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September is the season for 9/11 propaganda and this year is no exception. But of all the 9/11 propaganda that we face, perhaps the most galling is the way that the real heroes of that day, the first responders, are treated as nothing more than disposable props to prop up a narrative of lies that has been used to justify 17 years of unending warfare, blood-letting and destruction. Join James for this week's edition of #PropagandaWatch as he examines one such piece from CNN.

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  1. manbearpig says:

    It pains me to say that one of my best friends who happens to be the captain of a Massachusetts fire department, having been a firefighter (volunteer at first) since he was 14 years old,

    would be the first to say you’re a 9/11 conspiracy wingnut.

    He’ll risk his life trying to drag you out of a raging fire,

    he’s watched a zillion buildings come down due to fire

    but he will not for a single instant take 9/11 conspiracy theory or its proponents seriously.

    kinda burns me up… (hardihar)


    • chris.mcm says:

      I feel you manbearpig- I know plenty like that. The government public schooling has done its job beautifully in locking people’s minds to think a certain way, and it isn’t easy to snap out of it and wake up. As frustrating as it is, we must be persistent and patient.

    • pearl says:

      Reading your comment, I realized I haven’t spent much time reading info coming from fire fighter truthers, so I went digging and found an excellent post featuring the findings of an independant analysis of NIST’s claim of a “new phenomenon” of thermal expansion. The report is called “Sudden Building Collapse: An Evaluation of a New Risk in Operational Fire Fighting”.

      Embedded within the post is an excellent documentary made by fire fighters called “Calling OUT Bravo-7”. Maybe on this anniversary, he’d be willing to check out the 1 hr 13 min. video? What are friends for? Surely he’s willing to rescue you from your whacked-out hang-ups!

      • manbearpig says:

        Thanks very much Pearl,

        I sent it him the link

        without too many illusions…

        Thanks Chris.mcm,

        you’re absolutely right, we must remain patient! I’ll think of your remark as soon as I feel my patience waning…

        which unfortunately will certainly be sooner than later…


  2. chris.mcm says:

    Being forced to overhear mainstream media is disturbing enough (in the lounge waiting for my oil change, in the airport, at the gas pump etc) but tomorrow I’ll make an particularly greater effort to avoid it due to the disgusting bombardment of lies, appeal to emotion, and propaganda. Great series on propaganda watch. Thanks.

  3. Hotfoot says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. 9/11 has AMAN/Mossad fingerprints all over it. I can understand James’ unwillingness in not getting too involved in fingerpointing, but Israel must surely be a prime suspect in all of this. There’s a huge conspiracy of silence going on. If James is unwilling to point directly at it then surely it must rest with us subscribers to interpret his, and others’ findings.

    The efforts of Christopher Bollyn cannot be underestimated. Any of my fellow subscribers who are unaware of Mr Bollyn’s work (which builds on the work of Corbett/Jones/Barrett/MacQueen/Chossudovsky et al) need look no further than Bollyn’s prolific analysis here.

    The Lawyers’ movement and the information contained in James’ recent expose on Afghanistan and related documents must surely push this sordid story toward a truthful investigation and ultimately, an awakening of public consciousness which has hitherto been unaddressed.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You might want to type “Israel” and also “Mossad” into The Corbett Report search bar.

      I’ve met Bollyn.

      • Hotfoot says:

        Home Remedy Supply. Apart from the story about the dancing Israelis, there really isn’t a whole lot of coverage about Israeli involvement in 9/11 on the Corbett Report website. Your claim that Bollyn’s assertion Zionists and Israel weren’t so much to blame as ‘psychopaths’ doesn’t ring true. Do you believe that the people responsible for this atrocity just did it randomly and for no apparent reason? What was the motivating force? Who benefitted? Israel ticks all the boxes.

        I’m of the opinion that this website is reluctant to point the finger at Israel because it’s simply too dangerous to do so in the current climate. However, that doesn’t mean I’m unwilling to think about it.

        Could you share with us exactly which of Christopher Bollyn’s points you disagree with? You haven’t really said.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I have a pretty good history of following 9/11 since 2005 and being a 9/11 activist. Like I said, Bollyn came to Dallas. You can see the presentation on YouTube. The North Texans for 9/11 Truth Group has been one of the most active groups in the country during the past decade.

          I’ve heard all kinds of personal ‘takes’ on 9/11 by different group members. I am fine with whatever a person wants to believe. You can have your perspective. I will defend your right to your own perspective.

          God or Alex Jones or Chris Bollyn or James Corbett or me or you can have individual perspectives about 9/11. But I won’t fall into the trap that an “authority figure” says this is the final word on what perspective each of us must have.

          As for me, my perspective, I think that there are countless elements which don’t add up about 9/11.

          Some folks emphasize some elements more than others.

