Never Forget: What the Deep State Wants You to Remember About 9/11

09/09/2018131 Comments

"Never forget."

This is the mantra. The mantra that is repeated in the wake of every major false flag, every psychologically traumatizing incident that the deep state wishes to become a rallying cry for their next agenda item.

And so it is completely unsurprising that this mantra has been invoked to remind the public of that foundational event of the age of terror, 9/11.

"Never forget," we are told by the mockingbirds of the establishment press every year come September. And when I say "every year" I mean every / single / year / without / fail. (Well, sometimes it's a fail, but you get what I mean).

But never forget what, exactly? That is the question.

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  1. Nivek S says:

    Two things I will never forget.
    1. No matter how much evidence you show the average “citizen” (ie dummy), they refuse to accept blatant truth.
    2. I appreciate all of the work done by James Corbett and those like minded folks that have devoted their time and energy to bringing us these blatant truths.

    • Duck says:

      The only way to make them think is to make THEM answer a question…based on something THAT THEY ALREADY KNOW….make them answer if they think ANYONE who goes to Bohemian grove is a “moral” person, or if they think that the intelligence agencies were REALLY sloppy enough to think that Iraq was a danger to the USA.
      Ben Franklin had it right… insult people for fun, but to make them agree you need to first praise them and then get THEM TO TEACH YOU rather then for you to be the teacher.
      Calling them a dummy makes u feel good… but you need them to be awake if you plan to live thru the future planned by our leaders.

    • Wakeywakey says:

      Well James thanks to Trump finishing what JFK started the Deep State will soon be no more. I have not seen you comment on The QANON phenomenon which surprises me. QANON is THE biggest story of our lifetimes. What Trump and the MI generals have achieved against the DS and the MM is outstanding and amazing, those who have not followed Q since last October have missed the most incredible victory for America and the rest of theworld.

      Take a look at how many DS mongrels have been fired from the top ranks of the CIA, FBI and DOJ. Treason has been committed big time and heads will roll. As I said, the biggest story of our lifetimes and, despite the mockingbird media trying to keep a lid on it and bring Trump down Guantanamo will be filling up very soon.

      • mkey says:

        Great satire, I almost fell for it. Good job.

        • Wakeywakey says:

          Not difficult to find this information. Try Following In Pursuit of Truth or Praying Medic on YT. Yes, it’s no surprise that we have all become cynical of politicians and I’m no exception BUT, there is a genuine assault on The DS and MSM going on to take America back from the globalist traitors. You will not be able to debunk this, the QANON movement is real and happening. Please take a look, it is not to be missed, you’ll be glad you did. Good luck…

          • mkey says:

            There are no simple solutions out of this bind and no one person is going to fix it all. The one who promises quick fixes is a liar. Qanon is a revamp of anonymous, at best.

            Over on my end, it feels like I should bid good luck to you. Good luck, sir.

      • redrose says:

        Q Anon is pro Israel. Need I say more?

        • mkey says:

          How convenient, I didn’t know that and will take you word on it as fact.

          The Zionist litmus test.

      • mkey says:

        The Problem with #QAnon, David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, Etc

        Derrick Broze did a video recently about Q. It’s a bit lengthy and loses focus at time, but it shows the complexity of the issue. Broze should have tried making a small documentary about it, it would have probably provided for better condensed information in that form.

    • oliviadestandau says:

      I have no more to add to your two things, except to commend them. Yes, never forget…what?

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Never forget what? The counter intelligence mantra. If global warming is a hoax, than it is real. If its fast and easy it is really slow and hard to counter act. Pure double think. I commend those with eyes to see and ears to hear and wits that work.
        Remember your history before it gets memory-holed. Corbett is glaringly easy and this week went by real fast. ” no one gets the whole picture…” Carol Quigley. Remain vigilant in your curiosity.
        Hope is not fully knowing. Trust is currency , with great respect for Corbett work, who backs this currency currently? I can only hope cause I live in oil country where nothing is real.
        Remember how we destroyed Iran’s democracy?

    • morgan says:

      Never forget:

      it took hundreds of days to even start the 9/11 commission (they wanted to make sure they got it “right”

      bush and Cheney testified together and not under oath (they wanted to make sure they got it “right” too

      No one was held responsible for the utter failure of the military to protect us that day (they all did it “right”)

      Passports are fire proof and end up right in the FBI’s waiting hands when the planes and buildings exploded without a trace

      Firemen can hallucinate massive explosions in the lobbies of the buildings (which definitely were not there)

      The government couldnt possibly conceive of flying planes into buildings (except for all the times that day that they were pretending to do just that)

      Silverstein was just a luck lucky guy and bought the right kind of insurance at just the right time

      the bush and the bin laden families are friends and business partners. (this is just a coincidence)

      the government didnt want to get us into endless war. (They had to do it. It wasn’t their fault)

      the fireproof lawn at the pentagon and that buildings amazing capacity to eat an entire 747 without leaving a trace of the plane

      (I could keep going on and on and on)

      but lets end it with… never forget that your government went to all the trouble to protect you from ever seeing the footage of a plane hitting the pentagon. They went to all of the hard work to collect all of that footage so that you would never have to see that horrible event. you should be thanking them you bunch of commie pinko ingrates

  2. beadbud5000 says:

    It will be interesting if Trump will say anything about 9-11 that is different or disrespectful of the official government story. So far I would think that he would fall in line. He is an odd ball, not a maverick. But I am just guessing.

    • Duck says:

      I think he is just an agent of some OTHER band of crooks…. hence the fury at his taking power.
      Freedom is like a flagpole… it stands when everyone is pulling is different directions

  3. Lance says:

    Never forget that the organisation responsible for the attack (Al Qaida) was set up by us to fight the damn Ruskies, then our enemy #1 after 9/11, and now, in Libya, Syria & Yemen, used to fight for us again.

    Never forget how gosh darn useful they’ve been!

    • danmanultra says:

      Never forget its not “us”. I didn’t do any of these things, and neither did you. Do not take the blame or responsibility for these atrocities or evil actions of “our” government/nation.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      Never forget that the organisation responsible for the attack (Al Qaida)

      Lance I hate to break the news to you but that is just the ‘official story’.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Never forget that Bin Laden had huge, mountain cave fortress complexes spread throughout Afghanistan, complete with computers, bedrooms, offices, and truck drive-in entrances.

    NBC’s Meet The Press on December 2nd, 2001 with Tim Russert, the host of the program, talking to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
    (40 seconds – VIDEO)
    QUOTE Rumsfeld: “…This is serious business. And there’s not one of those. There are many of those. And they have been used very effectively. And I might add, Afghanistan is not the only country that has gone underground. Any number of countries have gone underground. ….”

    – Images –
    Originally from “The Telegraph” –
    From YouTube –
    Nice resolution –
    Bin Laden in front of one of his huge complex openings –
    Dinner time in the mess hall –×920.jpg

    Edward Jay Epstein’s writeup “The Myth of Bin Laden Lair”

    The cave fortress thing would make a great #PropagandaWatch story

  5. kachatel says:

    Speaking of Never Forget… another false flag on the way:

    YouTube shuts down all Syrian gvt accounts before Idlib assault.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Never forget some of the News Reports on the day of September 11th, 2001.

    EXCERPT from script
    As to the number of planes hijacked, CBS said “intelligence sources” reported “actually 8 planes that were hijacked” with one headed for “some target in the Texas area.”

  7. karl.g says:

    And “Never Forget,” just because you’re a retired U.S. Customs special agent, among those who sifted the rubble of WTC-7 (at Fresh Kils Landftll), personally handed documentation to CNN’s Jeff Zucker, Jake Tapper, John King, Wolf Blitzer and Jim Acosta, and challenged them to report on WTC-7 and – “THE BIGGEST STORY THERE IS, THAT THE OFFICIAL STORY OF 9/11 IS NOT TRUE” – it is you, the veteran of multiple, successful criminal investigations and prosecutions of “real conspiracies” in federal courts – who “is bringing us the biggest Fake News of all!” . Maybe, in a sense, in retrospect, Jim Acosta wasn’t really (entirely) lying after all:).

