Interview 1671 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

11/05/2021120 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Trolls Will Be Jailed For "Likely Psychological Harm"

MPs Urge Social Media Giants To Bring In Mandatory ID Checks

“David’s Law”: How the Amess attack will be used to control the internet

UK Subs Fire Drummer for ‘Celebrating’ Murder of Conservative MP David Amess

Jon Stewart's New Show, 'The Problem With...' Freedom

New Zealand’s Prime Minister immediately ends a presser and runs off when challenged by inconvenient COVID/vaccine related data

Story #2: Meta - The Final Disconnect From Reality

Introducing Meta: A Social Technology Company

Facebook plans to shut down its facial recognition program

Mass Media: A History - Renegade University

'Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man'

'Haunted Media: Electronic Presence from Telegraphy to Television'

"If people could die of hypocrisy there would be piles of bodies everywhere."

Story #3: Ticketek Unveils 'World First' Integrated Mobile Ticket and Vaccination Check-In

Image: Ticketek App Shows Concert Ticket, Vaccination Confirmation Integration

Wikipedia: Ticketek


Wikipedia: Silver Lake Investment Firm

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  1. Sherry says:

    The metaverse story fits in perfectly with what Elana Freeland talks about in her recent interviews about her new book: “Geoengineered Transhumanism: How the Environment Has Been Weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetics, & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology”
    Dark Journalist:
    Alfa Vedic:

    Anyone up for living inside a Metaverse? The Matrix movie warned us. Media marketing is selling it
    People are falling for it. Ingredients being shot into us, are priming us for digital programming. Being aware of this gives us the tools to circumvent this for ourselves. As individuals. As human beings. Have compassion for those who are already in it. In my eyes, these are the lost brothers and sisters, in this spiritual war.

    • beaconterraone says:

      I have NEVER donned “virtual reality” / “augmented reality” headwear, and I NEVER will. Humans were designed to operate in the parameters of our natural environment, with our natural senses functioning in relation to “real” things, and the consequences of ignoring that will be existential.

      If you think this current world is mad, just wait until the VR/AR “metaverse” becomes the abode of a large number of people. Corporate media has already caused a significant portion of the population to disconnect from actually-existing reality, even without total sensory immersion. People will lose their ability to distinguish between the metaverse and the realverse. And then they will expect YOU (and I) who do not live in such a delusion, to accommodate their delusion.

      Fun fact: the word “meta” means “dead” in Hebrew:

  2. openlens says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about having to identify yourself to watch pornography, tho.

    • Duck says:



      Porn is a perfect weapon, it debases culture and morals, weakens the social fabric, can be used to discredit people who are critical but fall to it, and is perfect to make ‘protective’ laws about.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Most porn is vile, at least what I’ve been subjected to by accidentally finding it on a few male friends computers. And I’m sure that’s the normal stuff because I don’t associate with weirdos (by weirdo, I mean people who are engaging in illegal or violent activities). I think to myself “yuk, why are you watching that!!! what about this is appealing?!!”

        It’s so common though, among men anyway. I’m sure they had it a long time ago in different forms, or with prostitution and stuff like that. It’s like other drugs, which have been around a really long time. I don’t think banning it will do any good, but rather showing how it’s harmful is probably a better way to help people stop using it.

        I’m just shocked at the things people consider fun, like VR and porn and games and facebook and stuff like that. Going out and living in the real world is so much more appealing to me.

        • cu.h.j says:

          I think that things like porn, VR, social media, and other cheap thrills are monotonous and shallow. Compared to a fulfilling life, these things are unappealing. If there is a social movement away from these things among young people, I think that would be helpful. Kids need to stop feeling like these things are normal or desirable. They need to be made unpopular.

          • kirm says:

            “If there is a social movement away from these things among young people, I think that would be helpful.”

            There are many. No Fap, for one. Silly name but it works.

            Porn is corrosive to the mind and soul and is destroying an entire generation of man…and to a lesser extent, women.

            They have doctors now that are using brain scans to show how porn affects the brain and it’s not good. It delays maturity in the young, messes with dopamine and many other bad things. Thank God, it’s all reversible once the person stops viewing it.

            We have a whole generation coming up that prefer porn to real sex. No wonder birth rates are declining. But if one thinks about it, that’s the whole plan of the evil “elites”.

  3. openlens says:

    Maybe they’ll bring Dominion in to help them.

  4. openlens says:

    The metaverse? Told ya this is a War of Words. I think Fruckerburger is artificial.
    Yes, they follow the books , as 1984, but they can’t write them. They count on us to do that, then they follow our lead. They have no creativity whatsoever.
    So, we have to creatively slip into a place they can’t follow.

  5. openlens says:

    Interesting, James Corbett, when you say put ourselves into that matrix it reminds me of Elana Friedland’s recent worry, that this will implant persons as “in betweeners”. That’s what you mean by being “in the media”, as media, mediation, is a Mercurial realm. The Hermes doorsill, the in between realm, neither here nor there. Mercury is a shape shifter.

    Not only vaccines, you got to have a “device” too. I refuse to have a Secret Militarized Armament in Residential Technology. You can keep it.

    Can you even believe how they keep using the date Nov. 8? the day they destroyed Paradise, John Milton’s death date, author of “Paradise Lost”. Bastards.

    Shanti is the peace tribe. Shanti means peace. War is Peace.

    Good one again, J Corbett. Convenience.
    Great broadcast.

  6. olga says:

    You will need this to buy and sell: THE SCANNABLE, INVISIBLE-TO-THE-NAKED-EYE, QUANTUM DOT TATTOO (QDT) as PROOF OF VACCINATION delivered along with a MICRONEEDLE VACCINE (Smart Patch) will be the MARK OF THE BEAST (NOT the hypodermic needle/syringe they have been using up to now- Nov 4, 2021). IT LOOKS LIKE A BAND-AID. QDT
    will use Luciferase enzyme that makes microneedles (smart) patch
    glow under a smart phone app or scanner– it is not about immunity; it is about IDENTITY and TRACKING!!! You won’t be held down and forced that way; but as Windowscentral said about their Worldwide Digital ID system,
    “non-participants will be unable to buy or sell goods or services”. People who
    don’t get it just won’t be able to buy and sell; your financial transactions
    will be blocked. Take this mark to “get back to normal”, you’ll go to the lake
    of fire. (Rev. 14:9) The “elites” call it our Digital ID, Immunity Passport, Proof of Vaccination, whatever… The Bible calls it the MARK OF THE BEAST.
    (Revelation 13:16-17) CLICK ON THE LINK TO SEE PICTURES OF THIS NEW TECHOLOGY! It can even be sent to you via the mail, Fed Ex, UPS, etc..


    • mkey says:

      I’ll put my on the buttocks so that I have to bend over every time I’m due for an inspection.

