certain disheveled genius living in a small cabin in Montana. He wrote a short book, and he was correct: technology itself is the problem. Humans just can’t help themselves, even if they don’t have inherent malevolent intent. Add those “humans” that do have malevolent intent, and humanity is on a ride with no station stops. Final Destination: apocalypse.

    Genetic engineering and nanotech are unstoppable, and will be our demise. We (collectively) have acquired knowledge which should have remained solely with God.

    SARS 2 is just a small taste of the genetic engineering “fun” we have in store for us. If you don’t like the currently-in-the-news “vaccines,” just wait until genetically engineered “vaccines” are in your food, water, and air.

    • claude says:

      I could be killed with a pen. Is the pen the problem?

      In my view, technology is not the problem. It’s misuse and our ignorance are more like it. I won’t elaborate, only to say that our ignorance of ourselves is so vast that the concept of consciousness could be redifined.


      • beaconterraone says:

        How many people can you kill with a pen? How far away can you kill someone with a pen?

        As technology as “advances,” it becomes easier and easier to maximize the damage when used maliciously.

        The world suffered through decades of the fear of nuclear annihilation, which could have been set off by as few as two individuals cooperating.

        Now, with CRISPR-Cas9, any single lunatic with even modest means but advanced knowledge and skills could theoretically end humanity with a weaponized pathogen. Get together a bunch of lunatics, say, at the NIAID and/or Wuhan IoV, and even a moderately dangerous pathogen can bring down the world economy and unleash enduring chaos. Whether an excuse or an actual danger, doesn’t matter.

        Nanotech requires, for now, much more in resources, including money, since the hardware to make it is far from cheap, unlike Acme Home Do It Yourself CRISPR kits.

        As I said before, humans just cannot help themselves. If the means exist, someone is going to try to use it, regardless of risks. “Just because,” even apart from “I can gain fabulous power from doing this.”

        All of the macrotechnologies that present much more potential for harm than benefit, nuclear, genetic engineering, or nanotech, can kill anywhere on Earth, without going there.

      • mkey says:

        Anyone who refuses to stay ignorant will find compelled to agree with what you are saying there, claude.

  12. Gambini says:

    At 66 and now retired I have time to take note of all this. While bewildering it is not unexpected as I have pondered many thoughts doing my mundane duties as a decorator. Although a very talented one like driving I could do it with my eyes shut and often did. But from what I have read, and now heard from a well informed Mr Corbett, It appears I’m not too far off the money. I look forward to hearing more and will be keeping my eyes wide open from NZ.

  13. dejoy says:

    Great article! Does anyone know if the COVID-1984 PCR test is being used to collect DNA or worse, deposit the contents of the “vaccine” into the nasal passages?

  14. elise says:

    Has anyone here looked into the claims of Dr. Andreas Noack, specifically that Phizer jabs contain nano razors ?
    I’ve shared this with friends but have found no online discussion, so far.

    • openlens says:

      I did see and listen to this, elise. Seems he may have got disappeared directly after his testimony? Yes, he took the info Dr. Pablo Campra has put together and went a bit more definitive with it, as per his field of specialty, graphene products.
      He was very clear in calling it murder. HIs partner, pregnant, had a video on bitchute yesterday, claiming he was killed.

  15. openlens says:

    Let them keep busy with their data sets. Buncha nerds. So easy to pull the plug. Or as the lines to one of my songs goes “If it can’t do a thing, unless you plug it in, you know it’s gonna end up in the dump dump dump. ”

    Seems every time certain parties look into the mirror…they see China!! Curious..

    While they are busy studying our “genetics” , we are busy rocking and rolling and endlessly changing…our “genetics”.
    Gee, they’re awful hung up on “genetics”, aren’t they? Hmmm…

  16. openlens says:

    F*** Them. I want to take a good look at THEIR genetics. I intuit they are more interested in covering that up that discovering anything.
    Lifeless clones.

  17. openlens says:

    Then again, religions have always created elaborate esoteric cover stories for their shenanigans, which can easily be squarely placed right here on terra ferma.