    • mkey says:

      Who’s that guy? I really can’t spell his last name from the video.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      I can’t help but remember. Allen Watt wrote in his self published book” Cutting Through Vol. 1,2 & 3″ a description of the Masonic Lodges ritual of initiation. He describes the initiate having to lay in a coffin and respond to questions and give oaths to the High Priest. The ceremony ends with the Priest helping the man up out of the coffin. The Priest embraces the man as he steps from the coffin and whispers in his ear ” ner4git ”
      The man who was lie-ing, the lier from CNN all the rest on the stage, are pervasive in media companies. They won’t forget the cost they will pay if they should choose to forget their promises. They literally acted as one when confronted with the truth. Very revealing clip , thank you for sharing Karl.g.

  8. mkey says:

    Cops: Protectors or Predators?!/v/larkenrose/g1ielbo7

    Another good one by Larken Rose, this time with less atrocious audio, depicting a power hungry traffic (it that isn’t an oxymoron I don’t know what is) cop harassing people at random for in existent violations in US. Alleged violations: not using the turn signal (when doing so wasn’t required), avoiding the police (which isn’t a violation in itself) and giving attitude (in a reaction to an unlawful stop under thread of violence the guy was extremely calm.) Long story short, the cop fled the scene.

  9. geof.h says:

    I ducked into a comedy club in Portland, OR for a bit over the summer. I heard only one joke that I remember, it went like this:

    (deadpan) “I saw an advertisement.” (pause) “7/11…never forget.”

  10. calibrator says:

    Never forget, that a hijacker passport can survive a plane impact with hundreds of miles/hour into one of the biggest skyscrapers ever built – and avoid the steel columns which are spaced about one meter from each other, fly at least 64 meters through the impacted floors and avoid countless inner walls, ceilings, furnitures etc. only to exit on the other side (through glass and the other row of steel columns) in a large fireball, fly for several blocks – to finally be found in nearly perfect shape!

  11. manbearpig says:

    Don’t forget those brave passengers on flight 93 who sacrificed themselves, wrenching control away from the hijackers to crash the plane into a field so it didn’t reach a city or the Whitehouse. Don’t forget to forget that the plane was pulverized with remains being found miles from the major hole that was the crash site suggesting the plane either blew up or was most probably shot down by an F-16 fighter jet…

    And Don’t forget to forget that in the image of too many other 9/11 Truth martyrs and activists, Beverly Eckart, just days after meeting with Obama, met an untimely death when her commercial passenger plane crashed during the very short flight from Newark, New Jersey to Buffalo, New York that just happened to also be transporting a certain Allison Desforges who’d been a very pesky key witness for the prosecution of the engineered Hutu/Tutsi massacre.

    Talk about Killing two birds with a one strangely frozen engine…

  12. mkey says:

    OK, I’ll jump on the bandwagon too.

    Never forget that on that day in NY a plane engine was found which didn’t belong to any of the officially used vehicles.

    Never forget that there were several images reused on the memorial wall of the 9/11 victims.

    Never forget what Wesley Clark said about the “seven countries in five years” plan.

    Never forget that even if overwhelming evidence existed to implicate a group of people in a (war?) crime, it can’t justify destruction of a whole country.

  13. FlyingAxblade says:

    hope you don’t mind I read this out loud

    for YT. It also is on Bitchute. I made a few mistakes but in my defense I read this dry, I had not read it first.

    “Commissionaries” LOL!

    I’m not promoting my channel, so please don’t. I don’t mind a link, if you so choose, but I don’t want my channel handle spoken, thank you kindly. I don’t need more subs that don’t comment. i’m sure this video will lose me subs for which I’m glad.

    851 subs and 9 views, I think I can easily sacrifice 800 subs.

    Hey, you featured my rottweiler a few years ago on questions for corbett. I have a new rotty. All pop songs are about dogs.

    Cherish is the new love, hope you get your boy a dog, BE WELL!

  14. mrd says:

    I’m in Building Services. I’ve taken a number of courses (some required) in NYC. Some of them were as simple as a sprinkler standpipe while others were Fire Safety et cetera. Almost like clockwork, in EVERY class I’ve ever taken, a student asks the instructor a 9/11 question and, like clockwork as if reading from a script they all say the same thing ‘if anyone here questions the official 9/11 Report — there is something wrong with you’. Meanwhile, all of these guys are profiting off the meek sheeple.

  15. scpat says:

    Nice piece, James. You covered so many important points.
    As part of the “never forget the government approved official 9/11 narrative” articles referenced, the emotion I think they are intended to invoke is a swelling pride of patriotism. In one of the articles there is a picture ( of a firefighter crying while nuzzling an American flag with the caption: “This guy wasn’t alone in seeking comfort in a familiar symbol after the attacks”. Part of the mainstream media’s goal is to have people “never forget” to rally around the flag and unite against the chosen enemy. Rah rah rah go Team America.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      So right, scpat.

      I remember the days and weeks following 9/11. America was shaken. Retail businesses were slow. My wife put a flag on her car. Lots of folks had flags on their cars. Lots of “Never Forget” bumper stickers.

      I distinctly recall a plane flying overhead about a week after 9/11. Looking up, I had this odd fear of “what if”. Others who I have talked with also mentioned that in the weeks following 9/11, the sound of planes brought a sense of angst.

      • scpat says:

        Yes, I can relate to those types of experiences as well. I remember my father, who was in the Navy during Vietnam, tell our family that he was so emotionally juiced up after the attacks happened that he wanted to go re-enlist in the Navy.

        I’m a big baseball fan, and I also remember watching the 2001 World Series, which was just 1 month after 9/11, and George W. Bush threw out the first pitch. (
        After he did, the entire crowd went nuts and chanted U-S-A! U-S-A! I think this instance was a prime example of how united the country was. All that was neeeded was an enemy to point to and TPTSB had the full support of millions of Americans. Very sickening how our emotions were played.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Love the anecdote, scpat.
          Your phrase is an excellent descriptive: “emotionally juiced up after the attacks”

          It is difficult to relay the emotional “aura” of the world following the attacks.
          I had never before, nor after, seen a group “emotionally juiced” phenomenon like the days and weeks following 9/11.

          • calibrator says:

            Here’s something to eat with your juice:

            “Freedom Fries”

            The Americans are living proof that *every* nation can be played – not only Germans in the Third Reich. In other words: Nazi Germany isn’t a singularity.

            You may look back and think “This is ridiculous – how could we ever?”

            Europeans will, for example, look back in 20 years and think the same about the uncontrolled and unchecked migration policies that “rock the boat”.

            The simple truth is:
            There’s always peasants and there’s always aristocracy – and the peasants can do jack shit about it.
            Even if they bring the guillotine (won’t happen in the USA – thanks FEMA!), another aristocracy is in the starting box ready to take over.

            • danmanultra says:

              Don’t forget that said guillotine were not implemented by the people for the people, but also by a different gang of aristocrats. Very nearly all wars are ultimately gang turf wars. The “peasants” are just pawns in the crossfire.

              • calibrator says:


                And if this is (for some people) an “ancient” topic as an example for a turf war: Go and research the so-called “Jewish Mafia” and its colorful connections…

  16. markus-w says:

    Thank you so much for your brillant work, James. I consider The Corbett Report as the #1 source for everyone who is looking for a comprehensive compilation of many, many details and their interconnections about the events of 9/11. You even include the “dancing Israeli” thing without focussing too much on it. Very brave!
    Being trained as a mechnaical engineer and working in academia (I know, my command of the English language is supposed to be much better, so don’t give me too hard a time, all you native speakers), I have been so strongly disappointed by the resonance I’ve got whenever I tried to bring across even some of the most compelling points. I mean, you would think that academia is the very place where people care about a scientific approach to the truth. Far from that. One of my colleagues, a professor in physics, once told me that I might have a point with the many oddities of the buildings’ collapse, but – and here it comes – he had come to the conclusion that had there been anything really fishy and planned about the destructions the world would know by now. Because, you know, someone would have talked. This is what I call explaining away physical oddities (to say the least) with explanations and rationale borrowed from the humanities. Yeah, right, that must have been exactly the reason why everyone of us went for engineering and natural sciences rather for a programme in literature, philosophy or sociology. And it gets worse: We as professors would never hesitate to lecture young people aspiring for an engineering degree that unscientific work is bad work. How many times a day would you hear the comment: Our students are mostly OK but too many of them just seem not to like thinking by themselves too much. Oh, they don’t?
    This brings me to another part of your brillant work, James: the one about public education. Just ask Betsy DeVos whether private schooling is so much more science based. She visited our school a few weeks ago and everyone was supposed to be thrilled.

