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Imagine you're a high school student doing a homework assignment on the Federal Reserve. You go to YouTube and type in "Federal Reserve" in the search bar and find "Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve." The horror! Luckily, you don't have to worry about that, because now that MSNBC and Mother Jones have ganged up, it's being scrubbed from the search results! Welcome to the world of soft censorship, folks!

Watch this video on BitChute / DTube / YouTube

Political Extremists Are Using YouTube to Monetize Their Toxic Ideas

Chris Hayes plugs Century of Enslavement (thanks, Chris!)

James Corbett on Financial Survival: Displacing the Dinosaur Media

Grove's response to Hayes

The Progressive Attack on the YouTube Political Sphere (Sargon of Akkad)

"Alternative Influence" report

How I Know We’re Winning (Computing Forever)

redneard's suggestion for re-packaging this "conspiracy" content as woke PC content

The Library of Babel

Corbett Report on BitChute

Corbett Report Extras on BitChute

Corbett Report on DTube

Corbett Report on Steemit

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  1. laurey says:

    James, I trust your thorough reporting and I adore your sense of humor. Gratitude!

  2. 9tH says:

    Sooo.. That list is at least partially naming controlled opposition.

    You and several others are not on it. That is because they do not want anyone to check your site. Instead they ‘promote’their pawns.
    I suppose it is all a matter of illustration fitting the message.

    • MatthewD says:

      9th- And controlled opposition is whom, according to you? I’m assuming you have access to some secret documents that prove which agenda are on the dole?

      James, I work very hard to get people to think critically. It took me over a year of non stop battles with my fiance to clear her brain fog, and she’s smart! The propaganda works on so many because of the “education” conditioning techniques. It’s worked on the masses, but the rest who would otherwise be concerned with continuing to make, rather than take, are now forced to deal with this bullshit because we know what’s at stake.

      Murder Jones and Climatariat nutcase network appeal to their base of un-thinking automatons. It’s collectivist narrative network, not free thinking. Those folk who trust those sources won’t be shaken and they can’t save themselves from themselves. They are in the cave and would rather watch the shadow puppets with their fellow slaves than face the uncertainty, the risk, the beautiful glory of the real world. They want shelter from hard work.

      No amount of fact you share is ever going to convince them, until they want to know

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        MathewD, you have described my home economy perfectly. How did you do it where I have failed for 10 yrs hard work? My love, had been raised in the private school big oil San Fran. Milwaukee, Houston,El Dorado ,girls school then state dept.American school, high school in Madras, then big oil OU. She is hardened . Today I showed her parallel chemtrails , horizon to horizon, and asked her why don’t the other 500 planes that flew over leave a contrail? The screaming tirade lasted thur the red light. Proper prior programming positively prevents poor perception. I often wonder if she is MKULTRA survivor. Any sugestions? I don’t mind sharing cause I too live a real life in the mix.

        • Stronghorse says:

          I believe many of us have had to face this problem. I know I have had to deal with it many times, concerning many subjects.
          Case in point: My mother and older sister, (both college educated Registered Nurses), were convinced that the government fairy tale about 9/11 was correct. Thus I had to be wrong.
          So I decided to set up a demonstration for them. Concerning melting steel.
          So I took a ordinary sauce pan, and placed it on my mother’s gas cooking stove. Empty.
          After finally convincing her that I was not intending to ruin her good cooking pan, (mostly by promising to buy her an entire new set if I did), I lit the burner underneath it.
          After a long enough time had passed, I asked them if they were even aware of what temperature steel melts at, and if they understood what jet fuel really is. {Mainly Kerosene of course.} All the while the pan is still being heated up by the propane flame.
          Once I looked up the pertinent facts for them, they finally came to understand that if that pan didn’t melt, didn’t even get softened, then what the government had told them could not be true. The government fairy tale defied the laws of Gravity, and the laws of physics.
          Both of them being people with a science related background and education probably helped in their case, but my point is that you have to get creative some times. You need to find things that they understand and can relate to, then find comparisons that are in parallel.
          Best of luck waking her up, I know your task is not an easy one.