    So, are these just a bunch of vampires…I mean, the blood the blood the blood, don’t to into a hospital unless you have a few quarts to spare them!!!….it’s always been about the blood, just looking to identify their favorite bloods? The ones that really juice them up? As they already dissemble plants and animals to find the substances which please us the most and serve us the most? I think a lot of the shock comes from thinking that what they are doing to other life forms won’t be done to us cause we’re “special”, we get to do it to the animals but it can’t be done to us?
    We’re just another warm blooded mammal to them, just like the many you love to devour every day. What’s different? Blood lust is blood lust. What do you think GMO laboratories were all about? Food?
    For US? Ha.
    they’ve been trying to cross the species barrier and interbreed with humans for so long, and they cannot, and they know it, and like petulant two year olds….martian time…they are going to attempt to destroy the house if they can’t have their way. Just as Hitler gave orders for Germany to be destroyed if he should “lose”.
    Some people really gotta get over on all these stupid dualities. Split everything down the middle, and nothing can be whole, or wholly alive.
    If you can’t easily cry, you’re screwed. We are living a nightmare, and it’s
    not all their dumb techno plans and lies, it’s the friggin’ microwave warfare going on 24/7 every where on the planet right now.
    Because a guy making lots of money to put up all this deadly infrastructure is some kind of holy untouchable righteous virtuous person…CAUSE HE WORKS A JOB!!!..we all have to live in a nightmare? For 500 YEARS NOW????

    We can all plant our little survival gardens inside the electric fenced compound and congratulate ourselves on “going back to nature” if that’s our disney cartoon happy ending, I guess. But tell me….how many ways can they get ya to just look the other way? How many?
    The Mordor Towers come down or we haven’t got a chance. Time to start pulling the plug on the MFs. Oroville Ca. ? Big dam there, ready to go. That one’s been planned for a while. And the locals are watching it hard. Sounds like they intend to get control of it.
    I think I’ll finally read that book, “The Late Great State of California.”
    And play and sing Kate Wolf’s “Golden Rolling Hills of California”, and cry.

    • Steve Smith says:

      What do you propose “we” do? Other than what people like Corbett have been advising us to do for years. Short of understanding the enemy, to the best of our ability, then withdrawing our consent to be ruled.
      Then depending on the circumstances of life such as age, fitness, how much money you have when your eyes are opened, you adjust your life, adjust your living standards, adjust your expectations to escape the tyranny. And very likely lose 99 percent of your human friendships in the process.
      Thank God for critters.
      What are you wishing to see happen?

      Somebody James admires wrote a song once talking about revolution. I kinda echo the sentiment. But replace “Mao” with “violence”.
      I have been waging a revolution for many years before the current, albeit possibly final crisis. There is nothing more clear to me than the fact that aggressive violence other than for self defense is doomed to failure. Even when it seemingly succeeds in its temporary goals.

      We need a revolution more desperately than perhaps any other time in recorded history. But it is a revolution of the mind. Of the spirit. There needs to be a fundamental change in the way people think. And the sad part is that there seems to be a large segment of our fellow humans who apparently aren’t even capable of imagining this idea. Perhaps thats why so many are dying. And as predicted by some, will die soon.

      • Steve Smith says:

        I have read others talk about the Bible here. I am a Christian and I’ve read it through and studied the Bible some. Reading the OT I remember getting the firm impression that God knew when a people became unredeemable and required extermination. At least by His standards. I remember how much that bothered me at first. But figuring that since He’s God and I don’t know crap I should figure out how He could be the merciful being that created everything and be so cruel as to wipe out an entire people. Men, women and children at the same time.
        Maybe the answer is that they had ceased being humans.

        Most Christians and probably most regular people would say when asked if they felt that their lives, their souls were in the hands of someone or something beyond their control or experience. It is. So are our societies.
        God doesn’t change

  18. openlens says:

    Holy Moly, James Corbett. looks like someone put this article into action.

    I’d love to hear folks’ interpretations of this!!

    • Steve Smith says:

      That was, as we used to say when I was younger, freaking trippy.
      Not sure what its trying to convey but it was well done enough to be worth watching a second time to see if the meaning comes to me.

    • Jed says:

      Is that a dystopian Tom and Jerry? And maybe Jerry (#9) released all the souls Tom had trapped? It’s awesome!

  19. LastHumanist says:

    What good is DNA?
    To some extent, it defines a living organism.