  17. candlelight says:

    Never Forget all aircraft was grounded nationwide in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, save for bin Laden family members, ostensibly to avoid the embarrassment of questioning by law enforcement regarding their renegade son, brother, uncle; Osama, who was fingered within only hours of the crime. Let us never forget this masterful and genius use of reverse psychology perpetrated upon the public, burnishing in the public’s mind Osama bin Laden’s obvious guilt!
    Needless to say, there would have been no hiding the very long and close business association between the Bush and bin Laden families; so, using that to Bush’s advantage, by balancing ridicule and honor (doing the right thing by his associates), with the power of the presidency, Bush “spared” the bin Ladens the anguish of embarrassment caused by the black sheep of an otherwise esteemed family, whilst at the same time cleverly imprinting upon the vast majority of people Osama’s guilt.

    And who said Bush was stupid?

    • candlelight says:

      Perhaps “reverse psychology” is not the correct terminology, though what was described above was, nonetheless, a massively successful Psyop! After all, who then could not have thought – why that sonuva bitch (Bush), he’s letting Osama’s family go before they are even questioned, WTF?? Like in any criminal investigation, family members and friends are always questioned – all the while what is being established in the mind, surreptitiously, is the unquestionable “fact” that Osama “must” be the guilty party!

      Clever bastard, clever handlers. Clever perpetrators.

  18. Duck says:

    Never forget that….. 90% of people feel physical pain when looking at the truth…. the people running things dont need to hide the truth because most people really dont want to see it.
    Never forget “….I set my mind to know wisdom and madness and folly; I learned that this, too, is a pursuit of the wind. For with much wisdom comes much sorrow, and as knowledge grows, grief increases.”
    Never forget that if you dont make ordinary people wonder what is really happening then the fate of the world really is in the hands of a few crazy people
    Never forget… dont go n the net after three beers

  19. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I can’t help but to think that the story of 9/11 is actually a global Tall Tale.
    See examples of Tall Tales here…

    • manbearpig says:

      tall buildings make for tall tales…

      remember remember eleven September… remember remember eleven September…remember remember…The Gunpowder treason and plot;
      I know of no reason
      Why the Gunpowder treason
      Should ever be forgot!

      Like many English teachers I suppose, I use 9/11 to teach or practice using the past continuous/progressive tense…

      Everyone remembers what they were doing when they learned of 9/11…

      a lot of French kids were alone after school when they turned on the TV and saw the images… they thought WW3 was breaking out that very afternoon and they couldn’t reach their parents…terrified children alone…

  20. Octium says:

    Maybe we are just trying too hard to prove a conspiracy?

    Don’t forget that this year’s anniversary is the last year in which only children were born after 9/11. Next year there will be some adults out there that will have been born after 9/11. There are already many young adults that were too young to remember much about it and would not have been influenced by the endless brainwashing video loops on the TV at the time.

    Pearl Harbor was before my time, but I knew about it when I was a kid. I knew that “Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack by the Japanese that brought America into the War”

    That was my sum total of knowledge on the subject (until much later). I didn’t even know where Pearl Harbor was.

    Often the first things we hear are the things that stick most in our minds, the fact that a lot of the younger generation have not heard a lot about 9/11 (Other than the single line slogans) means they are a lot more open to hearing the truth for the first time.

    We just need to tell it to them as it is, no need to go the hard sell with all the facts proving the conspiracy of an inside job.

    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation and some academic leeches from the local university are planning a conference in our town on 9/11 to discuss how they can control the younger generation now that they talk to each other globally to find out what is going down, rather that tune into government broadcaster lies.

    Less that 6% of young people listen to the Government indoctrination stations, perhaps a sign we are winning?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Interesting points, Octium.

      In fact, this is a good thread. A very good thread.

    • manbearpig says:

      yup. The simpler and more straightforward, even non-chalant you are about pointing out how laughably unscientific the official conspiracy theory is, about presenting the existence of WTC7 and it’s non-existence in the official “investigative report”, the quicker you make it seem that you’re going to move onto some other topic, the more people stop you, the more they’re intrigued and ask more questions…

      Got a brain and back surgeon fascinated by WTC7 this morning…it was quite clear he’ll be taking a closer look at the phenomenon as soon as he has a minute…yea, I’m feeling pretty smug just now… 😎

      • pearl says:

        Way to go!

        • manbearpig says:

          in fact, as is typically the case when I evoke WTC7, at first, the surgeon smiled sort of uncomfortably and actually said, I mean, really honestly did ask, as almost everyone does;

          “oh, is that one of those conspiracty theories?”

          you know, one of those conspiracy theories you got lurking around in dark corners just waiting to pounce on you, or insidiously slither out and infect you somehow…

          as if a conspiracy theory was not a theory about a conspiracy

          but was in fact some sort of active malevolent entity that slips in and causes insanity and social marginalization…

          Of course, then you point out the obvious, that the official theory IS a conspiracy theory, while defining the term ‘conspiracy theory’…

          and people often remain suspicious… as if you wwere trying to put one over on them, or cast some sort of semantic spell over them…

          as you simply explain

          that no, in fact, WTC7 is not a conspiracy theory, but a very real building that really went down like a controlled demolition on the very same day and that it really doesn’t figure in the “official report” and that they haven’t heard about it because no one’s really talked about it in the news…

          and at that instant, their eyes squint up and either they ask a real question like

          ‘was it hit by a plane?’ or ‘why were there fires in the building?’

          or they’ll resort to a predictably dismissive rhetorical one like

          “do you really thing that many people could keep a secret?”…

          and then you know they’ve just unconsciously made that very firm decision

          that they don’t wanna hear anymore about it…

          • pearl says:

            Truly laughable if the consequences of supporting the official conspiracy narrative weren’t so deadly for so many for so damn long.

            I really admire you and HRS and the countless other unsung heroes here for consistently raising the topic to enlighten others. In my little familial sphere, I’ve had mixed results: on one end, I get the above description (and unfortunately, it’s from the one whose influence undermines every one else’s quieter demeanor and individuality); the others express a flicker of curiosity and willingness to consider given their follow-up questions, but no further. Peer pressure is a real bitch.

            • manbearpig says:

              Hey Miss Pearl!

              I’ve had absolutely NO success at all within my family or even my close entourage and considerable success at work integrating the topic into communications and business English classes. Night and day. Strangely I’m surrounded by what might be described as “highly qualified” people, linguists, physicists… won’t even take any of it (Corbett material or “conspiracy commentary”) into consideration…

              I guess for my family and friends I broached the topic before I was able to do so effectively, when I was still wound up about it emotionally, as I was learning about it. I fell into all the rhetorical traps before I could recognize them. Tough period because, not only are you profoundly shocked by the information, you have the added whammy of being marginalized, disbelieved, mocked by those around you… I’m not whining, I’m sure many, many many of us here went through that. And it’s quite instructive actually.

              Incidentally, my first Corbett Report moniker, before Wingsuitfreak alias IShotSanta gave me the idea for this one was “Nosoapradio” which is the punchline of a joke that in fact isn’t one. It’s a “test” of how sensitive an unsuspecting person can be to “peer pressure”.


              Nosoapradio, as a persona, was much more reserved and thoughtful than Manbearpig who’s kinda just let his beard down and let it all hang out…should stop ramblin’ on about it now though…

              You have a great day Miss Pearl! 😎

              • pearl says:

                I know your previous persona! I discovered Corbett Report via Boiling Frogs on Christmas 2015 and have been glued ever since. But I’m so glad you offered the history behind it, because I was one of those who truly pondered the meaning of it, but being a new lurker, I was too shy to ask. The wiki link was perfect, and the memories it brought back of my prankster days in junior high! A friend and I actually performed that exact stunt on numerous marks, only I have no idea the absurd punchlines we used.

                Peer pressure has become one of my fascinations, up there with social engineering. When I do piles of laundry, I ease the boredom by watching something on TV, and one show that amazes me not merely for the mind blowing tricks, but the swiftness that the subjects suppress challenging what they know deep down to be real, is called “The Carbonaro Effect” (the magician who performed that hamburger bag fast food trick I linked to a few weeks ago). In the whole history of the show, only one lady actually argued with him the laws of physics; everyone else just stuffed down their screaming god-given common sense and went along with the given story to explain the new laws of nature. For me, it’s simultaneously great entertainment and a stern lesson to never be that person eager to please, accept and go with the flow.