      There are a lot worse things than death.

    • beaconterraone says:

      Yes, the “vaccine passport” is the Mark of the Beast. Or, more specifically, it will be once it’s put on-body. We’re in the transition phase, here in America, between version 1.0 (paper card) and 2.0 (QR codes).

      I don’t believe anyone who loves the truth will be deceived about it; this includes both Christians and non-Christians who seek truth. Only those who do not love the truth will be in denial as to what it is, and what the consequences are for taking it. 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Call in “sick” Monday Nov 8th thru 11th if you live in the U.S.

    Nationwide Walkout & Stand for Freedom Slated for November 8-11

    Leigh Dundas is an attorney with Advocates for Physicians’ Rights
    #AxeTheVax – Nov 8-11 (See the NEWS menu for more on Leigh Dundas.)

    Texas Gun Talk – #AXETHEVAX

    America’s Best Pics and Videos – #AXETHEVAX

    #AXEtheVAX – Twitter

    Del Bigtree interviews Leigh Dundas on Thursday’s November 4th “The Highwire” in
    Episode 240: A STRIKE AT THE HEART .
    QUEUE to 2:05:00 thru 2:29:00
    #AxeTheVax – Leigh and Del discuss the Nationwide Walkout on Nov 8-11th.
    Del gives some “winning” vaccine mandate headlines, then Blind Joe sings ”I Will Not Comply”

    If successful, a Nationwide Walkout could really impact the Thanksgiving and Christmas season for the big corporations. Plus, it is like a “Let’s Go Brandon” chant to President Biden and his Vaccine Mandates.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Worldwide Walkouts! – RFK, Jr.

      Upcoming WWW Event dates:
      November 8-11th

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      John Milton once penned a famous poem that begins:
      “Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
      The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
      I know of no reason
      Why the Gunpowder Treason
      Should ever be forgot.”

      November 5th, 2021 – Activist Post
      Nationwide Strike For Freedom Nov 8-11

      Freedom To Choose says, “Freedom To Choose USA is fully supporting the nationwide strike on Nov 8-11. Stand for freedom and hold the line!” Text “Freedom 53445” for more information.

      Freedom To Choose
      This is a peaceful movement in the spirit of civil disobedience led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Henry David Thoreau, author of Civil Disobedience.
      The Amazon Description says:
      “Sparked by Thoreau’s outrage at American slavery and the American-Mexican war, Civil Disobedience is a call for every citizen to value his conscience above his government. Within this 19th century essay, Thoreau explains government of any sort – including democracy – does not possess more wisdom or justice than its individual citizens, and that it is every citizen’s responsibility to avoid acquiescence. More than an essay, Civil Disobedience is a call to action for all citizens to refuse to participate in, or encourage in any way, an unjust institution.”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Monday Nov 8th – Epoch Times via Zero Hedge
      Hundreds Of Thousands To Go On Four-Day Nationwide Strike Over Vaccine Mandates

      A massive, nationwide strike against vaccine mandates will take place from Nov. 8 to Nov. 11, according to the main organizer for the walkout, Leigh Dundas, a human rights attorney and public speaker.

      The event will kick off in Los Angeles on Monday. The locations of the marches have not yet been disclosed.

      The walkouts involve people from various industries such as trucking and telecom. Air and rail transport workers are not federally allowed to go on strike due to a law passed in 1926 named the Railway Labor Act, but some plan to protest anonymously.

      “The Golden Gate Bridge Rally is going to be an epic and unprecedented moment in time. It will mark—on Veterans’ Day evening—a 4-day Nationwide walkout, by rank and file workers everywhere, from blue-collar to white-collar, black, white, yellow, red, every faith, every creed, who are uniquely united despite their differences on one common truth: that vaccine mandates have no place in a truly free society,”
      Dundas told The Epoch Times.

      “Every group: anti-vaccine, BLM, gay, straight, Jewish, Muslim, Native American, Asian, Latino, Christian, atheist—all groups—are coming together for this one historic moment in time—to trumpet not just to our own government, but indeed to the watching eyes of the world, that vaccine mandates will no longer be tolerated. That in this country, WE are the government, because our founding fathers knew this truth: a truly free nation is a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people. That we are the leaders we have been waiting for. And that today marks the day that we retire vaccine mandates as a concept that cannot live in a free society, and that we are, indeed, simply that: a free society.”

      The Epoch Times talked to some of these frustrated workers who will participate in the strike to see why they are doing it…
      [Many anecdotes from citizens follow.]

  8. ry4 says:

    Hello James and peers. Can anyone provide tips on how I can make my access to the internet resilient and decentralized if/when access is put behind a license gateway. I have heard about IPFS, and LBRY app and such, but have little wisdom of how to apply/utilize these options.


    • mkey says:

      If they indeed institute licensing strongarming, that will need to be on the access end. Meaning, providers will have to lock out anyone who does not meet the criteria, whatever they will be.

      They will simply refuse to do business with the undesirables. In which case we will be forced to use other people networks, either by borrowing or stealing bandwidth.

      Technically, this to me really does not seem that likely, but considering the goings on during the past few years obviously this is doable. A few mandates here and there and off we go.

      As far as libry is concerned, go to their site abd download the application for your platform. Create an account and you are set.

      Regarding IPFS, IMO that’s still not ready for wider adoption. You can find the Corbett report mirror on IPFS in the toolbar on the right-hand side. It’s just the static website and it’s a bit stale, probably.

      • Duck says:

        HTTrack will back up a local copy of a website on your own harddrive…you can grab most Corbett report audio with a podcast grabber like Gpodder.

        people should be archiving on their own locally computer (and a couple of back up drives) anything they actually care about keeping.

    • Duck says:

      “.. how I can make my access to the internet resilient and decentralized if/when access is put behind a license gateway..”

      Start archiving LOCALLY…

      1) Get linux on an old computer and make several system SSD’s or hard disks with all the app’s and codec’s you want installed…that way you will always have an offline PC setup… You can just put them in a machine and they mostly will just run.

      I recommend Linux Mint since it offers the DVD and audio codecs right on the install for those that want them. Pop OS is pretty slick too.

      2)For PODCASTS get something like gpodder (on linux) … I have found that it will carry over the listing and subscriptions stuff if you grab the contents of the gpodder folder from 1 linux machine and drop it into the gpodder folder on another machine your podcasts (stored in the DOWNLOADS folder of the gpodder folder) … better then having a ton of loose mp3’s rattling around when you want to find something

      3)save any video’s and text you want to keep- I’m just doing th e”print to .pdf’ for that but you can grab websites and keep them locally with HTTrack

      4) Some people will think of stealing wi-fi, for example These guy’s have a ton of wi-fi hacking demo’s but I’m pretty sure that its some kind of crime and if they lock the internet down there will probably be some kind of TPM type code built into your computer or phone to ID it personally or access sites so such tricks will be outdated soon.