        • Oscar says:

          Hi generalbottlewasher,

          I’ve been thinking about the subject for some time, and my conclusion is that you need:
          – a tremendous amount of patience and
          – you better think hard about her learning curve. What I mean by that is that you have to start with the basics first, or in any case you have to begin with a subject that is the easiest to digest for her. The order of the topics you present to her is important.
          I would – for example – first tell her about the corrupt role of the Federal Reserve by showing her ‘Century of Enslavement’ by Corbett or ‘Money as Debt’. Only after this, I would tell her about 9/11 by showing her an authoritative documentary. And only after this, I would tell her about the New World Order by showing her ‘The Quigley Formula’ by Edward Griffin.

          Dependent on the person, this could take months up to years, so patience is key.

          And Chemtrails? I would probably do that last if I were you, because I’m not convinced myself about that either, and I consider myself ‘awake’ for many years now.

          In any case, this is not about YOUR mindset, this is about HER mindset. You have to determine where she is, and what kind of information she can take. And you have to start out basic, and use those basic building blocks to gradually make a more complex building. So I think the role of the Federal Reserve is the most basic one.

          I’m afraid now you already have a disadvantage because – judging by you post – your love is very weary and agitated already by your ‘alternative’ views so you have to be patient and emphatic with her and start with basics. Think about it, and be very pedagogical about how you present your case and which materials you use.

          Good luck!

      • 9tH says:

        to prove it may be a big word, since there are numbers of ‘documents’ that will disprove any succesful such an opposition.

        Wouldn’t you think? If not, then i can only recommend you try it.

  3. laurey says:

    The Age of Information suffered a tragic crib death.

  4. MondoShawan says:

    Thanks for All You Do… Excellent Work!

  5. The Last American Vagabond says:

    Wow, what perfect example of the clear collaboration between “the media” and the social media giants. Something they still unsurprisingly claim is untrue and one of those dastardly conspiracy theories. The quickness with which this video was scrubbed after a member of the dying and withering legacy media pointed its accusatory finger at it, should be alarming to everyone. We truly are in a post-truth world.

  6. Sunny says:

    Just to confirm, tried out a search of Federal Reserve in my youtube. Indeed, Century of Enslavement does not seem to appear, at least not somewhere i could scroll down to and find easily.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Ditto Sunny, YT icon was removed from my homescreen months ago. Today I got it reinstalled and had to install the search bar. Than touch icon magnifying glass, type in. Fed Res., 4 or 5 down list to documentaries and presto “Century of enslavement” #2 on list .
      CONVOLUTED MULTI STEPS TO GET IT. But it still is # 2 in documentaries. Yahoo if you don’t die from old age getting there.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        OK here’s the thing Sunny and gbw (glad you’re not a general washer bottle).

        Don’t try this at home!
        Type in “Federal Reserve” in the YouTube search bar.

        WHEN I DO, James’ documentary (Century of Enslavement), does show, but somewhere around 100+ in the list.


        Type in “Fed Reserve” in the YouTube search bar and…
        James’ documentary (Century of Enslavement) shows up 7th or 8th!

        NOW TRY THIS…..

        Type in “Federal Res” in the YouTube search bar and…
        James’ documentary (Century of Enslavement) shows up 1st!!!!!!

        OR TRY THIS…..

        Type in “Fed Res” in the YouTube search bar and…
        James’ documentary (Century of Enslavement) shows up 1st!!!!!!


        So anyone want to hazard a guess at what is really going on here?

        • Fawlty Towers says:

          And just for fun…

          I pretended I was a dyslexic high school student doing
          research on the Federal Reserve.

          I typed in “Reserve Federal” in the YouTube search bar and…
          James’ documentary (Century of Enslavement) showed up 1st!!!!!! 🙂

        • orGiveMeDeath says:

          Tried it out, federal reserve 1st when using “Federal Res” ect

        • orGiveMeDeath says:

          btw anything from ‘federal re’ to ‘federal reser’ shows James’ documentary first lol

          • heartruth says:

            Typed in ‘federal reserve’, and no sign of ‘Century of Enslavement’ BUT scroll down to link #135 and behold: “Meet James Corbett, Political Extremist!!! #PropagandaWatch”

            One example how to implement Redneard’s approach, provided by none other than Corbett himself!?!
            1. Title contains buzzwords and virtue-signalling trigger words – check: “Political extremist” and “#PropagandaWatch”
            2. Corbett’s name in title (relying here on the ‘satire is dead’ theory, i.e. the title will of course be ‘read’ literally – whether by human or algorithm) – check: “James Corbett”
            3. Use of trigger-inducing exclamation points – check “!!!” (Danger Will Robinson! Danger!)