              • manbearpig says:

                I have to admit, the hamburger bag with the cashew snacks was hilarious thanks to the mystified blue-eyed girl…

                who doesn’t wanna believe in magic…? hamburger bag magic, not thermite magic…

                take care of you and yours… Especially if they’re connecting dots… they’ll need it…

                p.s. have you seen the Ted Talk about mirror neurons by the Indian guy? for during the laundry I mean…?
                p.s.: have ya seen the Ted Talk about Mirror neurons? for during the laundry I mean…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

              • manbearpig says:

                jeepers, pre-menopause has me repeating myself…

                oh I already forgot, it’s super old, but super interesting:


                plus implications for video games, marketing and autism…


              • pearl says:

                Fascinating about mirror neurons! I do enjoy listening to a lot of those TED Talks. I particularly like the hour long radio compilation of various speakers discussing related topics which I listen to during my long drives. Truly a wealth of interesting and challenging perspectives. While I slog through laundry, however, I wish I had streaming technology or my computer right there that I could better utilize my mental energies, but since I don’t, I’ve rationalized that watching the amazing magician and his hilarious explanations are a step up from my previous habit of FOX news. Better yet, I should turn off that blasted idiot box and tune in to a good audio book. By jove, mbp, you’ve inspired me again!

          • CQ says:

            Recently I met a Vietnam vet out walking his dog, and we started talking about the world wars. He told me he buys every book on the subject at Barnes and Noble. We were agreeing on so many points (about the international bankers financing the wars, for example) that it felt natural to ask, “Do you think planes brought down the Twin Towers?”

            Instantly, his face froze, his eyes narrowed, his voice tightened, and he sneered, “Oh, so you’re one of those conspiracy theorists.”

            Though shocked, I calmly responded with something like, “Actually, no, I’m not a theorist. I read articles by informed professionals who debunk the official account. You could read the same at the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth website. You’ll see that more than 3,000 architects and engineers disagree with you, and more of these building experts add their names to the list every day.”

            He sputtered and spit out a slur to the effect that I was too “emotional” and that I should stop believing “conspiracy theories.” (Robotically, he used that weaponized expression over and over.)

            To that, I replied with the same calm demeanor, “No, I’m talking about laws of physics. I don’t think there’s anything emotional about physical facts.”

            Not wanting to have his protective bubble burst, the vet stalked off, probably wishing he hadn’t taken his little dog out for a walk at that moment in that spot.

            I felt sorry for him and hoped our conversation might cause him to reconsider his knee-jerk reaction and rethink his inflexible position.

            • mkey says:

              Great account. Did you maybe touch upon the Golf of Tonkin incident?

              It’s water under the bridge now, but I think it’s worth going into the details of how the “conspiracy theorist” term came into existence, what does it mean and why is it used as soon as one is flung in your direction. It’s a very important building block to this kind of insanity, but it can’t take much in the way of logical probing of itself.

              • CQ says:

                Wish I’d had time to make either or both of those points, mkey, but he skedaddled out of there so fast–faster than I could process what was happening!

                I didn’t want to shout after him as he left; then he definitely would’ve felt justified in having called me “emotional.”

                One other thing I remember he repeated — just about as often as he threw out “conspiracy theorist” — was that he didn’t want to hear any more. He said things like: “I don’t want to talk to you anymore.” And “This conversation is over.” It was as if he were putting up mental roadblocks so he wouldn’t hear — and possibly accept — anything that smacked of reason and logic to him. God forbid he might have to change his mind and admit the horrible truth.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                You did a fine job.
                My first reaction (circa 2005) on hearing that “9/11 was an inside job”, was to get very pissed.
                I went to the internet to prove the person wrong.

                That was all she wrote.

                Perhaps, anger is often an emotion which occurs, when foundational datums are disturbed in a person’s psyche.

            • manbearpig says:

              Yea, good job,

              I sometimes feel a little guilty when I get this kind of reaction ’cause… these folks really do feel assaulted and “waking up” is not a very pleasant experience… lifechanging…brutal…

              can’t even evoke this topic at home anymore… just swallow the occasional obligatory derision…

              kinda like Berlin…

              or Korea…

              • CQ says:

                I feel for you, MBP. If I had to endure hostility or derision or even stony silence from loved ones, I can’t imagine that the home front would remain a happy one. You’re brave to not cave — and kind to find ways to maintain the family peace.

                You’ve seen Dave Hooper’s docudrama, “Anatomy of a Great Deception,” right, MBP? If not, it might give you hope that there IS light at the end of the long, dark tunnel in which spouses and parents and children refuse to join you as you walk toward the light.

                Doing a quick search just now, I found an interview Dave gives about the sequel to his film:

                I see the interview shows highlights of the original film plus the notes under the video mention his new book (and website) as well as his radio show.

              • manbearpig says:

                Well golly gosh! No, CQ, I never had seen that “Anatomy of a Great Deception”! Now I’m about 2/3 of the way through. It’s a great recap of everything I’d read and seen in 2008, 2009 onwards, with all of the various experts and witnesses I’d become familiar with back then…

                I’d say (pending the last third) that David Hooper did a great job with this very clear doc. Though I find the link you provided with him as a guest just a little loopy in a way that might detract from his credibility for novices, I’m very, very pleased to be aware of this work.

                And I believe I saw it’s been translated into French so with a little renewed courage on my part I could try to get my family to sit down and take a look at it as described by another brave Corbett report commenter who did just that recently with one of Mr Corbett’s docs.

                Finally, Richard was, in fact, right, the experts or “educated people” are describing this as a ‘controlled demolition’ (though not in the intense heat of the moment of discovery).

                So thanks for your kind words and bringing this documentary to my attention! Gotta finish watching as soon as I can!

              • pearl says:

                “can’t even evoke this topic at home anymore… just swallow the occasional obligatory derision…”

                Like paper cuts, right? But like CQ said, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. As I so clumsily tried to express earlier regarding peer pressure, I sense in my family different unspoken responses to my objections to polarizing topics, specifically religion (which after I had engaged in countless hours of long debates over several years, I finally removed myself from having anything to do with their orthodox, gnostic interpretation of the Christian faith which DAILY manifests itself in so many ways. That was just the beginning; not a day goes by where I don’t feel the pain and isolation of my drawing that line in the sand. 9/11 is just another threshold). But the formerly suppressed openness I received, in private, from my son just days ago regarding 9/11 was a silver lining for me.

                In other words, mbp, what your own family members might be harboring in their own private thoughts may be contrary to what you’re getting from their collective, derisive voice.

              • manbearpig says:

                Pearl! You bouncing bundle of … beauty! I just got an email back from my Firefighter friend in Massachusetts who Actually took the time to look at the link you referred me to and went so far out on a limb as to say:

                “it’s hard to discount everything…”!

                I’m elated! What a turnaround!

                Now remove the first “e” and the “d” from that last adjective and you get what I really am!

                As usual! Savour those sumptuous moments of the day! et Merci Merci Merci infiniment!!

                – signed the continental rodent…

              • pearl says:

                You just made my day!

                All because you didn’t give up on him. When I “grow up”, I want to be just like you. 🙂

            • pearl says:

              Goodness, CQ, that’s brutal. But what a fine job you did. Let’s hope he was pissed enough to be like HRS was, that he went home to research.

              • CQ says:

                Replies to HRS, mbp (not “MBP”: Pearl’s right to lower-case your “initials”!) and Pearl,

                Thank you, all three, for your kind words. I hadn’t been inspired to post more than a few words until this article and its accompanying comments came along. But now maybe I’ll get a little more involved in Corbetteer conversations. (One thing I really like is that so many different — and new? — fans joined in this discussion.)

                HRS: Great, I’m glad you were angry enough to set about proving her wrong. That sure took a lot of humility on your part to douse your former feelings of security and certainty and to expose yourself to the painful, raw truth that your government wasn’t blameless after all. (“That was all she wrote” evokes fond memories of Angela Lansbery.)

                mbp: After I found the interview with the admittedly loopy-looking host and loopy-laughing hostess, I saw that Dave features other interviews on his channel and that his film has been mirrored on lots of other channels. Perhaps the free-spirited younger generation, many of whose members weren’t born until after 2001, will be attracted to their zaniness. (Dave sure took it all in stride without batting an eye, didn’t he?)In any case, I wish you success in airing the French version in front of your family. En avant avec courage. (Is that a good translation?)