  9. J.P. Wheeler says:

    Awesome episode fellers! Don’t stop! Keep em coming!

    Good luck with your upcoming show JC!!


  10. mkey says:

    Get the hot load of shronky news at New world order this week episode.

    • ChairmanDrew says:

      James E P got the definition of shonky on the money.

      • vadoum says:

        Learn to pronounce
        dishonest, unreliable, or illegal, especially in a devious way.
        “shonky political goings-on”
        a person engaged in suspect business activities.

        ,,,the whole shonk of a scamdemic
        the “dino awards” could include an “ultra shonkster” category

  11. nosoapradio says:

    as I understand it

    “Service Victoria” is the equivalent of “FranceConnect”, an SSO platform using a “pivot identity” to allow access to a variety of services via a “single sign-on” “secured” identity. Giving hackers or unwanted visitors access to all your info, of course. Combined with biometric ID = Macron’s ALICEM as an example… Also perhaps India’s Aadhar biometric identity card?

    Via carrot or stick, governments are herding people onto these platforms that will indeed, as explained by Mr Corbett, ultimately be used to create the all-encompassing biometric identity account each and every citizen will be required to have for buying and selling, “healthcare”, life, love and the pursuit of happiness if they’re living on the global grid.

    As I already mentioned in another post, if I want to access my near 3000 euros worth of taxpayer-paid professional or language training I’m absolutely required to create a FranceConnect account. I’m certain there are ploys like this one and many others as insidious in most countries.

    None of my students seem to understand why SSO might become a problem when ultimately combined with CBDCs and Biometric identity (along with GPS tracking etc. of course) but they all say they find the Metaverse creepy. But covid-injections have shown me that what people say and what they actually do are not always synchronized…

    It’s all like watching a car wreck in slow motion. Think someone already mentioned this. Maybe Mr. Corbett?

    Anyhow. I guess I’ve been completely brainwashed by the Corbett Report and so I’ve nothing new to add to the schmilblick.

    Except that the notion of “inbetweeners”, between reality and virtual reality is reflected in the Netflix series “Dark” which describes inbetweeners as living in between two worlds or dimensions or universes. Along with the sideways 8 of infinity and total interconnectedness. Pop culture, memes, what to think about and predictive programming…

    who is an extension of what is an extension of whom…?

    and the manipulative, dishonest, self-congratulatory gatekeeper jon stewart…

    and predictably the hamsterwheel.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Reading your thoughts about the digital ID and how the public respond to things was a good read for me, helping me to review these aspects. I did a quick search of ‘SSO’. Of course, ads for Microsoft Azure float to the top.

      Single sign-on (SSO) is a service that allows users to log in to multiple platforms and websites using a single set of credentials via secure session and user authentication. An SSO platform helps to deploy and manage SSO credentials, services, and access for multiple users.

      For folks who have not seen this interview with Amy Bohn, it is worth viewing. She gives some easy-to-grasp detail about SSO, backed by specific facts and document page.

    • mkey says:

      SSO is just a means to centralize “secure” internet access. So one logs in into the Active directory and then can use that authentification to access whatever site supports SSO and where the user has a compatible account

      Basically, all accounts should have the same username. This is convenient because people can have one password for everything.

      Of course, vast majority have no idea why cebtralization is such a bed idea and why do these people insist on making it an everyday reality for everyone.

      • nosoapradio says:

        oookay. Good, clear description…Seems about what I’d gathered… definitely need to read more about it.

        So basically, soon every mainstream service site will support SSO and people will all have compatible accounts to everything they regularly use…?

        • mkey says:

          This is mostly used (I think) by companies in their ecosystems to make things more convenient for both the user and administration.

          In the private “consumer” space, we already have stuff like open authentificaton where one can sign in/register into/for a multitude of sites by virtue of having a goolag or a faceboot account.

          Instead of going through the motions of registration (sometimes taking upward of 30 seconds) and keeping various personas separated, one simply logs in into their existing account and use the service.

          This is also rather convenient. And also very much centralized.

          If either of those services would kick you out for whichever reason, ypu would be locked out from your various accounts. If you would lose access to your email, chances to get back into the system would be minimal, provided you did’t have a multiple factor authentificatiom setup. Like a mobile phone number or some sort of a pin code generator.

  12. Duck says:

    Talk on Marshall Mcluhan over at The Symbolic World.. good, but the guest has an annoying way of speaking, like he’s chewing his words then spitting them out- good for framing things I think but I’m no expert.

    Personally I do not think we are realy heading into a planned future, it reminds me more of the collapse of the Roman Empire when people were trying to grab onto anything that would carry their wealth and power into the future as the civilization and economy crumbled. That is, I believe, when they ended up tying peasants to the land and feudalism started so outlook still 🙁

    The thing on how people are living electronically reminded my of this talk Luke SMith gave on Popper,Soros, and the Open society- not read the books but the description of an open society where people no longer have interactions based on personal relationships was pretty creepy.

    That our culture is dying is pretty clear… I read “Culture of Narcissism” years ago, but probably did not understand it as well as I should. It had a pretty good description of the brain melt going on now though

    • weilunion says:

      As civilizations collapse materially, subjectively, menticide and other forms of mental illness occur.

      Re=reading Albert Camus’ ‘The Plague’ again, helped remind me of the depth of self delusion one can fall into.

      But as The Empire stomachs the republic one can only expect menticide.

      Take a look:

      • Duck says:

        “..As civilizations collapse materially, subjectively, menticide and other forms of mental illness occur…”

        True, but IMO its more of a circle- a materially poor society can not have masses of mentally ill people. They die off fast after living ‘Gin Lane” lives because the ruling class has no use for them, unlike now when the nuts and weirdos are useful drones to pull down the middle class

  13. weilunion says:

    Propagandists’ ability to mesmerize the faithful has increased exponentially as the technological life has increased and been promoted as de rigueur. This on-line life is propagated as a new religion whose embrace is said to be inevitable and whose faith one must accept as the missionaries for its miraculous nature spread the word far and wide.

    As a result, the general public is being reduced to where people not only are unable to find out about the truth they also become unable to search for the truth. They are satisfied with deception and trickery that have determined their convictions. They are satisfied with a fictitious reality created by design.

    This is the society we are now moving into.

    Vouchers for Murder!!!

    Office of the Assistant Attorney General for Market Oriented Murder and Mayhem Abatement (MOMMA)

    Isadore Nabi, acting executive enforcer

    Undisclosed location

  14. slurry says:

    I know you don’t usually answer questions in these comments, James, but I’m curious if they’re making you jump through hoops and do testing to play your gig? I’m in Canada and I can’t get into any venues without the passport or testing.