            By jove, I think you’re onto something here!

    • AnimalsArentFood says:

      ditto for Federal Reserve search

  7. lioncash says:

    Amazing show, shows me more of how the media is a twisted giant.

  8. Richard says:

    I did go to youtube and typed in “Century of Enslavement” and the first two results were the Corbett Report video with this name. The third result was this very video. Maybe they have given up on me.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      What high school student who is researching the Federal Reserve would type in “Century of Enslavement” in the search bar?

      The search in question is for “Federal Reserve”.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I went to YouTube using a different browser than the one I typically watch YouTube videos on.
      I typed in “Federal Reserve” and got almost an exact duplicate of what James shows in the video.

      When I added “Corbett” to “Federal Reserve”, I got a whole string of Corbett Federal Reserve videos, with Century of Enslavement at the top.

      On the browser I use for YouTube videos, YouTube always recommends Corbett videos to me. YouTube often recommends videos which I have already watched, despite the topic, such as “mousetraps” (and by the way, there are some creative mousetraps out there.)

      I often feel “spied-on raped-violated” with Google/YouTube. For example, I ordered some Vitamins recently…and dang! Ads for that Vitamin company started showing up in a variety of places.

      Another example, just this morning… My duplex owner has a property management company (which I detest). My property management company is a local franchisee of an international company. On several occasions, and again recently, they have instituted invasive tactics/policies. So, I have been researching them and my legal options. Dang! This morning, I saw a banner ad for the property management company.

  9. scpat says:

    Along the lines of Mother Jones and all the other MSM, here’s a little gem of their condescending attitude and their struggle to control the narrative.

    CNN tells viewers its illegal to read Wikileaks emails

    This is what they are. Endangered species, fighting against their extinction.

  10. mkey says:

    They are really feeding you some straight lines. You don’t even turn on that animated logo on the background monitor anyome lol
    Fakery and quackery abound.

  11. NES says:

    Chris Hays approached his shut-down-the-truth Tweet by going to the ever stated hot-button “think about the children!” The MSM certainly does not want educable children to have any information they did not provide. OMG, who will listen to MSM lies if they are given choices that include supported/linked truths?! Agree with Grove — spot on comment–kudos

    James, the good thing? FREE media coverage and excellent advertising in the Tweets that returned to him. What’s really exciting about this backfired attempt is that it went out to everyone, even the ‘normies’ who have not and perhaps would not look at the CorbettReport. That’s a really big coupe. Squeezed a little truth in there for them.

    Congrats! (laughing along with you ’cause you gott’a laugh about stupid) Keep ‘um coming.

  12. fabian says:

    Hello James,

    After watching your Youtube video on the Mother Jones issue and observing the inaccuracies Tonya Riley state in the article, why don’t you contact her to either open up a debate or to send her a list of the factual inaccuracies of her article via as stated on the Mother Jones website?

    If Tonya actually reaches out back to you James, and your able to bring her on to the podcast we would love to hear her side of the story (which we kind of did already with this article).

    • mkey says:

      Fabolulous idea, fabian. But you’re wrong, we should ALL do it.


      Dear Triley,

      in the recent Mother Jones article titled “Political Extremists Are Using YouTube to Monetize Their Toxic Ideas” you have stated a substantial number of factual falsities of which you very well may not be aware. Even though the onus is on you as a journalist to better inform yourself, we can all take a correction now and again when we wander off into the deep end.

      I would like to invite you to visit James Corbett’s rebuttal of your case against him which, while being quite satirical, helps shed some light on the topic at hand. Firstly, Corbett does not and never has monetized any of his videos. Secondly, he’s very consistent with his name calling practices. Thirdly, he’s VERY diligent when it comes to providing sources for his reporting. Something you omitted from your article, Triley. I’m sure you can do better.

      Anyway, I think we can all learn from this experience. Obviously, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but if someone took out a small chunk of their time to try reach out a person they don’t even know in a civil fashion, a person on the other side of the world there must be something to it.

      Hopefully this message finds you well. Here’s the related article.


  13. wall says:

    I will spam this again as I have no other way to get it out. And I think youtube would pull it down even if I did manage to upload it.

    This video is about the Parkland shooting.