                Pearl: What a marvelous silver-lining moment with your son. You’re probably right about how, in the silence of their own thought chambers, people have strikingly different — independent, truth-seeking — responses than they ones they exhibit when they’re feeling the pull of peer pressure and mass mesmerism, when it’s easier to simply put up a front and be part of a united front.

                We expect a good report from you down the (French country) road apiece, mbp.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          On September 11th, 2018, Tuesday, I used “manbearpig’s WTC 7 approach”.

          I was doing the paperwork for a truck driver ready to take away a load. We were chatting.
          As I am writing, I said: “Oh! Today is September 11th, a Tuesday. It was a Tuesday when 9/11 happened and the two planes knocked down three buildings in New York City.”

          He took the bait, saying: No. You mean two buildings.

          I responded, Oh no, Scooter. It was three World Trade Center Towers that came down on 9/11.

          Looking very puzzled, he asks questions to clarify.
          We chatted for a few minutes.

          So, after repeating a keyword google search several times, “Ed Asner – The mystery of World Trade Center Building 7”, he said that he was going to check it out. I told him it was the best 15 minute video showing the collapse of the third Tower.

          Important footnote:
          I knew that Scooter (not his real name) was in the army around the time of 9/11.
          What struck me with this yesterday’s conversation, was what he described as he was relaying where he was on the day of 9/11/01.
          He was already in the army and had previous deployment orders to ship out overseas on 9/14 or 9/15/01.
          Coincidence?…due to ship out prior to 9/11/01.

          • pearl says:

            This is incredibly helpful, HRS. You’re such a bright light in a dim world.

          • manbearpig says:

            Holy Connoli! I’ve got the goose bumps! Ship out where?

            (Guess I’m gonna have to patent this WTC7 approach! :-))

            Now I’m late for hamstering!!!

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            I had to be super careful with my older brother when I broached the topic of 9/11 with him. He’s extremely bright.

            I brought it up in passing in front of my family and he immediately pounced on me as being one of those “JFK, moon-landing, 9/11 conspiracy nuts”.

            I asked him if he had done research on 9/11 and if so how much, books, etc.?
            He said yes of course he had.

            I let a few minutes go by and decided to test his 9/11 knowledge.
            I asked him a simple question.

            “How many WTC towers went down on 9/11 in New York?”

            He answered without hesitation. “Two.”

            That’s all I needed to know. 🙂

            • pearl says:

              During a drive yesterday, my oldest son and I discussed the “Calling OUT Bravo 7” documentary I’d watched on my own, the one made by firefighters. I shared with him the last part with the man speaking to a small audience about how much evidence was simply ignored, never allowed to be investigated, shipped off to China, and how that went against every firefighting investigative protocol, an investigation that even a small house fire can’t escape, and yet it did. Hearing this, my son was also moved and right then and there, puzzle pieces were falling into place. No, he hasn’t watched the documentary yet, but he has seen the videos of Bldg 7’s collapse, and he’s beginning to comprehend the bigger geopolitical picture!

          • scpat says:

            That Ed Asner WTC7 video was my “red pill” to 9/11 and everything else afterwards. That video completely blew my mind, and changed my life.

  21. Not Another Not-Bot! says:

    Never forget that date, when, in the field of human conflict, never was so much owed by so many to so few media savvy scoundrels in expensive suits.

  22. pearl says:

    Never forget the capture and torturing with insects of the children of “9/11 mastermind” Khalid Sheikh Mohammed:

    At a military tribunal in 2007, the father of a Guantanamo detainee alleged that Pakistani guards had confessed that American interrogators used ants to coerce the children of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed into revealing their father’s whereabouts.

    The statement was made by Ali Khan, the father of detainee Majid Khan, who gave a detailed account of his son’s interrogation at the hands of American guards in Pakistan. In his statement, Khan asserted that one of his sons was held at the same place as the young children of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

    “The Pakistani guards told my son that the boys were kept in a separate area upstairs and were denied food and water by other guards,” the statement read. “They were also mentally tortured by having ants or other creatures put on their legs to scare them and get them to say where their father was hiding.”

    Khan’s statement is second-hand. But the picture he paints of his son’s interrogation at the hands of American interrogators is strikingly similar to the accounts given by numerous other detainees to the International Red Cross. The timing of the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s son — then aged seven and nine — also meshes with a report by Human Rights Watch, which says that the children were captured in September 2002 and held for four months at the hands of American guards.

  23. butternut says:

    Never forget: Dubya was an american hero decider in chief and our heart swelled with pride when he addressed the nation about the attack. Then he was a neocon piece of shit and a dumbass for a few years. But now he’s cool again; he dances with Ellen DeGeneres.

    • candlelight says:

      Never forget: Dubya played his un-presidential bumbling dumb-ass self prior to 9/11. He then came to deliver an uncharacteristically well presented and most presidential “heart swelling” memorial speech in New York City’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral a few days after 9/11, where he then sat back down in the pew next to his dad who very approvingly patted his son for a job well done. Both seemed very pleased with themselves. But, given the projection of his more hokey and typical persona of the bumbling ass, it has always struck me rather odd and downright incredulous for him to have suddenly become so expertly efficient as to be able to have flawlessly delivered both a very moving and perfectly well written speech so very few days after the event.

      On vacation at his Texas ranch that summer, could he have been chopping wood by day and honing his speeches by night?

  24. morizok says:

    What we must not forget, is the lesson we have learned from all of this. 9/11 has become a myth, the great American myth, and was intended to be just that. Myths cannot be debunked, because they do not belong to the same category as history, they do not share the same playing field.
    Myths have a life of their own, and are immune to refutation and evidence, because they are not about truth at all. They stand on their own, and gradually get detached from the historical context (event) they were initially linked to.

    9/11 has become a myth, and thousands of years from now, it will probably survive just as the story of 300 brave Spartans defeating a huge Persian army at Thermopile, which sounds as silly as the 911 Commission report.

    Who gives a damn what really happened as long as the story is appealing and performs its cohesive function. On September 12th many Americans woke up with much stronger feeling of being Americans, and were ready to listen, obey, offer their patriotic services, feeling at the same time that they are in their right to do some evil in return (or at least close their eyes when it is done in their name).

    A very interesting point is that this myth was embraced by those who dislike America in general, typically the nations who prior to 9/11 had the opportunity to taste high precision weapons for one reason or another. Instead of giving support to 9/11 truth movements and the whole endeavor in order to prove that the administrations governing the US are pathological liars, as they already learned in their own case, they embraced the myth. Only, they celebrated the brave 19 hijackers. It was a bit like cheering when the Jedi and his small gang do some serious damage to the Empire. The lie was equally sexy on both sides.

    I am not advocating defeatism, nor do I urge brave people like James and many others from 911 truth movement to give up. On the contrary!

    However, I wonder how you destroy a myth, especially the one most people embrace. By argument? Not sure. Not even sure that we have the argument, unless pointing out inconsistencies is considered an argument.

    The essence lies much deeper. It is a serious existential question and has something with the authority to do. Everyone can see building 7 in free fall, but they prefer the myth. They disregard the reason and what they see with their own eyes. The 9/11 is a touchstone for this existential trial. Do you choose to trust me (the government) or your own eyes? 17 years have passed, and the majority has chosen the first. The answer to this lies perhaps in Dostoyevsky’s grand inquisitor, a section in his famous novel “Brothers Karamazov”, which I would recommend everyone to read. In the section, Ivan, one of the brothers, makes a claim that if Jesus were to arrive today, the church along with its followers would sentenced and kill him, because what people need is bread, and not freedom.

    We tend to lend the authority to those who take care of us, and feed us. As long as they do that satisfactorily, we are ready to forget some of their perversion and lies. Myths fit very nicely into this existential threat of freedom and the appeal to authority rather than trusting your own eyes and thinking with your own head. The myth is the authority.

    Another point worth remembering is that outside the US and Western Europe, it does not really matter. For people in the countries on the US hit-list (Iraq e.g.) it does not really matter which lie the Empire will use to attack them next time. They are more concerned with how to avoid the bombs that will eventually rain on their homes. Dealing with a story is a luxury problem for them.

    • pearl says:

      Very interesting comment.

      The myth is the authority.

      The website “Geopolitics and Cognition” asserts that people function from either of 2 categories: authoritarian or libertarian. Just observing those closest to me, I think ya’ll are spot on.