          Dissemination of 9/11 to raw, uniformed public is a different story. I can speak to that as a well seasoned veteran.
          This is where it becomes very important to approach new people in an appropriate way.
          Talking about Israel and Mossad and Zionists to a new raw person on the street is as vulgar as a person trying to explain sex to a kindergarten kid by showing porn videos.
          After a person has become familiar that 9/11 was a lie, then they can take a look at that Zionist aspect and form their own conclusions.

  4. generalbottlewasher says:

    I can’t help but think of Peewee Herman singing ” connect the dots ya-dottie-da” Its pretty freighting for any normal person. The UNnormal is the first dot to connect. Divided and conquered,off balanced. “They are psychopaths, you are normal”??? You now have been had. They have controlled you to divide. You are weaker for it, by being culled from the herd. You have no idea you been played by your intellect, pride, ego, hubris. Their crafty intellect has separated you from a larger like minded normal mass, as in the masses. Allen Watt has done some dot connecting, Aristotlian science of the arts of control and intentions.The high lodge where the power is and the low lodge where the normal people are. In dividing, one is weakened the other strengthened. I’ll throw out more dots I came across this year. A dot from murdered Ted Gunderson, Tinker Air Base, major pharmaceutical nano plant and air tanker loading on flight line. Connections to NATO, protected project of Sen.OK, James Inhoff, new chairmam Armed Services Committee. From a new source; The HaarpReport. Ask yourself why you feel the way you do? You are getting dosed by Dr. Stangelove no prescription required. James could dot OKC Boming too.
    Washington state dot connector Ellana Freeland has a-lot-a dots on Bernard Eastlund’s invention and TPTSB’s intention. Even a nice dot from an unexpected place Claudia @CabinTalk and VermontIndependent interview of enviromentalist __Ian Baldwin__. Most reveling about intentions going back to 1997. For me it was an eye opener like the story Prof.H.Herrit told James of talking to a journalist and connecting an ah-ha moment in his archives of papers and making revelations there was no Taylor report. Dots are all over and you never know where the one that gives you an ah-ha moment will come from. You just have to stay vigilant and look at all of them, even in the negative spaces. They will make a recognizable picture like the dots of the French painter Surrat. Or in the dots of a wordsmith like James Corbett,Caroll Quigley,Albert Pike,Kevin Shipp,Ted Gunderson,Elana Freeland, Joe Plummet,Clifford Carnicom,Dane Wigington,Col.Tom Bearden,Hal Puttoff,Paul Hewitt,Dr.Coen Vermeeren,Michel Chossudosky,Ervin Laszlo,Michael Ruppert,Barry Wicker, Webster Tarpley,G.Edward Griffin,David Ray Griffin,Glenn Beck,Ruppert Sheldrake,Taylor Caldwell,Irving Stone,Fenimore Cooper, Peter Kirby,J.B.Saunders,and the guy who wrote ” Murders of the flower moon”. Some truth of the earth is under every rock, you don’t have to turn them all over, but it will help you understand the littlest of pictures. “Connect the dots na-nan-ey-naa”
    Talk to a person on the street here and point to the sky and they don’t see a thing. Asked them if they knew any Shriners and talked about an hour” oh yeah my family where masons…” Find the key open the lock. Oh I forgot the dots Freud and his big dot nephew Edmund Brenaise left us. On the eve of the greatest hoax in history, aduex.

  5. CRM114 says:


    “There is what would strike many Americans as a bizarre absence of cynicism in the room. It doesn’t once occur to anyone here to remark on how it’s maybe a little odd that all three network anchors are in shirtsleeves, or to consider that it’s possible that Rather’s hair being mussed is not 100% accidental, or that the relentless rerunning of spectacular footage might not be just in case some viewers were only now tuning in and hadn’t seen it yet. No one else seems to notice Bush’s weird little lightless eyes seem to get closer and closer together throughout his taped statement, nor that some of his lines sound almost plagiaristically identical to statements made by Bruce Willis (as a right-wing wacko, recall) in The Siege a couple years back. Nor that at least some of the shock of the last two hours has been how closely various shots and scenes have mirrored the plots of everything from Die Hard I-III and Air Force One to Tom Clancy’s Debt of Honor. Nobody’s edgy or sophisticated enough to lodge the sick and obvious po-mo complaint: We’ve Seen This Before. Instead what they do is all sit together and feel really bad, and pray. Nobody does anything as nauseous as try to make everybody all pray together of pray aloud or anything, but you can tell what they’re doing.”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      The flags out aspect of the RollingStone article…

      “Patriot Day” is the official U.S. name for the 9/11/01 event anniversary.
      It’s on the calendars.

      “Patriot” – definition – a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

      It really should be called “Propaganda Day”.

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