    However, can we truly master the organism with DNA alone?
    GMO experimentation has shown that there is more to biology.
    The Chinese can make a pig fluorescent, apparently.
    Then it dies of cancer. Was nature improved?
    Have we become gods?

    I have been curious about the technology for many years and never really cared much for either sales pitch, dystopian or utopian.

    What interests me is if and how this works.
    The more I looked into it, the more certain I have become that a materialistic approach alone will not yield meaningful results. There are untold complexities to life and many of the fields that are supposed to increase our understanding of it have become modelists and abandoned empiricism.

    A model of the world is only ever a model and not the world itself.
    You can put a sequence into the computer and get a result that works in silico but what did you actually prove? How did anyone ever calculate the “median temperature” of the planet? Look closely and you’ll see that it is not empirical. Who goes out anymore and actually looks how the theories hold up?”Precision medicine” and “precision bio-terror” are a sales pitch.

    With what has been put forth so far, they obviously cannot become a reality.
    Maybe there’s a way to make this happen. I would like to know.

    For now, I am quite aware that nature holds many secrets and human mastery of it is not advancing much. What could be the next level of our understanding?
    Epigenetics raise so many questions about the actual value that mapping out the human genome had. What we measured was not nearly enough to explain the complexities of the real system. Indeed, it raises questions about the measuring itself for this process in itself was informed by a lackluster theory. Refine the tools, refine the usage of the tools and get to a greater understanding of the underlying phenomenon.

    • Steve Smith says:

      Science is like any other tool. When used by those people who are decent, good, (Godly?), it makes life better for everyone. When its used by those motivated by evil. Like a SUV it can take the family to see granny or it can be used as a murder weapon.
      The tool of life don’t have to be changed as much as people do.
      Even if all the mandates and lockdowns and restrictions were eliminated overnight. Even supposing governments everywhere got their shit together and started treating the people properly.
      Would the people change? Would the mindless hate based on skin pigmentation go away overnight. Would everyone look at Jews as individuals all of a sudden? Would people wake up with a new consciousness that taught them to treat their world and each other with respect? No I don’t think so. At least not without Devine intervention.
      Which brings me to the point.
      “What could be the next level of our understanding?”
      Maybe its about embracing the spiritual. Maybe not everyone can do that.

      • LastHumanist says:

        Spiritual in the sense of acknowledging the limits of materialism?
        Epigenetics are about that, yes. That was my point. Obviously, there are forces interacting with matter that are not understood through the current paradigm. Too many “scientists” who no longer deserve the name make theories that exclude phenomena of observable reality. They put the theory before the evidence.

        Homeopathic medicine produces results that cannot be explained through a wholly materialistic worldview. We cannot make progress by shunning it because it is considered an insult to what the theorists like. They themselves are the insult to the scientific method.

        Divine intervention is not necessary for people to simply look around and see they were wrong. What choice do they have now? Persisting in their errors will kill them. Self-preservation will override their brainwashing.

        • Steve Smith says:

          You assume that everyone is capable of seeing and understanding that they were lied to. I no longer believe that everyone is capable of being humane enough to be human. They don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear.
          Its time to cut the losses of the past and think about surviving the future.
          I hear chips falling. Save yourself and as many of those who will listen and then move on

          • LastHumanist says:

            Those deranged people will all be dead sooner rather than later.
            That is the only realistic outcome of this situation forced upon everyone.

            People have different cognitive abilities and varying levels of understanding things but the vast majority have the mammalian instinct to feel that this is all wrong and that you cannot behave in this way without terrible consequences.

            Emotionally, at the very least, most humans can understand that this needs to stop. I am not a person who generally put emotions first but even I feel very strongly about the situation. Nature is what all of our culture derives from. Nature will always override culture.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Steve Smith,

            You are right about this observation, that some people don’t have “eyes to see and ears to hear”.

            They just don’t see it, can’t see it, or won’t see it. It’s fascinating and also terrifying. But people who can see and hear truth have a gift, perhaps a divine gift and have an advantage over those who do not see. We must use what we know in creative ways to defeat this evil.