    • danmanultra says:

      I think you are on to something with the myth idea, however I would try and avoid generalizations of the “public” and what they actually think. Remember that mass media is controlled and those who are given a microphone are especially selected. I find more and more that the ordinary people I speak to know more than the media wants us to believe, but they are scared by cultural pressures or simply too distracted with everyday life. I do still meet the stalwart “patriots”, but they seem fewer than I myself even thought.

      • morizok says:

        I would not underestimate the power of the MSM, and the people (interests) behind it. Even in the age of the Internet they are still the ones who shout loudest. But it is not only their ability to get their massage almost everywhere, but the fact that they still occupy central place in the parallel universes that we share with them. Among the academics that deal with conspiracy theories it has long been correctly observed that the “alternatives” are typically left to work with errant data, and the errant data are always in relation to the received view and the official narrative. Hats off for people like James, but these guys are always one step behind, waiting for the MSM dinosaur (to use James favorite label) to err again. Unable to force interview, let alone subpoena, anyone of relevance, they have to work with scraps, waiting for a slip, or a whistleblower at best. In itself this is a reason to admire their persistence and resolution.
        However, my personal experience is very multicolored. In Denmark where I live, the voices of brave people like Niels Harrit and Tommy Hansen (see the recent podcast where they feature) are the lone wolf voices, and judging by the redacted comment sections in the major newspaper, Danish are still pretty far from endorsing alternative views. Especially with regard to 9/11. I get the same impression when I engage in casual conversation with people. I get those strange and suspicious looks every time I bring up the subject and start advocating alternative views on the matter.
        I witnessed myself in a courtroom, when a professor of physics shit his pants (pardon my French) and declined to give his expert testimony in support of Niels Harrit’s case, which was about the 9/11 and the building 7 in particular, even though he had promised to do that. In one of his interviews Harrit talked about how Danish academics were afraid even to talk about 9/11.
        In the Balkans the picture is quite different. Ordinary people are very suspicious about anything that comes from Washington, 9/11 including. For the past 2-3 years it has been very exciting to read pro-western and pro Russian papers, and comment sections. But the general impression is that people down there just don’t care, and for that reason, mixed with the perennial animosity towards American involvement in the Balkan wars in the 1990’s., any alternative view on the 9/11 would be easy to sell.

        I agree that the MSM is controlled and journalists and stories carefully selected, but my point is not to generalize about the public. I simply observe different reactions with people who are not into this (the passive onlookers). If your experience is more positive than mine, I am glad to hear that. Still, 17 years later, except for the RT, which is the most conservative-alternative media outlet, and can easily be discredited by being Kremlin funded, no other MSM did anything but ridicule criticism of the 9/11 official story. The same applies to huge swaths of the academia’s treatment of conspiracism in general and 9/11 conspiracy in particular. They only did it more “benevolently”, trying to diagnose people like you, me, James and others with an array of smart labels like delusional thinking, schizotypy, paranoid ideation, monological thinking etc. in an effort to understand and “help” those of us who got it so wrong.
        You really had to be into this matter to be in the know. The knowledge does trickle down and eventually people are faced with dilemma, but 17 years later is too early to celebrate.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I enjoyed reading your anecdotes from the Euro area.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      However, I wonder how you destroy a myth, especially the one most people embrace. By argument? Not sure. Not even sure that we have the argument, unless pointing out inconsistencies is considered an argument.

      I agree with you that 9/11 is either becoming a myth or is one already.

      However if you think that after 17 years the best we’ve got to destroy the myth is “inconsistencies” in the official story, I would do some more homework.

    • CQ says:

      morizok, your observation about the mythic nature of 9/11 reminds me of David Ray Griffin’s 9/11 Myths and Reality lecture. This 2011 video of the speech, which he presented to the Commonwealth Club of California, was one of the first videos I watched after being introduced to 9/11 Truth:

  25. Sonex says:

    Never forget:
    1. The Black Eagle Gold Trust and its relevance to 911.
    2. The Dancing Israelis.
    3. BBC reporter Jane Stanley who reported on live TV at approx. 16:57 on 9/11/01 that Building #7 had just collapsed. The only problem is that it didn’t collapse until 17:20.

    Of course, there’s no such thing as a conspiracy connected to 911.

  26. woodshed says:

    The only thing to remember on 911 is to visit

  27. heartruth says:

    Never forget the willful ignorance, (fearful?) silence, and arrogance of those who, truly, should (and do) know better.

    “9/11 Truth Confronts Amy Goodman & Democracy Now!”

    and this:
    “Jon Gold Talks To Chris Hedges About 9/11 – 7/1/2012”

    and (it pains me to include it, being an otherwise ardent fan) this 🙁
    “John Pilger on 9/11”

    and of course, the Jewel in the Crown…this: (TCR Ep. 285)
    “Meet Noam Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper”

    Never forget those who, for whatever reasons, we cannot rely on to investigate 9-11 and reveal the truth.

    • CQ says:

      Good point and excellent examples.

    • manbearpig says:

      Hadn’t seen your comment Heartruth, totally agree with CQ, Excellent point, great selection!

      Yes discovering the existence of Gatekeepers who appear to be moral and concerned professionals, without whom these crimes would be unmasked, who neutralize the energies of truly concerned and curious people, was a major slap in the face.

      Yes, Pilger taught me a lot about many things but that’s precisely why he’s the perfect gatekeeper.

      I’d throw George Monbiot and Robert Fisk (Jon Stewart and Jon Oliver) into this club of infamy as well…

      and Sibel Edmonds on both 9/11 and Syria…

      Weaponizing truthtelling to obscure the truth…

      What drives these people, I’d truly like to know…

      • heartruth says:

        Thanks CQ & MBP 🙂

        On Pilger, I’m still feeling squeamish (aka conflicted!) about including that example. I am still a BIG fan and admirer. From my reading of his statement, it feels like he has chosen to to avoid the issue (and focus on other things). Rather than actively serve as a gatekeeper like Chomsky with his arrogance and his uninformed (cringe-worthy) opinions. In true Pilger style, he won’t make a statement that he can’t substantiate, hence his wary approach to the question. (I’m trying to remain as objective and fair as possible here!)

  28. BbobKS says:

    Never Forget : To list None Dare Call It Conspiracy ,by Gary Allen when giving out best recommended books ! and thanks for your great work and reminding me of comment I forgot to post last week !
    Funny note on why Deep State chose White Helmets as new action Heroes, US TV Sci-FI running all old Godzilla and space Alien movies and Japanese Civil Defense are always in White Helmets being trashed blown up and flying around , perhaps they will use footage for Syria False Flag operation this week !

    • CQ says:

      Last week I wrote to the editor of a mainstream newspaper and included a list of websites (starting with that, if he wanted to learn the truth about current and historical events, he and his staff could explore. I also listed 10 or so books (including Gary Allen’s “None Dare Call it Conspiracy”) that he and his staff could read to find out the actual facts behind centuries of government cover-ups.

      I would’ve referred that editor to James’ book, but it hasn’t been published quite yet! Soon, though, I’m sure. . . . (Hint, hint.)

  29. scpat says:

    As I watched the Recommended Listening Mike Ruppert 2004 “Why No Air Force Response To 9/11 Attack”, something Mike Ruppert said really stood out to me. He said that Condolleza Rice stated that George W. Bush, on the Presidential Daily Brief of August 6th, 2001, was briefed about the possibilities of plane hijackings in the U.S., and John Ashcroft admitted there were elevated threat warnings related to plane hijackings.

    Then Rupert says, “Who on God’s green earth would sanction 5 different training exercises when the al-Qaeda threat level was higher than ever about hijacked airliners and you had these people moving all around the country…how could you possibly sanction 5 different training exercises that would leave you open, vulnerable, and helpless?” This is such a crucial connection. This is truly damning evidence of the White House/Joint Chiefs of Staff/NORAD foreknowledge, and of course planning of the events. Bush, Rice, and others were caught in a lie and just blatantly contradicted themselves without realizing it.

  30. Richard says:

    James, or somebody who does videos, should consider doing a video in which a few educated people are in a room with a TV, and the planes have recently hit the towers and it is being talked about on the TV.

    Then another adult comes in and is told what has happened, and he exclaims, “well, we can be sure that these two towers are soon going to collapse to the ground at free fall speed into a pulverized mass”

    Then the others in the room will all laugh and ridicule his claim using all the facts that disprove such a possibility. This can be a comprehensive conversation.