    Do not take this as a judgment on you, but I’m 39 and have been in bands, playing gigs since I was 14 and I can’t help but to cringe at all my normie friends when they announce their upcoming shows and the vaccine passport/testing requirements to get in. I feel like that part of my life has died since the start of the scamdemic and if I did get on a stage in a setting like that I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror, after. I still teach drums as I want to keep music alive and I plan to still perform at some point, but my conscience will only let me do that in some kind of underground, barn in the middle of nowhere, no phones allowed, non-state approved setting.

    As I’ve said in previous threads my hope is that some sort of natural disaster happens that allows us to create our pockets of parallel societies in the middle of nowhere, so we can get back to being human and enjoying things like music again, without having to sacrifice our bodily sovereignty. Have fun at your next gig!

    • westerncivic says:

      You have to pressure the venues and acts that allow this to go on.

      Throwing your hands up is not an option.

      Crash their lines. Block their loading zones. Rush the door. Do something!

      • beaconterraone says:

        Anyone who chooses to comply about the “vaccine passports” has chosen to join the Mystery Babylon System. The Bible tells us to flee from the Babylon System.

        Concerts, bars, most large gatherings are literally unnecessary. Deny them money, especially when they see you as cattle to be “checked.” Walk away. Feel free to let them know, not that they will care, since the hordes of zombies will continue to do their “thing.”

    • vadoum says:

      slurry james and other muso’s intelligent enough to resist Russian roulette,

      Here we who choose not to take part in the death cult initiations can busk (which is usually impressively supported,, if you’re any good) and but these are the days of the house partys (with paid bands); they can shove their venues up their asses. True, the “mandates” published by the governments dont allow it, but its happening. I’ve yet to hear of anyone getting fined. maybe the police are sympathetic? thats my best guess.

      The public that I encounter include a few hard case rule followers, who are in a state of increasing stress (evidenced by the tension they show in what their mask cant cover),, but most people are “over the dumb rules”. they play the game in the off chance that an armed robo robber will suddenly appear, but in their hearts, they know its a load of shonky shyte.

      I recently read an article describing brain activity as related to well-being, immunity etc, that claimed making or dancing to music typically engages all areas of the brain (an exceptional occurrence?),, & that it was one of the healthiest, immunity boosting activities people do. (soz cant find the link)

      “music is the weapon” fela kuti

  15. slurry says:

    Also, unfortunately, I don’t think anything can be done to stop the same masses who fell for the scamdemic from sinking themselves into the metaverse. The best we can do is keep ourselves out of it, at this point. It’s insane to really come to terms with how many people will walk themselves into their own digital prison with excitement.

    • Duck says:


      Your right… its human nature. They want to feel better and not see the actual gravity of their situation.

      Blackpilled had a stream on on the human need for hope, reading thru an article from a magazine and giving his take on it. He’s somewhat racist though so… not everyone can stomach listening for the gems

      His take on the good cop bad cop at the begining of the stream rings pretty true though, as does his suggestion that people dont like to zoom out the graph which would show that the general direction matters more then the blips

    • weilunion says:

      “Anyone who wants to rule men first tries to humiliate them, to trick them out of their rights and their capacity for resistance, until they are as powerless before him as animals,” wrote Elias Canetti in Crowds and Power of the autocrat.

      “He uses them like animals and, even if he does not tell them so, in himself he always knows quite clearly that they mean just as little to him; when he speaks to his intimates, he will call them sheep or cattle.

      His ultimate aim is to incorporate them into himself and to suck the substance out of them. What remains of them afterwards does not matter to him.

      The worse he has treated them, the more he despises them. When they are no more use at all, he disposes of them as he does excrement, simply seeing to it that they do not poison the air of his house.”

    • beaconterraone says:

      The path of least resistance makes rivers and people crooked.

      The metaverse offers carnal pleasures (previously) beyond imagination. Most will choose to join in. They won’t – and can’t – see it as a prison. It’s “freedom” that isn’t possible inside reality.

  16. Paul Cardin says:

    I turned off my TV.
    I turned off my newspapers.
    I turned off my internet.

    I’ll miss that last one, but it was forced upon me. Hey ho ☹

    • Duck says:

      “..I turned off my internet…”

      Hmn… nice smoke signal there 😉

      I’ve put all internet machines away from where I am most of the time- amazing amount more use out of my free time but I too miss the dopamine.
      Internet with limitations was so much more fun then drowning in it all day.

  17. Torus says:

    Announcement from Project Veritas


    • beaconterraone says:

      This is what government terrorism looks like.

      The FBI is claiming Ashley Biden’s diary was “stolen,” which is an implicit admission that the diary PV was given access to is legit.

      Hopefully PV will now act on this, and publish whatever they have from that diary. They have not published previously due to inability to verify authenticity.

    • mkey says:

      Nobody asking questions as to why this “national service” is now being privatised by who knows whom in the background to pester journalists, while “jourbalists” provide cover, following unsubstantiated claims of a “diary” by one of the world’s least relevant people bein stolen.

      It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.

  18. jayeman says:

    Someone wrote this script a very long time ago, maybe possibly could be, Satan? Maybe we can consider ourselves unwittingly crisis actors in this horror novel.

  19. illbnice2u2 says:

    Virtual Worlds have been around for years i.e Second Life, I have been a member for 16 years and have met people all over the world. It has been a wonderful experience. No one in Second Life thinks it is reality. I think Zucki is taken the concept an turning it evil.

    • nosoapradio says:

      well, sounds fun and everything but doesn’t just the name “Second Life” sort of indicate what it was always meant to be about at some point? It’s always fun at first or people wouldn’t walk into it, all the while suspecting what they’re probably walking into…

      Everything can be used for constructive and destructive purposes but…
      some things seem, within given contexts, to be designed for nefarious uses… like the atom bomb…

      Second Life… in a world where vast swathes of the professional sector will disappear and lockdowns normalized… resources made scarce and the environment allegedly suffering from human activity…

      Second Life…

      But Jane McGonigal would probably agree with you…

      raw impressions before early morning coffee…

      • kirm says:

        I don’t think escaping to an alternate reality for a couple of hours is a problem. I’ve been unemployed for a year and a half so I’ve got lots of time on my hands. In that time, to pass some time, I’ve played various open-world or sandbox games. Games like Fallout or Just Cause. Perhaps that’s not what you guys mean though. Anyway, I find them really entertaining and diverting in an increasingly dark world. I stand to be corrected though…

    • beaconterraone says:

      When I was in my MLIS program, Second Life was pushed, hard. I refused to join in, since I recognized its sometimes subtle, sometimes not corrosive effects on mental health. It had little or nothing to do with Library & Information Science, and I expressed that. My comments weren’t taken too kindly.