  20. joebear says:

    Dear Steve
    “They don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear.”
    The Prophet says “…and the Spirit returns to God who gave it.”
    Key word “gave”. Christ said that His words are Spirit and life.
    There is a spiritual message to be heard by spiritual ears. Ears that
    are tuned to a spiritual signal much like a specific radio station.
    According to St. Paul not everyone has this Spirit that only God can give.
    And He will give it to whom He will. And to whom He will not give it? Who can decide that but God. It cannot be gotten any other way. Can’t be begged, borrowed or stolen.
    What’s going on in this world is according to God’s will and right now Satan is loosed to destroy as much as he can for as long as he is allowed to do so. Why? God knows. But as “The Destroyer”, as he is or should be known as, Satan does this in two ways. He lies and he murders.
    If God were to allow it, Satan would kill every living thing that God has created and when done would probably kill himself.
    Unless you know and understand this, you will not be able to figure out what is happening in this world. Probably most of those involved in his goal to destroy everything and everyone don’t have a clue about this ultimate goal. But surly there are some that do.
    Neither you nor I can open up spiritual eyes and ears if they are not there to open. The Spirit of God will recognize itself when it is met in another. And it will also recognize when the Spirit is not there in another person.
    I too struggled with how God could order an entire people and even their animals and everything to be wiped out, but His reason was that if they were not, they would lead His people away from Him. And of course they were led away.
    As St. Paul says; “…some things hard to be understood.” But he didn’t say impossible. The natural man understands natural things. The man with God’s Spirit understands both the natural and the spiritual things.
    That’s God’s will and no-one can change or alter it.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      This was really good! A great dissemination piece.
      Robert F Kennedy, Jr. did a great job at targeting his audience, the TV viewer.
      In this current environment, it is rare that Kennedy gets TV air time.
      He hit many points about the Federal Agency system and their deceptions.
      I loved it when RFK exposed Bill Gates.

      I see the official Authoritarian narratives much like the scriptures of a religious cult.
      Fauci has his religious followers, and the Press is the priest-class.
      I am of the opinion that if we present stories and narratives which shatter the trust/faith which many people have in the system, then they will stop worshiping their Authoritarian gods.

    • mkey says:

      RFK at the end said he hasn’t been on TV for 15 years.

  21. Simon says:

    I’ve personally gone to great lengths to ensure that my children’s DNA has never been collected. However, what’s the point of denying them 1 in 7 billion? Sad that so many people blindly comply that even the hospitals don’t know that you can opt out of their DNA collections. With that said, the largest DNA collection scam in history has been the CV-19 testing. Though I have yet to see proof of this I’m 100% certain that they would not let this mass DNA collection go unanalyzed. Whether or not this was the original intent or an after though, the sheer numbers of samples with names, and medical history attached to them attached, gives them an entirely new platform for learning better was to subjugate humanity. Protect your DNA at all cost. Do not comply.

    • mkey says:

      However, what’s the point of denying them 1 in 7 billion?

      You do what you can.

      • Simon says:

        Thank you. You’re the first person to ever support me in this. Most people consider me a fool for my kids not having SSN. My stay out of jail payment (taxes) are much higher because of this. If we compromise our principles we’re just like them.

        • mkey says:

          What I stated above stands the test of time. They want us to believe we are powerless, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that we did the best we could. Eventually, these efforts will add up.

          Most of these fools considering you s fool couldn’t walk a hundred steps in your shoes. To a madman integrity looks like an illness.

          • Simon says:

            There is an old Irish tale of a successful man who arrives at the gates of heaven and demands entry. St. Peter says, “Of course, just show us your scars.” “I have no scars”, the man replies. “What a pity,” St. Peter says, “was there nothing worth fighting for?”
            –Unknown Quoted from “Just Call Me Mike”, by Mike Farrell

            • mkey says:

              That’s a good one. And I would also say prescient if we look at it from a perspective that’s stating all of “this” might be a vetting sandbox. One in which we are playing and failing miserably.

            • Fact Checker says:

              St. Peter: “Was there nothing worth fighting for?”

              Fact Checker: “Nope, it was all trash down there. Tell your boss he screwed the pooch with that shit-show. What a dismal mess.”

            • Steve Smith says:

              Saint Peter: “buh bye”

    • cu.h.j says:


      You’re right about collecting DNA and with the Covid testing “requirements” this makes it easy.