    It has the video of the student who claimed 1 shooter was coming in from 1 entrance, and that when they ran to the other entrance another shooter came through that entrance. This proves that there was more than 1 shooter.

    It also has large screenshots of the David Hogg mugshots, and the audio of the closet interview where Hogg says that it is 9:32 which shows the video was recorded 5 hours before the event and many other interesting things.

    Mass shooting: questions, curiosities, statements and solution

    Here it is on if the above link doesn’t work. Some have complained that only the audio plays in the bitchute link.

    part 1


    part 3

  14. AnimalsArentFood says:

    These people aren’t sure how to deal with someone like James.
    His intelligence, knowledge, memory, tech savviness, research ability, work ethic & quality, problem solving ability and communication ability surpass those of the vast majority of academics in existence and certainly surpass those of their best think-tank toads.
    And he’s honest, good-hearted & just to boot.
    His articles & videos are the sort of material a shill or ‘skeptic’ shows up to debunk and ends up becoming intrigued or convinced by instead.

    Up until now they’ve almost entirely pretended James doesn’t exist; avoiding drawing attention to him and keeping focus on far easier targets.
    Looks like they’ve decided to toss a few pebbles at the master’s dojo to see what happens.

  15. Drazen says:

    Ha Ha Ha! These people are funny.
    The ground is shifting beneath them and they’re freaking out. It seems they sense that they are about to be swept away by an avalanche and are getting insanely desperate.

  16. orGiveMeDeath says:

    I advice using hooktube instead, the search on hooktube for ‘federal reserve’ shows James’ documentary first

    • Stronghorse says:

      I thought they pretty much killed Hook Tube back in July of 2018. I could be wrong though. I don’t keep up very well on such things.

    • calibrator says:

      For us awoke people some alternatives may work fine.

      However, the “blue pilled” crowd (and they don’t even know that they are) will simply continue to use Youtube.

      Do you have any idea how large the audience there is?

      Dave Jones from the EEVblog-channel (one of the best electronics channels, a full-time youtuber for years) has a recent interesting video on that:

      Bottom line: There are already more than 91,500 channels with more than 100K subscribers!
      Dave Jones with his 570K subscriptions has a subscriber ranking of only 16,715!
      Even though his total number of subscribers has steadily rosen, his ranking *fell* as more and more people come to YT and subscribe channels.

      Let’s compare with the Corbett Report (date 26.09.2018):
      285,786 subscribers
      results in a ranking of 34,749th (not bad, considering 24,000,000 creators…)

      Of course this is a far cry compared to PewDiePie with his 66 million subs and obviously there is overlap as lots of people watch several channels regularly – but we know how YT loves dirty tricks like unsubscribing people, change the settings etc.

      Still, we are talking about billions of subscriptions and 285K is not very much compared to that.

      It is therefore IMPERATIVE for James to continue to *additionally* publish his stuff on YT for the time being.

      I hope I’m being clear here: Other platforms are fine *too*, but YT is a *must* if we want to broaden the audience, get more people into even considering taking the red pill!

  17. aaaronr says:

    This is such a good example since it is so blatant. I could not even find the Century of Enslavement when typing ‘federal reserve’, but there videos with 0 views and 44 views and many other Corbett videos including this post that are in the search results.

  18. Lumen says:

    I found the Century of Enslavement, via Linux Mint, It came up as the first hit, filled the web-page and was followed, ironically, by Wikipedia on Slavery. I haven’t tried Windows or Mac.

    For those who are unfamiliar with Linux, it is a free, open-source, crowd-funded product, available in a variety of releases, editions and updates and includes a comprehensive package of thousands of free software for Office-Needs. My Linux Mint OS includes 39,484 software packages, such as Firefox Browser, LibreOffice Word-Processor with Accessories, VLC Media Player, Down-Loaders, Add-Blockers and much, much more. Been using it for around five years, no malware or virus attacks, no expenses on Norton or McAfee with their sales-gimmicks and self-imposed bugs, no Microsoft spy-keys. I switched from Windows to Linux Mint after watching a Corbett Report Interview with a Tech-Geek, now I am a Linux-Advocate.

  19. BuddhaForce says:

    Great video James. Shoutouts to the Plinkett reviews :]

    • mkey says:

      I often wonder what’s going on with some old corbettreport subscribers. Older articles have often been commented only by BF. Good to see you’re still around.