      Sure, you consciously know it’s “not real,” but nonetheless it whittles away at your natural senses’ ability to discern what’s real and what’s a delusion.

      As malevolent as Second Life and related can be, the VR Zuckerworld definitely takes it to a much worse level.

  20. Paul says:

    The[md,is] peoples have some sort of ongoing tiff with the peoples at Cloudflare, so they send a garbage response to Cloudflare DNS servers.

    Some of us have limited choices on who we can use for our caching DNS server, so Cloudflare is maybe slightly better than Google or Cox, AT&T, Spectrum, etc.

    So just be aware that when you use an link, some people will not have access to the link.

  21. beaconterraone says:

    The days of the free Internet are coming to a close.

    Expect the “Commonwealth” approaches to be implemented worldwide, mostly by corporations, the latter because “Capitalist” America has “freedom,” so “private companies” imposing themselves on you like the Stasi is perfectly fine in twisted minds.

    Such measures will include:

    1) mandatory “identity verification” to even access the Internet (think “vaccine passport”/Mark of the Beast QR codes);

    2) punishment, including denial of Internet access, and even fines or jail time for “offending” one of the officially-designated “protected classes”*;

    3) the end of anonymity via encryption, including a ban on truly-encrypted, truly-anonymous VPNs (for “public safety,” of course).

    * this will cover Jews, Blacks, some Asians, some women, homosexuals, transsexuals…but NEVER White/European people who embrace traditional values. Such protected classes will be expanded to include politically protected classes, like “trusted health experts” and “established journalists.”

    • kirm says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself Beacon but I think you missed out on some other classes, protected or otherwise.

      Muslims: Very protected
      Christians: Very unprotected
      MAPs (read: pedophiles): Protected

      I’m sure there will be plenty more.

  22. skates says:

    Ready Player One was alright, but much more memorable for me were 2047: Virtual Revolution & the Russian film KOMA (dubbed in English – no subtitles to read.) Both movies show (surprisingly relatable/understandable) scenarios where people would actually prefer & choose The Matrix over Reality!
    I’m not sure that science can actually perform the feats of wonder being claimed, here in what’s left of the Real World, but at least psychologically, this dystopic future seems quite plausible & sad.

  23. Voluntaryist says:

    When the truth comes out about governments being generally destructive of society/economy the majority response is to blame individuals, not the political paradigm of force, threats, fraud. That is especially true of the socialist form of authoritarianism. It doesn’t matter how many times the politics fails, it is defended and the politicians/bureaucrats/officials are blamed.
    I conclude it is the politics of force & fraud that need to be challenged, not specific policies. Doing this would be striking at the root of the problem which is a fundamentally flawed faith in force first, the use of coercion to govern, not choice, not reason, not respect for individual sovereignty, but its opposite, a sovereign state (a ruling elite/ruled majority). Such faith cannot be rationally defended by history or theory, and when any such attempt to do so fails, the default is to evoke fear by threats so emotion overwhelms reason. This creates an unstable, self destructive society. It’s social suicide.

    • LastHumanist says:

      The counterargument is that most people these days are unable to act on higher moral principles and are therefore better kept in check by force.

      My assessment of the situation is that this probably applies right now.

      Voluntary action should be the foundation of social structures but it’s a goal we can only work towards generationally, at this point.

      I would not steal, rape and murder even if no government kept me from it. I have, however, seen plenty of people who would.

  24. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Emilio Estévez is the brother of Charlie Sheen and son of actor Martin Sheen.
    Brat Pack (1980’s), The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire, The Outsiders, Repo Man, The Mighty Ducks, Stakeout, The Young Guns…. (Wikipedia)

    Friday November 5th, 2021 – Yahoo Entertainment
    Emilio Estevez won’t return to ‘The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers’ due to vaccine mandate
    [Normally, I use for corporate media, but this article SURPRISINGLY has COMMENTS ENABLED (380 comments as I type.)]

    Emilio Estevez has been cut from The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. Yahoo Entertainment can confirm that the actor won’t return for the second season of the Disney+ show as he will not comply with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Estevez reprised his role as Gordon Bombay and is the coach of the hockey team. Estevez played the beloved character in all three The Mighty Ducks films in the ’90s.

    Deadline broke the story that Estevez’s option was not picked up “after weeks of back and forth with his team over the show’s COVID vaccination requirement.”

    …The Walt Disney Co. was one of the first major companies to require all salaried and nonunion hourly employees be fully vaccinated. The company, like many studios, reached agreements with major unions regarding COVID-19 vaccine mandates….
    Comment by donut44 – “I don’t get it, why not just get the vaccine . . .every 3 months . . . For the rest of your life . . . Be a team player and do what the govern . . . I mean, science tells you to do . . .Fauci says so, it’s safe, . . Look at all the doctors that are paid . . . I mean say to do it . . . Except don’t listen to the ones that don’t, they are a little off!!!”

  25. candlelight says:

    Corbett @ 15.27 mins: “…led by another cyborg-like entity; ZUCKERBORG…”

    Quite funny!

    I do believe, literally, that Zuckerberg is consciously making an effort to double down on his doppelgänger image – Star Trek’s Data character – in some sort of weird, subliminal, deceitful bid to imprint this augmentation of the Meta brand, as he presents himself seemingly with skin-toned plasticine-like foundation, obliterating any human characteristic of pimple, freckle, boil, wart, wrinkle or facial hair.
    He thus becomes his own promotional avatar and robotic cyborg, a twisted whorish salesman – the painted boy/lady of his own Metaverse.

    • weilunion says:

      Your insight is invaluable, your words capture what the phony visuals promise and render ineffable:

      I can SEE what you say. The power of words!

      Look at the art from Germany in the 30’s. Dadaism

      In “Writing the Truth: Five Difficulties”, Bertolt Brecht stated:
      “Nowadays, anyone who wishes to combat lies and ignorance and to write the truth must overcome at least five difficulties. He must have the courage to write the truth when truth is everywhere opposed; the keenness to recognize it, although it is everywhere concealed; the skill to manipulate it as a weapon; the judgment to select those in whose hands it will be effective; and the cunning to spread the truth among such persons. These are formidable problems for writers living under Fascism, but they exist also for those writers who have fled or been exiled; they exist even for writers in countries where civil liberty prevails.”

      Whoever reads bourgeois newspapers becomes blind and deaf: away with the stultifying bandages! Arbeiter-Illustrierte Zeitung (AIZ) 9. no. 6

      • candlelight says:

        I SEE said the blind carpenter, as he picked up his hammer and saw….

        When it comes to Zuckerberg, I see a grown and vacuous adolescent, one that I can’t bare to listen to for more than a second and a half at a clip. I think I may be up to four seconds in total at this point in time, and will probably never reach five.