    After the conversation of how ridiculous this idea is, a tower on the TV will collapse and fast forward to the second collapse. Everyone is amazed and then finally someone exclaims: “That for sure was done by controlled demolitions”, and everyone agrees.

    • manbearpig says:

      except… that… (unless I missed a chapter which is often the case…) the way the twin towers fell is far from being a classic controlled demolition (unlike WTC7 which was as classic as they come) even if they were indeed controlled demolitions of a highly unusual variety…

      or maybe that doesn’t really matter…?

      • Richard says:

        How do you believe the first two towers collapsed?

        The conversation could not mention the thermite particles in the dust, because that was after the fact information. But the conversation could mention the 47 core columns and the symmetrical collapse that would not happen even if these 47 core columns were weakened by an 5 second explosion of jet fuel on one side of the building.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I’m not sure what manbearpig meant, but I am guessing that manbearpig might be pointing out that the ‘collapse’ of the Towers resembled floors being blown up and out, tossing megaton beams like toothpicks up and around, along with pulverizing the rubble before it hit the ground.

          I remember back in the late 70’s going to downtown Dallas to watch the demolition of an iconic old building.
          After it blew…
          …I’ll never forget standing down the street amongst the other tall buildings and watching that pyroclastic cloud chase everyone down the street.

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            I remember back in the late 70’s going to downtown Dallas to watch the demolition of an iconic old building.
            After it blew…
            …I’ll never forget standing down the street amongst the other tall buildings and watching that pyroclastic cloud chase everyone down the street.

            Since you were there, can you think hard and try to remember if it really was a ‘pyroclastic cloud’ you saw?

            Like a volcano? Cauliflower-like, thick, complex, rich, expanding, rising?
            Or rather, puffy dust clouds rushing out in all directions, billowing?

            Because in all the demolition videos I have seen scouring the net, I have not found a single one that showed pyroclastic clouds (except of course for 9/11).

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              “pyroclastic cloud” or flow – definition –
              i.e. – hot gases and particulates

              Actually, the year was 1980. The Baker Hotel in downtown Dallas.
              I remember standing towards the back of the crowd. The street was relatively narrow, so the cloud rolled down the street, billowing with acceleration. Parts were gray, parts were dark. I could feel the heat. But, being at the back of the crowd, I easily escaped it.
              Here is a GIF of the demolition
              I think I was down the narrow street off to the left between the two tall buildings (I think one is the Magnolia building (famous ‘Pegasus’ once adorned the top.)

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas.
                (2-3 minutes)
                I had an interest in the Dallas Baker, because I spent my High School years in Mineral Wells, a small town 100 miles west of Dallas. It also had a landmark Baker Hotel which stood out tall as one drove into the valley from the east.
                One of my classmates’ father owned the Hotel (which was closed), and we had a High School graduation party at the top of the Hotel. It was the last real time any event was held there. In the 60’s, many of the local servicemen lived there and the pool was open, even to the public. But the place was a wreck, and closed around the mid 60’s.
                The Crazy Water Hotel can be seen in the background. Mineral Wells was extremely popular in the 1930’s with Big Band radio broadcasts, celebrities, and more.
                ‘Crazy Water’ is still sold.

                I lived in Mineral Wells during Vietnam. My Dad was a chopper instructor pilot for a contracting company for the government.
                Ft Wolters sat on the east side of town, and at the time was the “world’s largest primary helicopter training base”.
                – Ft Wolters – (a few minutes)

                I had many, many adventures in that town during that era.

              • manbearpig says:

                Wow! What memories!

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                “pyroclastic cloud” or flow – definition –
                i.e. – hot gases and particulates

                What you left out from your definition is the most important part;
                namely, the volcano part.

                From that Wiki page:
                “pyroclastic flow is a fast-moving current of hot gas and volcanic matter (collectively known as tephra) that moves away from a volcano”

                I have taken the .gif video you posted and made photos from it
                and also added some other photos of the demolition.


                That was a standard controlled demolition.
                Those were standard dust clouds you see from standard controlled demolitions.

                They were not pyroclastic clouds.
                As I mentioned in my 9/11 nukes series, pyroclastic clouds are only seen when there is a volcanic eruption or a nuclear explosion.

                The videos and photos I posted of volcanos and nuclear explosions show pyroclastic clouds that are easily identifiable.


                Standard controlled demolition dust clouds are relatively short-lived; less than a minute.
                They look very similar to cumulus clouds in the sky; soft, puffy, fluffy, cotton-like.

                In contrast, pyroclastic clouds are cauliflower-like, thick, complex, rapidly-expanding, extremely hot and rising.
                They are long-lived, lasting minutes or more. They seem to have a life of their own.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                I got your meaning Faulty Towers.
                I understand.
                I see the difference.

                I think I recall from a past 9/11 DVD, someone also mentioning a ‘pyroclastic cloud’ of sorts (perhaps without the pyro) which occurs in the ocean sometimes when there is a sort of avalanche… or err…something like that.

        • manbearpig says:

          “…the conversation could mention the 47 core columns and the symmetrical collapse that would not happen even if these 47 core columns were weakened by an 5 second explosion of jet fuel on one side of the building…”


          It was just, I love theater and script writing (don’t actually do it but seems super fun!) and I like your idea!

          I was just quibbling about the term “controlled demolition” in the mouths of your astonished characters as controlled demolitions evoke (from what I understand) the classic movement of the WTC7’s split and freefall drop: And though the twin towers Did Indeed come down from a very highly unorthodox form of controlled demolition, (have buildings Ever been destroyed that way before?) I’d imagine your “educated people” saying stuff like

          “what the…this, this isn’t, they can’t,skyscrapers don’t… “steel columns…they can’t fall this way!!!” “47…” “What?” “47 steel columns!” “47 steel columns and such a symmetrical collapse…!?” “This is just physically impossible”..”holy… This must have been… engineered!” “There must’ve been explosives or something, didya see that…that musta been freefall speed…or close to it!!” “a building just can’t spontaneously drop like that”…”into it’s own footprint…” “but the jet fuel, the explosion…” “EVEN with jet fuel!…” “This was…this must’ve been some kinda… weird form of… controlled demolition?”…
          “yea.” “absolutely.” “never seen anything like this before…”

          I like your idea of using fiction to fight those using fiction to cover up their mass murders…

          actually, mine was a rather useless comment, I was just piqued by your idea…

          • CQ says:

            MBP, playwright Richard Squires used “fiction to fight those using fiction” when he wrote this play, which was presented to a New York City audience this summer:

            • manbearpig says:

              Wow! Awesome! Prodigious! Thank you so much! I can send this to a professional actor friend of mine living in New York City who makes fun of conspiracy theory wing-nuts!

              How audacious and inspiring! Must be extremely difficult to direct something like this…

              Can’t thank ya enough CQ!

        • manbearpig says:

          Incidentally, Richard, the day before yesterday I wrote a comment that I proceeded to delete, doubting its pertinence or interest. Now it seems relevant:

          Friday morning I had an English lesson with an engineer who works in both the aerospace and nuclear sectors: a very excellent and highly esteemed mechanical engineer who is no stranger to the laws of physics.

          As last week was 9/11 commemoration week I systematically oriented my English classes towards some aspect of this event.

          As he was an engineer, I thought we could discuss his impressions on the way the twin towers fell and see if the official version was really scientific. Of course I had my own fairly uneducated bias that I stifled for as long as I could.

          He went on for half an hour explaining to me why their collapse was perfectly plausible. Even evoking the pancake effect.

          Worse than that, when I showed him WTC7 he went on to explain that though, yes, it ressembled a controlled demolition, the building could very well have fallen spontaneously that way.

          I kid you not. I was so startled by his utter and total steadfast refusal to imagine that something else might’ve happened that day that I ended up pushing him with slightly more insistance than I usually do

          until finally he was red in the face with his arms literally tightly crossed around his chest…and I really had to change the subject.

          So you see… in your scenario your “educated people” had they had time to hear on the TV that the official version was that the buildings fell spontaneously that way, would probably have just said “Oh! ok! My bad! Unprecedented so, unpredictable…planes crashing into buildings make them fall that way…totally normal…”

          Another engineer in the afternoon (same company) seemed more ready to entertain the idea that something was somehow out of sorts…with the way the buildings fell, particularly WTC7 that he had never heard about…

          So what’s wrong with us? Why are we so sure?