      I’ve had to start undergoing regular testing to stay employed in health care in leu of getting the Covid injection. They collect it with saliva testing and via the nasal swab test.

      Now that they have my DNA, how do I get control over it. I don’t want them to use it for harm. I am going to write to the testing facility and inquire what they intend to do with my DNA.

      • Simon says:

        Good luck getting that data back. It’s bad enough when they steal random DNA from a trash can, but when it’s directly linked to a medical file… the data become so much more valuable. The compliance with testing is probably the biggest problem than no one is talking about. We all make mistakes and as mkey says above, doing the best we can, is all we can. We’re all learning from our and others mistakes. Keep up the good fight!

      • Fact Checker says:

        The LA Sheriff’s office refused to allow cooties testing by the “Chinese-linked” county-approved vendor Fulgent, because the DNA profiles were being shared with “foreign jurisdictions.”

        Every goy slave’s DNA will become part of his or her master (blockchain) profile. The bureaucrats and politicians are on massive push to to create a database–a manifest–of all the chattel slaves that are being rendered over to the Chinese as collateral to resolve the unserviceable debt owed by the West to the CCP.

        And as Catherine Austin Fitts puts it, the branding-and-tracking functions of the injections are necessary in order to “perfect the collateral”–meaning, to guarantee each slave’s inability to run away. The Machine, and its manifold global blanket of surveillance apparatus, all connected to the central Deep Mind, will act as a ruthless, tireless enforcer of the contractual “Fugitive Slave Act” that is built into the promises given by the Creditor nations. The Signals Intelligence Corps of the Trustee (Unit 8200) will manage the corralled Herd of goyim from afar, in what Yuval Noah Harari terms a “data colony,” in which all the slaves will eke out an existence in panopticon “Smart Cities”. (See )

        Every single vaxxed subject is entered onto the manifest of the accounts deliverable, Marked for eternal servitude.

        The holdouts and refuseniks, on the other hand, are marked for reprisal and “correction.” The purebloods are a nuisance, holding up the rendering of the collateral. Hence the “patience wearing thin”…

        • cu.h.j says:

          That’s dark fact checker. Makes me think I should have just left my job when they started the testing. Now my DNA is in some database. How do I get it out? I mean, legally make them get rid of it?

          • cu.h.j says:

            I’m sure anyone who’s taken a Covid test through one of these entities or maybe even a health facility has already given up their genetic profile.

            • Steve Smith says:

              cut.j, You’re letting the negativity beat you down. Fight it. Thats the favorite weapon of the dark side.
              Why worry about your DNA being on file somewhere? There is nothing to be done about that and it probably doesn’t matter anymore anyway. There are too many of us to all be targets. The state doesn’t have the man power.

              I remember reading that you are making plans to buy some property and get out of California. I really encourage you to act on those plans soon.
              Someone like you could possibly go into something like naturopathic medicine. Believe me, even here in Florida there seems to be a shortage of medical care that treats people systematically instead of treating symptoms.
              There will be a real need for true healers anywhere you settle. You have kept up with the best information in the world just by hanging out on the Corbett Report. You’re probably more qualified to dispense medical advise and care than most MDs out there.
              You have a great future if you make it so.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Thanks Steve. I’m going to be moving in the next three months, or sooner if things seem to be getting worse.

                There’s nothing I can do to get my DNA back now. I am going to try to get out of bedside nursing in the next few years, or sooner if this tyranny gets any worse. I would love to do something similar to what Dr. Mercola was doing with his practice. I think western medicine should be used minimally and only when necessary. Many health problems can be avoided or corrected naturally.

    • siobhan_d says:

      I was thinking that the PCR tests would be a good way of working out how the covy shots were being integrated in people.
      You might be 1 in 7 billion, but I have lived by the idea that if one human can do something then so can another, therefore whether I can do things or not comes down to how much I want to do those things.
      Having the knowledge about the DNA collection before you had your kids was fortunate, but you made good use of that. Living by truth and integrity are wonderful values to impart to your kids and you have given them the option to choose what to do with their data as they grow up.
      Having young humans come into this world with these qualities shown to them and given the tools to express them means that there is plenty to hope for in the future.