        I’ve seen first hand what interactive gaming can do to an individual, which I can comfortably compare to that of heroine addiction in certain respects.

        What that fuck, Zuckerberg, is pushing with his Metaverse is far worse than pure dope, as far as I’m concerned; or as far as I ever want or wish to be.

        What this boy/man could use, are a few individuals using their MOMMA vouchers on his behalf – preferably weeks before they’re signed-off by licensed members of the medical community and submitted, as the case may be.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Metaverse versus Heroin. Fascinating comparison. Both are escapes and addictive. They steal life away from the individual, keeping them in a state fake happiness, rather than being actually happy through meaningful real life experience.

          You say “I’ve seen first hand what interactive gaming can do to an individual, which I can comfortably compare to that of heroine addiction in certain respects.”

          I have never known anyone personally addicted to gaming. My husband has a friend who is into it, who is a depressed recluse.

          • candlelight says:

            I think it’s very apt to describe the realm of addiction as being in “…a state of fake happiness…“, whether induced via the ingestion of a narcotic or via a purposely contrived dopamine inducing interactive online game.

            And when a person is more interested in that fake or contrived happiness, to the exclusion of most everything else in their “off-line” world that would ordinarily be of benefit to them – then that becomes, potentially, the beginning of the end. This “immersion” online, when it comes to the gamer, becomes their addiction. To their detriment, they no longer have the wont nor the time, for life’s opportunities, which are willingly given up in exchange for the dopamine derived from gaming.

            But, I now see that “gaming”, per se, is old school. It’s plebeian. Stone Age. In relation to the concept of “Metaverse”, gaming is just a tiny little corner. However, the sphere of the Metaverse, apparently, is far from something new and “out of the blue”, like it were some idea that Zuckerberg just hatched, and was oh, so, excited to tell us about. Rather, Metaverse represents a construct years in the making, with it’s virtual cornerstones and building blocks constantly evolving. But, in a very real sense, with the announcement this week of Facebook morphing into Meta, this thing called the Metaverse, has in reality, just now hatched. It is now in a stage of its evolution, that it is ready for full fledged (or pledged), commercial exploitation.

            It makes the dopamine inducing manipulation of online gaming mere child’s play. Metaverse, on the other hand, is for adults. Metaverse is for humanity, or that part of humanity willing to immersive itself full on, to boundlessly steep in an unreal world. That is, at least at present.

            The link below forebodes that as the technology evolves, it will envelop every modality of life, all commerce and communication. It will necessitate – and all of humanity will be dependent upon – entry into the Metaverse. As it were, one of these days, living outside the Metaverse will not be optional, or so they wish.

            It could be said that Zuckerborg has welcomed us to Hell.


    • cu.h.j says:

      Lol. What an accurate description of Zuckerborg. I don’t know who raised him, but his parents should be ashamed. He is a disgraceful human being and the sight of him makes me want to vomit.

      • candlelight says:

        “…and the sight of him makes me want to vomit.”


      • kirm says:

        I agree, I have a hard time looking or listening to that guy. He looks like such a freak, an android really. And for a goof that has billions of dollars you think he could find someone to dress him or properly coif his hair. So cheap all he’ll pay for is a “bowl cut”. LOL!!!!

        Here’s another one: Bezos. ~a quarter of a trillion dollars and all I see is an adolescent clown.

        All hail your masters everyone!!!!!

        Seriously, I think what the ultra wealthy need to do is stop surrounding themselves with yes men, and women. But that won’t do. What fun is life if you don’t have people telling you constantly that you’re a god. Even if it’s based on having a lot of money and not much else.

  26. The system has deteriorated to such a point that there is zero critical thinking by the majority of society. TV has become the bogus formative construct of a false reality that has come to infect the minds and metastasize into a cult of same think, where it “has to be true” because tv said so, and everyone else saw the same thing on a “different” tv channel, so it is definitely true!

    The education system that should be teaching critical thinking skills, along with the use of logic and wisdom has become part and parcel of the indoctrination of society. The indoctrination that has let the masters turn, what could accurately be called, the flock, into unthinking, obedient sheep, where most of the shepherds(politicians) are even bigger sheep than the societal sheep that they are leading to a digital control system slaughter.

    Time to let some objective reality guide the flock into a route of safety and understanding.

    • weilunion says:

      Your Mind is an Excellent Servant, but a Terrible Master – David Foster Wallace

      H.L. Mencken:

      “Consider [the pedagogue] in his highest incarnation: the university professor. What is his function? Simply to pass on to fresh generations of numskulls a body of so-called knowledge that is fragmentary, unimportant, and, in large part, untrue. His whole professional activity is circumscribed by the prejudices, vanities and avarices of his university trustees, i.e., a committee of soap-boilers, nail manufacturers, bank-directors and politicians. The moment he offends these vermin he is undone. He cannot so much as think aloud without running a risk of having them fan his pantaloons.”

      • kirm says:

        Excellent, excellent video. Thank you for that.

        But TBH, I found the masonic imagery a bit off-putting. Did you notice it?

        I’m not sure if it was just the illustrator though.

  27. Arby says:

    Fully vaccinated? Setting aside the non vaccine character of the covid 19 injections, Makia Freeman nailed it: “Being Fully Vaccinated Is An Endless Destination” /

  28. Arby says:

    I hate country. But I hope that everyone sees any concert that this country dude, Blind Joe, does. Check it out and sorry about directing you to YouTube:

  29. kfel says:

    Another thing that happened last week was the unleashing of the shot on 5-11 yr old kids… this is our one chance to do a prospective study to see if this creates a problem of vaccine shedding in the school room (that is, will students who didn’t take the vacccine end up exposed to shed spike protein or other vaccine components and developing vaccine reaction symptoms?) Parents need to know the answer to this asap… I put together a study page here – easy to participate – please sign up and get this out to your friends, thanks ! We need both kids in classrooms and home schoolers to act as controls:

  30. Saheike says:

    How do you diable Justice ? Overwelm them w work by new defintions and they will dron it to death

  31. HomeRemedySupply says:

    CNN Airs “Town Hall” With Sesame Street Puppets Encouraging Kids To Get Vaccinated
    [Brief Video in article via Anna Brees]

  32. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Nov 8th – Reuters
    Exclusive-Boeing U.S. worker vaccine exemption requests top 11,000 -sources

    SEATTLE (Reuters) – The number of Boeing Co employees seeking a vaccine exemption on religious or medical grounds has reached more than 11,000 – or nearly 9% of its U.S. workforce – a level many times higher than executives initially estimated, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

    The widespread reluctance has left executives scrambling for a strategy that keeps employees safe and complies with President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors, but avoids an exodus of engineering and factory labor, the people said…

    …Two Boeing insiders said executives initially estimated vaccine resistance from some 2% of workers, a number the company could manage. But by last week, one person familiar with the matter said more than 10,000 employees had filed religious exemptions, and a second person said the number stood at more than 11,300. Another 1,000 or so workers filed a medical exemption, another person said.