      Now if I could only figure out what’s going on with TheMohawkMan.

  20. manbearpig says:

    Ha! I’ll admit, the baby bib was a really nice touch! I almost fell for it!

  21. squidly says:

    Usually I look at the humorous side of life James, and even though the chart by itself is a wonderful piece of comedy, the overall subject doesn’t even make me feel like smiling.

    No, it just makes me feel angry.

  22. manbearpig says:

    From work, if I type ‘Federal reserve’ into the YouTube search bar I don’t get Century of Enslavement, but a ways down you get “who really controls the Federal reserve” with ominous illumati symbolism from “alltime conspiracies”.

    But if I type ‘Federal reserve act’, Century of Enslavement is the second video that comes up.

  23. GW says:

    My search result on “Federal Reserve” produced the same result as the one you showed, but my search on “Federal Reserve Documentary” did have Century of Enslavement as the first hit. So perhaps there is still a glimmmer of hope.

    • manbearpig says:

      and ‘federal reserve documentary’ gets Century of Enslavement as my second hit.

      nevertheless, I never cease being amazed at how effective this aggressive and insidious frat boy-style “do be us-think like us” peer pressure mentality is à la Becca Lewis and Tonya Riley… and how readily otherwise nice intelligent folks will adopt it with so much vehemence…

      Yesterday I was explaining to a student what chemtrails were and also described the automatic negative knee-jerk reaction she would get if she ever evoked their existence in polite company – Then we went out into the language school lobby so I could show her some doozies being sprayed as we were speaking (prolific chemtrails these days)

      when one of my colleagues arrived and asked us what we were doing. So I said simply we were observing the chemtrails and I immediately got an extraordinary example of precisely the sort of knee-jerk reaction I’d warned her about. So perfectly typical, predictable and yet so stunning….

      “whaaat?! CHEMtrails!? Oh Come ooon!! wooooo woooooo conspiracies, EVERY wheeeerre…Just tell her to talk about something else!”

      He actually instructed my student to tell me to talk about something else…

      which she didn’t, to her credit. I mean, it wasn’t mean-spirited or anything but…

      and how terribly uncomfortable people invariably get if I say I don’t thing humans are responsible for the changing climate… never fails…

      and no one is ever curious Why I don’t think so…

      so predictable… and so…odd…

      I truly wonder if censorship is even necessary…

      but I guess Winston will continue rewriting history until we’re all, utterly, completely and blissfully ignorant…

      • manbearpig says:

        I was gonna say folks are like lemmings when it comes to political correctness but…



        • Octium says:

          Yeah…it’s now “folks are like people who believe in lemming suicides when it comes to political correctness”

          Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue.

          I think I’ll just stick to “Sheeple”, may not be a James approved term but it can be one of those 0.1% of things I don’t agree with James about.

          • manbearpig says:

            Well Mr Corbett has used the term “normies”…(perhaps to describe those who don’t question the official 9/11 conspiracy theory…can’t quite remember…)

            so would that be more like lemmings or sheeple?

            or neither?

            (guess the term implies the existence of abnormies…)

            maybe it means “ignorant” which was my case until recently concerning lemmings…

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              I like “normies”.

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                I like “zombies”. 🙂

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                mkey once pointed out something…

                The Corbett Report is “Open Source” and except for the articles which are for members only at this website, the comments are pretty much an open book.

                As Corbett members, I like to think of ourselves as a friend to man.

                We know that there are some folks out there who definitely are not a friend to man, but, rather they have their own agenda regardless of the harm it causes to others. I have no problem calling them evil bastards.

                When we use degrading terms to describe the “average Joe” who is unaware, it may portray a poor image of the compassion and understanding which a friend to man has.

                mkey once suggested that it would be wise not to use denigrating nomenclature to describe folks who have not yet become aware.

              • Fawlty Towers says:

                mkey once suggested that it would be wise not to use denigrating nomenclature to describe folks who have not yet become aware.

                Yes I would agree.

                Let me change that to:
                I like “unaware”.

                I think that nails it.
                Very neutral in tone and right to the point.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I enjoy these anecdotes which Corbett members mention.
        Thanks MBP.

  24. HomeRemedySupply says:

    One of my brothers lives in California.
    He is constantly being harassed by new mandates.

