Maurice Strong is Dead

12/02/201514 Comments

Maurice Strong may be dead, but unfortunately his legacy isn’t. Join James for today’s thought of the day as we break down the extraordinarily improbably life and times of the 14 year old dropout from Manitoba who became one of the 20th century’s key globalist supergophers and the father of the IPCC.

UN: Maurice Strong, Climate and Development Pioneer, Dies

Manitoba friends remember environmental pioneer Maurice Strong

Maurice Strong: Environmental movement loses a founding father

The World Mourns One of its Greats: Maurice Strong Dies, His Legacy Lives On

Statement by the Prime Minister on the death of Maurice Strong

Peter Foster: The man who shaped the climate agenda in Paris, Maurice Strong, leaves a complicated legacy

Who Is Maurice Strong?

Maurice Strong: The new guy in your future!

Episode 282 – The IPCC Exposed

Episode 087 – The UN Doesn’t Love You

A Conversation with Maurice Strong

The Earth Charter

Ark of Hope


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  1. danalloyd says:

    A fascinating story of how “climate change” has become a sort of religious dogma, with oligarch banks instead of a church…

  2. proverbs11vs30 says:

    Thanks very much James, fascinating video, it gives me some idea of the workings behind the Canadian government too, keep it up!

  3. nosoapradio says:

    Funny how the 16-point “Earth Charter” ressembles the Agenda 2030 17 global goals…

    The post-modern ecumenical tone of these “docs”

    juxtaposed with images of the horrific jihadistic terrorism narrative,

    the horrors taking place in Palestine at the hands of her occupiers

    and those of infidel poets being beheaded by the leaders of the UN Human Rights Council

    macerating in the glib, sensualist and blasé materialistic and trendy atheistic discourse of the west

    seems to seek the sacred longevity of the old testament inviting its politically enlightened and ever youthful disciples to altruistically sacrifice their own children to the One sustainable Earth god.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Why do I have the sneaking suspicion the next Star Wars movie is going to be a pseudo-spiritual hommage to Environmentalism?

      Alone on Mars was already a hymn to triumphing over limited resources, making poor people’s food grow from sterile ground thanks to the use of synthetic water…(and human excrement).

      I think I’m still looking forward to it though…

    • phreedomphile says:

      That’s a very good and creative description, Nosoapradio. There is a sense of high priests and engineered chaos of biblical proportions. A shudder went up my spine reading the last sentence as some bizarre Denver International Airport murals flashed into my consciousness. Surreal times.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Holy connoli! Not sure I wanted to see those…murals….along with falling red-eyed iron mustangs crushing their creator and ….Dia….as more than just an airport??

  4. anacardo01 says:

    Ding dong. You pop a bottle of champagne today, James?

  5. Octium says:

    Does anyone know what the old goat died of?

    I’m hoping it was Alkalosis and Dehydration!

    • nosoapradio says:

      I have visions of Rémy’s death in the Canadian movie “The Barbarian Invasions”, with all his friends (John D, David R, Bill G, Elvis P…) solemnly surrounding him,… in some sacred place he is injected with some velvety lethal substance containing a heavy and Huxlian dose of LSD, the guttural cries of some Bacchus-style orgy going on in the background and echoing chants of the 17 global goals…

      as the curtains open on the sacred ceremony of the Parisian COP21…

      • nosoapradio says:

        …I forgot the great dark marblish slab of the light-absorbing monolith rising silently and majestically above a distant hill as cold extraterrestrial witness to the next chapter in Human… evolution….?

        uh…hamster wheel time….

  6. BennyB says:

    So many ridiculous contradictions to choose from, but I found his work as a fur trader particularly humorous…

    “We must preserve the majestic balance of natural species in the wild… our line of women’s fur coats have exceeded all sales expectations, simultaneously elevating the virtues of man’s pre eminence in asserting dominance over nature through financial controls, fulfilling our sacred duty to shape the global order and survival of our species, minimizing excess among the undesirable demographics which threaten an acceptable and sustainable global population figure.”

  7. Gefaat says:

    Enjoy this extremely well produced sarcastic video, only 5 minutes long, loaded with intelligent humour on Pope Francis’s 2015 encyclical on climate change, revealing his new & revised “Ten Climate Commandments” for the care of our common home.

  8. Azra says:

    Given Strong’s rather different upbringing or at least how his ‘official’ bio reads with his leaving home young, being ‘recruited’ by David Rockefeller at age 17 and then groomed for his globalist role makes me wonder if his ‘grooming’ was multifaceted including trauma based mind control.

    Maurice Strong’s unprecedented rise to power

    “Prior to ‘the’ meeting in Stockholm, 1972, a film was produced with the intent to emphasize the need for change in an ever evolving calamity that was befalling mankind and planet earth at the time. The film, Survival of Spaceship Earth attempts to exclaim, not just explain, but to make plain and loud, the severity of subjects like: population control; urbanization; employment; crime; pollution; war; weather & climate; over consumption; attitude; the ocean; disease; and food production, in the early 1970′s.” Survival of Spaceship Earth

    “Abel Danger is researching Maurice Strong and co-founders and partners in the pedophile matrix allegedly launched from an SOS Children’s Villages base New York in 1950 … they appear to have joint ventured with Crown Agents Sisters’ Hillary ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ Clinton, to illegally procure patented Onion Router encryption devices from the U.S. Navy and to hide the betrayal of trust in the sovereign state such as Egypt, with ‘supranational government of an intellectual [pedophile] elite and world bankers’ [David Rockefeller].”

    It is my opinion and others who look for/at patterns whilst doing deep research into the paedophile rings operating in and through the UK that child sexual abuse including trafficking, pornography and snuff films is used to compromise and control people and is the primary glue that binds the tangled worldwide web of corruption and heinous crimes against humanity, together.

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