  22. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Nov 30, 2021 – Michael Snyder (H/t Zero Hedge)
    A Microchip Containing Your Vaccine Passport Information Can Now Be Embedded In Your Hand
    [VIDEO in article]

    …If you could have a vaccine passport permanently embedded into your hand, would you do it? Amazingly, some people in Sweden are willingly doing this to themselves. They are putting microchips that contain their vaccine passport information into their hands, and they are raving about how convenient this is. You can actually watch a video of this being done to someone right here. The video is not in English, but you will be able to understand what is happening…

    …They want to make their authoritarian measures a permanent part of our lives, and this is what our society is going to look like from now on unless we take a stand.

    The good news is that some courts here in the United States are starting to reject the mandates that Joe Biden tried to implement. On Monday, a federal court blocked Biden’s mandate for health care workers in 10 states, and on Tuesday a different court blocked that same mandate on a nationwide basis…

    …But just because they have a legal setback or two does not mean that they are going to stop trying….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Related to the “good news” of Biden’s mandates, and related to they won’t stop trying.

      Nov 30th
      Judge Blocks Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate For Federal Contractors
      [LINK in article to Court blocks Biden’s mandate on Health Care Workers.]

      Dec 1st – Reuters
      White House says DOJ will defend government’s authority to promote vaccine requirement
      WASHINGTON, Dec 1 (Reuters) – The White House said on Wednesday the U.S. Department of Justice “will vigorously defend” the government’s authority to promote its vaccine requirement in federal contracting after courts blocked the Biden administration from enforcing two vaccine mandates.

      A U.S. District Judge in Louisiana on Tuesday temporarily blocked the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) from enforcing its vaccine mandate for healthcare workers.

      A U.S. District Judge in Kentucky blocked the administration from enforcing a regulation that new government contracts must include clauses requiring that contractors’ employees get vaccinated….

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Dec 2nd
        Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services Suspends Vaccine Mandate Enforcement

        The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) suspended enforcement of its vaccine mandate for healthcare workers after two court orders earlier this week.

        A memo issued by the agency, posted by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt on Twitter Thursday, said that CMS “remains confident” it will prevail in court but is “suspending activities related to the implementation and enforcement of this rule pending future development in the litigation.”

        “While these preliminary injunctions are in effect,” it continues to say, “CMS surveyors must not survey providers for compliance with the requirements” with the rule.

        The memo is referring to federal government officials conducting checks of whether Medicare- or Medicaid-funded facilities are complying with the Biden administration’s mandate that healthcare staff gets fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by Jan. 4.

        The CMS rule allows for religious and medical exemptions to the vaccine.

        Schmitt, a Republican who is running for Missouri’s U.S. Senate seat, hailed CMS’s memo as a victory in a Twitter post.

        This week, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri and the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana issued preliminary injunctions against the CMS vaccine rule, which was unveiled on Nov. 4 alongside federal rules that mandate either testing or vaccines for employers with 100 or more workers.

        “Between the two of them, these injunctions cover all states” as well as Washington, D.C. and U.S. territories, the memo said.

        CMS has appealed the two federal court decisions.

        The rule for private businesses, which is being enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, was dealt a blow last month when a U.S. Fifth Court of Appeals issued an injunction that blocked its enforcement.

        The same court affirmed its previous decision several days later, which is currently being challenged by the Biden administration.

        On Nov. 29, the Biden administration’s Office of Management and Budget federal told agencies in a memo that they can wait to terminate or suspend their employees who won’t get vaccinated until the holidays are over.

    • cu.h.j says:

      A microchip embedded in ones hand! Now that is straight out of Revelations, mark of the beast shit right there! This blows my mind that people would actually do this.

  23. Steve Smith says:

    Xenobots, living, self replicating robots are coming! Oh goody! What could go wrong?

    Lindsey sounds just like Jen Psaki too. Very non threatening.

    • Steve Smith says:

      What a relief. Doug assures us that they are very conscious of the ethical implications of their work and even if they escape from the lab. They will for sure die in two weeks or so. No danger at all.

  24. spider says:

    Whether chemically engineering synthetic DNA to design nano-pharmaceuticals or mining human DNA to identify biomarkers of medical or forensic significance, Parabon is developing some of the most compelling products of the DNA Age.

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