    The following article touches on some of the new laws (no straws unless requested by customer)(mandated milk or other beverage by default)(and the Governor’s position on “false information via the internet”)

    Thank goodness politicians like to mandate what people can and can not do. I trust them. They are so smart. They know best. My life is easy because of them…I don’t have to think…just work three minimum pay jobs which have higher mandated wages so I can pay for my mandated health care and mandated licenses and mandated taxes and pay the fines for breaking their mandated rules.
    Anyone got some hard drugs? I need a fix.

  25. Reedie says:

    I searched for Fed Reserve conspiracy and you did not appear on listing. Clicked on another site promoting ‘conspiracy’ and your videos appear in the listings below; w/ autoplay on, you Fed Reserve Documentary was next… Still there, just add the word conspiracy to your search… love it! Keep going my man, truly inspirational. Your website has sent me researching everywhere; made me look far and wide; ultimate research tool! My Son will form part of the next generation who knows and cares thanks to you.

  26. keithk says:

    Consider the implications-

    The statists have the media, academia (12 years of govt mandated schooling), Hollywood, Vatican, etc.

    And they are afraid of people uploading hour long videos others might voluntarily choose to watch/share/consider in their free time.

    The conspirators/statists need CONSTANT reinforcement (schooling, speeches, flag waiving, elections, political gatherings) for their immoral/irrational ideas.

    When someone gets a tase of truth & freedom, they seldom go back to falsehood and coercion.

    Keep up the great work you political extremist using YouTube to monetize your ideas, as opposed to statists who are moderate common sense observers of objective reality using diverse platforms to educate for free.

  27. Fawlty Towers says:

    This whole YouTube ranking stuff piqued my curiosity enough for me to dig a little deeper into it.
    There is a method to this madness.

    James probably already has researched all of this, but optimizing your
    YouTube video Title, Description, Keywords, Close Captions etc. should give better search result rankings in general.

    I’d say that apart from a straight search for “Federal Reserve” James is doing extremely well with the search results (eg. Fed Reserve, Fed Res, Federal Res. etc.).

    I don’t know if YouTube has now specifically singled out “Federal Reserve” as a search term that will bury James’ video down 100+ spots or not.
    But James you may want to change your video naming strategy for the future, to see what the results will be.

    For example, instead of naming your video “Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve”,
    “Federal Reserve History: Century of Enslavement” might now give better results.
    In other words, put the most likely words to be searched at the very beginning of the title.

    Most people (myself included) never bother to tinker with the YouTube ‘Filters’.
    Here are some interesting things I discovered…

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      The default filters are set for:

      Upload date (Last hour), Type (Video), Duration (less than 4 minutes), Features (Live), Sort By (Relevance).

      Using the search term “Federal Reserve” with the default filter settings, James’ video was at 100+ position.

      Keeping the same search term but changing the filter settings to
      Sort By: (View count), James’ video was now at 12th position.

      Keeping the same search term but changing the filter settings to
      Sort By: (View count), Features: (Subtitles/CC), James’ video was now at 4th position.

      Keeping the same search term but changing the filter settings to
      Sort By: (View count), Features: (Subtitles/CC), Duration: (greater than 20 min.) James’ video was now at 3rd position.

    • Redneard says:

      “Federal Reserve History: Century of Enslavement”



      or hey, throw some positive spin words in there; “HOW CRYPTO-FACISTS nurture GREED, enrich HATE, AND breastfeed THE RACIST baby OF XENOPHOBIA” (breast feeding is making a resurgence)

  28. jakester says:

    Authoritative male voice – if you got it, flaunt it. James speaks with with intelligence and reason. He always offers documents and invites us to do our own research and form our own opinions.

    Your a good man Mr. Corbett.

  29. zyxzevn says:

    James is an alien!
    “I thought that Corbett Report was made by aliens that want to take over the world. By telling us bad things about the good government, that consists of only saints. We should not listen to his talk about thinking for ourselves, and listen to this person, who is far less intelligent and wants us to be on the same level. The aliens will only outsmart us if we start thinking critically. Our intelligence may will reach a critical state in which we start to disbelieve the nice things that the companies and their politicians are doing for us. The truth is: Corbett is just an alien wearing a mask, and the room is inside a space-ship.”

    Something for Halloween maybe? 😉

  30. Redneard says:

    Thanks James! I was thinking another good tactic to employ alongside content duplication and truth seeding attempts in general would be to not even think about the greater populous, but rather pick a single individual you know and focus on creating or reworking content specifically tailored to them.