    The fact that the vast majority of applications were on religious grounds has thrust one of America’s largest employers into the center of a debate about the ethics of probing an employee’s religious beliefs….

  33. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Internal Report: More Than Half Of Border Patrol Agents May Be Fired For Being Unvaccinated

    …Former chief operating officer of CBP Mark Morgan, who obtained the internal report, told Fox News that Biden’s vaccine mandate is
    “going to take an agency that’s already gone through an unbelievable catastrophic crisis on the southwest border and deplete its resources further.”

    “So, an agency that is dealing with 1.7 million apprehensions, 400,000 got-aways, at that very moment, the same resources are going to be pulled away and distracted to deal with this mandate nonsense,”….

  34. HomeRemedySupply says:

    A Tony Heller 2 1/2 minute video.

    Carl Sagan Predicted The Current Junk Science Disaster

    Carl Sagan says:
    “…science is a way of skeptically interrogating the universe. with a fine understanding of human fallibility. If we are not able to ask skeptical questions, to interrogate those who tell us something is true, to skeptical of those in authority, then we are up for grabs for the next political charlatan who comes along” “this combustible mixture of ignorance and power, sooner or later is going to blow up in our faces….”

  35. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The 5 minute video in this article is worth watching.
    Many “Athlete stories” are not logged, because often we do not know what a person died from. For example, just the other day: “Pedro Feliciano, longtime Mets relief pitcher, dies at 45”

    Nov 8th
    Athletes Around the World are Dropping Like Flies with Heart Problems
    (5 minute video and also link to long list of athletes.)

    Someone has put together a video montage showing the sheer volume of athletes around the world dropping like flies with heart problems.

    And the corporate media calls this a “mystery.”
    How many people ever heard of the word “myocarditis” prior to the COVID shots?
    But don’t blame it on the “vaccines.” That would be politically incorrect.

    Mark Payne in the UK is keeping a fast growing list of these stories here….

  36. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — Attorney Aaron Siri —
    Attorney Aaron Siri is a well known litigation expert surrounding the field of vaccines. He is famous for his 9 hour deposition of Stanley Plotkin who wrote the vaccine bible.

    See this interview by Del Bigtree with Aaron Siri which also shows clips of Stanley Plotkin testifying.

    EXCERPT from the following article:
    …Today I am publishing the work of Attorney Aaron Siri who represents more than 12 physicians from ICU units and other frontline hospital jobs that have tried to speak out to the CDC, FDA, and other health organizations about what they are seeing in their patients with vaccine injuries, but are being ignored.
    Attorney Siri has filed 11 declarations against these agencies, and is threatening further legal action….

    MIT Scientist and Professor on Exposing COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries: “You Have to be Careful Because You Could be Eliminated”

    The above story links to articles by Aaron Siri at “Injecting Freedom”.
    “One Brave ICU Physician Reporting Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries Leads to a Dozen More”
    11 sworn declarations from physicians across the country reflect the disregard public health agencies have for Covid-19 vaccine safety

  37. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — New Zealand —
    …and I ain’t talking shit…this is what it takes — not hours and pages of lame, sophist, know-it-all, opinionated talk on forums….

    They’re not crazy, they’re PISSED OFF! New Zealand Tyrants… this HAKA (message) is for you. WAR!
    (30 seconds)

    The Corporate Controlled (CCM) Media says “a few hundred” showed up. What do your eyes tell ya?
    GIANT Anti Vaccine Mandate Protest For Medical Freedom In Wellington: New Zealand Rising!
    (34 minutes of crowds)

  38. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Nov 9th
    Dr. Mercola Files Lawsuit Against US Sen. Elizabeth Warren

    In early September 2021, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren sent a letter1 to Andy Jassy, chief executive officer of, demanding an “immediate review” of Amazon’s algorithms to weed out books peddling “COVID misinformation,” stressing that Amazon’s sale of such books was “potentially unlawful.”2,3,4

    Warren specifically singled out my book, “The Truth About COVID-19,” co-written with Ronnie Cummins, founder and director of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), as a prime example of “highly-ranked and favorably-tagged books based on falsehoods about COVID-19 vaccines and cures” that she wanted banned.

    “Dr. Mercola has been described as ‘the most influential spreader of coronavirus misinformation online,” Warren wrote,5 adding: “Not only was this book the top result when searching either ‘COVID-19’ or ‘vaccine’ in the categories of ‘All Departments’ and ‘Books’; it was tagged as a ‘Best Seller’ by Amazon and the ‘#1 Best Seller’ in the ‘Political Freedom’ category.
    The book perpetuates dangerous conspiracies about COVID-19 and false and misleading information about vaccines. It asserts that vitamin C, vitamin D and quercetin … can prevent COVID-19 infection … And the book contends that vaccines cannot be trusted …”

    …Since she willfully ignores the law, Cummins and I, along with our publisher, Chelsea Green Publishing, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who wrote our foreword, are suing Warren, both in her official and personal capacities, for violating our First Amendment rights. The federal lawsuit, in which Warren is listed as the sole defendant, was filed in the state of Washington. As noted in our complaint….

    SEE THIS 9/15 comment…
    Senator Elizabeth Warren Demands Amazon Censor Best-Selling Books
    Her 7 September Letter to Amazon…

  39. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Nov 9th
    Top NIH Scientist Opposes Vaccine Mandate, Will Host Live Ethics Debate Next Month

    As it turns out, even some of the experts at the NIH oppose Dr. Anthony Fauci’s push for mass forced vaccination that President Biden recently codified by expanding his vaccine mandate to affect some 80MM working Americans – including health-care workers, who must choose to either accept the jab, or leave their jobs, despite a shortage of medical workers.

    WSJ reported Tuesday that vaccine mandates are sparking debates and controversy within the NIH, which has scheduled a Dec. 1 live-streamed roundtable session over “the ethics of mandates”. The seminar is one of four ethics debates to be held this year. These debates will be accessible to all of the NIH’s 20K staff, along with patients and the public.

    The Dec. 1 ethics debate was set up after a senior infectious-disease researcher pushed back against the growing drive for mandates. Dr. Matthew Memoli, who runs the clinical studies unit within the Dr. Fauci-controlled NIAID, both opposes vaccine mandates and has declined the vaccine himself, arguing that jabs should be reserved for the vulnerable, the elderly and obese Americans….

  40. TimmyTaes says:

    Define, “Lose our humanity.” What humanity? Read the history books of the Indian Wars and Napoleonic Wars of the 19th century and the world wars of the 20th century.
    What humanity? Children are still being stolen to become slaves.
    What has changed?
    What humanity?