          • manbearpig says:

            Told them about Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth but they weren’t interested…

    • mkey says:

      This scriot should start at the root. What’s the first physically unsound event of the day? Why, plane penetrating into the building, of course (lets say the events started with what was recorded, although the first plane was “recorded” as well, by pure chance, but it was provided to wrap up the story, not to indoctrinate).

      So, can an aluminum plane penetrate steel and concrete structures? Wooden beams can penetrate brick walls when flung by strong winds. Are these two examples comparable? A wooden beam has different density, smaller impact surface and thus it’s rigid enough to go through bricks.

      Now, is a brick wall tougher than a steel and concrete wall? Any plane is composed mostly of air with an aluminum alloy wrapping. I have to guess, but if it were going fast enough it could penetrate steel columns, to some extent. How fast would it need to go and would such speed be possible on that altitude considering its propulsion, aorodynamic properties and atmosphere density? These questions will be hard to answer even by the highly educated and that causes plausible doubt in anyone. However, the road runner effect that was displayed? I don’t think that’s possible. For this reason alone I don’t think any of it was true.

      All that transpired after the penetration is of lesser importance. If penetration falls, then everything goes down with it. It would prove that at least a part of what was seen on that day was CGI. It would make the terrorist threat immaterial. It would make evident that the building takedown had to be planned in advance, along with the ensuing invasions. It would prove that large conspiracies are possible. It would bring down their gods.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        So, can an aluminum plane penetrate steel and concrete structures?…
        …These questions will be hard to answer even by the highly educated and that causes plausible doubt in anyone. However, the road runner effect that was displayed? I don’t think that’s possible. For this reason alone I don’t think any of it was true.

        Most people who study 9/11 assume that WYSIWYG. But how do we know this?
        When you listen to/watch the MSM do you assume WYSIWYG? Hardly!

        Do you know what the structure of the WTC towers was like on 9/11, behind the exterior façade?
        Have you ever considered that the structure had been modified prior to 9/11?

        Like calibrator said on 09/13/2018 at 2:23 am in the “9/11 War Games” post:

        “The buildings were also prepared. The more I look at the videos the more I get the impression that the outer steel pylons were exactly prepared by cutting them into “blocks” (likely beforehand) that can get shoved inside – to let the planes literally *slide* into the buildings.

        They wanted to make sure that they completely vanish into the buildings – and then they detonated them.

        In other words: The planes entered the buildings at exactly the height that was prepared.”

        If the WTC towers were prepared before 9/11 for easy entrance of planes, then yes, planes could have produced the “road runner” effect.

        All that transpired after the penetration is of lesser importance. If penetration falls, then everything goes down with it. It would prove that at least a part of what was seen on that day was CGI.

        Well of course, plane penetration was vital to everything that happened afterward. The planes had to fully penetrate the buildings
        or the demolition of the buildings could not have taken place.

        But I disagree with you that “all that transpired after the penetration is of lesser importance”.
        The most important event that occurred on 9/11 was the destruction of the WTC towers.

        • mkey says:

          OK, so now that’s a matter of syncing the flight of a plane traveling in excess of 600MPH (according to “official” data) with an exact point in space and time where a deviation of maybe +/- 1 meters and -0.1 seconds could be allowed.

          I mean, even if you do cut a hole in the buildings’ plating, you still need to fly a jet right in there because the video shows no debris falling to the sides or behind. You need to fly a plane at an angle under I’d wager extreme turbulence, going over 600MPH, just before the explosion goes off right down the middle. No second takes allowed.

          If you’re sold on that, that’s your prerogative. I am not.

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            All of us here have done our 9/11 homework, but that doesn’t mean we have read the same documents or watched the same videos or read the same books. And even if we did, it doesn’t mean we have come to the same conclusions.

            My take, is that remotely-controlled planes (or cloaked missiles) were guided precisely to the required point of impact at the required speed and angle needed for penetration.

  31. morgan says:

    Never forget:

    it took hundreds of days to even start the 9/11 commission (they wanted to make sure they got it “right”

    bush and Cheney testified together and not under oath (they wanted to make sure they got it “right” too)

    No one was held responsible for the utter failure of the military to protect us that day (because they all did it “right”)

    Passports are fire proof and end up right in the FBI’s waiting hands when the planes and buildings exploded without a trace

    Firemen can hallucinate massive explosions in the lobbies of the buildings (which definitely were not there)

    The government couldnt possibly conceive of flying planes into buildings (except for all the times that day that they were pretending to do just that)

    Silverstein was just a luck lucky guy and bought the right kind of insurance at just the right time

    the bush and the bin laden families are friends and business partners. (this is just a coincidence)

    the government didnt want to get us into endless war. (They had to do it. It wasn’t their fault)

    the fireproof lawn at the pentagon and that building’s amazing capacity to eat an entire 747 without leaving a trace of the plane

    (I could keep going on and on and on)

    but lets end it with… never forget that your government went to all the trouble to protect you from ever seeing the footage of a plane hitting the pentagon. They went to all of the hard work to collect all of that footage so that you would never have to see that horrible event. you should be thanking them you bunch of commie pinko ingrates

    • manbearpig says:

      I just realized that your post is very eloquent.

      You got it just right.


  32. jamd says:

    Hi James,

    We all know that themtube has been messing with the algorithms and hiding info but now they’ve gone out and literally stated that 9/11 truther videos will be harder to find!

    “…we’ll begin reducing recommendations of borderline content and content that could misinform users in harmful ways—such as videos promoting a phony miracle cure for a serious illness, claiming the earth is flat, or making blatantly false claims about historic events like 9/11.”

    Keep up the great work.

    • mkey says:

      Maybe they are referring to official 9/11 videos? Maybe it’s the coming purge as announced by the q guy (or gal or whatever in between)?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for the update, jamd.

    • manbearpig says:

      scary. editing reality…

    • CQ says:

      Don’t know if this Daily Beast item adds any insights; someone sent it to me last night and, unlike you, jamd, I was remiss in not forwarding it:

      I trust James will be including his slant on this “scary,” news–“editing reality,” per mbp and all of us here–in an upcoming episode of something (maybe NWNW?) for all his other members and non-members who don’t see it here. (Not that it won’t be plastered all over the news and opinion pages of the MSM by week’s end.)

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Seems draconian, fascist in a neutral observation. However I could go along with Mkeys comment on private ownership. If Youtube is private than what ‘business’ is it of ours. This of course assumes that we are normal, kind moral and able to judge for ourself and not force our will as pejorative-(?). We can enact our will with our feet and treasure. Waking-up will be self correcting. As the ‘ ‘Canadian’ has kindly informed us. Unfortunate it will be to little to late, unless we fair as well as David did against Golieth. As Albert Pike says ” no Free government can long endure. When people cease to select for their magistrates the best and the wisest of their statesman; when passing these by, they permit factions or sordid interests to select for them”. We are a bunch of historians in the new since of the term, apathetic patriots at best. In Davos this week, NWO condemned Nationalism. Saw it on YouTube. Must be true.

        • CQ says:

          Up being down and down being up in NWOland, the Fed pretends to be a government institution when really it’s privately controlled. On that basis, couldn’t Goog-Toob (a little name I gave it just now) really be public–that is, founded and run by government agents and even paid for with our tax dollars?

          Whatever the answer, the outcome is apparent and disappointing to me: On both that platform and in duckduckgo, I can no longer search for certain words and expect to instantly find what I’m looking for, as I used to be able to do mere months ago. Instead, reams of MSM content stare back at me as I scroll scroll scroll through the results.

          The controllers of these platforms seem to sense that I’m not going to waste my time searching endlessly for buried treasure.

          It’s especially concerning that I can no longer ask newly awakening/awakened (“woke!”) friends to do a quick search: They’ll not only NOT find what I’m attempting to alert them to, but they’ll be hit between the eyes with the counterfeit narrative a.k.a. the fake news that the NWOlanders are steering them toward and hoping they’ll accept.

          But lifting me out of my momentary despair is this welcome reminder, which I came across this morning in the book that you, generalbottle washer, and I talked about recently in another Corbett comments section: “The wicked man is not the ruler of his upright neighbor. Let it be understood that success in error is defeat in Truth” (Science and Health, p. 239). Good to know. Whew!

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