    We tend to overwhelm ourselves with the thought of waking the masses, which is a ridiculous undertaking if you think about it. However, if you can create something, anything, that turns even a single individual to truth… How many other people do you think share this persons outlook and understanding? Applied with endlessly multiplying, form-shifting content that defies silence, we could have ourselves a pretty dynamic truth dragnet. A sort of decentralized fact-based propaganda, which sounds gross, but lets remember it’s just an implement. Should we not build with nails because of crucifixion? Should I not chew food because my cousin bit me once?

    Can we decentralize the awakening? Instead of trying to create a one size fits all wake up solution, just focus on a single person you know.

    Could be a friend, mortal enemy, anyone, as long as it’s someone you can listen to.

    Really listen, train your mind to listen well and actually see what they’re saying, because they’ll tell you exactly what they need to hear, the exact process they desire to resolve their needless life tension in the embrace of truth. Then you simply serve them the tastiest truth morsel you can prepare.

    This approach is the difference between easily shruggable falling sky content (a rather cartoonish perspective that has been specifically crafted for the caring to step into,) and content that is individually motivating, intriguing, and even spiritually refreshing.

    What is more appealing; A stranger screaming in your face that the the end is nigh, or a prospering friend who has seemingly struck hidden gold?

    Ironically, the goal is to let people know that the end is nigh, but the flies and honey thing.

    Yes, that’s the main takeaway here, people are flies. Thank you.

  31. Octium says:

    We should not be frightened to cry DISCRIMINATION in cases like these!

    Free thinkers, people who question things are clearly being discriminated against here.

    Forget the law and constitutions for a moment.

    If Google placed a Job advert for a programmer and included the disclaimer “Black people, Jews and Women need not apply”

    I’m sure a small war would result out of it!!

    It wouldn’t be a question of whether Google being a private company has to comply with the same laws as Government, their action would be socially unacceptable and there would be massive consequences for a company that tried it.

    In western society there are categories of discrimination that are considered unacceptable due to social conditioning,

    A short list would be :-

    Sexual orientation
    Marital status
    Physical features
    Religious Belief

    Of course these categories have not always been considered sacred.
    It is not very long ago that being Gay was officially classed as being a mental illness, A womans place was “in the kitchen” and that blacks are not as smart as whites because they have smaller brains.

    These categories have made the list only because people have fought hard in the past to raise their profile and make it socially unacceptable.

    I think Free thinking people need to do the same for themselves!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I remember years ago placing a newspaper “Help Wanted Ad” in the classifieds.
      I needed some ladies to help with a temporary women’s fashion sale, and sometimes monitor the inside of the women’s dressing room.
      But, I was not allowed to use “women needed”. I had to use “people needed”.

  32. zyxzevn says:

    More Reddit censorship
    In the new Reddit purge /r/911truth has been marked as “quarantined”.

    It is still accessible, but only after a huge warning.
    It has collected some good information and shows the problems in
    discussions with “skeptics” and “debunkers”.
    They usually don’t stand a chance when discussing physics.
    Funny enough, the quarantine message refers to the 911 report that
    has been debunked by almost everyone.
    That is because it breaks with basic physics.

  33. mkey says:

    Putin’s Mad Dogs of Death: Forced to wade through blood, savagely beaten, attacked with rabid animals – and that’s just the training for Spetsnaz, Russia’s famed special forces unit who schooled the Skripals’ assassin

    I wanted to put some excerpts, but sigh.

  34. scpat says:


    Trump Administration Acknowledges Climate Change – Predicts Large Rise In Global Temperatures (Moon of Alabama)

    “Long term measurements on earth of carbon dioxide concentrations correlate strongly with the general temperature increase. All this is well known and not controversial.

    Humans are not willing to give up on their personal comfort and profits for the benefits of far away future generations. The 2015 Paris agreement to limit carbon dioxide emissions was largely a scam. Hardly any country stuck to the endorsed targets.”

    So…the Paris agreement was a SCAM, not because the politicians and corporations were pushing a phony agenda for their own benefit, but because none of the countries stuck to their promises! That’s what we need guys. We just need to stick to our climate change reduction promises more and our grandkids will be saved from rising sea levels!

  35. allister says:

    The Corbett Report… Open Source Intelligent News……

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