  41. Hank says:

    can someone post a link where I can see video of James and his band?

  42. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I was surprised to see this headline in USA Today

    Nov 10th – (via Yahoo because of the paywall at USA Today)
    423 million COVID doses administered. 3,100 injury claims filed. $0 paid out.

    [I’ll let people read the article. While it downplays the number of vaccine injuries, it does bring to light that there is no viable compensation for Covid vaccine injury or death.]

    …The countermeasures program requires a high standard of proof for people seeking compensation.
    It’s not enough that someone develops an injury after getting the vaccine or treatment. The injured person or their family must provide evidence that the injury was directly caused by a vaccine or treatment.
    Since 2010, the program has paid 29 claims totaling more than $6 million…

    …Most routine vaccine injury claims are handled through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, also known as vaccine court, which conducts hearings before independent “special masters.” Consumers have three years to file a claim, and the court pays for attorneys’ fees and expert medical opinions.

    At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, then-Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar invoked a 2005 law and declared COVID-19 vaccines and treatments would be handled by the countermeasures program. Up to that point, the countermeasures program mainly handled injury claims for the 2009 H1N1 flu vaccine and other rarely used vaccines such as anthrax and smallpox.

    Unlike vaccine court, the countermeasures program does not pay attorneys’ fees, doesn’t compensate for pain and suffering and limits claims to one year after a vaccine or other treatment.
    Countermeasures is a terrible program, but it’s the only thing they have right now,” Gentry said.

    To be eligible for vaccine court, the CDC must recommend a vaccine for routine use by children or pregnant people. The vaccine also must be assessed a 75-cent tax per vaccine, which pays for a trust fund for vaccine injuries…

    …Congress, however, has yet to approve a tax on any of the COVID-19 vaccines. And it’s unknown how the government would tax a vaccine given that the federal government pays for all COVID-19 vaccine doses….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      — Open VAERS —
      (“Red Box” Summaries under Menu: “Covid Vaccine Data”)

      856,917 Reports Through October 29, 2021
      18,078 Deaths
      88,910 Hospitalizations
      95,954 Urgent Care
      133,973 Doctor Office Visits
      7,844 Anaphylaxis
      10,721 Bell’s Palsy
      2,786 Miscarriages
      8,878 Heart Attacks
      11,449 Myocarditis
      28,112 Permanently Disabled
      10,124 Shingles

      You can probably multiply these number by 41 to hit the “Reality” neighborhood.

      …There have been more fetal deaths in the past 11 months following COVID-19 shots than there have been for the past 30+ years following ALL vaccines (2,198 – Source.)

      Last month (October, 2021) the New England Journal of Medicine admitted that the original study used to justify the CDC and the FDA in recommending the shots to pregnant women was flawed. (Source.)

      Since then, researchers in New Zealand have conducted a new study on the original data, and concluded:

      A re-analysis of these figures indicates a cumulative incidence of spontaneous abortion ranging from 82% (104/127) to 91% (104/114), 7–8 times higher than the original authors’ results. (Source.)

      And yet, the CDC and FDA still continue to recommend the shots for pregnant women, even though a correct analysis on the original data shows that 82% to 91% of pregnant women will suffer miscarriages if their unborn child is less than 20 weeks old. (Source.)

      VAERS is a passive system that is severely under reported. The CDC and FDA have never conducted a study to determine what this under-reported factor is, but independent scientists have, and we have previously published the analysis conducted by Dr. Jessica Rose, who has determined that a conservative under-reported factor would be X41. (Source)

  43. HomeRemedySupply says:

    God forbid that he runs for Texas Governor like he once mentioned.

    Nov 9th – Yahoo
    Matthew McConaughey is vaccinated, but says he wants more information before his kids are

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Nov 10th – Zero Hedge
      Surgeon General Rebuts Matthew McConaughey Over Vaccinating Kids; Warns Americans Not To Share ‘Misleading Memes’ About COVID
      [Two short video clips in article of each person]

      The Biden administration wheeled out US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on Tuesday to rebut actor Matthew McConaughey, who said that while he’s taken the jab, his kids aren’t vaccinated and that he’s against vaccine mandates for children.

      “I couldn’t mandate having to vaccinate the younger kids. I still want to find out more information,” the actor said at the New York Times DealBook summit earlier in the day, adding that as of “right now” he won’t vaccinate his children.

      Rebutting McConaughey’s comment, Murthy told CNN’s “OutFront” that “Covid is not harmless in our children,” adding “Many kids have died. Sadly, hundreds of children — thousands — have been hospitalized, and as a dad of a child who has been hospitalized several years ago for another illness, I would never wish upon any parent they have a child that ends up in the hospital.”
      Watch: [VIDEO CLIPS]

      Of course, yet another study ignored by US health officials in July revealed that the risk of death or severe illness from COVID-19 in teenagers and children is extremely low.

      Here are the numbers…
      ~~ The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 42% of U.S. children 5 to 11 had Covid by June 2021, before the Delta wave – a prevalence that is likely greater than 50% today.
      ~~ Of 28 million children in that age range, 94 have died of Covid since the pandemic began (including deaths before newer treatments), and 562 have been hospitalized with Covid infections.
      ~~ Serious complications are so uncommon in this age range that of 2,186 children in the Pfizer vaccine study, no child in either the vaccine or placebo group developed severe illness from Covid….

  44. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The images didn’t show the brain clots…

    Nov 10th
    Pfizer’s Attempt At Winning The ‘Meme War’ Backfires Disastrously
    [IMAGES tell the story.]

    Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer attempted to combat COVID misinformation by posting a meme to Twitter, but the results were predictably disastrous.

    The meme featured a blob labeled “science” holding back another figure to prevent it from embracing a bubble called “wild conspiracy theories.”

    “It’s easy to get distracted by misinformation these days, but don’t worry… Science has got your back,” Pfizer’s corporate account tweeted….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Ha! I’m gonna bite my tongue…

      If Biden Wants To Increase Vaccine Demand, Vienna Has The Answer…
      {See IMAGES]

      A brothel in Vienna has come up with a novel way of encouraging men (and women) to take the COVID-19 vaccine; 30 minutes with the ‘lady of their choice’ in exchange for getting vaccinated.
      The brothel, Fun Palast, also hopes to ‘grow’ their clientele, which has been diminished due to the pandemic, according to Mail Online.
      “Due to the pandemic, we have registered a 50% decrease [in clients], with this initiative we hope that the number of customers will rise again,” the brothel told the Mail….

  45. says:

    Re Shonky – the epitome is the stereotypical Car Salesman, using unethical methods to push clapped out old bangers for too many pineapples

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